Kansas Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Kansas state?

KS is the 2 letter abbreviation for Kansas, the 35th largest state in the United States of America. Kansas is a state located in West North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Topeka is the capital city of Kansas. Major cities include Wichita (Population: 389976), Overland Park (Population: 186526), Kansas City (Population: 151317), Olathe (Population: 134316), Topeka (Population: 127276), Lawrence (Population: 93928), Shawnee (Population: 65057), Manhattan (Population: 56319), Lenexa (Population: 52501), Salina (Population: 47824), Hutchinson (Population: 41580), and Leavenworth (Population: 35991).

Kansas State Flag

Kansas State Profile

  • Capital: Topeka
  • Admitted to USA: 1861
  • Area: 213,100 km2
  • Population: 2,913,314
  • Time zone: GMT-6, GMT-7
  • Calling code: 316, 820, 785, 913
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  KS
  • State Government Website: http://portal.kansas.gov/


The state of Kansas is located in the geographic center of the United States and is one of the states of the Midwest. Kansas borders Nebraska in the north, Missouri in the east, Oklahoma in the south and Colorado in the west.
The state was named after the Kansas River that runs through in. This in turn is named after the tribe of the Kansa Indians, who lived in the area of ​​northeastern Kansas and eastern Nebraska.

The word “Kansa” means something like “people of the wind” or “people of the south wind”. Kansas also has several nicknames such as “The Sunflower State”, the official nickname, or “The Wheat State”. The official state motto of Kansas is “Ad astra per aspera” (Through the rough to the stars). The state of Kansas covers an area of ​​213,096 km², in this regard the fifteenth largest state in the United States. About 2.89 million people live in Kansas. The capital of the state is Topeka with approximately 127,000 inhabitants in the actual urban area and approximately 230,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. However, the largest city in Kansas is Wichita with approximately 382,000 inhabitants in the actual urban area and approximately 630,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. Kansas was admitted to the Union on January 29, 1861 as the 34th state. Already with the ban on slavery in the constitution (freestate). Over 30% of Kansas residents have German ancestors, which was the largest immigration group.

The state’s economy is dominated by agriculture, particularly the cultivation of wheat and corn, and cattle farming. Kansas is the United States’ wheat producer and the second largest beef producer. The largest natural gas field in the United States is also located in Kansas. The topography of Kansas is relatively flat. The western part of the state, a good two thirds, is in the Central Plains region and the eastern part, the remaining third, is hilly and lightly forested. Surprisingly, the state’s highest point, Mount Sunflower, is located in the far west of the state on the border with the state of Colorado.

Although Kansas is not really a tourist hotspot, you can experience a lot here. Many historic buildings and small towns give a wild west feeling. The state does not have the big, well-known attractions or highlights, but that is exactly what makes it so charming, it is important to discover the small or the big from unusual perspectives. For example, the huge sunflower fields of the state, or on a flight over the state, the many circular fields of agriculture. Kansas is also located in the so-called tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring. The US states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are entirely within Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley also includes the northeastern part of Texas, the north of Louisiana, the northwestern part of Mississippi, central and southern Illinois and the southwest of Indiana as well as smaller parts of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Cities and larger towns

The city of Topeka is located in the northeast of Kansas and is the fourth largest city in Kansas with approximately 127,000 inhabitants in the urban area proper, as well as the state capital. Around 230,000 people live in the city’s metropolitan area. The city was founded in 1854. The name of the city comes from the Kansa language and means something like “digging for good potatoes”. In 1954 Topeka was one of four places where segregation in schools was challenged. The city offers visitors some historical buildings, such as the State Capitol and Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site. During the month of March 2010, Topeka changed its name to Google.

The city of Wichita is located in central southern Kansas and is the state’s largest city with approximately 382,000 residents. The city is an economic center of the state and is home to large aerospace companies such as Boeing, Cessna, Learjet and Hawker Beechcraft. The name of the city comes from the Indian tribe of the Wichita who used to live here. Wichita has had the title of a city since 1870. In addition, Wichita State University, the largest university in Kansas and other universities shape the cityscape and cultural offerings within the city. Of particular interest is the Old Town district, where many historic buildings can be found.

The small town of Abilene is located in central Kansas and was founded in 1857 as a small stagecoach stop. The city was the first in the USA to have its own train station for loading cattle from Texas. Abilene’s fame, however, became known as the place where the future US President Dwight D. Eisenhower grew up.

Dodge City
The city of Dodge City is a very historic city. With a population of around 27,000, the city in southwest Kansas is not one of the largest cities, but still offers a lot to visitors. The city emerged from the former Fort Dodge and still stands for a real wild west town. It was the same in the 1880s and 90s. There was a wild west life with saloons, gambling, brothels and everything that goes with it. Even today, the sights of the city immerse the visitor in these past days.

The city of Emporia is located in the east of Kansas in the Flint Hills region and has approximately 25,000 inhabitants. The prairie town surprises its visitors with several historic buildings.

The city of Lawrence is located in northeast Kansas and has approximately 80,000 residents in the city and approximately 100,000 in the metropolitan area. However, the population fluctuates more or less because Lawrence is a university city with the University of Kansas. Accordingly, visitors will find cultural offers that are mostly aimed at students.

Kansas City
Kansas City is the third largest city in Kansas with approximately 145,000 inhabitants. However, this is only the part of the city that is Kansas, the other part is on the other side of the Missouri River and belongs to the state of Missouri. Although the part of the city in Kansas is much smaller, visitors will also find some attractions here, such as the Scottish Rite Temple or the Rosedale World War I Memorial Arch.

Overland Park
The city of Overland Park is the state’s second largest city at approximately 173,000. This is unusual in that Overland Park is a suburb of the city of Kansas City. This, so Kansas City, is largely in Missouri. In other words, the Missouri River divides the city of Kansas City into two states. Due to its size, Overland Park offers visitors some attractions such as the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens or the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

Kansas State Abbreviations

List of Kansas Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Kansas are KS which stands for Kansas. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Kansas, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

KS: Kansas

Acronym Meaning
AAPL Advocates for Arkansas Public Libraries
AAPLS Advocates for Arkansas Public Libraries
ARCUA Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas
AOK Animal Outreach of Kansas
AR Arkansas
ARK Arkansas
AAME Arkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineering
AAA Arkansas Activities Association
AALRC Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center
AAI Arkansas Aging Initiative
AABC Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control
AAMM Arkansas Alliance for Medical Marijuana
AAA Arkansas Aluminum Alloys, Inc
AAA Arkansas Alumni Association
AAA Arkansas Ambulance Association
ALM Arkansas and Louisiana Missouri Railway Company
AO Arkansas and Ozarks Railway
AAA Arkansas Apartment Association
AAS Arkansas Archaeological Survey
AAEA Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators
AAHP Arkansas Association of Health-System Pharmacists
AAHHA Arkansas Association of Home Health Agencies
AASA Arkansas Association of School Administrators
AASL Arkansas Association of School Librarians
AAD Arkansas Association of the Deaf, Inc.
AATA Arkansas Athletic Trainers’ Association
AALB Arkansas Auctioneers Licensing Board
ABCDE Arkansas Bankers Coalition for Disasters and Emergencies
ABIP Arkansas Beef Improvement Program
ALPHABET Arkansas Best Corporation
ABC Arkansas Best Corporation
ABHF Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival
ABEP Arkansas Board of Examiners in Psychology
ABGA Arkansas Boer Goat Association
ABPG Arkansas Business Publishing Group
ACTA Arkansas Cable Telecommunications Association
ACT Arkansas CAMA Technology, Inc
ACHI Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
ACCR Arkansas Central Cancer Registry
ACE Arkansas Cheer Elite
ACH Arkansas Children’s Hospital
ACNC Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center
ACCF Arkansas Christian Charitable Foundation
ACWHT Arkansas Civil War Heritage Trail
ACASA Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault
ACPA Arkansas College Personnel Association
ACDS Arkansas Commodity Distribution System
ACAC Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative
ACDEC Arkansas Community Drug Education Committee
ACTM Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ACUL Arkansas Credit Union League
ACIC Arkansas Crime Information Center
ACPA Arkansas Crop Protection Association
ACVIP Arkansas Crop Variety Improvement Program
ACTT Arkansas Cycle Touring and Training
ADC Arkansas Department of Corrections
ADED Arkansas Department of Economic Development
ADE Arkansas Department of Education
ADEM Arkansas Department of Emergency Management
ADEQ Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
ADH Arkansas Department of Health
ADHS Arkansas Department of Human Services
ADOL Arkansas Department of Labor
ADPT Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism
ADWS Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
AFDA Arkansas Development Finance Authority
ADFA Arkansas Development Finance Authority
ADR Arkansas Dirt Riders
ADGA Arkansas Disc Golf Association
AED Arkansas Economic Developers
AEDC Arkansas Economic Development Commission
AEA Arkansas Education Association
AEAP Arkansas Employee Assistance Program
AEEA Arkansas Environmental Education Association
AEP Arkansas Epilepsy Program, PA
AFCU Arkansas Federal Credit Union
AFTI Arkansas Federal Tax Institute
AFRA Arkansas First Response Association
AFMC Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
AFSP Arkansas Foundation Seed Program
AFDA Arkansas Funeral Directors Association
AGFC Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
AGA Arkansas Geographic Alliance
AGC Arkansas Geological Commission
AGS Arkansas Governor’s School
AGIA Arkansas Green Industry Association
AGWA Arkansas Ground Water Association
AHCA Arkansas Health Care Association
AHCC Arkansas Health Care Coalition
AHP Arkansas Highway Police
AHSI Arkansas History Summer Institute
AHLPA Arkansas Home Loan Protection Act
AHDA Arkansas Housing Development Agency
AIMM Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
AID Arkansas Insurance Department
AICCLP Arkansas Intrastate Carrier Common Line Pool
AJHF Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation
ALSPS Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
ALSPES Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
ALSP Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
ALC Arkansas Legislative Council
ARLA Arkansas Library Association
ALPS Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals
ALPC Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission
AMHA Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association
AMHC Arkansas Minority Health Commission
AMR Arkansas Missouri
AMBCS Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series
AMS Arkansas Mycological Society
ANRC Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
ANDA Arkansas Negro Democratic Association
ANO Arkansas Nuclear One
ANS Arkansas Numismatic Society
ARNA Arkansas Nurses Association
ANSA Arkansas Nursing Students’ Association
AOSH Arkansas Occupational Safety and Health
AOGC Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission
AOMA Arkansas Oil Marketers Association
AOG Arkansas Oklahoma Gas
AOMA Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association
AOSN Arkansas Out of School Network
AOPC Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club
ARPAST Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team
APRA Arkansas Paranormal Research Association
APASS Arkansas Part A Standard System
APC Arkansas Passport Center
APA Arkansas Pharmacists Association
APPA Arkansas Pork Producers Association
APPAS Arkansas Pork Producers Association
APEI Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.
APNA Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment
APBA Arkansas Professional Bail Association
ARPA Arkansas Psychological Association
APAC Arkansas Public Administration Consortium
APSC Arkansas Public Service Commission
ARSN Arkansas Razorback Sports Network
ARPA Arkansas Recreation and Parks Association
ARORA Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency
ARMF Arkansas Research Matching Fund
ARRIVE Arkansas Rides
ARRANGE Arkansas Rides
ARR Arkansas Rides
ARRIVAL Arkansas Rides
ARPA Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association
ARTL Arkansas Right to Life
ARNS Arkansas River Navigation Study
AROA Arkansas River Outfitters Association
ARV Arkansas River Valley
ARVAC Arkansas River Valley Area Council
ARWA Arkansas Rural Water Association
ASPA Arkansas Scholastic Press Association
ASMS Arkansas School for Math and Science
ASB Arkansas School for the Blind
ASD Arkansas School for the Deaf
ASPA Arkansas School Psychology Association
ASTA Arkansas Science and Technology Authority
ASTA Arkansas Science Teachers Association
ASCP Arkansas Secondary Conditions Project
ASAA Arkansas Security Alarm Association
ASIA Arkansas Self-Insurers Association
ASPSF Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund
ASRC Arkansas Society for Respiratory Care
ARKSTE Arkansas Society for Technology in Education
ASPA Arkansas Society of Public Accountants
ASAA Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association
ASWC Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission
ARS Arkansas Southern Railroad
ASCC Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission
ASEM Arkansas Sports & Events Marketing
ASBCA Arkansas State Board of Collection Agencies
ASBE Arkansas State Board of Education
ASBP Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy
ASDA Arkansas State Dental Association
ASP Arkansas State Parks
ASPA Arkansas State Police Association
ASTA Arkansas State Teachers Association
ASTC Arkansas State Teachers College
ASU Arkansas State University
ASLA Arkansas Student Loan Authority
ASNA Arkansas Student Nursing Association
ASO Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
ATRS Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
ATU Arkansas Tech University
ATTS Arkansas Technology Transfer Society
ATA Arkansas Telecommunications Association
ATRS Arkansas Therapeutic Recreation Society
ATPA Arkansas Timber Producers Association
ATCB Arkansas Tobacco Control Board
ATP Arkansas Truth Project
AVCF Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility
AVCFS Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility
AVTI Arkansas Valley Technical Institute
AVMA Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association
AVHS Arkansas Virtual High School
ARVS Arkansas Virtual School
AVCA Arkansas Volunteer Coordinators Association
AWAG Arkansas Watershed Advisory Group
AWMA Arkansas Wood Manufacturers Association
AWCC Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission
ALTO Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma
AOSA Arkansas/Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture
ABF Arkansas-Best Freight
AACS Association for Arkansas Cave Studies, Inc.
BBAA Bed & Breakfast Association of Arkansas
BAK Biking Across Kansas
BOA Black Oak Arkansas
BOA Blacksmiths Organization of Arkansas
BIAA Brain Injury Association of Arkansas
CAAS Central Arkansas Astronomical Society
CACC Central Arkansas Children’s Choir
CACC Central Arkansas Corvette Club
CACA Central Arkansas Cricket Association
CALS Central Arkansas Library System
CAPC Central Arkansas Para Center
CAPS Central Arkansas Paranormal Society
CAREN Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net
CARP Central Arkansas Recreational Pedalers
CARA Central Arkansas Referees Association
CASPR Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research
CASF Central Arkansas Sport Flyers
CAT Central Arkansas Transit
CATA Central Arkansas Transit Authority
CKGC Central Kansas Gun Club
CKPM Central Kansas Prison Ministry
CKU Central Kansas Uplift
CKVC Central Kansas Veterinary Center
CHECK Christian Home Educators Confederation of Kansas
CBAK Community Bankers Association of Kansas
CCCK Computer Consultants of Central Kansas
CAAH Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage
DPA Democratic Party of Arkansas
DRC Disability Rights Center of Kansas
DCKGS Douglas County Kansas Genealogical Society
ELLA Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas
EK East Kansas
EKAE East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC
EAAC Eastern Arkansas Area Council
FFK Far from Kansas
FRBKC Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
J Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Missouri
FPOA Fire Protection of Arkansas Inc.
FLAMEPROOF Flippin, Arkansas, USA – Marion County Regional Airport
FLP Flippin, Arkansas, USA – Marion County Regional Airport
FOKL Friends of Kansas Libraries
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Fund for Arkansas’ Future
FAF Fund for Arkansas’ Future
GLSOK Gay and Lesbian Services of Kansas
GKC Greater Kansas City
GKCAS Greater Kansas City Avicultural Society
GKCCC Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
GKCPA Greater Kansas City Psychological Association
GKCPA Greater Kansas City Public Achievement
HCF Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City
HAWK Helping Arkansas Wild Kritters
HRU Herington Regional Airport, Herington, Kansas, USA
HKCF Historic Kansas City Foundation
HUT Hutchinson, Kansas Municipal Airport
INA Information Network of Arkansas
JKI Jericho Kansas, Inc.
JAG Jobs for Arkansas Graduates
JCK Johnson County Kansas
JCKA Johnson County Kansas Archives
KS Kansas
KAN Kansas
KAAN Kansas Academic Advising Network
KAMS Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Sciences
KAPA Kansas Academy of Physician Assistants
KAAA Kansas Acoustic Arts Association
KAAD Kansas Act Against Discrimination
KAPA Kansas Administrative Procedures Act
KASPER Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository
KACIR Kansas Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations
KAPS Kansas Advocacy & Protective Services
KABC Kansas Advocates for Better Care
KASC Kansas African Studies Center
KARA Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association
KAAA Kansas Agricultural Aviation Association
KARA Kansas Agricultural Research Association
KAS Kansas Agricultural Statistics
KABC Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control
KAE Kansas Alliance for Education
KAWS Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams
KAWS Kansas Alliance of Weavers and Spinners
KATVA Kansas All-Terrain Vehicle Association
KARC Kansas Amateur Repeater Council
K-AND-O Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad
KARS Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program
KAAA Kansas Architectural Accessibility Act
KARC Kansas Area Resource Center
KAD Kansas Army Depot
KAQ Kansas Art Quilters
KACA Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association
KAC Kansas Arts Commission
KAEYC Kansas Association for the Education of Young Children
KAAE Kansas Association of Agricultural Educators
KABC Kansas Association of Baseball Coaches
KABT Kansas Association of Biology Teachers
KABA Kansas Association of Blind Athletes
KACRAO Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
KACAP Kansas Association of Community Action Programs
KAC Kansas Association of Counties
KACSO Kansas Association of Court Services Officers
KAESP Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals
KANA Kansas Association of Nurse Anesthetists
KAPE Kansas Association of Public Employees
KASP Kansas Association of School Psychologists
KASFAA Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
KATM Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics
KAD Kansas Association of the Deaf
KAY Kansas Association of Youth
KAAA Kansas Auctioneers Association Auxiliary
KARM Kansas Auto Racing Museum
KAE Kansas Award for Excellence
KBAA Kansas Bail Agent Association
KBNC Kansas Bank Note Company, Inc.
KBA Kansas Bar Association
KBAA Kansas Bass Anglers Association
KBC Kansas Bible Camp, Inc.
KBCC Kansas Black Chamber of Commerce
KBOE Kansas Board of Education
KBOR Kansas Board of Regents
KBVME Kansas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
KBIA Kansas Building Industry Association
KBSI Kansas Building Science Institute
KBI Kansas Bureau of Investigation
KBHF Kansas Business Hall of Fame
KCA Kansas Canoe Association
KCASC Kansas Center for Advanced Scientific Computing
KCARE Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment
KCCED Kansas Center for Community Economic Development
KCFB Kansas Center for the Book
KCA Kansas Chess Association
KCA Kansas Chiropractic Association
KC Kansas City
KCAT Kansas City Actors Theatre
KCAIUG Kansas City Arc/Info Users Group
KCADC Kansas City Area Development Council
KCALSI Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute
KCAO Kansas City Area Office
KCARS Kansas City Area Robotics Society
ZKC Kansas City ARTCC
KCALA Kansas City Association of Legal Administrators
KCAV Kansas City Audio-Visual
KCB Kansas City Ballet
KCBT Kansas City Baptist Temple
KCBT Kansas City Board of Trade
KCB Kansas City Board of Trade
KCCO Kansas City Chamber Orchestra
KC Kansas City Chiefs
KCCS Kansas City Christian School
KCCO Kansas City Commodity Office
KCCVA Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association
KCCA Kansas City Corvette Association
KCD Kansas City Division
KCFB Kansas City Federal Building
KCFC Kansas City Fencing Center
KCFD Kansas City Fire Department
KCFA Kansas City Flute Association
KCFDC Kansas City Flying Disc Club
KCG Kansas City Gamers
KCHF Kansas City Heart Foundation
KCIC Kansas City Industrial Council
KCI Kansas City International
KCLI Kansas City Life Insurance
KCPD Kansas City Missouri Police Department
KCML Kansas City Mobile Locksmith
KCMC Kansas City Model Cities
KCNA Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance
KCPD Kansas City Police Department
KCPOA Kansas City Police Officers’ Association
KCPP Kansas City Power Products
KCPT Kansas City Public Television
KCRCC Kansas City Regional Chess Council
KCR Kansas City Royals
KCSC Kansas City Service Center
KSU Kansas City Southern
KCS Kansas City Southern
KCSI Kansas City Southern Industries, Inc
KCSC Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation
KCS Kansas City Star
KCT Kansas City Terminal
KCT Kansas City Times
KCU Kansas City University
KCWO Kansas City Wide Open
KCW Kansas City Wiz
KCK Kansas City, Kansas
MKC Kansas City, MO, USA – Downtown
MCI Kansas City, MO, USA – Kansas City International Airport
KCLI Kansas Community Leadership Initiative
KCC Kansas Corporation Commission
KCSC Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center
KCA Kansas Counseling Association
KCUA Kansas Credit Union Association
KCIA Kansas Crop Improvement Association
KDA Kansas Dental Association
KDA Kansas Department of Administration
KDOC Kansas Department of Commerce
KDOC Kansas Department of Corrections
KSDOT Kansas Department of Transportation
KDEC Kansas Division for Early Childhood
KETA Kansas Electric Transmission Authority
KESA Kansas Electronic Security Alliance
KEMA Kansas Emergency Management Association
KELPA Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment
KEE Kansas Equipment Exchange
KEEN Kansas Executive Express Network
KEEN Kansas Exemplary Educators Network
KFMAM Kansas Family Medical Assistance Manual
KFB Kansas Farm Bureau
KFY Kansas Feed Yards
KFAC Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
KFMC Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
KFHA Kansas Fur Harvesters Association
KG-AND-E Kansas Gas & Electric
KGE Kansas Gas and Electric
KGS Kansas Geological Survey
KGEC Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission
KGFA Kansas Grain & Feed Association
KGGWA Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association
KGP Kansas Guardianship Program
KHSA Kansas Head Start Association
KHF Kansas Health Foundation
KHP Kansas Highway Patrol
KHQ Kansas Historical Quarterly
KHS Kansas Historical Society
KHA Kansas Hospital Association
KHERF Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation
KIOGA Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association
KITS Kansas Inservice Training System
KITE Kansas Institute for Technical Excellence
KJCPF Kansas Jaycees Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Inc.
KJCCC Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference
KJI Kansas Journalism Institute
KLPC Kansas LAN Party Coalition
KLC Kansas Leadership Center
KLPI Kansas Legal Professionals, Inc.
KLRD Kansas Legislative Research Department
KLA Kansas Library Association
KLNB Kansas Library Network Board
KLS Kansas Light Source
KLA Kansas Livestock Association
KMGA Kansas Meat Goat Association
KMS Kansas Medical Society
KMPP Kansas Methamphetamine Prevention Project
KMS Kansas Motor Speedway
KMAG Kansas Municipal Audit Guide
KMIT Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust
KMTA Kansas Music Teachers Association
KNCSB Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists
KNI Kansas Neurological Institute
KNAP Kansas Nurses Assistance Program
KOTA Kansas Occupational Therapy Association
KOLS Kansas On-Line Systems
KOA Kansas Optometric Association
KPSC Kansas Pharmacy Service Corporation
KPR Kansas Policy Review
KPRC Kansas Polymer Research Center
KPA Kansas Pork Association
KPL Kansas Power & Light
KPPA Kansas Prairie Pickers Association
KPPS Kansas Professional Photographers School
KPPA Kansas Prompt Payment Act
KPNA Kansas Psychiatric Nurses Association
KPPI Kansas Public Policy Institute
KPR Kansas Public Radio
KREN Kansas Research and Education Network
KRCA Kansas Resource Center on Autism
KRPC Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct
KSHA Kansas Saddle Horse Association
KSD Kansas School for the Deaf
KSA Kansas Sheriff’s Association
KSA Kansas Society of Anesthesiologists
KSRT Kansas Society of Radiologic Technologists
KSG Kansas Space Grant
KSAC Kansas State Agricultural College
KSA Kansas State Assessment
KSC Kansas State College
KSCC Kansas State Conservation Commission
KSF Kansas State Fair
KSHSAA Kansas State High School Activities Association
KSHAA Kansas State High school Athletics Association
KSL Kansas State Library
KSNA Kansas State Nurses Association
KSTC Kansas State Teachers College
KSU Kansas State University
KSTA Kansas Statewide Technical Architecture
KSA Kansas Statutes Annotated
KSTL Kansas Student Technology Leaders
KSHA Kansas Surgical Hospital Association
KTEC Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation
KTC Kansas Trails Council
KTQ Kansas Troubles Quilters
KTA Kansas Turnpike Authority
KUS Kansas Ultrarunners’ Society
KU-2 Kansas University
KU Kansas University
KUCC Kansas University Cancer Center
KUH Kansas University Hospital
KUNHM Kansas University Natural History Museum
KUPI Kansas University Physicians, Inc.
KURT Kansas University Real-Time Linux
KVMA Kansas Veterinary Medical Association
KVC Kansas Volunteer Commission
KWAA Kansas Water Appropriation Act of 1945
KWEA Kansas Water Environment Association
KWO Kansas Water Office
KWP Kansas Water Plan
KWUMC Kansas West United Methodist Church Conference
KWC Kansas Wheat Commission
KWS Kansas Wildflower Society
KWAA Kansas Women Attorneys Association
KWCA Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association
KWA Kansas Writers Association
KYD Kansas Young Democrats
KYR Kansas Young Republicans
KZC Kansas Zen Center
KOG Kansas, Oklahoma, & Gulf
KVK Kids Voting Kansas
LKM League of Kansas Municipalities
LDAA Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas
LESBIGAYS-OK Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Services of Kansas
LARB Little Arkansas River Basin
LISA Little Scholars of Arkansas
MNOA Medical News of Arkansas
MARCS Mid Arkansas Radio Control Society, Inc.
MNA Missouri & Northern Arkansas
MK-AND-T Missouri Kansas & Texas Railroad
MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
MOCCA Museum of Chicot County Arkansas
NKCR Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railnet
NMKSO Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra
EWK Newton, Kansas
NAARS North Arkansas Amateur Radio Society
NCK North Central Kansas
NKC North Kansas City
NKCFD North Kansas City Fire Department
NKCH North Kansas City Hospital
NKCSD North Kansas City School District
NEKM Northeast Kansas & Missouri
NWA Northwest Arkansas
NWAAA Northwest Arkansas Apartment Association
NWAA Northwest Arkansas Aquatics
NAHBA Northwest Arkansas Home Builders’ Association
NARTI Northwest Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute
XNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport
OWK Old West Kansas
OHK Oral Health Kansas
OPK Overland Park, Kansas
PPF Parsons, Kansas, USA – Tri-City Airport Independence, Parsons, Coffeyville
PAK Perinatal Association of Kansas
PIAA Private Investigator’s Association of Arkansas, Inc.
PIAA Professional Insurance Agents of Arkansas, Inc.
PPAGKC Professional Photographers of Greater Kansas City
PERK Psychological and Educational Research in Kansas
PAAK Public Accountants Association of Kansas
RADAR Radical Arkansas
RFK Radio Free Kansas
RSKS Realty School of Kansas
RSK Realty School of Kansas
ROCKO Respite Outreach Care for Kansas Organization, Inc.
SACC South Arkansas Community College
SCKEDD South Central Kansas Economic Development District
SEAD South East Arkansas Directories
SKOL South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad
SKIL Southeast Kansas Independent Living
SAU Southern Arkansas University
SKT Southern Kansas Telephone
SKTC Southern Kansas Telephone Company
SNKC Spay and Neuter Kansas City
SITA State Independent Telephone Association of Kansas
SLK State Library of Kansas
SILCK Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas
SRK Stay Red Kansas
TAKE Technology Assistance for Kansas Educators
TOLA Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas
TALON Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, And New Mexico
TAAG The Associated Arkansas Geocachers
TFK Thoughts from Kansas
UOFA University of Arkansas
UKRAINE University of Arkansas
UOA University of Arkansas
UAF University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
UALR University of Arkansas at Little Rock
UARM University of Arkansas at Monticello
UAPB University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
UAB University of Arkansas Bands
UACDC University of Arkansas Community Design Center
UAMS University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
UASIL University of Arkansas Stable Isotope Laboratory
UAFS University of Arkansas, Fort Smith
UAM University of Arkansas-Monticello
UCA University of Central Arkansas
UKS University of Kansas
UK University of Kansas
UMKC University of Missouri-Kansas City
KCD US Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District
WEAKED Water and Environmental Agency in Kansas
WEAK Water and Environmental Agency in Kansas
WCASHRM West Central Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management
WAWS Western Arkansas Wind Symphony
WKCF Western Kansas Community Foundation
WSKT Wichita Southeast Kansas Transit Inc.
WIBEA Workforce Investment Board of Eastern Arkansas
WNK Workforce Network of Kansas
YEK Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas

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