Meaning of RPG

What is RPG?

RPG is the English acronym of Role-Playing Game, is a genre of video games.

It consists of a type of game in which players play the role of a character in a fictional scenario. It is a different game from the conventional ones, because there are no winners or losers.
RPG games stimulate imagination and logical reasoning, develop creativity, interpersonal relationships and mutual cooperation.

Each game, also called “session” or “adventure”, will have the plot defined by the player, by means of a certain system, that is, a set of rules defined for each character. The decision of each will influence the fate of the game.

In general, each adventure consists of a Master and the remaining players. The Master has the responsibility to create the story, the scenario, the time, introduce secondary characters and judge the actions of the main characters, according to the game system. Players are responsible for creating and controlling their own character during the game.

The most common RPG forms are: Traditional (or table RPG), where actions are described orally; Live Action, where the characters characterize and interpret their roles bodily; Adventure-solo, where a single player walks through a book.

Online RPG games have different modes and allow multiplayer remote participation.

In addition to live action, there are also Turn Based RPGs where, just like in chess, the player has time to make his move and establish his strategy.

Some of the most famous RPGs are Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, DragonQuest, Dark Souls, The Witcher, Dragon Age: Origins, World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Chrono Trigger, etc.

In the scope of physical therapy, there is the expression of RPG physiotherapy, a method of posture correction.

Other Meanings of RPG

Acronym Definition
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RPG Radiation Protection Guide
RPG Radioisotope Power Generator
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RPG Reflection Phase Grating
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RPG Relapse Prevention Group
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RPG Renegade Programming Group
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RPG Report Program Generator
RPG Research Planning Group/Guide
RPG Research Policy Group
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RPG Research Program Grant
RPG Resistance Protein Gene
RPG Resource Protection Group
RPG Respiratory Pattern Generator
RPG Retrograde Pyelogram
RPG Reuse Planning Group
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RPG Rocket-Propelled Grenade
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