Audit Abbreviations


What is Audit?

Audit is a systematic examination of the activities carried out in a particular company or sector, which aims to verify if they are in accordance with the planned and/or previously established provisions, if they have been implemented effectively and if they are adequate.

Audit is an analytical and expert examination that monitors the performance of accounting operations expressed in a balance sheet. The expression accounting audit is often used, which serves to describe the valuation of a company in the accounting landscape.

Professionals who participate in the audit of financial statements are certified and must follow strict professional standards. The main auditing firms are Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young, among others.

External and internal audit

Audits can be classified into: external audit and internal audit. The external audit is distributed in several management areas, such as systems auditing, human resources auditing, quality auditing, financial statements auditing, legal auditing, accounting auditing, etc.

The objective of the internal audit is to evaluate the management process, with regard to aspects such as corporate governance, risk management and procedures for adherence to standards, in order to point out possible deviations and vulnerability to which the organization is subject.

While the external auditor is a professional who is hired from outside and has a limited time to solve the company’s problems, the internal auditor is an employee of the company itself, which has more time and knowledge in relation to the company in question.

Environmental audit

The environmental audit consists of the investigation of the norms or parameters of a company, in relation to its interaction with the environment.

This type of audit is used to verify that a company is complying with the regulations laid down by laws in the field of environmental protection. In some cases, a company can forget about the environmental and ecological aspects, in order to obtain more profits.

Hospital audit

In the field of health, there is the hospital audit that can be applied in the various areas of a hospital, such as auditing in nursing, for example.

In these cases, the audit aims to ascertain whether the services provided are of good quality and comply with established standards.

The audit is a matter of learning and training, so that everyone involved in patient care can have the best possible performance.

Audit Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Audit

ACCURATE A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Transparent Elections
ASOBAC A Statement of Basic Auditing Concepts
ACA Absolute Calibration Audit
AARC Academic Audit and Review Committee
AAER Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release
AAMRO Accounting and Auditing Manual for Research Operations
AAOIFI Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions
AAOIFI Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
AAPC Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee
AAAJ Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
AIFA Accredited Investment Fiduciary Auditor
ASA Accredited Safety Auditor
APA Accurate Premium Audits, Inc.
ABREMA Activity-Based Risk Evaluation Model of Auditing
AAT Advanced Audit Technique
ASA Advanced Safety Audit
AAVL Affective Auditory Verbal Learning Test
AFAA Air Force Audit Agency
AACCA American Association of Certified Coders and Auditors
AAMAS American Association of Medical Audit Specialists
AAA American Audit Associates
AAS American Auditory Society
AGL Amis et Auditeurs de Génie Logiciel
ASCA Applications Systems Control and Auditability
AAO Area Audit Office
AAA Army Audit Agency
AIGAS Assistant Inspector General for Audit
AIGA Assistant Inspector General for Audit
APA Associate in Premium Auditing
ABAA Associate of the British Association of Accountants and Auditors
APTA Association de Prevention des Traumatismes Auditifs
ASDA Association de Soutien aux Deficients Auditifs
APDA Association des Parents de Déficients Auditifs
AFDA Association Finisterienne des Deficients Auditifs
AAA Association of Accountants and Auditors
AAIA Association of Airport Internal Auditors, Inc.
AACCA Association of Clinical Coders and Auditors
ACUA Association of College and University Auditors
APVA Association of Project Verifiers and Auditors
AUD Audit
AUDS Audit
AAF Audit & Audit Follow-up
AAI Audit Action Item
AATS Audit Action Tracking System
AAR Audit Agenda Record
AA Audit Agent
AAA Audit and Assurance
ACCOUNTING Audit and Compliance Committee
ACCESSORY Audit and Compliance Committee
ACC Audit and Compliance Committee
ACGC Audit and Corporate Governance Committee
AERS Audit and Enterprise Risk Services
AEB Audit and Ethics Branch
AEB Audit and Evaluation Branch
APR Audit and Program Review
ARAC Audit and Risk Assurance Committee
ARRIVE Audit And Risk Review
ARRANGE Audit and Risk Review
ARR Audit and Risk Review
ARRIVAL Audit and Risk Review
AAC Audit Assistance Conseil
AAF Audit Automation Facilities
ABIS Audit Base Inventory System
ALPHABET Audit Bureau of Circulations
ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations
ABMS Audit Bureau of Marketing Services
ABVS Audit Bureau of Verification Services
ACR Audit Change Report
ACD Audit Clearance Document
ACS Audit Collection Service
ACL Audit Command Language
ACIW Audit Commission in Wales
ACPI Audit Commission Performance Indicator
ACPI Audit Commission Performance Indicators
ACI Audit Committee Institute
ACD Audit Conseil Défense
ACCF Audit Consultants Conseils Financiers
ACCD Audit Consulting Center for Development
ACN Audit Control Number
ADAR Audit Development and Reports
ADG Audit Développement Gestion
ADR Audit Director Roundtable
ADR Audit Discrepancy Report
AGO Audit et Gestion Opérationnels
AEG Audit Expertise et Gestion
AFF Audit Finding Form
AFRIKAANS Audit Finding Report
AFR Audit Finding Report
AFDD Audit Findings and Differences Database
AFTS Audit Follow-Up and Technical Support
AIMF Audit Information Management File
AIMS Audit Information Management System
AID Audit Information System
AITP Audit Information Transfer Protocol
AIU Audit Inspection Unit
AIRS Audit Integrated Reporting System
AIT Audit Inventory Team
ALO Audit Liaison Officer
AMS Audit Management System
ARMENIA Audit Manager
AM Audit Manager
AMI Audit Manager Infrastructure
AMIDS Audit Monitoring & Intrusion Detection System
AO Audit Office
APW Audit Planning Worksheet
APO Audit Policy and Oversight
OPD Audit Programs Division
APHR Audit Project-Hour Ratio
AURR Audit Record Retention
ARTI Audit Re-Engineering and Training Institute, Inc
ARB Audit Resolution Branch
ARRB Audit Results Review Board
ARWP Audit Review Working Party
ARMC Audit Risk Management Committee
ASP Audit Service Provider
ASC Audit Services Canada
ASIGAS Audit Special Interest Group Assessment Services
AUSTRALIA Audit Standards
ARSENIC Audit Standards
ASSIGNED Audit Standards
AS Audit Standards
ASC Audit Sub-Committee
ATL Audit Team Leader
ATG Audit Techniques Guide
ATCS Audit Tracking and Control System
ATS Audit Tracking System
AT Audit Trail
ATA Audit Trail Addendum
ATA Audit Trail Analysis
ATAS Audit Trail Analysis System
ATNA Audit Trail and Node Authentication
ATMS Audit Trail Management System
AUTP Audit Trail Protection
ATF Audit Transfer Files
AVS Audit Verification System
AFS Auditable Financial Statement
ASA Auditable Safety Analysis
ACCOUNTING Audit-Comptabilite-Conseil
ACCESSORY Audit-Comptabilite-Conseil
ACC Audit-Comptabilité-Conseil
ASCAR Audited Single Cost Accounting Report
ACA Auditeurs et Consultants Africains
AMG Auditeurs Modestes et Géniaux
AASC Auditing and Assurance Standards Council
AASOC Auditing and Assurance Standards Oversight Council
ASTS Auditing and Safety Training Group
ACPA Auditing in the Caribbean: A Practical Approach
ANNUAL Auditing Network Needs
ANN Auditing Network Needs
AOE Auditing Order Error
APB Auditing Practices Board
APCA Auditing Practices Committee Archive
ASRE Auditing Standard on Review Engagements
ASB Auditing Standards Board
ATTACK Auditor
ANNUAL Auditor
A Auditor
AARGAU Auditor General
AG Auditor General
AGS Auditor General for Scotland
SAAG Auditor General of the Army
ASF Auditoría Superior de la Federación
AUD Auditorium
AUDS Auditorium
ATRU Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University
APA Auditors of Public Accounts
ASAP Auditors Sharing Audit Programs
AWWW Auditors World Wide Web
ALE Auditors’ Local Evaluation
AUD Auditory
AUDS Auditory
AAB Auditory Attentional Blink
ABEP Auditory Brain Stem Evoked Potential
ABER Auditory brain stem evoked response
ABR Auditory Brain Stem Response
ABR Auditory Brainstem Response
ADSL Auditory Domain Specification Language
AECF Auditory Evoked Cortical Field
AEP Auditory Evoked Potential
AEPI Auditory Evoked Potential Index
AER Auditory Evoked Response
AGE Auditory Gross Error
AH Auditory Hallucination
AHRS Auditory Hallucinations Rating Scale
AIT Auditory Integration Training
AUNB1 Auditory Neuropathy, Autosomal Recessive 1
APD Auditory Processing Disorder
AREM Auditory Rare Event Monitoring Task
ARCQ Auditory Response Control Quotient
ASA Auditory Scene Analysis
ASSR Auditory Steady State Response
AVH Auditory Verbal Hallucination
AVI Auditory-Verbal International
AVLT Auditory-Verbal Learning Test
AVISA Auditory-Visual Speech Association
AA Audits and Assessment Office
ASW Audits and Surveys Worldwide
ADQ Audits of Data Quality
AGB Audits of Great Britain
AAAS Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards
ACBA Australian Coding Benchmark Audit
ANAO Australian National Audit Office
AAAA Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing
AAAAI Authorization, Accounting, Auditing and Instrumentation
AABE Automatic Auditory Brain Stem Evaluation
AAEP Average Auditory Event-Related Potential
AAER Averaged Auditory Electroencephalic Response
BAAR Bank Auditing & Accounting Report
BIAM Bank Internal Auditing Manual
BAF Benefit Audit Fund
BPA Benefit Plan Audit
BRAT Biroul Român de Audit Al Tirajelor
BAI Board of Audit and Inspection
BOA Board of Auditors
BEAC Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications
BSA Board of Supreme Audit
BAER Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response
BPA Business of Performing Audits
BPA Business Publications Audit of circulations
CEAC Cabinet d’Expertise et d’Audit Comptable
CCCASE California Counties Cooperative Audit Services Exchange
CAPR Camera Auditorilo Financiari din Romania
CEAR Campus Environmental Audit Response
CCAB Canadian Circulations Audit Bureau
CCAF Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation
CEAA Canadian Environmental Auditing Association
CMCA Canadian Media Circulation Audit
CHAN Catholic Healthcare Audit Network, LLC
CAI Cellule d’Audit Interne
CAQ Center for Audit Quality
CARAT Center for Auditing Research & Advanced Technology
CAO Central Auditing Organization
CAPD Central Auditory Processing Disorder
CAPPA Centre d’Aide aux Personnes a Problemes Auditifs
CRA Centre de Rééducation Auditive
CAAR Centre for Accounting and Auditing Research
CEADI Centro de Educación Auditiva
CPAA Certificate in Public Accounts and Audit
CBA Certified Bank Auditor
CCSA Certified Customer Service Analyst and Auditor
CEA Certified Environmental Auditor
CFSA Certified Financial Services Auditor
CGAP Certified Government Auditing Professional
CISA Certified Information Security Auditor
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor
CIPA Certified Insurance Premium Auditor
CIA Certified Internal Auditor
CICA Certified Internal Controls Auditor
CIDA Certified Investments and Derivatives Auditor
CLIA Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
CLA Certified Lead Auditor
CPEA Certified Professional Environmental Auditor
CQA Certified Quality Auditor
CAIF Chart Audit Information Form
CBA Chartered Bank Auditor
CSA Chemical Safety Audit
CAE Chief Audit Executive
CIA Chief Internal Auditor
CA Classification and Audit
CA Climate Audit
CAEC Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Committee
CAPS Clinical Audit Patient Survey
CRAG Clinical Resource and Audit Group
CARA Code Auditing Reporting Application
CODA Collaborative Dysphagia Audit
CUAV College and University Auditors of Virginia
CAPACITY Command Audit Program
CAP Command Audit Program
CHAI Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspections
COA Commission on Audit
CCIA Community College Internal Auditors
CARO Companies Auditors Report Order
CFIA Competency Framework for Internal Auditing
CAPACITY Compliance Audit Program
CAP Compliance Audit Program
CAPP Compliance Audit Program Plan
CCA Comptabilite Controle Audit
CAG Comptroller and Auditor General
CASA Computational Auditory Scene Analysis
CARS Computer Audit Retrieval System
CACS Computer Audit, Control and Security
COAST Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
COAST Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology lab
CAAT Computer-Assisted Audit Technique
CAAT Computer-Assisted Audit Tools
CAATT Computer-Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques
CAMRA Computer-Assisted Medical Record Audit
CCA Conference Center Auditorium
CA Configuration Audit
CAI Configuration Audit Inspection
CAPACITY Configuration Audit Plan
CAP Configuration Audit Plan
CARR Configuration Audit Readiness Review
CAR Configuration Audit Review
CA Congressional Audit
CGAA Conseil Gestion Audit Assistance
COATS Consolidated Options Audit Trail System
CAC Consulting and Audit Canada
CAPACITY Continuous Audit Program
CAP Continuous Audit Program
CACS Contract Audit Closing Statement
CAC Contract Audit Coordinator
CAFU Contract Audit Follow Up
CAM Contract Audit Manual
CAR Contract Audit Review
CEAT Contractor Evidence Audit Team
CAC Contrôle Audit Conseil
CCA Controlled Circulation Audit
CGAA Coordinating Group on Audit and Accounting
CAA Corporate Audit and Assurance
CICR Corporate Governance and the Audit Committee
CEAO Corps of Engineers Audit Office
CAB Cost Audit Board
CAAO County Auditors’ Association of Ohio
COA Court of Audit
COA Court of Auditors
CEA Courtage et Audit d’Assurances
CCA Critical Characteristics Audit
CANADA Critical Design Audit
CDA Critical Design Audit
CPA Customer Product Audit
DSAS Database Security Audit System
DAMIS Defense Audit Management Information System
DAS Defense Audit Service
DAA Defense Auditing Agency
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAAI Defense Contract Audit Agency Instruction
DCAI Defense Contract Audit Institute
DCAS Defense Contract Audit Service
DFS Defense Financial Auditing Service
DARS Degree Audit Reporting System
DARS Degree Auditing Report System
DAF Delayed Auditory Feedback
DIPAC Délégation Internationale pour l’Audit et la Comptabilité
DASC Demarche Audit Securite Conseil
DA Department of Audit
DAG Deputy Auditor General
DAA Designated Auditing Agency
DAP Directed Audit Program
DAPR Division of Audit and Program Review
DSIA Division of State Internal Audit
DCAA DoD Contract Audit Agency
DARTS DOE Audit Reporting & Tracking System
EMAR Eco-Management and Audit Regulation
EMAS Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
EQA Editorial Quality Audit
EAR Education and Auditory Research
EDPAA Electronic Data Processing Auditors Association
EDPAF Electronic Data Processing Auditors Foundation
ELLA Employment Labor Law Audit
EOLA End of Line Audit
EIAP Endorsed Internal Audit Program
ERAS Energy Review Audit Software
EPAP Enhanced Production Audit Program
EAC Environmental Audit Committee
EA Environmental Auditing
EAR Environmental Auditing Roundtable
EARA Environmental Auditors Registration Association
EDDA Environmental Due Diligence Audit
EPA Equity Principal Audition
ECIIA European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing
ECA European Court of Auditors
EMIA Executive Master in Internal Auditing
EAC External Auditory Canal
EAM External Auditory Meatus
FSMA Factory Style Mini Audit
FACTA Farm Animal Care, Training and Auditing, LLC
FAID Fatigue Audit InterDyne
FACILITY Federal Audit Clearinghouse
FAC Federal Audit Clearinghouse
FAEC Federal Audit Executive Council
FIIA Fellowship of the Institute of Internal Auditors
FAO Field Audit Office
FPA Field Premium Auditor
FGA Final Goods Audit
FAD Financial Audit Division
FAM Financial Audit Manual
FIAR Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness
FAA Fine Arts Auditorium
FCPA Ford Customer Product Audit
FAEC Fraud, Audit and Evaluation Committee
FBAP Freight Bill Audit & Payment
FAPI Functional Auditory Performance Indicators
FCA Functional Configuration Audit
FCA Functional Control Audit
FSA Functional Systems Audit
FREEDOM Functional Systems Audit
GAIO Gaming Audit and Investigation Office
GELA GE Lighting Auditor
GAS General Audit Software
GARRS General Auditing Rules and Regulations
GA General Auditor
GCAS General Conference Auditing Service
GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standard
GAGAS Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards
GDOA Georgia Department of Audits
GDAA Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts
GAM Global Audit Methodology
GAIN Global Auditing Information Network
GCAS Global Corporate Audit Services
GCAR Going Concern Audit Report
GAAC Government Accounting and Auditing Committee
GAAM Government Accounting and Auditing Manual
GATI Government Audit Training Institute
GAA Government Auditing Agency
GAS Government Auditing Standards
GASB Government Auditing Standards Board
GIAM Government Internal Audit Manual
GAAC Governmental Accounting and Auditing Committee
GAAC Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update Conference
GAAFR Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
GAF Group Audit Form
GIA Group Internal Audit
HIAD Handheld Interrogation Audit Device
HIA Head of Internal Audit
HOIA Heads of Internal Audit
HDAAU Health and Disability Auditing Australia
HASA Highly Accelerated Stress Audit
HKSA Hong Kong Standards on Auditing
HAAA Hypo Auditory Aesthetic Aphasia
IOSA Iata Operational Safety Audit
IAAA Illinois Agricultural Auditing Association
ICAM Illustrated Configuration Audit Manual
IQA Incoming Quality Audit
IAAC Independent Audit Advisory Committee
IASH Independent Audit of Spectrum Holdings
IAC Independent Auditing Consulting
IRBA Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors
IVA Independent Verfication Audit
IAAS Indian Audit and Accounts Service
ISACA Information Systems Audit and Control Association
IPFA Institute for Public Finance and Auditing
IIA Institute of Internal Auditors
IIASC Institute of Internal Auditors Student Chapter
IMSA Institute of Marine Safety Auditors
ICAC Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoria de Cuentas
IBRACON Instituto dos Auditores Independentes do Brasil
IPAO Instituto Pedagógico Auditivo Oral
IAA Integrated Audit/Appraisal
IVA Intermediate Visual and Auditory
IA Internal Audit
IAC Internal Audit Committee
IAD Internal Audit Division
IAM Internal Audit Manager
IAS Internal Audit Section
IAS Internal Audit Services
IABA Internal Auditing Benchmarking Association
IAEP Internal Auditing Education Partnership
IAP Internal Auditing Procedures
IASB Internal Auditing Standards Board
IAC Internal Auditory Canal
IAE Internal Audits and Evaluation
ICAPS Internal Control Audit Planning Summary
IFSA Internal Food Safety Auditor
IPCA Internal Physical Configuration Audit
IQA Internal Quality Audit
IRAC Internal Review & Audit Compliance
IAAM International Association of Auditorium Managers
IAASB International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board
IAG International Auditing Guidelines
IAPC International Auditing Practices Committee
IBA International Board of Auditors
ISOBUTANOL International Board of Auditors
IBAN International Board of Auditors for NATO
ICISA International Centre for Information Systems and Audit
ICAD International Community for Auditory Display
ICATA International Conference on Accounting Taxes and Auditing
INAA International Network of Accountants and Auditors
INTOSAI International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
IRCA International Register of Certified Auditors
ISA International Standard on Auditing
ISSAI International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions
IAT Iosa Auditor Training
ISACA Iowa State Association of County Auditors
IAASA Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority
JACO Japan Audit and Certification Organization
JSSA Japan Society for System Audits
JRCA Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors
JIAU Joint Internal Audit Unit
JAAF Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance
KMAG Kansas Municipal Audit Guide
KLAC Kennard and Lees Audit Checklist
KAAA Kuwait Association of Accountants and Auditors
LAI Laboratory Audit Inspection
LIAM Large Internal Auditory Meatus
LAEP Late Auditory-Evoked Potential
LPA Layered Process Audit
LA Lead Auditor
LAD Legislative Audit Division
LOSAS Line Operations Safety Audit
LOSA Line Operations Safety Audit
LQA Linguistic Quality Audit
LSAT Linux Security Auditing Tool
LACE Listening and Auditory Communication Enhancement
LAP Location Audit Program
LFAR Long Form Audit Report
LSA Lothian Surgical Audit
LSAS Lothian Surgical Audit System
MAAP Management of Audit and Accountancy Practice
MOA Management Operations Audit
MSA Management System Audit
MAAR Mandatory Annual Audit Requirement
MRA Manual of Regulatory Audits
MHEA Manufactured Home Energy Audit
MEA Market Efficiency Audit
MAAG Medical Audit Advisory Group
MDCA Miami-Dade County Auditorium
MARS Microcomputer-based Audit Retrieval System
MACS Microsoft Audit Collection System
MLAR Middle Latency Auditory Response
MAEF Middle Latency Auditory-Evoked Field
MAEP Middle-Latency Auditory Evoked Potential
MHEA Mobile Home Energy Audit
MAO Modified Audit Opinion
MAAG Multidisciplinary Audit Advisory Group
MTCA Musical Theatre College Auditions
MINAP Myocardial Infarction National Audit Project
NAMA National Air-Monitoring Audit
NAFSA National Association of Financial Services Auditors, Inc.
NAGG National Audit and Governance Group
NAO National Audit Office
NCCA National Centre for Clinical Audit
NEAS National Environmental Audit Services Inc.
NFCA National Federation of Consultants and Auditors
NIAB National Insurers Audit Bureau
NLCA National Lung Cancer Audit
NPPA National Piano Playing Auditions
NPA National Prescription Audit
NSA National Sentinel Audit
NRAC Natural Resources Audit Council
NAAS Naval Area Audit Service
NAS Naval Audit Service
NA Network Auditor
NCAT Network Config Audit Tool
NZUAAU New Zealand Universities Academic Audit Unit
NAAS Novell Advanced Audit Service
NRAC NSW Resources Audit Council
OAD Obscure Auditory Dysfunction
OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Auditing System
OIAG OCEG Internal Audit Guide
OA Office of Audits
OEPA Office of Education Performance Audits
OIA Office of Internal Audit
OLA Office of Legislative Audits
OPRA Office of Program Review and Audit
OAIG-AUD Office of the Assistant Inspector General for Auditing
OAG Office of the Auditor General
OAGW Office of the Auditor General for Wales
OAGN Office of the Auditor General of Nepal
OAG Office of the Controller and Auditor-General
OSA Office of the State Auditor
OTRA Office of Trust Review and Audit
OPMAS Oncology Patient Management Audit System
OSCAR Onsite Security Control and Audit Review
OBA Open Box Audit
OOBA Out-Of-Box Audit
PPQA PACCAR Product Quality Audit
PABI Penetrating Auditory Brainstem Implant
PAI Performance Audit Inspection
PBSA Performance Based Supplier Audit
PEA Performance Evaluation Audit
PNDA Perinatal Death Audit
PRAM Perinatal Research, Audit and Monitoring
PCA Physical Configuration Audit
PCA Physical Configuration/Control Audit
PMEA Physician Meeting & Event Audit
PSA Plant Systems Audit
PAB Poster Audit Bureau
PIIA Practitioner with the Institute of Internal Auditors
PA Pre-Auditing
PCA Preliminary Configuration Audit
PDA Preliminary Design Audit
PCAG Primary Care Audit Group
PCPA Process Control Plan Audit
PPA Process/Product Audits
PLA Procurement Liaison Auditor
PVA Production Verification Audit
PAACO Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization, Inc.
PCA Program Configuration Audit
PGAP Programme for General Audit Procedures
PA Project Audit
PIFRA Project for the Improvement of Financial Reporting & Auditing
PFA Provider Financial Assurance Audit
PCA Provisioning Consistency Audit
PSAAB Public Sector Accounting and Auditing Board
RIAB Public Sector Restructuring and Internal Audit Board
QICA Qualification in Computer Auditing
QAA Quality Assessment Audit
QAA Quality Assurance Audit
QAS Quality Assurance, Auditing, & Security
QAD Quality Audit Division
QAV Quality Audit Visit
QAI Quality Auditing Institute
CQA Quality Auditor Certification
QPOA Quality Policy, Objectives and Audits
QSA Quality Safety Audit
QSAR Quality System Audit Report
QAO Queensland Audit Office
QRA Quick Response Audit
RTAL Real Time Audit Log
RA Record Auditing
RAC Recovery Audit Contractors
RAC Regional Audit Consultant
RAM Regional Audit Manager
RMAG Regional Multiprofessional Audit Group
ROAC Registro Oficial de Auditores de Cuentas de Espana
RATA Relative Accuracy Test Audit
ROA Report Of Audit
RAAD Reports Analysis and Audit Division
RITA representation, information, training and auditing
RCAVS Research Center for Auditory and Vestibular Studies
ROIA Research Opportunities in Internal Auditing
RA Resident Auditor
RMAS Retail Merchandise and Audit System
RESA Retek Sales Audit
RADE Revenue Audit Data Exchange
RAMO Revenue Audit Memorandum Order
RGA Révision, Gestion, Audit
RBIA Risk Based Internal Audit
RSA Road Safety Audit
RAT Router Audit Tool
SEAR Safety Evaluation Audit Report
SMAT Safety Management Auditing Technique
SOA Safety Oversight Audit
SMCA Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
SASM Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality
SASM Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality
SEAN Scottish ECT Audit Network
SOGAP Scottish Obstetric Guidelines and Audit Project
SATAN Security Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks
SAAS Security Audit and Analysis System
SAAQ Security Audit And Questionnaire
SADB Security Audit Database
SAR Security Audit Reduction
SATELLITE Security Audit Trail
SAT Security Audit Trail
SATF Security Audit Trail Function
SARA Security Auditor’s Research Assistant
SLAD Security Local Auditing Daemon
SSQA Segmented Service Quality Audit
SOAPSPAMIAA Segregation of duties, Organisation, Authorisation, Physical, Supervisory, Personnel, Access, Management, Information technology, Internal Audit, Audot Committee
SAAT Selective Auditory Attention Test
SAB Shanghai Audit Bureau
STAM Short-Term Auditory Memory
SCA Social Compliance Auditor
SAIT Society for Auditory Integration Training
SASA Society of Accredited Safety Auditors
SCA Software Configuration Audit
SFCA Software Final Configuration Audit
SIAR Software Installation Audit Report
SPA Source Prescription Audit
STAR Space Telescope Audit Report
SPADE Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment
OAD Special Audits Division
SAL State Audit Law
SAV State Audit of Vietnam
SAO State Auditor’s Office
SPAA Statement of Proposed Audit Adjustment
SAS Statement on Auditing Standards
SAD Statutory Audit Directive
SAD Summary of Audit Differences
SACU Supplier Audit and Compliance Unit
SAPER Supplier Audit Program
SAP Supplier Audit Program
SQA Supplier Quality Auditor
SEAS Supply Effectiveness Audit Summary
SAI Supreme Audit Institution
SANS SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security
STAN System Trace Audit Number
TA Technical Audit
TART Technical Audit Review Team
TSA Technical System Audit
TTAP Technical Training Audit Program
TCAU Telecommunications Contract and Audit Unit
TCA Television Consumer Audit
TARPS Test of Auditory Reasoning and Processing Skills
TBAC Test of Basic Auditory Capabilities
TAIC Testing and Auditing of Internal Controls
TGASC Therapy Guidelines and Audit Sub-Committee
TPA Third Party Auditor
TWIA Time Warner Internal Audit
TACT Total Audit Concept Technique
TOMCAT Total Onboard Material Configuration Audit Tool
TAB Traffic Audit Bureau
TAG Transaction Auditing Group
TAC Transnational Auditors Committee
TRAC Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification Checklist
UFR Uniform Financial Statement and Independent Auditor’s Report
UNBA United Nations Board of Auditors
USAP Universal Security Audit Programme
UKRAINE University of California Audits
UAO Unqualified Audit Opinion
VEA Value Engineering Audit
VBMA Value-Based Messaging Audit
VBCA Vance Brand Civic Auditorium
VACATE Verified Audit Circulation Company
VAC Verified Audit Circulation Company
VCAFA Vice Chancellor for Administration Finance and Audits
VAGO Victorian Auditor General Office
VAPP Visual and Auditory Presentation Package
VARK Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic
VAK Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic
VATK Visual-Auditory-Tactile-Kinesthetic
VIMSAS Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme
VIVA Volunteer Investment and Value Audit
VVPAT Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail
WFAA Waste Facilities Audit Association
WEAR WBS Element Audit Review
WFAS Wells Fargo Audit Services Inc.
WADT Wepman Auditory Discrimination Test
WRAO Western Regional Audit Office
WIASS Wholesale Inventory Audit System
WIAS Wholesale Inventory Audit System
WKI Wilhelm Klauditz Institut
WAVT Wilkinson Auditory Vigilance Task
WSA Wireless Security Auditor
WCA Workforce Cultural Audit
WGEA Working Group on Environmental Auditing
YUAG Yorkshire Urological Audit Group