Consumer Abbreviations

 What is a consumer?

Consumer is any individual or legal entity that purchases consumer goods, whether products or services; someone who goes shopping; one who consumes.

Any individual with purchasing power, that is, economically able to buy something, can be considered a consumer.

There are different types of consumers, and companies and consumer goods companies are responsible for identifying the profiles that are compatible with the product or service they offer, creating marketing strategies to attract the largest possible number of potential consumers, thus generating profit and “turning” a country’s economy.

The so-called ” conscious consumer ” is the individual or company that consumes resources (products and services) in a responsible way, thinking about the environment, human and animal health.

The conscientious consumer is one who knows the origin of the product and the condition of the workforce that generated that merchandise, taking into account the working relationships of the company that supplies the product when buying it or not.

For example, a conscientious consumer does not buy products from companies that pollute the environment or that have illegal relationships with their employees.

Consumerism is the action of a consumerist, an individual who has an unbridled and inconsequential passion to buy, even when there is no need to obtain a certain product. Consumerism is the representation of excessive shopping by a person.

“Consumer support”, also known as SAC (“Customer Service” or “Customer Support Service”), is common in medium and large companies. This is a means of communication between the consumer and the service provider or product supplier, responsible for providing technical and informational support to the end customer.

In the biological sciences, the consumer is the living being that does not produce its own food, and must hunt and feed on other living beings to ensure its survival.

The food chain consists of the following cycle: producer, primary consumer (herbivorous beings), secondary consumer and tertiary consumer (carnivores or omnivores).


Consumer defense

The Brazilian Consumer Defense Code (CDC) is a set of laws and regulations that protect and guarantee consumer rights.

The Consumer Defense Code was created from Law No. 8,078, of September 11, 1990, regulating the relationship between service providers and product suppliers with end consumers.

List of Acronyms Related to Consumer

ADC Active Dual Consumers
ACE Agricultural and Consumer Economics
AECA Agricultural Energy Consumers Association
ACES Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
AFCS Agriculture, Forestry and Consumer Sciences
ACF Airline Consumer Forum
ACE Alliance for Consumer Education
ACR Alliance for Consumer Rights
ASECO Alliance for Social and Ecological Consumer Organisations
ACCM Alternative Consumer Credit Market
AGCAB AMD Global Consumer Advisory Board
AACA American Academy of Consumer Attorneys
AAFCS American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
ACCC American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc.
ACFN American Consumer Financial Network
ACI American Consumer Institute
ACPG American Consumer Protection Group, Inc.
ACPA American Consumer Publishing Association
ACCI American Council on Consumer Interests
ACPA Anti-Counterfeiting Consumer Protection Act
ACPA Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act
ACCPA Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999
ACP Applica Consumer Products
ACFEA Asian Consumer and Family Economics Association
ACSN Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
AMCSGI Assail Marketing Consumer Services Group International
ACS Assertion Consumer Service
ACR Association for Consumer Research
ACASH Association for Consumers Action on Safety and Health
ACVL Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors
ACT Association of Consumers and Taxpayers
APR Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers
AUIC Association of United Internet Consumers
ALCO Aussie Liquor Consumers Organization
ACCC Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
ACA Australian Consumers’ Association
AFCO Australian Federation of Consumers Organisations
ACS Automobile Consumer Services, Inc.
AFCD Automotive Finance Consumer Division LLC
ACAP Aviation Consumer Action Project
ACPD Aviation Consumer Protection Division
BSFCS Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences
BALANCE Benefit Authors Without Limiting Advancement or Net Consumer Expectations Act of 2003
BIPNIC Benefits Planning and Consumer Navigation Implementation Committee
BCA British Consumers Association
BNCA Bulgarian National Consumer Association
BICO Bulk Intermediate and Consumer Oriented
BCFP Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
BEAUCOUP Bureau of Consumer Protection
BCP Bureau of Consumer Protection
BCS Bureau of Consumer Services
B2B2C Business to Business to Consumer
B2C Business to Consumer
CCPF California Consumer Protection Foundation
CCEE Canadian Consumer Electronics Exposition
CCIG Canadian Consumer Information Gateway
CCSC Cemetery Consumer Service Council
CCA Center for Consumer Affairs
CCF Center for Consumer Freedom
CFCF Center for Consumer Freedom
CCR Center for Consumer Research
CMCS Center for Mature Consumer Studies
CMC Center for Medical Consumers
CCCP Centre for Competition and Consumer Policy
CCCC Certified Consumer Credit Counselor
CFCS Certified in Family and Consumer Science
CCCBA Chandigarh Consumer Court Bar Association
CCBA Christian Consumer Benefit Association
CCIC Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics
CFCS College of Family and Consumer Sciences
CCPA Colorado Consumer Protection Act
CTCP Commission for Trade and Consumer Protection
COC Committee on Carcinogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment
IMCO Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection
IMCP Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection
CFM Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia
CCLJ Competition and Consumer Law Journal
CCE Computer and Consumer Electronics
3C Computing, Communication, and Consumer
CCOT Confederation of Consumer Organizations, Thailand
COCO Conference of Consumer Organizations
CMK Consumer & Market Knowledge
CA Consumer Action
CABS Consumer Action Program of Bedford-Stuyvesant
CATF Consumer Advisory Task Force
CAD Consumer Advocate Division
CAA Consumer Affairs Authority
CAC Consumer Affairs Commission
CAD Consumer Affairs Division
CA Consumer Alert
CAES Consumer Alliance for Energy Security
CCD Consumer and Computation Division
CGB Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
CIP Consumer and Industrial Product
CIS Consumer and Industry Services
CPR Consumer and Professional Research
CTS Consumer and Textiles Sciences
CTSA Consumer and Trading Standards Agency
CAHPS Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Statement
CAHPS Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Study
CAHPS Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
CAR Consumer Asset Risk
CARS Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009
CAI Consumer Association of Ireland
CAOC Consumer Attorneys of California
CASD Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
CBA Consumer Bankers Association
CB Consumer Behavior
CBP Consumer Best Practices
CBOR Consumer Bill of Rights
CBR Consumer Bill of Rights
CBDTA Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Act
CBDTP Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act
CBB Consumer Buying Behaviour
CBE Consumer Buying Expectations survey
CCSC Consumer Centered Services of Colorado
CCCR Consumer Chemical Container Regulations
CCHC Consumer Coalition for Health Care
CCAS Consumer Codes Approval Scheme
CCNC Consumer Communications and Networking Conference
CCE Consumer Communications for England
CC Consumer Confidence
CCI Consumer Confidence Index
CCR Consumer Confidence Report
CCS Consumer Confidence Survey
CCI Consumer Co-Op International
CCW Consumer Council for Water
CCZ Consumer Council of Zimbabwe
CCCA Consumer Counseling Centers of America, Inc.
CCA Consumer Credit Act
CCA Consumer Credit Agencies
CCBC Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling
CCCF Consumer Credit Counseling Foundation, Inc.
CCCS Consumer Credit Counseling Service
CCCSNCT Consumer Credit Counseling Services of North Central Texas
CIVIL Consumer Credit Counselors
CCC Consumer Credit Counselors
CCD Consumer Credit Directive
CCH Consumer Credit Help
CCIA Consumer Credit Insurance Association
CCPA Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968
CDIA Consumer Data Industry Association
CDMP Consumer Decision Making Process
CDP Consumer Decision Problem
CDAI Consumer Deposit Account Information
CDG Consumer Digital Imaging Group
CDSL Consumer Digital Subscriber Line
CDAHRC Consumer Direct Access to Health & Retailization Conference
CDF Consumer Direct Fulfillment
CDM Consumer Direct Marketing
CDWS Consumer Direct Warranty Services
CDCE Consumer Directed Care for Elderly
CDH Consumer Directed Health
CDRC Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
CDH Consumer Driven Healthcare
CDIF Consumer Drug Information
CERC Consumer Education and Research Centre
CERS Consumer Education and Research Society
CENTS Consumer Education and Training Services
CEC Consumer Education Center
CEI Consumer Education Initiative
CEJ Consumer Education Junction
CED Consumer Electronic Device
CEP Consumer Electronic Product
CE Consumer Electronics
CEA Consumer Electronics Association
CEBU Consumer Electronics Business Unit
CEC Consumer Electronics Control
CEG Consumer Electronics Group
CEMA Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
CEN Consumer Electronics Net
CERC Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition
CES Consumer Electronics Show
CES Consumer Electronics Society
CETEC Consumer Electronics Testing and Engineering Center
CECA Consumer Energy Council of America
CEWC Consumer Enforcement Watch Corporation
CX Consumer Exchange
CEX Consumer Expenditure Survey
CXD Consumer Experience Design
CFS Consumer Family Sciences
CFA Consumer Federation of America
CFAF Consumer Federation of America Foundation
CFC Consumer Federation of California
CFSE Consumer Federation of the Southeast
CFD Consumer Financial Decisions
CFPA Consumer Financial Protection Agency
CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
CGEN Consumer Genetics Education Network
CG Consumer Goods
CGF Consumer Goods Forum
CGSP Consumer Grid Supply Point
CHARM Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgage
CHI Consumer Health Informatics
CHI Consumer Health Information
CHIA Consumer Health Information Advocate
CHILE Consumer Health Information Links for Everyone
CHIPIG Consumer Health Information Providers Interest Group
CHIS Consumer Health Information Service
CHI Consumer Health Interactive
CHJ Consumer Health Journal
CHOC Consumer Health Organization of Canada
CHRC Consumer Health Reference Center
CHW Consumer Health World
CHC Consumer Healthcare
CHPA Consumer Healthcare and Products Association
CHPA Consumer Healthcare Products Association
CHRISTIAN Consumer Healthcare Retail
CHR Consumer Healthcare Retail
CHS Consumer Home Services
CIN Consumer Identification Number
CIP Consumer Identity Protection
CI Consumer Influence
CIA Consumer Information Act
CIC Consumer Information Center
CIIC Consumer Information Indicator Code
CIN Consumer Information Network
CIS Consumer Information Source
CICPP Consumer Institutions and Consumer Policy Programme
CIR Consumer IR
CKA Consumer Knowledge Analysis
CL Consumer Lab
CLI Consumer Labeling Initiative
CLA Consumer Leasing Act
CLPC Consumer Loan Processing Center
CLS Consumer Location System
COMMENTARY Consumer Magazine
CM Consumer Magazine
CMPASS Consumer Managed Personal Assistant Services
CMAR Consumer Marketing at Retail
CMG Consumer Markets Group
CMC Consumer Measures Committee
CMMG Consumer Media and Magazines Group
CMI Consumer Medicine Information
CNBC Consumer News and Business Channel
CO Consumer Ombudsman
COINS Consumer On-Line Information Network Service
COSP Consumer Operated Service Program
COF Consumer Oriented Fabrics
CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
CPRC Consumer Payments Research Center
CPRC Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center, Inc.
CPI Consumer Policy Institute
COPILOT Consumer Premise
CP Consumer Premise
CPIX Consumer Price Index
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPIX Consumer Price Index Excluding Mortgage Costs
CPIAL Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers
CPIU Consumer Price Index-Urban
CPID Consumer Product Information Database
CPMA Consumer Product Manufacturers Association
CPS Consumer Product Safety
CPSA Consumer Product Safety Act
CPSB Consumer Product Safety Bureau
CPSP Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSIA Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
COPILOT Consumer Products
CP Consumer Products
CPDA Consumer Products Domestic Appliances
CPE Consumer Products Enterprises, Inc.
CPT Consumer Project on Technology
COPRA Consumer Protection Act
CPA Consumer Protection Act of 1991
CPA Consumer Protection Agency
CPSD Consumer Protection and Safety Division
CPA Consumer Protection Appraisal
CPA Consumer Protection Association
CPAA Consumer Protection Association of America
CPB Consumer Protection Board
CPC Consumer Protection Code
CPD Consumer Protection Division
CPR Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
CPO Consumer Protection Office
CPR Consumer Protection Regulation
CPE Consumer Provided Equipment
CRS Consumer Radio Service
CRESPA Consumer Real Estate Settlement Protection Act
CRS Consumer Recreation Services
CRI Consumer Reference Information
CORIP Consumer Related Industrial Processes
CR Consumer Relations
CRS Consumer Relations Specialist
CRC Consumer Relationship Center
CRANK Consumer Remote Keyboard
CRK Consumer Remote Keyboard
CRA Consumer Reporting Agency
CR Consumer Reports
CRMA Consumer Reports Money Adviser
CRNRC Consumer Reports National Research Center
CRH Consumer Reports on Health
CRTL Consumer Reports Travel Letter
CRAP Consumer Research and Planning
CRC Consumer Research Center
CRS Consumer Research Solutions, Inc.
CRAN Consumer Resource Alliance Network
CRN Consumer Resource Network
CRS Consumer Response System
CR Consumer Rights
CRCP Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan
CRPC Consumer Rights Protection Committee
CREAT Consumer Rights, Education and Awareness Trust
CSI Consumer Safety Inspector
CSO Consumer Safety Officer
CSI Consumer Sentiment Index
CSD Consumer Services Division
CSG Consumer Services Group
CSPA Consumer Specialty Products Association
CSRP Consumer Synchronized Resource Planning
CTMC Consumer Technology Management Committee
CALL-TO-ACTION Consumer Telecommunications Agreement
CTA Consumer Telecommunications Agreement
CTBU Consumer TelePresence Business Unit
CONTROL Consumer Testing Laboratory
CTL Consumer Testing Laboratory
C2B Consumer to Business
CTN Consumer Trend News
CUTS Consumer Unity and Trust Society
CUT Consumer Use Tax
CUT Consumer Use Testing
CVD Consumer Value Direct
CVP Consumer Value Products
CVAAS Consumer Venture Advice and Services
CVB Consumer Visitor’s Bureau
CWW Consumer Webwatch
CWTRG Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Group
CIPS Consumer, Industrial Products & Services
CTTT Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
CCU Consumer’s Control Unit
CCA Consumer’s Cooperative Association
CRR Consumer’s Reliability Risk
CS Consumer’s Surplus
CS-5 Consumer’s Surplus
CDAS Consumer-Directed Attendant Support
CDH Consumer-Directed Healthcare
CD-PAS Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Service
CDSN Consumer-Driven Supply Network
CGC consumer-generated content
CGM Consumer-Generated Media
CIDSL Consumer-Installable Digital Subscriber Line
CHOCS Consumerism and the History of Consumption
CAAM Consumers Active Against Malware
CAPS Consumers Advancing Patient Safety
CAPSIAN Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering
CA Consumers Association
CABH Consumers Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina
CAC Consumers Association of Canada
CASE Consumers Association of Singapore
CIVIL Consumers Choice Council
CCC Consumers Choice Council
CCX Consumers Computer Exchange
CIVIL Consumers Council of Canada
CCC Consumers Council of Canada
CD Consumers Digest
CEPA Consumers Education and Protective Association International
CFGP Consumers Federated Groups of the Philippines, Inc.
CERES Consumers for Ethics in Research
CFTR Consumers for Fair Telephone Rates
CWT Consumers for World Trade
CI Consumers International
CLRA Consumers Legal Remedies Act
COMBAT Consumers of Maine Bringing Action Together
CPC Consumers Power Company
COPOCO Consumers Power Company Credit Union
COPILOT Consumers Power, Inc.
CP Consumers Power, Inc.
CSI Consumers Socially Integrated
CSI Consumers Software Incorporated
CU-2 Consumers Union
CU Consumers Union
CUJ Consumers Union of Japan
CUK Consumers Union of Korea
CURE Consumers United for Rail Equity
CWC Consumers Water Company
CA Consumers’ Association
CAPACITY Consumers’ Association of Penang
CAP Consumers’ Association of Penang
CCA Consumers’ Choice Award
CIVIL Consumers’ Consultative Council
CCC Consumers’ Consultative Council
CFCT Consumers’ Foundation Chinese Taipei
CHF Consumers’ Health Forum of Australia
CINZ Consumers’ Institute of New Zealand, Inc.
CIPF Consumers’ Interest Protection Forum
CI Consumers’ International
CTN Consumers’ Telecommunications Network
C2C Consumer-to-Consumer
CEG Creditreform Consumer GmbH
CCU Customer Consumer Unit
DCPI Deer Consumer Products, Inc.
DFSCA Delhi Food Supplies and Consumers Affairs
DATCP Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
DCCA Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
DCA Department of Consumer Affairs
DCEP Department of Consumer and Employment Protection
DCIS Department of Consumer and Industry Services
DCRA Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
DCP Department of Consumer Protection
DLCA Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs
DISTRICT Developing and Improving Consumer-Supplier Relationship in Traditional Commerce using Information and Communication Technologies
DCRM Digital Consumer Rights Movement
DCT Digital Consumer Terminal
DBC Direct Business Consumers
DCSE Direct Consumer Sales & Electronics
DFC Direct for Consumer
DTCM Direct to Consumer Marketing
DCA Director of Consumer Affairs
DCLG Director’s Consumer Liaison Group
DTC Direct-To-Consumer
DTCA Direct-To-Consumer Advertising
DCP Disney Consumer Products
DCPC District Consumer Protection Council
DCCA Division of Consumer and Community Affairs
DSC Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection
DSMICA Divison of Small Manufacturers, International and Consumer Assistance
DBCC Dun & Bradstreet Consumer Credit Service
DCG Durable Consumer Goods
ECR Efficient Consumer Response
ECRM Efficient Consumer Response Management
EDCD Elderly & Disabled with Consumer Direction
ECPA Electric Consumers Protection Act of 1986
ECCA Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association
ESCA Empire State Consumer Association
ECG Enbridge Consumers Gas
ECPO Energy Consumer Protection Office
ECA Entertainment Consumers Association
EPAC Ethanol Producers and Consumers
ECRA Ethical Consumer Research Association
EHCI Euro Health Consumer Index
ANEC European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation
EACEM European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
EBCU European Beer Consumers Union
ECCO European Cannabis Consumers Organisation
ECC European Consumer Centre
ECLG European Consumer Law Group
ENCE European Network of Consumer Educators
ERICA European Research Institute for Consumer Affairs
EAHC Executive Agency for Health and Consumers
FACE Family And Consumer Education
FCE Family and Consumer Education
FACSE Family and Consumer Science Education
FACS Family And Consumer Sciences
FCS Family and Consumer Sciences
FCSE Family Consumer Science Education
FCCLA Family, Consumer and Career Leaders of America
FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FCIC Federal Consumer Information Center
FACE Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe
FACT Federation of American Consumers and Travelers
FOCO Federation of Consumer Organisations
FCRC Financial and Consumer Rights Council, Inc.
FCAC Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
FSCC Financial Solutions Consumer Center
FACS Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services
FDAC Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
FALCP Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004
FCPM Food and Consumer Products Manufacturers
FCSS Food and Consumer Safety Section
FDCPA Food, Drug, and Consumer Product Agency
FNCS Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services
FCTR Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayer Rights
FFC Foundation for Consumers
FCA Funeral Consumers Alliance
FCACO Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio
FCIS Funeral Consumers Information Society
GECC Gas and Electricity Consumer Council
GCE General Consumer Electronics
GCI General Consumer Interest
GECF General Electric Consumer Finance
GICP General Inspectorate for Consumer Protection
GCB Global Consumer Banking
GCCP Global Consumer Culture Positioning
GCG Global Consumer Group
GCMT Global Consumer Money Transfers
GCPC Global Consumer Products Company
G2C Government to Consumer
GCN Green Consumer Network
HCG Harman Consumer Group
HCSG Harman Consumer Systems Group
HICP Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
HCCAP Health Care Consumer Assistance Program
HECS Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety
HCA Henkel Consumer Adhesives
HCAHPS Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey
HCAHPS Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems
IAFCS Illinois Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
ICE Index of Consumer Expectations
IUCCC Indiana Uniform Consumer Credit Code
IGCAA Industrial Gas Consumers Association of Alberta
IPCAA Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta
INDICARE Informed Dialogue About Consumer Acceptability of Digital Rights Management Solutions
IHCP Institute for Health and Consumer Protection
ICAE Insurance Consumer Affairs Exchange
ICPA Intermountain Consumer Power Association
IMCT Internal Market, Consumers and Tourism
ICCE International Conference on Consumer Electronics
ICM International Consumer Markets
ICPSC International Consumer Product Safety Caucus
ICRT International Consumer Research and Testing
ICSI International Consumer Support for Infertility
ICCS International Consumers for Civil Society
IOCU International Organization of Consumers Unions
ISCCO International Society of Consumer and Competition Officials
ISCE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics
IBCB Internet Business Consumer Bureau
IB2C Internet Business to Consumer
ICPA Internet Consumer Protection Agency
IEC Internet Empowered Consumer
IAFCS Iowa Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
JCIC Japan Consumer Information Center
JCS Jarden Consumer Solutions
JCOC Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council
JCPS Jordan Consumer Protection Society
JCR Journal of Consumer Research
JICM Journal of International Consumer Marketing
KSCDRC Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
LCAC Library Consumers’ Advisory Council
LNCF Lithuanian National Consumers Federation
LTCC Long Term Consumer Care, Inc.
MPC Major Power Consumer
MRCI Market Research & Consumer Intelligence
MCRC Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition
MCPI Medical Consumer Price Index
MACHIS Michigan Association of Consumer Health Information Specialists
MCCA Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs
FCAMIN Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
MCBS Ministry of Consumer and Business Services
MDTA Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
MDTC Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
MFCA Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs
MCA Minnesota Consumer Alliance
MCAP Mobile Consumer Application Platform
MCN Motorcycle Consumer News
MICP Multipurpose Information Consumer Profile
MCG Muslim Consumer Group
MDWCA Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association
NACA National Association of Consumer Advocates
NACAA National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators
NACS National Association of Consumer Shows
NCCF National Commission on Consumer Finance
NCA National Consumer Agency
NCCF National Consumer and Carer Forum
NCAC National Consumer Assistance Center
NCBLC National Consumer Bankruptcy Litigation Center
NCCB National Consumer Cooperative Bank
NCC National Consumer Council
NCCL National Consumer Council for Liberia
NCCL National Consumer Credit Laws
NCRA National Consumer Rights Alliance, Inc
NCTDE National Consumer Telecommunications Data Exchange, Inc.
NCL National Consumers League
NCCF National Co-operative Consumer Federation of India Limited
NHACA National Hispanic Automotive Consumer Advocacy
NICFA National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
NICE National Institute for Consumer Education
NICH National Insurance Consumer Helpline
NICO National Insurance Consumers Organization
NOCPA National Online Consumer Protection Association
NSACE National Society of Agents for Consumer Education
NICU Nepal International Consumers Union
NICK Network of Integrated Consumer Knowledge
NYSCPB New York State Consumer Protection Board
NCCL Nirma Consumer Care Limited
NACP North American Consumer Products
NCCC North Carolina Consumers Council, Inc.
NVMHCA Northern Virginia Mental Health Consumers Association
NCH Novartis Consumer Health
OCP Ofcom Consumer Panel
OCA Office of Consumer Advocate
OCA Office of Consumer Affairs
OCHI Office of Consumer Health Insurance
OCSPA Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act
OCP Omni Consumer Products
OCP Omni-Consumer Products
OCPA Ontario Consumer Protection Act
OCA Organic Consumers Association
OCP Other Consumer Protection
PCG Packaged Consumer Goods
PCRI Paintball Consumer Reports International
PCEC Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company
PALCA Pennsylvania Assisted Living Consumer Alliance
PCAN Pennsylvania Consumer Action Network
PMCE Portable Multimedia Consumer Electronics
PCF Post Consumer Fiber
PCW Post Consumer Waste
PCR Post-Consumer Recycled
PCRF Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber
PCI Price Consumer Index
PTC Price to Consumer
PGC Process Gas Consumers Group
PACP Public Affairs and Consumer Protection
SSGCR Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations
STC Sales to Consumers
SCF Santander Consumer Finance
SCCP Scientific Committee for Consumer Products
SCCS Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety
SCC Scottish Consumer Council
SBCH SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare
SCP Society for Consumer Psychology
SHCA Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy
SCAPB Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business
SPCP Sony Pictures Consumer Products
SLCS Sprint Local Consumer Solutions
SECCI Standard European Consumer Credit Information
SCSA State and Consumer Services Agency
SAFCS Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
SCF Survey of Consumer Finances
SCPC Survey of Consumer Payment Choice
SFCC Survey of Financial Characteristics of Consumers
TCP Technical Consumer Products Incorporated
TCIC Telecommunications Consumer Information Center
TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991
TCA Television Consumer Audit
TNCEP Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program
TECA Texas Education Consumers Association
TMHC Texas Mental Health Consumers
TCEP The Consumer Experience Practice
TCE Thomson Consumer Electronics
TCM Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation
TCPI Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia
TCPC Transportation Consumer Protection Council
UTCC Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1994
UPCR Union for the Protection of Consumers’ Rights
UCFS United Consumer Financial Services
UCHIN Utah Consumer Health Information Network
UCAN Utility Consumers’ Action Network
VCSI Vehicle Consumer Services Interface
VCCC Virginia Citizens Consumer Council
VOCAL Virginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership
WBCP Warner Bros. Consumer Products
WVCA West Virginia Consumer Advocate
WCCC Western Council of Construction Consumers
WCE Windows Consumer Electronics
WINECAM Wine Consumers Across Michigan
WCES Winter Consumer Electronics Show
WCCL Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting
WCTS Wireless Consumer Technical Support
WCA Wireless Consumers Alliance
WCPO World Consumer Protection Organization
WCRD World Consumer Rights Day
WCHI Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Inc
YRAC Your Rights as a Consumer