Aircraft Abbreviations

An aircraft is a vehicle that has the ability to move through the air (that is, without being in contact with the surface or with water). Within this group , there are two types of machines that allow air travel: aerodynes (whose weight is greater than that of air and, therefore, must be able to sustain themselves through some mechanism) and aerostats (with a weight less than the air, float more easily).


The most common aircraft these days are aerodynamic vehicles. In this set, planes and helicopters stand out. As they are heavier than air, these aircraft must find lift. Depending on the system used, a distinction can be made between fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

Airships, which have lost popularity today, were the first aircraft. Its operation is based on the use of one or more tanks with a gas of lower density than air, which allows the aircraft to rise and float. Airships and balloons are examples of this type of aircraft.

When the aircraft can move outside the Earth’s atmosphere, it is called a spacecraft. These vehicles are composed of a rocket (with the fuel and engines that allow leaving the Earth ‘s atmosphere behind ) and the ship itself (which can be manned or not).

The choice of aircraft type depends on the trip you intend to make. To get a panoramic view of a place, you can use an aerostatic globe. If a person wants to travel from one continent to another, he will travel by plane. When a government wants to investigate another planet, it will send a special ship.

Aircraft Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Aircraft

ADAT Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies
ACAA Academic Center for Aging Aircraft
ACE Active Control Aircraft
APAS Active Passive Aircraft Survivability
AAI Adam Aircraft Industries
AAA Advanced Aircraft Analysis
AAAS Advanced Aircraft Armament System
AACF Advanced Aircraft Concept Formulation
AAES Advanced Aircraft Electrical System
AARS Advanced Aircraft Recovery System
ABSA advanced base support aircraft
ACA Advanced Cargo Aircraft
ACBA Advanced Carrier Based Aircraft
ACMA Advanced Civil/Military Aircraft
ACA Advanced Combat Aircraft
ACCA Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft
ALCA Advanced Light Combat Aircraft
AMSA Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft
ARIA Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft
ARWA Advanced Rotary Wing Aircraft
ASPA Advanced Strategic Penetrating Aircraft
ASTA Advanced Strategic Transport Aircraft
ASA Advanced Strike Aircraft
ASA Advanced Surveillance Aircraft
ATA Advanced Tactical Aircraft
ATAP Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection
ATSA Advanced Tactical Support Aircraft
ATCA Advanced Tanker Cargo Aircraft
ATA Advanced Technology Aircraft
ATRA Advanced Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft
ADELA Aerial Delivery of Effects from Lightweight Aircraft
ACAA Affordable COTS for Aging Aircraft
AAS Aging Aircraft Subsystem
AATSG Aging Aircraft Technical Steering Group
AAC Airborne Aircraft Controller
AACA Airborne Antisubmarine Warfare Coordination Aircraft
E2 Airborne Early Warning Aircraft
ARA Airborne Relay Aircraft
AUSTRIA Aircraft
ATTACK Aircraft
ANNUAL Aircraft
A Aircraft
AC Aircraft
ACFT Aircraft
AECL Aircraft & Equipment Configuration List
AAMA Aircraft & Missile Artillery
AACC Aircraft Accessories and Components Company
AAB Aircraft Accident Board
AAIB Aircraft Accident Investigation Board
AAIB Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau
AAR Aircraft Accident Report
AAA Aircraft Alert Area
AACE Aircraft Alerting Communications EMP
AAMA Aircraft And Missile Artillery
APACS Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System
AAE Aircraft Appliances and Equipment Ltd
AACS Aircraft Approach Control System
AAL Aircraft Approach Limitation
AAC Aircraft Armament Change
AAD Aircraft Armament Division
AAI Aircraft Armament Incorporated
AASE Aircraft Armament Suspension Equipment
ARM Aircraft Armorer
AAS Aircraft Arresting System
AAL Aircraft Assignment Letter
AAES Aircraft Assisted Escape Systems
AASP Aircraft ASW Search Patterns
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
AAIP Aircraft Availability Improvement Plan
AAMM Aircraft Availability Maintenance Model
AAM Aircraft Availability Model
ABRO Aircraft Base Radio Operator
ABAS Aircraft Based Augmentation Systems
ABL Aircraft Based Laser
ABDAR Aircraft Battle Damage Assessment and Repair
ABDR Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
ABDR Aircraft Battle Damage Report
ABSCS Aircraft Braking Systems Company
ABSC Aircraft Braking Systems Company
AC Aircraft Carrier
ACA Aircraft Carrier Alliance
ACE Aircraft Carrier Elevator
ACE Aircraft Carrier Engineering
ACES Aircraft Carrier Engineering Services
ACES Aircraft Carrier Engineering Study
CVIC Aircraft Carrier Intelligence Center
ACNS Aircraft Carrier Navigation System
CVV Aircraft Carrier, Medium Size
ACCESS AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services
ACB Aircraft Certification Board
ACD Aircraft Certification Directorate
ACFO Aircraft Certification Field Office
ACMT Aircraft Certification Management Team
ACO Aircraft Certification Office
ACOS Aircraft Certification Office Subsystem
ACPL Aircraft Certification Policy Letter
ACRP Aircraft Certification Regulatory Program
AIR Aircraft Certification Service
ACSEP Aircraft Certification Systems Evaluation Program
ACVD Aircraft Chart Viewing Device
ACN Aircraft Classification Number
ATTITUDE aircraft cockpit video
ACV aircraft cockpit video
ACTM Aircraft Collection Tasking Message
ACAS Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
AC Aircraft Commander
ACCOUNTING Aircraft Commander
ACCESSORY Aircraft Commander
ACC Aircraft Commander
ACFW Aircraft Commander Fixed Wing
ACE Aircraft Common Equipment
ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACAR Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACCD Aircraft Compatibility Control Drawing
ACMT Aircraft Component Management Team
ACS Aircraft Component Services
ACCESS Aircraft Computerized Equipment Support System
ACMS Aircraft Computerized Maintenance System
ACI Aircraft Condition Inspection
ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACN Aircraft Condition Notice
ACMR Aircraft Configuration Management Review
AC-AND-W Aircraft Control & Warning
ACW Aircraft Control & Warning
ACWS Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
ACWS Aircraft Control & Warning System
ACWO Aircraft Control and Warning Officer
ACR Aircraft Control Room
ACS Aircraft Control Surveillance
ACU Aircraft Control Unit
ACRO Aircraft Crashes Record Office
ACRP Aircraft Crashworthiness Research Program
ACS Aircraft Cross Servicing
ACSWP Aircraft Cross-Servicing Working Party
ADIT Aircraft Damage Investigation Team
ADR Aircraft Damage Repair
ADC Aircraft Damping Composite
ADIR Aircraft Data Insertion Retrieval
ADI Aircraft Data Interface
ADID Aircraft Data Interface Device
ADLP Aircraft Data Link Processor
ACDB Aircraft Database
ADN Aircraft Dealer Network
ADDCS Aircraft Decontamination/Deicing/Cleaning System
ADI Aircraft De-Ice and Inhibitor
ADAF Aircraft De-icing and Anti-icing Fluid
ADC Aircraft Delivery Center
ADU Aircraft Delivery Unit
ADAG Aircraft Design and AeroflightDynamics Group
ADTA Aircraft Development Test Activity
ADC Aircraft Directive Configuration
ADB Aircraft Discrepancy Book
ADR Aircraft Discrepancy Report
AD Aircraft Division
AES Aircraft Earth Station
AESS Aircraft Electrical Servicing System
AEA Aircraft Electronics Association
AES Aircraft Emissions Spectrometer
AELS Aircraft End-Of-Life Solutions
ACEE Aircraft Energy Efficiency
AEMS Aircraft Engine Management System
AEM Aircraft Engine Mechanic
AEM-2 Aircraft Engine Mechanic
AERL Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory
AEA Aircraft Engineering Artificer
AED Aircraft Engineering Division
AES Aircraft Engineering Squadron
AEA Aircraft Engineers Association
AEI Aircraft Engineers International
AESS Aircraft Environmental Surveillance System
AEMSWLM Aircraft Equipment Maintenance Squadron Williamtown
AVG Aircraft Escort Vessel
ACEVAL Aircraft Evaluation
AEG Aircraft Evaluation Group
AEP Aircraft Extension Program
AFRS Aircraft Fault Reporting System
ACF Aircraft File
AFF Aircraft Firefighting
AFMF Aircraft Fleet Marine Force
AFRA Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association
AFCS Aircraft Flight Control System
AFDA Aircraft Flight Developers Association
AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
AFMS Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement
AFO Aircraft Flight Operations
AFI Aircraft Friction Index
AGP Aircraft Gateway Processor
APG Aircraft General
AGS Aircraft Generation Squadron
AGE Aircraft Ground Equipment
AGL Aircraft Ground Light
AGSE Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
AGSEWG Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Working Group
AGP Aircraft Grounded for Parts
GAU Aircraft Gun Unit
ABHAN Aircraft Handling Airman, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ALCOHOL Aircraft Hangar
ACH Aircraft Hangar
AIRA Aircraft Icing Research Alliance
ACID Aircraft Identification
AI Aircraft Identification
AIMS Aircraft Identification Mode Selection
AID Aircraft Identification/Identifier
AIP Aircraft Improvement Program
AI Aircraft Incident
AIAS Aircraft Inertial Alignment System
AIMS Aircraft In-Flight Monitoring System
AIC Aircraft Information Correlation
AICP Aircraft Inspection Change Proposal
AI Aircraft Inspector
AIK Aircraft Installation Kit
AIRP Aircraft Instrumentation Research Program
AIS Aircraft Instrumentation Subsystem
AIDS Aircraft Integrated Data System
AIDS Aircraft Integrated Data Systems
AIMS Aircraft Integrated Munition System
AIDL Aircraft Intent Description Language
AID Aircraft Interface Device
AIT Aircraft Interface Tester
AIU Aircraft Interface Unit
AIP Aircraft Interior Products
AIX Aircraft Interiors Expo
AIMD Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
AIMD Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment
AIMD Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Division
AIR Aircraft Inventory Record
AIRS Aircraft Inventory Reporting System
AIR Aircraft Investor Resources
AJE Aircraft Jet Engine
ALAN Aircraft Landing Authorization Number
ALDF Aircraft Landing Dynamics Facility
ALG Aircraft Landing Gear
ALL Aircraft Landing Lamp
ALS Aircraft Landing System
ALAM Aircraft Large Area Maintenance
ALIAS Aircraft Laser Infrared Absorption Spectrometer
ALRE Aircraft Launch & Recovery Equipment
ALCO Aircraft Launch Control Officer
ALIC Aircraft Launcher Interface Computer
ALAD Aircraft Launching and Arresting Device
ALSE Aircraft Life Support Equipment
ALA Aircraft Load Agent
ALPS Aircraft Load Planning Software
ANALGESIA Aircraft Load Rating
ALR Aircraft Load Rating
ALA Aircraft Loading Agent
ACFTLOC Aircraft Location Product
ACL Aircraft Logbook
ALD Aircraft Logistics Department
ALERT Aircraft Low Energy Retrieval Technique
AMA Aircraft Maintenance Alert
AMOS Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System
AMARC Aircraft Maintenance and Recovery Center
AMD Aircraft Maintenance Department
AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
AMIT Aircraft Maintenance Intuitive Troubleshooting
AML Aircraft Maintenance License
AMMIS Aircraft Maintenance Management Information System
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manager
AMMIS Aircraft Maintenance Manpower Information System
AMM Aircraft Maintenance Manual
AMO Aircraft Maintenance Officer
AMOC Aircraft Maintenance Officer Course
AMOS Aircraft Maintenance Operations Simulation
AMP Aircraft Maintenance Program
AMS Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor
AMSE Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment
AMT Aircraft Maintenance Technology
AMT Aircraft Maintenance Training
AMU Aircraft Maintenance Unit
AMUST Aircraft Maintenance Unit Status Screen Product
AMC Aircraft Management Computer
AMRR Aircraft Material Readiness Report
AMFA Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association
AMT Aircraft Metals Technology
AMDAR Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay
AMB Aircraft Mishap Board
AMIC Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course
AMP Aircraft Mishap Prevention
AMR Aircraft Mishap Report
AMMP Aircraft Missile Maintenance Production
AMR Aircraft Mission Rehearsal
AMP Aircraft Modernization Program
AMIP Aircraft Modification and Integration Program
AMSS Aircraft Modular Survival System
AMAC Aircraft Monitor And Control
AMAC Aircraft Monitor Control
AMAA Aircraft Monitor Control
AMAS Aircraft Motion Analysis System
AMA Aircraft Movement Area
MVT Aircraft Movement Message
AND Aircraft Nose Down
ANU Aircraft Nose Up
ANP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
ANPP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project
AOBPS Aircraft Occupant Ballistic Protection System
ACOG Aircraft on Ground
AOG Aircraft On Ground
AOM Aircraft On Mechanical
AOS Aircraft on Station
AOL Aircraft Operating Limit
AOM Aircraft Operating Manual
AOP Aircraft Operational Program
AOG Aircraft Operationally Grounded
AOA Aircraft Operations Area
AOC-2 Aircraft Operations Center
AOC Aircraft Operations Center
AOM Aircraft Operations Manual
AO Aircraft Operator
AOSSP Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program
AOCP Aircraft Out of Commission for Parts
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
APA Aircraft Parking Area
APDC Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart
APS Aircraft Parts Store
APG Aircraft Performance Group
APM Aircraft Personality Module
APC Aircraft Pilot Control
API Aircraft Platform Interface
ACPO Aircraft Position Operator
APM Aircraft Power Monitor
APAF Aircraft Procurement, Air Force
APA Aircraft Procurement, Army
APN Aircraft Procurement, Navy
APS Aircraft Propeller Service, Inc
APSI Aircraft Propulsion Subsystem Integration
APF Aircraft Prototype Facility
AQC Aircraft Qualification Course
ACQ Aircraft Quality
AQ Aircraft Quality
ARTILLERY Aircraft Radar Turbulence
ART Aircraft Radar Turbulence
ARINC Aircraft Radio Incorporated
ARE Aircraft Reactor Equipment
ARE Aircraft Reactor Experiment
ARMS Aircraft Readiness Maintainability Simulator
ARM Aircraft Readiness Model
ARE Aircraft Recovery Equipment
ARTF Aircraft Recovery Task Force
ARRS Aircraft Refueling and Rearming Study
ARSC Aircraft Repair and Supply Center
AREP Aircraft Repair Enhancement Program
ARVH Aircraft Repair Ship
ARVA Aircraft Repair Ship
ARV Aircraft Repair Ship
ARCS Aircraft Requirements Computer System
ARFF Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
ARFF Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Foam
AVH Aircraft Rescue Boat
ARFF Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility
ARDU Aircraft Research and Development Unit
ARTC Aircraft Research and Testing Committee
ARM Aircraft Restrictions Manual
ARB Aircraft Review Board
ASOR Aircraft Safety Occurrence Report
ASM Aircraft Schematics Manual
ASSEMBLY Aircraft Schematics Manual
ASU Aircraft Sector Understanding
ASP Aircraft Self Protection
ASPA Aircraft Service Period Adjustment
ASD Aircraft Services Division
ASSAULT Aircraft Services Lemwerder GmbH
ASL Aircraft Services Lemwerder GmbH
ACS Aircraft Shelter
ASTR Aircraft Shield Test Reactor
ASRD Aircraft Shipment Readiness Date
ASD Aircraft Situation Display
ASCDB Aircraft Specific Configuration Database
ASD Aircraft Specific Data
VA Aircraft speed
ASM Aircraft Squadron Manning Document
ASSEMBLY Aircraft Squadron Manning Document
ASMD Aircraft Squadron Manning Document
ASM Aircraft State Message
ASSEMBLY Aircraft State Message
ASI Aircraft Station Interface
ASIM Aircraft Stores Interface Manual
ASIP Aircraft Structural Integrity Program
ASM Aircraft Structural Maintenance
ASSEMBLY Aircraft Structural Maintenance
ASPA Aircraft Structure Periodic Adjustment
SUBST Aircraft Subsystem Status Product
ASI Aircraft Supplementary Information
ASB Aircraft Support Branch
ASE Aircraft Survivability Equipment
ASET Aircraft Survivability Equipment Trainer
ASE Aircraft Survival Equipment
ACSS Aircraft Sustainment Squadron
ASW Aircraft Sustainment Wing
Z Aircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
EFFORT Aircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
EFFORT Aircraft Symbol Prefix Planning
Z Aircraft Symbol Prefix Planning
ASC Aircraft System Controller
ASI Aircraft System Interface
AST Aircraft System Trainer
AIRS Aircraft Systems
ASC Aircraft Systems Computer
ATDS Aircraft Tactical Display System
ATIMS Aircraft Tactical Information Management System
ATOS Aircraft Tape Operating system
ATP Aircraft Target Processor
ATL Aircraft Technical Library
AML Aircraft Technical Manual List
ATP Aircraft Technical Publisher
ATSA Aircraft Technical Support Association
ATSR Aircraft Technics Services La Rochelle
ATC Aircraft Test Committee
ASDAR Aircraft to Satellite Data Relay
ATF Aircraft Torque Factor
ATT Aircraft Total Time
ATTACHED Aircraft Total Time
ATV Aircraft Trailing Vortices
ATO Aircraft Transfer Order
ATK Aircraft Transport Kit
ATTACK Aircraft Transport Kit
YCV Aircraft Transportation Lighter
ATP Aircraft Type Rating
AUC Aircraft Utilization Code
AWOP Aircraft Waiting Operational Parts
ACWL Aircraft Warning Light
AWL Aircraft Warning Lights
AWS Aircraft Warning Service
AWS Aircraft Weapon System
AWSRPSIS Aircraft Weapons Systems Requirements & Production Status Information System
AWCP Aircraft Wing Command Post
AWIGG Aircraft Wiring and Inert Gas Generator
ACMI Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
VOS Aircraft, Heavier Than Air, Observation-Scouting
VSB Aircraft, Heavier Than Air, Scouting-Bombing
ATCS Aircraft/Airborne Tactical Control System
ACCB Aircraft/Airframe Configuration/Change Control Board
AES Aircraft/Airplane Evacuation Simulation
ASIST Aircraft/Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse System
AWE Aircraft/Weapons/Electronics
ACK Aircraftkiller
AC Aircraftman
APECS Aircraft-Powerplant Engineering Consultant Services, Inc
AEIS Aircraft-Store Electrical Interconnection System
ACW Aircraftwoman
AATS Aircrew/Aircraft Tasking System
AFAA Airman Apprentice, Aircraft Maintenanceman Striker
AMAA Airman Apprentice, Aircraft Structural Mechanic Striker
AFAN Airman, Aircraft Maintenanceman Striker
AMAN Airman, Aircraft Structural Mechanic Striker
AAII Alabama Aircraft Industries, Inc.
AAPA Alert Aircraft Parking Area
ACA All Composite Aircraft
AATS Alternate Aircraft Takeoff System
ABAA Amateur Built Aircraft Acceptance
AAAM American Association of Aircraft Manufacturers
AACS Anti Aircraft Control Station
AATS Anti Aircraft Target System
AA Anti-Aircraft
AAC Anti-Aircraft
AAA Antiaircraft Antiarmor
AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AAW Anti-aircraft Automatic Weapon
AAB Anti-Aircraft Balloon
AAB Anti-Aircraft Battery
AAC Antiaircraft Common
AADS Anti-Aircraft Defense System
AAFC Anti-Aircraft Fire Control
AAG Anti-Aircraft Gun
AAMG Antiaircraft Machine Gun
AAM Anti-Aircraft Missile
AAOC Anti-Aircraft Operations Center
AASD Antiaircraft Self-Destroying
AATC Anti-Aircraft Training Center
AAT Anti-Aircraft Turret
AAW Antiaircraft Warfare
AAWS Anti-Aircraft Warning System
CVS Anti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier
ATAR Antitank Aircraft Rocket
ARCTAS Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites
AASB Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch
AAAS Armored Antiaircraft System
AAM Army Aircraft Maintenance
AAMS Army Aircraft Maintenance Shop
AAI Arrival Aircraft Interval
AAA Assessment of Aircraft Attrition
ASAN Assessment System For Aircraft Noise
ALAE Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers
CVS ASW Aircraft Carrier
AIP ASW Improvement Program (P-3C aircraft)
AESA Atmospheric Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft
CVAN Attack Aircraft Carrier
CVA Attack Aircraft Carrier
AARG Australian Aircraft Restoration Group
ABAA Australian Business Aircraft Association
AAMM Automated Aircraft Material Management
AAMPS Automated Aircraft Mission Planning System
AARS Automated Aircraft Reporting System
ATALARS Automated Tactical Aircraft Launch & Recovery System
AAA Automatic Anti-Aircraft
ALARM Automatic Light Aircraft Readiness Monitoring
AAO Autonomous Aircraft Operations
ATTITUDE Auxiliary Aircraft Carriers (obsolete) (US Navy)
ACV Auxiliary Aircraft Carriers (obsolete) (US Navy)
AUSTRIA Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
AUTEST Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
AUT Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
ATTAC Availability Transformation: Tornado Aircraft Contract
ATAE Aviation Academy Training Aircraft Engineers for the Aviation Industry
ACAP Avionics for Composite Aircraft Plan
AAA Awaiting Aircraft Availability
BAA Backup Aircraft Authorization
BAI Backup Aircraft Inventory
BAL Basic Aircraft Limits
VMAX Basic Clean Aircraft Maximum CAS
BIACC Basic Integrated Aircraft Command & Control
BASH Bird/wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard
BARR Block Aircraft Registration Request
BOCCA Board for Coordination of Civil Aircraft
BBAD Bombardier Business Aircraft Division
BSART Bomber Strategic Aircraft Recovery Team
BACHELOR British Aircraft Corporation
BAC British Aircraft Corporation
BJAC Business Jet Aircraft Completions, Inc.
VMU Calibrated airspeed at and above which an aircraft can safely lift off
VLOF Calibrated airspeed at which an aircraft first becomes airborne
VEF Calibrated Airspeed at which the critical engine of a multi-engine aircraft is assumed to fail
CAAA California Agricultural Aircraft Association
CBAA Canadian Business Aircraft Association
CHAA Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association
CHAA Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
CRAC Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club, Inc
CAML Cargo Aircraft Mine Laying
CAO Cargo Aircraft Only
CARA Cargo And Rescue Aircraft
AKV Cargo Ship & Aircraft Ferry
CA Carrier Aircraft
CAINS Carrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System
CAM Carrier Aircraft Modification
CAPC Carrier Aircraft Plane Commander
CASD Carrier Aircraft Service Detachment
CVSA Carrier Vertical Strike Aircraft
CVN Carrier, Fixed Wing Aircraft, Nuclear
CASM Central Aircraft Systems Management
CASS Centralized Aircraft Support System
CMACO Certificate Management Aircraft Certification Office
CAIG Changhe Aircraft Industry Group
CAC Chengdu Aircraft Company
CLAMS Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites
AFC Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman
AMC Chief Aircraft Structural Mechanic
CAADRP Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Data Recording Programme
CARIBIC Civil Aircraft for Remote sensing and In-situ measurements In troposphere and lower stratosphere Based on the Instrumentation Container Concept
CALP Civilian Aircraft Landing Permit
CHAPS Climatic Heat Aircraft Protective System
CARMA Columbia Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Associates
CA Combat Aircraft
CALA Combat Aircraft Loading Area
CARDS Combat Aircraft Recording and Data System
CAT Combat Aircraft Technology
CCA Combat Coded Aircraft
COSA Combat Operational Support Aircraft
CAST Command Aircraft Systems Training
CACC Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd
CAMAA Commercial Application of Military Airlift Aircraft
CANADA Commercial Derivative Aircraft
CDA Commercial Derivative Aircraft
CAEE Committee on Aircraft Engine Emissions
CAS Common Aircraft Servicing
CPACS Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Schema
CSA Common Support Aircraft
CALL-TO-ACTION Common Tactical Aircraft
CTA Common Tactical Aircraft
CALL-TO-ACTION Companion Trainer Aircraft
CTA Companion Trainer Aircraft
CAFE Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency Foundation
CAPACITY Composite Aircraft Program
CAP Composite Aircraft Program
CAMP Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program
CANADA Concept Demonstrator Aircraft
CDA Concept Demonstrator Aircraft
CANADA Concept Development Aircraft
CDA Concept Development Aircraft
CANE Connecticut Aircraft Nuclear Experiment
CAC Consolidated Aircraft Corporation
CAM Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance
CAMS Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
CVAC Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation
CASS Control Aircraft Support System
CAPS Coordinated Aircraft Positioning System
CPAL Cost per Aircraft Landing
COIN Counterinsurgency Aircraft
CARTS Covert Aircraft Recovery Tracking System
CANADA Crash-Damaged Aircraft
CDA Crash-Damaged Aircraft
CMCA Cruise Missile Carrier Aircraft
DEAF Dallas Electric Aircraft Fliers
DARK Damaged Aircraft Recovery Kit
DBA Design Basis Aircraft
DAD Detailed Aircraft Decontamination
DESAPI Dial Eastern States Aircraft Painting Inc.
DAI Diamond Aircraft Industries
DAPO Diamond Aircraft Pilots’ Organization
DAA Direct Attack Aircraft
DAR Disabled Aircraft Recovery
DARTS Disabled Aircraft Recovery Transport System
DARRTS Disabled Aircraft Repair and Recovery Team
DACT Dissimilar Aircraft Combat Training
DAME Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment
DAC Douglas Aircraft Company
DAC Downed Aircraft
DART Downed Aircraft Recovery Team
DART Downed Aircraft Rescue Transmitter
DAART Downed Aviator and Aircraft Recovery Team
DAP Downlink of Aircraft Parameters
DAPS Downlink of Aircraft Parameters
DAOF Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility
DCA dual-capable aircraft
DARP Dynamic Aircraft Route Planning in Selected Airspace
EMALS Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System
EARS Electromagnetic Aircraft Recovery System
EAL Electronic Aircraft Log
ECAM Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor
EWAC Electronic Warfare Aircraft Commander
EWAN Electronic Warfare Aircraft Navigator
EAMS Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services
ELBA Emergency Location Beacon – Aircraft
EA Enemy Aircraft
ENFICA Environmentally Friendly Inter-City Aircraft
EBAA European Business Aircraft Association
EDSA European Distribution System Aircraft
EFA European Fighter Aircraft
ELA European Light Aircraft
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
EAAC Experimental Aircraft Association of Canada
EAP Experimental Aircraft Program
ELR extra-long-range aircraft
XH Extra-special Handling Service for Aircraft
FA Fairchild Aircraft
FACE Fighter Aircraft Communications Enhancement
FSA Fighter Support Aircraft
FREEDOM Fighter Support Aircraft
FAA First Aircraft Arrival
VA Fixed Wing, Heavier Than Air Aircraft, Attack
FRA Flight Refuelling Aircraft
FAMF Floating Aircraft Maintenance Facility
FAFCU Florida Aircraft Federal Credit Union
FFAR Folding-Fin Aircraft Rocket
FACA Force Aircraft Control Area
FFAR Forward-Firing Aircraft Rocket
FEA Four-Engine Aircraft
FCAM Franklin County Aircraft Modelers
KS Fuel Tanker/Anti-Submarine Aircraft designation
AF-1 Fury Attack Aircraft
FATE Future Aircraft Technology Enhancement
FAA Future Attack Aircraft
FCA Future Cargo Aircraft
FCBA Future Carrier Based Aircraft
FCBA Future Carrier Borne Aircraft
FLA Future Large Aircraft
FSTA Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft
GAC Galvanized Aircraft Cable
GAI General Aircraft Information
GDCA General Dynamics Convair Aircraft
GEAC General Electric Aircraft Engines
GPAD General Purpose Aircraft Dispenser
GANG Generic Aircraft Nitrogen Generator
GMAS Global Military Aircraft Systems
GRACC Global Ready Aircraft Commander Course
GAC Gloster Aircraft Company
GAI Grease, Aircraft, and Instruments
GITA Ground Instructional Training Aircraft
GOARK Ground Observer Aircraft Recognition Kit
GAPA Ground-to-Air Pilotless Aircraft
F-9 Grumman Cougar Fighter Aircraft
F-14 Grumman Tomcat Fighter Aircraft
GAR Guided Aircraft Rocket
GAMCO Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Company
HAAA Halton Aircraft Apprentice Association
HIAD Handbook of Instructions for Aircraft Designers
HAMC Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Company
HAMC Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter
HACLCS Harpoon Aircraft Command and Launch Control System
E-2C Hawkeye; Navy Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft
HAA Heavy Anti-Aircraft
HAA Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery
HLA Heavy Lift Aircraft
HOA Heavy Observation Aircraft
HAC Helicopter Aircraft Commander
HOSTAC helicopter operations from ships other than aircraft carriers (US DoD)
HAA High Activity Aircraft
HPA High Performance Aircraft
HPTTA High-Performance Twin-Tail Aircraft
HVAR High-Velocity Aircraft Rocket
HARP Historic Aircraft Restoration Projects
HARS Historical Aircraft Restoration Society
QUU Home Ship or Aircraft to Your Position
HACI Honda Aircraft Company, Inc.
HOAE Horizontally-Opposed Aircraft Engine
HAITI Hostile Aircraft
HA Hostile Aircraft
HAFEZ Hostile Aircraft Free Engagement Zone
HAC Hughes Aircraft Corporation
HASI Hughes Aircraft Systems International
HPAG Human Powered Aircraft Group
HPA Human-Powered Aircraft
HAC Hybrid Aircraft Corporation
HFA Hydrogen Fueled Aircraft
HALO Hypersonic Aircraft Launch Option
IDAC Impeller Driven Aircraft
IAA Inactive Aircraft Authorization
IAI Inactive Aircraft Inventory
IAHA Independent Aircraft Handling Association
IARC Individual Aircraft Record Card
IAT Individual Aircraft Tracking
IATP Individual Aircraft Tracking Program
ISADS Innovative Strategic Aircraft Design Study
IAC Instructor Aircraft Commander
IAAA Integrated Advanced Avionics for Aircraft
IRAC Integrated Resilient Aircraft Control
ITAC Integrated Tactical Aircraft Control
IAFI International Aircraft Friction Index
ICAM International Civil Aircraft Markings
ICAOPA International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
IMAA International Miniature Aircraft Association
IMAC International Model Aircraft Club
IRCA International Register of Civil Aircraft
ISTAT International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading
IACI Iran Aircraft Industries
IAI Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd.
JARS Jamming Aircraft & Radar Simulation
JAC Japan Aircraft Company
JADC Japanese Aircraft Development Corporation
JAMF Jet Aircraft Maintenance Fundamentals
JAN Jet Aircraft Noise
JASC Joint Aircraft-Stores Compatibility
JCA Joint Cargo Aircraft
JCA Joint Combat Aircraft
JPATS Joint Primary Aircraft Training System
JSSA Joint Stealth Strike Aircraft
JVX Joint Vertical Lift Aircraft
KAPCO Kirkhill Aircraft Parts Company
KCDC Korean Commercial Aircraft Development Consortium
LKER Laister-Kauffman Aircraft Corp.
LK Laister-Kauffman Aircraft Corp.
LSRA Landing Systems Research Aircraft
LAIRCM Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures
LARPS Large Aircraft Robotic Paint-Stripping System
LASU Large Aircraft Sector Understanding
LCA Large Civil Aircraft
LCA Large Commercial Aircraft
LFA Large Frame Aircraft
LAC Leading Aircraftman
LMAC Leicestershire Microlight Aircraft Club
LAE Licensed Aircraft Engineer
LAME Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
LAA Light Aircraft Association
CGLT Light Aircraft Carrier
CVL Light Aircraft Carrier
LAMS Light Aircraft Maintenance Schedule
LAMAC Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association of Canada
LAA Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery
LAAG Light Anti-Aircraft Gun
LAAM Light Antiaircraft Missile
LARA Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft
LCA Light Combat Aircraft
LIMA Light Mobility Aircraft
LOA Light Observation Aircraft
LSA Light Sport Aircraft
LAC Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
LAS Lockheed Aircraft Services
LMAA Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA
LEA Long Endurance Aircraft
LARGE Long Range Aircraft
LRG Long Range Aircraft
LRPA Long Range Patrol Aircraft
LRAACA Long-Range Air ASW Capable Aircraft
LRCA Long-Range Combat Aircraft
LOA Loss of Aircraft
LAA Low Activity Aircraft
LCA Low Cost Aircraft
LFA Low Flying Aircraft
LAADS Low-Altitude Aircraft Detection System
MAWL Magnetic Aircraft Weapons Link
MADS Main Aircraft Data System
MACC Maintenance Aircraft Coordination Center
MAR Major Aircraft Review
MAPS Manned Aircraft Planning System
MAW Marine Air/Aircraft Wing
MAG Marine Aircraft/Air Group
MRAALS Marine Remote Area Aircraft/Approach Landing System
MATDSS Maritime Aircraft Tactical Decision Support System
MPA Maritime Patrol Aircraft
MRA Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft
MSA Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
MFAA Massive Fire Power Aircraft
AFCM Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman
AMCM Master Chief Aircraft Structural Mechanic
MAPA Mature and Proven Aircraft
MDA McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft
MOZAIC Measurement of Ozone on Airbus In-service Aircraft
MAESA Measurements for Assessing the Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft
MAESA Measurements of the Atmospheric Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft Experiment
MAAM Medium Anti-Aircraft Missile
MMRCA Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft
MOA Medium Observation Aircraft
MRG Medium Range aircraft
MRTA Medium-Range Tactical Aircraft
MLA Microlight Aircraft
MWAS Mid-Western Aircraft Systems
MILCRAFT Military Aircraft
MAR Military Aircraft Release
MASD Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition
MTA Military Transport Aircraft
MTAD Military Transport Aircraft Division
MADS Miniature Aircraft Deployment System
MUA Miniature Unmanned Aircraft
MASS Minimum Aircraft Systems Performance Specifications
VMCA Minimum controllable airspeed of a multiengine aircraft with the critical engine windmilling and the operating engine developing maximum continuous power
MADES Missile Aircraft Difference Evaluation System
MOAT Missile on Aircraft Test
MSA Mission Support Aircraft
MAAS Mobile Aircraft Arresting System
MARS Modular Aircraft Refueling System
MASS Modular Aircraft Support System
MAAA Montana Antique Aircraft Association
MAUR Monthly Aircraft Utilization Report
MEA More Electric Aircraft
MAPO Moscow Aircraft Production Organization
MACINTOSH Multi Aircraft Control
MAC Multi Aircraft Control
MATE Multi Aircraft Training Environment
MANTA Multi Axis No Tail Aircraft
MRTA Multi Role Transport Aircraft
MSSA Multi Sensor Surveillance Aircraft
MMA Multi-Mission Aircraft
MMA Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft
MARS Multiple Aircraft Ramp System
CV Multi-purpose aircraft carrier
MRCA Multi-Role Combat Aircraft
MMAA Muscatine Miniature Aircraft Association
NAAA National Aircraft Appraisers Association
NAFA National Aircraft Finance Association
NARA National Aircraft Resale Association
NAS National Aircraft Standard
NCAA National Command Authority Aircraft
NEFMO Nato European Fighter Aircraft Development, Production and Logistics Management Organisation
NMPA NATO Maritime Patrol Aircraft
NAMMA NATO Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Development and Production Management Agency (now NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency)
NORMA Nature of the target, Obstacle clearance, Range to target, Multiple firing positions, Adequate area for proper dispersion between aircraft
NAWCAD Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
NAWCADLKE Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division, Lakehurst, NJ
NAWC-AD Naval Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Division
NA Naval Aircraft
NADU Naval Aircraft Delivery Unit
NARF Naval Aircraft Rework/Refit Facility
VT Navy & Marine Training Aircraft Squadron
NAIRS Navy Aircraft & Readiness System
NAPD New Aircraft Process Document
NEFA New European Fighter Aircraft
NGLA New Generation Large Aircraft
NLA New Large Aircraft
NGLA Next Generation Large Aircraft
RIVET Nickname for HQ USAF Programs Usually for Special Aircraft Missions
NAMC Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Company
NDAA Non-Developmental Airlift Aircraft
NOA Non-Operating Aircraft
NOAA Non-Operating Aircraft Authorization
NSDA non-self deployment aircraft
NSDAB Non-Self-Deployable Aircraft & Boats
NEPA Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
NTA Nuclear Test Aircraft
OSSA Ocean Surveillance Aircraft
OAS Office of Aircraft Services
OMAO Office of Marine and Aircraft Operations
OAMP Off-line Aircraft Management Program
OMAC Old Man’s Aircraft Company
OATP On-Aircraft Test Procedures
OSA Operational Support Aircraft
OAMP Optical Aircraft Measurements Program
OPARS Optimum Path Aircraft Routing System
OCTA Outsized Cargo Tanker Aircraft
PANAM Parametric Aircraft Noise Analysis Module
PASS Parked Aircraft Sentry System
PASS Passive Aircraft Status System
PATL Patrol Aircraft Test Laboratory
PAA Peripheral Attack Aircraft
PADA Personal Aircraft Design Academy
PAU Pilotless Aircraft Unit
PTA Pilotless Target Aircraft
PACU Portafoamer Aircraft Cleaning Unit
PLRACTA Position Location Reporting & Control of Tactical Aircraft
PWA Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
PAACE Precision Aircraft Armament Control Experiment
PAM Predictive Aircraft Maintenance
PAMS Predictive Aircraft Maintenance System
PRAM Preliminary Reports of Aircraft Mishaps
PSA Presidential Support Aircraft
PAA Primary Aircraft Assigned
PAA Primary Aircraft Authorization
PAA Primary Aircraft Authorized
PAI Primary Aircraft Inventory
PATS Primary Aircraft Training System
PAA Primary Assigned Aircraft
PDAI primary development/test aircraft inventory
POAI Primary Other Aircraft Inventory
PARS Prioritization of Aircraft Reparables
PAES Private Aircraft Enforcement System
PLOA Probability of Loss of Aircraft
PAM Procurement, Aircraft & Missiles
PAA Professional Aircraft Accessories, Inc
PTA Proficiency Training Aircraft
PAA Programmed Aircraft Authorization
PARC Progressive Aircraft Reconditioning Cycle
PAR Progressive Aircraft Rework
PCA Propulsion Controlled Aircraft
PAS Protected Aircraft Shelter
Y Prototype Aircraft Designation
PAS Pseudo Aircraft Simulation
PHAS Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society
PWAM Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
QRA Quick Reaction Aircraft
QAC Quickie Aircraft Corp
QAA Quiet Aircraft Association
RRA Radio Relay Aircraft
RAMP Ready Aircraft Maintainer Program
RBA Ready Basic Aircraft
RTIA Real-Time Information to Aircraft
RA Reconnaissance Aircraft
RRA Refitted and Retired Aircraft
RACS Regional Aircraft Customer Support
RCA Remote Controlled Aircraft
ROA Remotely Operated Aircraft
RPA Remotely Piloted Aircraft
RAVE Research Aircraft for Visual Environment
RACE Restoration of Aircraft to Combat Effectiveness
RA Robot Aircraft
RWA Rotary-Wing Aircraft
RAE Royal Aircraft Establishment
RAEP Royal Aircraft Establishment, Pyestock
RIA Runway Independent Aircraft
RSKS Russian Aircraft Corporation
RSK Russian Aircraft Corporation
SASS SAC Aircraft Security System
SAFA Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft
SMAKR Scale Model Aircraft Kit Reviews
SACRIFICE Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
SAC Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
SBD Scout Bomber – Douglas Aircraft
SACO Seattle Aircraft Certification Office
SMAW Second Marine Aircraft Wing
SIAM Self-Initiated Antiaircraft Missile
SPAA Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft
SCAMP Self-Propelled Crane for Aircraft Maintenance and Positioning
SACRIFICE Senior Aircraftman
SAC Senior Aircraftman
AFCS Senior Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman
AMCS Senior Chief Aircraft Structural Mechanic
SAAB Separate Anti-Aircraft Battalion
SAMF Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
SPAM Shelter, Protective, Aircraft Maintenance
SACRIFICE Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
SAC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
SAFEDI Ship-Aircraft Airwake Analysis for Enhanced Dynamic Interface
SRT Short Range Transport Aircraft
SRG Short-Range Aircraft
SCA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
STA Shuttle Training Aircraft
SAW Signal Aircraft Warning
SACRIFICE Sikorsky Aircraft Company
SAC Sikorsky Aircraft Company
SAI Silent Aircraft Initiative
SSEA Simple Single Engine Aircraft
SAILS Simplified Aircraft Instrument Landing System
SAPA Simplified Aircraft-Based Paired Approach
SALE Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise
SAAP Single Aircraft Accident Prevention
SEA Single Engine Aircraft
SABA Small Agile Battlefield Aircraft
SADE Small Aircraft Diagnostic Equipment
SAMA Small Aircraft Manufacturers Association
SATS Small Aircraft Transportation Systems
STAT Small Transport Aircraft Technology
SUSAN Smart Ultrasonic System for Aircraft NDE
SMLA South Mississippi Light Aircraft
SUMPAC Southampton University Man Powered Aircraft
SMMAC Southern Minnesota Model Aircraft Club
COOT Soviet IL-18 Aircraft
SPA Spaces Per Aircraft
SAAR Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required
SASS Special Aircraft Service Shop
SASS Special Aircraft Service Store
SEMA Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
S-LSA special light-sport aircraft
SLSA Special Light-Sport Aircraft
SOA Special Operations Aircraft
SPAR Special Progressive Aircraft Re-Work
SPA Special Purpose Aircraft
SAM Specialized Aircraft Maintenance
SMA Specialized Mission Aircraft
SAMEO Squadron Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Officer
SACRIFICE Standard Aircraft Characteristics
SAC Standard Aircraft Characteristics
SAG Strategic Aircraft Generation
SART Strategic Aircraft Reconstitution Team
STREAM Stratosphere-Troposphere Experiments by Aircraft Measurements
SATD Strike Aircraft Test Directorate
SIOP Structural Improvement of Operational Aircraft
SAIT Student Aircraft Interface Trainer
SLAAM Submarine Launched Anti-Aircraft Missile
SUCCESS Subsonic Aircraft: Contrail & Cloud Effects Special Study
SCA Sukhoi Civil Aircraft
SCAR Supersonic Cruise Aircraft Research
SAMC System Aircraft Maintenance Control
TACAP Tactical Air Command Aircraft Profiler
TACA Tactical Airborne Controller Aircraft
TACAIR Tactical Aircraft
TACDEP Tactical Aircraft Development And Evaluation Program
TAGS Tactical Aircraft Guidance System
TAMC Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Company
TAMS Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
TAMPS Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
TAMMAC Tactical Aircraft Moving Map Capability
TAS Tactical Aircraft Survivability
TASA Tactical Attack and Strike Aircraft
RFX Tactical Experimental Reconnaissance Aircraft
TRAP Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel
K Tanker Aircraft Designation
TRACE Taxing and Routing of Aircraft Coordinating Equipment
TAA Technologically Advanced Aircraft
TRAC Telescoping Rotor Aircraft
TAPS TERCOM Aircraft Positioning System
TASA Terminal Area Support Aircraft
TCMAA Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association
TRRA Tilt Rotor Research Aircraft
TMAA Tofield Miniature Aircraft Association
TIARA Tornado Integrated Avionics Research Aircraft
TAAA Total Active Aircraft Authorization
TAAI Total Active Aircraft Inventory
TAA Total Aircraft Authorization
TAI Total Aircraft Inventory
TASA Total Aircraft Status Accounting
TIA Total Inactive Aircraft
TIAA Total Inactive Aircraft Authorization
TOAA Total Overall Aircraft Authorization
E-1B Tracer Electronic Warfare Aircraft
TCA Trainer/Cargo Aircraft
CVT Training Aircraft Carrier
AVT Training Aircraft Carrier
TEAM Training to Enhance Aircraft Maintenance
TRANSLATOR Transient Aircraft Summary Product
TRANS Transient Aircraft Summary Product
TACT Transonic Aircraft Technology
TAD Transport Aircraft Directorate
TAM Transportation Aircraft Maintenance
TAMB Transportation Aircraft Maintenance Battalion
TBA Transport-Based Aircraft
TTMAC Trinidad & Tobago Model Aircraft Club
TEA Twin Engine Aircraft
ULAA Ultra Light Aircraft Association
ULR Ultra Long Range Aircraft
UL Ultralight Aircraft
URA Ultra-Reliable Aircraft
UATC United Aircraft and Transport Corporation
UABC United Aircraft Building Corporation
UAC United Aircraft Corporation
USAA United States Aircraft Appraiser
USAIG United States Aircraft Insurance Group
UKRAINE Unmanned Aircraft
UMA Unmanned Aircraft
UAS Unmanned Aircraft System
UFA Unmanned Fighter Aircraft
UTA Unmanned Tactical Aircraft
USAF US Aircraft Finance
PBY US Navy medium to heavy twin amphibious aircraft used for maritime patrol, water bomber, and search and rescue
VSRA V/Stol Systems Research Aircraft
VISTA Variable-Stability Inflight Simulator Test Aircraft
VLAED Very Large Aircraft
VLA Very Large Aircraft
VLR Very Long Range aircraft
VORTAC VHF Omnidirectional Range/Tactical Aircraft Control
VRTA Vibration Reduction Test Aircraft
VAL Visiting Aircraft Line
WAA Wartime Aircraft Activity
WAAR Wartime Aircraft Activity Report
WACO Weaver Aircraft Co.
WADL Wireless Aircraft Data Link
WAAS World Aircraft Accident Summary
WCAA World Commercial Aircraft Accidents
WAPA Worldwide Aircraft Propeller Association
XAC Xian Aircraft Company
YV Yardcraft, Drone Aircraft Catapult Control Craft
ZAP Zero Antiaircraft Potential