Meaning of DLL

What is DLL?

DLL is an acronym for the computer world and stands for Dynamic-link library. The library represented by the acronym DLL has data and codes that can be used simultaneously by more than one program.
The DLL concept was implemented by Microsoft for the Microsoft Windows and OS / 2 operating systems. These libraries are files that normally have a DLL extension, but can also have the extension OCX, DRV, ICL (Icon Library), FON, and FOT (in the case of font files).

DLLs were initially designed to save disk space and memory by storing the applications on the hard disk. One of the advantages that the DLL offers is modularity, which allows some modifications to be made to code or data from a DLL that is shared by multiple applications. Therefore, it is not necessary to modify the application itself. Thanks to modularity, you can create service packs and patches sized applications for updating large applications such as Microsoft Office, for example. If multiple programs use the same DLL, everyone will enjoy this fix or update, without having to install the program again. However, this feature may present a problem related to the compatibility of DLLs from different sources that may require frequent updates.

Another advantage of DLLs is that it uses fewer resources, because it can decrease the duplication of a code that is loaded into memory and disk. In this way, the performance of the program in question and other programs in the operating system is not impaired.

There are several sites that make DLL files available. Very often certain programs can not run if they do not find a particular DLL on the computer, and DLL error messages can be quite frequent.

Other Meanings of DLL

Acronym Definition
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