Massachusetts Abbreviations

MA is the abbreviation for Massachusetts, the 15th largest state in the United States of America. Massachusetts is a state located in Northeast part of U.S.A, bordering Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts. Major cities include Boston (Population: 667148), Worcester (Population: 184826), Springfield (Population: 154352), Lowell (Population: 110710), Cambridge (Population: 110413), Brockton (Population: 95325), New Bedford (Population: 94969), Quincy (Population: 93629), Lynn (Population: 92468), Newton (Population: 88828), Fall River (Population: 88788), and Somerville (Population: 80329).

State Profile

  • Capital: Boston
  • Admitted to USA: 1788
  • Area: 27,336 km2
  • Population: 6,892,503
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 339, 351, 413, 508, 617, 774, 781, 857, 978
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation:  MA
  • State Government Website:

Massachusetts State Abbreviations

List of Massachusetts Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Massachusetts are MA which stands for Massachusetts. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Massachusetts, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

MA: Massachusetts

Abbreviation Meaning
ATAM Accordion Teachers Association of Massachusetts
AHEM Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc
ARAM American Rental Association of Massachusetts, Inc.
ADCMA American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Massachusetts
ACSIOM Applied Computing Systems Institute of Massachusetts
AIM Associated Industries of Massachusetts
ALCM Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts
BVY Beverly, Massachusetts
BCBSMA Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
BBF Burlington, Massachusetts
JHY Cambridge, Massachusetts
CALM Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
CMBA Central Massachusetts Bridge Association
CMEDA Central Massachusetts Economic Development Authority
CMED Central Massachusetts Emergency Dispatch
CMIPA Central Massachusetts Independent Physician Association, LLC
CMISP Central Massachusetts Internet Solution Provider
CMRCM Central Massachusetts Radio Control Modelers
CMRT Central Massachusetts Repertory Theater
CMASS Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society
CPMA Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts
CLCM Children’s Law Center Of Massachusetts, Inc
CGCM Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts
CMR Code of Massachusetts Regulations
CMIA Coin Machine Industry Association of Massachusetts
CSM Colonial Society of Massachusetts
COMECC Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign
CMHC Commonwealth of Massachusetts Historical Commission
CBMM Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts
CD-ROM Crazed Ducati-Riders of Massachusetts
EMRI Eastern Massachusetts – Rhode Island
EMBK Eastern Massachusetts Bill Koch
EMBA Eastern Massachusetts Bridge Association
MMV Eaton Vance Massachusetts Municipal Income Trust Fund
EICMA Encompass Insurance Company of Massachusetts
FCHP Fallon Community Health Plan (Worcester, Massachusetts.
FMH Falmouth, Massachusetts
ACTIVITY Federal Reserve Bank Of Boston Massachusetts
AUSTRIA Federal Reserve Bank Of Boston Massachusetts
ATTACK Federal Reserve Bank Of Boston Massachusetts
ANNUAL Federal Reserve Bank Of Boston Massachusetts
A Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Massachusetts
FMFM Federation of Massachusetts Farmers’ Markets
FCAM Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts
GDM Gardner, Massachusetts
HCSM Health Care of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc
HFCM Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts
HOME Homeowners Options for Massachusetts Elders
LWVMA League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
LDAM Learning Disabilities Association of Massachusetts
LIAM Life Insurance Association of Massachusetts
LM Lowell Massachusetts
MM Malden, Massachusetts
MXG Marlborough, Massachusetts
MAEST Massachusetts
MASS Massachusetts
MA Massachusetts
MAMS Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science
MAMAS Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science
MAS Massachusetts Academy of Science
MARE Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange
MAHA Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
MAED Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development
MACR Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans
MAPS Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
MAVIS Massachusetts Alliance of Visually Impaired Students
MACINTOSH Massachusetts Animal Coalition
MAC Massachusetts Animal Coalition
MASS Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society
MAA Massachusetts Aquaculture Association
MAAB Massachusetts Architectural Access Board
MAAPP Massachusetts Asian AIDS Prevention Project
MAMH Massachusetts Association for Mental Health
MAOI Massachusetts Association for Optical Industry
MAPT Massachusetts Association for Pupil Transportation
MARC Massachusetts Association for Retarded Children
MAAPS Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools
MABTS Massachusetts Association of Biology Teachers
MABB Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks
MABA Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents
MACCE Massachusetts Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives
MACC Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions
MACAA Massachusetts Association of Court Appointed Attorneys
MACA Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts
MACDL Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
MAE Massachusetts Association of Electrologists, Inc.
MAIAW Massachusetts Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
MAPD Massachusetts Association of Planning Directors, Inc.
MAPPA Massachusetts Association of Public Pension Attorneys
MAOR Massachusetts Association of Realtors
MAR Massachusetts Association of Realtors
MASC Massachusetts Association of School Committees
MASS Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
MAST Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers
MASC Massachusetts Association of Student Councils
MATSOL Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages
MAUR Massachusetts Association of Universal Restorationists
MAWL Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers
MAS Massachusetts Audubon Society
MABA Massachusetts Auto Body Association
MASC Massachusetts Avenue Surgery Center
MARC Massachusetts Avian Records Committee
MBA Massachusetts Bankers Association
MBA Massachusetts Bar Association
MBN Massachusetts Bar Number
MBC Massachusetts Bay Colony
MBIC Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company
MBL Massachusetts Bay Lines
MBSA Massachusetts Bay Sailing Association
TOYOTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
TUREAUD Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
T Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MBP Massachusetts Bays Program
MBBA Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association
MBA Massachusetts Beekeepers’ Association, Inc.
MBHP Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership
MBI Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives
MBC Massachusetts Biotechnology Council
MBLA Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association
MBWA Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys
MBPC Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center
MBAE Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education
MCBA Massachusetts Cage Bird Association
MCOF Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters
MCCTE Massachusetts Center for Career and Technical Education
MCER Massachusetts Central Railroad Corporation
MCA Massachusetts Certified Arborist
MCLP Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional
MCPPO Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official
MCTA Massachusetts Chemistry and Technology Alliance
MACA Massachusetts Chess Association
MCPAP Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project
MCBA Massachusetts Children’s Book Award
MCS Massachusetts Chiropractic Society
MCC Massachusetts Citizens for Children
MCFL Massachusetts Citizens for Life
MCLF Massachusetts Citizens for Life
MCAE Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education
MCHC Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities
MCH Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
MCA Massachusetts College of Art
MCLA Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
MCP Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
MCPA Massachusetts College Personnel Association
MCAD Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
MCB Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
MCSW Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women
CDFC Massachusetts Community Development Finance Corporation
MCAS Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System
MCA Massachusetts Computer Associates, Incorporated
MCP Massachusetts Contingency Plan
MCLE Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education
MCCA Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
MCFI Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.
MCA Massachusetts Conveyancers Association
MCRP Massachusetts Cooperative Research Program
MCI Massachusetts Correctional Institute
MCI Massachusetts Correctional Institution
MCLS Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services, Inc.
MSIC Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
MCC Massachusetts Cultural Council
MCF Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
MDS Massachusetts Dental Society
MDAR Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
MDTA Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance
MADI Massachusetts Destination Imagination
MDA Massachusetts Dietetic Association
MDLR Massachusetts Discrimination Law Reporter
MDFD Massachusetts Division of Food and Drugs
MDSC Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress
MEDA Massachusetts Eating Disorder Association, Inc.
MECN Massachusetts Education Computer Network
MEC Massachusetts Electric Company
MEMA Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
MEPA Massachusetts English Proficiency Assessment
MEHA Massachusetts Environmental Health Association
MET Massachusetts Environmental Trust
MECF Massachusetts Extended Care Federation
MEEI Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
MFFK Massachusetts Families for Kids
MFI Massachusetts Family Institute
MFT Massachusetts Federation of Teachers
MFB Massachusetts Film Bureau
MFS Massachusetts Financial Services Company
MFCA Massachusetts Fire Chiefs Association
MAFLA Massachusetts Foreign Language Association
MFA Massachusetts Forestry Association
MFCA Massachusetts Fraudulent Conveyance Act
MFOM Massachusetts Friends of Midwives
MGH Massachusetts General Hospital
MGL Massachusetts General Laws
MGLC Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter
MAHIMA Massachusetts Health Information Management Association
MHOA Massachusetts Health Officers Association
MHPF Massachusetts Health Policy Forum
MHHRA Massachusetts Healthcare Human Resources Association
MHD Massachusetts Highway Department
MHS Massachusetts Historical Society
MHS Massachusetts Horticultural Society
MHFA Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
MHFA Massachusetts Housing Finance Authority
MHIC Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation
MHPF Massachusetts Housing Partnership Fund
MHRA Massachusetts Housing Rental Association
MHS Massachusetts Humane Society
MHJ Massachusetts Hunter Jumper
MIRA Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition
MIADA Massachusetts Independent Auto Dealers Association
MIPAC Massachusetts Independent Political Action Committee for Working Families
MIRCS Massachusetts Instant Record Check System
MIP Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis
MISER Massachusetts Institute for Social and Economic Research
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MITGSP Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gilbert and Sullivan Players
MITLCS Massachusetts Institute of Technology Laboratory for Computer Science
MITSA Massachusetts Institute of Technology Soaring Association
MITHAS Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Heritage of the Arts of South Asia
MIFT Massachusetts Instream Flow Task Force
MICCA Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association
MIMC Massachusetts Interactive Media Council
MJQ Massachusetts JobQuest
MJPA Massachusetts Justice of the Peace Association
MJP Massachusetts Justice Project
MLRC Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission
MLRI Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
MLW Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
MLIN Massachusetts Library and Information Network
MLA Massachusetts Library Association
MLA Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association
MLA Massachusetts Lodging Association
MMAS Massachusetts Male Aging Study
MASSMEP Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership
MMPA Massachusetts Maple Producers Association
MMA Massachusetts Maritime Academy
MME Massachusetts Materials Exchange
MMCL Massachusetts Maximum Contaminant Level
MMS Massachusetts Medical Society
MMH Massachusetts Memorial Hospital
MMHC Massachusetts Mental Health Center
MMA Massachusetts Military Academy
MMR Massachusetts Military Reservation
MMA Massachusetts Mortgage Association
MMOTA Massachusetts Mothers of Twins Association
MMSF Massachusetts Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund
MMA Massachusetts Movers Association
MMA Massachusetts Municipal Association
MMPA Massachusetts Municipal Personnel Association
MNE Massachusetts Nanotechnology Exchange
MNHESP Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program
MNN Massachusetts Nonprofit Network
MNLA Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association
MNA Massachusetts Nurses Association
MOVA Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance
MOITI Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment
MODULATOR Massachusetts Office on Disability
MOD Massachusetts Office on Disability
MOC Massachusetts Oilheat Council
MOSES Massachusetts One Stop Employment System
MAOM Massachusetts Open Minds
MOS Massachusetts Orchid Society
MONE Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives
MOA Massachusetts Orthopaedic Association
MPCS Massachusetts Personal Computer Services, Inc.
MASSPORT Massachusetts Port Authority
MPA Massachusetts Port Authority
MPRS Massachusetts Professional Recovery System
MPA Massachusetts Psychological Association
MRB Massachusetts Rating Bureau
MRSE Massachusetts Rebuild Service and Export, Inc.
MART Massachusetts Regional Transit Authority
MRCR Massachusetts Regulations for the Control of Radiation
MRC Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
MRET Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust
MRPF Massachusetts Reserve Police Federation
MRIP Massachusetts Resource Identification Project
MRA Massachusetts Restaurant Association
MRPR Massachusetts Rules of Professional Responsibility
MASCA Massachusetts School Counselors Association Organization
MSLMA Massachusetts School Library Media Association
MSPP Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
MSPA Massachusetts School Psychologists Association
MSBDCN Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network
MSMR Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, Inc.
MSPA Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture
MSCO Massachusetts Society of Clinical Oncologists
MSOG Massachusetts Society of Genealogists
MSHP Massachusetts Society of Health-System Pharmacists
MSMD Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants
MSND Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors
MSRT Massachusetts Society of Radiologic Technologists
MSFA Massachusetts Specialty Foods Association
MSRA Massachusetts Squash Racquets Association
MSDP Massachusetts Standardized Documentation Project
MARTA Massachusetts State Association of Regional Transit Authorities
MSAD Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf, Inc.
MSADA Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association
MSCBA Massachusetts State College Building Authority
MSCL Massachusetts State Cricket League
MSG Massachusetts State Guard
MSP Massachusetts State Police
MSRHP Massachusetts State Register of Historic Places
MSBA Massachusetts Striped Bass Association
MSCA Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association
MTF Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation
MTA Massachusetts Teachers Association
MTRB Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement Board
MTRS Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System
MTDC Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation
MTLC Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council
MTTC Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center
MTC Massachusetts Telecommunications Council
MTBA Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association
MTA Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
MUCC Massachusetts Uniform Commercial Code
MUCP Massachusetts University-Community Partnerships
MVMA Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association
MVA Massachusetts Vocational Association
MVI Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
MWC Massachusetts Watershed Coalition
MWRU Massachusetts Welfare Rights Union
MYBS Massachusetts Youth Ballet
MYB Massachusetts Youth Ballet
MYRBS Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey
MAYSI Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument
MHSACM Mental Health and Substance Abuse Corporations of Massachusetts
MGM Militant Grammarians of Massachusetts
MHSM Military Historical Society of Massachusetts
MSBM Minority, Micro-Enterprise Small Businesses in Massachusetts
NGAMA National Guard Association of Massachusetts
NMUC New Massachusetts Universalist Convention
NOMA North Of Massachusetts Avenue
NMDL Northeast Massachusetts Digital Library
PMX Palmer, Massachusetts
PMC Pan-Massachusetts Challenge
PRMA People’s Republic of Massachusetts
PSF Pittsfield, Massachusetts
PPLM Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
PYM Plymouth, Massachusetts
PUMA Prostitutes Union of Massachusetts
MQI Quincy, Massachusetts
REAM Retired Educators Association of Massachusetts
STAM School Transportation Association of Massachusetts
SPAM Some Place Around Montana / Missouri / Massachusetts / Mississippi / Maine
NZW South Weymouth, Massachusetts
SMCCB Southeastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band
SMCWS Southeastern Massachusetts Community Wind Symphony
SEMCA Southeastern Massachusetts Coordinating Association, Inc.
SMEC Southeastern Massachusetts Educational Collaborative
SMFC Southeastern Massachusetts Festival Chorus
SMU Southeastern Massachusetts University
SAAM State Archery Association of Massachusetts
SPAM State Police Association of Massachusetts
TCCMA Tishman Construction Corporation of Massachusetts
UM University of Massachusetts
UMAA University of Massachusetts Alumni Association
UMA University of Massachusetts Amherst
UMAA University of Massachusetts Athletic Association
UMB University of Massachusetts Boston
UMD University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
UML University of Massachusetts Lowell
UMMS University of Massachusetts Medical School
WLM Waltham, Massachusetts
WMMA Waste Management of Massachusetts, Inc.
WMAR Western Massachusetts Amateur Radio
WMBA Western Massachusetts Bridge Association
WMCOPA Western Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
WMEC Western Massachusetts Electric Co.
WMEF Western Massachusetts Enterprise Fund, Inc.
WMLS Western Massachusetts Legal Services
WMLC Western Massachusetts Library Club
WMSJ Western Massachusetts Sports Journal
WMWP Western Massachusetts Writing Project
WRAM Wildlife Rehabilitators’ Association of Massachusetts
WBN Woburn, Massachusetts
YNS YMCA of the North Shore (Massachusetts)

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