Chinese Abbreviations

Chinese (汉语 / 漢語, Pinyin : Hànyǔ; 中文, Huáyǔ or 中文, Zhōngwén ) can be considered as a separate language , but also as a language family , as it is a collection of local languages ​​spoken by the Chinese Han ethnic group . It is one of the languages ​​forming the Sino-Tibetan language family . The various variants (also known as dialects) of Chinese are the native language of about one-sixth of the world’s population, or more than one billion people.


Linguistically, the question of whether Chinese is a “language” or a ” dialect ” is debatable. As a language family, the Chinese language includes nearly 1.2 billion people; Chinese Mandarin alone has about 851 million native speakers, numerically superior to any other language in the world.

Spoken Chinese is characterized by a high level of internal diversity, although all spoken varieties are tonal and analytical . The main regional language groups are between six and twelve (depending on the classification scheme), of which the Mandarin group is the most numerous (885 million), [1] followed by the Wu group (90 million), Min (70 million). and Cantonese (70 million). The difference between most of these groups is greater than even between individual Indo-European languages , although some such as the Xiang dialects and southwestern mandarin, have common expressions and are to some extent mutually intelligible.

Chinese is classified as a macro -language with thirteen sub-languages ​​in ISO 639-3, although the question of how Chinese language varieties should be defined – as many “languages” or as “dialects” in a single language – is not yet fully clarified .

The common form of spoken Chinese is the standard mandarin “普通话 / 普通話” ( pinyin : pǔtōnghùa); 国语 / 國語 ( pinyin : gúoyǔ) ”based on the Beijing dialect. Standard Mandarin is the official language of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan , and one of Singapore ‘s four official languages .

Chinese, the de facto standard Mandarin, is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations.

Among other varieties, Standard Cantonese is widespread and influential in various overseas communities and remains one of the official languages ​​in Hong Kong (along with English) and Macau (along with Portuguese). Min Nan, part of the Chinese language group Min, is widespread in southern Fujian, Taiwan (where it is known as Taiwanese or Hoklo) and in Southeast Asia (predominant in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines and known there as Hokkian).

In Chinese, as in all other languages, there is a grammatical norm that must be followed. There are tenses, pronouns, particles, verbs, participles and more. But why do some say that grammar in Chinese is easier than other languages? Well, that’s why – the grammar in Chinese is smaller in volume and explained by formulas. This makes memorization much easier. The only difficult part of it remains the phonetics . There is no alphabet in Chinese phonetics, there is a pin-in table . In it the letters (initials) are arranged by position in the human mouth. For example , b, p, m, f fall on the lips, and j, q, x fall far back in the mouth.


List of Acronyms Related to Chinese

ACCHS Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences
APEPCY AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth
ACCSA Algonquin College Chinese Students’ Association
AACP American Association of Chinese Professionals
ALPHABET American Born Chinese
ABC American Born Chinese
ACPA American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association
ACPA American Chinese Professionals Association
AJCM American Journal of Chinese Medicine
AJCS American Journal of Chinese Studies
AJC Anglo-Chinese Junior College
ACS Anglo-Chinese School
ACSI Anglo-Chinese School
ACSB Anglo-Chinese School Barker Road
ACASA Archives of the Chinese Art Society of America
ACSA Argonne Chinese Scholars Association
ACPA Associate of Chinese Photographic Association
ABACUS Association for British and Chinese University Students
ACMR Association for Chinese Research
ACA Association of Chinese Americans
ACCE Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs
ACCP Association of Chinese Canadian Professionals
ACFP Association of Chinese Finance Professionals
ACPA Association of Chinese Philosophers in America
ACSE Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers
ACSSY Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale
ANCCS Association of Northern California Chinese Schools
AUCM Atlantic University of Chinese Medicine
ACABS Australia Chinese Association for Biomedical Sciences Inc.
ALPHABET Australian Born Chinese
ABC Australian Born Chinese
ACBA Australian Chinese Basketball Association
ACSA Australian Chinese Soccer Association Ltd
ARCC Awareness of Roots in Chinese Culture
BTCM Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
BECOME Bad Chinese Movie
BCM Bad Chinese Movie
BCLA Beijing Chinese Language Academy
BCEA Birmingham Chinese Evergreen Association
BACS British Association of Chinese Studies
BBC British Born Chinese
BCLTS British Chinese Language Teaching Seminar
CCPC Calgary Chinese Pentecostal Church
CICPA California Institute for Chinese Performing Arts
CCSA Caltech Chinese Student Association
CCCC Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture
CCCC Cambridge Chinese Community Centre
CCCA Canada Chinese Computer Association
CBC Canadian Born Chinese
CSCMA Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
CCBS Center for Chinese Business Studies
CCS Center for Chinese Studies
CCCCP Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
CCLC Centre for Chinese Language and Culture
CCHM Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine
CUTCM Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
CCBC Chicago Chinese Bridge Club
CNSCS Chicago Northwest Suburban Chinese School
CHIN Chinese
CAAE Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering
CAAMS Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences
CAAS Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
CAE Chinese Academy of Engineering
CAFS Chinese Academy of Fishery Science
CAMS Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
CAS Chinese Academy of Sciences
CASIA Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Automation
CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
CAST Chinese Academy of Space and Technology
CATT Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology
CAST Chinese Acute Stroke Trial
CAAV Chinese Agkistrodon Acutus Venom
CATM Chinese Agricultural Technical Mission
CAF Chinese Air Force
CAC Chinese Alliance Church
CACV Chinese Alliance Church of Victoria
CAAA Chinese American Abacus Association
CAAPS Chinese American Academic and Professional Society
CAACME Chinese American Association of Corrosion and Materials Engineers
CACA Chinese American Citizens Alliance
CADA Chinese American Dietetic Association
CAISS Chinese American Information Storage Society
CALA Chinese American Librarians Association
CAMS Chinese American Medical Society
CAPS Chinese American Physicians Society
CASPA Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association
CAUSE Chinese Americans United for Self Empowerment
CAC Chinese Annual Conference
CASA Chinese Art Society of America
CMI Chinese as the Medium of Instruction
CASB Chinese Association at Stony Brook
CADC Chinese Association Dance Crew
CADB Chinese Association Dragon Boat
CASB Chinese Association for Science and Business, Inc.
CASFLT Chinese Association for Sino-Foreign Literary Theory
CACH Chinese Australian Cultural Heritage
CBC Chinese Baptist Church
CBA Chinese Basketball Alliance
CBA Chinese Basketball Association
CBCS Chinese Bible Church of Springfield
CBIS Chinese Biodiversity Information System
CBC Chinese Born in Canada
CBC Chinese Bowling Congress
CBII Chinese Boxing Institute International
CBETA Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association
CBTA Chinese Business and Technology Association
CBAA Chinese Business Association of Atlanta
CBSA Chinese Business Student Association
CCPA Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association
CCCOPS Chinese Canadian Culture Online Project
CCHF Chinese Canadian Heritage Fund
CCMMS Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society
CCNC Chinese Canadian National Council
CCSV Chinese Cancer Society of Victoria, Inc.
CCBC Chinese Catholic Bishops College
CCDC Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CCOC Chinese Chamber of Commerce
CCS Chinese Chemical Society
CCDI Chinese Child Developmental Inventory
CCAI Chinese Children Adoption International
CCSR Chinese Choral Society of Rochester
CCBLS Chinese Christian Basketball League
CCBL Chinese Christian Basketball League
CIVIL Chinese Christian Church
CCC Chinese Christian Church
CCCC Chinese Christian Church and Center
CCCV Chinese Christian Church of Victoria
CCHC Chinese Christian Herald Crusades
CCIM Chinese Christian Internet Mission
CCI Chinese Christian Internet Mission
CCLW Chinese Christian Life Web
CCM Chinese Christian Mission
CCIA Chinese Christians in Action
CCMD Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders
CHICOM Chinese Communist
CCF Chinese Communist Forces
CCP Chinese Communist Party
CCPC Chinese Communist Party Congress
CCPT Chinese Communist Party of Thailand
CIVIL Chinese Community Church
CCC Chinese Community Church
CCHP Chinese Community Health Plan
CCBA Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association
CCDC Chinese Control and Decision Conference
CIVIL Chinese Control Conference
CCC Chinese Control Conference
CCPT Chinese Copy-Paste Technology
CCCN Chinese Crested Club of Nashville
CCA Chinese Cultural Association
CCHN Chinese Cultural Heritage Network
CIVIL Chinese Culture Center
CCC Chinese Culture Center
CIVIL Chinese Culture Club
CCC Chinese Culture Club
CCA Chinese Cycling Association
CDEF Chinese Democracy Education Foundation
CDR Chinese Depositary Receipts
CDAC Chinese Development Assistance Council
CDN Chinese Domain Name
CDNC Chinese Domain Name Consortium
CD Chinese Dragon
CES Chinese Economists Society
CE Chinese Economy
CERN Chinese Ecosystem Research Network
CETSC Chinese Educational Technology Standardization Committee
CEPS Chinese Electronic Periodical Services
CESI Chinese Electronic Standardization Institute
CESA Chinese Engineering Students’ Association
CEFC Chinese Evangelical Free Church
CEA Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
CEFR Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor
CFDA Chinese Fashion Designers Association
CFL Chinese Federation of Labor
CFETP Chinese Field Epidemiology Training Program
CFD Chinese Fire Drill
CF Chinese Food
CFA Chinese Football Association
CAA Chinese for Affirmative Action
CFSS Chinese Foundation Secondary School
CGH Chinese General Hospital
CGBC Chinese Gospel Broadcasting Center
CGCM Chinese Gospel Church of Massachusetts
CGSP Chinese Government Scholarship Programme
CGSA Chinese Graduate Student Association
CGA Chinese Gymnastics Association
CHCE Chinese Hamster Corneal Epithelial
CHL Chinese Hamster Lung
CHO Chinese Hamster Ovary
CHOB Chinese Hamster Ovary B
CHT Chinese Hamster Testes
CHKA Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy
CHFLS Chinese Health and Family Life Survey
CHQ Chinese Health Questionnaire
CHECKMATE Chinese Herbal Medicine
CHM Chinese Herbal Medicine
CHC Chinese Heritage Centre
CHS Chinese High School
CHCP Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
CHSA Chinese Historical Society of America
CHCF Chinese Hospital Christian Fellowship
CID Chinese Imperial Dog
CIBC Chinese Independent Baptist Church
CIAC Chinese Information & Advice Centre
CICPA Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
CIC Chinese Institute of Communication
CIEE Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering
CIE Chinese Institute of Electronics
CIE Chinese Institute of Engineers
CIEL Chinese Institute of European Languages
CIS Chinese International School
CIFCS Chinese Internet for Christ
CJK Chinese Japanese Korean
CJEBM Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine
CJSTI Chinese Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections
CL Chinese Language
CLCC Chinese Language and Culture Center
CLC Chinese Language Center
CLE Chinese Language Education
CLP Chinese Language Program
CLS Chinese Language Society
CLTE Chinese Language Teacher Education
CLTA Chinese Language Teachers Association
CLT Chinese Language Teaching
CHI Chinese Language/Langue Chinois
CLE Chinese Linux Extension
CLEAR Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews
CLEP Chinese Lunar Exploration Program
CMPP Chinese Man Page Project
CMDC Chinese MARC Data Center
CMTL Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd.
CMA Chinese Martial Arts
CMAI Chinese Martial Arts Institute
CMS Chinese Mathematical Society
CMO Chinese Mathematics Olympiad
CMES Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
CMA Chinese Medical Association
CMDC Chinese Medical Development Center
CMDA Chinese Medical Doctor Association
CMEF Chinese Medical Equipment Fair
CMJ Chinese Medical Journal
CMMRC Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre
CMPAC Chinese Medicinal Plants Authentication Centre
CMRB Chinese Medicine Registration Board
CMPH Chinese Ministry of Public Health
CMA Chinese Morphological Analyzer
CMBA Chinese Mountain Biking Association
CMAA Chinese Mutual Aid Association
CHINAT Chinese National
CNAIC Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce
CNEEA Chinese National Export Enterprises Association
CNFI Chinese National Federation of Industries
CNOOC Chinese National Overseas Oil Company, Ltd.
CNS Chinese National Standard
CNSF Chinese Natural Science Foundation
CNP Chinese New Party
CNY Chinese New Year
CNYE Chinese New Year Extravaganza
CNSC Chinese Newcomers Service Center
CNASA Chinese North American Sports Association
COC Chinese Olympic Committee
CO Chinese Orchestra
CPCA Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association
CPPCC Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
CPAA Chinese Performing Artists of America
CPAI Chinese Personality Assessment Inventory
CPC Chinese Petroleum Corp
CPP Chinese Philosophy Page
CPE Chinese Pidgin English
CPOP Chinese Pop
CPP Chinese Postman Problem
CPRS Chinese Predicate Recognition System
CPN Chinese Professional Networks
CPAEA Chinese Professionals and Entrepreneurs Association
CPCA Chinese Professionals Club of Australia
CPGIS Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Systems
CPN Chinese Professionals in Norway
CPA Chinese Progressive Association
CQM Chinese Quantum Method
CREAA Chinese Real Estate Association of America
CREIS Chinese Real Estate Index System
CRPF Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation
CRCF Chinese Red Cross Foundation
CRC Chinese Remainder Code
CRT Chinese Remainder Theorem
CREIA Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association
CRAES Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
CRN Chinese Restaurant News
CRS Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
CRA Chinese Room Argument
CSB Chinese Science Bulletin
CSDL Chinese Science Digital Library
CSEPA Chinese Scientists, Engineers and Professionals Association
CSA Chinese Securities Association
CSC Chinese Shao-Lin Center
CSRO Chinese Silkroad Online
CSTAR Chinese Small Telescope Array
CSM Chinese Society for Metals
CSSD Chinese Society for Sustainable Development
CSSSM Chinese Society for the Study of Sexual Minorities
CSAA Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
CSCO Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology
CSC Chinese Society of Cryptography
CSPRS Chinese Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
CST Chinese Society of Traumatology
CSPA Chinese Software Professionals Association
CSTSC Chinese Spontaneous Telephone Speech Corpus
SETC Chinese State Economic and Trade Commission
CSSA Chinese Student and Scholar Association
CSA Chinese Student Association
CSFA Chinese Student Friendship Association
CSPA Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992
CSRA Chinese Student Radio Association
CSU Chinese Student Union
CSUE Chinese Student Union at Emory
CSSAL Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Leuven
CSC Chinese Students Club
CSAA Chinese Studies Association of Australia
CSL Chinese Super League
CSTA Chinese Swordsman Technique Alliance
CTBA Chinese Taipei Badminton Association
CTBA Chinese Taipei Billiard Association
CTDBA Chinese Taipei Dragon Boat Association
CTFA Chinese Taipei Film Archive
CTOC Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
CTTFA Chinese Taipei Track and Field Association
CALL-TO-ACTION Chinese Taoist Association
CTA Chinese Taoist Association
CTWU Chinese Telecommunication Workers Union
CTS Chinese Television Station
CUSA Chinese Undergraduate Students Association
CUUS Chinese Undergraduates in the United States
CUZ Chinese Union of Zurich
CU-2 Chinese University
CU Chinese University
CUBA Chinese University Basketball Association
CUHK Chinese University of Hong Kong
CVS Chinese Vacuum Society
CBDI Chinese Version of the Beck Depression Inventory
CVD Chinese Video Disk
CVST Chinese Visiting Scholars in Toronto
CWEA Chinese Wind Energy Association
CWTS Chinese Wireless Telecommunication Standard
CYNMV Chinese Yam Necrotic Mosaic Virus
CYF Chinese Yoga Federation
CY Chinese Yuan
CHY Chinese Yuan
CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi
CZA Chinese Zeolite Association
CJV Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese
CABA Chinese-American Benevolent Association
CACS Chinese-American Chemical Society
CEO Chinese-American Elected Officials
CAIS Chinese-American International School
CASA Chinese-American Students Association
CBC Chinese-Born Canadian
CELE Chinese-English Language Exchange
CEBC Chinese-Europe Biotechnology Center
C-ABM Chinese-Oriented Antiballistic Missile System
CCCCAS Cleveland Contemporary Chinese Culture Association
CCPC College of Chinese Physical Culture
CICM College of Integrated Chinese Medicine
CCCC Columbus Chinese Christian Church
CPPCC Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
CCMP Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy
CCLI Common Chinese Language Interface
CCCP Confederation of Canadian Chinese Professionals
CCLA Connecticut Chinese Language Academy
CFCT Consumers’ Foundation Chinese Taipei
CCCS Contra Costa Chinese School
COCS Council of Overseas Chinese Services, Inc
DMCB Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism
DCC Denton Chinese Church
DCBA Detroit Chinese Business Association
DACHS Digital Archive for Chinese Studies
DTCM Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
ECBC Eastern Chinese Bible Conference, Inc.
EACS European Association of Chinese Studies
EUCM European University of Chinese Medicine
ECBC Evangelical Chinese Bible Church
FCCCI Federation of Chinese Community of Canberra Inc.
FCPAE Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe
FOCSA Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia
FCFF Filipino Chinese Firefighters Foundation
FCCCI Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
FYCO Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra
FCBC First Chinese Baptist Church
FCBA Florida Chinese Business Association
FCA Ford Chinese Association
FCAM Friends of the Chinese American Museum
FACSS Friendship Association for Chinese Students and Scholars
GFCBW Global Federation of Chinese Business Women
GFCH Golden Flower Chinese Herbs
GUCAS Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
GWCA Great Wall Chinese Academy
GWCS Great Wall Chinese School
GIGCAS Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences
HBC Hacked by Chinese
HCSSA Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association
HSCM Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine
HCPP Hierarchical Chinese Postman Problem
HCL Higher Chinese Language
HKCB Hong Kong Chinese Bank Ltd.
HKCCCU Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union
HKCO Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
HCCO Hwa Chong Chinese Orchestra
IFCSS Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars
IACA Indiana Association of Chinese Americans
IHDC Indochinese Housing Development Corporation
ICON Indo-Chinese Outreach Network
IBC Indonesian Born Chinese
ICAA Indonesian Chinese American Association
IACAS Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
ICCAS Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
ISCAS Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
IACMR International Association for Chinese Management Research
ICBA International Chinese Boxing Association
ICBO International Chinese Boxing Organization
ICISA International Chinese Information Systems Association
ICLP International Chinese Language Program
ICCO International Committee for Chinese Orphans
ICE Interpret Chinese-English
JCCS Joint Committee on Chinese Studies
JSCDS Joint School Chinese Debating Society
JCM Journal of Chinese Medicine
JCPS Journal of Chinese Political Science
JCCS Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society
JCCS Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society
JCIEE Journal of the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering
JCMA Journal of the Chinese Medical Association
KICK Karate Institute of Chinese Kenpo
KPCOFGS Kelly Pets Chinese Orphans for Glazed Sofas
KCCF Kingston Chinese Christian Fellowship
LFCJ Landelijke Federatie Chinese Jongerenverenigingen
LMC Late Middle Chinese
LCCC Leeds Chinese Christian Church
MCA Make Chinese Angry
MCA Malaysian Chinese Association
MACS Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies
MCSA McMaster University Chinese Students’ Association
MC Middle Chinese
MCTA Midwest Chinese Teachers Alliance
MCSA Minnesota Chinese Student Association
MCBA Mississauga Chinese Business Association
MCAF Modern Chinese Art Foundation
MCLC Modern Chinese Law Course
MCLC Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
MVCCC Mountain View Chinese Christian Church
MHCS Murray Hill Chinese School
MOCA Museum of Chinese in the Americas
NACMA National Association of Chinese Martial Arts
NACA National Association of Chinese-Americans
NCCC National Congress of Chinese Canadian
NCCA National Council of Chinese Americans
NYCSP New York Chinese School Patrol
NYICM New York Institute of Chinese Medicine
NZBC New Zealand Born Chinese
NZCCM New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine
NCCF Noah Chinese Christian Fellowship
NCCBA North Carolina Chinese Business Association
NSCA North Shore Chinese Association
NCCAF Northern California Chinese Athletic Federation
NCCU Northern California Chinese Unit
NCCF Northwestern Chinese Christian Fellowship
OICR Official International Chinese Rules
OC Old Chinese
OCCA Ontario Chinese Canadian Association
OCA Organization of Chinese Americans
OCPA Orlando Chinese Professionals Association
OCUC Ottawa Chinese United Church
OCDF Our Chinese Daughters Foundation
OCM Oversea Chinese Mission
OCBC Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
OCAC Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission
OCFS Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students
OCPA Overseas Chinese Physics Association
OCSA Overseas Chinese Student Association
OCWA Overseas Chinese Website Association
OCYA Overseas Chinese Youth Association
OYCF Overseas Young Chinese Forum
PCCC Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce
PCCF Pollock Chinese Christian Fellowship
PCCG Portland Classical Chinese Garden
PAVC Practical Audio-Visual Chinese
PCCF Purdue Chinese Christian Fellowship
PUCSSA Purdue University Chinese Student and Scholar Association
RICO Raffles Institution Chinese Orchestra
RACL Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language
RCHM Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
RCPDS Remote Chinese Pharmacy Diagnosis System
RCMI Revival Chinese Ministries International
RCAC Richmond Chinese Alliance Church
RMCA Rocky Mountain Chinese Association
SCCSC Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center
SDCA San Diego Chinese Association
SOCH Saving Our Chinese Heritage
SCCC Scandinavia Chinese Christian Church
SCBC Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church
SCAH Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
SICCAS Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
SICCCAS Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences
SCEA Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers Association
SVCWA Silicon Valley Chinese Wireless Association
SCVT Simplified Chinese Variant Table
SCGSS Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
SCRF Singapore Chinese Rock Fest
SCBA Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America
SCBA Southwest Chinese Baptist Association
SICMAA Springvale Indo-Chinese Mutual Assistance Association
SLCA St Louis Chinese Association
SLMCS St. Louis Modern Chinese School
SCBA Straits Chinese British Association
TCFF Taipei Chinese Food Festival
TCO Taipei Chinese Orchestra
TCSOL Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
TCIS Thai Chinese International School
TCCC Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce
TCM Tongjitang Chinese Medicines Co.
TCBA Toronto Chinese Business Association
TCR Toronto Chinese Radio
TFCP Toronto Federation of Chinese Parents
TCH Traditional Chinese Herb
TCHR Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedy
TCMC Traditional Chinese Medical Centre
TCMLARS Traditional Chinese Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCMA Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
TCMABC Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of British Columbia
TCMD Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor
TCMPD Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Database
TCVM Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
TACAS Triangle Area Chinese American Society
TCCC Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Church
UCSO Undergraduate Chinese Student Organization
UCAF United Chinese Association of Florida
UCCBA United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association
SUCCESS United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society
VCAC Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church
VCCA Vancouver Chinese Choir Association
VCCA Victoria Chinese Commerce Association
VBC Vietnamese Born Chinese
VOC Voices of Chinese
WCCC Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community
WSCCC West Sydney Chinese Christian Church
WSCC Winchester School of Chinese Culture
WCAC Windsor Chinese Alliance Church
WCBA Wong Chinese Boxing Association
WACBE World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers
WACA World Association of Chinese Architects
WCBN World Chinese Business Network
WCEC World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention
WCWA World Chinese Women’s Association
WCCM World Congress on Chinese Medicine
YCE Youth for Chinese Elderly