Manufacturing Abbreviations

The manufacturing is a branch of the economy that encompasses, in general, the mechanical or chemical conversion of materials, substances or elements into new products . The starting materials can be raw materials created by agriculture, forestry and fisheries and the extractive industry , as well as products of other industries. The resulting products can be used to produce other, more complex products such as airplanes , white goods or cars , or sold through the trading system to reach end users .


The manufacturing industry is one of the three branches of industry , along with the mining and energy industries .

Production is a major factor in determining the type of economic system . In a free market economy , it usually focuses on mass production of standardized products in order to make a profit. In societies based on collectivism , production is more often run by the state in the form of a planned economy . In mixed economies, production is usually subject to some degree of government regulation . Modern production includes all intermediate processes and operations necessary for the production of the final product from its constituent components.

The manufacturing sector is closely linked to engineering science and industrial design . Major manufacturers in the United States are companies such as General Motors , General Electric , Proctor and Gamble , Boeing and others. In Europe, such are Volkswagen , Siemens and Michelin . In Asia, such are Sony , Huawei , Lenovo , Toyota , Samsung and Bridgestone .

In Bulgaria , the manufacturing industry is a major sector of the economy, as in 2017 it employed about 556,000 people and the output was worth 62.6 billion levs.

Changes in the manufacturing sector bring new opportunities and difficulties to business pioneers. Nations with the largest production in the world have advantages and disadvantages in terms of their capacity to take production in the global network. Deloitte Global and the US Competitiveness Committee predict that the US will overtake China as the most competitive industrial nation in 2020 (and Germany , Japan and India after them). The 2016 Global Competitiveness Index predicts that the best industrialized nations will remain stable until 2020.

Manufacturing Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Manufacturing

AML A Manufacturing Language
QUICKCHIPS A Very QUICK Turnaround System for ASIC Design and Manufacturing Supporting Multiple Design Tools and Implementation Technologies
AMC Acoustical Manufacturing Company
ACMC Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre
ACADEMA Advanced Computer Aided Design Engineering & Manufacturing Agency
ADAM Advanced Design and Manufacturing
AIMS Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Solutions, Co.
ARMENIA Advanced Manufacturing
AM Advanced Manufacturing
AMEN Advanced Manufacturing Education Network
AMI Advanced Manufacturing Initiative
AMPI Advanced Manufacturing Propulsion Initiative
AMR Advanced Manufacturing Research
AMRC Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
AMRT Advanced Manufacturing Research Testbed
AMS Advanced Manufacturing Scheduling
AMT Advanced Manufacturing Technology
AMTA Advanced Manufacturing Technology Association
AMTL Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
AMTS Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy
ASMC Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference
ASCM Advanced Solar Cell Manufacturing
AMCO Aerojet Manufacturing Company
AMTC Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre
AMIT Aerospace, Manufacturing and Information Technology Cluster
AMSED Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Division
AMTD Affordability and Manufacturing Technology Demonstration
ADAM Affordable Diode Array Manufacturing
AMI Aggregate Manufacturing International
AIMS Agile Infrastructure for Manufacturing Systems
AMBC Agile Manufacturing Benchmarking Consortium
AMS Agile Manufacturing System
AFCAM Air Force Computer-Aided Manufacturing
ABZ Al, Bill, and Zorn Manufacturing, Inc.
AIME Alabama Institute for Manufacturing Excellence
AAM Alliance for American Manufacturing
AIM Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford
AX-AND-M American Axle & Manufacturing Company
AXL American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc.
AAM American Axle and Manufacturing, Inc.
AMAPS American Manufacturing and Production Service
AMRC American Manufacturing Research Consortium
AMMI American Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc.
AMF Andover Manufacturing Facility
ACME Applications of Computers to Manufacturing Engineering
AMT Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
AMTC Applied Manufacturing Technology Center
ACCM Arab Company for Computer Manufacturing
AMM Area Manufacturing Manager
ARMS Armament Retooling Manufacturing Support
AIEDAM Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis, and Manufacturing
ARCO Artificial Remanufacturing of Cylindrical Objects
AAMA Asian American Manufacturing Association
ATM Assembly, Test, & Manufacturing
AME Association for Manufacturing Excellence
AMT Association for Manufacturing Technology
APM Asynchronous Process Manufacturing
AMI Auburn Manufacturing, Inc.
ALMC Australasian Lubricants Manufacturing Company
AIEM Australian Industry Engineering and Manufacturing Network
ACM Automated Cheque Manufacturing
AMAP Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice
AMS Automotive Manufacturing Solutions
AMC Average Manufacturing Cost
BUMP Baby Under Manufacturing Process
BMR Batch Manufacturing Record
BAMTRI Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
BMI Berkeley Manufacturing Institute
BMP Best Manufacturing Practice
BMC Bicycle Manufacturing Company
BTEC Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center
BSMI Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.
BMC Bipolar Manufacturing Complex
BMED Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design
BCTIM Boeing Center for Technology, Information and Manufacturing
BCMC Brass Craft Manufacturing Company
BMM Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
BMTA Brevard Manufacturing & Technology Association
BMC Bridgers Manufacturing Company
BCDS Bulk Chemical Distribution System (semiconductor manufacturing
BCAM Business Computer-Aided Manufacturing
BMI Butera Manufacturing Industries
CMV capitalization of manufacturing variances
CMV Capitalized Manufacturing Variances
CUIMRC Cardiff University Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre
CMCL Cement Manufacturing Company Ltd.
CEMM Center for Excellence in Manufacturing Management
CGM Center for Green Manufacturing
CIMS Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies
CIMOS Center for Intelligent Manufacturing of Semiconductors
LAM Center for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing
CME Center for Manufacturing Enterprise
CME Center for Manufacturing Excellence
CMS Center for Manufacturing Systems
COMMUNITY Center for Optics Manufacturing
COM Center for Optics Manufacturing
CMD Central Manufacturing District
CMTI Central Manufacturing Technology Institute
CEME Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence
CIDAM Centre for Intelligent Design, Automation, and Manufacturing
CRR Centre for Remanufacturing & Reuse
CTMC Charmilles Technologies Manufacturing Corporation
CMC Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls
CMC Chicago Manufacturing Center
CLFM China Leaders for Manufacturing
CMDC Choctaw Manufacturing and Development Corporation
CIMEC CIRP International Manufacturing Education Conference (Netherlands)
CMMI Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation
CMTI Clean Manufacturing Technology Institute
CAMP Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program
CAMP Cleveland Area Manufacturing Program
CGMPS Clinical Good Manufacturing Practices
CGMP Clinical Good Manufacturing Practices
CIMS Coalition for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
CMFG Colman Manufacturing Co.
CAMT Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology
CMAI Communication and Manufacturing Association of India
CHMT Components, Hybrids and Manufacturing Technology
CPMT Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
CADAM Computer Aided Design And Manufacturing
CAME Computer Aided Manufacturing Environment
CAMI Computer Aided Manufacturing International
CAM Computer Assisted Manufacturing
CADAM Computer Augmented Design and Manufacturing
CHMBA Computer Hardware Manufacturing Benchmarking Association
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIME Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering
WATERCIME Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Concepts in Open Water Management Systems
CIMPRO Computer Integrated Manufacturing for Process
CIMMS Computer Integrated Manufacturing Management System
CIMOSA Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open System Architecture
CIMRU Computer Integrated Manufacturing Research Unit
CIMS Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
COMMENTARY Computer Manufacturing
CM Computer Manufacturing
CADM Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
CADDM Computer-Aided Drafting, Design and Manufacturing
CAEM Computer-Aided Engineering and Manufacturing
CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CAMM Computer-Aided Manufacturing Machine
CAMM Computer-Aided Manufacturing Management
CAMISHA Computer-Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids
CIM Computers in Manufacturing
C2M Concept-to-Manufacturing
COMPLAN Concurrent Manufacturing Planning and Shop Control
COMMENT Congress on Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
CAMP Consortium for the Advancement of Manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals
COMEH Consortium of Manufacturing Engineering Heads
CFM Contamination-Free Manufacturing
CFM Continuous Flow Manufacturing
CMPA Contract Manufacturing & Packaging Association
CMP Contract Manufacturing and Packaging
CMC Contract Manufacturing Company
CMO Contract Manufacturing Operation
CMO Contract Manufacturing Organisation
CRAM Contract Research and Manufacturing
CRAMS Contract Research and Manufacturing Services
CMS Core Manufacturing System
COMMENTARY Corporate Manufacturing
CM Corporate Manufacturing
CMIS Corporate Manufacturing Information System
CMO Corporate Manufacturing Objects
CMT Craft Manufacturing & Tooling
CMCP Critical Manufacturing Control Point
CMR Critical Manufacturing Review
CMIT CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology (Australia)
CGMPS Current Good Manufacturing Practice
CGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practice
CMS Custom Manufacturing Service
COMMS Customer Oriented Manufacturing Management Systems
DKSME Data and Knowledge Systems for Manufacturing and Engineering
DTMC Daugavpils Training and Manufacturing Centre
DTMA Dayton Tooling & Manufacturing Association
DPMS Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services Inc
DMIC Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation
DAMA Demand Activated Manufacturing Architecture
DAMP Demand Analysis Manufacturing Planning
DDM Demand-Driven Manufacturing
DMAT DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee
DBMT Department of Business, Manufacturing and Trade
DMC Design and Manufacturing Consultants
DMI Design and Manufacturing Institute
DFM Design for Manufacturing
DFMA Design For Manufacturing and Assembly
DSSM Design for Six Sigma Manufacturing
D2M Design To Manufacturing
DTM Design to Manufacturing
DTMC Design to Manufacturing Coalition
DMIR Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative
DMI Design-Manufacturing Integration
DTM Desktop Manufacturing Corporation
DMTC Detroit Manufacturing Training Center
DTMC Dexport Tool Manufacturing Company
DELMIA Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application
DPM Digital Process for Manufacturing
DMS Diminishing Manufacturing Source
DMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources
DMSMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Center of Excellence
DMSR Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Record
DMSRB Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Review Board
DMC Direct Manufacturing Cost
DME Direct Manufacturing Expense
DMLH Direct Manufacturing Labor-Hours
MULTIMAN Distributed Multisite Manufacturing Quality Management
DRMS-CIME Distributed Reactive Management System for Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering
DSM Distributed Systems Manufacturing
DMOC Diversified Manufacturing of Ca
DMD Domestic Manufacturing Deduction
DFMC Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Co.
DMMC Duplex Mill & Manufacturing Co.
EMQ Economic Manufacturing Quality
ERMCO Electric Research and Manufacturing Cooperative
EEIC Electrical Insulation Conference and Electrical Manufacturing Expo
EMD Electromagnetic Manufacturing Development
EDMI Electronic Design and Manufacturing International
EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services
EMS Electronic Manufacturing Solutions
EMT Electronic Manufacturing Technology
ECAM Electronics Computer-Aided Manufacturing
EMPF Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility
EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services
ESM Electronics Supply & Manufacturing
ESMC Electronics Supply & Manufacturing China
ESMS Empire State Manufacturing Survey
EMTC Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center
EMDO Engine Manufacturing Development Operations
EMEC Engineered Manufacturing and Equipment Company
EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Design
EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Development
EMDO Engineering and Manufacturing District Office
EMIT Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology
EMP Engineering and Manufacturing Processes
EMS Engineering and Manufacturing Services
EDAM Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing
EMD Engineering Manufacturing Design
EMD Engineering Manufacturing Development
EMRL Engineering Manufacturing Readiness Level
EMMA Engineering Mockup and Manufacturing Assembly
EPMS Engineering Procurement Manufacturing Schedule
EM-AND-D Engineering, Manufacturing and Development
EMIT Engineering, Manufacturing, Information Technology
EDAM Engineering-Design Analysis and Manufacturing
EBM Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
ECAM Environmentally Conscious Advanced Manufacturing
ECDM Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing
ECM Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
ERM Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing
EFMC Essanay Film Manufacturing Company
EMAF European Manufacturing Automation Forum
EMTC European Manufacturing Test Conference
EMCM European Medical Contract Manufacturing
ETCOM European Testing for Certification of Office and Manufacturing Equipment
EMC Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
EAME Exhibition of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering
EG-MMS Experts Group Manufacturing Message Specification
EMMA Explosives Munitions Manufacturing Area
EMS Extended Manufacturing Services
EMTC Extinguisher Manufacturing Technical Committee
FNMI Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing, Inc.
FMO Federation of Manufacturing Opticians
FMM Fellowship in Manufacturing Management
FICIM Fieldbus Integration Into Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
FAMIS Finest At Manufacturing, Innovation, and Service
FAME Five-Axis Manufacturing Environment
FME Fixed Manufacturing Expense
FAIM Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing
FCIM Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing
FM Flexible Manufacturing
FMC Flexible Manufacturing Cell
FMM Flexible Manufacturing Module
FMS Flexible Manufacturing System
FMU Flexible Manufacturing Unit
FMEP Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership
FM Flow Manufacturing
FMT Flow Manufacturing Techniques
FBM Flow-Based Manufacturing
FEMC Food Equipment Manufacturing Corp
FAMS Ford Academy of Manufacturing Sciences
FEMC Forward Electronics Manufacturing Company Ltd
FMF Fuel Manufacturing Facility
FMP Fuel Manufacturing Plant
FAMC Fully Absorbed Manufacturing Cost
FDM Furniture Design and Manufacturing
FDM Fused Deposition Manufacturing
GMEA Georgia Manufacturing Extension Alliance
GMES Ghana Manufacturing Enterprise Survey
GMIC Glass Manufacturing Industry Council
GEMA Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance
GMG Global Manufacturing Group
GMP Global Manufacturing Plan
GMS Global Manufacturing System
GAMP Good Automated Manufacturing Practice
GMP Good Manufacturing Compliance
GMP Good Manufacturing Practice
GMP Good Manufacturing Procedure
GMP Good Manufacturing Process
GLMC Great Lakes Manufacturing Council
GECOM Greensburg Equipment and Components Manufacturing
GPMQ Grocery Products Manufacturing Quality
HAMC Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Company
HAMC Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
HMI Heinzen Manufacturing International
HPMC High Performance Manufacturing Consortium
HTMS High Tech Manufacturing Services
HVM High Volume Manufacturing
HSMC Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
HMMI Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia
HTM Hi-Tech Manufacturing
HMC Holonic Manufacturing Consortium
HMS Holonic Manufacturing System
HCM Honda Canada Manufacturing
HAM Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
HPMC Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation
HMI Hoyme Manufacturing Inc.
HOMS Human-Oriented Manufacturing System
HMU Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit
ITCHM IEEE Transactions on Components Hybrids, and Manufacturing (journal)
TSM IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
IMEC Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center
IMPACT Improving Manufacturing Productivity with Advanced Collaboration Technology
IMA Independent Manufacturing Assessment
IEMC India Electronics Manufacturing Corp.
IME Indirect Manufacturing Expense
IMFGE Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
IMSE Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
IEM Industrial Electric Manufacturing
IM Industrial Manufacturing
ITMACE Information Technology for Manufacturing Automation and Concurrent Engineering
IMIA InfraGard Manufacturing Industry Association
IMI Innovative Manufacturing Initiative
IFM Institute for Micromanufacturing
IMM Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
IAMS Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences
IMFGE Institution of Manufacturing Engineers
ICAM Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
ICEM Integrated Computer-aided Engineering and Manufacturing
ICAM Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing
IDMM Integrated Design for Marketability and Manufacturing
IMPACS Integrated Manufacturing Planning and Control System
IMPS Integrated Manufacturing Production System
IMPACT Integrated Manufacturing, Precision-Assembled, Cellular Technology
IIM Integration in Manufacturing
IFAMS Intelligent Flexible Autonomous Manufacturing Systems
IMS Intelligent Manufacturing System
IPMC Intercom Programming & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
ICMD International Component Manufacturing and Design Show
ICMSE International Conference on Manufacturing Systems Engineering
IDMC International Display Manufacturing Conference
IEMT International Electronics Manufacturing Technology
IJAMS International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
IMLF International Manufacturing Leaders Forum
IMTS International Manufacturing Technology Show
IMTS International Manufacturing Trade Show
ISMSS International Semiconductor Manufacturing Science Symposium
ISAM International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing
ISCM International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing
ISSM International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing
IPMC Iran Piston Manufacturing Company
IDEM Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing Co
JMM J-M Manufacturing
JMTC Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center
JSMC Joint Systems Manufacturing Center
JMTM Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management
KMC Kelley Manufacturing Co.
KMAC Kentucky Manufacturing Assistance Center
KMSS Kentucky Manufacturing Skills Standards
KMAMCC Kettle Moraine Advanced Manufacturing Cluster Council
KEMA Keystone Enterprise Manufacturing Alliance
KMC Knernshield Manufacturing Company
KBM Knowledge Based Manufacturing
LCMC Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex
LOM Laminated-Object Manufacturing
LMCL Lantex Manufacturing Company Limited
LMC Large Manufacturing Company
LSM Large Scale Manufacturing
LPM Laser Process Manufacturing
LMSB Latexx Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
LBM Layer-Based Manufacturing
LFM Leaders for Manufacturing
LMC Lean Manufacturing Cell
LMW Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse
LTM Licentiate in Textile Manufacturing
LMF Light Manufacturing Facility
LMSD Light Manufacturing Studio District
LMA Logistics & Manufacturing Association, Port Laredo
LCMS Louisiana Center for Manufacturing Sciences
MFG Manufacturing
MAGI Manufacturing Action Group Inc.
MACINTOSH Manufacturing Advisory Center
MAC Manufacturing Advisory Center
MAS Manufacturing Advisory Service
MACINTOSH Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
MAC Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
MAEC Manufacturing Analysis of Engineering Change
MAD Manufacturing and Design
MESAB Manufacturing and Engineering Skills Advisory Board
MFTF Manufacturing and Flight Test Facility
MIP Manufacturing and Inspection Plan
MAPO Manufacturing and Production Organization
MARAC Manufacturing and Retailers Acceptance Corporation
MSOM Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
MASTER Manufacturing And Structuring Technology for Efficient Rotorcraft
MATES Manufacturing And Tooling Expert System
MACS Manufacturing Application Control System
MAP Manufacturing Application Protocol
MAPER Manufacturing Application Protocol
MAEST Manufacturing Approval
MA Manufacturing Approval
MAPL Manufacturing Assembly Parts List
MAP Manufacturing Assembly Procedure
MAPER Manufacturing Assembly Procedure
MAAPP Manufacturing Assessment And Planning Package
MAP Manufacturing Assistance Program
MAPER Manufacturing Assistance Program
MADE Manufacturing Automation and Design Engineering
MAP Manufacturing Automation Profile
MAPER Manufacturing Automation Profile
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPER Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MB Manufacturing Base
MBOM Manufacturing Bill Of Materials
MBU Manufacturing Business Unit
MCA Manufacturing Change Analysis
MCO Manufacturing Change Order
MCR Manufacturing Change Request
MCA Manufacturing Chemists Association
MC Manufacturing Control
MCS Manufacturing Control System
MCAB Manufacturing Corrective Action Board
MC Manufacturing Cost
MCT Manufacturing Cycle Time
MDB Manufacturing Data Base
MDM Manufacturing Data Management
MDR Manufacturing Data Report
MDSI Manufacturing Data Systems, Inc.
MDA Manufacturing Defects Analysis
MDA Manufacturing Defects Analyzer
MDL Manufacturing Delivery Leader
MDS Manufacturing Design System
MDC Manufacturing Development Center
MDE Manufacturing Development Engineering
MDTF Manufacturing Domain Task Force
ME Manufacturing Engineering
MET Manufacturing Engineering
MEEM Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management
MEC Manufacturing Engineering Centre
MEDM Manufacturing Engineering Data Module
MEDICAL Manufacturing Engineering Division
MED Manufacturing Engineering Division
MEEI Manufacturing Engineering Equipment Instruction
MEI Manufacturing Engineering Instructions
MEL Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory
MESA Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International
MES Manufacturing Execution Systems
MESA Manufacturing Execution Systems Association
MEA Manufacturing Expense Analysis
MEDS Manufacturing Extension Decision Support
MEP Manufacturing Extension Partnership
MHS Manufacturing Handling Service
MIN Manufacturing Identification Number
MICROWAVE Manufacturing Industrial Council
MIC Manufacturing Industrial Council
MIT Manufacturing Information Technology
MIWG Manufacturing Infrastructure Working Group
MIDO Manufacturing Inspection District Offices
MI Manufacturing Inspector
MI Manufacturing Instruction
MII Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence
MITA Manufacturing Integration Test Assembly
MKULTRA Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations
MK Manufacturing Knowledge
MLT Manufacturing Lead Time
MLA Manufacturing License Agreement
MLA Manufacturing Lien Authorization
MMD Manufacturing Management Department
MMS Manufacturing Message Service
MMS Manufacturing Message Specification
MM Manufacturing Methods
MMT Manufacturing Methods & Technology
MMS Manufacturing Monitoring System
MOE Manufacturing Operating Expense
MOR Manufacturing Operation Recovery
MOM Manufacturing Operations Manager
MOP Manufacturing Operations Oriented Plant
MOTL Manufacturing Operations Team Leader
MO Manufacturing Order
MO-2 Manufacturing Order
MOH Manufacturing Overhead
MPI Manufacturing Performance Institute
MFP Manufacturing Plan
MPC Manufacturing Planning and Control
MPZ Manufacturing Plant Zone
MP Manufacturing Procedure
MPAS Manufacturing Process Application Support
MPB Manufacturing Process Breakdown
MPCA Manufacturing Process Capability Assessment
MPE Manufacturing Process Engineer
MPM Manufacturing Process Management
MPO Manufacturing Process Optimization
MPP Manufacturing Process Plan
MPP Manufacturing Process Procedure
MPQ Manufacturing Process Qualification
MPI Manufacturing Processing Instructions
MPO Manufacturing Production Order
MPA Manufacturing Program Analysis
MQC Manufacturing Quality Control
MQI Manufacturing Quality Instruction
MQP Manufacturing Quality Plan
MQT Manufacturing Quality Technician
MRL Manufacturing Readiness Level
MRR Manufacturing Readiness Review
MRB Manufacturing Record Book
MR Manufacturing Release
MRP Manufacturing Requirements Planning
MRTC Manufacturing Research and Training Center
MRCO Manufacturing Research Corporation of Ontario
MRC Manufacturing Resource Centre
MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning
MS-AND-T Manufacturing Science & Technology
MSF Manufacturing Science and Finance Union
MST Manufacturing Science and Technology
MSTG Manufacturing Science and Technology Group
MSAT Manufacturing Sciences and Technology
MSC Manufacturing Sciences Corporation
MSA Manufacturing Service Agreement
MSS Manufacturing Services Sector
MSO Manufacturing Shop Order
MS Manufacturing Specialist
MS Manufacturing Strategy
MSE Manufacturing Support Equipment
MSD Manufacturing System Design
MSTD Manufacturing System Technology Department
MSE Manufacturing Systems Engineering
MSEM Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
MSID Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
MSI Manufacturing Systems, Inc.
MTL Manufacturing Team Leader
MTM Manufacturing Team Member
MTG Manufacturing Technical Group
MT Manufacturing Technology
MTA Manufacturing Technology Activity
MTAG Manufacturing Technology Advisory Group
MTC Manufacturing Technology Center
MTD Manufacturing Technology Development
MTD Manufacturing Technology Division
MTIAC Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center
MTO Manufacturing Technology Objective
MTP Manufacturing Technology Partnership
MTP Manufacturing Technology Program
MTTC Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center
MTI Manufacturing Technology, Inc.
MTSS Manufacturing Test Software Solution
MTTC Manufacturing Training and Technology Center
MUP Manufacturing Use Product
MVA Manufacturing Value Add
MVT Manufacturing Verification Test
MWA Manufacturing Work Authority
MWI Manufacturing Work Instruction
MWS Manufacturing Work Station
MAPS Manufacturing, Accounting and Planning System
MAIT Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Test
MFU Manufacturing, Formulation and Use
MRD Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution
MSD Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution
MTE Manufacturing/Technical Engineer
MP Manufacturing-Use Product
MASSMEP Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership
MMF Master Manufacturing Formula
MMP Master Manufacturing Procedure
MEME Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering
MMM Master of Management and Manufacturing
MMSE Master of Manufacturing Systems Engineering
MMO Materials and Manufacturing Ontario
MMRI McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute
MTM McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing
MIME Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
MDM Medical Design & Manufacturing
MEM Medical Electronics Manufacturing
MPMN Medical Product Manufacturing News
MMD Merck Manufacturing Division
MICIM Methodology for the Introduction of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
MMTC Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
MMY Microelectronic Manufacturing Yield
MOSB Microsoft OEM System Builder (hardware manufacturing)
MFM Midwest Foods Manufacturing
MMQ Minimum Manufacturing Quantity
MMM Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing
MMM Minnesota Mining Manufacturing
MAAM Missouri Association for Advancing Manufacturing
MMMA Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America
MEMU Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Unit
MMU Mobile Manufacturing Unit
MTM Modular Tire Manufacturing
MMS Moldflow Manufacturing Solutions
NAMT National Advanced Manufacturing Testbed
NCAM National Center for Advanced Manufacturing
NCMS National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
NCMR National Conference on Manufacturing Research
NMCC National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council
NMSA National Manufacturing Skills Academy
NMMI National Minority Manufacturing Institute
NMEP Nebraska Manufacturing Extension Partnership
NIMO New Idec Manufacturing Operation
NIPM New Image Plastics Manufacturing Co.
NGMS-IMS Next Generation Manufacturing Systems/Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Program
NNMC Nigerian Newsprint Manufacturing Company
NAMC Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Company
NIMS Nissan Integrated Manufacturing System
NMI Non-Manufacturing Index
NAMRC North American Manufacturing Research Conference
ODM On-Demand Manufacturing
OCAM Ontario Centre for Advanced Manufacturing
OIME Open Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Journal
ODME Optical Disc Manufacturing Equipment
OPM Oracle Process Manufacturing
OMEP Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership
OBM Original Brand Manufacturing
ODM Original Design Manufacturing
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer/Manufacturing
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturermanufacturing
OBM Own Brand Manufacturing
PVMA Pakistan Veterinary Manufacturing Association
PMGS Paper Manufacturing Graduate School
PEML Paris Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
PMA Part Manufacturing Approval
PEM Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.
PMPS Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
PMC Philippine Manufacturing Company
POLYMAN Polymeric Materials and SMT Applications in Cost Effective Manufacturing
PCMI Portsmouth Craft and Manufacturing Industries
PMC Post-Manufacturing Checkout
PMPC Post-Manufacturing Product Cost
PEM Power Engineering & Manufacturing
PFMS Precision Flexible Manufacturing Systems
PMMT Precision Machinery and Manufacturing Technology
PPM Precision Parts Manufacturing
PSMI Precision Systems Manufacturing Inc.
PREAMP Pre-competitive Advanced Manufacturing Process
PME Process and Manufacturing Engineering
PICME Process Industry Centre for Manufacturing Excellence
PDMC Product Development and Manufacturing Center
PRIME Product Information for Manufacturing Excellence
PCMI Production Chemical Manufacturing Incorporated
QML Qualified Manufacturing Line
QMP Qualified Manufacturing Plants
QMI Qualitas Manufacturing Inc.
QMA Quality Manufacturing Associates
QMAS Quality Manufacturing Assurance Systems
QME Quality Manufacturing Engineers
QRM Quick Response Manufacturing
RME Radio Manufacturing Engineers
RPMA Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Association
RPMI Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Institute
RRM Rapid Response Manufacturing
RAM Recent Advances in Manufacturing
RMS Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
RMRC Refining Manufacturing Research Center
RTM Released To Manufacturing
RM Repetitive Manufacturing
RDM Research Development Manufacturing
RWMA Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance
RMS Robotic Manufacturing System
RCIM Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
RMAL Robotics and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory
RIM Robotics in Manufacturing
RMMI Rochester Metalwerx & Manufacturing Inc.
RMC Rockwell Manufacturing Company
SBMC Saraswati Book Manufacturing Company
SEMC Satellite Equipment Manufacturing Corporation
SMC Schaffner Manufacturing Company, Inc
SIMS School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science
SBM Schwertley Brothers Manufacturing LLC
SEMTA Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Alliance
SMC Seattle Manufacturing Corporation
SEMTA Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
SEMC Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Center
SM Semiconductor Manufacturing
SMIC Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp
SMOMS Semiconductor Manufacturing Operational Modeling and Simulation
SMS Semiconductor Manufacturing System
SMTG Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Group
SAMF Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
SMCA Sharp Manufacturing Company of America
SMF Sharp Manufacturing France
SMI Sherwood Manufacturing, Inc.
STM Ship-To-Manufacturing
SVMG Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group
SSD Simpson Manufacturing Company
CIMSIM Simulation of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Implementation and Management for SMEs
SBMC Singapore Biologics Manufacturing Conference
SMME Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprise
SMMES Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprise
SBM Small Business Manufacturing
SM Small Manufacturing
SMT Smart Manufacturing Technology
SME Society of Manufacturing Engineers
SAMICS Solar Array Manufacturing Industry Costing Standards
SAMIS Solar Array Manufacturing Industry Simulation
SAM Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing
SDM Sony Disc Manufacturing
SBMC South Boston Manufacturing Center
STMF South Tyneside Manufacturing Forum
SIMT Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology
SAMM Space, Automation & Manufacturing Mechanisms
SMC Special Manufacturing Capability
SMP Special Manufacturing Procedure
SMI Specialty Manufacturing Inc
SMC Specific Manufacturing Capability
SGM Spiral Growth Manufacturing
SMW Standard Manufacturing Warranty
SQUASH Standard-Compliant Quality Control System for High-Level Ceramic Material Manufacturing
SMD Standardized Manufacturing Drawing
SMCO Stant Manufacturing Company
SEMC Switching Equipment Manufacturing Company
SOCMI Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry
SIMA System Integration for Manufacturing Applications
SAMM Systems Aided Manufacturing Management
TPMC Tabuk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co.
TYM Taha Yarn Manufacturing
TSM Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
TSM Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
TMI Tauber Manufacturing Institute
TMC Technical Manufacturing Corporation
TMMI Technical Marketing Manufacturing, Inc.
TEAM Technologies Enabling Agile Manufacturing
TMG Technology Manufacturing Group
TYJ Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing
TEMA Telecommunication Engineering and Manufacturing Association
TMF Tele-Manufacturing Facility
TMEP Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Program
TT-CNMA Testing Technology for Communication Network for Manufacturing Applications
TMAC Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
TRI The Remanufacturing Institute
TMC Thompson Manufacturing Company
TCM Time Critical Manufacturing
TMA Tooling & Manufacturing Association
TMC Total Manufacturing Cost
TMS Total Manufacturing System
TPM Total Productive Manufacturing
TCM Toyo Carrier Manufacturing Co. Ltd
TMUK Toyota Manufacturing United Kingdom
TEMA Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
TMMAL Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama, Inc
TMMBC Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California
TMMC Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Inc.
TMMF Toyota Motor Manufacturing France
TMMI Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana
TMMA Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama
TMMCA Toyota Motor Manufacturing, California
TMMK Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.
TMC Transformers Manufacturing Company
TEM Turbine Engine Manufacturing Company
TWM Turner Workflow Manufacturing Ltd
UMC Unit Manufacturing Cost
USMC United States Manufacturing Corporation
UPB Universal Plastic Bag Manufacturing Co.
USMBC Upper Shore Manufacturing Business Council
VAM Value Added Manufacturing
VMEC Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center
VMEP Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing
VM Virtual Manufacturing
VMN Virtual Manufacturing Network
WCBF Waisman Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility
WMME Warner Music Manufacturing Europe
WMS Washington Manufacturing Services
WMM Weapons Materials and Manufacturing
WMTS Western Manufacturing Technology Show
WWM Wilson Wolf Manufacturing
WEM Wisconsin Electrical Manufacturing Company, Inc.
WMEP Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership
WCM World Class Manufacturing
WCMG World Class Manufacturing Group, Inc.
WMC World Manufacturing Congress
WMEM World Manufacturing Engineering & Market
XMII xApps Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence