Hospital Abbreviations

From the Latin hospitālis (“ guest house ”), a hospital is an establishment for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, where research and teaching are also carried out. The term is also used figuratively to allude to any house where there are many sick people.


Hospital Abbreviations

The concept of hospital has its origins in the word hospes (“guest” or “visit”) from which hospitalitas (“hospitality”) results. Over time , the notion came to refer to the quality of welcoming/hosting someone well and with satisfaction.

In the past, a hospital was a place where charity was exercised to poor, sick, orphans, elderly people and pilgrims, welcomed by monks and nuns.

In a hospital, the patient (as the person receiving treatment in that place is called) has access to different treatments and the diagnosis of different types of diseases can be of various types, such as laboratory, clinical, kinesiological-functional.

The term “hospital” was used in the 16th century under the influence of the 12th century French term “hôpital”, both derived from Latin. The emergence of hospitals, a little different from what we have today, took place in the Middle Ages.

In the 7th century, the term “Hotel-Dieu” was used in the set of French institutions that carried the notion of lodging and had a religious character, thus giving rise to this type of institution on the European continent. As far as we have information, the first “Hotel-Dieu” was founded in the years 651 or 829 in Paris, the date is uncertain. However, there is still information about the existence of what could be considered a hospital in what is now known as Sri Lanka (formerly “Ceylon”, in 431 BC, in South Asia.

The structure of the hospitals was designed to fulfill the functions of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. However, many modern hospitals are governed by a modality known as progressive care, in which there are no rooms divided by medical specialties, but where treatments are provided progressively to the patient according to severity and complexity.

Within a hospital, there is the care system (for the direct care of the patient by professionals from the medical team), the administrative and accounting system (concerning the admission of patients, the respective discharges and discharges of clinics, the organization of shifts and audits, among other tasks), the management system (which organizes or directs the overall operation of the hospital), etc.

Professionals from various areas work in hospitals, among which we can mention cleaning professionals, directors, administrative, reception and, of course, health professionals, among them: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, among others.

It should be noted that hospitals can be general, psychiatric, geriatric and maternal-infant (maternity hospitals), among other specialties. There are even hospital ships, designed to serve as medical treatment facilities. In Portugal, the current Youth Hostel Gil Eanes (Viana do Castelo) was, for many years, a hospital ship for Portuguese fishermen who went to the seas of Greenland in search of cod. Despite not being on land , they enjoyed medical care whenever justified.

The first hospital founded in Brazil was called Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Olinda, which was inaugurated in 1540 together with the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz . This hospital operated until the year 1630, when it was looted by the Dutch and then burned down.

List of Acronyms Related to Hospital

AHCC Abbotsford Hospital and Cancer Centre
AMH Abington Memorial Hospital
ALMH Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
AVH Acacia Veterinary Hospital
AHAHAS Accreditable Hospital and Health-Care Administration System
AMH Accreditation Manual for Hospitals
APROP Action for the Proper Regulation of Private Hospitals
ALCOHOL Acute Care Hospital
ACH Acute Care Hospital
ALTHA Acute Long Term Hospital Association
ASPIRE Acute Stroke Prehospital Identification Registry & Education
ACMH Adams County Memorial Hospital
AWCH Adelaide Women and Children’s Hospital
ARH Agence Régionale de l’Hospitalisation
AMCH Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital
AFTH Air Force Theater Hospital
ARCH Air Rescue Consortium of Hospitals
ATH Air Transportable Hospital
AKH Akagi-Kohgen Hospital
AAHA Alamo Area Hospitality Association
ASHNHA Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association
AMCH Albany Medical Center Hospital
ACHF Alberta Children Hospital Foundation
AHE Alberta Hospital Edmonton
ACH All Children’s Hospital
ALCOHOL All Childrens Hospital
AGH Allegheny General Hospital
ASH Allentown State Hospital
AGH Alpena General Hospital
ALHY Alpha Hospitality Corporation
ALH Alpha Hospitality Corporation
AHMC Alvarado Hospital Medical Center
ACSH Ambulatory Care Sensitive Hospitalization
AAHA American Animal Hospital Association
AAEEH American Association of Eye and Ear Hospitals
ACHS American Camp and Hospital Service
ACHA American College of Hospital Administrators
ACPM American College of Prehospital Medicine
AHA American Hospital Association
AHFS American Hospital Formulary Service
AHPI American Hospital Publishing, Inc.
AHS American Hospital Supply, Inc
AHFS American Hospitality Fleet Services
ALH American Legion Hospital
AOHA American Osteopathic Hospital Association
ASHA American Schools and Hospitals Abroad
ASHP American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
AMERICAN-SPEECH-AND-HEARING-ASSOCIATION American Surgical Hospital Association
ASHA American Surgical Hospital Association
AUH American University Hospital
ALIVE Amiodarone vs Lidocaine in Prehospital Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation Evaluation
AJMH Amit Jaggi Memorial Hospital
APSH Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital
ADH Angaston & District Hospital
ABLEH Ann Bates Leach Eye Hospital
AVH Antelope Valley Hospital
AHG Apollo Hospitals Group
ARH Appalachian Regional Hospital
AEH Aravind Eye Hospital
ACRH Argonne Cancer Research Hospital
AHH Arizona Heart Hospital
AZHHA Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
AHHA Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
ACH Arkansas Children’s Hospital
AFMH Armed Forces Memorial Hospital
ACMH Armstrong County Memorial Hospital
ALCOHOL Army Community Hospital
ACH Army Community Hospital
AH Army Hospital
APH Arnold Palmer Hospital
ADMH Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital
AMCH Assam Medical College and Hospital
APHIF Association de Pharmacie Hospitalière de l’Île de France
ATHOS Association de Télématique Hospitalière
AHB Association Hospitalière de Bretagne
AHJ Association Hospitalière de Joeuf
ANIHEB Association Nationale de l’Ingénierie Hospitalière et Biomédicale
ANFH Association Nationale pour la Formation Permanente du Personnel Hospitalier
ACTH Association of Canadian Teaching Hospitals
AEHHC Association of Educators of Homebound and Hospitalized Children
MHA Association of Maryland Hospitals & Health Systems
AWPHD Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts
AWH Association of Western Hospitals
APACHE Association Pour l’Amélioration des Conditions d’Hospitalisation des Enfants
ADPHSO Association pour Le Développement de La Pharmacie Hospitalière du Sud-Ouest
AQHP Association Qualité de l’Hospitalisation Privée
ASH Atascadero State Hospital
ALCOHOL Auckland City Hospital
ACH Auckland City Hospital
ASH Austin State Hospital
AHHA Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association
AHDG Australian Hospital Design Group
AHHA Australian Hotels & Hospitality Association, Inc.
ALH Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group
APHA Australian Private Hospitals Association
ARCHI Australian Resource Centre for Hospital Innovations
BFH Baby Friendly Hospital
BFHI Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
BHM Bachelor in Hospitality Management
BASHA Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Administration
BEH Bail Emphytéotique Hospitalier
BVH Balgownie Veterinary Hospital
BCH Baltimore City Hospital
BHCU Baptist Hospital Credit Union
BHE Baptist Hospital East
BJH Barnes-Jewish Hospital
BHB Barnsley Hospital Broadcasting
BUH Battlefords Union Hospital
BOH Bay Osteopathic Hospital
BCH Belfast City Hospital
BHC Bellevue Hospital Center
BTGH Ben Taub General Hospital
BCIH Bernalillo County Indian Hospital
BIH Beth Israel Hospital
PBI Beth Israel Hospital Association of Passaic
BSSH Big Spring State Hospital
BDH Birmingham Dental Hospital
BHSF Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund
BVH Blanchard Valley Hospital
BACH Blanchfield Army Community Hospital
BIH Blanchisserie Inter-Hospitalière
BH Bloomington Hospital
BHAS Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service
BMH Blount Memorial Hospital
BCH Bolivar County Hospital
BHJ Bombay Hospital Journal
BSH Bon Secours Hospital
BCH Boston City Hospital
BFH Boston Floating Hospital
BHECU Bothwell Hospital Employees Credit Union
BCH Boulder Community Hospital
BBGH Box Butte General Hospital
BHSN Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing
BWH Brigham and Women’s Hospital
BVH Bright Vision Hospital
BRHC Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
BCHIS British Columbia Hospital Insurance Service
BHA British Hospitality Association
BHCSA British Hospitals Contributory Schemes Association
BJHM British Journal of Hospital Medicine
BVHA British Veterinary Hospital Association
BVHA British Veterinary Hospitals Association
BGH Brockville General Hospital
BMH Bronson Methodist Hospital
BHC Brooklyn Hospital Center
BAHG Buenos Aires Hospitality Group
BGH Buffalo General Hospital
BLH Bulongwa Lutheran Hospital
BH Bumrungrad Hospital
CDHG Calgary District Hospital Group
CACH California Association of Catholic Hospitals
CHART California Hospital Assessment Reporting Taskforce
CHA California Hospital Association
CHMC California Hospital Medical Center
CSHP California Society of Hospital Pharmacists
CMH Calvert Memorial Hospital
CMH Cambridge Memorial Hospital
CUH Cambridge University Hospitals
CCMH Camden Clark Memorial Hospital
CCMH Campbell County Memorial Hospital
CHPS Campbell Hospital Proposed Strategy
CSHP Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists
CGH Cantonment General Hospital
CBRH Cape Breton Regional Hospital
CHA Cardiovascular Hospitals of America
CFH Carle Foundation Hospital
CCH Caro Community Hospital
CPH Castle Peak Hospital
CHAT Cat Hospital at Towson
CHD Catering & Hospitality Database
CRH Cedarcrest Regional Hospital
CSAH Center Sinai Animal Hospital
CBH Central Baptist Hospital
CDH Central DuPage Hospital
CHCF Central Hospital of Centar Finland
CMMC Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals
CASH Centre d’Accueil et de Soins Hospitaliers
CHTR Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Research
CHAMPION Centre Hospitalier
CH Centre Hospitalier
CHAL Centre Hospitalier Anna-Laberge
CHB Centre Hospitalier Bourg-en-Bresse
CHC Centre Hospitalier Chrétien
CHO Centre Hospitalier d’Orsay
CHB Centre Hospitalier de Beauvais
CHB Centre Hospitalier de Béziers
CHB Centre Hospitalier de Bhannès
CHB Centre Hospitalier de Blois
CHB Centre Hospitalier de Bourges
CHC Centre Hospitalier de Compiègne
CHD Centre Hospitalier de Dunkerque
CHUL Centre Hospitalier de l’Université Laval
CHL Centre Hospitalier de Lens
CHL Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
CHPF Centre Hospitalier de Polynésie Française
CHV Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes
CHV Centre Hospitalier de Verdun
CHV Centre Hospitalier de Versailles
CHD Centre Hospitalier Departemental
CHP Centre Hospitalier des Pyrénées
CHL Centre Hospitalier du Lamentin
CHPG Centre Hospitalier du Pays de Gier
CHV Centre Hospitalier du Vexin
CHG Centre Hospitalier Général
CHGR Centre Hospitalier Guillaume Régnier
CHI Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal
CHIC Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Creteil
CHJT Centre Hospitalier Jean Titeca
CHNYO Centre Hospitalier National Yalgado Ouedraogo
CHNDS Centre Hospitalier Nord Deux-Sèvres
CHPG Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace
CHP Centre Hospitalier Privé
CHP Centre Hospitalier Psychiatrique
CHRISTIAN Centre Hospitalier Regional
CHR Centre Hospitalier Régional
CHRU Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire
CHRB Centre Hospitalier Robert Ballanger
CHRGS Centre Hospitalier Robert Giffard
CHRG Centre Hospitalier Robert Giffard
CHS Centre Hospitalier Spécialisé
CHSE Centre Hospitalier St-Eustache
CHT Centre Hospitalier Territorial de Nouvelle-Calédonie
CHU Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
CHUV Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Vaudois
CNH Certificat de Non-Hospitalisation
CHSP Certified Hospital Safety Professional
CHAE Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive
CHDT Certified Hospitality Department Trainer
CHME Certified Hospitality Marketing Executive
CHS Certified Hospitality Supervisor
CHTP Certified Hospitality Technology Professional
CRH Chandler Regional Hospital
CGH Changi General Hospital
CCH Charing Cross Hospital
CASH Charitable Association Supplying Hospitals
CHAMPION Charity Hospital
CH Charity Hospital
CMH Charlton Memorial Hospital
CDRH Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital
CHAT Chemically Hardened Air Transportable Hospital
CKUH Cheng Kung University Hospital
CIHA Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority
CRH Chesterfield Royal Hospital
CHC Chief Hospital Corpsman
HMC Chief Hospital Corpsman
CHI Children in Hospital Ireland
CHAMPION Children’s Hospital
CH Children’s Hospital
CHAD Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth
CHW Children’s Hospital at Westmead
CHB Children’s Hospital Boston
CHCC Children’s Hospital Central California
CHIPS Children’s Hospital Image Processing Software
CHIP Children’s Hospital Informatics Program
CHICO Children’s Hospital Integrated Care Organization
CHOB Children’s Hospital of Buffalo
CHEO Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
CHECKMATE Children’s Hospital of Michigan
CHM Children’s Hospital of Michigan
CHO Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma
CHOP Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
CHP Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
CHKD Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters
CHW Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
CHOC Children’s Hospital Orange County
CHP Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh
CHAP Children’s Hospitalization Alternative Program
CHEER Children’s Hospitals Educational Equity and Research
CMH Children’s Memorial Hospital
COH Children’s Orthopedic Hospital
CUH Children’s University Hospital
CHLA Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
CMH Childrens Mercy Hospital
CHKD China Hospital Knowledge Database
CGH Chinese General Hospital
CHCF Chinese Hospital Christian Fellowship
CHRC Choithram Hospital and Research Centre
CHBH Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
CHAMPION Christ’s Hospital
CH Christ’s Hospital
CFH Christian Fellowship Hospital
CCHMC Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
CGH Cincinnati General Hospital
CPSS Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale
CHA Civil Hospital Ahmedabad
CHK Civil Hospital, Karachi
CHAMPS Cleanliness-Hospitality-Accuracy-Maintenance-Product-Service
CAH Clinics and Hospitals
CPDH Coast Plaza Doctors Hospital
CHTM College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
CIHM College of International Hospitality Management
CRAH College Road Animal Hospital
CPAH Colony Park Animal Hospital
CHA Colorado Health & Hospital Association
CPH Colorado Psychiatric Hospital
CPH Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
CRH Columbus Regional Hospital
CCMH Comanche County Memorial Hospital
CSH Combat Support Hospital
CMH Combined Military Hospital
CAHM Commission on Accreditation for Hospitality Management
CAHM Commission on Accreditation of Hospitality Management Programs
CPHA Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities
CHICA Community and Hospital Infection Control Association Canada
CHIEF Community and Hospital Information Exchange Forum
CGH Community General Hospital
CHHF Community Hospital Health Foundation
CHLG Community Hospital of Los Gatos
CHMP Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
CHTC Community Hospital Telehealth Consortium
CHANT Community Hospitals Acting Nationally Together
CHWC Community Hospitals of Williams County
CMH Community Memorial Hospital
CCHM Competence Center Hospital Management
CRH Complémentaire Retraite des Hospitaliers
CAMH Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals
CHDM Comprehensive Hospital Drug Monitoring
CHH Comptoir d’Hygiène Hospitalière
CIH Coney Island Hospital
CHA Connecticut Hospital and Affiliates
CIHS Conseil de l’Informatique Hospitalière et de Santé
CHAMPION contingency hospital
CH contingency hospital
CCH Continuing Care Hospital
CCH Cook County Hospital
CHIC Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago
CHIRP Cooperative Hospital Infant Restraint Program
CMH Coordination Médicale Hospitalière
CHHF Copenhagen Hospital Heart Failure Study
CUH Cork University Hospital
CUHA Cornell University Hospital for Animals
CRH Cornwall Regional Hospital
CHA Corporate Hospitality Association
CASH Corps Area Support Hospital
CMH Cortland Memorial Hospital
CHME Council for Hospitality Management Education
COTH Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems
CDH Cowichan District Hospital
CCMH Crawford County Memorial Hospital
CLH Crawford Long Hospital
CAH Critical Access Hospital
CHMC Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
CAHT Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism
CRH Culpeper Regional Hospital
DFWHC Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
DAFH Dar Al Fouad Hospital
DACH Darnal Army Community Hospital
DHMC Davis Hospital and Medical Center
DHO Day Hospital Oncologico
DMCH Dayanand Medical College and Hospital
DCMH Decatur County Memorial Hospital
DMH Decatur Memorial Hospital
DHCP Decentralized Hospital Computer Program
DHS Dechets Hospitaliers
DCMH Delaware County Memorial Hospital
DHG Denihan Hospitality Group, LLC
DHH Denver Department of Health and Hospitals
DHU Departements Hospitalo-Universitaires
DHH Department of Health and Hospitals
PAH Department of Pathology at Pennsylvania Hospital
DSH Desert Springs Hospital
DOHC Detroit Osteopathic Hospital Corporation
DRH Detroit Receiving Hospital
DDH Developpement Durable Hospitalier
DCH Dhaka Community Hospital
DMCH Dhaka Medical College Hospital
DSH Disproportionate Share Hospital
DGH District General Hospital
DMHH Division of Mental Health and Hospitals
DNH Do Not Hospitalize
DHM Donnelly Hospitality Management
DCMH Door County Memorial Hospital
DCH Dorset County Hospital
DGH Dotation Globale Hospitalière
DSFH Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital
ZTB Dr. Zekai Tahir Burak Women’s Health Education and Research Hospital
DCH Druid City Hospital
DATH Dublin Academic Teaching Hospital
DDH Dublin Dental Hospital
DGOH Dudley Group of Hospitals
DUH Duke University Hospital
DMAH Duncan Manor Animal Hospital
ELCH East Liverpool City Hospital
EORH East Ohio Regional Hospital
EPAH East Petaluma Animal Hospital
EHA Eastbourne Hospitality Association
ELIH Eastern Long Island Hospital
ESHC Eastern Shore Hospital Center
ESMH Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital
ESSH Eastern State School Hospital
EDH Eastman Dental Hospital
EHSR Electronic Hospital Specific Report
EHC Elmhurst Hospital Center
EMH Elyria Memorial Hospital
EHA Emmanuel Hospital Association
EUH Emory University Hospital
ESTHER Ensemble pour une Solidarité Thérapeutique Hospitalière en Réseau
ERH Enumclaw Regional Hospital
ECHELON Ephrata Community Hospital
ECH Ephrata Community Hospital
ESTGOH Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Oliveira do Hospital
EPH Etablissement Public Hospitalier
EACH European Association for Children in Hospital
EHQ European Hospitality Quality Scheme
AHP Evacuation Hospital Ship
EACH Evans Army Community Hospital
ENHER Evanston-Northwestern Hospital
ENHED Evanston-Northwestern Hospital
ENH Evanston-Northwestern Hospital
EEHP Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals
FGH Fairmount General Hospital
FCHC Falls Community Hospital & Clinic
FGH Fallston General Hospital
FFH Fauji Foundation Hospital
FCH Fayette Community Hospital
FMHA Fayette Memorial Hospital Association
FHP Federation de l’Hospitalisation Privee
FHF Fédération Hospitalière de France
FIEHP Fédération Intersyndicale des Établissements d’Hospitalisation Privés
FAHS Federation of American Hospitals
FAH Federation of American Hospitals
FBHA Fellow of British Hospitality Accountants
FIH Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality
FSH Fiona Stanley Hospital
FVH Fischer Veterinary Hospital
FH Fleet Hospital
FARMHOUSE Fleet Hospital
FHOTC Fleet Hospital Operations and Training Center
FHA Florida Hospital Association
FHCI Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
FHCU Florida Hospital Credit Union
FEH Flying Eye Hospital
FAH Follow-Up after Hospitalization
FSHE Food Service Hospitality Education
FSAH Forest South Animal Hospital
FLPH Former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital
FGH Forrest General Hospital
FMCH Fort Madison Community Hospital
FSH Forward Surgical Hospital
FCH Fostoria Community Hospital
FHR Foundation Hospital Rajana
FSAH Four Seasons Animal Hospital
FSH Franklin Square Hospital
FSHC Franklin Square Hospital Center
FHMRF Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation
FMLH Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital
GVHC Gary Vallen Hospitality Consultants
GMH Gaston Memorial Hospital
GMCH Gauhati Medical College and Hospital
GHANA General Hospital
GH General Hospital
GHFC General Hospital Fan Club
GHSA General Hospital Service Area
GLWACH General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital
GSCDH General Santos City District Hospital
GPHC Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
GUH Georgetown University Hospital
GHA Georgia Hospital Association
GHTA Georgia Hospitality Travel Association
GAH Gibson Area Hospital
GHANA Gift and Hospitality
GH Gift and Hospitality
GUVH Glasgow University Veterinary Hospital
GHH Good Hope Hospital
GSH Good Samaritan Hospital
GSHA Good Samaritan Hospital Association
GHMC Government Hospital for Mental Care
GHACPW Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine
GMCH Government Medical College and Hospital
GLAH Great Lakes Animal Hospital
GOSH Great Ormand Street Hospital
GOSHCC Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity
GWH Great Western Hospital
GDAHA Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association
GSHA Greater Siouxland Hospitality Association
GHS Greenville Hospital System
GMH Greenville Memorial Hospital
GNH Grey Nuns Hospital
GSHA Griffin-Spalding Hospital Authority
GHSA Groupe Hospitalier Sud Ardennes
GMCH Groves Memorial Community Hospital
GUATEMALA Grunt Tech [US Navy hospital corpsman assigned to a USMC unit]
GT Grunt Tech [US Navy hospital corpsman assigned to a USMC unit]
GGH Guelph General Hospital
HUH Hahnemann University Hospital
HGH Hamad General Hospital
HHNT Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust
HRSH Hampton Roads Specialty Hospital
HRH Hancock Regional Hospital
HMH Harford Memorial Hospital
HUH Harper University Hospital
HOAH Harvey Oaks Animal Hospital
HSH Haverford State Hospital
HHC Health and Hospitals Corporation
HPH Health Promoting Hospitals
HHES Healthy Hospital Employee Survey
HFH Heart Failure Hospitalization
HHH Helen Hayes Hospital
HHV Help Hospitalized Veterans
HUGH Hemodialysis Unit of a General Hospital
HDH Henrico Doctors’ Hospital
HFH Henry Ford Hospital
HHLP Hersha Hospitality Limited Partnership
HEH Herzogin-Elisabeth Hospital
HPH Highland Park Hospital
HCH Highline Community Hospital
HSPH High-Security Psychiatric Hospital
HCMH Hill Country Memorial Hospital
HMHS His/Her Majesty’s Hospital Ship
HCH Holy Cross Hospital
HNH Holy Name Hospital
HKCH Hong Kong Central Hospital
HKHA Hong Kong Hospital Authority
HH Hoosier Hospitality
HCMH Hopkins County Memorial Hospital
HACKER Hospital
H Hospital
HOSP Hospital
HP Hospital
HHCS Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service
HCS Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service
HAM Hospital Account Manager
HARA Hospital Accounts Receivable Analysis
HAS Hospital Accreditation Standards
HAITI Hospital Acquired
HA Hospital Acquired
HAB Hospital Acquired Bacterameia
HAC Hospital Acquired Condition
HAI Hospital Acquired Infection
HAPU Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer
HAP Hospital Advantage Plan
HCHS Hospital and Community Health Services
HEAL Hospital and Emergency Ambulance Link
HAHS Hospital and Health Services
HAP Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
HPDS Hospital and Patient Data System
HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
HAD Hospital Anxiety Depression
HAMS Hospital Aseptic Management System
HARI Hospital Association of Rhode Island
HASC Hospital Association of Southern California
HAH Hospital At Home
HAITI Hospital Authority
HA Hospital Authority
HAHO Hospital Authority Head Office
HAVE Hospital AVailability Exchange
HAVE Hospital Award for Volunteer Excellence
HBMN Hospital Based Massage Network
HB Hospital Belén
HBA Hospital Broadcasting Association
HCAP Hospital Care Assistance Program
HCA Hospital Caterers Association
HCMA Hospital Chaplains’ Ministry of America
HCSG Hospital Clinical Services Group, Inc.
HCSC Hospital Clinico San Carlos
HCC Hospital Command Center
HCK Hospital Compressor Kit
HCAHPS Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey
HCAHPS Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems
HSP Hospital Corporation of America
HCA Hospital Corporation of America
HM Hospital Corpsman
HMCM Hospital Corpsman, Master Chief, US Navy
HCUP Hospital Cost and Utilization Project
HC Hospital Council
HDD Hospital de Día
HSM Hospital de Santa Maria
HDL Hospital Distrital de Lamego
HDT Hospital Dying Trajectory
HEAR Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio
HEARS Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service
HEAR Hospital Emergency Ambulance Radio
HEDDS Hospital Emergency Department Data Systems
HEICS Hospital Emergency Incident Command System
HESP Hospital Emergency Suitability Protocol
HEU Hospital Employees Union
HES Hospital Episode Statistics
HECS Hospital Equipment Control System
HELPP Hospital Equipment Lottery Project for People
HEGV Hospital Estadual Getulio Vargas
HECS Hospital Ethical Climate Survey
HFMA Hospital Financial Management Association
HFSC Hospital Financial Service Corporation
HJD Hospital for Joint Diseases
HSC Hospital for Sick Children
HSS Hospital for Special Surgery
HTD Hospital for Tropical Diseases
HFS Hospital Formulary System
HFFC Hospital Funding Formula Committee
HGU Hospital General Universitario
HIH Hospital in Home
HITH Hospital In The Home
HICS Hospital Incident Command System
HI Hospital Income
HIP Hospital Indemnity Plan
HIAS Hospital Infantil Albert Sabin
HICPAC Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee
HIES Hospital Infection Epidemiology and Surveillance
HIRL Hospital Infection Research Laboratory
HIDA Hospital Infections Disclosure Act
HIP Hospital Infections Program
HIS Hospital Information System
HIPE Hospital In-Patient Enquiry Scheme
HI Hospital Insurance
HJM Hospital Juliano Moreira
HJSC Hospital Junior Staff Committee
HKKB Hospital Kuala Kubu Bharu
HLWE Hospital Lam Wah Ee
HLC Hospital Liaison Committee
HMIS Hospital Management Information System
HMS Hospital Management System
HMRI Hospital Medical Records Institute
HOMS Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago
HMWG Hospital Monsenhor Walfredo Gurgel
HMDS Hospital Morbidity Data System
HN Hospital Nacional
HNDAC Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrion
HNGAI Hospital Nacional Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen
HN Hospital Novicentro
HUPS Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
HUP Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
HOC Hospital Outpatient Clinic
HOPD Hospital Outpatient Department
HOP Hospital Outpatient Program
HOVS Hospital Outpatient Visit
HOV Hospital Outpatient Visit
HPFS Hospital Patient Financial Services
HPAI Hospital Pharmacists Association, Ireland
HPP Hospital Preparedness Program
HPL Hospital Professional Liability
HPPA Hospital Purchaser-Provider Agreement
HQID Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration
HQMT Hospital Quality Monitor Tool
HQE Hospital Queen Elizabeth
HRS Hospital Readership Survey
HRR Hospital Referral Region
HRO Hospital Regional de Occidente
HRRC Hospital Report Research Collaborative
HSJD Hospital San Juan de Dios
HSS Hospital San Sebastian
HSS Hospital Shared Services
AH Hospital Ship
HSP Hospital Specific Portion
HSSD Hospital Sterile Services Department
HSDU Hospital Sterilisation and Disinfection Unit
HSR Hospital Summary Report
HSOPSC Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture
HTM Hospital Technical Memorandum
HTO Hospital Transfer Order
APH Hospital Transport
HTCS Hospital Travel Cost Scheme
HUC Hospital Unit Clerk
HUD Hospital Unit Dose
HUM Hospital Unit, Medical
HUE Hospital Universitario Esperanza
HUVN Hospital Universitario Virgen de Las Nieves
HWH Hospital Within Hospital
HMIWI Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incineration
HAM Hospital-Acquired Malnutrition
HAP Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia
HBP Hospital-Based Physician
HDT Hospitalisation à la Demande d’Un Tiers
HO Hospitalisation d’Office
HDJ Hospitalisation de Jour
HLER Hospitalisation Libre
HL Hospitalisation Libre
HNDLER Hospitalite Notre Dame de Lourdes
HNDL Hospitalite Notre Dame de Lourdes
HOSTILE Hospitality
HOS Hospitality
HAT Hospitality Accommodations of Texas
HCC Hospitality and Catering Consultants
HFS Hospitality and Food Service
HLER Hospitality and Leisure
HL Hospitality and Leisure
HTI Hospitality and Tourism Index
HTTC Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre
HAITI Hospitality Association
HA Hospitality Association
HANI Hospitality Association of Northern Ireland
HBA Hospitality Business Alliance
HCI Hospitality Consultants, Inc.
HDG Hospitality Development Group, Inc
HEBS Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc.
HHMC Hospitality Hotel Management Company
HIRF Hospitality Industry Relief Fund
HITA Hospitality Industry Technology Association
HITEC Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference
HITA Hospitality Information Technology Association
HITM Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management
HLT Hospitality Leisure & Tourism
HMT Hospitality Management and Tourism
HMG Hospitality Management Group
HMSP Hospitality Management Summer Programme
HMS Hospitality Management System
HMC Hospitality Marketing Consultants
HMIC Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company
HRM Hospitality Restaurant Management
HSMA Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
HSI Hospitality Solutions International
HSM Hospitality Supply Management Forum
HTNG Hospitality Technology Next Generation
HTN Hospitality Training Network
HVS Hospitality Valuation Services
HTTL Hospitality, Tourism, Leisure and Travel
HC HospitalityClub
HQSC Hospitality-Quality-Service-Cleanliness
HVWP Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project
HSM Hospitaller Sisters of Mercy
OVERHAUL Hospitallers Brothers Of St John Of God
OH Hospitallers Brothers of St. John of God
ALCOHOL Hospitallers Brothers of St. John of God
HN Hospitalman
HN1 Hospitalman 1st Class
HN2 Hospitalman 2nd Class
HAITI Hospitalman Apprentice
HA Hospitalman Apprentice
HR Hospitalman Recruit
HHN Hospitals & Health Networks
HCF Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia
HCFA Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Ltd
HOPE Hospitals for EurOPE
HCC Hospitals, Convalescent Homes and Clinics
HSRV Hospital-Specific Relative Value
HH Hostile Hospital
HHMH Howard Hubbard Memorial Hospital
HUH Howard University Hospital
HCMH Humboldt County Memorial Hospital
HCH Huntsman Cancer Hospital
IHHA Illinois Hospital and HealthSystems Association
IVCH Illinois Valley Community Hospital
IVCH Incline Village Community Hospital
IPECH Independent Physicians of El Camino Hospital
IRMH Indian River Memorial Hospital
ITAH Indian Trace Animal Hospital
IHHA Indiana Hospital and Health Association
IUH Indiana University Hospital
IGMH Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital
ICHE Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
IHF Ingénieurs Hospitaliers de France
IHC In-Hospital Coordinators
IHTRSR In-Hospital Trauma Radio System Response
IHH Inner Harbour Hospital
IAH Inova Alexandria Hospital
ILH Inova Loudoun Hospital
IOH Institute of Hospitality
ITHP Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Professionals
IHS Integrated Hospital System
IHH Integris Heart Hospital
IHN Interfaith Hospitality Network
IAHA International Association of Hospitality Accountants
IHF International Hospital Federation
IHB International Hospital of Bahrain
IHOS International Hospital Outcomes Study
ISHC International Society of Hospitality Consultants
ISHP International Society of Hospitality Purchasers
ISHA International Student Hospitality Association
IRH Inverclyde Royal Hospital
IHA Iowa Hospital Association
IACH Ireland Army Community Hospital
ICCH Iron County Community Hospital
ISTH Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital
IRHMC Irvine Regional Hospital and Medical Center
IACH Irwin Army Community Hospital
IGH Irwin Group of Hospitals
IGH Ispat General Hospital
JCMH Jackson County Memorial Hospital
JMH Jackson Memorial Hospital
JHMC Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
JCMH James Connelly Memorial Hospital
JHA Japan Hospital Association
JAHA Japanese Animal Hospital Association
JSGHP Japanese Society of General Hospital Psychiatry
JNCH Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital
JNH Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital
JGH Jefferson General Hospital
JHN Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience
JHPDR Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia Distance Run (Philadelphia, PA
JEH Jennie Edmundson Hospital
JALH Jennings American Legion Hospital
JVAH Jersey Village Animal Hospital
JGH Jewish General Hospital
JHH Jewish Home and Hospital
JHHS Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services
JHMCS Jewish Hospital Medical Center South
JMHRC Jewish Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
JRH Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital
JGH John Gaston Hospital
SHCC John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
JHH Johns Hopkins Hospital
JHHOC Johns Hopkins Hospital Oncology Center
JSH Johor Specialist Hospital
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations
JUH Jordan University Hospital
JBMH Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital
JHI Journal of Hospital Infection
JAHA Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration
JTH Juba Teaching Hospital
KFH Kaiser Foundation Hospital
KPH Kaiser Permanente Hospital
KRH Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital
KKH Kandang Kerbau Hospital
KCH Kane Community Hospital
KHA Kansas Hospital Association
KHERF Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation
KSHA Kansas Surgical Hospital Association
KUH Kansas University Hospital
KAH Kendu Adventist Hospital
KGH Kennewick General Hospital
KCH Kentucky Children’s Hospital
KNH Kenyatta National Hospital
KTH Khyber Teaching Hospital
KFAFH King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital
KFH King Fahad Hospital
KCH King’s College Hospital
KGH Kingston General Hospital
KHF Kingston Hospital Foundation
KPH Kingston Psychiatric Hospital
KPH Kingston Public Hospital
KDH Kirkland and District Hospital
KLJ Knight of the Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem
KH Knights Hospitallers
KATH Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
KHD Kootenai Hospital District
KTH Kuala Terengganu Hospital
KUH Kuopio University Hospital
KWH Kwong Wah Hospital
KWSH Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital
KNUH Kyungpook National University Hospital
LRH Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan
LWH Lady Willingdon Hospital
LIMH Lagos Island Maternity Hospital
LHH Laguna Honda Hospital
LCMH Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
LHS Lake Hospital System
LSAH Lake Stevens Animal Hospital
LTAH Lake Travis Animal Hospital
LRGH Lakes Region General Hospital
LGH Lakeshore General Hospital
LHCP Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
LCPH Lane County Psychiatric Hospital
LRH Lapeer Regional Hospital
LLCDH Lapu Lapu City District Hospital
LAH Large Animal Hospital
LDSH Latter Day Saints Hospital
LMH Lee Memorial Hospital
LTH Leeds Teaching Hospital
LTHT Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
LVH Lehigh Valley Hospital
LVHHN Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network
LGH Leicester General Hospital
LOHS Length of Hospital Stay
LHH Lenox Hill Hospital
LWH Lesbian Wildlife Hospital
LCGH Lewis County General Hospital
LNH Liaquat National Hospital
LFMH Lillian Fraser Memorial Hospital
LCMH Lincoln County Memorial Hospital
LCMH Little Company of Mary Hospital
LVH Liverpool Veterinary Hospital
LWH Liverpool Women’s Hospital
LCH London Chest Hospital
LHMC London Hospital Medical College
LICH Long Island College Hospital
LTCH Long Term Care Hospital
LUH Longmont United Hospital
LDHH Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
LHA Louisiana Hospital Association
LFAH Louisville Family Animal Hospital
LGH Lowell General Hospital
LBH Lower Bucks Hospital
LUH Lower Umpqua Hospital
LPCH Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
LCPH Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
MDA M.D. Anderson Hospital
MRCH Mad River Community Hospital
MGMH Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital
MPHO Maine Physician Hospital Organization
MMH Manchester Memorial Hospital
MRH Mandeville Regional Hospital
MEETH Manhattan Eye Ear Throat Hospital
MDH Manila Doctors’ Hospital
MSH Manteno State Hospital
MVH Marathon Veterinary Hospital
MMCH Margaret Mary Community Hospital
MGH Marion General Hospital
MCH Marlette Community Hospital
MJH Martha Jefferson Hospital
MACH Martin Army Community Hospital
MLMH Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital
MGH Massachusetts General Hospital
MMH Massachusetts Memorial Hospital
MGHC MassGeneral Hospital for Children
MIHM Master of International Hospitality Management
MMH Master of Management in Hospitality
MHM Masters in Hospital Management
MMH Mater Misericordiae Hospital
MH McGill Hospital
MDH McKay-Dee Hospital
MCH Medical Center Hospital
MCPH Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital
MUHA Medical University Hospital Authority
MHIP Medicare Hospital Information Project
MHIT Medicare Hospital Insurance Tax
MRHFP Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program
MIH Member of Institute of Hospitality
MHBC Memorial Hospital of Burlington County
MSCH Memorial Sisters of Charity Hospital
MH Mental Hospital
MOPN Mercy Oakland Hospital Physicians Network
MUH Mercy University Hospital
MVH Mesa Veterinary Hospital
MHUC Methodist Hospital Union County
MSTH Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital
MHC Metropolitan Hospital Center
MVH Miami Valley Hospital
MHA Michigan Health & Hospital Association
MHEA Michigan Hospitality Education Alliance
MSHA Michigan Society of Hospital Attorneys
MEHT Mid Essex Hospitals Trust
MHMS Middlesex Hospital Medical School
MVH Mid-Valley Hospital
MMBH Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital
MH Military Hospital
MKGH Milton Keynes General Hospital
MGH Minneapolis General Hospital
MHHP Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership
MSH Minnesota Security Hospital
MCH Mission Community Hospital
MHA Mississippi Hospital Association
MASH Mobile Air Surgical Hospital
MASH Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MFH Mobile Field Hospital
MMH Mobile Modular Hospitals SpA
MPH Mobile Parts Hospital
MPH Modbury Public Hospital
MATH Modular Air Transportable Hospital
MVGH Mohawk Valley General Hospital
MCH Monadnock Community Hospital
MACH Moncrief Army Community Hospital
MBCH Monkey Bay Community Hospital
MVH Monongahela Valley Hospital
MUH Montefiore University Hospital
MCHD Montgomery County Hospital District
MCHF Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
MGH Montreal General Hospital
MCHD Moore County Hospital District
MRH Moore Regional Hospital
MEH Moorfields Eye Hospital
MMH Morgan Memorial Hospital
MMH Morristown Memorial Hospital
MDHF Mount Diablo Hospital Foundation
MEH Mount Elizabeth Hospital
MSH Mount Sinai Hospital
MVH Mountain View Hospital
MVPH Mountain View Pet Hospital
MAH Mt. Alexander Hospital
MFHA MultiCultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance
MASH Municipal, Academic, Schools and Hospitals
MUSH Municipalities, Universities, Schools, and Hospitals
MVPH Murray Valley Private Hospital
MNH Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers
MMCH Mymensingh Medical College Hospital
NMH Nanticoke Memorial Hospital
NLH Nathan Littauer Hospital
NACHRI National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
NAHHH National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses, Inc.
NAHPMM National Association of Hospital Purchasing Materials Management
NAPPH National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals
NAPH National Association of Public Hospitals & Health Systems
NAUH National Association of Urban Hospitals
NCCH National Cancer Center Hospital
NCCH National Council of Community Hospitals
NHDS National Hospital Discharge Survey
NHSL National Hospital of Sri Lanka
NHU National Hospital Union
NHW National Hospital Week
NHPA National Hospitality and Parks Association
NJH National Jewish Hospital
NPH National Pediatric Hospital
NPHHI National Public Health and Hospital Institute
NRH National Referral Hospital
NSMH National Society of Minorities in Hospitality
NSH National Surgical Hospitals
NASH National Surveillance System for Hospital Health Care Workers
NTUH National Taiwan University Hospital
NUHHCE National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees
NUH National University Hospital
NUHC National University Hospital Center
NH Naval Hospital
NHOH Naval Hospital Oak Harbor
NHRR Naval Hospital Roosevelt Roads
NOH Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital
NEWH Network of Executive Women in Hospitality
NEWH Network of Women in Hospitality
NPI-H Neuropsychiatric Institute & Hospital
NSMH Nevada Southern Memorial Hospital
NBGH New Britain General Hospital
NEBH New England Baptist Hospital
NECHP New England Council of Hospital Pharmacists Inc.
NEDH New England Deaconess Hospital
NERH New England Rehabilitation Hospital
NHH New Hampshire Hospital
NLH New London Hospital
NMHA New Mexico Hospital Association
NYCH New York Community Hospital
NYH New York Hospital
NYHQ New York Hospital Queens
NYMH New York Memorial Hospital
NYPH New York Presbyterian Hospital
NYSHTA New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association
NYUDH New York University Downtown Hospital
NYP New York-Presbyterian Hospital
NZGH New Zealand General Hospital
NWH Newton-Wellesley Hospital
NDMH Nipigon District Memorial Hospital
NNUH Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
NPHO Norman Physician Hospital Organization
NAH North Arundel Hospital
NBGH North Bay General Hospital
NBPH North Bay Psychiatric Hospital
NBHD North Broward Hospital District
NCAHCSP North Carolina Association for Hospital Central Service Professionals
NCCH North Carolina Children’s Hospital
NCHA North Carolina Hospital Association
NCHC North Carolina Hospital Center
NDDH North Devon District Hospital
NFAH North Florida Animal Hospital
NHCH North Hawaii Community Hospital
NKCH North Kansas City Hospital
NMUH North Middlesex University Hospital
NSH North Side Hospital
NSHA North Simcoe Hospital Alliance
NVH North Vista Hospital
NWIH North West Independent Hospital
NYBH North York Branson Hospital
NFSH Northeast Florida State Hospital
NRH Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital
NNRH Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital
NCCH Northern Cochise Community Hospital
NGH Northern General Hospital
NIHR Northern Ireland Hospital Radio
NWH Northern Westchester Hospital
NHC Northwest Hospital Center
NHO Norwegian Hospitality Association
NUH Nottingham University Hospitals
NPHT Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust
OUH Odense University Hospital
OHA Ohio Hospital Association
OHIC Ohio Hospital Insurance Company
OHH Oklahoma Heart Hospital
OCH Oktibbeha County Hospital
ONH Old Naval Hospital
OCHU Ontario Council of Hospital Unions
OHA Ontario Hospital Association
OHRS Ontario Hospital Reporting System
OSJ Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes, and Malta
OSH Oregon State Hospital
OHC Originating Hospital or Clinic
OPH Oromocto Public Hospital
ONH Osaka National Hospital
OCMH Osborne County Memorial Hospital
OVERHAUL Osteopathic Hospitals
OH Osteopathic Hospitals
ALCOHOL Osteopathic Hospitals
OHRI Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
OVH Ottawa Veterinary Hospital
OLLH Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
OOH Out of Hospital
OHCA Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
OBH Outer Banks Hospital
OHVF Out-of-Hospital Ventricular Fibrillation
OSH Outside Hospital
ORH Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals
OHBA Oxfords Hospitals’ Broadcasting Association
PHLB Pacific Hospital of Long Beach
POPH Palms of Pasadena Hospital
PYNEH Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
PMH Parkland Memorial Hospital
PCGH Parma Community General Hospital
PHP Partial Hospitalization Program
PCGH Pasay City General Hospital
PBIH Passaic Beth Israel Hospital
PHL Passenger Hospital Lift
PMCH Patna Medical College and Hospital
PACH Patterson Army Community Hospital
PAHF Peace Arch Hospital Foundation
PEPP Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals
PMH Peel Memorial Hospital
PROVIDE Peer Review Organization Voluntary Hospital Association Initiative to Decrease Events
PUMCH Peking Union Medical College Hospital
PH Pennsylvania Hospital
PWG Permanent Working Group of European Hospital Doctors
PTHS PersonalTouch Hospitality Solutions
PBBH Peter Bent Brigham Hospital
PH Pharmacie Hospitalière
PGH Philadelphia General Hospital
PGH Philippine General Hospital
PHA Philippine Hospital Association
PCH Phoenix Children’s Hospital
PHCO Physician Hospital Community Organization
PHO Physician-Hospital Organization
PATH Physicians At Teaching Hospitals
PMH Physicians Memorial Hospital
PCMH Pitt County Memorial Hospital
PGH Plantation General Hospital
PBAH Pleasant Bay Animal Hospital
PHVH Pleasant Hill Veterinary Hospital
POH Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital
PRDH Port Reitz District Hospital
PACH Post Acute Care Hospital
PVH Poudre Valley Hospital
PHNA Preeminent Hospitals of North America
PDMES Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
PDM Prehospital and Disaster Medicine
PCR Prehospital Care Report
PHMC Pre-Hospital Medical Care
PPCR Prehospital Patient Care Report
PTLS Prehospital Trauma Life Support
PHTLS Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support
PHD Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
PHK Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman
PHP Presbyterian Hospital of Plano
PIH Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital
PUH Presbyterian University Hospital
POWP Prince of Wales Private Hospital
PPDH Prince Philip Dental Hospital
PWH Prince William Hospital
PZH Prince Zaid Hospital
PMH Princess Margaret Hospital
PRUH Princess Royal University Hospital
PEACH Private Essential Access Community Hospitals
PHMC Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act
PHDB Private Hospitals Data Bureau
PMSI Programme de Médicalisation des Systèmes d’Information Hospitaliers
PHS Prolonged Hospital Stay
PEACH Promotions Entertainment and Corporate Hospitality
PRVH Prospect Road Veterinary Hospital
PH Providence Hospital
PHMC Providence Hospital and Medical Center
PSPH Providence St. Peter Hospital
PHPC Public Hospital Pharmacy Coalition
QGH Qikiqtani General Hospital
QRC QRC Advisor/ Managing Hospital Quality Risk & Cost
QHI Quality Hospitality International
QAH Queen Alexandra Hospital
QEH Queen Elizabeth Hospital
QEHB Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
QEH Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital
QMH Queen Mary Hospital
QMHS Queen Mary Hospital
QVH Queen of the Valley Hospital
QVH Queen Victoria Hospital
QHC Queens Hospital Center
QHC Queens Hospital Close
QCH Queensway Carleton Hospital
RCH Raleigh Community Hospital
RGH Rawalpindi General Hospital
RTH Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management
RXH Red Cross Hospital
RIHD Rehabilitation Institute and Hospital for the Disabled
RVH Renfrew Victoria Hospital
RHQDAPU Reporting Hospital Quality Data for Annual Payment Update
RICHE Réseau d’Information et de Communication Hospitalier Européen
RH Restaurant Hospitality
RHF Revue Hospitalière de France
RACH Reynolds Army Community Hospital
RIH Rhode Island Hospital
RRH Ridgecrest Regional Hospital
RHK Rigshospitalets Kollegium
RFAH River Falls Area Hospital
ROH River Oaks Hospital
RPH River Park Hospital
RPH Robert Packer Hospital
RWJUH Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
RAIHN Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network
RGH Rochester General Hospital
RMH Rochester Methodist Hospital
RMH Rockford Memorial Hospital
RGH Rockville General Hospital
RGAH Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital
RCHM Rosen College of Hospitality Management
RMH Ross Memorial Hospital
RACH Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital
RAH Royal Adelaide Hospital
RBHSC Royal Belfast Hospital For Sick Children
RBBH Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals
RBH Royal Brisbane Hospital
RBH Royal Brompton Hospital
RCH Royal Children’s Hospital
RCHI Royal Children’s Hospital International
RCHT Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust
RDLH Royal Dundee Liff Hospital
REH Royal Edinburgh Hospital
RFH Royal Free Hospital
RHH Royal Hobart Hospital
RHSC Royal Hospital for Sick Children
RHW Royal Hospital for Women
RHK Royal Hospital Kilmainham
RHS Royal Hospital School
RJH Royal Jubilee Hospital
RLUH Royal Liverpool University Hospital
RLHH Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital
ROH Royal Ottawa Hospital
RPH Royal Perth Hospital
RUH Royal University Hospital
RVH Royal Victoria Hospital
RVTH Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital
RWHT Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals Trust
RWH Royal Women’s Hospital
RGH Rural General Hospital
RHP Rural Hospital Program
RPCH Rural Primary Care Hospital
RMHH Ruth Meiers Hospitality House
RHI Rutherford Hospital Inc.
SHH Sacred Heart Hospital
SZH Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital
SCHI Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals, Inc.
SFH Saint Francis Hospital
SGH Saint George Hospital
SJH Saint James’s Hospital
SJRH Saint John Regional Hospital
SLRH Saint Louise Regional Hospital
SMH Saint Mary’s Hospital
SMHF Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation
SPH Saint Paul’s Hospital
STASH Saint Thomas Hospital
STH Saint Thomas Hospital
SVH Saint Vincent’s Hospital
SMDH Salem Memorial District Hospital
SMH Samuel Merritt Hospital
SACH San Antonio Community Hospital
SFGHMC San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center
SJCH San Juan City Hospital
SJDH San Juan de Dios Hospital
SLH San Lazaro Hospital
SDMH Sandringham District Memorial Hospital
SBCH Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
SDMH Santokba Durlabji Memorial Hospital
SBIH Santosa Bandung International Hospital
SAH Sault Area Hospital
SHIE Scandinavian Hospitality Incentive Event
SGH Scarborough Grace Hospital
SOH School of Hospitality
SHA School of Hospitality Administration
SHTCA School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts
STHM School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
SMH Scotland Memorial Hospital
SWMH Scott & White Memorial Hospital
SHIPS Scottish Hospital In-Patient Statistics
HMSA Seaman Apprentice, Hospital Corpsman Striker
HMSN Seaman, Hospital Corpsman Striker
SCHOLAR Seattle Children’s Hospital
SCHOOL Seattle Children’s Hospital
SCH Seattle Children’s Hospital
SCHRI Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute
SGH Seattle Grace Hospital
SFH Security Forces Hospital
SFHP Security Forces Hospital Program
STRH Sekou Toure Regional Hospital
HMCS Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman
SFH Senior Friendly Hospital
SHMO Senior Hospital Medical Officer
SHSS Sentinel Hospital Surveillance System
SNUBH Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
SNUH Seoul National University Hospital
SIGHT Service of International Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers
SPH Service Public Hospitalier
SPHN Seton Physician Hospital Network
SOGH Seven Oaks General Hospital
SDMH Seymour District Memorial Hospital
SACH Shamokin Area Community Hospital
SGH Sharp Grossmont Hospital
STASH Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
STH Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
SZH Sheikh Zayed Hospital
SDMH Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital
SKDH Sierra Kings District Hospital
SHCH Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE
SMCH Silchar Medical College and Hospital
SHHH Silent Hospitals Help Healing
SVH Simi Valley Hospital
SCHOLAR Singapore Changi Hospital
SCHOOL Singapore Changi Hospital
SCH Singapore Changi Hospital
SGH Singapore General Hospital
SRH Singing River Hospital
STRH Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital
SLH Siu Lam Hospital
SVH Skagit Valley Hospital
SAH Small Animal Hospital
SBHA Small Business Hospitality Association
SHIP Small Hospital Improvement Program
SRH Small Rural Hospital
SUH Soba University Hospital
SATH Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
SHEA Society for Hospital Epidemiology of America
SHM Society of Hospital Medicine
SBHD South Broward Hospital District
SCHA South Carolina Hospital Association
SFSH South Florida State Hospital
SHCH South Haven Community Hospital
SNCH South Nassau Communities Hospital
SOGH South Okanagan General Hospital
SPAH South Putnam Animal Hospital
SSH South Shore Hospital
SSPHO South Shore Physician Hospital Organization
SSRH South Shore Regional Hospital
SSCH South Sunflower County Hospital
STRH South Texas Rehabilitation Hospital
SGH Southampton General Hospital
SMH Southern Maryland Hospital
SOCH Southern Ocean County Hospital
SHRA Spokane Restaurant &. Hospitality Association
SPEECH Spruce Pine Community Hospital
SPCH Spruce Pine Community Hospital
SCHC St Christopher’s Hospital for Children
SEH St Elizabeths Hospital
SJH St Johns Hospital
SLCH St Louis Children’s Hospital
SLCH St Louis City Hospital
SLH St Luke’s Hospital
SMH St Michael’s Hospital
SPGH St Petersburg General Hospital
STPH St Tammany Parish Hospital
SAH St. Anthony Hospital
SCHOLAR St. Clair Hospital
SCHOOL St. Clair Hospital
SCH St. Clair Hospital
SJCH St. Joseph Community Hospital
SJCRH St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
SJCH St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
SLRHC St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital Center
SMH St. Marks Hospital
STPH St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital
SVCH St. Vincent Charity Hospital
SVHM St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
HOPE Standing Committee for Hospitals in Europe
SCHOLAR Standish Community Hospital
SCHOOL Standish Community Hospital
SCH Standish Community Hospital
SHC Stanford Hospital & Clinics
SUH Stanford University Hospital
SLH State and Local Hospitalization
SFH State Forensic Hospital
SLVH State Line Veterinary Hospital
SMH State Mental Hospital
SLH State/Local Hospitalization Program
SMCH Stewart Memorial Community Hospital
SMH Strong Memorial Hospital
SCAAHA Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital Association
SLRH Sugar Land Rehabilitation Hospital
SQUH Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
SHMC Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center
SLH Sutter Lakeside Hospital
SCHOLAR Swedish Covenant Hospital
SCHOOL Swedish Covenant Hospital
SCH Swedish Covenant Hospital
SGH Sweeny General Hospital
SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality
SHS Swisscom Hospitality Services
SRH Syndicat des Radiologues Hospitaliers
SIH Syndicat Interhospitalier
SNCH Syndicat National des Cadres Hospitaliers
SNPGH Syndicat National des Pharmaciens Gérants Hospitaliers
SNPHPU Syndicat National des Pharmaciens Praticiens Hospitaliers et Praticiens Hospitaliers Universitaires
SIH Systeme d’Information Hospitalier
TBDH Tailem Bend District Hospital
TMCH Taipei Medical College Hospital
THTC Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College
TNHCA Taiwan Nongovernmental Hospitals and Clinics Association
TGH Tampa General Hospital
TTSH Tan Tock Seng Hospital
TMH Tata Memorial Hospital
TSH Taunton State Hospital
THMG Teaching Hospital Mahamodara, Galle
TBH Teddy Bear Hospital
TUH Temple University Hospital
THE Tennessee Hospitality Education
TCH Texas Children’s Hospital
THA Texas Hospital Association
TORCH Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals
TRHTA Texas Rural Hospital Telecommunications Alliance
TSRH Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
TVHPP Thames Valley Hospital Planning Partnership
TBH The Brooklyn Hospital Center
TCH The Children’s Hospital
TCHAP The Children’s Hospital At Providence
TFH The Floating Hospital
THH The Hillingdon Hospital
TMH The Methodist Hospital
TMHRI The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
RHN The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability
TRCH Three Rivers Community Hospital
TBRH Thunder Bay Regional Hospital
TATH Tikur Anbessa Teaching Hospital
TDMH Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital
TSH Topeka State Hospital
TGH Toronto General Hospital
TWH Toronto Western Hospital
THIS Total Hospital Information System
THM Tourism and Hospitality Management
THETA Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority
TCAH Towanda Creek Animal Hospital
TSAH Towne South Animal Hospital
TTHH Traditional Turkish Hospitality Hotels
TTHS Training, Transient, Hospital and School
TTH Travel, Tourism Hospitality
TMH Trenton Memorial Hospital
TSAH Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital
TGH Tripler General Hospital
TMCHH Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill
TMCH Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital
UDH Unidad Docente Hospitalaria
UHDDS Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set
UHP Union Hospitaliere Privee
UMH Union Memorial Hospital
USHG Union Square Hospitality Group
UBH United Bristol Hospital
UDH United Doctors Hospital
UHHS United Health and Hospital Services
UHSH United Health Services Hospitals, Inc.
UHF United Hospital Fund
ULH United Lincolnshire Hospitals
USNH United States Naval Hospital
UCHC University City Hospitality Coalition
UCH University College Hospital
UCHG University College Hospital, Galway
UCLH University College London Hospitals
UEH University Eye Hospital
UH University Hospital
UHB University Hospital Birmingham
UHBT University Hospital Birmingham Trust
UHH University Hospital of Hartlepool
UHW University Hospital of Wales
UHHS University Hospitals Health Systems
UHC University Hospitals of Cleveland
UHL University Hospitals of Leicester
UAH University of Alberta Hospital
UBTH University of Benin Teaching Hospital
UCTH University of Calabar Teaching Hospital
UCH University of California Hospital
UIHC University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
UPTH University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital
USTH University of Santo Tomas Hospital
UTVTH University of Tennessee Veterinary Teaching Hospital
UVH University of Virginia Hospital
UWH University of Wisconsin Hospital
UWHC University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
UPH University Pediatric Hospital
UPHOLSTERY University Pediatric Hospital
UHCP Urban Hospital Care Plus
UTAH Utah Transplantation Affiliated Hospitals
VGH Valley General Hospital
VHFC Valley Hospital Fertility Center
VPH Valley Presbyterian Hospital
VRH Valley Regional Hospital
VVH Valley View Hospital
VGH Vancouver General Hospital
VUH Vanderbilt University Hospital
VJHS Vernon Jubilee Hospital
VJH Vernon Jubilee Hospital
VAH Veterans Administration Hospital
VANQWISH Veterans Affairs Non-Q-Wave Infarction Strategies in Hospital
VMH Veterans Memorial Hospital
VGH Veterinary General Hospital
VHMA Veterinary Hospital Managers Association
VSH Veterinary Specialty Hospital
VTH Veterinary Teaching Hospital
VGH Victoria General Hospital
VHF Victoria Hospitals Foundation
VJHS Victoria Jubilee Hospital
VJH Victoria Jubilee Hospital
VDUH Viet Duc University Hospital
VUH Vilnius University Hospital
VH Virtual Hospital
VNH Virtual Naval Hospital
VHA Voluntary Hospitals Association
WWBH Wagga Wagga Base Hospital
WIHN Wake Interfaith Hospitality Network
WWGH Walla Walla General Hospital
WPVH Walnut Plaza Veterinary Hospital
WRAH Walter Reed Army Hospital
WGH Warren General Hospital
WCH Wasatch County Hospital
WAMH Waseca Area Memorial Hospital
WCH Washington County Hospital
WCHC Washington County Hospital and Clinics
WHC Washington Hospital Center
WRHF Washington Radio Hospital Fund
WSHA Washington State Hospital Association
WRH Waterford Regional Hospital
WMH Waukesha Memorial Hospital
WMH Wayne Memorial Hospital
WHH Welsh Hedgehog Hospital
WLCH Wesley Long Community Hospital
WDGH West Dorset General Hospitals
WFPH West Feliciana Parish Hospital
WGH West General Hospital
WSH West Suffolk Hospital
WVHA West Virginia Hospital Association
WVUH West Virginia University Hospitals
WVHA West Volusia Hospital Authority
WWGH West Wales General Hospital
WGH Western General Hospital
WMHC Western Maryland Hospital Center
WPH Western Pennsylvania Hospital
WPHF Western Pennsylvania Hospital Foundation
WRHF Western Regional Hospital Foundation
WSH Western State Hospital
WCH Wetzel County Hospital
WRAH Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital
WCH Wheaton Community Hospital
WCUH Whipps Cross University Hospital
WCMH White County Memorial Hospital
WCH Wickenburg Community Hospital
WHB William Beaumont Hospital
WBH William Beaumont Hospital
WBRH William Bee Ririe Hospital
WHH William Harvey Hospital
WNH William Newton Hospital
WWBH William W. Backus Hospital
WEH Wills Eye Hospital
WIHN Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network
WHGS Windsor Hospitality Group
WHG Windsor Hospitality Group
WRH Windsor Regional Hospital
WACH Winn Army Community Hospital
WCMH Winneshiek County Memorial Hospital
WPMH Winter Park Memorial Hospital
WPVH Winter Park Veterinary Hospital
WGH Womack General Hospital
WFHI Women Friendly Hospital Initiative
WCH Women’s and Children’s Hospital
WCH Women’s College Hospital
WCHACC Women’s College Hospital Ambulatory Care Centre
WHA Women’s Hospitals Australia
WCH Womens and Childrens Hospital
WCHH Wong Chuk Hang Hospital
WTSH Wong Tai Sin Hospital
WCH Wood County Hospital
WCH Wooster Community Hospital
WRH Worcestershire Royal Hospital
WBPH Wrightsville Beach Pet Hospital
WHBA Wycombe Hospitals Broadcasting Association
WHA Wyoming Hospital Association
YCH Yan Chai Hospital
YCH Yangon Children’s Hospital
YGH Yangon General Hospital
YCH Yaounde Central Hospital
YDH Yeovil District Hospital
YHF Yukon Hospital Foundation
ZCH Zeeland Community Hospital
ZPH Zhenjiang Psychiatric Hospital
ZRH Ziguinchor Regional Hospital
ZACH Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals