Climate Abbreviations


What is the Climate?

Climate is the succession of different weather states that repeat and succeed each other in the atmosphere throughout the year in a given region. To know what the climate of a place is, it is necessary to make observations of the atmospheric weather daily, for many years, to verify the regularity of the combinations of its elements.

The elements that make up the climate are: temperature, atmospheric pressure (corresponding to the force caused by the force of the air), precipitation (rain, snow, and hail) and winds.

Atmospheric weather

The atmospheric conditions of a day determine the atmospheric weather and not the weather, that is, the atmospheric weather is a passing condition of the weather elements. It varies from day to day or even from hour to hour. At one time of the day, the temperature may be high, with the sun shining, and at another time, rain and a drop in temperature may occur.

Weather forecasts give an idea of the combination of weather elements at any given time. In general, the expressions: good weather, cloudy weather, partially cloudy or rainy weather are used.

Types of weather

Climates are classified by meteorologists and climatologists based primarily on temperature and humidity. Monthly averages of temperature and precipitation measured in meteorological stations in various parts of the world are considered.

As for the temperature, the climate can be: hot, temperate, cold and polar. As for the humidity of the air, the climate can be: super humid, humid, semi-arid and arid. The combination of these temperature and humidity variables determine the different types of climates, which are called the “thermal zones of the Earth”, they are:

  • Tropical: hot climate throughout the year, with only two well-defined seasons: mild and dry winter, and hot and rainy summer;
  • Equatorial: high temperatures and abundant rainfall throughout the year, with a small annual thermal amplitude. Occurs in the hottest part of the planet;
  • Subtropical: abundant and well-distributed rainfall, hot summers and cold winters, with significant annual thermal amplitude.
  • Temperate: It is only in temperate climate zones that clear definitions of the four seasons are found.
  • Polar or Glacial:climates with low temperatures throughout the year, reaching a maximum of 10°C in the summer months.

Depending on certain locations, the climate can also be Mediterranean, desert or arid, semi-arid and cold.

The Mediterranean climate has hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. From a temperature point of view, it is very similar to tropical climates. Its pluviometric indexes are a little lower and the rains occur in autumn and winter. It is found in areas near the Mediterranean Sea (southern Europe and North Africa), southeastern Australia, the American west coast, and central Chile.

The semi-arid climate is a transitional climate, characterized by having scarce and poorly distributed rainfall throughout the year. It is found both in tropical regions (where temperatures are high all year round) and in temperate zones (where winters are cold).

Climate Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Climate

ACACIA A Consortium for the Application of Climate Impact Assessments
ANCCP Aboriginal and Northern Climate Change Program
ACCOUNTING Abrupt Climate Change
ACCESSORY Abrupt Climate Change
ACC Abrupt Climate Change
ACPI Accelerated Climate Prediction Initiative
ATOC Acoustic Thermography of Ocean Climate
AWAPS Advanced Weather Analysis & Prediction System
AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
AWIPS-90 Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System for the 90’s
AWRT Advanced Weather Radar Techniques
AWRS Advanced Weather Reconnaissance System
AWADS Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
AWC Adverse Weather Cockpit
AWPGM Adverse Weather Precision Guided Munition
ACCAD Advisory Committee on Climate Applications and Data
ARWO Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer
ARWS Aerial Reconnaissance Weather System
AWHA Africa Weather Hazards Assessment
AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Center
AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central
AFDIS Air Force Global Weather Central Dial In System
AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Command
AFGWCS Air Force Global Weather Communications System
AFGWIS Air Force Global Weather Information System
AFW Air Force Weather
AFWA Air Force Weather Agency
AFDIS Air Force Weather Agency Dial In Subsystem
AIIRS Air Force Weather Agency Information Ingest and Retrieval System
A2P2 Air Force Weather Annual Programming Plan
AFWIN Air Force Weather Information Network
AFWWS Air Force Weather Weapon System
AWF Air Weather Flight
AWS Air Weather Service
AWSR Air Weather Service Regulation
AAWWS Airborne Adverse Weather Weapons System
AWRS Airborne Weather & Reconnaissance System
AAWU Alaskan Aviation Weather Unit
AW All Weather
AW-CAS All Weather – Close Air Support
AWCLS All Weather Carrier Landing System
AWX All Weather Fighter
AWF All Weather Finish
AWIS All Weather Identification Sensor
AWL All Weather Landing
ALS All Weather Landing System
ALB All Weather Lifeboat
AWO All Weather Operations
AWOP All Weather Operations Panel
AWRS All Weather Reconnaissance System
AWSAR All Weather Search and Rescue
AWW All Weather Wood
ACP Alliance for Climate Protection
AWP Allied Weather Publication
ACLS All-weather Carrier Landing System
AWI All-Weather Interceptor
AWRH All-Weather Rescue Helicopter
AWS All-Weather Speaker
AWB American Weather Bureau
AWS American Weather Service
AW Amphibious Warfare/All Weather
ACE Antarctic Climate Evolution
APCV Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability
AGCS Antarctica and the Global Climate System
ACCOUNTING Anthropogenic Climate Change
ACCESSORY Anthropogenic Climate Change
ACC Anthropogenic Climate Change
AGCC Anthropogenic Global Climate Change
AWS AOL Weather Service
ACIS Applied Climate Information System
ACIA Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
ACIA Arctic Climate Impact Association
ACSYS Arctic Climate System Study
ACACIA Arid Climate, Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa
ACRF ARM Climate Research Facility
APPCDC Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate
ARCSACC Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites in Arctic and Cold Climates
AAWO Association of American Weather Observers
ACCO Association of Climate Change Officers
AIWS Association of Independent Weather Services
ACCE Atlantic Circulation and Climate Experiment
ACCP Atlantic Climate Change Program
ATWC Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
ACE Atmosphere Climate Environment
ACE Atmosphere, Climate & Environment
AOPC Atmospheric Observation Panel for Climate
ARCM Atmospheric Regional Climate Model
ARCHIVE ATSR Reprocessing for Climate
ARC ATSR Reprocessing for Climate
ACG Australia Climate Group
ACDB Australian Climate Data Bank
ACX Australian Climate Exchange
ASWA Australian Severe Weather Association
AWARDS Automated Weather Acquisition and Retrieval Data System
AWAS Automated Weather Advisory Station
AWDS Automated Weather Distribution System
AWIPS Automated Weather Interactive Processing System
AWN Automated Weather Network
AWOS Automated Weather Observation System
AWOS Automated Weather Observing Station
AWS Automated Weather Source, Inc.
ACCOUNTING Automatic Climate Control
ACCESSORY Automatic Climate Control
ACC Automatic Climate Control
ADWS Automatic Digital Weather Switch
AWDS Automatic Weather Dissemination System
AWS Automatic Weather Station
AWPR Automation-assisted Weather Problem Resolution
ADWEF Average Dry Weather Effluent Flow
ADWF Average Dry Weather Flow
ACCRI Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative
AWC Aviation Weather Center
AWDL Aviation Weather Development Laboratory
AWP Aviation Weather Processor
AWPG Aviation Weather Products Generator
AWRS Aviation Weather Reporting Station
AWRP Aviation Weather Research Program
AWWS Aviation Weather Web Site
AAC Aviation, Atmosphere and Climate
BMW Baby Making Weather
BWS Base Weather Station
BWW Basic Weather Watch
BW Battlefield Weather
BWK Belt Weather Kit
BECOME Bergen Climate Model
BCM Bergen Climate Model
BGC Biogeochemical Global Climate
BCCR Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
BASC Board on Atmospheric Science and Climate
BCAN Boston Climate Action Network
BIC Business and Investment Climate
BCI Business Climate Index
BCCIL Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory
CCAR California Climate Action Registry
CCCC California Climate Change Center
CFCA Camp for Climate Action
CACC Campaign against Climate Change
CIVIL Campus Climate Challenge
CCC Campus Climate Challenge
CIVIL Canadian Climate Centre
CCC Canadian Climate Centre
CCP Canadian Climate Program
CGCM Canadian Global Climate Model
CICS Canadian Institute for Climate Studies
CRCM Canadian Regional Climate Model
CWEC Canadian Weather for Energy Calculations
CCCCC Caribbean Community Climate Change Center
CCSR Center for Climate System Research
CCCC Center for Clouds Chemistry and Climate
C4 Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate
CECS Center for Energy & Climate Solutions
CISM Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling
COCC Center for Ocean Climate Chemistry
CSWR Center for Severe Weather Research
CSAR Center for Soil and Agroclimate Research
CWA Center Weather Advisory
CWSU Center Weather Service Unit
CERAD Central European Weather Radar Network
CFWP Central Flow Weather Processor
CLAC Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate
CWB Central Weather Bureau
CWP Central Weather Processor
CWSU Central Weather Service Unit
CAWCR Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research
CAWCR Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research
CSPR Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research
CIWS Chelan Interagency Weather System
CCAN Chesapeake Climate Action Network
CCE Chicago Climate Exchange
CCX Chicago Climate Exchange
CCFE Chicago Climate Futures Exchange
CUFCP Chicago Urban Forest Climate Project
CCCC Children’s Conference on Climate Change
CFCP Cities for Climate Protection
CCP Cities for Climate Protection
CWOP Citizen Weather Observer Program
CCL Citizens Climate Lobby
CAN Climate Action Network
CANA Climate Action Network Australia
CANN Climate Action Network Nottinghamshire
CAN Climate Action Now
CAR Climate Action Reserve
CAT Climate Advisory Team
CAC Climate Analysis Center
CCCM Climate and Carbon Cycle Modeling Group
CLIC Climate and Cryosphere
CEOS Climate and Eastern Ocean Systems
CLEAR Climate and Environment in Alpine Regions
CERA Climate and Environmental Data Retrieval and Archive
CF Climate and Forecast
CGCP Climate and Global Change Program
CGD Climate and Global Dynamics
CHWG Climate and Health Working Group of Ethiopia
CLIME Climate and Lake Impacts in Europe
CLW Climate and Water
CA Climate Audit
CCS Climate Capture and Storage
CCAF Climate Change Action Fund
CCAP Climate Change Action Plan
CCA Climate Change Agreement
CCCC Climate Change and Carrying Capacity
CCGW Climate Change and Global Warming
CCP Climate Change and Prediction
CCASS Climate Change and Sustainability Services
CIVIL Climate Change Capital
CCC Climate Change Capital
CCCP Climate Change Challenge Programme
CIVIL Climate Change College
CCC Climate Change College
CCCG Climate Change Co-ordinating Group
CCD Climate Change Division
CCF Climate Change Forum
CCG Climate Change Group
CCGI Climate Change Growth Index
CCIRG Climate Change Impacts Review Group
CCIR Climate Change Information Resources
CCI Climate Change Institute
CCIG Climate Change Integration Group
CCL Climate Change Levy
CCN Climate Change Network
CCNN Climate Change Network Nepal
CCPC Climate Change Plan for Canada
CCPP Climate Change Prediction Program
CCP Climate Change Programme
CCPO Climate Change Projects Office
CCR Climate Change Research
CCRC Climate Change Research Center
CCRD Climate Change Research Division
CCRG Climate Change Research Group
CCRM Climate Change Risk Management
CCS Climate Change Science
CCSI Climate Change Science Initiative
CCSP Climate Change Science Program
CCS Climate Change Secretariat
CCS Climate Change Strategy
CCTI Climate Change Technology Initiative
CCTP Climate Change Technology Program
CLICOM Climate Computing
CCS Climate Control Seats
CCU Climate Control Unit
CDAS Climate Data Assimilation System
CDMS Climate Data Management System
CDR Climate Data Record
CDRI Climate Data Research Institute
CDMP Climate Database Modernization Program
CDC Climate Diagnostics Center
CDDB Climate Diagnostics Data Base
CDLR Climate Disclosure Leadership Ranking
CD Climate Dynamics
CDG Climate Dynamics Group
CER Climate Emissions Rate
CIAP Climate Impact Assessment Program
CIG Climate Impact Group
CIG Climate Impacts Group
CIRC Climate Impacts Research Centre
CLIPS Climate Information and Prediction Services
CMG Climate Modeling Grid
CMP Climate Modeling Program
CMS Climate Modeling System
CMAP Climate Modeling, Analysis & Prediction
CMDL Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory
CMWG Climate Monitoring Working Group
CNA Climate Network Africa
COOL Climate Options for the Long Term
CPT Climate Predictability Tool
CPC Climate Prediction Center
CQDR Climate Quality Data Records
CRDC Climate Rainfall Data Center
CRN Climate Reference Network
CRDTOOLS Climate Research Data Tools
CRTN Climate Research Technical Note
CRU Climate Research Unit
CRT Climate Reserve Tonne
CRONOS Climate Retrieval and Observations Network of the Southeast
CRYIS Climate Risk and Yield Information Service
CSCI Climate Savers Computing Initiative
CSL Climate Simulation Laboratory
CSM Climate System Model
CTI Climate Technology Initiative
CLIVAR Climate Variability and Predictability
CLIVAR Climate Variability Research Program
CCB Climate, Community & Biodiversity
CCBA Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance
CCBS Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard
CEFA Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications
CPEP Climate, People and Environment Program
CLIMAP Climate/Long Range Investigation Mappings and Predictions Project
CWO Climate/Weather/Ocean Modeling and Simulation
CWO Climate/Weather/Ocean Modeling and Simulation
CLIP Climates of the Past
C2W Climate-to-Weather Disaggregator
C2W Climate-to-Weather Disaggregator
CCI Clinton Climate Initiative
CWVCS Clouds and Water Vapor in the Climate System
CWRC Coastal Weather Research Center
CDTW-CDTI Cockpit Display of Traffic and Weather Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
LICENSE Cold Weather
LABEL Cold Weather
L Cold Weather
LITER Cold Weather
CW Cold Weather
CWCO Cold Weather Cut Off
CWE Cold Weather Extreme
CWI Cold Weather Injury
CWOPS Cold Weather Operations
CWP Cold Weather Payment
CWR Color Weather Radar
CIVIL Colorado Climate Center
CCC Colorado Climate Center
CWC Combat Weather Center
CWF Combat Weather Facility
CWS Combat Weather System
CWT Combat Weather Team
CSCA Command Safety Climate Assessment
CCCD Commission on Climate Change and Development
CIVIL Committee on Climate Change
CCC Committee on Climate Change
CAWS Common Aviation Weather Subsystem
C4I Community Climate Change Consortium for Ireland
CCM Community Climate Model
CCSM Community Climate System Model
CWG Completely Weathered Granite
CCSD Connecticut Climate Change Stakeholder
CFCE Conservatives for Climate and Environment
CORC Consortium on the Ocean’s Role in Climate
COSMIC Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate
CWC Cool Weather Clustering
CICOR Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research
CICAR Cooperative Institute for Climate Applications and Research
CWW Cooperative Weather Watch
CCWCP Coordinating Committee for the World Climate Program
COSMIC Country Specific Model for Intertemporal Climate
CAWSS Crisis Action Weather Support System
DICL Danish Indoor Climate Labelling
DSCO Deep Space Climate Observatory
DDCC Delhi Declaration on Climate Change
DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change
DWOC Destructive Weather Operation Center
DAWN Digital Automatic Weather Network
DWID Digital Weather Intelligence Data
DREWS Direct Readout Equatorial Weather Satellite
DISCCRS Dissertation Initiative for the Advancement of Climate-Change Research
DAWS Distributed Automated Weather System
DOCP Division of Ocean and Climate Physics
DBCI DOOH Business Climate Index (Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Europe; Germany)
DWSR Doppler Weather Surveillance Radar
DWF Dry Weather Flow
DECAF Duke Environment and Climate Action Formula
DICE Dynamic Integrated Model of Climate and the Economy
EWI Earth Weather Inc.
EWI Educational Weather Information
ECC Electronic Climate Control
ECIX Energy and Climate Information Exchange
ECPA Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas
EPOCS Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Studies
ECV Essential Climate Variable
ECCO Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean
EDCC Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change
ECMWF European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
ECCP European Climate Change Programme
EPC European Palaeoclimate and Man Project
EPOCH European Programme On Climate and Natural Hazards
ESCAPE Evaluation of Strategies to Address Climate Change by Adapting to and Preventing Emissions
ECPC Experimental Climate Prediction Center
ECWSS Extended Cold Weather Sleep System
ECWS Extended Cold Weather System
ECW Extreme Cold Weather
ECWS Extreme Cold Weather System
FWR Fair Weather Rider
FBX Fighter/Bomber All Weather
FWI Fire Weather Index
FWWT Fire Weather Working Team
FWOS Fixed Weather Observing/Observation System
FAWTUPAC Fleet All Weather Training Unit Pacific
FWC Fleet Weather Center
FWC Fleet Weather Channel
FWF Fleet Weather Facility
FVS Fleet Weather Facility
VW Fleet Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
FAWS Flight Advisory Weather Service
FAWN Florida Automated Weather Network
FECC Florida Energy and Climate Commission
FCAF Foothills Climate Analysis Facility
FWI Forest Fire Weather Index
FCCC Framework Convention on Climate Change
FIACC Future International Action on Climate Change Network
GEM Generation of Weather Elements for Multiple Applications
GSCO Georgia State Climate Office
GCA Global Climate Agency
GCEP Global Climate and Energy Project
GCTE Global Climate and Terrestrial Ecosystems
GCC Global Climate Change
GCCA Global Climate Change Alliance
GCCS Global Climate Change and Society
GCCD Global Climate Change Digest
GCCI Global Climate Change Initiative
GCCP Global Climate Change Program
GCCR Global Climate Change Research
GCC Global Climate Coalition
GCC Global Climate Convention
GCM Global Climate Model
GCOS Global Climate Observing System
GCPP Global Climate Protection Plan
GFCS Global Framework for Climate Services
GMCC Global Monitoring for Climate Change
GTWAPS Global Theater Weather Analysis and Prediction System
GWC Global Weather Center
GWC Global Weather Central
GWCS Global Weather Communication System
GWC Global Weather Control
GWE Global Weather Experiment
GWIS Global Weather Information System
GWIP Global Weather Intercept Program
GWS Global Weather Service
GWWP God Willing, Weather Permitting
GWDS Graphic Weather Display System
GRACE Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment
GRACE Gravity Recovery and Climate Recovery
GCQ Group Climate Questionnaire
GE-OPC Group of Experts on Ocean Processes and Climate
GE-RCDS Group of Experts on RNODCS and Climate Data Services
GOWON Gulf Offshore Weather Observing Network
HCCPR Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
HWDS Harris Weather Data Services
HWDDC Hazardous Weather Detection and Display Capability
HWO Hazardous Weather Outlook
HWP Heavy Weather Plan
HAWFCAR Helicopter Adverse Weather Fire Control Radar
HAWFCARS Helicopter Adverse Weather Fire Control/Acquisition Radar System
HAWTADS Helicopter Adverse Weather Target Acquisition and Destruction System
HRWSR High Resolution Weather Satellite Receiver
HW Highly Weathered
HWE Historic Weather Events
HW Horizontal Weather Depiction
HWD Horizontal Weather Depiction
HECS Hospital Ethical Climate Survey
HICCAC Human Impacts of Climate Change Advisory Committee
HICC Human-Induced Climate Change
HWRF Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast
IWRS Improved Weather Reconnaissance System
IOCI Indian Ocean Climate Initiative
ICAN Indonesian Climate Action Network
IUCC Information Unit on Climate Change
ICAC Installation Climate Assessment Committee
IAC Institute for Atmosphere and Climate
ISCW Institute for Soil Climate and Water
IGCE Institute of Global Climate and Ecology
ICCE Integrated Climate Change Education
ITWS Integrated Target Weather System
ITWS Integrated Terminal Weather System
IWWC Integrated Weather Warning Capability
IAW Interactive Weather Analysis
IWA Interactive Weather Analysis
ICCCC Interagency Commission on Climate Change
ICWWP Interagency Committee for the World Weather Program
IPCL Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPPC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IACPO International ACSYS /CLIC (Climate and Cryosphere) Project Office (Norway)
SWAG International and National Snow, Weather and Avalanche Observation and Recording Guidelines
ICCES International Center for Climate and Environment Sciences
ICCG International Center for Climate Governance
ICAPP International Circum–Arctic Paleoclimate Program
ICCP International Climate Change Partnership
ICCTF International Climate Change Task Force
ICCT International Climate Change Taskforce
IRI International Research Institute for Climate and Society
IRICP International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
IRI International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
ISIAQ International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
ISWMCP International Space Weather Meridian Circle Program
IWR Internet Weather Report
ISCR Investor Summit on Climate Risk
IWO Irish Weather Online
JWA Japan Weather Association
JAPACS Japanese Pacific Climate Study
JAWF Joint Agricultural Weather Facility
JAWS Joint Airport Weather Studies
JAWS Joint All Weather System
JAWOP Joint Automated Weather Observation Program
JWIS Joint Weather Impact System
JCCC Jordan Climate Change Consultancy Company
JC Journal of Climate
LUCC Land Use and Climate Change
LUCIFS Land Use and Climate Impacts on Fluvial Systems
LOCS Land-Ocean-Climate Satellite
LSCS Large Scale Climate Simulator
LCCP Life-Cycle Climate Performance
LAWRS Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station
LWO Limited Weather Observation
LWS Local Weather Service
LCCP London Climate Change Partnership
LCCS London Climate Change Services
LIW Low Income Weatherization
LLSWC Low Level Significant Weather Chart
LAWN LTER Automatic Weather Network (meteorology)
LAW Lubricant, Arctic Weather
MCCAF Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund
MCWS Marine Cold Weather Survival
MWW Marine Weather Warning
MCO Mars Climate Orbiter
MCS Mars Climate Sounder
MCW Meal, Cold Weather
MST MEF Weather Support Team
MPP Merriweather Post Pavilion
METARS Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report
METAR Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report
MWP Meteorologist Weather Processor
MCC Microclimate Cooling
MCCS Microclimate Cooling System
MAWS Mid-Atlantic Weather Station
MACS Middle Atmosphere in the Climate System
MICIS Midwestern Climate Information System
MAWS Military Automatic Weather Sensor
MEOCS Military Equal Opportunity Climate Survey
METT-TC mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, civil considerations
MECCA Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment
MIDWEST Moderate Weathering
MW Moderate Weathering
MAWS Modular Automated Weather System
MCDW Monthly Climate Data for the World
MWR Monthly Weather Review
MCX Montreal Climate Exchange
MWEAC Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center
MT-CLIM Mountain Climate Model
MSWS Mountain States Weather Services
MCPS Multi-Climate Protection System
NAPCC National Action Program on Climate Change
NAWAC National Aviation Weather Advisory Committee
NAWAU National Aviation Weather Advisory Unit
NAWPF National Aviation Weather Processing Facility
NCCP National Climate Change Process
NCCS National Climate Change Secretariat
NCC National Climate Committee
NC National Climate Data Center
NCP National Climate Program
NCPO National Climate Program Office
NCVP National Climate Variability Program
NCCC National Council on Climate Change
NLCCC National Latino Coalition on Climate Change
NODC-OCL National Oceanographic Data Center’s Ocean Climate Laboratory
NOCCOP National Office for Climate Change and Ozone Protection
NSWP National Space Weather Program
NWCC National Water and Climate Center
NWA National Weather Association
NWD National Weather Digest
NWRC National Weather Records Center
NWS National Weather Service
NWSEO National Weather Service Employees Organization
NWSFO National Weather Service Forecast Office
NWSI National Weather Service Instruction
NWSM National Weather Service Modernization
NWSPR National Weather Service Pacific Region
WSSF National Weather Service Support Facility
WSSU National Weather Service Support Unit
NWSTG National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway
NEWS NAVAIDS, Emergency Return, Weather, Standard Instrument Departure/Speeds
NWSA Naval Weather Service Association
NWSS Naval Weather Service System
NWS Naval Weather Station/Service
NCOM NCAR CSM (Climate System Model) Ocean Model (oceanography)
NW Negligible Weathering
NZCSC New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
NEXRAD Next Generation Weather Radar
NIW Night In Weather
NNGCC No Nonsense Guide to Climate Change
RAWE No RAWIN Observed, Unfavorable Weather
NSW No Significant Weather
NWR NOAA Weather Radio
NWWS NOAA Weather Wire System
NAWA North American Weather Association
NCSCC North Carolina Student Climate Coalition
TRANSPAC North Pacific Ocean Monitoring for Climate Research Program
NWAC Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
NWF Numerical Weather Forecasting
NWP Numerical Weather Prediction
NOWS NVG Operations Weather Software
OCP Ocean and Climate Physics
OCCAM Ocean Circulation and Climate Advanced Modelling
OCL Ocean Climate Laboratory
OPEC Ocean Processes and European Climate
OWS Ocean Weather Station
OWSM Ocean Weather Station Mike
OFCCP Oceanic Fisheries and Climate Change Project
OCC Office of Climate Change
OCO Office of Climate Observation
OCNS Offsetters Climate Neutral Society
OWW One Wire Weather
OWS Ontario Weather Service
OCLIPS Operational Climate Prediction and Services
OWS Operational Weather Squadron
OPSII Operational Weather Squadron Production System, Phase II
OWP Orbiter Weather Protection
PBECS Pacific Basin Extended Climate Study
PCIC Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
PALE Palaeoclimate from Arctic Lakes and Estuaries
PMIP Palaeoclimate Model Inter-comparison Project
PACS Pan American Climate Studies
PACIS Pan-American Climate Information System
PCTM Parallel Climate Transitional Model
PCCM Parallel Community Climate Model
POCM Parallel Ocean Climate Model
PWR Partially Weathered Rock
POCC Passenger-Operated Climate Control
PAAS Passive Active All Weather System
PAW PDA Animated Weather
PCCS Penweddig Climate Change Society
PWWD Per Weather Working Day
PTW Perfect Tanning Weather
PWS Personal Weather Station
PNCC Philippine Network on Climate Change
CPT Pilot Climate Process and Modeling Teams
PPCR Pilot Program for Climate Resilience
PWA Pilot Weather Advisor
PCCC Platform Communication on Climate Change
PWW Point Weather Warning
PAWS Polar Automatic Weather Station
PLACE Population, Landscape and Climate Estimates
PWRS Portsmouth Weather Records Service
PIC Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
PIK Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
PCSN Prairie Climate Stewardship Network
PCAP Presidential Climate Action Project
PECS Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars
POWER Profs Operational Weather Education and Research
ANW Program Director for Weather and Flight Service Stations
PARCA Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment
PCMDI Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
CEFA Program for Climate, Ecosystem and Fire Applications
PAOC Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate
PSMP Program on Short- and Medium-Range Weather Prediction Research
POAC Programs in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate
PWS Public Weather Service
PAAWS Purdue Automated Agricultural Weather Station
RCC Rapid Climate Change
RCW Ration, Cold Weather
RWP Real-Time Weather Processor
RCC Regional Climate Center
RCM Regional Climate Model
RCSM Regional Climate System Model
RICE Regional Interactions of Climate and Ecosystems
RWR Regional Weather Roundup
RAWS Remote Automated Weather Station
RAWS Remote Automated Weather System
REMIC Renewable Energy in Maritime and Island Climates
REACH Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
RTCC Responding to Climate Change
RAWX Returned on Account of Weather
RWIS Road Weather Information System
RCI Rotterdam Climate Initiative
SRCC Salamander Response to Climate Change
SWISS Satellite Weather Information for Stratospheric Science
SWIS Satellite Weather Information System
SWR Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
SWB Scheduled Weather Broadcast
SWCC Second World Climate Conference
SAFWIN secure Air Force weather information network
SWAMP Severe Weather and Moisture Prone
SWAP Severe Weather Avoidance Plan
SWAP Severe Weather Avoidance Procedures
SWAP Severe Weather Avoidance Program
SWC Severe Weather Center
AWW Severe Weather Forecast Alert
SWIK Severe Weather Information Kit
SWEAT Severe Weather Threat
SWIMMING Severe Weathering
SUBWAY Severe Weathering
SW Severe Weathering
SWC Significant Weather Chart
SWA Simpson Weather Associates, Inc
SWT Small Weather Terminal
SWS Social Weather Station
SWAC Soil, Water and Climate
SSW Solar Subsurface Weather
SWIP Solar Weather Impact Period
SACAN South African Climate Action Network
SAWB South African Weather Bureau
SAWS South African Weather Service
SECAN South Essex Climate Action Network
SCC Southeast Climate Consortium
SRCC Southeast Regional Climate Center
SECC Southeastern Climate Consortium
SARCOF Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum
SBECI Southern Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative
SCCC Southern Cross Climate Coalition
SRCC Southern Regional Climate Center
SWATH Space Weather and Terrestrial Hazards
SWEF Space Weather Enterprise Forum
SWX Space Weather Explorer
SWMF Space Weather Modeling Framework
SWPC Space Weather Prediction Center
SWWT Space Weather Working Team
SCCF Special Climate Change Fund
SOWT Special Operations Weather Team
SWI special weather intelligence
SWO Staff Weather Office
SAWS Stand Alone Weather Sensors
SBTCI State Business Tax Climate Index
SHOW State Home Oil Weatherization
SWS State Weather Summary
SCC Stop Climate Chaos
SWI Strategic Weather Initiative
SPICE Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering
SPARC Stratospheric Processes and their Role In Climate Change
STW Subject to Weather
STACS Sub-Tropical Atlantic Climate Studies
SAWR Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting
SAWRS Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting Station
SECCI Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative
SOCIO Sustained Observations of Climate in the Indian Ocean
TABWS Tactical Air Base Weather Station/System
TAWS Tactical Air Force Weather Service
TAWDS Tactical Automated Weather Distribution System
TW Tactical Weather
TWAC Tactical Weather Analysis Center
TWI Tactical Weather Intelligence
TWOS Tactical Weather Observing System
TWR Tactical Weather Radar
TWS Tactical Weather Station
TAWS Target Acquisition Weather Software
TARWI Target Weather Information
TDWR Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
TWIP Terminal Weather Information for Pilots
TWIB Terminal Weather Information for Pilots System
TWIP Terminal Weather Information Processor
TOPC Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate
TVCA Thames Valley Climate Action
TCG The Climate Group
TCP The Climate Project
TCR The Climate Registry
TWC The Weather Channel
TWN The Weather Network
TWO The Weather Outlook
TWC Theater Weather Center
TCD Theoretical Climate Dynamics
TTW Time Turning Weatherby
TWB Transcribed Weather Broadcast
TWEB Transcribed Weather Broadcast
TWEB Transcribed Weather Enroute Broadcast
TAWDS Transportable Automated Weather Distribution System
TCI Tufts Climate Initiative
TWY Typical Weather Year
UTW Under the Weather
UCA Unit Climate Assessment
UNCCC United Nations Climate Change Convention
UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
USWRP United States Weather Research Program
UTCI Universal Thermal Climate Index
UWA Universal Weather and Aviation Inc.
UCO Universal Weather Landing Code
UCRP University of California Revelle Program on Climate Science and Policy
UWS Urgent Weather SIGMET
VCCL Vehicle Climate Control Laboratory
VCIS Ventilation Climate Information System
VECAN Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network
VCCB Visteon Climate Control Beijing
WOW Waiting On Weather
WALC Walking for Action Locally on Climate Change
WSW Want Some Weather
WUCA Water Utility Climate Alliance
WWS Wavefront Weather Services
WEA Weather
WX Weather
WXR Weather
WXED Weather
WE Weather
W Weather
WAVE Weather Access for Visualization and Exploitation
WXAP Weather Accident Prevention
WA Weather Advisory
WAVE Weather Altimeter Voice Equipment
WAC Weather Analysis Center
WAVES Weather and Atmospheric Visualization Effects for Simulation
WBP Weather and Boil Proof
W-AND-F Weather and Forecasting
WF Weather and Forecasting
WAF Weather and Forecasting
WPQ Weather and Pain Questionnaire
WARP Weather and Radar Processor
WSNP Weather and Safe Navigation Permitting
WABN Weather Audio Broadcast Network
WB Weather Balloon
WBTV Weather Briefing Television
WB Weather Bureau
WBRH Weather Bureau Regional Headquarters
WBRS Weather Bureau Research Station
WBAN Weather Bureau, Air Force and Navy
WC Weather Channel
WCP Weather Chart Processor
WCF Weather Communication Facility
WC Weather Condition
WDA Weather Data Analysis Program
WDLC Weather Data Learning Center
WDM Weather Data Maintenance
WDA Weather Decision Aid
WDC Weather Derivative Contracts
WDRB Weather Development and Research Bulletin
WEW Weather Effects Workstation
WEST Weather Environment Simulation Technology
WEFAC Weather Facsimile
WEAX weather facsimile
WEFAX Weather Facsimile
WFSC Weather Facsimile Switching Center
WFAM Weather Factor Analysis Matrix
WF Weather Flight
WEAX Weather Forecast
WFO Weather Forecast Office
WGSL Weather Graphics and Simulation Laboratory
WGS Weather Graphics Switch
WG Weather Group
WGP Weather Group
WGBP Weather Guard Building Products
WG Weather Gun
WIIS Weather Image Information System
WIDA Weather Impact Division Aids
WIDA Weather Impact on Decision Aids
WX Weather Information
WXED Weather Information
WIND Weather Information Network and Display
WINDS Weather Information Network Data System
WINDS Weather Information Network Display System
WIPS Weather Information Processing System
WISDOM Weather In-Situ Deployment Optimization Method
WITIS Weather Integration with Tactical Intelligence System
WICU Weather Intercept Control Unit
WISP Weather Intercept Search Position
WISP Weather Internet Socket Protocol
WMSC Weather Message Switching Center
WMSCR Weather Message Switching Center Replacement
WMPO Weather Modification Program Office
WNA Weather Normalization Adjustment
WOXOF Weather Obscured Zero Visibility and Fog
OMF Weather Observation Markup Format
WOTAN Weather Observation Through Ambient Noise
WOER Weather Office
WO Weather Office
WOSE Weather Officer in Space Experiment
WOC Weather Operations Cell
WARSAW-PACT Weather Permitting
WP Weather Permitting
WPI Weather Protected Type I
WR Weather Radar
WXR Weather Radar
WXRS Weather Radar
WRS Weather Radar System
WRIP Weather Radio Improvement Program
WRTC Weather Readiness Training Center
WRG Weather Reconnaissance Group
VPW Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
WRSQ Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
WRS Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
VW Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
WRWS Weather Reconnaissance Wing
WRWG Weather Reconnaissance Wing
WRW Weather Reconnaissance Wing
QUB Weather Report
WRS Weather Report Suite
WRF Weather Research and Forecasting
WEARSCHFAC Weather Research Facility
WRP Weather Research Program
WR Weather Resistant
WRMA Weather Risk Management Association
WRI Weather Routing, Inc.
WSTT Weather Scenario Test Tape
WSA Weather Sensing Antenna
WSFO Weather Service Forecast Office
WSH Weather Service Headquarters
WSMO Weather Service Meteorological Office
WSO Weather Service Office
WSOM Weather Service Operations Manual
WSP Weather Service Provider
WSR Weather Service Radar
WSU Weather Service Unit
WSI Weather Services International Corporation
WSS Weather Squadron
WS Weather Squadron
VJ Weather Squadron or Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
WS Weather Station
WSS Weather Subscription Server
WSF Weather Support Force
WSSS Weather Support Subsystem
WSU Weather Support Unit
WSR Weather Surveillance Radar
WSR-88D Weather Surveillance Radar – 1988 Doppler
WSP Weather System Processor
WX Weather Systems Interface CSCI
WXED Weather Systems Interface CSCI
WSSC Weather Systems Support Cadre
WETM Weather Team
WUI Weather Underground, Inc.
WU Weather Unit
WW Weather Warning
WW Weather Watch
WWOL Weather Watchers Online
WWG Weather Wing
WW Weather Wing
WWD Weather Working Day
WCAS Weather, Climate, and Society
WCAS Weather, Climate, and Society
WET Weather, Enemy, & Terrain
WIMM Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
WBIC Weather-Based Irrigation Controller
WBY Weatherby
WLIC Weatherby Lake Improvement Company
WDNH Weather-Driven Natural Hazards
WC Weatherford College
WDN Weatherford Daily News
WHS Weatherford High School
WFT Weatherford International
WCFIA Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
WSOM Weatherhead School of Management
WIA Weather-Impacted Airspace
WAP Weatherization Assistance Program
WRAP Weatherization, Rehabilitation, and Asset Preservation Project
WASD Weatherly Area School District
WNI Weathernews Incorporated
WARSAW-PACT Weatherproof
WP Weatherproof
WLS Weather-proof Loud Speaker
WRB Weather-Resistant-Barrier
WSL Weatherscan Local
WBSG Weathertight Buildings Steering Group
WHRS Weathertight Homes Resolution Services
WWCB Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin
WACLIM West Africa Climate Data Service
WCI Western Climate Initiative
WEPOCS Western Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Studies
WRCC Western Regional Climate Center
WWF Wet Weather Flow
WWFMMP Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan
WWIP Wet Weather Improvement Plan
WWO Wet Weather Operations
WECO Wind Energy Production in Cold Climate
WCAC Wing Climate Assessment Committee
WWA Winter Weather Advisory
WWS Wireless Weather Station
WGCCD Working Group on Climate Change Detection
WCAC World Climate Applications and CLIPS
WCASP World Climate Applications and Services Programme
WCAP World Climate Applications Program
WCDMP World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme
INFOCLIMA World Climate Data Information Referral Service
WCDP World Climate Data Programme
WCIP World Climate Impacts Programme
WCN World Climate News
WCP World Climate Programme
WCRP-O World Climate Research Program, Oceanographic Component
WCRP World Climate Research Programme
WCSMP World Climate System Monitoring Program
WDCC World Data Center for Climate
WMCCC World Mayors Council on Climate Change
WMCC World Mayors’ Council on Climate Change
WWIS World Weather Information Service
WWP World Weather Program
WWRP World Weather Research Programme
WWW World Weather Watch
WWWP World Weather Watch Programme
YCC Youth Climate Conference
ZZW Zero-Zero Weather