Accounting Abbreviations


What is Accounting?

Accounting is the science that designates the totality of numerical records carried out in order to determine and order, in a complete way, all movements, in value and quantities, carried out within the scope of activity of a company or similar entity.

Accounting can be divided into financial and business accounting. Financial accounting comprises all payment transactions between the company and abroad (for example, purchases and sales, banking operations) and which allows the realization of the annual balance sheet for tax and commercial purposes. Business or analytical accounting assumes the use of costing (with its corresponding cost elements, etc.).

A person whose professional field is accounting is known as an accountant. In Brazil, for an individual to receive the title of “Accountant”, he/she must take the Sufficiency Exam of the Federal Accounting Council.

Cost accounting

Cost accounting is an area of business accounting that, unlike financial accounting, encompasses the accounting of all internal costs and benefits, including accounting for facilities, materials, and wages. Cost accounting is for:

  • exclude influences outside the company in determining monthly or annual earnings;
  • control the company’s profitability, thanks to the inclusion of all types of costs and different productions, and sometimes also with the help of planned cost accounting;
  • prepare production and investment planning;
  • obtain the data necessary to close the business and fiscal year.

In the field of general accounting, cost accounting may or may not be linked to financial accounting.

Public accounting

Public accounting concerns the systematic recording of financial transactions carried out by all public sector bodies.

Management accounting

Management accounting is the area of accounting through which one seeks to establish and determine the future development of a company. It has a strong strategic planning component. The starting point is usually the sales plan, from which the production (cost) plan, supply plan and financing plan derive.

Tax accounting

Also known as tax accounting, tax accounting is the area of ​​application of accounting sciences that aims to determine and reconcile the generation of taxes of a particular entity. Tax accounting provides important data for the calculation of taxes.

Accounting Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Accounting

ACCOUNT Accounting
ACCT Accounting
ACCTG Accounting
ACCG Accounting
ACCESSORY Accounting
ACC Accounting
ABDS Accounting & Budget Distribution System
ALPHABET Accounting & Business Consulting
ABC Accounting & Business Consulting
ADSN Accounting & Disbursing Station Symbol Number
A-AND-F Accounting & Finance
AFO Accounting & Finance Office/r
AIMS Accounting & Inventory Management System
ARMIP Accounting & Reporting Management Improvement Program
AACF Accounting Academicians Collaboration Foundation
AAA Accounting Alumni Association
AAER Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release
AAMRO Accounting and Auditing Manual for Research Operations
AAOIFI Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions
AAOIFI Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
AAPC Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee
ACE Accounting and Computer Enterprises
ACRA Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore
ADSN Accounting and Disbursing Symbol Number
ACFI Accounting and Finance
AFBC Accounting and Finance Benchmarking Consortium
AFRU Accounting and Finance Research Unit
AFMS Accounting and Financial Management Service
AFRIKAANS Accounting and Financial Reporting
AFR Accounting and Financial Reporting
AFRB Accounting and Financial Reporting Bulletin
AGS Accounting and General Services
AGR Accounting and Governance Risk
AIMD Accounting and Information Management Division
ARSC Accounting and Review Services Committee
AAS Accounting Attitude Scale
AA Accounting Authority
AAIC Accounting Authority Identification Code
ABAS Accounting Based Advisory Services
ACCOUNTING Accounting Classification Code
ACCESSORY Accounting Classification Code
ACC Accounting Classification Code
ACRN Accounting Classification Reference Number
ACS Accounting Classification Structure
AC Accounting Clerk
ACK Accounting Control Key
ADIF Accounting Data Interchange Format
ADMR Accounting Department Management Report
ADSN Accounting Disbursing Station Number
ACT Accounting Division
AEA Accounting Education Associates
AEA Accounting Education Australia
AEC Accounting Education Center
AECM Accounting Education using Computers and Multimedia
AFM Accounting Financial Management
AGI Accounting Group International
AIM Accounting Information Management
AIS Accounting Information System
ALC Accounting Legend Code
ALO Accounting Liaison Office
ALD Accounting Line Designator
ARMENIA Accounting Management
AM Accounting Management
AMIS Accounting Management Information System
AMS Accounting Management System
AOD Accounting of Disclosures
A-O Accounting Only
AOP Accounting Operating Procedures
AOC-2 Accounting Operations Center
AOC Accounting Operations Center
AOM Accounting Operations Manager
AOO Accounting Operations Office
AP Accounting Period
AP Accounting Point
APD Accounting Policy Division
PAD Accounting Policy Division
APBO Accounting Principle Board Opinion
APB Accounting Principles Board
APB Accounting Principles Board opinion
APH Accounting Procedures Handbook
APARTMENT Accounting Production Transfers
APT Accounting Production Transfers
APESB Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board
APLG Accounting Programs Leadership Group
ARI Accounting Rate of Interest
ARRIVE Accounting Rate Of Return
ARRANGE Accounting Rate of Return
ARR Accounting Rate of Return
ARRIVAL Accounting Rate of Return
ARMS Accounting Record Management System
ARM Accounting Record Modifier
ARD Accounting Reference Date
ARBE Accounting Regulations for Business Enterprises
ARCHIVE Accounting Requirements Code
ARC Accounting Requirements Code
ARB Accounting Research Bulletins
ARB Accounting Review Bulletin
ASA Accounting Schedule Activity
ASR Accounting Series Release
ASC Accounting Service Center
ASP Accounting Service Provider
ASFB Accounting Services for Business
ASSAULT Accounting Solutions Limited
ASL Accounting Solutions Limited
AUSTRALIA Accounting Standard
ARSENIC Accounting Standard
ASSIGNED Accounting Standard
AS Accounting Standard
ACSB Accounting Standards Board
ASB Accounting Standards Board
ASC Accounting Standards Codification
ASC Accounting Standards Committee
ACSEC Accounting Standards Executive Committee
ASPE Accounting Standards for Private Entities
ASRB Accounting Standards Review Board
ASSC Accounting Standards Steering Committee
ASU Accounting Standards Update
ASA Accounting Students Association
ASFV Accounting Students of the Fraser Valley
ASR Accounting Systems Requirements
ATS Accounting Terminal System
AT1 Accounting Theory 1
ATFT Accounting Tools for Tutors
ATLAS Accounting Transaction Ledger Archival System
ATC Accounting Tuition Centre
AAAJ Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
ALPHABET Accounting, Billing, and Collecting
ABC Accounting, Billing, and Collecting
ACT Accounting, Consulting & Training
APARS Accounts Payable Accounting and Reporting System
ACAT Accreditation Council for Accounting and Taxation
AAP Accruals Accounting Project
AAN Activity Accounting Number
ADGA Advanced Diploma in Government Accounting
AMAP Advanced Management Accounting Program
AAIMS Agricultural Accounting and Information Management System
AWACS AID Worldwide Accounting Control System
APAS All Purpose Accounting System
ATLAS Alliance for Tax, Legal, and Accounting Seminars
ASAA Allied Supply Accounting Agency
ASIA Alternative Solution for International Accounting
AAA American Accounting Association
AAFA American Association of Finance and Accounting
ABFA American Board of Forensic Accounting
AMAC Amsterdam Accounting Services BV
AAMPS Amtrak Accounting, Material and Purchasing System
AMAS Apparel-Management Accounting System
ACCLAIMS Army COMSEC Commodity Logistics Accounting Information Management System
APAACT Army Procurement Appropriations Accounting
AAAA Asian Academic Accounting Association
AFAD Assessment/Force Accounting Database
AA Associate in Accounting
AAFI Associated Accounting Firms International
AAT Association of Accounting Technicians
AATSL Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka
AIAP Association of Independent Accounting Professionals
ASCAR Audited Single Cost Accounting Report
AAAS Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards
AARF Australian Accounting Research Foundation
AAS Australian Accounting Standard
AASB Australian Accounting Standards Board
AAAA Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing
AAAC Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, and Charging
AAA Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
AAAF Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Foreign Server
AAAH Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Home Server
AAAS Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Server
AAA Authorization Accounting Activity
AAAAI Authorization, Accounting, Auditing and Instrumentation
AAA Authorized Accounting Activity
AARS Automated Accounting and Reporting System
AAS Automated Accounting System
AAC Automated Accounting System
ACAS Automated Commissary Accounting System
ADTAS Automated Document/Transaction Accounting System
AFAS Automated Fuels Accounting System
AMASS Automated Material Accounting Statistics System
AMA Automated Message Accounting
AMAF Automated Message Accounting Frame
ATSA Automated Timber Sale Accounting
AAI Automatic Accounting Instruction
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
AMARC Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center
AMAT Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter
AMAS AVFUEL Management Accounting System
AMAS Aviation Management Accounting System
CSAS-CDB B-1B Configuration Status Accounting System – Central Data Base
BACC Bachelor of Accounting
BAF Bachelor of Accounting & Finance
BAFM Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management
BBAA Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting
BAAR Bank Auditing & Accounting Report
BAFO Base Accounting & Finance Office
BLARS Base Level Accounting & Reporting System
BARS Baseline Accounting and Reporting System
BAS Basic Accounting System
BRIA Behavioral Research in Accounting
BAS Belrose Accounting Services
BVACOP Best Value Accounting Code of Practice
BAAS Billing Accounting Application Service
BARG Billing and Accounting Roaming Group
BOAC Billing Office Accounting Code
BAIT Bookeeping and Accounting Interactive Tutor
BASIS Bottlers Accounting and Sales Information System
BLMA Bottom Line Management Accounting
BSA Branch Stock Accounting
BAA British Accounting Association
BACC Budget and Accounting Classification Code
BEAM Burroughs Electronic Accounting Machine
BAF Business Accounting and Finance
BAAS Business and Accounting Services
BEAN Business Executive’s Accounting Network
BAE Business, Accounting and Economics
CAAB Call Accounting and Billing
CAG Call Accounting Gateway
CARP Call Accounting Reconclliation Process
CAS Call Accounting Subsystem
CAS Call Accounting System
CAAA Canadian Academic Accounting Association
CAPPA Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting
CSTA Canadian School of Tax Accounting
CAS Carrier Accounting System
CATS Cascade Accounting & Tax Services
CAA Cash Accounting Associate
CRA Cash and Revenue Accounting
CIAER Center for International Accounting Education and Research
CIERA Center for International Education and Research in Accounting
CAD Central Accounting Division
CAES Central Accounting Extract System
CAO Central Accounting Office
CAS Central Accounting System
CBA Central Bank Accounting
CPAS Central Procurement Accounting System
CAB Centralized Accounting & Billing
CAMA Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
CRAB Centralized Requisition Accounting & Billing
CAAR Centre for Accounting and Auditing Research
CALD Certified Accounting and Leadership Design
CAT Certified Accounting Technician
CBFA Certified Bank Forensic Accounting
CIFAS Certified International Financial Accounting Specialist
CAO Chief Accounting Officer
CFAO Chief Finance and Accounting Officer
CSAU Child Support Accounting Unit
CGSA Chuo Graduate School of International Accounting
CPAIS Civilian Pay Accounting Interface System
CVAS Clearinghouse for Volunteer Accounting Services
CRAP Cloudy Reporting Accounting Principles
CAC Collection Accounting Classification
CSAD Combat System Accounting Document
CSPAR Combat System Parameter Accounting Reports
CAFO Command Accounting and Finance Office
CMIA Command Management Inventory Accounting
CAS Commission Accounting System
CAPACITY Committee on Accounting Procedure
CAP Committee on Accounting Procedure
CAN Common Accounting Number
CARP Common Accounting Report Package
CAPP Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures
CAS Communications Accounting System
CAAS Community Accounting Aid Service
CANNY Community Accounting Network North Yorkshire
COMPAS Complete Oil Marketers Perpetual Accounting System
CSA Comprehensive System Accounting
CAA Computer-Assisted Accounting
CSAS Computerized Status Accounting System
CALL-TO-ACTION Computerized Telephone Accounting
CTA Computerized Telephone Accounting
CFEA Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting
CEA Configurable Enterprise Accounting
CAIRS Configuration Accounting Information Retrieval System
CAN Configuration Accounting Number
CASS Configuration Accounting Support System
CMA Configuration Management Accounting
CMAR Configuration Management Accounting Report
CSA Configuration Status Accounting
CSAB Configuration Status Accounting Board
CSAD Configuration Status Accounting Document
CSAR Configuration Status Accounting Report
CSAS Configuration Status Accounting System
CVAS Configuration Verification Accounting System
CFAO Consolidated Financial Accounting Office
CIPPA Constant Item Purchasing Power Accounting
CGAA Coordinating Group on Audit and Accounting
CAPR Cost Accounting and Production Report
CATM Cost Accounting for Technological Modernization
CAS Cost Accounting Standard
CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board
CASR Cost Accounting Standards Regulations
CAS Cost Accounting System
CATS Cost Accounting Tracking System
CPA Cost/Personal Accounting
CCA Current Cost Accounting
CAPS Customer Accounting and Payment Strategy
CAA Customer Asset Accounting
CAMIS Customs Accounting and Management Information System
DSMA Daily Soil Moisture Accounting
DCAS Database Commitment Accounting System
DARS Databased Accounting Reconciliation System
DSA Dealer Standard Accounting
DAIS DECCO Accounting Information System
DADS Defense Accounting and Disbursing System
DACC Defense Accounting Classification Crosswalk
DAO Defense Accounting Office
DAS Defense Accounting System
DFAC Defense Finance & Accounting Center
DFAS Defense Finance & Accounting Service
DFAS-DE Defense Finance & Accounting Service – Denver
DFAS-TSO Defense Finance and Accounting Service Technology Services Organization
DFAS Defense Fuels Accounting System
DPAS Defense Property Accounting System
DWCAS Defense Working Capital Accounting System
DWAS Defense Working Capital Accounting System
DART Deloitte Accounting Research Tool
DBAA Department of Business Administration and Accounting
DOLARS Department On-Line Accounting & Reporting System
DMAPS Depot Maintenance Accounting and Production System
DAG Derivatives Accounting Group
DCA Detailed Configuration Accounting
DSMA Detailed Station Message Accounting
DABS Diploma in Accounting & Business Studies
DCHA Diploma in Charity Accounting
DCIA Diploma in Computerised Industrial Accounting
DIFA Diploma in Investigative and Forensic Accounting
DABFA Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Accounting
DGABS Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics
DAO Disbursing Accounting Officer
DGAS Distributed Grid Accounting System
DMAS Distributed Management Accounting System
DAR Division of Accounting and Reporting
DEAS Double Entry Accounting System
DAP Dutch Accounting Principles
DASB Dutch Accounting Standards Board
EFA Economics, Finance, Accounting
EFWA Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
EAS Egyptian Accounting Standards
EAM Electric Accounting Machine
EAM Electrical Accounting Machine
EAM Electronic Accounting Machine
EGADS Electronic Generation, Accounting, & Distribution System
ERMA Electronic Recording Method of Accounting
EAM Enhanced Accounting Management
EAMS Enhanced Accounting Management System
ECAS Enhanced Cost Accounting System
ENRA Environment and Natural Resources Accounting
EMA Environmental Management Accounting
EMAN Environmental Management Accounting Network
EMEN Environmental Management Accounting Network
EMACS Equipment Maintenance Accounting and Control System
ECAIS European Conference on Accounting Information Systems
ETRAC European Telephone Report Accounting & Control
EMCAS Evaluation of Material Control and Accounting Systems
ETA Exception Time Accounting
EAC Expenditure Accounting Classification
FVA Fair Value Accounting
FANTASIA Feature Animation, Network Television And Syndication Integrated Accounting
FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FRAUD Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Device
FAO Finance & Accounting Office
FAP Finance & Accounting Policy
FACILITY Finance and Accounting Club
FAC Finance and Accounting Club
FAG Finance and Accounting Group
FAO Finance and Accounting Outsourcing
FACS Financial Accounting & Control System
FACTS Financial Accounting & Cost Tracking System
FARSI Financial Accounting & Reporting
FAR Financial Accounting & Reporting
FABS Financial Accounting and Budgeting System
FACET Financial Accounting and Comprehensive Expenditure Tracking System
FACS Financial Accounting and Contractual Status
FAIR Financial Accounting and Inventory Record
FAMIS Financial Accounting and Management Information System
FARM Financial Accounting and Reporting Manual for Higher Education
FARS Financial Accounting and Reporting System
FADA Financial Accounting Data Abstract
FADS Financial Accounting Data Sheet
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Financial Accounting Foundation
FAF Financial Accounting Foundation
FAH Financial Accounting Hub
FAPC Financial Accounting Policy Committee
FARS Financial Accounting Research System
FAS Financial Accounting Services
FASBS Financial Accounting Services Board
FASB Financial Accounting Services Board
FAS Financial Accounting Standards
FASAB Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FASAC Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council
FASBS Financial Accounting Standards Board
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board
FASC Financial Accounting Standards Committee
FASF Financial Accounting Standards Foundation
FIA Financial Inventory Accounting
FIACD Financial Inventory Accounting Codes
FMA Financial Management Accounting
FMAS Financial Management and Accounting Services
FMAS Financial Managerial Accounting System
FSAH Financial Services Accounting Hub
FSAM Financial Social Accounting Matrix
FSAB Financial Standards Accounting Board
FACTS Financial, Accounting and Claims Targeted Solutions
FSOA Fisher School of Accounting
FAACS Fixed Asset Accounting and Control System
FAMIS Fleet Accounting Management Information System
FRAM Fleet Resources Accounting Module
FACILITY Force Accounting Code
FAC Force Accounting Code
FACILITY Force Accounting Controller
FAC Force Accounting Controller
FAD Force Accounting Designator
FAS Force Accounting System
FSAC Freight Station Accounting Code
FCA Full Cost Accounting
FA Fund Accounting
FBA Fund Based Accounting
FBAS Fund-Based Accounting System
FAAD Funding And Accounting Document
GMAS Gas Measurement Accounting System
GA General Accounting
GAFS General Accounting & Finance System
GAI General Accounting Instructions
GAO General Accounting Office
GAOPA General Accounting Office Personnel Act
GAP General Accounting Procedure
GLAS General Ledger Accounting System
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures
GRAP Generally Recognised Accounting Practice
GAAE Georgia Association of Accounting Educators
GASB German Accounting Standards Board
GASC German Accounting Standards Committee
GSAS Global Status Accounting System
GAAC Government Accounting and Auditing Committee
GAAM Government Accounting and Auditing Manual
GCAS Government Cost Accounting System, Inc.
GOALS Government On-Line Accounting Link System
GAAC Governmental Accounting and Auditing Committee
GAAC Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update Conference
GARS Governmental Accounting Research System
GASAC Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council
GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GASBI Governmental Accounting Standards Board Interpretations
GASBS Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statements
GAAFR Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
GWA Government-Wide Accounting
GCPA Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
GCAS Grants and Contracts Accounting Services
GLAMIS Grants And Loans Accounting and Management Information System
GAAP Great Alaskan Accounting People
GMA Gross Margin Accounting
GVA GST-VAT Accounting
HIGLAS Healthcare Integrated General Ledger and Accounting System
HCA Historic Cost Accounting
HKAAT Hong Kong Association of Accounting Technicians
IPAP In Process Accounting Procedures
IFAS Industrial Fund Accounting System
IAU Infrastructure Accounting Unit
IMAP Installation Management Accounting Project
IATI Institute of Accounting Technicians in Ireland
IBAS Institute of Business and Accounting Studies
IACS Insurance Accounting Collection System
IAS Integrated Accounting/Avionics System
ICARS Integrated Command Accounting and Reporting System
ICAR Integrated Command Accounting and Reporting System
IDA Integrated Disbursing & Accounting
IFMAS Integrated Financial Management Accounting System
IFAS Integrated Fund Accounting System
IOA Integrated Office Accounting
IAC International Accounting Centre
IAN International Accounting Network
IAS International Accounting Standards
IASB International Accounting Standards Board
IASC International Accounting Standards Committee
IASCF International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation
IAS International Accounting System
ICRA International Centre for Research in Accounting
ICAIT International Conference on Accounting and Information Technology
ICATA International Conference on Accounting Taxes and Auditing
IJAIS International Journal of Accounting Information Systems
IJISAFM International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management
IMAP International Management Accounting Practice Statement
IPSAS International Public Sector Accounting Standard
ISAR International Standards of Accounting and Reporting
IPTA Internet Protocol Telephony Accounting
IMACS Interservice Material Accounting and Control System
IAASA Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority
JASB Japanese Accounting Standards Board
JAIAS Japanese Association for International Accounting Studies
JARS Job Accounting and Reporting System
JAS Job Accounting System
JCA Job Cost Accounting
JPAC Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
JVA Joint Venture Accounting
JAE Journal of Accounting and Economics
JAR Journal of Accounting Research
JAAF Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance
JCAT Journal of Construction Accounting & Taxation
JCAE Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics
JITA Just-in-Time Accounting
KATC Kenya Accounting Technicians Certificate
KAR Key Accounting Requirement
KASB Korea Accounting Standards Board
LOMAS Law Office Management And Accounting System
LSA Leventhal School of Accounting
LIA Line Item Accounting
LOA Line of Accounting
LAS Loan Accounting System
LOMAS Loan Management and Accounting System
LAMA Local Automatic Message Accounting
LCAFS London College of Accounting and Finance
MDAS Maintenance Data Accounting System
MEGA Maintenance, Engineering, Grants and Accounting
MASB Malaysian Accounting Standard Board
MAAA Malaysian Association of Accounting Administrators
MAEST Management Accounting
MA Management Accounting
MMA Management Accounting and Analysis
MAD Management Accounting Division
MANGO Management Accounting for Non Governmental Organisations
MAS Management Accounting Software
MIDAS Management Information & Data Accounting System
MAO Managerial Accounting Office
MCA Managerial Cost Accounting
MAS Man-Day Accounting System
MHA Man-Hour Accounting
MARS Man-Hour Accounting & Reporting System
MAFA Manual for Activity Fund Accounting
MAPS Manufacturing, Accounting and Planning System
MBAR Market Based Accounting Research
MARS Marketing Accounting Reporting System
MAFA Master of Accounting and Financial Analysis
MAFM Master of Accounting and Financial Management
MMPA Master of Management & Professional Accounting
MSA Master of Science in Accounting
MSAF Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management
MACINTOSH Material Accounting Center
MAC Material Accounting Center
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Material Balance Accounting
MBA Material Balance Accounting
MFCA Material Flow Cost Accounting
MIAC Material Identification & Accounting Code
MMAS Material Management and Accounting System
MMA Material Measurement and Accounting
MPCA Material Protection, Control and Accounting
MARPS Measurement, Accounting, and Reporting Plan
MARP Measurement, Accounting, and Reporting Plan
MVA Measurement, Verification and Accounting
MAGIC Measuring and Accounting Intellectual Capital
MARK Mechanized Accounting and Record Keeping
MAAA Media Authentication Authorization and Accounting
MMAS Medical Materiel Accounting System
MAAT Member of Association of Accounting Technicians
MPAA Michigan Patient Accounting Association
MILSTRAP Military Standard Transaction Reporting & Accounting Procedure
MAU Million Accounting Units
MAEST Miscible Accounting
MA Miscible Accounting
MAMA Mobile Automatic Message Accounting
MACCS Movie Accounting Systems
MSPA MS in Professional Accounting (various schools)
MAIS Municipal Accounting and Information Systems
NAFIS NASA Accounting & Financial Information System
NASCO National Accounting Standards for Commercial Organizations
NAARS National Automated Accounting Research System
NCAS National Carbon Accounting System
NCAT National Carbon Accounting Toolbox
NCGA National Council on Governmental Accounting
NIAT National Institute of Accounting Technicians
NAU NATO Accounting Unit
NRAP Natural Resources Accounting Project
NAFC Navy Accounting and Finance Center
NAAP Network Access, Authentication, and Accounting Protocol
NDEA New Double Entry Accounting
NFMA New Finance and Management Accounting
NGAS New Government Accounting System
NASC Nonprofit Accounting Service Center
NUCWA Nuclear Weapons Accounting System
OGCA Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting
OCAM office, computing and accounting machinery
OMAS Official Mail Accounting System
OLTAS On-Line Tax Accounting System
ODFAP Ontario Dairy Farm Accounting Project
OBA Open Book Accounting
OSAS Open Systems Accounting Software
OSCAR Operational Support Cost Accounting Report
OCBOA Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting
PARS Partnership Accounting and Reporting Subsystem
PLCA Patient-Level Cost Accounting
SPRAY Payroll Accounting
POLYGON Payroll Accounting
PY Payroll Accounting
PCA Peachtree Complete Accounting
PFA Per-Flow Accounting
PFAQ Per-Flow Accounting Queue
PAS Personal Accounting System
PASR Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting
PAID Personnel Accounting Integrated Data
PAMI Personnel Accounting Machine Installation
PAS Personnel Accounting Symbol
PAS Personnel Accounting System
PAT Personnel Accounting Team
PSA Personnel Status Accounting
PAFM Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management
PAM Portfolio Accounting Management
PBCA Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting
PAS Primary Accounting System
POA Principles of Accounting
PARS Procurement Accounting & Reporting System
PAA-AND-RS Procurement Appropriation Accounting And Reporting System
PADR Production Accounting and Data Reconciliation
PCAS Production Cost Accounting System
PACE Professional Accounting Career Exploration
PMAC Professional Masters in Accounting
PCA Profit Center Accounting
PASD Program Accounting Services Division
PBSA Program Budget System Accounting
PA Project Accounting
PARS Project Accounting and Reporting System
PMA Project Management Accounting
PAA Property Accounting Activity
PAMS Property Accounting and Management System
PAB Property Accounting Branch
PAD Property Accounting Department
PAO Property Accounting Office
PAIRS Property Accounting, Inventory and Reporting System
PACU Provincial Accounting Control Unit
PA Public Accounting
PAF Public Accounting Firm
PCAO Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
PCAOB Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
PSA Public Sector Accounting
PSAAB Public Sector Accounting and Auditing Board
PCAM Punched Card Accounting Machine
PAA Purchase Accounting Adjustment
PPA Purchase Price Accounting
QAC Quality and Accounting Capsule
RAMAC Random Access Method of Accounting and Control
RTA Real Time Accounting
ROAR Recovery of Overpayments, Accounting and Reporting
RAO Regional Accounting Office
RASC Regional Accounting Service Center
RAP Regulatory Accounting Principles
RAB Resource Accounting and Budgeting
RCA Resource Consumption Accounting
RASFIARS Retail Army Stock-fund Financial Inventory Accounting and Reporting System
RPAM Retirement Points Accounting Management
RPAS Retirement Points Accounting System
RAM Revenue Accounting and Management
RACS Revenue Accounting Control System
RAS Revenue Accounting System
RMCA Revenue Management and Contract Accounting
RAP Russian Accounting Principles
RAS Russian Accounting Standard
RAW Rutger Accounting Web
RUAS Ryerson University Accounting Society
SAS Sales Accounting System
SAAC Security Assistance Accounting Center
SAS Service Accounting System
SATELLITE Service Accounting Team
SAT Service Accounting Team
SNAI Shanghai National Accounting Institute
SIVA Simplified Import VAT Accounting
SAS Slot Accounting System
SBA Small Business Accounting
SBAA Small Business Accounting and Advisory
SBAF Small Business Accounting and Finance
SBAP Small Business Accounting Professionals
SAM Social Accounting Matrix
SCAR Software Configuration Accounting Report
STARS Space Transportation Accounting and Resources System
SAB Staff Accounting Bulletin
STARS Standard Accounting and Reporting System
SACS Standard Accounting Classification Structure
SAPER Standard Accounting Practice/Procedure
SAP Standard Accounting Practice/Procedure
SABRS Standard Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting System
STARFIARS Standard Army Financial Inventory Accounting & Reporting System
SCAS Standard Configuration Accounting System
SMAS Standard Material Accounting Systems
STARS Standardized/Standard Accounting & Reporting System
SNAP Stanford Network for Accounting and Purchasing
SAAM State Administrative & Accounting Manual
STARS State Transaction Accounting and Reporting System
SSAC State’s Systems of Accounting and Control
SAS Statement of Accounting Standard
SFAS Statement of Financial Accounting Standards
SACRIFICE Statements of Accounting Concepts
SAC Statements of Accounting Concepts
SFAC Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts
SSARS Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services
STARS Statewide Accounting and Reporting System
SBSA Statewide Budgeting and Accounting System
SAPER Statutory Accounting Practices
SAP Statutory Accounting Practices
SAMA Step-by-Step Automatic Message Accounting
STKFA Stock Fund Accounting
SAA Storage Accounting Area
SFAM Strategic Force Accounting Module
SAAR Strength Accounting And Reporting
SAAH Student Attendance Accounting Handbook
SLA Subledger Accounting
SAMIS Supply Accounting Management Information System
SEEA System of Environmental and Economic Accounting
SNA System of National Accounting
SARA Systems Accounting & Resource Analysis
SFFA Systems for Financial Accounting, Inc.
TARAS Tax Accounting Risk Advisory Service
TIAM Taxation Investment Accounting Management
TDSA Technical Directive Status Accounting
TABS Telephone Accounting and Billing System
TRCAS Test Resources Cost Accounting System
TAS The Accounting Solution
TA Throughput Accounting
TPAR Throughput Accounting Ratio
TASA Total Aircraft Status Accounting
TAABS Totally Automated Accounting & Billing System
TOPMA Trace Outsourced Property Management Accounting
TCA Traditional Cost Accounting
TMAC TRADOC Manpower Accounting System
TAV Transit Accounting Version
TTASAG Trans-Tasman Accounting Standards Advisory Group
TOPAS Travel Order Preparation/Accounting System
TRACS Treasury Receivable Accounting & Collection System
TRAS Trouble Reporting and Accounting System
TITAN Trust Information & Transaction Accounting Network
TASB Turkish Accounting Standards Board
UCA Uniform Cost Accounting
UMAS Uniform Municipal Accounting System
USAS Uniform School Accounting System
USAS Uniform Statewide Accounting System
UNCEEA United Nations Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting
VAT Valid Accounting Transactions
VACFS Validated Accounting Code Feature
VATA Value Added Tax Accounting
VARS Vehicle Accounting and Reporting System
VFAS Vertical Force Accounting System
VAS Vietnamese Accounting Standards
VA Visual Accounting
WCAC Walsh College Accounting Club
WAM Waste Accounting Management
WCCCA Western Conference on College Cost Accounting
WAAS WHS Allotment Accounting System
WLANAS WLAN Accounting and Settlement
WCAH World Congress of Accounting Historians