Contractor Abbreviations

The term contractor has 2 different meanings:

1) someone who takes an assignment.
someone who takes an assignment for his profession.

2) leader of construction works.
someone who is in charge of construction work for his profession; contractor of a contract in the construction sector; also: company that is in charge of the execution of construction work.


Contractor is a legal person, or − depending on the context − the natural person as his representative, who contractually undertakes, or has committed himself, to the professional execution of construction works, in accordance with legal provisions, according to general custom and social views and on the basis of of the specific, pre-agreed conditions, such as with regard to object specifications, quality of materials and execution, construction time and pricing.

A number of types of contractors are distinguished, depending on the degree of involvement in the total construction process and the (development) risk to be run, such as:

• ‘ Building contractor ‘: This (mainly) takes care of the construction coordination and allows (large parts of) the execution of the work to specialized subcontractors.

• ‘ Building developer ‘: This is active within the total supply chain from the acquisition of the (potential) building land to even the exploitation during the initial period.

• ‘ Construction management ”: With this form of contracting, all risks remain with the client and the work is carried out in a coordinated manner.

• ‘ Market specialist': This is a specialist in types of real estate objects from a specific market segment.

• ‘ Product specialist': This is a specialist in one (or more) specific construction methods or techniques.

• ‘ Traditional (conservative) contractor ‘: This (conservative) contractor carries out the work (mainly) through its own organization.


List of Acronyms Related to Contractor

ACLC Academy of Contractor Licensing of California
ACI Accurate Contractors Inc
ACCM Advanced Contractor Cost Management, Inc.
AMCA Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Australia
ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors Association
ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America
ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association, Inc.
AFCEL Air Force Contractor Experience List
AACA American Apparel Contractors Association
AAORC American Association of Restoration Contractors
ABCA American Builders & Contractors Association
ACIG American Contractors Insurance Group
AICI American International Contractors, Inc.
ALCA American Landscape Contractors Association
AMCBA American Minority Contractors and Businesses Association
ASCC American Society of Concrete Contractors
ASA American Subcontractors Association
AMLC Andrew Montgomerie Landscape Contractor
ACER Annual Contractor Evaluation Report
AVSWCA Antelope Valley State Water Contractors Association
ACAC Apparel Contractors Alliance of California
ADC Architecture Design Contractor
ACA Arizona Contractors Association
ACOD Armed Contractor Oversight Division
ACA Artisan Contractors Association of America
ACTS Asbestos Contractor Tracking System
ACRU Asbestos Contractors Registration Unit
ARCA Asbestos Removal Contractors Association
AACA Asian American Contractors Association
ACAF Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida, Inc.
AC Associate Contractor
ACA Associate Contractor Agreement
ACI Associate Contractor Integration/Interface
ACPO Associate Contractor Project Office
ALPHABET Associated Builders and Contractors
ABC Associated Builders and Contractors
ACNM Associated Contractors of New Mexico
AGC Associated General Contractors
AGCA Associated General Contractors of America
AGC Associated General Contractors of America
AGCNYS Associated General Contractors of America, New York State Chapter, Inc.
AGCO Associated General Contractors of Ohio
AGCT Associated General Contractors of Texas
ALCA Associated Landscape Contractors of America
ALCC Associated Landscape Contractors of Colllorado
ALCM Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts
ALC Associated Logging Contractors, Inc.
ASC Associated Specialty Contractors
AUC Associated Underground Contractors
ADC Association of Diving Contractors
AECI Association of Electrical Contractors
AEC Association of Exhibition Contractors
AICRC Association of Independent Clinical Research Contractors
AIRC Association of Independent Radio Contractors
ALCI Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland
AODC Association of Offshore Diving Contractors
APHC Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors
ASFPCM Association of Specialist Fire Protection Contractors and Manufacturers
AWCC Association of Wisconsin Cleaning Contractors
AACA Atlantic Apparel Contractors Association, Inc.
AFCC Australian Federation of Construction Contractors
AICS Avionics Interim Contractor Support
ASIC Avionics Subsystem Interface Contractor
BRIC Belden Registered Installation Contractors
BRICK Better Residential Independent Contractor Konsortium LLC
BFSC bona fide sub-contractor
BACHELOR Booster Assembly Contractor
BAC Booster Assembly Contractor
BCA Building Contractors Association
BPCA Building Performance Contractors Association
BSC Building Service Contractor
BSCA Building Service Contractors Association International
BTC Bus Tie Contractor
CBPCA California Building Performance Contractors Association
CCA California Contractors Alliance
CLCA California Landscape Contractors Association
CADC Canadian Association of Diving Contractors
CAODC Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors
CECA Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
CECA Canadian Elevator Contractors Association
CERCA Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance
CANCAP Canadian Forces Contractor Augmentation Program
CRCA Canadian Roofing Contractors Association
CTAC Carlsbad Field Office Technical Assistance Contractor
CLAPCA Carolinas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association
CCE Centennial Contractors Enterprises
CCR Central Contractor Registration
CCRD Central Contractor Registration Database
CCR Central Contractor Registry
CCN Certified Contractors Network
CIC Certified Irrigation Contractor
CPPC Certified Professional Pond Contractor
CPRC Certified Professional Roofing Contractor
CPSC Certified Professional Sheet Metal Contractor
CBCA Charlotte Builders and Contractors Association
CRCA Chicago Roofing Contractors Association
CHINCA China International Contractors Association
CCA Christian Contractors Association
CCF Civil Contractors Federation
CECA Civil Engineering Contractors Association
CDC Cleared Defense Contractor
CCNSG Client/Contractor National Safety Group
CGCA Colorado Glazing Contractors Association
CWWCA Colorado Water Well Contractors Association
CCFE Commercial Contractor Furnished Equipment
CIVIL Companies Consolidated Contractors Co
CCC Companies Consolidated Contractors Co
CPC Competing Prime Contractor
CBIC Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor
CCCCC Composer Computer Contractor Contact Club
CCBA Computer Contractors Benefit Association
CRCA Connecticut Roofing Contractors Association
CIVIL Consolidated Contractors Company
CCC Consolidated Contractors Company
CCIC Consolidated Contractors International Company
CCASS Construction Contractor Appraisal Support System
CCB Construction Contractors Board
CMGC Construction Manager General Contractor
CIC Consultants and Independent Contractors
CHF Contract/Contractor History File
CHF Contractcontractor History File
CONTR Contractor
CONT Contractor
KTR Contractor
KR Contractor
CTR Contractor
CAI Contractor Acceptance Inspection
CAT Contractor Acceptance Test
CAGO Contractor Acquired Government Owned
CAM Contractor Acquired Material
CAPACITY Contractor Acquired Property
CAP Contractor Acquired Property
CAAS Contractor Advisory and Assistance Services
CAGE Contractor And Government Entity
CAIC Contractor Appraisal Information Center
CAPACITY Contractor Assessment Program
CAP Contractor Assessment Program
CAAS Contractor Assistance and Advisory Service
CAT Contractor Automation Tool
CBRZ Contractor Brazil
CBDA Contractor Business Development Association
CCR Contractor Change Request
CCRT Contractor Concept Review Team
CCCB Contractor Configuration Control Board
CCP Contractor Control Plan
CCIP Contractor Controlled Insurance Policy
CCIP Contractor Controlled Insurance Program
CCDR Contractor Cost Data Report/ing
CCDR Contractor Cost Data Reporting
CCDR Contractor Cost Data Requirement
CCTS Contractor Cost Tracking System
CCDR Contractor Critical Design Review
CCSP Contractor Criticality Safety Programs
CDICS Contractor Data Integrity Check
CDIC Contractor Data Integrity Check
CDT Contractor Demonstration Test
CDF Contractor Development Facility
CDCR Contractor Drawing Change Request
CESS Contractor Early Supply Support
CERP Contractor Employee Reliability Program
CEP Contractor Emporium
CEFI Contractor Engineer-Furnish & Install
CETS Contractor Engineering & Technical Services
CEC Contractor Establishment Code
CEAT Contractor Evidence Audit Team
CFS Contractor Field Service
CFSR Contractor Field Service Representative
CFSP Contractor Field Services Personnel
CFI Contractor Final Inspection
CFM Contractor Financial Management
CFY Contractor Fiscal Year
CFR Contractor Flight Release
CFT Contractor Flight Test
CFR Contractor Funds Report
CFCI Contractor Furnished and Contractor Installed
CFEN Contractor Furnished Equipment Notice
CFF Contractor Furnished Facility
CFI Contractor Furnished Item
CFSE Contractor Furnished Support Equipment
CGE Contractor General Electric
CGSERD Contractor Ground Support Equipment Recommendation Data
CHAP Contractor Held Air Force Property
CHS Contractor Highgrade Sylvania
CITE Contractor Independent Technical Effort
CIC Contractor Information Center
CIR Contractor Information Report
CIS Contractor Information Service
CIS Contractor Information Systems
CIC Contractor Initiated Change
CIPR Contractor Insurance/Pension Review
CISS Contractor Integrated Security Suite
CITIS Contractor Integrated Technical Information Services
CITIS Contractor Integrated Technical Information System
CICD Contractor Interface Control Document
CIM Contractor Inventory Material
CIRS Contractor Inventory Redistribution System
CL Contractor Leased
CLS Contractor Logistic Support
CLSC Contractor Logistic Support Commitment
CLF Contractor Logistics Facility
CMES Contractor Maintenance Engineer Support
CMS Contractor Maintenance Support
CMR Contractor Management Reserve
CMRB Contractor Material Review Board
CMD Contractor Medical Director
CNU Contractor National-Union
COTY Contractor of the Year
COMS Contractor Operated Maintenance Support
COI Contractor Operating Instructions
COMS Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services
COMS Contractor Operations and Maintenance of Simulators
COP Contractor Owned Property
COGO Contractor Owned, Government Operated
COCO Contractor Owned-Contractor Operated
CPAR Contractor Performance Assessment Report
CPCP Contractor Performance Certification Program
CPE Contractor Performance Evaluation
CPEP Contractor Performance Evaluation Plan
CPEP Contractor Performance Evaluation Program
CPES Contractor Performance Evaluation System
CPF Contractor Performance Factor
CPI Contractor Performance Inspection
CPM Contractor Performance Measurement
CPMC Contractor Performance Measurement Course
CPMO Contractor Performance Measurement Organization
CPR Contractor Performance Report
CPRS Contractor Performance Reporting System
CPER Contractor Personnel Employment Report
CPG Contractor Policy Guide
CPRL Contractor Position Roster Log
CPI Contractor Preliminary Inspection
CPSR Contractor Procurement System Review
CPS Contractor Profile System
CPSO Contractor Program Security Officer
CPCP Contractor Property Control Plan
CPDC Contractor Property Developers Company
CPT Contractor Provided Training
CPSR Contractor Purchasing System Review
CQD Contractor Qualification Record Form
CQC Contractor Quality Control
CRC Contractor Recommended Code
CRS Contractor Referral Service
CRD Contractor Repair Depot
CRO Contractor Repair Only
CRPS Contractor Repair Parts Stock
CRS Contractor Repair Support
CR Contractor Report
CRDA Contractor Research and Development Agreement
CRAG Contractor Risk Assessment Guide
CSAA Contractor Safety Awareness Association
CSI Contractor Simulator Instruction
CSCCB Contractor Software Configuration Control Board
CSDS Contractor Software Design System
CSI Contractor Source Inspection
CSP Contractor Spares Package
CSSOS Contractor Special Security Officer
CSSR Contractor Statement of Support Requirements
CSOW Contractor Statement of Work
CS-1 Contractor Support
CS Contractor Support
CS-5 Contractor Support
CSF Contractor Support Facility
CSIF Contractor Support for Initial Fielding
CSS Contractor Support Services
CSPR Contractor System Purchasing Review
CSSR Contractor System Status Review
CTR Contractor Task Report
CALL-TO-ACTION Contractor Team Arrangement
CTA Contractor Team Arrangement
CTEER Contractor Technical Evaluation
CTE Contractor Technical Evaluation
CTIC Contractor Technical Information Coding
CTRD Contractor Technical Requirements Document
CTS Contractor Technical Services
CTSP Contractor Technical Services Personnel
CTT Contractor Technical Test
CT Contractor Test
CTEER Contractor Test & Evaluation
CTE Contractor Test & Evaluation
CT Contractor Testing
CTSU Contractor Traffic Simulation Unit
CONTROL Contractor Tung-Sol
CTL Contractor Tung-Sol
CVS Contractor Verification System
CWAS Contractor Weighted Average Share
CW Contractor Westinghouse
CLTS Contractor/Combined Life Time Support
CAR Contractor’s All Risks
CAC Contractor’s Approach to CALS
CDP Contractor’s Design Portion
CIS Contractor’s Information Submittal
COT Contractor’s Operations Trial
CPDR Contractor’s Preliminary Design Review
CSCB Contractor’s Summary Cost Breakdown
CTF Contractor’s Test Facility
CF Contractor-Furnished
CFE Contractor-Furnished Equipment
CFI Contractor-Furnished Information
CFM Contractor-Furnished Material
CFP Contractor-Furnished Personnel
CFP Contractor-Furnished Property/Product
CFT Contractor-Furnished Technician
COSS Contractor-Operated Storage Sites
CATT Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe
CARS Contractors Automatic Resupply System
CBIC Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company
CBNC Contractors Business Network Corporation
CEBA Contractors Employee Benefits Administration, Inc.
CHAS Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
CHRC Contractors Human Resources Council
CMPE Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers
COTB Contractors on the Battlefield
COB Contractors on the Battlefield
CPM Contractors Plant & Machinery
CPHA Contractors Plant Hire Association
CPPI Contractors Professional Protective Insurance
CSCCB Contractors Safety Council of the Coastal Bend
COBC Coordination of Benefits Contractor
CRC Cost Reimbursable Contractor
DBC Database Contractor
DSE David Stone Electrical Contractors
DOC Decommissioning Operations Contractor
DCMS Defense Contractor Monitoring Station
DCPR Defense Contractor Planning Report
DEC DEME Environmental Contractors
DSIC Design and Systems Integration Contractor
DAC Development Agent Contractor
DCCA Directional Crossing Contractors Association
DCN Disaster Contractor Network
DCA Distribution Contractors Association
DCA Dredging Contractors of America
DCA Drilling Contractors Association
ECI Early Contractor Involvement
ETMC East Tennessee Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
ECA Eastern Contractors Association
ECUADOR Electrical Contractor
ECONOMICS Electrical Contractor
EC Electrical Contractor
ECRA Electrical Contractor Registration Agency
ECA Electrical Contractor’s Association
ECA Electrical Contractors Association
ECAO Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario
ECASA Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa
ECAT Electrical Contractors Association of Toronto
ECBA Electrical Contractors Business Association
ECIC Electrical Contractors’ Insurance Company
EIC Employee/Independent Contractor
EICCC Employee/Independent Contractor Classification Checklist
EGCA Engineering & General Contractors Association
EUCA Engineering & Utility Contractors Association
ESC Engineering Service Contractor
EPCC Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contractor
EISC Environmental Impact Statement Contractor
EAC Equipment Acquisition Contractor
EIOC Equipment Installation and Operating Contractor
EIC Equipment Installation Contractor
EFFC European Federation of Foundation Contractors
ELCA European Landscape Contractors Association
ECES Evaluating Contractors Estimating System
ESCA Exhibition Services & Contractors Association
ESCA Exposition Service Contractors Association
FLC Farm Labor Contractor
FCP Federal Contractors Program
FMSC Field Maintenance Support Contractor
FCAI Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois
FSIC Fire Service Installation Contractor
FCIA Firestop Contractors International Association
FPPS Fixed Price Prime Contractor
FCICA Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association
FAEC Florida Association of Electrical Contractors
FMCA Florida Marine Contractors Association
FRSA Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Inc.
FFC Foreign Fabricating Contractor
FVGCA Fox Valley General Contractors Association
FSC Full Service Contractor
FBC Furnished by Contractor
FCIC Furnished by Contractor, Installed by Contractor
FOIC Furnished by Owner, Installed by Contractor
GCA Garment Contractors Association
GCC General Construction Contractor
GC General Contractor
GCA General Contractors Association
GFC General Fabrication Contractor
GSSC General Support Services Contractor
GC Government Contractor
GCMS Government Contractor Monitoring Station
GFCI Government Furnished Contractor Installed
GWCT Government Witnessed Contractor Testing
GOCO Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated
GCCA Greater Clothing Contractors Association
GPCSA Greater Peoria Contractors Suppliers Association
GCLB Guam Contractors License Board
GGBC Gucciano General Building Contractor
GCA Gunite Contractors Association
HCA Hanford Contractors’ Association
HICA Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association
HC Heating Contractor
HRAC Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Contractors of Canada
HCCA Heavy Construction Contractors Association
HACE Hispanic Association of Contractors and Enterprises
HCA Hispanic Contractors Association
HCAG Hispanic Contractors Association of Georgia
HBCA Home Builders and Contractors Association
HIC Home Improvement Contractor
HACSC Houston Area Contractors Safety Council
IAGC Idaho Association of General Contractors
ILCA Illinois Landscape Contractors Association
ICPI Incremental Contractor Preliminary Inspection
IAC Independent Assurance Contractor
ICELAND Independent Contractor
IC Independent Contractor
ICA Independent Contractor Agent
ICA Independent Contractor Agreement
ICBA Independent Contractors and Builders Association
ICBA Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia
IEC Independent Electrical Contractors
IECO Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon
ISC Independent Support Contractor
ITCA Independent Television Contractors Association
IEC Industrial Electrical Contractors, LLC
ISC Industrial Support Contractor
ITCC Information Technology Consultants & Contractors
ITC Instruction to Contractors
ICAA Insulation Contractors Association of America
ICO Integrated Contract/Contractor Order
ICELAND Integrated Contractor
IC Integrated Contractor
ICPT Integrated Contractor Procurement Team
ICPT Integrated Contractor Purchasing Team
IAC Integrating Associate Contractor
ICR Integrating Contractor Representative
IC-OPC Integrating Contractor-Official Point of Contact
ICELAND Integration Contractor
IC Integration Contractor
ICTO Inter-Contractor Transfer Order
ICTOS Inter-Contractor Transfer Order
ICSS Interim Contractor Supply Support
ICS Interim Contractor Support
ISCA Interior Systems Contractors Association
IADC International Association of Drilling Contractors
IAGC International Association of Geophysical Contractors
IMCA International Marine Contractors Association
IUC International Underwater Contractors, Inc.
IRCA Iowa Roofing Contractors Association
JFCC Japan Federation of Construction Contractors, Inc.
J-BOSC Joint-Base Operations and Support Contractor
LOSC Labour-Only Sub Contractor
LACA Ladies Apparel Contractors Association
LICA Land Improvement Contractors of America
LCIS Landscape Contractor’s Insurance Services
LCA Landscape Contractors Association
LCB Landscape Contractors Board
LCCS Life Cycle Contractor Support
LICA Long Island Contractors Association
LOCA Louisiana Oilfield Contractors Association
MACINTOSH Main Automation Contractor
MAC Main Automation Contractor
MCD Main Contractor’s Discount
MCD Main Contractors Discount
MEC Main Element Contractor
MICC Main Instrumentation and Controls Contractor
MCG Major Contractors Group
MPEC Major Process Equipment Contractor
MCSC Managed Care Support Contractor
MOC Management and Operating Contractor
MACCA Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association
MCC Map Coordination Contractor
MSCL Mapeley STEPS Contractor Limited
MCA Marine Contractors Association
MCMC Marine Corps Maintenance Contractor
MCCA Mariposa County Contractors Association
MCAA Mason Contractors Association of America
MSCA Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association
MCAB Master Contractors Accreditation Bureau
MCC Matsoku Civil Contractors
MTC Measured Term Contractor
MC Mechanical Contractor
MCAA Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc.
MCAC Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
MCACO Mechanical Contractors Association of Central Ohio
MCANJ Mechanical Contractors Association of New Jersey
MCAO Mechanical Contractors Association of Ontario
MSCA Mechanical Service Contractors of America
MACINTOSH Medicare Administrative Contractor
MAC Medicare Administrative Contractor
MSPRC Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor
MMCA Metrolina Minority Contractors’ Association
MECA Michigan Electrical Contractors Association
MICA Midwest Insulation Contractors Association
MRCA Midwest Roofing Contractors Association
MCPAP Minnesota Contractors Premium Adjustment Program
MCIP Minority Contractors Involvement Project
MOC Mission Operations Contractor
MABC Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors
MACINTOSH Modern Arab Contractors
MAC Modern Arab Contractors
MSWC Montana Solid Waste Contractors Association
NACAA National Acoustical Contractors Association of America
NADCAP National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program
NARS National Asbestos Contractor Registry System
NAAC National Association of Agricultural Contractors
NADC National Association of Demolition Contractors
NADCEST National Association of Demolition Contractors
NADC National Association of Dredging Contractors
NADCEST National Association of Dredging Contractors
NAEC National Association of Elevator Contractors
NAMC National Association of Minority Contractors
NAPH-AND-MSC National Association of Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical Services Contractors
NAPHCC National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors
NASC National Association of Scaffolding Contractors
NAWSRC National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors
NCC National Communications Contractors
NCCASL National Construction Contractors Association of Sri Lanka
NECA National Electrical Contractors Association
NECI National Electrical Contractors Ireland
NFDC National Federation of Demolition Contractors
NICC National Independent Contractor Company
NICA National Insulation Contractors Association
NIRCA National Insurance Repair Contractors Association
NICI National Interior Contractors, Inc.
NLCA National Livestock Contractors Association
NPCA National Pavement Contractor Association
NPCA National Playground Contractors Association
NRCA National Roofing Contractors Association
NSCA National Sound Contractors Association
NSCC National Specialist Contractors Council
NSCA National Subcontractors Association
NSCA National Systems Contractors Association
NCEL Navy Contractor Experience List
NPCP Navy Potential Contractor Program
NCCA Nevada County Contractors Association
NCC New Construction Contractor
NJLCA New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association
NYSBCA New York School Bus Contractors Association
NYSEC New York State Electrical Contractors
NPCA North Port Contractors Association
NTRCA North Texas Roofing Contractors Association
NPCA Northeastern Pennsylvania Contractors Association
NOCONTRACT Not Releasable to Contractors or Contractor/Consultants
NTC Notice to Contractors
OCMA Office of Contractor Management and Administration
OCG Office of the Contractor General
OLICA Ohio Land Improvement Contractors Association
OCC Onsite Construction Contractor
OGCA Ontario General Contractors Association
OIRCA Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association
OEC Operations and Engineering Contractor
OCCB Oregon Construction Contractors Board
OCAT Organizational Contractor Augmentation Team
OHC Other Hanford Contractor
OC Outside Contracting/Contractor
OC Outside Contractingcontractor
OAC Owner Architect Contractor
OCIP Owner Contractor Insurance Program
OFCI Owner Furnished Contractor Installed
OSCI Owner Supplied Contractor Installed
OCP Owners and Contractors Protective Liability Policy
PICS Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening
PDCA Painting and Decorating Contractors of America
PCCP Painting Contractor Certification Programs
PCDA Painting Contractors and Decorators of America
PAC Participating Associate Contractor
PDCA Pile Driving Contractors Association
PLCA Pipe Line Contractors Association
PCAC Plumbing Contractors Association of Chicago and Cooke County
PCA Plumbing Contractors of America
PHCC Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association
PCON Potential Contractor
PCP Potential Contractor Program
PCCC Power and Communications Contractors Convention
PCI Power Contractors, Inc.
PC Prime Contractor
PMC Prime Mission Contract/Contractor
PSC Prime Support Contractor
PARC Principal Advisor Responsible Contractor
PC Private Contractor
PMC Private Military Contractor
PSC Private Security Contractor
PSC Privatization Support Contractor
PC Production Contractor
PCG Professional Contractors Group
PEC Professional Electrical Contractor
PSC Program Safeguard Contractor
PMC Project Management Contractor
PWC Public Works Contractor
PWCL Public Works Contractors Licensing
PWCLB Public Works Contractors Licensing Board
QIC Qualified Independent Contractor
RCP Radon Contractor Proficiency
RAC Recovery Audit Contractors
RECI Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland
ROC Registrar of Contractors
RCI Remedial Contractors Institute
RGC Residential General Contractor
RMCA Residential Masonry Contractors Association
RMCA Road Marking Contractors Association
RCC Roads Contractor Company
RMPCA Rocky Mountain Pipeline Contractors Association
RCIP Rolling Contractor Insurance Program
RCCA Roofing & Cladding Contractors Association
RBC Rotating Biological Contractor
SSC Safety Support Contractor
SBCA Santa Barbara Contractors Association
SSC Scientific Support Contractor
SLCA Sedona Licensed Contractor Association
SCI Service Contractors, Inc.
SMCA Sheet Metal Contractors Association
SMCI Sheet Metal Contractors, Inc.
SPECIALIST Shuttle Processing Contractor
SPC Shuttle Processing Contractor
SCAL Singapore Contractors Association Limited
SCAL Singapore Contractors Association Ltd.
SECAF Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum
SBCF Small Business Contractors’ Forum
SWMC Solid Waste Management Contractor
SAFC South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors
SCAHACC South Carolina Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
SAMCA Southern Arizona Mechanical Contractors Association
SCCA Southern California Contractors Association
SCRCA Southern California Roofing Contractors Association
SEC Specialist Engineering Contractors Group
SCLB State Contractors License Board
SWC State Water Contractors
SBCA Student Builders and Contractors Association
SUBJECT Subcontractor
SUBTRACT Subcontractor
SC Subcontractor
SUB Subcontractor
SCAR Subcontractor Corrective Action Report
SDL Subcontractor Data List
SDRL Subcontractor Data Requirements List
SDR Subcontractor Disposition Request
SEAMS Subcontractor Evaluation and Measurement System
SCFE Subcontractor Furnished Equipment
SMP Subcontractor Management Plan
SMPR Subcontractor Management Procedure
SPDR Subcontractor Preliminary Design Review
SUBS Subcontractors
SUCA Suncoast Utility Contractors Association
SSC Support Service Contractor
SSS Support Service Subcontractor
SEMC Suriname Earth Moving Contractors
SEIC System Engineering and Integration Contractor
SIC System Integration Contractor
SSIC System Safety Integration Contractor
SSC Systems Support Contractor
TAS Technical Assistance Subcontractor
TSSC Technical Services Support Contractor
TDC Technology Development Contractor
TECL Texas Electrical Contractors License
TLPCA Texas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association
TLPC Texas Lathing Plastering Contractors
TICA Thermal Insulation Contractors Association
TCPD Treasury’s Contractors Profile Database
TTCA Trinidad & Tobago Contractors Association
TUCI Tulsa Utility Contractor, Inc.
TCA Turkish Contractor Association
UCRG Uniform Contractor Reporting Guideline
UCAP Union Contractors Advantage Program
URCA Union Roofing Contractors Association
UACA United American Contractors Association
UEC United Engineers and Contractors
UMCA United Masonry Contractors Association
UMCA United Masonry Contractors of America
USCA United States Contractors Association
UMCI University Mechanical Contractors Incorporated
UMCA Utah Mechanical Contractors Association
VC Ventilating Contractor
VCCA Ventura County Contractor’s Association
VCCP Voluntary Contractor Certification Program
WLCA Washington Landscape Contractors Association
WWCCA Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association
WILACT Wisconsin Industrial Land Application Contractors and Transporters
WUCA Wisconsin Underground Contractors Association, Inc.
WCA Women Contractors Association
WCLS World-wide Contractor Logistics Support
ZPCCL Zen Pacific Civil Contractors, Ltd.