Lebanon Municipal Airport Abbreviation Code

Lebanon Municipal Airport Abbreviation Code

LEB is the abbreviation code for Lebanon Municipal Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, LEB can also mean:

  1. Landscape Ecology Branch
  2. Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher
  3. Law Enforcement Bulletin
  4. Learning in Enterprise 2.0 and Beyond
  5. Lebanon/Hanover/White River, NH, USA – Lebanon Regional
  6. Legal Environment of Business

Lebanon Municipal Airport Abbreviation Code

Lebanon Airport, NH (LEB)

The Lebanon Municipal Airport is an important aviation hub in the US state of New Hampshire. It is located in the administrative district of Grafton County, which borders the neighboring state of Vermont.

  • URL: Lebanon, NH (LEB)
  • Time zone: GMT -5
  • Service phone: +1 603 298-8878
  • Address: Lebanon Municipal Airport, 5 Airpark Road, West Lebanon, NH 03784, USA
  • Operator: City of Lebanon
  • Parking: Yes, there is a parking space.
  • Nearby cities: Manchester (98 km)
  • Transport connections: Take Interstate 89 to exit # 20 and then follow the airport signs, or alternatively you can travel via US Highway 4.
  • Train connections: The nearest possible Amtrak Rail Station is about 120 kilometers further southeast in Dover, from where there is a connection to the “Downeaster”, which runs from Portland to Boston.
  • Flight distribution by weekday: Monday (0.00%), Tuesday (0.00%), Wednesday (0.00%), Thursday (0.00%), Friday (0.00%), Saturday (0.00%), Sunday (0.00%)
  • other spellings: Lebanon-NH, лебанон, Нью-Гэмпшир, レ バ ノ ン (ニ ュ ー ハ ン プ シ ャ ー 州), 萊巴 嫩 (新罕布什爾 州)

The airport is located 5 kilometers west of Lebanon. Passengers arriving by car from outside the city should take Interstate 89 to Exit # 20 and then follow the signs to the airport. Alternatively, it is also possible to travel via US Highway 4. Take the highway to West Lebanon to the intersection for State Road 12A (Plainfield Road) and then follow signs to the airport.