Theater Abbreviations


What is theater?

Theater is a term of Greek origin that simultaneously designates the set of dramatic pieces for public presentation and the building where these pieces are presented.

It is an art form in which one or several actors present a particular story that arouses different feelings in the audience.

The art of writing plays is called dramaturgy, with the playwright being the person responsible for composing the texts.

There are many genres of theater, among which stand out: auto, comedy, drama, puppet, opera, musical, revue, tragedy, tragicomedy.

Theater origin

The origin of theater goes back to primitive man and all its forms of rituals (associated with hunting, harvesting, death, etc.), dances, imitations of animals, worship of the gods and playful practices.

It is believed that the idea of theater as we know it today emerged in Ancient Greece, in the 4th century BC The Greek term “ theatron ” means “place to see”. Religious ceremonies were held in the theater in honor of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. In the celebration of the grape harvest (vintage) there was music, dance and performances of the dithyramb.

The dithyramb was a hymn sung and performed by a costumed choir. The theater became not only the physical place where the public went to see the ceremonies but also the representations themselves, which gradually acquired the theatrical form with the introduction of stories about the great Greek heroes.

In Brazil, theater emerged in the 16th century through theatrical compositions written by Jesuit priests in actions to spread the religious faith among the Indians.

It was not until the 19th century, with the arrival of the Portuguese court in Brazil, that the art of acting began to develop more intensively.

Theater Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Theater

ATT Advanced Theater Transport
ATTACHED Advanced Theater Transport
AGT Adventure Game Theater
ATO Afghanistan Theater of Operations
AMET Africa-Middle East Theater
ACT African-American Collective Theater
ADTMD Air Defense/Theater Missile Defense
AFTH Air Force Theater Hospital
ACT Alabama Contemporary Theater
APTP Albany Park Theater Project
ACT Allentown College Theater
ACTF American College Theater Festival
ACT American Conservatory Theater
AMLT American Magic-Lantern Theater
AOT American Opera Theater
APARTMENT American Players Theater
APT American Players Theater
ARTILLERY American Radio Theater
ART American Radio Theater
ATC American Theater Company
AGDT Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater
AVA Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheater
ITIC Army Intelligence & Security Command Theater Intelligence Center, Pacific
ATMD Army Theater Missile Defense
ATMDE Army Theater Missile Defense Element
ATNOSC Army Theater Network Operations & Security Center
AATC Asian American Theater Company
ATC Atlantic Theater Company
ALERT Attack and Launch Early Reporting to Theater
BTIF Bagram Theater Internment Facility
BTA Baltimore Theater Alliance
BOLT Based on Life Theater
BAFT Bayerischer Verband Freier Theater eV
BLT Benson Little Theater
BSMT Bernstein School of Musical Theater
BLT Bethesda Little Theater
BET Black Ensemble Theater
BLT Black Light Theater
BLT Bolton Little Theater
BST Bond Street Theater
BPTC Bowen Park Theater Company
BCCT Brick Children’s Community Theater
BDW Brisbane Dance and Theater Workshop
BACT Bryn Athyn Community Theater
CTG Canyon Theater Guild
CCPT Cape Cod Poets Theater
CTC Caracas Theater Club
CFCT Cedar Falls Community Theater
CCOT Center City Opera Theater
COUNT Center for New Theater
CNT Center for New Theater
CEDT Central Europe Dance Theater
CMRT Central Massachusetts Repertory Theater
COT Chicago Opera Theater
CBT Children’s Ballet Theater
CET Children’s Educational Theater
CTM Christian Theater Ministries
CYT Christian Youth Theater
CCCT Coal Creek Community Theater
CBSRMT Columbia Broadcasting System Radio Mystery Theater
CTC Combat Theater Communications
CTT Combat Theater Trainer
CJTMOC Combined and Joint Theater Missile Operations Cell
CATA Communication and Theater Arts
CASTLE Computer-Assisted System for Theater Level Engineering
CTLS Concurrent Theater Level Simulation
CTEER Conservatory Theater Ensemble
CTE Conservatory Theater Ensemble
CATF Contemporary American Theater Festival
CTAPS contingency Theater Air Control System automated planning system
CTAPS Contingency Theater Air Planning System
CTAPS Contingency Theater Automated Planning System
CTAS Corps & Theater Operations Center Support Element
CTASC Corps Theater ADP Service Center
CBT Count Basie Theater
CCPT Culver City Public Theater
CBRT Curriculum-Based Readers Theater
DTC Dallas Theater Center
DTH Dance Theater of Harlem
DSDT Deborah Slater Dance Theater
DTAS Deployed Theater Accountability Software
DTT Desktop Theater
DHT Digital Home Theater
DTS Digital Theater Sound
DTSI Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
DTS Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
DTLS Distributed Theater Level Simulation
DWDT Dominic Walsh Dance Theater
DIG-IT Dramatic Interpretation of the Ghetto through Improvisational Theater
DT Dream Theater
DTER Dream Theater
DYNATIC Dynamic Analysis of the Theater Intelligence Center
ETC East Theater Company
EBT Echelons Below Theater
ELIST enhanced logistics intratheater support tool
ECIT Essential Care in Theater
ETC European Theater Convention
ETO European Theater Of Operations
EFTC Europees Figurentheater Centrum vzw
ETO Expeditionary Theater Opening
FFT Fabulous Fox Theater
FLOT Fairbanks Light Opera Theater
FCBT Florida Classical Ballet Theater
FASTALS Force Analysis Simulation of Theater Administrative & Logistic Support
FSST Forward Space Support to Theater
GHT Georgia Home Theater
GSTA Giant Screen Theater Association
GTWAPS Global Theater Weather Analysis and Prediction System
GETS GPS Enhanced Theater Support
GILT Grand Island Little Theater
GAPT Great Arizona Puppet Theater
HTC Herberger Theater Center
HITM Hierarchical Interactive Theater Model
HATMD High Altitude Theater Missile Defense
HUT Historic University Theater
HT Home Theater
HTC Home Theater Cruise
HTMC Home Theater Media Center
HTP Home Theater Package
HTS Home Theater System
HTIB Home-Theater-In-a-Box
ITEC Improved Theater Nuclear Forces Emergency Communications
ITTD Inland Theater Transportation Directorate
IHT Innovative Home Theaters, Inc
ITEM Integrated Theater Engagement Model
ITSB Integrated Theater Signal Battalion
ITT Inter Theater Transfer
ITADS Interactive Theater Air Defense Simulation
ITAS Interim Theater ADP Service
ICP Intertheater COMSEC Package
ICTB Intra-Theater Commercial Transportation Branch
ICTD Intratheater Commercial Transportation Division
IITS Intratheater Imagery Transmission System
IWTSS In-Wall Theater Speakers
ITO Iraqi Theater of Operations
ICT Irving Community Theater
JGT Jackie Gleason Theater
JMTC Jamaica Musical Theater Company
JTAMDO Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense Office
JTAMDO Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense Organization
JTAAC Joint Theater Attack Analysis Center
JTLS Joint Theater Level Simulation
JTL Joint Theater Logistics
JTLS Joint Theater Logistics System
JTMD Joint Theater Missile Defense
JTMDPO Joint Theater Missile Defense Program Office
JTMTD Joint Theater Missile Target Development
JTTR Joint Theater Trauma Registry
JTTS Joint Theater Trauma System
KKT Koelner Kuenstler Theater
KTO Korean Theater of Operations
KTO Kuwaiti Theater of Operations
LTC Landestheater Coburg
LVCDT Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater
LTM Little Theater of Manchester
LPT Logistics Preparation of the Theater
LPT Lorain Palace Theater
LACT Lucas Area Community Theater
MTW Major Theater War
MT Masterpiece Theater
MTM McLintock Theater Model
MSAT Medical Situational Awareness in the Theater
MTO Mediterranean Theater of Operations
MATC Mid-America Theater Conference
MTAB Miller Theater Advisory Board
MRT Milwaukee Repertory Theater
MCT Missoula Children’s Theater
MIDAS Model for Inter-theater Deployment by Air and Sea
MPAT Modoc Performing Arts Theater
MAT Moscow Art Theater
MNDT Mount Notre Dame Theater
MT Musical Theater
MYST Mystery Science Theater
MST Mystery Science Theater
MST3K Mystery Science Theater 3000
NAMT National Alliance for Musical Theater
NMTN National Music Theater Network, Inc.
NTD National Theater of the Deaf
NATBMD Navy Area Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
NTW Navy Theater Wide
NTWD Navy Theater-Wide Defense
NDT Nederlands Dans Theater
NYT Neighborhood Youth Theater
NHTC New Haven Theater Company
NYSTI New York State Theater Institute
NHCA Noord-Hollands Centrum voor Amateurtheater
NATO North African Theater of Operations
NWTD Northwest Theater of the Deaf
OSTA Oberlin Student Theater Association
OVST Ohio Valley Summer Theater
OTN Operating Theater Nurse
OT Operation Theater
OTP Other Theater Project
OTRA Overseas Theater Requisitioning Authority
OSLT Owen Sound Little Theater
PTO Pacific Theater of Operations
PTRS Pacific Theater Requirements System
PYT Pennsylvania Youth Theater
PTA Per Theater Average
PATOB Polish Amateur Theater of Boston, Inc.
POCT Port Orchard Community Theater
PMT Prince Music Theater
PST Princeton Summer Theater
RAPIDSIM Rapid Intertheater Deployment Simulation Model
RAPIDSIM Rapid Intertheater Deployment Simulator
RTX Real Theater Xtreme
ROOTS Regional Organization of Theaters South
RDT Repertory Dance Theater
RITC Rhodopi International Theater Collective
RDT Rice Dance Theater
RTOS Rochester Theater Organ Society
SUMMITS scenario unrestricted mobility model of intratheater simulation
SYT SCERA Youth Theater
STAR Scheduled Theater Airlift Route
SCAT School of Communication and Theater
SCT School of Communication and Theater
SYT Screaming Yellow Theater
SMT Seaside Music Theater
STG Seattle Theater Group
SLEUTH Second Life Educational Undertakings in Theater History
SOMT Secret of Mana Theater
SETT Self Expression Teen Theater
SMDT Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theater
SPIT Signed Performances in Theater
SITLM single integrated theater logistic manager
SETC South Eastern Theater Conference
STEMS SOUTHCOM Theater Enterprise Management System
SOTSE Special Operations Theater Support Element
SGMT St. George Musical Theater
SETU Stage Ensemble Theater Unit
SLCT Stage Left Children’s Theater
STACCS Standard Theater Army Command and Control System
STS Stanislavsky Theater Studio
STS Stereo Theater System
SLEM Stichting Landschapstheater En Meer
SFDT stick figure death theater
SPDT Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater
STI Summer Theater Institute
STOL Synthetic Theater of Learning
STOW Synthetic Theater of War
STORM Synthetic Theater Operations Research Model
TMTR Texas Music Theater Radio
TCT The Children’s Theater
TMT The Modding Theater
REDCAT The Roy and Edna Disney/Calarts Theater
TH Theater
T2C3 Theater & Tactical Command, Control & Communications
TAS Theater Addressing Subsystem
TASC Theater ADP Service Center
TAES Theater Aeromedical Evacuation System
TASC Theater Aerospace-operations Support Center
TAMD Theater Air and Missile Defense
TACC Theater Air Component Commander
TACCM Theater Air Control Communications Module
TACP Theater Air Control Party
TACS Theater Air Control System
TAD Theater Air Defense
TCS Theater Air Defense Counter-Air System
TAGS theater air ground system
TAG Theater Air Group
TANGO Theater Air Naval Ground Operations
TAP Theater Air Planner
TAP Theater Air Planning
TAWS Theater Airborne Warning System
TAOG Theater Airfield Operations Group
TALCE Theater Airlift Control Element
TALO Theater Airlift Liaison Officer
TAMS Theater Airlift Management System
TACP Theater Ammunition Control Point
TARGET Theater Analysis and Replanning Graphical Execution Toolkit
TAM Theater Analysis Model
TAAD Theater Area Air Defense
TAADCOM Theater Area Air Defense Command
TAADC Theater Area Air Defense Commander
TAA Theater Area Army
TA Theater Army
TAADCOM Theater Army Air Defense Command
TAACOM Theater Army Area Command
TAADS-R Theater Army Authorization Document System – Redesign
TACCIMS Theater Army Command & Control Information Management System
TAC2IS Theater Army Command & Control Information System
TACS Theater Army Communications System
TACAPS Theater Army Construction Automated Planning System
TAENCOM Theater Army Engineer Command
TAMMC theater army material management command
TAMMS Theater Army Material Management System
TAMMC Theater Army Materiel Management Center
TAML Theater Army Medical Laboratory
TAMMIS-MEDSUP Theater Army Medical Management Information System – Medical Supply
TAMMISD Theater Army Medical Management Information System (also abbreviated TAMMIS-D)
TAMCO theater Army movement control center
TAMCC Theater Army Movements Control Center
TAPOC Theater Army Personnel Operations Center
TAPER Theater Army Personnel Roll-Up System
TARO Theater Army Reception Office
TARP Theater Army Repair Program
TARPMMS Theater Army Repair Program Maintenance Management System
TARS Theater Army Replacement System
TASOSE Theater Army Special Operations Support Element
TASCOM Theater Army Support Command
TAS Theater Augmentation Set
TACL Theater Authorized Consumption List
TACCIMS Theater Automated Command & Control Information Management System
TAB Theater Aviation Battalion
TAB Theater Aviation Brigade
TAC Theater Aviation Company
TAMP Theater Aviation Maintenance Program
TASM Theater Aviation Single Manager
TBM Theater Ballistic Missile
TMBD Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMD Theater Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMW Theater Ballistic Missile Warning
TBM Theater Battle Management
TBMCS Theater Battle Management Core Systems
TBMS Theater Battle Management System
TBC Theater Business Clearance
TCCC Theater C4 Coordination Center
TCF Theater Cash Flow
TCCIP Theater Command and Control Initiative Program
TCCS Theater Command and Control System
TCDB Theater Common Database
TCCS Theater Communications and Control Systems
TCCC Theater Communications Control Center
TCN Theater Communications Network
TCS Theater Communications System
TCLSC Theater COMSEC Logistics Support Center
TCSP Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point
TCMS Theater Construction Management System
TCM Theater Construction Manager
TCEM Theater Contingency Engineering Management
TCPL Theater Critical Personnel List
TDAR Theater Data Analysis and Reduction
TDSS Theater Decision Support System
TDA Theater Defense Aviation
TDBSS Theater Defense Blood Standard System
TDB Theater Defense Brigade
TDC Theater Deployable Communications
TDJ Theater der Jugend
TDRC Theater Detainee Reporting Center
TDT Theater Display Terminal
TDC Theater Distribution Center
TDMC Theater Distribution Management Cell
TEBO Theater Effects-Based Operations
TEP Theater Engagement Plan
TEWLS Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System
TESA Theater Environmental Situational Awareness
TES Theater Event System
TENET Theater Extension Network
TFC Theater Finance Command
TFD Theater for Development
TFD Theater for the Deaf
TGD Theater Geospatial Database
THQ Theater Headquarters
THAADGBR Theater High Altitude Area Defense Ground Based Radar
THEL Theater High Energy Laser
TIDE Theater Information Dissemination Environment
TIG Theater Information Grid
TIM Theater Information Management
TIM Theater Information Manager
TIOG Theater Information Operations Group
TISC Theater Information Systems Command
TIP Theater Injection Point
TIPS Theater Integrated Planning System
TIAP Theater Intelligence Architecture Plan/Program
TIC Theater Intelligence Center
TIF Theater Internment Facility
TIFRC Theater Internment Facility Reconciliation Center
TJG Theater Junge Generation
TLA Theater Lead Agent
TLAMM Theater Lead Agent for Medical Materiel
TLCC Theater Logistics Coordination Center
TLS Theater Logistics Station
TMAMS Theater Major Assembly Management System
TMF Theater Manpower Force
TMP theater manpower forces
TMMC Theater Materiel Management Center
TMDS Theater Medical Data Server
TMIP Theater Medical Information Program
TMIS Theater Medical Information System
TMMMC theater medical materiel management center
TM Theater Missile
TMD Theater Missile Defense
TMD-GBR Theater Missile Defense – Ground-Based Radar
TMDCC Theater Missile Defense Coordination Cell
TMDS Theater Missile Defense System
TMT Theater Missile Tracker
TMBH Theater Mit Beschränkter Hoffnung
TMEP Theater Mortuary Evacuation Point
TMCC Theater Movement Control Center
TMCC Theater Movement Coordination Center
TNC Theater Network Center
TNOC Theater Network Operations Center
TNF Theater Nuclear Forces
TNFC Theater Nuclear Forces Control
TNFIP Theater Nuclear Forces Improvement Plan
TNFS3 Theater Nuclear Forces, Survivability, Security & Safety
TNO Theater Nuclear Option
TNW Theater Nuclear Warfare
TVD Theater of Military Operations
TURNOVER Theater Of Operations
TO Theater Of Operations
TOA Theater of Operations
TOGO Theater Of Operations
TOC Theater Of Operations Command
TLA Theater of the Living Arts
TOW Theater of War
TOY Theater of Youth
TOTEM Theater Operational Tactical Evaluation Model
TOG Theater Operations Group
TOPS Theater Operations Simulation
TODC Theater Oriented Depot Complex
TPMRC Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center
TPMC Theater Personnel Management Center
TPDS Theater Postal Directory Services
TPOE Theater Project Office, Europe
TPE Theater Provided Equipment
TRRIP Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package
TRAC Theater Readiness Action Checklist
TRACS Theater Replacement Accountability System
TRANSLATOR Theater Reserve
TR Theater Reserve
TRANSPOSED Theater Reserve
TRIPLE-R Theater Reserve
TRP Theater Response Package
TSC Theater Security Cooperation
TSCP Theater Security Cooperation Plan
TSP Theater Security Package
TSD Theater Shipping Document
TSC Theater Signal Command
TSCA Theater Signal Command – Army
TSAR Theater Simulation of Airbase Resources
TSAR Theater Simulation of Airfield Resources
TSOC theater special operations command
TSTR Theater Specific Training Requirement
TSB Theater Staging Base
TSSU Theater Sterile Supply Unit
TSA Theater Storage Activities/Ammunition
TSA Theater Storage Activitiesammunition
TSA theater storage area
TSV Theater Structure Variables
TSBA Theater Support Base Activation
TSC Theater Support Command
TSOC Theater Support Operations Cell
TSR theater support representative
TST Theater Support Team
TSV Theater Support Vessel
TSC Theater Surface Combatant
TSC Theater Sustainment Command
TSS Theater Sustainment Stocks
TSIO Theater Systems Integration Office
T2C3P Theater Tactical Command, Control & Communications Panel
TTPO Theater Targets Product Office
TTIL Theater Tracked Item List
TTSM Theater Transition and Sustainment Model
TTM Theater Transportation Mission
TWC Theater Warfare Center
TWC Theater Weather Center
TFT Theater, Film and Television
TALON Theater-Application Launch-On Notice
TMCA Theater-Army Movements Control Agency
T-JMC theater-joint movement center
T-JTB Theater-Joint Transportation Board
THAW Theaters Against War
TT TheaterTek
TCT Theater-wide Collaborative Targeting
TTI Transportable Theater Injection
TKT Twisted Kaiju Theater
UTTMDS Upper Tier Theater Missile Defense System
UTIC USAREUR Theater Intelligence Center
VAV Verband Aargauer Volkstheater
VDP Verband Deutscher Puppentheater
VAST Visual Audio Sensory Theater
VTI Vlaams Theater Instituut
VOT Voice of the Theater
VTC Volcano Theater Company
WTC Wallace Theater Corporation
WRT Walter Reade Theater
WHAT Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater
WET Wellness Educational Theater
WMTF Wereld Muziek Theater Festival
WET West End Theater
WVPT West Virginia Public Theater
WTMO Western Theater of Military Operations
WGT Wheaton Grand Theater
WHTC White Horse Theater Company
WCST Windham Center Stage Theater
WET Women’s Ensemble Theater
WET Women’s Expressive Theater, Inc.
WIMS World-Wide Intertheater Mobility Study
XPT Xperimental Puppetry Theater
YHT Yamaha Home Theater
YPT Young Performers Theater
YPTC Young Performers Theater Camp
YPT Young Playwrights’ Theater
YATTA Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts
YMTC Youth Musical Theater Company
YTCC Youth Theater Coalition of Chicago
ZSV Zentralverbandes Schweizer Volkstheater
ZZT Zuerichs Zynischer Theater