Colorado Abbreviations

CO is the abbreviation for Colorado, the 21th largest state in the United States of America. Colorado is a state located in West part of U.S.A, bordering Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming. Denver is the capital city of Colorado. Major cities include Denver (Population: 682556), Colorado Springs (Population: 456579), Aurora (Population: 359418), Fort Collins (Population: 161186), Lakewood (Population: 152608), Thornton (Population: 133462), Arvada (Population: 115379), Westminster (Population: 113141), Centennial (Population: 109752), Pueblo (Population: 109423), Boulder (Population: 107360), and Greeley (Population: 100894).

State Profile

  • Capital: Denver
  • Admitted to USA: 1876
  • Area: 269,601 km2
  • Population: 5,758,736
  • Time zone: GMT-7
  • Calling code: 303, 719, 720, 970
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation:  CO
  • State Government Website:

Colorado State Abbreviations

List of Colorado Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Colorado are CO which stands for Colorado. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Colorado, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

CO: Colorado

Abbreviation Meaning
AKO Akron, Colorado, USA – Colorado Plains Regional Airport
ACBCO American Council of the Blind of Colorado
ABCC Antique Bottle Collectors of Colorado
AIC Art Institute of Colorado
ATACO Art Therapy Association of Colorado
ACY Assets for Colorado Youth
AGNC Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado
AINC Audio Information Network of Colorado
BPECC Backflow Prevention Education Council of Colorado
BCNM Barro Colorado Nature Monument
BBIC Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado
BUG Boulder Colorado .NET User Group
BOCO Boulder, Colorado
BCO Boulder, Colorado
BIAC Brain Injury Association of Colorado
BMCNC British Motoring Club of Northern Colorado
BKF Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
CCOC CACI and the Community Colleges of Colorado
CCLS Central Colorado Library System
CCWC Central Colorado Wilderness Coalition
CCFC Chernobyl Children’s Fund of Colorado
CCCO Christian Coalition of Colorado
CHEC Christian Home Educators of Colorado
CCR Code of Colorado Regulations
COLLEGE Colorado
COLO Colorado
COL Colorado
CO Colorado
CA Colorado Academy
CAFP Colorado Academy of Family Physicians
CASA Colorado Actors and Screenwriters Assembly
CAPACITY Colorado Admissions Program
CAP Colorado Admissions Program
CAMI Colorado Advanced Materials Institute
CAPT Colorado Advanced Photonics Technology Center
CAEF Colorado Aerospace Education Foundation
CADA Colorado Agricultural Development Authority
CAES Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station
CANG Colorado Air National Guard
CAEE Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education
CAMI Colorado Alliance for Microenterprise Initiatives
CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CAATCP Colorado Alpine Advanced Trauma Care Project, Inc.
CASTA Colorado American String Teachers Association
CAGBA Colorado Angora Goat Breeders Association
CAVP Colorado Anti-Violence Program
CAA Colorado Aquaculture Association
COARNG Colorado Army National Guard
CACS Colorado Arts & Crafts Society
CAHB Colorado Aspen Home Builders, Inc.
CATC Colorado Assessment and Treatment Center
CALA Colorado Assisted Living Association
CABE Colorado Association for Bilingual Education
COAIMH Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health
CAMT Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology
CAMT Colorado Association for Music Therapy
CAPT Colorado Association for Play Therapy
CAFR Colorado Association for Recycling
CARC Colorado Association for Retarded Children
CAADSP Colorado Association of Alcohol and Drug Services Providers
CABMET Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians
CABI Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries
CACI Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry
CADO Colorado Association of DARE Officers
CADMO Colorado Association of Destination Marketing Organizations
CAES Colorado Association of Education Specialists
CAHB Colorado Association of Home Builders
CAMB Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers
COANP Colorado Association of Naturopathic Physicians
CAPE Colorado Association of Partners in Education
CAPT Colorado Association of Permit Technicians
CAPE Colorado Association of Polygraph Examiners
CAPI Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters
CAPPLA Colorado Association of Professional Paralegals and Legal Assistants
CARL Colorado Association of Research Libraries, Inc.
CARI Colorado Association of Robbery Investigators
CASB Colorado Association of School Boards
CASE Colorado Association of School Executives
CASPA Colorado Association of School Personnel Administrators
CASRO Colorado Association of School Resource Officers
CASSP Colorado Association of Secondary School Principals
CASCD Colorado Association of Soil Conservation Districts
CAD Colorado Association of the Deaf
CASTA Colorado Association of Transit Agencies
CAARA Colorado Auto Accident Reparations Act
CACTIS Colorado Automated Client Tracking Information System
CAPACITY Colorado Automated Payment
CAP Colorado Automated Payment
CARC Colorado Automobile Racing Club
CA Colorado Avalanche
CAIC Colorado Avalanche Information Center
CBA Colorado Bandmasters Association
CBA Colorado Bar Association
CBRA Colorado Barrel Racing Association
CBWG Colorado Bat Working Group
CBC Colorado Beef Council
CBA Colorado Beekeepers Association
CBDA Colorado Beer Distributors Association
CBHC Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
CBMS Colorado Benefits Management System
CBTA Colorado Biology Teachers Association
CBTA Colorado Biology Teachers’ Association
CBSA Colorado BioScience Association
CBCC Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce
CBMS Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
CBDE Colorado Board of Dental Examiners
CBVA Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs
CBA Colorado Bowhunters Association
CBR Colorado Boys Ranch
CBS Colorado Bridge Society
CBI Colorado Bureau of Investigation
CBEA Colorado Business Education Alliance
CBEC Colorado Business Education Coalition
CBN Colorado by the Numbers
CCSS Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society
CCRI Colorado Casino Resorts Inc.
CCHS Colorado Celtic Harp Society
CCAR Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research
CCCD Colorado Center for Community Development
CCRM Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine
CCCR Colorado Central Cancer Registry
CCCE Colorado Chamber of Commerce Executives
CCCAP Colorado Child Care Assistance Program
CCBA Colorado Children’s Book Award
CIVIL Colorado Christian Coalition
CCC Colorado Christian Coalition
CCU Colorado Christian University
CCFS Colorado Citizens for Science
CCJL Colorado Civil Justice League
CCRD Colorado Civil Rights Division
CIVIL Colorado Climate Center
CCC Colorado Climate Center
CCCC Colorado Clinical Coordinating Center
CCADV Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence
COCORE Colorado Coalition of Reason
CC Colorado College
CCCA Colorado College Campus Association
CCIA Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs
CCOA Colorado Commission on Aging
CCCR Colorado Commission on Civil Rights
CCHE Colorado Commission on Higher Education
CCCOES Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System
CCCS Colorado Community College System
CCCO Colorado Community Colleges Online
CCHN Colorado Community Health Network
CCIA Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority
CCRA Colorado Comprehensive Reading Academy
CCSR Colorado Computer Systems Research
CCOV Colorado Conference on Volunteerism
CCFLT Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers
C3-HIC Colorado Connecting Communities Health Information Collaborative
CCTEA Colorado Consortium for Teaching East Asia
CCCD Colorado Construction Career Days
CCPA Colorado Consumer Protection Act
CCAC Colorado Corn Administrative Committee
CCGA Colorado Corn Growers Association
CIVIL Colorado Correctional Center
CCC Colorado Correctional Center
CCI Colorado Correctional Industries
CCAP Colorado Corrections Alternative Program
CCLD Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities
CCCC Colorado Council of Camera Clubs
CCTM Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CCEE Colorado Council on Economic Education
CCFR Colorado Council on Family Relations
CCI Colorado Counties, Inc.
CCRA Colorado Court Reporters Association
CCUL Colorado Credit Union League
CCIC Colorado Crime Information Center
CCDC Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
CC Colorado Crush
CANADA Colorado Dental Association
CDA Colorado Dental Association
CDSM Colorado Denver South Mission
CDE Colorado Department of Education
CDH Colorado Department of Health
CDHS Colorado Department of Human Services
CDL Colorado Department of Labor
CDLE Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
CDLA Colorado Department of Local Affairs
CDSS Colorado Department of Social Services
CDSA Colorado Disc Sports Association
CDAC Colorado District Attorney’s Council
CDOW Colorado Division of Wildlife
CDF Colorado Drug Formulary
CEDIS Colorado Economic Demographic Information System
CEA Colorado Education Association
COE Colorado Education Online
CEBA Colorado Elk Breeders Association
CEMA Colorado Emergency Managers Association
CESA Colorado Employment Security Act
CEAF Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation
CEEBC Colorado Energy Efficiency Business Coalition
CEF Colorado Energy Forum
CERI Colorado Energy Research Institute
CESC Colorado Energy Science Center
CELA Colorado English Language Assessment
CEBA Colorado Environmental Business Alliance
CEC Colorado Environmental Coalition
CEFF Colorado Environmental Film Festival
CEHA Colorado Environmental Health Association
CEPEP Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program
CEBA Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance
CEH Colorado Evidentiary Hearing
CERT Colorado Evolution Response Team
CFHA Colorado Fair Housing Act
CFBI Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance
CFSB Colorado Federal Savings Bank
CFGC Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs
CFVI Colorado Film/Video Instructional Studios
CFFA Colorado Fire Fighters Academy
CO-FMA Colorado Fire Machanics Association
CFPI Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute
CFBA Colorado Food Bank Association
CFRC Colorado Foothills Retriever Club
CFI Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
CFCZ Colorado Friends of Cajun/Zydeco Music and Dance
CFDA Colorado Funeral Directors Association
COGAP Colorado Gap Analysis Project
CGC Colorado Gardener Certificate
CGIHA Colorado Gay Ice Hockey Association
CGRA Colorado Gay Rodeo Association
CGVA Colorado Gay Volleyball Association
CGS Colorado Geological Survey
CGS Colorado Gerontological Society
CGLA Colorado Girls Lacrosse Association
CGSA Colorado Girls Soccer Academy
CGCA Colorado Glazing Contractors Association
CGMC Colorado Goat Meat Club
CGAIT Colorado Government Association of Information Technology
CGGA Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association
CGCA Colorado Gun Collectors Association
CHIF Colorado Head Injury Foundation
CHA Colorado Health & Hospital Association
CHI Colorado Health Institute
CHN Colorado Health Networks
CHCF Colorado Heritage Communities Fund
CHPG Colorado Heritage Planning Grant
CHCF Colorado High Cost Fund
CHCH Colorado High Country Hikers
CHSAA Colorado High School Activities Association
CHECO Colorado Higher Education Computing Organization
CHIP Colorado Highway Patrol
CHS Colorado Historical Society
CHECKMATE Colorado History Museum
CHM Colorado History Museum
CHPA Colorado Horseshoe Pitchers Association
CHMS Colorado Housing and Mortgage Services
CHFA Colorado Housing Finance Authority
CHRA Colorado Human Resource Association
CIRC Colorado Immigration Rights Coalition
CICN Colorado Independent Consultants Network
CIEA Colorado Independent Energy Association
CIFF Colorado Independent Film Festival and Screenwriting Contest
CIPA Colorado Independent Publishers Association
CICP Colorado Indigent Care Program
CIPAC Colorado Influenza and Pneumococcal Alert Coalition
CIAC Colorado Information Analysis Center
CIN Colorado Information Network
CITS Colorado Information Technology Services
CIRB Colorado Institute for Research in Biotechnology
CIA Colorado Institute of Art
CIT Colorado Institute of Technology
CICJIS Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System
CICH Colorado Interagency Council on Homelessness
CITEL Colorado International Teachers’ Exchange League
CICA Colorado Internet Cooperative Association
CIG Colorado Interstate Gas
CJLA Colorado Junior Lacrosse Association
CKA Colorado Karate Association
CKC Colorado Kayak Club
CLEOA Colorado Law Enforcement Officers’ Association
CLETA Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy
CLA Colorado Leadership Academy
CLIP Colorado Legal Initiatives Project
CLEAP Colorado Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership
CLC Colorado Libraries Colaborate
CLUE Colorado Linux Users
CLEAR Colorado List of Emergency Assistance Recipients
CLRI Colorado Literacy Research Initiative
CLCA Colorado Lure Coursing Association
CMHA Colorado Manufactured Housing Association
CMG Colorado Master Gardener
CMER Colorado Medicaid Eligibility Response
CMDA Colorado Medical Device Association
CMHIFL Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan
CMCB Colorado Metropolitan Certification Board
CMTCS Colorado Mini Truck Championship Series
CMA Colorado Mining Association
CMRE Colorado Monthly Reporting Experiment
CMLA Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association
CMSA Colorado Motorcycle Safety Association
CMC Colorado Mountain Club
CMC Colorado Mountain College
CME Colorado Mountain Express
CHMC Colorado Mountain Housing Coalition
CMR Colorado Mounted Ranger
CML Colorado Municipal League
COMA Colorado Music Association
CMEA Colorado Music Education Association
CMS Colorado Mycological Society
COLM Colorado National Monument
CNAP Colorado Natural Areas Program
CNHP Colorado Natural Heritage Program
CNHP Colorado Nurse Health Program
CNA Colorado Nurses’ Association
COAP Colorado Organic Agroecology Program
COPA Colorado Organic Producers Association
COSS Colorado Organization of Slalom Skateboarding
COAP Colorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy Parenting and Prevention
COAPPP Colorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention
COBS Colorado Outward Bound School
CPRA Colorado Parks and Recreation Association
CPA Colorado Payphone Association
CPOC Colorado Peace Officers’ Coalition
CPIA Colorado Photonics Industry Association
CPMC Colorado Plains Medical Center
CPCP Colorado Plateau Coring Project
CPRS Colorado Plateau Research Station
CPWU Colorado Postal Workers Union
CPB Colorado Potato Beetle
CPBS Colorado Potato Beetle Spiroplasma
CPCF Colorado Prevention Center Foundation
COPILOT Colorado Prime
CP Colorado Prime
COPLS Colorado Professional Land Surveyors
CPRA Colorado Professional Researchers for Advancement
CPRA Colorado Professional Rodeo Association
CPH Colorado Psychiatric Hospital
CPHA Colorado Public Health Association
CPR Colorado Public Radio
CPSP Colorado Public Safety Partnership
CPUC Colorado Public Utilities Commission
CQC Colorado QRP Club
CRM Colorado Railroad Museum
CRF Colorado Reading First
CREO Colorado Real Estate Online, Inc
CRO Colorado Recorder Orchestra
CRSP Colorado Refugee Service Programs
CRCFL Colorado Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory
CRCNA Colorado Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous
CRID Colorado Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
CRCA Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association
CORF Colorado Renaissance Festival
CERC Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory
CRRC Colorado Renewable Resources Cooperative
CRFC Colorado Republican Federal Campaign
CRS Colorado Resort Services
CRS Colorado Revised Statutes
CRRR Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue
CRTL Colorado Right to Life
CRBCC Colorado River Basin Coordinating Council
CRC Colorado River Compact of 1922
CRCC Colorado River Computer Club
CRCT Colorado River Cutthroat Trout
CRDSS Colorado River Decision Support System
CRD Colorado River Delta
CRD Colorado River District
CRFP Colorado River Fishery Project
CRIT Colorado River Indian Tribes
CRMP Colorado River Management Plan
CRSP Colorado River Storage Project
CRWN Colorado River Watch Network
CRW Colorado River Water
CRSP Colorado Rock-Fall Simulation Program
CRM Colorado Rocky Mountain
CRMD Colorado Rocky Mountain Dancers
CRMR Colorado Rocky Mountain Rentals
CRMS Colorado Rocky Mountain School
CRDA Colorado Round Dance Association
CRCP Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure
CRDC Colorado Rural Development Council
CRLS Colorado Rural Legal Services, Inc.
CSMA Colorado Saddle Makers Association Inc.
CSUG Colorado SASI Users’ Group
CSDB Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind
CSFA Colorado School Foundations Association
COSM Colorado School of Mines
CSM Colorado School of Mines
CSPH Colorado School of Public Health
CSEF Colorado Science and Engineering Fair
COSCO Colorado Scientific Company
CSRA Colorado Scuba Retailers Association
CSRF Colorado Search and Rescue Fund
CSL Colorado Senior Lobby
CSVA Colorado Senior Volleyball Association
CSS Colorado Silica Sand
CSN Colorado Soccer Net
CSAPN Colorado Society of Advanced Practice Nurses
CSA Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists
CSSP Colorado Society of School Pyschologists
CSIA Colorado Software and Internet Association
CS-1 Colorado Southern Railway Company
CS Colorado Southern Railway Company
CS-5 Colorado Southern Railway Company
CSGC Colorado Space Grant Consortium
CSA Colorado Speakers Association
CSS Colorado Spider Survey
CSBA Colorado Spina Bifida Association
CSCA Colorado Spirit Coaches Association
CS-1 Colorado Springs
CS Colorado Springs
CS-5 Colorado Springs
CSAHA Colorado Springs Amateur Hockey Association
FCS Colorado Springs Butts AAF United States
CSC Colorado Springs Cablevision
CSCS Colorado Springs Christian Schools
CSCU Colorado Springs Credit Union
CSDN Colorado Springs Day Nursery
CSDA Colorado Springs Dressage Association
CSFD Colorado Springs Fire Department
CSHS Colorado Springs High School
CSOTC Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center
CSOF Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation
CSPD Colorado Springs Police Department
CSS Colorado Springs School
CSST Colorado Springs Swim Team
CSUN Colorado Springs Ultimate Network
AFF Colorado Springs USAF Academy United States
CSU Colorado Springs Utilities
COS Colorado Springs, CO, USA – Colorado Springs Municipal
CSAA Colorado State Approving Agency
CSAA Colorado State Archery Association
CSA Colorado State Archives
CSAP Colorado State Assessment Program
COSALC Colorado State Association of Letter Carriers
CSBA Colorado State Beekeepers Association
CSBS Colorado State Button Society
CSFCA Colorado State Fire Chiefs Association
CSFA Colorado State Firefighters Association
CSFS Colorado State Forest Service
CSFPA Colorado State Foster Parent Association
CSL Colorado State Library
CSP Colorado State Patrol
CSSA Colorado State Shooting Association
CSU Colorado State University
CSU-CHILL Colorado State University Chill National Radar Facility
CHILL Colorado State University Chill National Radar Facility
CSUF Colorado State University Foundation
CSUN Colorado State University Network for Learning
CSURF Colorado State University Research Foundation
CSUP Colorado State University-Pueblo
CSA Colorado Statutes Annotated
CSAP Colorado Student Assessment Program
CSOBA Colorado Student Obligation Bond Authority
CSPA Colorado Surplus Property Agency
CSDN Colorado Swing Dance Network
CSO Colorado Symphony Orchestra
CSTOL Colorado System Test Operational Language
CTRN Colorado Technical Recruiters Network
CTU Colorado Technical University
CTCP Colorado Technology Commercialization Partnership
CALL-TO-ACTION Colorado Telecommunications Association
CTA Colorado Telecommunications Association
CTC Colorado Telework Coalition
CTS Colorado Time Systems
CTO Colorado Tourism Office
CTS Colorado Tracking Station
CTF Colorado Trail Foundation
CALL-TO-ACTION Colorado Translators Association
CTA Colorado Translators Association
CTMC Colorado Transportation Management Center
CTC Colorado Tree Coalition
CTLA Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
CTTPA Colorado Truck and Tractor Pullers Association
CUIS Colorado United Irish Societies
CU-2 Colorado University
CU Colorado University
CUDD Colorado University Decision Diagram
CUUB Colorado University Upward Bound
CVH Colorado Vacation Home
CVTC Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc
CVT Colorado Valley Transit
CVA Colorado Velodrome Association
CVCA Colorado Venture Capital Association
CVA Colorado Veterans Affairs
CVTA Colorado Veterans Tuition Assistance
CVA Colorado Veterans’ Alliance
CVMA Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
CVAA Colorado Victim Assistance Academy
CVL Colorado Virtual Library
CWCA Colorado Wage Claim Act
CWQF Colorado Water Quality Forum
CWRRI Colorado Water Resources Research Institute
CWWCA Colorado Water Well Contractors Association
CWS Colorado Watercolor Society
CWMA Colorado Weed Management Association
CWICS Colorado Western Insurance Company
CWE Colorado Whitewater Expeditions
CWHF Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation
CWE Colorado Wind Ensemble
CWHEA Colorado Women in Higher Education Administration
CWBA Colorado Women’s Bar Association
CWAM Colorado Wyoming Association of Museums
CYCA Colorado Youth Corps Association
CYLA Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association
CYLN Colorado Youth Leadership Network
CYR Colorado Youth Rugby
CYS Colorado Youth Soccer
CWVRG Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group
CAHL Coloradoans Against Helmet Laws
CFVI Coloradoans for Voting Integrity
CWNA Colorado-Wyoming Numismatic Association
CFNC Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
CCSC Consumer Centered Services of Colorado
CSOC County Sheriffs of Colorado
CITAC Crisis Intervention Teams Association of Colorado
DDPCO Delta Dental Plan of Colorado
DECI Denver, Colorado
DRAIN Denver, Colorado
D Denver, Colorado
DAILY Denver, Colorado
DIOC Distinctive Inns Of Colorado
ECAO Eastern Colorado Area Office
ECIN Eastern Colorado Independent Networks
ELCC eLearning Consortium of Colorado
EMSAC Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado
EOC Energy Outreach Colorado
EFCO Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado
FACC Filipino-American Community of Colorado
FNC Freethinkers of Northern Colorado
GLFC Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado
GCCO Geocaching Colorado
GSC Glenwood Springs, Colorado
GSBC Graduate School of Banking at Colorado
GOCO Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund
GPCO Green Party of Colorado
HCAC Health Care for All Colorado
HKCS Healthy Kids Colorado Survey
HRWC Housing Resources of Western Colorado
HOC Humanists of Colorado
ICON Integrated Colorado Online Network
IBCC International Business Club of Colorado
INOC Interpreter Network of Colorado
JAC Japanese Association of Colorado
LAA Lamar, Colorado, USA – Lamar Municipal Airport
LSTB LASP Space Technology Building (University of Colorado; Boulder, CO)
LPCO Libertarian Party of Colorado
LCDO Lower Colorado Dams Office
LCRA Lower Colorado River Authority
MICROWAVE Marble Institute of Colorado
MIC Marble Institute of Colorado
MASC Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado
MTIC Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado
MERIC Medical Education and Research Institute of Colorado
NPCC NARAL Pro Choice Colorado
NKCR Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railnet
NCAP Northern Colorado AIDS Project
NCAP Northern Colorado Anesthesia Professionals LLP
NCBA Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association
NCCA Northern Colorado Coaches Alliance
NCCF Northern Colorado Community Foundation
NCEDC Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation
NCEDC Northern Colorado Economic Development Council
NCGR Northern Colorado Garden Railroaders
NCHA Northern Colorado Homeschool Association
NCIC Northern Colorado Internet Cooperative
NCPN Northern Colorado Plateau Network
NCTR Northern Colorado Trail Riders
NCWCD Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
NWCCOG Northwest Colorado Council of Governments
OCCPL Old Colorado City Public Library
PEPCO Philosophy Elder Program of Colorado
PASCAL Preservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries
PACE Professional Association of Colorado Educators
PBAC Professional Bail Agents of Colorado
PLACE Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators
PSCO Public Service Company of Colorado
RCN Radio Colorado Network
RBCNC Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado
SPECIALIST South Park, Colorado
SPC South Park, Colorado
SCHC Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center
SCEDD Southern Colorado Economic Development District
SCETC Southern Colorado Education Technology Consortium
SCPHC Southern Colorado Paint Horse Club
SCPR Southern Colorado Paranormal Researchers
STAC Specialized Transportation Association of Colorado
SBS Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA – Steamboat Springs Airport/Bob Adams Field
SASCO Sustainability Alliance of Southwest Colorado
ZTL Telluride, Colorado
TAC Tibetan Association of Colorado, Inc.
CU-2 University of Colorado
CU University of Colorado
UC University of Colorado
UCD University of Colorado at Denver
UCCBB University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank
UCEC University of Colorado Engineering Council
UCHSC University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
UCM University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
UCPD University of Colorado Police Department
UCB University of Colorado, Boulder
UNC University of Northern Colorado
USC University of Southern Colorado
UCRA Upper Colorado River Authority
UNCC Utility Notification Center of Colorado
VOC Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado
VICO Voter Initiative for Colorado
WALC Western Area Lower Colorado
WCAA Western Colorado Angus Association
WCAO Western Colorado Area Office
WCAC Western Colorado Astronomy Club
WCBG Western Colorado Botanical Gardens
WCBB Western Colorado Buyer Brokers
WCCC Western Colorado Community College
WCC Western Colorado Congress
WCGF Western Colorado Gardening Foundation
WCHRA Western Colorado Human Resource Association
WARSAW-PACT Winter Park, Colorado
WP Winter Park, Colorado

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