Minnesota Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Minnesota state?

MN is the 2 letter abbreviation for Minnesota, the 22th largest state in the United States of America. Minnesota is a state located in West North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Iowa, Michigan (water border), North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Saint Paul is the capital city of Minnesota. Major cities include Minneapolis (Population: 410950), Saint Paul (Population: 285079), Rochester (Population: 112236), Bloomington (Population: 86446), Duluth (Population: 86121), Brooklyn Park (Population: 79160), Plymouth (Population: 75918), Maple Grove (Population: 68396), Woodbury (Population: 67866), Eagan (Population: 66297), Saint Cloud (Population: 65853), and Eden Prairie (Population: 63507).

Minnesota State Flag

Minnesota State Profile

  • Capital: Saint Paul
  • Admitted to USA: 1858
  • Area: 225,163 km2
  • Population: 5,639,632
  • Time zone: GMT-6
  • Calling code: 218, 320, 507, 612, 651, 763, 952
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  MN
  • State Government Website: http://mn.gov/


The state of Minnesota is located in the north of the USA and is one of the states of the Midwest. Minnesota is bordered in the north by Canada, or more precisely the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario. To the east, the state is bordered by Lake Superior and the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. In the south, Minnesota borders Iowa and the western section of the state is bordered by North Dakota and South Dakota.

The name of the state comes from the language of the Dakota (Sioux) Indians and means something like “water reflecting the sky”. Minnesota also has several nicknames such as “North Star State” and “The Gopher State”.
However, the most important nickname is “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. This is even an understatement because there are 11,843 lakes in Minnesota that are larger than 40,000 m².
The official state motto of Minnesota is “L’Étoile du Nord” (The Star of the North).

The state of Minnesota covers an area of ​​225,181 km², in this regard the twelfth largest state in the United States. About 5.38 million people live in Minnesota, two thirds of whom live in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. This metropolitan area includes the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The latter, i.e. Saint Paul, is the capital of the state with approximately 290,000 inhabitants in the urban area proper. Minnesota was founded on May 11, 1858 as the 32nd state of the United States. A large proportion of Minnesota’s residents have German or Scandinavian ancestors.

The state’s economy, like the economy of many other states, has undergone major changes in recent decades. The largest part is in the service sector, but Minnesota remains dominated by agriculture. The cultivation of peas, sugar beets and sweet corn is particularly intensive. Tourism is a growing industry and is primarily aimed at visitors who long for untouched landscapes.

Minnesota’s topography is relatively flat. This has to do with the massive glaciers that are at least one kilometer thick and have shaped today’s topography over a long period of time. The glaciers disappeared about 12,000 years ago. Nowadays only the extreme northeast, the so-called Arrowhead Country, is a bit hilly or mountainous. Unsurprisingly, the state’s highest point, Eagle Mountain, is also here in the far northeast. Eagle Mountain is only about 21 km from the deepest point in Minnesota, the coast of Lake Superior (Upper Lake). The northern tip of Minnesota, which often protrudes into the Lake Woods, is the northernmost point of the “Continental United States” (the 48 contiguous US states on the North American continent) and lies north of the 49th parallel.

Minnesota is an extremely interesting vacation destination for all nature lovers, because for the most part there is still little untouched nature. If you want to enjoy these landscapes, we recommend the Voyageurs National Park, the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge, the Frontenac State Park or the Alexander Ramsey Park, to name just a few attractions. But even those who are not enthusiastic about nature can find something for their taste in Minnesota with museums such as the Walker Art Center or the magnificent buildings such as the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Cities and larger towns

Saint Paul
The city of Saint Paul is located in central Minnesota and is the capital of the state with a population of approximately 290,000. In the metropolitan region of the Twin Cities, consisting of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, 3.3 million people live. Saint Paul has been a city since 1854 and has been the state capital since then. The city, or the twin cities, is the cultural, scientific and economic center of the region. Accordingly, visitors will find a wide range of sights here.

The city of Minneapolis is located in central Minnesota and is the largest city in the state with a population of approximately 3920,000. In the metropolitan region of the Twin Cities, consisting of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, 3.3 million people live. Minneapolis has been a city since 1867, even if the development of the city goes back further. The city, or the twin cities, is the cultural, scientific and economic center of the region. Accordingly, visitors will find a wide range of sights here.

The city of Duluth is in northern Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Superior, and has approximately 86,000 residents. This makes Duluth the fourth largest city in Minnesota. In the “Twin Ports” metropolitan region, which also includes the city of Superior in Wisconsin, 280,000 people live. Duluth is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the entire Midwest. A larger scale settlement of the area took place from the 1850s with the discovery of copper deposits and since 1857 the settlement was officially called Duluth and was run as a city.

In the following years, the city prospered due to the canal connections between the Great Lakes and the associated navigable connection to the Atlantic Ocean. In the 1970s, however, Duluth also felt the industrial decline of the region. Since then, economic activity has increasingly shifted to tourism. However, Duluth was and is a port city. Interesting sights of the city are its port, especially the Aerial Lift Bridge and the historic Fitger’s Brewery. An excursion to the Enger Tower, which offers an excellent view of the city, is also recommended. The city’s cultural offerings are in the Downtown district and a large number of cafés and shops can be found in the Canal Park district. The city’s most famous son is surely Bob Dylan, who was born here on May 24, 1941 as Robert Allen Zimmerman. ”

The city of Rochester has approximately 107,000 residents, making it the third largest city in Minnesota. Rochester is located in the extreme southeast of Minnesota on the banks of the Zumbro River. The city was founded in 1854, when George Head founded the city and named it after his hometown Rochester in the state of New York. The city’s most famous son is certainly Charles Horace Mayo, the founder of the world-famous Mayo clinics.
The city’s Mayo Clinic is one of the most important employers and has a dominant effect on the entire economy of the city. In addition to the actual clinic, the former home of Charles Horace Mayo, the Mayowood Mansion, is also very worth seeing. A visit to the Assisi Heights and the Rochester Art Center.

St. Cloud
St. Cloud is in central Minnesota and has approximately 66,000 residents. St. Cloud can be attributed to the metropolitan region of the Twin Cities. The city was founded in 1856 after the region was opened to settlers in 1851. Nowadays, St. Cloud can rightly be called a college town, with the St. Cloud State University, the St Cloud Technical College, the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University having many higher educational institutions.
With its Munsinger Gardens and Clemens Gardens and its Stearns History Museum, St. Cloud offers its visitors top attractions. Of course, that’s not all.

Minnesota State Abbreviations

List of Minnesota Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Minnesota are MN which stands for Minnesota. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Minnesota, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

MN: Minnesota

Acronym Meaning
AEL Albert Lea Airport (Minnesota)
AFFIRM Alliance for Fair Federal Immigration Reform of Minnesota
AFAA Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota
AEM Art Educators of Minnesota
AEM-2 Art Educators of Minnesota
AIIM Art Institutes International Minnesota
AMC Association of Minnesota Counties
SUW Bong Airfield, Duluth Minnesota/Superior, Wisconsin
BIAM Brain Injury Association of Minnesota
BAMN Builders Association of Minnesota
CACM Canine Agility of Central Minnesota, Inc
CMCF Central Minnesota Community Foundation
CMDC Central Minnesota Development Company
CMEC Central Minnesota Ethanol Cooperative
CMJTS Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services
CMRAC Central Minnesota Regional Asthma Coalition
CRCM Central Railroad Company of Minnesota
CMDC Coalition for Minnesota Digital Collections
CGMC Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities
CCMM Concordia College Moorhead Minnesota
CAPM Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans
DME Dakota Minnesota & Eastern
DL Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
DTL Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
DSAM Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
ECM East Central Minnesota
EDAM Economic Development Association of Minnesota
ELM Electronic Library for Minnesota Resources
FAIM Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota
INDUSTRY Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota
I Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota
FIAM Fire Instructors Association of Minnesota
FMAM Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota
FACAM Foster and Adoptive Care Association of Minnesota
GMCU Greater Minnesota Credit Union
GMHF Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
GMSA Greater Minnesota Speedskating Association
HCAMS Health Care Auxiliary of Minnesota
HSDM Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota
HMPA Hmong Minnesota Pacific Association
HMSA Hmong Minnesota Student Association
HSM Hunger Solutions Minnesota
ILCM Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota
ICBM Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota
ISM International School of Minnesota
KCM Kodály Chapter of Minnesota
KPCM Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota
LACM Lao Assistance Center of Minnesota
LMC League of Minnesota Cities
LSNM Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota
MHAM Mental Health Association of Minnesota
MPM Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota
MMCDC Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation
MINN Minnesota
MN Minnesota
MIN Minnesota
MAEF Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation
MACD Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
MAFPRN Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Research Network
MARN Minnesota Adoption Resource Network
MAHR Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights
MAEDB Minnesota Agricultural and Economic Development Board
MAP Minnesota AIDS Project
MAPER Minnesota AIDS Project
MALHM Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums
MAWY Minnesota Alliance With Youth
MAHA Minnesota Amateur Hockey Association
MAICC Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce
MNSD Minnesota and South Dakota
MACINTOSH Minnesota Annual Conference
MAC Minnesota Annual Conference
MALG Minnesota Anti-Lymphoblast Globulin
MAGA Minnesota Apple Growers Association
MAA Minnesota Aquaculture Association
MAEP Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program
MACV Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
MAAA Minnesota Association for Adapted Athletes
MACIL Minnesota Association for Centers of Independent Living
MAAP Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs
MAAB Minnesota Association of Auto Brokers
MABL Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers
MACS Minnesota Association of Charter Schools
MACHE Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
MACHEER Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
MACTE Minnesota Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
MACT Minnesota Association of Community Theatres
MACF Minnesota Association of Consulting Foresters
MACDL Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
MADC Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens, Inc.
MALL Minnesota Association of Law Libraries
MALF Minnesota Association of Library Friends
MAM Minnesota Association of Museums
MANA Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists
MAPE Minnesota Association of Professional Employees
MAR Minnesota Association of Realtors
MARPS Minnesota Association of Rehabilitation Providers
MARP Minnesota Association of Rehabilitation Providers
MART Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists
MASA Minnesota Association of School Administrators
MASB Minnesota Association of School Business Officials
MAVD Minnesota Association of Volunteer Directors
MATA Minnesota Athletic Trainers’ Association
MADA Minnesota Auto Dealers Association
MBDA Minnesota Band Directors Association
MBBA Minnesota Bed & Breakfast Association
MBWLN Minnesota Black Women Lawyers Network
MBCE Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Minnesota Board on Aging
MBA Minnesota Board on Aging
MBSLA Minnesota Boys Scholastic Lacrosse Association
MBAF Minnesota Business Assistance Forms
MBFC Minnesota Business Finance Corporation
MBVG Minnesota Business Valuation Group
MCCA Minnesota Cable Communications Association
MNCR Minnesota Campaign Report
MCDA Minnesota Career Development Association
MCAE Minnesota Center for Arts Education
MCBA Minnesota Center for Book Arts
MCEA Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
MCIM Minnesota Center for Industrial Mathematics
MCSC Minnesota Center for Small Communities
MCSRC Minnesota Charter School Resource Center
MCTA Minnesota Chauffeured Transportation Association
MCCA Minnesota Cheerleading Coaches Association
MCPA Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association
MCRI Minnesota Child Response Initiative
MCM Minnesota Children’s MuseuM
MCSA Minnesota Chinese Student Association
MCA Minnesota Chiropractic Association
MCDA Minnesota Choral Directors Association
MCBI Minnesota Christian Broadcasters Inc.
MCTA Minnesota Christmas Tree Association
MCCL Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
MCDM Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage
MCO Minnesota Citizens Online
MCWG Minnesota Climatology Working Group
MNCGP Minnesota Club Grand Prix
MCASA Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault
MCH Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless
MCG Minnesota Coconut Growers
MCPA Minnesota College Personnel Association
MCFA Minnesota Collegiate Forensics Association
MCBA Minnesota Comic Book Association
MCPE Minnesota Commercial Property Exchange
MNNR Minnesota Commercial Railway
MCCSA Minnesota Community College Student Association
MCCA Minnesota Community Corrections Association
MCEA Minnesota Community Education Association
MCIP Minnesota Community Improvement Program
MCBA Minnesota Companion Bird Association
MCRS Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society
MCA Minnesota Comprehensive Assesment
MCFA Minnesota Concrete Foundation Association
MCA Minnesota Consumer Alliance
MCCA Minnesota Contextual Content Analysis
MCLE Minnesota Continuing Legal Education
MCPAP Minnesota Contractors Premium Adjustment Program
MCGA Minnesota Corn Growers Association
MCTA Minnesota Corporate Travel Association
MCF Minnesota Correctional Facility
MCN Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
MCTM Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MCCC Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative
MCIT Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust
MCAA Minnesota County Attorneys Association
MCPA Minnesota Crime Prevention Association
MDGA Minnesota Dairy Goat Association
MDPA Minnesota Data Practices Act
MDBA Minnesota Deaf-Blind Association
MDTA Minnesota Debate Teachers Association
MDLA Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association
MDE Minnesota Democrats Exposed
MDPC Minnesota Department of Commerce
MDC Minnesota Department of Commerce
MDES Minnesota Department of Economic Security
MDE Minnesota Department of Education
MDH Minnesota Department of Health
MDNR Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
MDVA Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs
MDLC Minnesota Digital Library Coalition
MDLC Minnesota Disability Law Center
MDMA Minnesota Donkey and Mule Association
MNDT Minnesota Drinking Team
MELD Minnesota Early Learning Design
MELF Minnesota Early Learning Foundation
MEA Minnesota Education Association
MECCA Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation
MEA Minnesota Electrical Association
MECR Minnesota Electronic Curriculum Repository
MEMSA Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Association
MERET Minnesota Emergency Readiness Education and Training
MESB Minnesota Emergency Services Board
MEIP Minnesota Employees Insurance Program
MEA Minnesota Employers’ Association
MEHA Minnesota Environmental Health Association
MEQC Minnesota Environmental Quality Council
MESC Minnesota Environmental Studies Club
METO Minnesota Extended Treatment Options
MFC Minnesota Family Council
MFIP Minnesota Family Investment Program
MFB Minnesota Farm Bureau
MFU Minnesota Farmers Union
MFES Minnesota Federation of Engineering Societies
MFT Minnesota Federation of Teachers
MFCA Minnesota Fire Chiefs Association
MFCA Minnesota Fish Consumption Advisory
MFA Minnesota Forestry Association
MFCA Minnesota Foster Care Association
MFPA Minnesota Free Papers Association
MFB Minnesota Freedom Band
MFA Minnesota Frisbee Association
MFTF Minnesota Fugitive Task Force
MGJ Minnesota Genealogical Journal
MGS Minnesota Geological Survey
MGS Minnesota Gerontological Society
MGFA Minnesota Grain and Feed Association
MGGA Minnesota Grape Growers Association
MHHP Minnesota Heart Health Program
MHSRC Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center
MHO Minnesota Historical Organizations
MHS Minnesota Historical Society
MHJ Minnesota Hockey Journal
MHEA Minnesota Homebased Entrepreneurs Association
MHHP Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership
MHFA Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
MNHPVA Minnesota Human Powered Vehicle Association
MHRA Minnesota Human Rights Act
MIAC Minnesota Import Auto Club
MIAC Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
MIEDF Minnesota Indian Economic Development Fund
MIGA Minnesota Indian Gaming Association
MITY Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth
MIAHS Minnesota Institute of Acupuncture and Herbal Studies
MIA Minnesota Institute of Art
MILE Minnesota Institute of Legal Education
MICH Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness
MIAC Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
MINC Minnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium
MINUET Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool
MICROWAVE Minnesota Inventors Congress
MIC Minnesota Inventors Congress
MJC Minnesota Judicial Center
MLA Minnesota Lake Association
MLWP Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Association
MLT Minnesota Land Trust
MLWV Minnesota League of Women Voters
MLSC Minnesota Legal Services Coalition
MLTPAQ Minnesota Leisure Time Physical Activity Questionnaire
MLA Minnesota Library Association
MMPA Minnesota Magazine and Publications Association
MMA Minnesota Malayalee Association
MMB Minnesota Man Band
MMB Minnesota Marching Band
MMAA Minnesota Martial Arts Academy
MMA Minnesota Medical Association
MMAA Minnesota Medical Association Alliance
MMDI Minnesota Medical Development, Inc.
MMDA Minnesota Medical Directors Association
MMM Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing
MMM Minnesota Mining Manufacturing
MMEP Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, Inc
MMSDC Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council
MMRA Minnesota Motorcycle Riders Association
MMSP Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program
MHA Minnesota Multi Housing Association
MMPI Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
MMAA Minnesota Museum of American Art
MMS Minnesota Mycological Society
MNPS Minnesota Native Plant Society
MNHC Minnesota Natural Health Coalition
MNN Minnesota News Network
MNN Minnesota Northern Railroad, Inc.
MNLA Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association
MNA Minnesota Nurses Association
MOEA Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
MOWA Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Association
MORI Minnesota Opinion Research, Inc.
MOFIE Minnesota Organic Farmers’ Information Exchange
MOON Minnesota Organization Of Numismatists
MORE Minnesota Organizational Readiness Evaluation
MOU Minnesota Ornithologists Union
MOHA Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance
MOCA Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance
MPA Minnesota Percussion Association
MPO Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra
MPSS Minnesota Physicians Support Services
MPGC Minnesota Planned Giving Council
MP Minnesota Poll
MPCA Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
MPC Minnesota Population Center
MPPA Minnesota Pork Producers Association
MPL Minnesota Power and Light
MPCS Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society
MPPA Minnesota Professional Photographers Association
MPGA Minnesota Public Golf Association
MPHA Minnesota Public Health Association
MPR Minnesota Public Radio
MPSC Minnesota Public Service Commission
MREE Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors
MREJ Minnesota Real Estate Journal
MRMA Minnesota Records Management Act
MRSL Minnesota Recreational Soccer League
MRDO Minnesota Regional Development Organization
MRES Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
MRHI Minnesota Renewable Hydrogen Initiative
MRAP Minnesota Repository of Arrest Photos
MRPI Minnesota Responsible Property Investors
MRMA Minnesota Retail Merchants Association
MR Minnesota Review
MRVSEC Minnesota River Valley Sp. Ed. Coop
MNRT Minnesota Rolling Thunder
MRAB Minnesota Rules for Admission to the Bar
MSHA Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association
MSRA Minnesota Sales Representative Act
MSQ Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire
MSAT Minnesota Scholastic Aptitude Test
MSBA Minnesota School Boards Association
MSBAIT Minnesota School Boards Association Insurance Trust
MSBOA Minnesota School Bus Operators’ Association
MSNA Minnesota School Nutrition Association
MSPA Minnesota School Psychologists Association
MSRBAC Minnesota School Readiness Business Advisory Council
MSCDA Minnesota Scottish Celtic Dance Association
MSDA Minnesota Security Dealers Association
MSH Minnesota Security Hospital
MSCN Minnesota Seed Capital Network
MSF Minnesota Senior Federation
MSHO Minnesota Senior Health Options
MSOP Minnesota Sex Offender Program
MSC Minnesota Soaring Club
MSSA Minnesota Social Service Association
MSCJ Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice
MSA Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists
MSCH Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis
MSCO Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology
MSHP Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists
MSHI Minnesota Society of Housing Inspectors
MSRT Minnesota Society of Radiologic Technologists
MSDA Minnesota Soft Drink Association
MSA Minnesota Software Association
MSC Minnesota Sportfishing Congress
MSDA Minnesota Stamp Dealers Association
MSAD Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf
MSAB Minnesota State Arts Board
MSB Minnesota State Band
MSBA Minnesota State Bar Association
MSBAC Minnesota State Bicycle Advisory Committee
MSBI Minnesota State Board of Investment
MSCA Minnesota State Chess Association
MSCF Minnesota State College Faculty
MSCU Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
MSFA Minnesota State Florists Association
MSHA Minnesota State Handball Association
MSHS Minnesota State Horticultural Society
MSP Minnesota State Patrol
MSRA Minnesota State Racquetball Association
MSRS Minnesota State Retirement System
MSU-2 Minnesota State University
MSU Minnesota State University
MSFN Minnesota Statewide Family Network
MSRA Minnesota Street Rod Association
MSA Minnesota Stroke Association
MSA Minnesota Student Association
MSID Minnesota Studies in International Development
MSCN Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network
MTA Minnesota Taxpayers Association
MNTP Minnesota Taxpayers Party
MTA Minnesota Telecommunications Association
MTA Minnesota Telephone Association
MTA Minnesota Transit Authority
MTSA Minnesota Transport Services Association
MTM Minnesota Transportation Museum
MTA Minnesota Trappers Association
MTIC Minnesota Tree Improvement Cooperative
MTLA Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association
MTA Minnesota Trout Association
MTFS Minnesota Twin Family Study
MTSADA Minnesota Twin Study of Adult Development and Aging
MTFN Minnesota Twins Fan Network
MUFC Minnesota Uniform Fire Code
MURL Minnesota Urban and Rural Homestead Program
MVCB Minnesota Valley Community Band
MVLH Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School
MVL Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School
MVH Minnesota Veterans Homes
MVMA Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association
MNV Minnesota Vikings
MWW Minnesota Waste Wise
MWQA Minnesota Water Quality Association
MWA Minnesota Waterfowl Association
MWBC Minnesota Wisconsin Baptist Convention
MWA Minnesota Wolf Alliance
MWCA Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association
MYAS Minnesota Youth Athletic Services
MYP Minnesota Youth Program
MYRA Minnesota Youth Reading Awards
MYS Minnesota Youth Symphonies
MZB Minnesota Zoological Board
MZM Minnesota Zoological Mission
MDW Minnesota, Dakota, and Western Railroad
MNIX Minnesota-Israel Exchange
ME3 Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy
MEEE Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy
MBRT Minnesotans for Better Roads and Transit
MRR Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation
MWSI Minnesota-Wisconsin Stability Interface
MCCM Model Car Club of Minnesota
MASM Muslim American Society of Minnesota
NEMESIS North East Minnesota Enforcement and Safety Information System
NMF Northwest Minnesota Foundation
OSM Orchid Society of Minnesota
SMU Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
STP Saint Paul Minnesota
SNOM School Nurse Organization of Minnesota
SMM Science Museum of Minnesota
SAMA Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor
STORM Service to Others in Rural Minnesota
SGS South Saint Paul Municipal Airport, Minnesota
SMDGA Southern Minnesota Disc Golf Association
SMEC Southern Minnesota Educational Campus
SMILES Southern Minnesota Independent Living Enterprises & Services, Inc.
SMIF Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
SMIG Southern Minnesota Internet Group
SMMAC Southern Minnesota Model Aircraft Club
SMRLS Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
SMTAS Southern Minnesota Tourism Association
SMTA Southern Minnesota Tourism Association
SMTAS Southern Minnesota Transportation Association
SMTA Southern Minnesota Transportation Association
SBAM Spina Bifida Association of Minnesota
SFAM Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota
SGSM Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
TCOM Tethered Communications Of Minnesota
TBBOTIM The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
TAAM Turkish American Association of Minnesota
UM University of Minnesota
UMN University of Minnesota
UOFM University of Minnesota
UMINN University of Minnesota
UOM University of Minnesota
UMD University of Minnesota – Duluth
UMAA University of Minnesota Alumni Association
UMCCC University of Minnesota Child Care Center
UMCA University of Minnesota Clinical Associates
UMES University of Minnesota Extension Service
UMFCU University of Minnesota Federal Credit Union
UMFC University of Minnesota Fencing Club
UMHI University of Minnesota Humanities Institute
UMMC University of Minnesota Medical Center
UMMS University of Minnesota Medical School
UMPD University of Minnesota Police Department
UMSSW University of Minnesota School of Social Work
UMSI University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
UMC University of Minnesota, Crookston
UMM University of Minnesota, Morris
UUM Unix Users of Minnesota
VSM Vegetarian Society of Minnesota
WMHL Wisconsin Minnesota Hockey League
WIMI Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa
ZOOM Z Owners of Minnesota

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