Residential Abbreviations

Residential has the following two meanings:

1. pertaining to the residence;
2. (Belgium) quarter, residential area, residential area, residential sector; place with a residential character, commuter municipality, municipality with outgoing shuttle, residential quarter.


List of Acronyms Related to Residential

ACORN A Classification Of Residential Neighborhoods
ARM Accredited Residential Manager
ARCH Adult Residential Care Home
ACRB American Classic Residential Brokerage
ARS American Residential Services, Inc.
APRS Andhra Pradesh Residential School
AIRD Appraisal Institute Residential Database
ARS Asil Residential Services, Inc.
ALRC Assisted Living and Residential Care
ASPAC Associated Student’s Presidential Advisory Council
ARLA Association of Residential Agents
ARCP Association of Residential Cleaning Professionals
ARLA Association of Residential Letting Agents
ACR Atlanta Comercial and Residential Engineering
BRICK Better Residential Independent Contractor Konsortium LLC
BAARC Brazos Area Association of Residential Care Homes
CCRM California Certified Residential Manager
CRER California Residential Earthquake Recovery
CRMLA California Residential Mortgage Lending Act
CRA Canadian Residential Appraiser
CRS Catering and Residential Services
CCPS Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies
CMRC Central Mississippi Residential Center
CRCC Centre for Residential Child Care
CRA Certified Residential Appraiser
CRB Certified Residential Broker
CRIS Certified Residential Investment Specialist
CRIR Certified Residential Investor Representative
CRMC Certified Residential Management Company
CRMA Certified Residential Medication Aide
CRMI Certified Residential Mold Inspector
CRMS Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist
CRRS Certified Residential Relocation Specialist
CRS Certified Residential Specialist
CRU Certified Residential Underwriter
CRSI Champaign Residential Services Inc.
CRAG Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide
CRN Children’s Residential Network
CARF Citizens Against Residential Freeway
CRRF Cloquet Residential Research Facility
CRSS Colchester Residential Services Society
CBRB Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
CORS Commercial Residential Services Company
CPD Commission on Presidential Debates
CORL Committee on Residential Lending
CARS Community Adult Residential Services
CRA Community Residential Alternative
CRCF Community Residential Care Facility
CBRF Community-Based Residential Facility
CORA Congress of Residential Architecture
CARB Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings
CPRS Cornell Presidential Research Scholar
CRLA Cornwall Residential Landlords’ Association
CRTC Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center
CPAM Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics
CRS Council of Residential Specialists
CRMR Council-Certified Residential Microbial Remediator
CRTC Court Residential Treatment Center
CRAN Custom Residential Architects’ Network
DRL Department of Residential Life
DARE Derbyshire Association of Residential Education
DRAM Disaggregated Residential Allocation Model
DPM Draft Presidential Memorandum
DFR Durst Fetner Residential
EFRC Efficiency of Power Generation for Residential Use with Coal
EFRG Efficiency of Power Generation for Residential Use with Gas
EARC Employment and Residential Centers
EARC Enhanced Adult Residential Care
ERC Equivalent Residential Connection
ERU Equivalent Residential Units
ERU Estimated Residential Unit
FRBU Fiber Residential and Business Unit
FREE Financing Residential Energy Efficiency
FCRM Forest City Residential Management
FRC Fraction of Residential Power supplied by Coal
FRG Fraction of Residential Power supplied by Gas
FRH Fraction of Residential Power Supplied by Hydro
FRN Fraction of Residential Power Supplied by Nuclear
FRO Fraction of Residential Power supplied by Oil
FRT Fraction of Residential Power Supplied by Traditional Sources
FRC Franklin Residential College
GPRA General Pool Residential Accommodation
GRL Guaranty Residential Lending, Inc
HRES Hayman Residential Engineering Services Inc.
HSPD Homeland Security Presidential Directive
HLRC Honors Leadership Residential College
HRL Housing and Residential Life
HARS Housing and Residential Services
IRA Individualized Residential Alternative
ICR Industrial Commercial Residential
IRW Industrial or Residential Waste
IERR Inland Empire Residential Resources
IRPM Institute of Residential Property Management
IRTP Intensive Residential Treatment Program
ICRE International Center for Residential Education
IPCA International Presidential Consulting Agency
IRC International Residential Code
IRMBS Islamic Residential Mortgage Backed Sukuk
IRMBS Islamic Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
JRA Jacksonville Residential Areas
JARC Jewish Association for Residential Care
JRFC Juvenile Residential Facility Census
LPIF Liberty Presidential Investment Funds
LDMR Low Density Multiple Residential
LDRD Low Density Residential District
MRA Master Residential Appraiser
MIRM Member, Institute of Residential Marketing
MORSS Minimum Operating Residential Security Standards
MUR Mixed Use Residential
MHR Mobile Home Residential
MISTRESS Monash Residential Services
MRS Monash Residential Services
MFR Multi Family Residential
MURB Multi Unit Residential Building
MF Multi-Family Residential
MRCS Multi-Residential & Commercial Services
MRAB Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings
NAPAHE National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education
NAPRD National Association of Professional Residential Designers
NRID National Residential Intellectual Disability Providers, Inc.
NRRS National Residential Radon Survey
NRRW National Residential Ringing Week
NRSC National Residential Sales Center
NSPD National Security Presidential Directive
NTRCA New Territory Residential Community Association
NRI Non Residential Indian
NREC Non-Residential Energy Code
ORGL Office for Residential & Greek Life
ORL Office of Residential Life
OPAJ Office of the Presidential Adviser for Job Creation
OPRA Ohio Private Residential Association
OPIN Online Presidential Initiatives Network
ORCA Ontario Residential Care Association
OSRD Open Space Residential Design
OSRD Open Space Residential Development
OBRA Outward Bound Residential Alternatives
PIRC Parkside International Residential College
PROA Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association
PRCC Permian Residential Care Center
PMR Planned Mixed Residential
PRD Planned Residential Development
PURD Planned Unit Residential Development
PALA Presidential Active Lifestyle Award
PAG Presidential Airlift Group
PAS Presidential Airlift Squadron
PNVC Presidential and National Voice Conferencing
PACC Presidential Anti-Crime Commission
PAGC Presidential Anti-Graft Commission
PASG Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group
PAS Presidential Appointee in a Position Requiring Senate Confirmation
PAS Presidential Arts Scholarship
PACD Presidential Assistant on Community Development
PAOE Presidential Award of Excellence
PCC Presidential Campaign Committee
PCEG Presidential Campus Enrichment Grant
PC Presidential Classroom
PCAP Presidential Climate Action Project
PCPO Presidential Close-In Photographers Office
PCGG Presidential Commission on Good Government
PCIRR Presidential Commission on Industrial Relations Reform
PSCO Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation
PCSMB Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Business
PCSW Presidential Commission on the Status of Women
PCVF Presidential Commission on Values Formation
PRECHUR Presidential Committee for Housing and Urban Resettlement
PCEG Presidential Committee on Effective Governance
PCD Presidential Communication Directorate
PCYA Presidential Council for Youth Affairs
PD Presidential Decision
PDD Presidential Decision Directive
PDDF Presidential Decision Directive File
PDMES Presidential Decision Memorandum
PDM Presidential Decision Memorandum
PD Presidential Declaration
PD Presidential Determination
PD Presidential directive
PDD Presidential Disaster Declaration
PERA Presidential Election Reform Act
PET Presidential Electoral Tribunal
PEAD Presidential Emergency Action Document
PEB Presidential Emergency Board
PEF Presidential Emergency Facility
PEOC Presidential Emergency Operations Center
PEC Presidential Exploratory Committee
PFA Presidential Families of America
PIC Presidential Inaugural Committee
PIASCY Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth
PLS Presidential Logistics Squadron
PMF Presidential Management Fellow
PMI Presidential Management Intern
PMS Presidential Management Staff
PMTI Presidential Management Training Initiative
PMA Presidential Mandate
PMC Presidential Memorial Certificate
PO Presidential Office
PPVC Presidential Payment Verification Committee
PPFA Presidential Physical Fitness Award
PPT Presidential Prayer Team
PPD Presidential Protective Detail
PPD Presidential Protective Division
PRA Presidential Records Act of 1978
PRC Presidential Reserve Call-Up
PRD Presidential Review Directive
PRM Presidential Review Memorandum
PSC Presidential Search Committee
PSG Presidential Security Group
PSS Presidential Security Service
PSRC Presidential Selective Reserve Call-Up
PSVCBAD Presidential Service Badge
PSQ Presidential Studies Quarterly
PSA Presidential Support Aircraft
PTFE Presidential Task Force for Education
PTI Presidential Technology Initiative
PTT Presidential Technology Team
PTT Presidential Transition Team
PUC Presidential Unit Citation
PUE Presidential Unit Emblem
PRP Primary Residential Parent
PIR Private Inspector-Residential
PRFI Private Residential Fixed Investment
PUM Projected Residential Space
PARCA Provincial Association of Residential and Community Agencies
PRTF Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
RPTF Republican Presidential Task Force
R2 Residential
RAA Residential Accredited Appraiser
RAO Residential Actions Office
RALF Residential AIDS Licensed Facility
RARP Residential Appliance Recycling Program
RASC Residential Asset Securities Corporation
RAST Residential Asset Securitization Trust
RBMS Residential Backed Mortgage Security
RBB Residential Broadband
RBMW Residential Building Maintenance Worker
RBO Residential Building Official
RCA Residential Care Aide
RCAC Residential Care Apartment Complex
RCC Residential Care Center
RCCA Residential Care Center for Adults
RCFCI Residential Care Facilities for the Chronically Ill
RCFE Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly
RCF Residential Care Facility
RCH Residential Care Home
RCHE Residential Care Home for the Elderly
RCS Residential Care Services
RCC Residential Central City Zone
RCCO Residential Child Care Officer
RCII Residential Commercial Institutional and Industrial
RCN Residential Communications Network
RCI Residential Communities Initiative
RCT Residential Component Technology
RCC Residential Computer Consultant
RCC Residential Computer Coordinator
RCC Residential Computing Connection
RC Residential Conservation
RCDP Residential Construction Demonstration Project
RCFT Residential Construction Framing Technician
RCM Residential Construction Management
RCTP Residential Crisis Treatment Program
RCPP Residential Critical Peak Pricing
RCE Residential Customer Equivalent
RDI Residential Density Incentives
RDC Residential Design and Construction
RETIRED Residential Development
RD Residential Development
RDLP Residential Development Loan Program
RDCC Residential Direct Contact Criteria
RDB Residential Distribution Box
RDAP Residential Drug Abuse Program
RESTORE Residential Emergency Services to Offer Repairs to the Elderly (New York State program)
RESCU Residential Emergency Signal Color Units
REACH Residential Energy Assistance Challenge
RECO Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance
RECOS Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance
RECS Residential Energy Consumption Survey
REED Residential Energy Efficiency Database
REU Residential Equivalent Unit
RFP Residential Faculty Policies
RFC Residential Finance Corporation
RFWA Residential Fixed Wireless Access
RFC Residential Funding Corporation
RFOC Residential Funding of Canada
RFDS Residential Furniture Delivery Service, Inc.
RGW Residential Gateway
RG Residential Gateway
RGA Residential Gateway Architecture
RGC Residential General Contractor
RGB Residential Green Building
RGC Residential Group Care
RGMS Residential Growth Management System
RHA Residential Habilitation Aide
RHG Residential Home Gateway
RHA Residential Housing Association
RHU Residential Housing Unit
RISP Residential Information Systems Project
RIRB Residential Institutions Redress Board
RISH Residential Integrated Services Hub
RIG Residential Investment Group
RIP Residential Investment Property
RIPL Residential Investment Property Loan
RLU Residential Land Use
RLA Residential Landlords Association
RLA Residential Leadership Association
RLC Residential Learning Communities
RLSS Residential Limited Service Scheme
RLA Residential Living Area
RLS Residential Living Supervisor
RMP Residential Management Professional
RMH Residential Manufactured Home
RMM Residential Market Management
RMCA Residential Masonry Contractors Association
RMP Residential Mixed Paper
RMH Residential Mobile Home
RMCR Residential Mortgage Credit Report
RMLS Residential Mortgage Licensing System
RML Residential Mortgage Loan
RMSTS Residential Mortgage Services of Texas
RMST Residential Mortgage Services of Texas
RMBS Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
RNC Residential New Construction
RN Residential Nurse
ROSES Residential Option for Science and Engineering Students
ROIAL Residential Option in Arts and Letters
RPP Residential Parking Program
RPZ Residential Parking Zone
RPP Residential Permit Parking
RPPD Residential Permit Parking District
RPUD Residential Planned Unit Development
RPMC Residential Property Maintenance Code
RPM Residential Property Management
RPM Residential Property Manager
RPTS Residential Property Tribunal Service
RPA Residential Purchase Agreement
RRE Residential Real Estate
RREC Residential Real Estate Committee
RRTP Residential Real Time Pricing
RRI Residential Recycling Initiative
RRAP Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
RRTP Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program
RRRA Residential Rent Regulation Act
RR Residential Rough
RSDM Residential Sector Demand Module
RSC Residential Service Contract
RSG Residential Service Gateway
RSN Residential Service Network
RSB Residential Show Business
RSF Residential Single Family
RSW Residential Solid Waste
RSIP Residential Sound Insulation Program
RSMS Residential Sound Mitigation Services
RSF Residential Standards Forum
RSP Residential Steel Partnership
RSVP Residential Street Vitality Program
RSS Residential Subscriber System
RDA Residential Subscriber System Data Adaptor
RSAT Residential Substance Abuse Treatment
RSDE Residential Substantial Damage Estimator
RSS Residential Support Services Inc.
RSID Residential System Identification
RTBA Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
RTDA Residential Training for Disabled Adults
RTDAS Residential Training for Disabled Adults
RTECS Residential Transportation Energy Consumption Survey
RTC Residential Treatment Center
RTF Residential Treatment Facility
RTFA Residential Treatment Facility for Adults
RTP Residential Treatment Program
RTSB Residential Treatment Services Bureau
RTU Residential Treatment Unit
RU Residential Unit
RVA Residential Ventilation Association
RWC Residential Wood Combustion
RWC Residential Wood Construction
RYC Residential Youth Counselor
RZT Residential Zero-Turn
RCI Residential, Commercial, Industrial
RSCI Residential, Small Commercial and Industrial
RCES Residential/Commercial Energy Services
RDPM Revised Draft Presidential Memorandum
RRPL Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
RR3 Rural Residential 3
RRFF Rural Residential Farm Forest
RRSP Rural Residential South Pittsford
SCORE Self-Contained Off-World Residential Environment
SRA Senior Residential Appraisal
SFDR Single-Family Detached Residential
STARFIRE Single-Family Residential
SF Single-Family Residential
SIPRG SIP Residential Gateway
SMART Southern Maine Alternative to Residential Treatment
SIRR Special Initiative for Residential-Led Regeneration
SBRS Sri Bhuvanendra Residential School
SRTT Standard Residential Tenancy Terms
SCRL Stanford Campus Residential Leaseholders
SARF Student Affairs Residential Fellow
SRGS Summer Residential Governor’s Schools
SRFA Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992
SRS Supported Residential Services
SRQ Sustainable Residential Quality
TTSLR Terwillegar Towne Small Lot Residential
TRAC Texas Residential and Commercial
TRCCF Therapeutic Residential Child Care Facility
ERD Total Residential Energy Demand
TRLC Townsend Residential Life Center
TRPM Township Residential Property Market
TCR Trammell Crow Residential
URD Underground Residential Distribution
URDC Urban Residential Development Corporation
VPU Vice Presidential Unit
WEARC Waiver for the Elderly in Adult Residential Care
WCPD Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
WCRI West Campus Residential Initiative
WKRS West Kirby Residential School
WRCC Women’s Residential and Counseling Center
WWPL Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library
YWRAP Young Women’s Residential Achievement Program
YPIRAC Younger People in Residential Aged Care
ZRG Zhone Residential Gateway