Meaning of BPC

What is BPC?

BPC stands for Continuous Social Assistance Benefit, a type of monthly aid equivalent to a minimum wage that the National Social Security Institute (INSS) provides for:

  • Elderly aged 65 years or over;
  • People with disabilities and incapacitated for work.

In both cases, the beneficiary must prove that the family income is less than a quarter of the current minimum wage.

What does bpc stand for

The BPC is a citizen’s right guaranteed in article 203 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 and, as such, access to the benefit does not imply any contribution to Social Security.

The administration of the BPC is in charge of the Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger (MDS) and the financial resources come from the National Social Assistance Fund (FNAS).

In order to request the BPC, the applicant must make an appointment at an INSS Agency near the residence or through the Internet. On the date and time set, you must present the following documents:

  • CPF
  • A personal identification document chosen from the following: Identity card, Certificate of birth or marriage, Certificate of reservation or Work and social security card.
  • Forms of Application for Benefit Assistance and Declaration on Group Composition and Family Income (available from INSS Agencies).

Payment of the benefit is made directly to the beneficiary or his / her legal representative through the authorized bank.

Other Meanings of BPC

Acronym Definition
BPC Back Pressure Control
BPC Bad Pool Caller
BPC Baghdad Police College
BPC Bali Promotion Center
BPC Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation
BPC Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation
BPC Banque Parisienne de Crédit
BPC Banque Populaire de Chine
BPC Barometric Pressure Control
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BPC Bataillon Parachutistes Coloniaux
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BPC Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation
BPC Bayesian Predictive Compensation
BPC Berklee Performance Center
BPC Berserk Postal Clerks
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BPC Best Practices Clearinghouse
BPC Bi-Phase Coding
BPC Bible Presbyterian Church
BPC BigPond Cable
BPC Biological Pest Control
BPC Biology, Physics, Chemistry
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BPC Black People’s Convention
BPC Black Powder Coat
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BPC Blois Poker Club
BPC Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques
BPC Book & Periodical Council of Canada
BPC Boost Protective Cover
BPC Booster Preamplifier Card
BPC Bordeaux Poker Club
BPC Border Protection Command
BPC Bournemouth and Poole College
BPC Brewton-Parker College
BPC British Pharmaceutical Codex
BPC British Phosphate Commission
BPC British Potato Council
BPC British Poultry Council
BPC Broadening Participation in Computing
BPC Brown Printing Company
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BPC Building Partnership Capacity
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BPC Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemical
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