Nebraska Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Nebraska state?

NE is the 2 letter abbreviation for Nebraska, the 37th largest state in the United States of America. Nebraska is a state located in West North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska. Major cities include Omaha (Population: 443896), Lincoln (Population: 277359), Bellevue (Population: 55521), Grand Island (Population: 51451), Kearney (Population: 33032), Fremont (Population: 26485), Hastings (Population: 24935), Norfolk (Population: 24377), North Platte (Population: 24205), Columbus (Population: 22808), Papillion (Population: 19521), and La Vista (Population: 16932).

Nebraska State Flag

Nebraska State Profile

  • Capital: Lincoln
  • Admitted to USA: 1867
  • Area: 200,330 km2
  • Population: 1,934,408
  • Time zone: GMT-6, GMT-7
  • Calling code: 308, 402
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  NE
  • State Government Website:


“Flat water” was the former name of the Oto Indians for the 37th state of the United States, which was admitted to the Federation in 1867. The name derives from the designation of the Platte River, a nearly 500 km long tributary of the Missouri, which runs across the state. Nebraska borders South Dakota to the north, Iowa and Missouri to the east, Kansas to the south, and Colorado and Wyoming to the west.

As an allusion to the wild Midwest, Nebraska is nowadays also referred to as a “Middle of Nowhere” or “Cornhusker State” state (nicknamed “Corn Peeler State”). These nicknames are no coincidence because they cover an area of 200,520 square kilometers spread only 1.9 million people – of which live about 410,000 in the largest city of Nebraska Omaha and 255,000 in the capital, Lincoln. Once a derelict and barren prairie state, Nebraska is now a leading agricultural state. Wherever you look, teeming Nebraska has earned its name from farms and the name of the state of maize, with the most important industries being cattle breeding and the meat industry, but also oil and natural gas production.
Omaha is now the 10th largest city in the United States with the most millionaires. So comes from B. the entrepreneur and major investor Warren Buffet from Omaha. His personal wealth was estimated by Forbes at $ 50 billion in 2011, making him the third richest person in the world.

While liberal ideas developed in Nebraska in the 1980s, the state is still considered conservative to this day. The “Nebraskans” in the country in particular love their endless expanses, the traditional rodeos at weekends and the barbecue on church Sundays, but surprisingly, a diverse range of culture has established itself in cities like Omaha and Lincoln. Omaha is regularly ranked among the top regions in the United States with the best quality of life.
Nebraska is also located in the so-called Tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring. The U.S. states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are all within Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley also includes the northeastern part of Texas, the north of Louisiana, the northwestern part of Mississippi, central and southern Illinois and the southwest of Indiana as well as smaller parts of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Cities and larger towns

With just under 410,000 inhabitants, Omaha in Douglas County is the most populous city in Nebraska. The name can be traced back to the Indian tribe of the Omaha. The city in the west was the state’s foreign trade center even then. Positioned directly on the Missouri and not far from the Platte River, the pioneers did their business here. With the flourishing of many places on the east and west coasts, the cities of the Midwest are quickly underestimated – but Omaha has a lot to offer in terms of culture. The district around the Old Market is particularly popular with younger and culture-loving clients. Sophisticated bars, cafes and clubs adorn the cityscape between the cobblestone streets of 10th and 13th Street and especially the Joslyn Art Museum attracts one or the other visitor to Omaha.


To honor former US President Abraham Lincoln, the capital in Lancaster County was named after him in 1856. Today, approximately 255,000 people live in Lincoln. The city, which is under constant construction, is the second largest in the state after Omaha. Lincoln is particularly known for the six-block Haymarket District. The district in the memory style invites you to night pub crawls or extensive restaurant visits. But the 122 m high state building also attracts the attention of many visitors. Lincoln is also Nebraska’s main university campus and home to the Nebraska-Cornhuskers – the hallowed local football team that makes the hearts of many Nebraskans beat faster during its annual games at Memorial Stadium.

‘Nice View’ is the French word for Bellevue – and, among other things, the name of the state’s third largest city in Sarpy Country. Once the capital, Nebraska, Bellevue is now known as the oldest in the state. The name can, as is so often the case, be one of the first Tracing settlers back then who already enjoyed the magnificent view of the Missouri River. 51,000 people live in the city just 8 miles from Omaha today – and the number tends to increase. Ideally located near the river, Bellevue is one of the few places in Nebraska, which is not threatened by continued flight from the country. In the past 20 years the population has increased by almost 11,000.

Grand Island
The fourth largest city in Nebraska – Grand Island – is the county seat of Hall County. The town in the center of Nebraska has a total of 48,500 inhabitants. Grand Island is best known for its meat industry and the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, which trains the entire state police force. Since 2010, Grand Island has also hosted the popular Nebraska State Fair, which means that Lincoln has managed to organize one of the most important events of the year.

Nebraska State Abbreviations

List of Nebraska Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Nebraska are NE which stands for Nebraska. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Nebraska, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

NE: Nebraska

Acronym Meaning
ACCON Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska
ACBN American Council of the Blind of Nebraska
ANUG Annual Nebraska Ultralight Gathering
BRAN Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska
BBWS Broken Bow, Nebraska
BBW Broken Bow, Nebraska
BUB Burwell, Nebraska
CTAN Call to Action, Nebraska
CNCA Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism
CNFF Central Nebraska Film Festival
CNPPID Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District
CWNP Central/Western Nebraska Partnership
OLU Columbus, Nebraska
DCAN Duck Callers Association of Nebraska
ENOA Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging
ENSA Eastern Nebraska Soccer Association
FBY Fairbury, Nebraska
FINN First National of Nebraska, Inc.
GAIN Gelbvieh Association in Nebraska
GEON Geographic Educators of Nebraska
GRN Gordon, Nebraska
GRI Grand Island, NE, USA – Central Nebraska Regional Airport
GNST Greater Nebraska Swim Team
HNTLA Hiskey-Nebraska Test of Learning Aptitude
HDE Holdrege, Nebraska
HBO Humboldt, Nebraska
IML Imperial, Nebraska
ICON Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska
ILI Investors Life Insurance Company of Nebraska
ISBN Islamic Speakers Bureau of Nebraska
KNCSB Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists
KNB Keep Nebraska Beautiful
LONM League of Nebraska Municipalities
LXN Lexington, Nebraska
LPNE Libertarian Party of Nebraska
LNNB Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery
MIQ Millard Airport, Omaha, Nebraska
MHN Mullen, Nebraska
MEAN Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska
MONA Museum of Nebraska Art
NEB Nebraska
NE Nebraska
NAPA Nebraska Academy of Physician Assistants
NADC Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
NADCEST Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission
NAAA Nebraska Adoption Agencies Association
NASS Nebraska Agricultural Statistics Service
NATA Nebraska Airedale Terrier Association
NAAD Nebraska Alumni Association of the Deaf
NAVE Nebraska Animal Verification Enhancement
NATA Nebraska Art Teachers Association
NAEYC Nebraska Association for the Education of Young Children
NACCT Nebraska Association of Community College Trustees
NACT Nebraska Association of Community Theatres
NACO Nebraska Association of County Officials
NAESP Nebraska Association of Elementary School Principals
NANA Nebraska Association of Nurse Anesthetists
NAPI Nebraska Association of Private Investigators
NAPE Nebraska Association of Public Employees
NATM Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics
NATS Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science
NAD Nebraska Association of the Deaf
NBA Nebraska Beekeepers Association
NBBG Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group
NBL Nebraska Bird Lady
NBEA Nebraska Black Employees Association
NBPA Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy
NBDC Nebraska Business Development Center
NCCA Nebraska Cable Communications Association
NCCF Nebraska Capital Construction fund
NCIS Nebraska Career Information System
NCA Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association
NCMN Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience
NCPA Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association
NCLU Nebraska Civil Liberties Union
NCRI Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative
NCCC Nebraska Coalition for Compassionate Care
NCME Nebraska Coalition for Music Education
NCTA Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
NCIA Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs
NCPA Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy
NCSW Nebraska Commission on the Status of Women
NCCA Nebraska Community College Association
NCCAC Nebraska Community College Athletic Conference
NECGA Nebraska Corn Growers Association
NCYF Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility
NCSA Nebraska Council of School Administrators
NCA Nebraska Counseling Association
NCMF Nebraska Country Music Foundation
NECRA Nebraska Court Reporters Association
NDAA Nebraska Dental Assistants Association
NDHA Nebraska Dental Hygienists’ Association
NEDED Nebraska Department of Economic Development
NEDEQ Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
NDNR Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
NDR Nebraska Department of Revenue
NDA Nebraska Dietetic Association
NDLA Nebraska Distance Learning Association
NDA Nebraska Dressage Association
NDIN Nebraska Drug Information Network
NEMA Nebraska Educational Media Association
NETA Nebraska Educational Technology Association
NETV Nebraska Educational Television
NERDS Nebraska Educators Really Doing Science
NEMA Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
NEAN Nebraska Energy Assistance Network
NETWORK Nebraska Ethnics Together Working on Reaching Kids, Inc.
NFAI Nebraska Fertilizer & Ag-Chemical Institute
NFOM Nebraska Friends of Midwives
NFM Nebraska Furniture Mart
NGF Nebraska Grain and Feed Association
NHHS Nebraska Health & Human Services
NHCA Nebraska Health Care Association
NHCF Nebraska Health Care Foundation
NHIP Nebraska Health Information Project
NHAP Nebraska Homeless Assistance Program
NHCA Nebraska Horse Clubs Association, Inc.
NHPCA Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Association
NHMA Nebraska Hotel Motel Association
NHDA Nebraska Housing Developers Association
NICB Nebraska Independent Community Bankers
NICCA Nebraska Independent Crop Consultant Association
NICC Nebraska Indian Community College
NICA Nebraska Industrial Competitiveness Alliance
NICN Nebraska Infection Control Network
NITC Nebraska Information Technology Commission
NILA Nebraska International Languages Association
NIFA Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
NIEC Nebraska Iowa Electrical Council
NJO Nebraska Jazz Orchestra
NKCR Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railnet
NELR Nebraska Law Review
NLC Nebraska Library Commission
NMMI Nebraska Mandates Management Initiative
NMHA Nebraska Manufactured Housing Association
NMEP Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership
NMA Nebraska Marksmanship Association
NMSI Nebraska Math and Science Initiative
NMC Nebraska Medical Center
NMC Nebraska Methodist College
NMPF Nebraska Microenterprise Partnership Fund
NMPP Nebraska Municipal Power Pool
NMEA Nebraska Music Educators Association
NNTM Nebraska National Trails Museum
NNVC Nebraska Nature and Visitor Center
NNA Nebraska Numismatic Association
NNA Nebraska Nurses Association
NOHVA Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association
NOHS Nebraska Office of Highway Safety
NOGCC Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
NE1 Nebraska One
NOA Nebraska Optometric Association
NOH Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital
NPPA Nebraska Pork Producers Association
NPHL Nebraska Public Health Laboratory
NPPD Nebraska Public Power District
NRLA Nebraska Recreational Liability Act
NRLS Nebraska Regional Library Systems
NREA Nebraska Rural Electric Association
NERHA Nebraska Rural Health Association
NSAA Nebraska School Activities Association
NSBA Nebraska School Boards Association
NSCA Nebraska School Counselor Academy
NSCA Nebraska School Counselor’s Association
NSNA Nebraska School Nurses Association
NSNA Nebraska School Nutrition Association
NSPA Nebraska School Psychologists Association
NSGA Nebraska Senior Golf Association
NSSA Nebraska Shooting Sports Association
NSRC Nebraska Society for Respiratory Care
NSHP Nebraska Society of Health System Pharmacists
NSIA Nebraska Society of Independent Accountants
NSA Nebraska Soybean Association
NSCTA Nebraska Speech Communication and Theatre Association
NSCA Nebraska Sprint Car Association
NSASSP Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals
NSBA Nebraska State Bandmasters Association
NSBA Nebraska State Bar Association
NSBA Nebraska State Buffalo Association
NSCA Nebraska State Chess Association
NSCS Nebraska State College System
NSDA Nebraska State Dairy Association
NSHS Nebraska State Historical Society
NSHA Nebraska State Homebuilders Association
NSRC Nebraska State Railway Commission
NSSA Nebraska State Snowmobile Association
NSSA Nebraska State Soccer Association
NSTA Nebraska State Taxidermists Association
NSA Nebraska Statewide Arboretum
NSLP Nebraska Student Loan Program
NSAS Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
NSCO Nebraska Symphony Chamber Orchestra
NTA Nebraska Telecommunications Association
NTIDP Nebraska Tourism Industry Development Plan
NTA Nebraska Trucking Association
NUMB Nebraska United Methodist Bike Ride for Hunger
NUMF Nebraska United Methodist Foundation
NUSF Nebraska Universal Service Fund
NUAA Nebraska University Alumni Association
NVMA Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association
NVCN Nebraska Video Conference Network
NVSC Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission
NWU Nebraska Wesleyan University
NWB Nebraska Wheat Board
NWS Nebraska Wind Symphony
NWSA Nebraska Woman Suffrage Association
ONL O’Neill, Nebraska
OGA Ogallala, Nebraska
OKS Oshkosh, Nebraska
SNY Sidney, Nebraska
SONE Special Olympics Nebraska
SBAN Straw Bale Association of Nebraska
TANN Technology Academy of Northeast Nebraska
UNE University of Nebraska
NU University of Nebraska
UN University of Nebraska
UNK University of Nebraska at Kearney
UNO University of Nebraska at Omaha
UNP University of Nebraska Press
UNSMS University of Nebraska State Museum
UNSM University of Nebraska State Museum
UNL University of Nebraska-Lincoln
VTN Valentine, Nebraska
WNRE Western Nebraska Real Estate
WNRA Western Nebraska Regional Airport

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