Police Abbreviations

The word police is derived from the Greek word “politeia” which means: the government’s concern to protect the community and its members against dangers threatening them. The police function is twofold : maintenance of public order, peace and security and the protection of everyone’s rights.


In earlier times people knew the bailiff, an official appointed by or on behalf of the duke, who was assisted by the aldermen and an official appointed by him with the title of sheriff , who was charged with the administration and the administration of justice . In the course of time, the sheriff was increasingly charged with the actual police work. Around 1800, in addition to the local police, came the general state police , dividing the country into departments, districts and municipalities .† After the restoration of independence (1813), a commissioner-general was placed at the head of the state police, based in Rotterdam, until in 1814 the leadership came into the hands of the attorney-general at the Supreme Court . In 1838 the entire police apparatus came under the Minister of Justice and the Attorney Generals of the Provincial Courts, who also supervised the urban police.

The security police consists of two groups: the national police and the municipal police† The State Police is under the Ministry of Justice: the Inspector General of the State Police is the head of the force. In addition to the task of guaranteeing public order, peace and security and of ensuring the repression of crimes, the national police also have secondary tasks: one of these is entrusted to the public prosecutor’s office. link between politicians and the judiciary. Each district has its own parquet group; for Brabant these are located in Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. the latter also includes Maastricht and Roermond. The police in the water is a separate part of the national police.

The group of detectives is charged with investigating and investigating crimes. It dates back to the early 19th century as a separate branch of service in Europe and was first introduced in England and France. In Central, West and East Brabant, a regional criminal investigation assistance team has a special task. An RRB consists of detectives from different municipalities with a long experience and specialized in tactical investigations and specialists in the field of technical investigations. All police forces in Brabant supply men to the team: they take action in the event of serious violent crimes, after permission from the public prosecutor and at the request of the local police.

The field police in Brabant are active in the municipalities of Zundert and Boxtel, she mainly has a task before the opening of the hunting season.

In North Brabant, a limited number of municipalities (ie about nineteen) have municipal police. This is the case in Bergen op Zoom, Boxtel, Breda, Deurne, Eindhoven, Etten-Leur, Geldrop, Helmond, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Oosterhout, Oss, Roosendaal and Nispen, Tilburg, Uden, Valkenswaard, Veghel, Veldhoven, Vught and Waalwijk.

In all others, the state police operate, which is divided into three districts, which are in turn subdivided into groups.

Police is a part of the government task, to be described as government supervision and government coercion to comply with applicable law. The preventive task (care for security, peace and order) and the repressive task at the service of the judiciary (detection of criminal offences, arrest of perpetrators of criminal offenses and enforcement of judicial sentences).

Traditionally, the police task was performed by local officials. In the Christmas games, the savior or schulte was charged with this. He was assisted by church game soldiers, also called rush hunters or red rods, whose main task was to ward off beggars and vagabonds. In the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 1814, the mayor was charged with the command of the constables and the enforcement of inspections and regulations. Security at night was entrusted to the night watch, a kind of vigilante.

In the 19th century, officials from the government also arrived: first the Marechaussee corps, later the Rijkspolitie corps, then called Rijksveldwacht. The task of the Marechaussee was mainly to combat vagrancy and to provide assistance to the municipal police, the National Police covered the countryside.

In the years 1940-1945 there was a German police in addition to the Dutch one. The occupying forces had the Sicherheitspolizei and the Sicherheitsdienst watch over German interests. National and municipal constables were united in a central state police. The city and county police president was Lieutenant Colonel Ph. White. The Landwacht, set up to protect NSB members against aggression, actually functioned as an extension of the SD.

The distinction between state and municipal police, which was restored immediately after the war, was maintained until the 1994 Police Act was introduced, in which regional forces were prescribed.

List of Acronyms Related to Police

APOG Aberdeen Police Officer’s Guild
APD Abington Police Department
ACPO Aboriginal Community Police Officers
APLO Aboriginal Police Liaison Officer
ADP Abu Dhabi Police
APS Acting Police Sergeant
ACP Additional Commissioner of Police
ADGP Additional Director General of Police
AOPC Advertising on Police Cars
ANCOP Afghan National Civil Order Police
ANP Afghan National Police
APJ Agent de Police Judiciaire
AFSPA Air Force Security Police Agency
AFSPA Air Force Security Police Association
AFSPC Air Force Security Police Center
AP Air Police
APD Albany Police Department
APD Albuquerque Police Department
APOA Albuquerque Police Officers Association
APD Alexandria Police Department
AFRPE Algeria Fire Rescue Police and Emergency
APB All Police Band
ASPD Altamonte Springs Police Department
AAPO American Association of Police Officers
APHF American Police Hall of Fame
APBA Ames Police Benevolent Association
APPENDIX Amicale Police Patrimoine
APP Amicale Police Patrimoine
APD Amsterdam Police Department
APD Anaheim Police Department
APD Anchorage Police Department
APDEA Anchorage Police Department Employees Association
APPA Andhra Pradesh Police Academy
APPAS Andhra Pradesh Police Academy
APPOA Andhra Pradesh Police Officers Association
ACPO Angeles City Police Office
ACMP Anime Colony Mercenary Police
APBA Appleton Police Benevolent Association
APO Apprentice Police Officer
APD Arcadia Police Department
APD Arcata Police Department
AWP Arctic Warfare/Police
APPOA Arizona Professional Police Officers Association
AHP Arkansas Highway Police
ASPA Arkansas State Police Association
ACOP Arlington Coalition of Police
APBA Arlington Police Beneficiary Association
AFPMBAI Armed Forces and Police Mutual Benefit Association, Inc.
AFP Armed Forces Police
AFPD Armed Forces Police Detachment/Department
ACOP Assistant Commissioner of Police
ACP Assistant Commissioner of Police
ASP Assistant Superintendent of Police
APC Associate Police Captains
APCO Associated Police Communications Officers
ACCP Association Canadienne des Chefs de Police
ACCP Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
ACPORP Association of Chief Police Officers Road Policing
ACPPI Association of Chiefs of Police of the Philippines, Inc.
AEPC Association of European Police Colleges
APCI Association of Police and Court Interpreters
APA Association of Police Authorities
APL Association of Police Lawyers
APPCM Association of Police Procurement and Contract Managers
APPRO Association of Police Public Relations Officers
APS Association of Police Surgeons
AORP Association of Retired Police
AORP Association of Retired Police Officers of the District of Columbia
ASPS Association of Scottish Police Superintendents
APO Assualting a Police Officer
APOA Atherton Police Officers Association
APD Atlanta Police Department
APF Atlanta Police Foundation
ACP Atlantic City Police
AMP Attacked Mystification Police
AAPU Attleboro Auxiliary Police Unit
APD Austin Police Department
APBA Australasian Police Basketball Association
AFP Australian Federal Police
AFPF Australian Federal Police Force
AFPPS Australian Federal Police Protective Service
APJ Australian Police Journal
APM Australian Police Medal
APRU Australian Police Rugby Union Association Inc.
AP Auxiliary Police
APBA Auxiliary Police Benevolent Association
APY Auxiliary Police of Ypsilanti
APO Auxiliary Police Officer
APS Auxiliary Police Section
APD Avondale Police Department
BCPO Bacolod City Police Office
BPC Baghdad Police College
BPOC Baghdad Police Operations Center
BPD Bakersfield Police Department
BPOA Bakersfield Police Officers Association
BPD Baltimore Police Department
BPD BART Police Department (San Francisco, California)
BPOA BART Police Officers Association
BPOA Beaumont Police Officers Association
BFP Belgian Federal Police
BPOA Bellevue Police Officers Association
BPD Bellingham Police Department
BHPD Berkeley Heights Police Department
BPD Bethlehem Police Department
BHPD Beverly Hills Police Department
BACUP Bikers Allied to Commemorate Uniformed Police
BPD Binghamton Police Department
BPCU Birmingham Police Credit Union
BCPCC Black Community Police Consultative Committee
BPA Black Police Association
BPOA Black Police Officers Association
BPD Blaine Police Department
BPD Bogota Police Department
BFPD Bonners Ferry Police Department
BSTPO Boracay Special Tourist Police Office
BPD Boston Police Department
BPRA Boston Police Relief Association
BPOA Boulder Police Officers Association
BBPD Bound Brook Police Department
BBPD Boynton Beach Police Department
BBPD Bradley Beach Police Department
BPOA Brentwood Police Officers Association
BPD Bridgeport Police Department
BCACP British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police
BMPF British Metropolitan Police Force
BPSO British Police Symphony Orchestra
BSAP British South Africa Police
BTP British Transport Police
BPD Brockton Police Department
BPOA Brownsville Police Officers Association
BPD Buffalo Police Department
BPOA Burbank Police Officers Association
BPRD Bureau of Police Research and Development
BPOA Burleson Police Officers Association
BPD Burlington Police Department
211 CA Police Code for Armed Robbery
CPS Calgary Police Service
COPS California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
CPAF California Police Athletic Federation
CAPD California Police Department
CPD California Police Department
CPPA California Police Pistol Association
CPYC California Police Youth Charities
CCPD Caloocan City Police Department
CPD Cambridge Police Department
CCPCG Camden Community and Police Consultative Group
CPS Campus Police Services
CACP Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
CFNPA Canadian First Nations Police Association
CMPA Canadian Military Police Association
CMP Canadian Mounted Police
CPA Canadian Police Association
CPC Canadian Police College
CPIC Canadian Police Information Centre
CPIC Canadian Police Information Computer
CPRC Canadian Police Research Centre
CRPC Canadian Police Research Centre
CCPD Cape Coral Police Department
CCPO Capital City Police Officer
CPPO Capiz Police Provincial Office
PMC Caracas Metropolitan Police
CPPO Cebu Provincial Police Office
CHPD Cedar Hill Police Department
CRPD Cedar Rapids Police Department
CPOS Center for Police Organizational Studies
COPPAC Center on Police Practices and Community
COPS Central Organization of Police Specialists
CPD Central Police District
CPS Central Police Station
CRP Central Reserve Police
CRPF Central Reserve Police Force
COPS Centralized Operations Police Suite
CPD Chandler Police Department
CPD Charlotte Police Department
CTPD Chatham Township Police Department
CPGL Cheat Police Gaming League
CCTP Chennai City Traffic Police
CHFP Cherry Hill Fire Police
CPD Chicago Police Department
CPOA Chicano Police Officers Association
COP Chief Of Police
CSP Chief of Security Police
CPMO Chief Police Medical Officer
CSP Chief Superintendent of Police
CPA Christian Police Association
CPD Cincinnati Police Department
CUPPI Circumstances Undetermined Pending Police Investigation
CPLC Citizen Police Liaison Committee
CAPT Citizens and Police Together
COPPS Citizens Opposing Profiled Police Stops
CPAA Citizens Police Academy Alumni
CPA Citizens’ Police Academy
CHPD Citrus Heights Police Department
CCCP City College Campus Police
CHPO City Hall Police Office
COLP City Of London Police
CLP City of London Police
CPO City Police Officer
CIVPOL Civilian Police
CPI Civilian Police International
CPRA Civilian Police Review Authority
CPD Clarkstown Police Department
CPD Clearwater Police Department
CPPA Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association
CTPD Clinton Township Police Department
CCPD Cobb County Police Department
COPB Collective Opposed to Police Brutality
CCP College Canadien de Police
CPMSM Colonial Police Meritorious Service Medal
CSPD Colorado Springs Police Department
CPOA Columbia Police Officers Association
CNP Columbian National Police
CDP Columbus Division of Police
CPD Columbus Police Department
CSP Combat Security Police
CPPL Commission Permanente de la Police Locale
CCPC Commission to Combat Police Corruption
COPILOT Commissioner of Police
CP Commissioner of Police
CIPA Common Integrated Police Application
CUAPB Communities United Against Police Brutality
COPS Community Outreach Police Station
CPF Community Police Forum
CPSO Community Police Support Officers
CAPO Complaints against Police Office
CCPA Concerned Citizens for Police Accountability
CCOPS Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States
COPS Concerns of Police Survivors
CSP Connecticut State Police
CSPAAA Connecticut State Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
CSPU Connecticut State Police Union
CSPU Connecticut State Police Union
CESP Conseil Européen des Syndicats de Police
CPOL Conservation Police Officers Lodge
CSPD Coral Springs Police Department
COPD Coronado Police Department
CPOA Coronado Police Officers Association
CAMP Corps of Australian Military Police
CCPD Corpus Christi Police Department
CPD Corvallis Police Department
CPOA Cotati Police Officers Association
CHPD Cottonwood Heights Police Department
COPPS Council of Police and Private Security
CNPA Counter-Narcotics Police of Afghanistan
CRISP Crime Recording Information System for Police
CRP Crown Representative Police
CVPI Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
DOPS Dakota Ojibway Police Service
DPA Dallas Police Association
DPD Dallas Police Department
DCPD Daly City Police Department
DPD Dayton Police Department
DKPD Dekalb Police Department
DRPD Del Rio Police Department
DSP Delaware State Police
DP Delhi Police
DPD Denver Police Department
DJP Department of Justice and Police
DMSP Department of Maryland State Police
DACP-SG Department of the Army Civilian Police and Security Guard
DCOP Deputy Chief of Police
DCP Deputy Commissioner of Police
DSP Deputy Superintendent of Police
DPPD Des Plaines Police Department
DPO Designated Police Officer
DBPC Detroit Board of Police Commissioners
DPD Detroit Police Department
DPOA Detroit Police Officers Association
DSP Devon and Somerset Police
DMP Dhaka Metropolitan Police
DCPA Dickinson Citizens Police Academy
DCPAS Dickinson Citizens Police Academy
DPR Differential Police Response
DCPJ Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire
DPAF Direction de la Police aux Frontières
DPG Direction de la Police Générale
DIPJ Directions Interrégionales de la Police Judiciaire
DGP Director General of Police
DPOA Disabled Police Officer Association
DPOA Disabled Police Officers of America
DPO District Police Officer
DSP District Superintendent Police
DPE Division de la Police de l’Environnement
DSP Division of the State Police
DPO Divisional Police Officer
DPJ Divisions de Police Judiciaire
DRPD Dog River Police Department
DP Dorset Police
DPPD Dos Palos Police Department
DUPD Duke University Police Department
DPD Dumas Police Department
DRPS Durham Regional Police Service
DPP Dyfed-Powys Police
ELPD East Lansing Police Department
EOPD East Orange Police Department
ETPA East Texas Police Academy
EPC Edmonton Police Cadets
EPS Edmonton Police Service
EPD Edwardsville Police Department
EMPD El Monte Police Department
ESPD El Segundo Police Department
EPD Elmira Police Department
ECPCG Enfield Community Police Consultative Group
ENFOPOL Enforcement Police
EPD Euclid Police Department
EPD Eugene Police Department
EPD Eureka Police Department
EPOA Eureka Police Officers Association
ECP European Chiefs of Police
EPC European Police Chiefs
EUROPOL European Police Office
ESPOC European Senior Police Officers Course
EPIC Ex Police in Industry and Commerce
EPD Extra Police Duty
FCPD Fairfax County Police Department
FPYC Fairfax Police Youth Club
FTPD Fairy Tale Police Department
FPD Fargo Police Department
FPER Fashion Police
FP Fashion Police
FPTT Federal Police Transition Team
FSPF Fédération Sportive de la Police Française
FAPSC Fellow of the Academy of Police Science
FPD Ferndale Police Department
FPPA Fire and Police Pension Association
FPRS Fire and Police Retirement System
FIPO Fire Fighters’ and Police Officers’ Retirement Trust Fund
FIP Firearms Interest Police
FPD Flagstaff Police Department
FPD Flint Police Department
FPMU Flint Police Mounted Unit
FPOA Flint Police Officers Association
FAPA Florida Association of Police Attorneys, Inc
FLA-PAC Florida Police Accreditation Coalition
FPCA Florida Police Chiefs Association
FMPD Flower Mound Police Department
FCPD Forest City Police Department
FGPD Forest Grove Police Department
FPU Formed Police Unit
FCPA Fort Collins Police Association
FCPD Fort Collins Police Department
FMPD Fort Myers Police Department
FTPD Foster Township Police Department
FOHP Fraternal Order of Housing Police
FOP Fraternal Order of Police
FOPA Fraternal Order of Police Associates
FOTP Fraternal Order of Transit Police
FPD Frederick Police Department
FPD Fresno Police Department
FOP Friends of Police
FOMPHC Friends of the Metropolitan Police Historical Collection
FPD Friendswood Police Department
FCPD Fulton County Police Department
FTP Funk the Police
GPD Gainesville Police Department
GXP Galaxy Police
GP Galaxy Police
GPD Garland Police Department
GPD Gary Police Department
GPD Gastonia Police Department
GPD General Police Directorate
GACP Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
GAPA German American Police Association
GPP German Police Project
GPS Ghana Police Service
GPD Glendale Police Department
GPD Gloversville Police Department
GPD Goffstown Police Department
GPD Gonzales Police Department
GPD Gotham Police Department
GRP Government Railway Police
GP G-Police
GRIPP Grappling Range Instructional Procedures for Police
GP Grease Police
GBPC Greater Boston Police Council
GMP Greater Manchester Police
GPD Greensboro Police Department
GPD Guam Police Department
GPS Guelph Police Service
GPD Gulfport Police Department
HPD Habbo Police Department
HRPS Halton Regional Police Service
HPD Hamilton Police Department
HPB Hampshire Police Band
HPD Hampton Police Division
FXDP Harley-Davidson Dyna Defender Police Motorcycle Model
HPD Harrisburg Police Department
HPD Harrisonburg Police Department
HUPA Harvard University Police Association
HUPD Harvard University Police Department
HASP Hawaii Armed Services Police
HPD Hawaii Police Department
HPD Hazleton Police Department
HPD Hebron Police Department
HPD Hector Police Department
HPD Helena Police Department
HCDP Henrico County Division of Police
HPOA Hispanic Police Officers Association
HPD Hitchcock Police Department
HPD Hobart Police Department
HKP Hong Kong Police
HKPC Hong Kong Police College
HKPF Hong Kong Police Force
HPD Honolulu Police Department
HOPE Honorable and Outstanding Police Enforcer
HPD Houston Police Department
HPOA Houston Police Officers Association
HP Hyper Police
ISP Idaho State Police
ISPA Idaho State Police Association
ISPFS Idaho State Police Forensic Services
ICPA Illinois Chiefs of Police Association
IPAC Illinois Police Accreditation Coalition
ISP Illinois State Police
ISPFCU Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union
IPPO Iloilo Police Provincial Office
IPPO Iloilo Provincial Police Office
IMPACT Immediate Mobile Police Assisting Citizens Together
IPCC Independent Police Complaints Commission
IPS Indian Police Services
ISP Indiana State Police
ISPA Indiana State Police Alliance
IMPD Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
IPD Indianapolis Police Department
IPD Indio Police Department
ITBP Indo Tibetan Border Police
IPSA Industrial Police and Security Association
ISLP Information System for Local Policeforce
IGP Inspector General of Police
IPS Institut de Police Scientifique
IPTM Institute of Police Technology and Management
IPU Integrated Police Unit
IACP International Association of Chiefs of Police
IAPP International Association of Police Professors
IBPC International Border Police Conference
IBPO International Brotherhood of Police Officers
IBPO International Brotherhood of Police Organizations
ICPA International Conference of Police Associations
ICPC International Conference of Police Chaplains
ICP International Criminal Police
ICPC International Criminal Police Commission
ICPO International Criminal Police Organization
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization-Interpol
IPA International Police Association
IPAR International Police Aviation Research
IPCB International Police Coordination Board
IPDA International Police Divers Association
IPES International Police Executive Symposium
IPEP International Police Expertise Platform
IPLO International Police Liaison Officer
IPMC International Police Motor Corporation
IPO International Police Organization
IPP International Police Program
IPTF International Police Task Force
IPTED International Police Technologies
IPT International Police Technologies
IPTM International Police Training Mission
ISPS International Society of Police Surgeons
IWP International Web Police
ISSP Inter-Solar System Police
ICP Iraqi Civilian Police
INP Iraqi National Police
IP Iraqi Police
IPA Iraqi Police Advisor
IPF Iraqi Police Force
IPLO Iraqi Police Liaison Officer
IPS Iraqi Police Services
IPD Irving Police Department
IWPA iWatchDog Police Association
JPD Jackson Police Department
JNPA Japanese National Police Agency
JCPS Johannesburg Central Police Station
JMPD Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department
JCRPA Johnson County Regional Police Academy
JPD Johnston Police Department
JPD Johnstown Police Department
JCPP Joint Community Police Partnership
JPF Joint Police Force
JPIC Joint Police Information Center
JPD Joliet Police Department
JIPTC Jordanian International Police Training Center
JP Junior Police
JPO Junior Police Officer
KCPD Kansas City Missouri Police Department
KCPD Kansas City Police Department
KCPOA Kansas City Police Officers’ Association
KSP Karnataka State Police
KSRP Karnataka State Reserve Police
KPD Kasson Police Department
KRPF Kativik Regional Police Force
KPD Kaua’i Police Department
KSP Kentucky State Police
KPF Kenya Police Force
KPR Kenya Police Reserve
KPD Kernersville Police Department
KPD Kerrville Police Department
KMP Khulna Metropolitan Police
KP Kitchen Police
KHPD Kitty Hawk Police Department
KCPD Knox County Police Department
KPD Knoxville Police Department
KPC Kokomo Police Cadets
KPD Kokomo Police Department
KNP Korean National Police
KP Kosovo Police
KPS Kosovo Police Service
KPSS Kosovo Police Service School
LVPD La Verne Police Department
LPS Laboratoire de Police Scientifique
LPD Lafayette Police Department
LBPD Laguna Beach Police Department
LOPD Lake Orion Police Department
LOPD Lake Oswego Police Department
LPPD Lake Placid Police Department
LWPD Lake Worth Police Department
LAPD Lakes Area Police Department
LPD Lakewood Police Department
LMPT Land Management Police Training
LPD Lansing Police Department
LPD Laredo Police Department
LCPD Las Cruces Police Department
LVPD Las Vegas Police Department
LVPD Las Venturas Police Department
LTPD Lawrence Township Police Department
LPD Leesburg Police Department
LAGPA Lesbian and Gay Police Association
LRPD Less Rain Police Department
LPPD Lester Prairie Police Department
LPD Lexington Police Department
LCPD Liberty City Police Department
LPD Lincoln Police Department
LP Lincolnshire Police
LRPD Little Rock Police Department
LOPD Live Oak Police Department
LPD Livonia Police Department
LPD Lockport Police Department
LPD Logansport Police Department
LPD London Police Department
LBPD Long Beach Police Department
LAPD Los Alamos Police Department
LACP Los Angeles County Police
LAPC Los Angeles Police Commission
LAPD Los Angeles Police Department
LAPPL Los Angeles Police Protective League
LSPD Los Santos Police Department
LCPO Lougheed Comunity Police Office
LSP Louisiana State Police
LTPD Louisiana Tech University Police Department
LUPA Louisiana University Police Association
LMPD Louisville Metro Police Department
LPD Louisville Police Department
LSPV Loveland Senior Police Volunteers
LEP Lower Elements Police
LMPD Lower Merion Police Department
LPD Lubbock Police Department
LPD Lynchburg Police Department
LPD Lynden Police Department
LPD Lynnwood Police Department
MFP Main Force Police
MLPD Mammoth Lakes Police Department
MOPI Management Of Police Information
MRPF Manchester Regional Police and Fire Pipe Band
MCPO Mandaue City Police Office
MPD Manila Police Department
MPD Manila Police District
MPF Manila Police Force
MPD Marietta Police Department
MCPA Marine Corps Police Academy
MDSP Maryland State Police
MSP Maryland State Police
MSPAA Maryland State Police Alumni Association, Inc.
MNCPP Maryland-National Capital Park Police
MRPF Massachusetts Reserve Police Federation
MSP Massachusetts State Police
MPO Master Police Officer
MPD Maui Police Department
MBPD Melbourne Beach Police Department
MVPD Melbourne Village Police Department
MPD Memphis Police Department
MPPD Menlo Park Police Department
MPD Meritorious Police Duty
MPA Merseyside Police Authority
MPA Mesa Police Association
MTPD Metro Toronto Police Department
MTPD Metro Transit Police Department
MBPA Metropolitan Black Police Association
MP Metropolitan Police
MPA Metropolitan Police Authority
MPD Metropolitan Police Department
MPHAP Metropolitan Police Housing Assistance Program
MPS Metropolitan Police Service
MPTS Metropolitan Police Trading Service
MBPD Miami Beach Police Department
MPD Miami Police Department
MDPD Miami-Dade Police Department
MDPD Miami-Dade Police Director
MSP Michigan State Police
MSPRS Michigan State Police Retirement System
MEPA Middle European Police Academy
MP Military Police
MPC Military Police Corps
MPDO Military Police Duty Officer
MPEG Military Police Escort Guard Company
MPFASAF Military Police Functional Automation System for the Army In the Field
MPI Military Police Investigator
MPMIS Military Police Management Information System
MPRS Military Police Reporting System
MPD Millersburg Police Department
MPD Milwaukee Police Department
MPSO Milwaukee Police Supervisors Organization
MCPEMP Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management Police
MODP Ministry of Defence Police
MDP Ministry of Defence Police
MDPA Ministry of Defence Police Agency
MDPGA Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency
MPD Minneapolis Police Department
MCPA Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association
MPCA Missouri Police Chiefs Association
MPJOA Missouri Police Juvenile Officers Association
MCAP Monroe County Auxiliary Police
MPPA Montana Police Protective Association
MCP Montgomery County Police
MPD Montgomery Police Department
MVPD Moraine Valley Police Department
MPD Morganza Police Department
MEPD Mos Eisley Police Department
MOAPT Mothers Organized Against Police Terror
MOPO Motorcycle Police
MRPD Mount Rainier Police Department
MVPD Mount Vernon Police Department
MLPD Mountain Lakes Police Department
MVPD Mountain View Police Department
MMP Mounted Military Police
MPF Mounted Police Foundation
MEP Multi-Ethnic Police
MFPF Multi-Function Police Facility
MAPE Multinational Advisory Police Element
MGP Mutuelle Générale de la Police
NPALS Nashua Police Athletic League
NPD Nashville Police Department
NCPD Nassau County Police Department
NAPD National Academy of Police Diving
NAPD National Association of Police Divers
NAPO National Association of Police Organizations, Inc.
NARPO National Association of Retired Police Officers
NBPA National Black Police Association
NEPI National Exchange of Police Information
NPB National Police Bureau
NPCC National Police Cadet Corps
NPCA National Police Canine Association
NPCC National Police Command Center
NAPOLCOM National Police Commission
NPDF National Police Defense Foundation
NPD National Police Department
NPSC National Police Shooting Championships
NPSN National Police Support Network Inc.
NPTS National Police Training School
NPW National Police Week
NSPIS National Strategy for Police Information Systems
NRP Natural Resources Police
NOPPO Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office
NPC Neighbourhood Police Centre
NPCO Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer
NPP Neighbourhood Police Post
NPA Netherlands Police Academy
NBPA New Brunswick Police Association
NCPD New Castle Police Department
NEPN New England Police Network
NGPS New Glasgow Police Service
NHPA New Hampshire Police Association
NHSP New Hampshire State Police
NJSP New Jersey State Police
NMSP New Mexico State Police
NOPJF New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation
NOPD New Orleans Police Department
NSWP New South Wales Police
NYPD New York City Police Department
NYSP New York State Police
NZPA New Zealand Police Association
NZPF New Zealand Police Force
NFPD Niagara Falls Police Department
NRPA Niagara Regional Police Association
NRPS Niagara Regional Police Service
NPF Nigerian Police Force
NPD Niskayuna Police Department
NFPA No Further Police Action
NPA No Police Action
NTPV Non Teacher Police Vetting
NBPA Nordic-Baltic Police Academy
NAPWA North American Police Work Dog Association
NAPD North Aurora Police Department
NWPF North Wales Police Force
NWMP North West Mounted Police
NYPA North Yorkshire Police Authority
NYPD North Yorkshire Police Department
NAUPD Northern Arizona University Police Department
NIPAS Northern Illinois Police Alarm System
NTP Northern Territory Police
NPD Northville Police Department
NPSS Norwegian Police Security Service
NDSP Notre Dame Security Police
NSPCC Nova Scotia Police Complaints Commission
NPD Nutley Police Department
OPACT Oakland Police and Clergy Together
OPD Oakland Police Department
OPOA Oakland Police Officer’s Association
OPD Ocala Police Department
OCPD Ocean City Police Department
OCPA Ocean County Police Academy
OCPD Ocoee Police Department
OPD Ocoee Police Department
OPD Odessa Police Department
ODPO Off Duty Police Officer
OPI Office of Police Integrity
OPCC Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner
OCPD Officer in Charge of Police District
OPJ Officier de Police Judiciaire
OTPD Ohio Township Police Department
OUPD Ohio University Police Department
OPH Old Police Headquarters
OPD Olympia Police Department
311 Omaha Police Code for Indecent Exposure
OAPE Ontario Association of Police Educators
OCCOPS Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services
OPC Ontario Police College
OPD Ontario Police Department
OPFA Ontario Police Fitness Award
OPP Ontario Provincial Police
OPPA Ontario Provincial Police Association
OPD Opelousas Police Department
OCPA Oregon Council of Police Associations
OSTEOPOROSIS Oregon State Police
OSP Oregon State Police
OIPC Organisation Internationale de Police Criminelle
OPD Orland Police Department
OPD Orlando Police Department
OPOA Oroville Police Officers Association
OPD Orting Police Department
OPTIONS Ottawa Police Service
OPS Ottawa Police Service
OPPJ Ouachita Parish Police Jury
OPD Ovideo Police Department
OPD Owensboro Police Department
PPF Palestinian Police Force
PSPD Palm Springs Police Department
PLPD Palmer Lake Police Department
PCPD Paradise City Police Department
PTPD Patton Township Police Department
PCPD Paulding County Police Department
PPSB Peel Police Services Board
PRPD Peel Regional Police Department
PTPPD Pennies to Protect Police Dogs
PSP Pennsylvania State Police
PAP People’s Armed Police
PCAPA People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities
PCPA People’s Committee against Police Atrocities
PAPF Peoples Armed Police Force
PPD Philadelphia Police Department
PNP Philippine National Police
PNPA Philippine National Police Academy
PNPTS Philippine National Police Training Service
PPD Phoenix Police Department
PPD Plano Police Department
PA Police Academy
PAI Police Accident Investigator
PAR Police Accident Report
PAL Police Activities League
PAA Police Administrative Aide
PAA Police Administrative Assistant
PABS Police Advisory Board for Scotland
PAOM Police Air Operations Manual
PBIP Police and Businesses in Partnership
PACT Police and Community Together
PACE Police And Criminal Evidence Act
PCI Police and Criminal Investigation
PFC Police and Fire Commission
PJC Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
POPCRU Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union
PACER Police Anti-Crime and Emergency Response
PATB Police Anti-Terrorist Brigade
PARC Police Assessment Resource Center
PASA Police Association of South Australia
PASJ Police Association of South Jersey
PAAL Police Athletic Activities League
PAL Police Athletic League
PANI Police Authority for Northern Ireland
PAF Police Aux Frontières
PQJ Police aux Questions Juives
PBIC Police Basic Introductory Course
PBA Police Benevolence Association
PCN Police Cantonale de Neuchâtel
PC Police Car
PCIPP Police Career Incentive Pay Program
PCEU Police Central e-Crime Unit
PCTF Police Chief Task Force
PCTF Police Chiefs Task Force
PCPT Police Child Protection Team
PCYC Police Citizens Youth Club
PCC Police Clearance Certificate
PCG Police Coast Guard
PCO Police Communications Officer
PCAT Police Community Action Team
PCCG Police Community Consultative Group
PCP Police Community Precinct
PCRC Police Community Relations Council
PCSO Police Community Support Officers
PCYC Police Community Youth Clubs
PCA Police Complaints Authority
PCNY Police Conference of New York, Inc.
PC Police Constable
PCO Police Control Office
PCP Police Crime Prevention
PCITS Police Crisis Intervention Training
PCIT Police Crisis Intervention Training
PCBU Police Cruiser Backup Unit
PD Police Department
PDSTC Police Dog Service Training Centre
PENS Police E-Mail Notification System
PES Police Emerald Society
PEAP Police Employee Assistance Program
PEF Police Equipment Foundation
PELP Police Executive Leadership Program
PERF Police Executive Research Forum
PFEW Police Federation of England and Wales
PGH Police Generale Habbo
PHRU Police Human Resources Unit
PIAP Police Information Assessment Process
PINS Police Information Net for Scotland
PIN Police Information Network
PIP Police Information Project
PISC Police Information System Center
PITO Police Information Technology Organisation
PIRT Police Initial Recruitment Test
PIR Police Initial Recruitment Test
PIIN Police Integrated Information Network
PIC Police Integrity Commission
PIO Police Intelligence Operations
PI Police Interceptor
PJ Police Judiciaire
PJ Police Jurisdiction
PJA Police Jury Association of Louisiana
PLOD Police Link Officers for Deaf
PLXS Police Local Exchange
PLX Police Local Exchange
PM Police Magistrate
PMBS Police Main Base Station
PMT Police Mentor Team
PM Police Militaire
PM Police Misconduct
PNC Police National Computer
PNLD Police National Legal Database
PNN Police National Network
PNSD Police National Service Department
PNSD Police National Statistics Database
PN Police Nationale
PNC Police Negotiator Cadre
PNRC Police Neighborhood Resource Center
311 Police Non-Emergency Service Request
PO Police Officer
PO1 Police Officer 1
POAT Police Officer Assistance Trust
POST Police Officer Standardized Training
POST Police Officer Standards and Training
POA Police Officers Association
POAM Police Officers Association of Michigan
PODF Police Officers Defense Fund
POLC Police Officers Labor Council
POMF Police Officers Memorial Foundation of Texas
POSTCARD Police Officers Striving to Create and Reinforce Dreams
PORS Police Officers’ Retirement System
PPV Police Package Vehicle
PPF Police Pension Fund
PPTU Police Personnel and Training Unit
PPC Police Pistol Combat
PPNL Police Pistol Netherlands
PPSC Police Policy Studies Council
PP Police Post
PPDS Police Priority Dispatch System
PPMG Police Provincial Mobile Group
PPO Police Provincial Office
PPRO Police Public Relations Officer
PPV Police Pursuit Vehicle
PQD Police Quartering Division
PQ Police Quest
PRDLDP Police Race and Diversity Learning and Development Programme
187 Police radio code for murder
PRMIS Police Records Management Information System
PRMS Police Records Management System
PRO Police Regional Office
PRE Police Regionale d’Etat
PRW Police Report Writer
PRINTER Police Retirement System
PRS Police Retirement System
PSIP Police Schools Involvement Program
PSDB Police Scientific Development Branch
POLSA Police Search Advisor
PST Police Search Team
GOLD Police Senior Command Station
PS Police Sergeant
PSA Police Service Area
PSA Police Service Area
PSC Police Service Commission
PSNI Police Service of Northern Ireland
PSR Police Service Representative
PST Police Service Technician
PSSO Police Skills and Standards Organisation
PS Police Station
PSBC Police Station Building Committee
PSIS Police Station Information System
PSQ Police Station Qualification
PSI Police Sub Inspector
PSU Police Support Unit
PSV Police Support Volunteer
PTUS Police Tactical Unit
PTU Police Tactical Unit
PTF Police Task Force
PTS Police Technique et Scientifique
TSG Police Territorial Support Group
PTC Police Training Commission
PTI Police Training Institute
PTO Police Training Officer
PTT Police Transition Team
PUC Police Unique par Chantier
PUT Police Unity Tour
PUP Police Urbaine de Proximité
PULSE Police Using Leading Systems Efficiently
PWF Police Welfare Foundation
PWGT Police Working Group on Terrorism
PETE Police, Eminent Domain, Taxes and Escheat
PFA Police/Fire/Ambulance
PMHL Police/Mental Health Liaison
PPCS Police-Public Contact Survey
PAP Port Authority Police
PLPD Port Lavaca Police Department
PPCOA Portland Police Commanding Officers Association
PPD Portland Police Department
PPO Postal Police Officer
PPD Poughkeepsie Police Department
PSPD Powder Springs Police Department
PIANISSIMO Préfecture de Police
PP Préfecture de Police
PPMG President’s Police Medal for Gallantry
PAPS Prince Albert Police Service
PPO Probationary Police Officer
PPTT Provincial Police Training Team
PIANISSIMO Punjab Police
PP Punjab Police
PPHC Punjab Police Housing Corporation Ltd.
PTPD Puyallup Tribal Police Department
QPD Qualified Police Doghandler
QPP Quebec Provincial Police
QPMS Queen’s Police Medal
QPM Queen’s Police Medal
QPMS Queensland Police Museum
QPM Queensland Police Museum
QPS Queensland Police Service
QPU Queensland Police Union
QVPD Quogue Village Police Department
RPD Raccoon City Police Department
RPD Rantoul Police Department
RPAT RCMP Police Aptitude Test
RAPT Recently Armed Police Taskforce
RP Regimental Policeman
RGP Reglement General de Police
RPD Republic Police Department
RP Reserve Police
RAPID Reserves And Police – Immediate Detention
RPA Retired Police Association
RPOC Retired Police Officers Council
RSPA Retired State Police Association of Illinois
RISP Rhode Island State Police
RPBA Rialto Police Benefit Association
RPD Richardson Police Department
RPD Richmond Police Department
RPBA Rochester Police Benevolent Association
RPD Rochester Police Department
RPD Rockport Police Department
RPD Rockville Police Department
RPPA Rossford Police Patrolmen’s Association
RRPD Round Rock Police Department
RPD Rowlett Police Department
RAFP Royal Air Force Police
RAMP Royal Australian Military Police
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCIP Royal Cayman Islands Police
RMPXX Royal Malaysian Police
RMP Royal Malaysian Police
RMP Royal Military Police
RMP Royal Mounted Police
RNZPC Royal New Zealand Police College
ROP Royal Oman Police
RSLPF Royal Saint Lucia Police Force
RSIP Royal Solomon Islands Police
RSPF Royal Swaziland Police Force
RTP Royal Thai Police
RPD Ruston Police Department
RAFP Ryukyuan Armed Forces Police
SPOA Sacramento Police Officers Association
SNPT Safer Neighbourhood Police Team
SLPD Saint Louis Police Department
SPD Salem Police Department
SLPD Salt Lake City Police Department
SLPA Salt Lake Police Association
SRPD Salt River Police Department
SAPD San Andreas Police Department
SATP San Andreas Traffic Police
SAFPPF San Antonio Fire and Police Pension Fund
SAPER San Antonio Police
SAP San Antonio Police
SAPD San Antonio Police Department
SAPOA San Antonio Police Officers Association
SBPA San Bruno Police Association
SDPAF San Diego Police Athletic Federation
SDPD San Diego Police Department
SFPD San Fierro Police Department
SFPD San Francisco Police Department
SLPD San Leandro Police Department
SLPOA San Leandro Police Officers Association
SLPD San Luis Police Department
SRPA San Rafael Police Association
SRPD San Rafael Police Department
SAPD Santa Ana Police Department
SMCPD Santa Monica College Police Department
SRPD Santa Rosa Police Department
SACP Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
SCPA Saskatoon City Police Association
SPS Saskatoon Police Service
SPD Schenectady Police Department
SBPO School Based Police Officer
SPSC School of Police Staff and Command
SEPLA Schools Educators Police Liaison Association
SPIS Scottish Police Information Strategy
SPSA Scottish Police Services Authority
SPD Seabrook Police Department
SCPD Seacrest County Police Department
SPD Seaford Police Department
SPD Seattle Police Department
SPDG Seattle Police Dispatchers’ Guild
SPMA Seattle Police Management Association
SPB Secret Policeman’s Ball
SGAP Secretariats Generaux pour l’Administration de la Police
SP Security Police
SPASER Security Police Automated System
SPAS Security Police Automated System
SPD Security Police Desk
SPF Security Police Flight
SPG Security Police Group
SPOER Security Police Officer
SPO Security Police Officer
SPOTC Security Police Officer Training Competition
SPS Security Police Squadron
STEEP Security Police Training, Exercise, & Evaluation Program
SIP Senior Inspector of Police
SMIP Senior Management Institute for Police
SPA Senior Police Advisor
SSP Senior Superintendent of Police
SPL Service de Police de Laval
SSPO Servicing Security Police Office
SLPD Sheffield Lake Police Department
SPD Shenandoah Police Department
SP Shore Police
SLPD Show Low Police Department
SLP Sierra Leone Police
SLPD Silver Lake Police Department
SPCG Singapore Police Coast Guard
SPF Singapore Police Force
SFPD Sioux Falls Police Department
SNPS Six Nations Police Service
SLPD Soap Lake Police Department
SWAPP Social Work and Police Partnership
SOTP Sound Of the Police
SAPER South African Police
SAP South African Police
SAPF South African Police Force
SAPS South African Police Service
SAPU South African Police Union
SARP South African Railway Police
SAPOL South Australian Police Service
STOP South Texas Organization of Police
SWP South Wales Police
SWPS South Windsor Police Services
SYP South Yorkshire Police
SPI Southern Police Institute
SSPS Southern Sudan Police Service
SNPN Southwest Norfolk County Police Net
SPECIALIST Special Police Constable
SPC Special Police Constable
SPG Special Police Group
SPIDER Special Police Information Data Entry and Retrieval
SPOER Special Police Officer
SPO Special Police Officer
SPRINT Special Police Radio Inquiry Network
SPTT Special Police Transition Team
SPU Special Police Unit
SSPO Special State Police Officer
SLPD Spring Lake Police Department
SPD Springfield Police Department
SLP Sri Lanka Police
SLPD Sri Lanka Police Department
SLPLO St. Louis Police Leadership Organization
SLPOA St. Louis Police Officers’ Association
BX Standard Callsign for British Transport Police
SHOPO State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers
SP State Police
SPAM State Police Association of Massachusetts
SPBI State Police Bureau of Identification
SPMA State Police Municipal Academy
SPOC State Police Officers Council
SPORS State Police Officers’ Retirement System
SPOTS State Police Online Telecommunications System
SPTU State Police Tactical Unit
SRP State Reserve Police
SPEN Statewide Police Emergency Network
SPD Stillwater Police Department
SPOA Stockton Police Officer’s Association
SLPD Storm Lake Police Department
SPAL Stratford Police Athletic League
SJPB Strathclyde Joint Police Board
SCAT Street Crimes Arrest Team (police unit)
SPOER Student Police Officer
SPO Student Police Officer
SDPO Sub-Divisional Police Officer
SPUTUM Subgenius Police, Usenet Tactical Unit, Mobile
SCPD Suffolk County Police Department
SLPD Sugar Land Police Department
SP Superintendent of Police
SPOER Supervisory Police Officer
SPO Supervisory Police Officer
SYLP Support Your Local Police
SPD Surprise Police Department
SBPA Surrey Black Police Association
SBPA Sussex Black Police Association
SICP Syndicat Indépendant des Commissaires de Police
SNOP Syndicat National des Officiers de Police
SPBA Syracuse Police Benevolent Association
SPD Syracuse Police Department
TPF Tactical Police Force
TPW Tactical Police Wing
TCPB Taichung City Police Bureau
TCPD Taipei City Police Department
TPD Tallahassee Police Department
TPD Tampa Police Department
TPD Temecula Police Department
THPD Terre Haute Police Department
TNPD Thailand National Police Department
TVP Thames Valley Police
TVPA Thames Valley Police Authority
TKP The Karma Police
TLP The London Police
TBPA Thunder Bay Police Association
TBPS Thunder Bay Police Service
TPC Tokyo Police Club
TPD Toledo Police Department
TAPPS Toronto Association of Police and Private Security
TPAC Toronto Police Accountability Coalition
TPAAA Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association
TPA Toronto Police Association
TPS Toronto Police Service
TPSB Toronto Police Services Board
TCPA Torrance Police Commanders’ Association
TCOPS Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs
TPSA Transit Police Service Area
TTPS Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
TPD Tucson Police Department
TPD Tulsa Police Department
TIPS Turkish Institute for Police Studies
TPD Tustin Police Department
UAP Ukrainian Auxiliary Police
UPO Uniformed Police Officer
UCPD Union City Police Department
USPE Union Sportive des Polices d’Europe
UTPD Union Township Police Department
UP Unit Police
UNCIVPOL United Nations Civilian Police
CIVPOL United Nations Civilian Police in Kosovo
MIPONUH United Nations Civilian Police Mission in Haiti
UNIPTF United Nations International Police Task Force
UNMP United Nations Military Police
UNMILPOC United Nations military police course
USAMPCO United States Army Military Police Company
USAMPS United States Army Military Police School
USCP United States Capitol Police
USPP United States Park Police
USPCA United States Police Canine Association
UCPD University Circle Police Department
UAPD University of Arizona Police Department
UCPD University of California Police Department
UCPD University of Colorado Police Department
UFPD University of Florida Police Department
UHPD University of Houston Police Department
UMPD University of Maryland Police Department
UMPD University of Miami Police Department
UMPD University of Minnesota Police Department
UTPD University of Tennessee Police Department
UWPD University of Washington Police Department
UWPD University of Wyoming Police Department
UPD University Police Department
UPF University Police Force
UPSA University Police Student Assistant
UMPD Upper Merion Police Department
USAMPB US Army Military Police Brigade
UPD Utah Police Department
VPD Valparaiso Police Department
VPD Vancouver Police Department
VPD Victoria Police Department
VSPA Vietnam Security Police Association
VHPE Villa Hills Police Explorers
VIRPO Virgin Islands Retired Police Organization
VPCF Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation
VSP Virginia State Police
VIPS Volunteers in Police Service
VIPS Volunteers In Police Support
WRPD Warner Robins Police Department
WTPD Warren Township Police Department
WUPD Washington University Police Department
WARSAW-PACT Water Police
WP Water Police
WRPS Waterloo Regional Police Service
WPRC Watertown Police Running Club
WPD Wauchula Police Department
WCPA Wayne County Police Association
WGPD Webster Groves Police Department
WPD Weimar Police Department
WAPD West Allis Police Department
WBP West Bengal Police
WBPD West Branch Police Department
WBPD West Bridgewater Police Department
WCPD West Columbia Police Department
WLPD West Lafayette Police Department
WLPD West Linn Police Department
WMPD West Memphis Police Department
WMPA West Midlands Police Authority
WPPD West Point Police Department
WUPD West Union Police Department
WVPD West Vancouver Police Department
WVSP West Virginia State Police
WYPA West Yorkshire Police Authority
WAPOL Western Australia Police Pipe Band
WAPS Western Australia Police Service
WAPOL Western Australian Police Force
WMCOPA Western Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
WPD Western Police District
WPD Westminster Police Department
WRPD Wheat Ridge Police Department
WPOA Whittier Police Officers Association
WFPD Wichita Falls Police Department
WPD Willoughby Police Department
WPD Wilmington Police Department
WCPC Wilshire Community Police Council
WLPD Windsor Locks Police Department
WPCU Winnipeg Police Credit Union
WPD Winnsboro Police Department
WSPD Winston-Salem Police Department
WGPD Winter Garden Police Department
WHPD Winter Haven Police Department
WPPD Winter Park Police Department
WHPD Winthrop Harbor Police Department
WAWP Wisconsin Association of Women Police
WCPA Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association
WPJ Wisconsin Police Journal
WPPA Wisconsin Professional Police Association
WOPO Wives of Police Officers
WPC Woman Police Constable
WTPD Woolwich Township Police Department
WPFG World Police & Fire Games
WPMO World Police Medical Officers
WBPD Wrightsville Beach Police Department
YPD Yonkers Police Department
YRP York Regional Police
YPD Youngstown Police Department
ZRP Zimbabwe Republic Police
ZPO Zonal Police Office