Arts Abbreviations

What is Art?

Art is the expression of an aesthetic ideal (that is, an ideal of beauty) through creative activity. It is a universal human manifestation (exists in all cultures) that produces things recognized as beautiful by society. A work of art conveys an idea, a feeling, a belief or an emotion. But art can also have a transgressive purpose, exposing to the world a critical and not always pleasant view of reality.

Art is linked to aesthetics, because it is considered a faculty or act by which, working a matter, image or sound, man creates beauty by striving to give expression to the material or immaterial world that inspires him. The term art comes from the Latin word ars, which means “talent”, “knowing how to do”.

There are many definitions of art and its meaning varies by time and culture. Currently, the word art is used to designate artistic activity or the product of artistic activity. As an activity, art is a human creation with aesthetic values conquered from a set of techniques.

For the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC), art imitates nature ( mimesis ), but also sometimes completes it. According to Aristotle, the natural propensity of man to imitate is at the origin of artistic activity.

For the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), art differs from nature for being a rational and free activity. Thus, a spider’s web, although it may look beautiful, is not a work of art, since it is a mechanical and natural task.

For Kant, art also differs from science, since to produce a work of art it is not enough to have knowledge about a certain subject – it is necessary to have the ability to do it. Kant defines aesthetic art as that whose immediate purpose is the feeling of pleasure, not only the pleasure linked to sensations, but also the pleasure of reflection.

The difficulty in defining art lies in its direct relationship and dependence on the historical and cultural conjuncture that give rise to it. This is because when a style is created and stabilized, it breaks with established systems and codes.

For primitive peoples, art, religion and science walked together in the figure and, originally, art could be understood as the product or process in which knowledge is used to perform certain skills.

Art is a reflection of the human being and often represents their social condition and essence of being a thinker.


Art history

The history of art is a science that studies artistic movements, changes in aesthetic appreciation, works of art and artists. This analysis is carried out according to the social, political and religious aspects of the time being studied. Several other sciences serve as an aid to the history of art, such as numismatics, paleography, history, archeology, etc.

Through the history of art it is possible to learn a little about the human being through the evolution of the different expressions and artistic manifestations.

Type of arts

Art presents itself through various forms such as plastic, music, sculpture, cinema, theater, dance, architecture, etc. There are several expressions that serve to describe different manifestations of art, for example: fine arts, performing arts, graphic art, visual arts, etc.

Some authors (such as Hegel and Ricciotto Canudo) and thinkers have organized the different arts into a numbered list. The inclusion of some art forms was not very consensual, but with the evolution of technology, this is the most common list these days:

1st Art – Music;
2nd Art – Dance / Choreography;
3rd Art – Painting;
4th Art – Sculpture / Architecture;
5th Art – Theater;
6th Art – Literature;
7th Art – Cinema;
8th Art – Photography;
9th Art – Comics;
10th Art – Computer and Video Games;
11th Art – Digital art.

Arts Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Arts

ALAF A Lesbian Arts Festival
ACMR A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts, Inc.
ACS AARTS Controller Subsystem
ATG Aartselaars Toneel Gezelschap
APAC Abbotsford Photo Arts Club
AACA Aberdeen Arts Centre Association
ATSIPA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Performing Arts
ACPA Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts
AFA Absaroka Fine Arts
APAC Academic and Performing Arts Complex
AAMC Académie Arts Martiaux & Culture
ADAC Academie des Arts de Combat
ABA Académie des Beaux-Arts
ARAC Academie Royale des Arts du Canada
ARBA Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
ARB Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
ACA Academy for Culinary Arts
APA Academy for the Performing Arts
AAMAL Academy of African Music and Arts, Ltd.
ACAT Academy of Communications Arts and Technology
AFAL Academy of Fine Arts and Literature
AIAS Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
ALRA Academy of Live and Recorded Arts
AMAS Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences
AMA Academy of Magical Arts, Inc
AMPAS Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
ARAS Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
ATAS Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
AWAS Academy of Wrestling Arts & Science
ACTA Acces Creativity Theatre Arts
AFGA Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
AGAC Achenbach Graphics Arts Council
AMA Action Martial Arts
ASS Adamsstewartsting
ASSIGNMENT Adamsstewartsting
AMAS Adlington Music and Arts Society
AAP Advance Auto Parts Inc
ACCAD Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
ADPA Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts
ALARP Advanced Language Arts Research and Presentation
AMAF Advanced Martial Arts & Fitness
AOPL Advanced Order Parts List
APM Advanced Parts Manufacturer
ADGA Advertising Design and Graphic Arts
AGEP Advisory Group On Electronic Parts
AGK Affordable Go Karts
AACTA African American Council of the Arts
AAVAA African and Asian Visual Arts Archive
AFDA African Film Drama Arts
AWAD African Women’s Culture Arts and Development International Network
ACDAS African-Canadian Dramatic Arts Society
ABPA Aftermarket Body Parts Association
ABSP Air Brake System Parts
AGP Aircraft Grounded for Parts
AOCP Aircraft Out of Commission for Parts
APS Aircraft Parts Store
AWOP Aircraft Waiting Operational Parts
AAAA Akron Area Arts Alliance
AMAS Akron Magical Arts Society
ASFA Alabama School of Fine Arts
AAC Alameda Arts Council
ACPA Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
ANAF Alaska Native Arts Foundation
ANAP Alaska Native Arts Program
ACUA Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts
ABFA Alfred Bader Fine Arts
AMA Algemeen Militair Arts
ALFA Allan Lawson’s Fighting Arts, LLC
ASFA Allen Spiegel Fine Arts
AAEM Alliance for Arts Education in Manitoba
AYUDA Alliance for Young Urban Design and the Arts
APL Allowance Parts List
AASC Alpha Arts and Science College
AAPU alt.arts.poetry.urban
AMAKS Alt.Martial-Arts.Karate.Shotokan
ASAF Amador Schools Arts Foundation
AAAS American Academy of Arts and Sciences
AADA American Academy of Dramatic Arts
AAA American Arts Alliance
ACBA American College of the Building Arts
ADENOSINE American Darts Organization
ADO American Darts Organization
AFA American Federation of Arts
AFMA American Federation of Martial Arts
AFAF American Fine Arts Festival
AICA American Indian Contemporary Arts
AIASA American Industrial Arts Student Association
AIGAS American Institute of Graphic Arts
AIGA American Institute of Graphic Arts
ALMA American Latino Media Arts awards
AMAAD American Martial Arts Association of the Deaf
AMAF American Martial Arts Federation
AMAS American Martial Arts Society
APDA American Parts Distributors Association
ASIA American Society of Internal Arts
AFTA Americans for the Arts
AMA Amis de la Musique et des Arts
ASCPA Ananda Shankar Centre for Performing Arts
AHAA Ancient Healing Arts Association
ARAC Anderson Ranch Arts Center
AOF Angry Old Farts
AOF-2 Angry Old Farts
APS Anpartsselskab
AFAF Antioch Fine Arts Foundation
APLA Apple Parts and Labour Agreement
APD Appliance Parts Depot
APDA Appliance Parts Distributors Association, Inc
APL Application Parts List
AAS Applied Arts Sciences
ATLAS Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts and Sciences
AMPL Approved Materials and Parts List
APL Approved Parts List
APMPL Approved Parts, Materials, & Processes List
APW Aqueous Parts Washer
AFAC Arab Fund for Arts and Culture
ARJA Arab Journal for Arts
AFDA Arizona Federation of Darts Association
AGEC-A Arizona General Education Curriculum- Associate in Arts Degree
ASA Arizona School for the Arts
ACAC Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative
JCBA Arthur and Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts
ACAB Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm
ACM Arts & Cultural Management
ACT Arts & Culture Trust
AMI Arts & Métiers Initiatives
ASAF Arts & Science Achievement Foundation
ASC Arts & Science Council
ASCOP Arts & Sciences Cooperative Education Program
ASNA Arts & Sciences Networking Administrators
AAM Arts Alliance Media
AAOC Arts Alliance of Ogle County
A-AND-B Arts and Business
ACMA Arts and Communications Magnet Academy
AACT Arts And Crafts Time
AACTS Arts And Crafts Time
ACI Arts and Creative Industries
ACA Arts and Cultural Alliance
ACFA Arts and Cultural Foundation of Antioch
ACCNV Arts and Culture Commission of North Vancouver
ACIP Arts and Culture Indicators in Community Building Project
ACI Arts and Curriculum Institute
AETC Arts and Entertainment Training Council
AEI Arts and Exhibitions International
AHOI Arts and Health Outreach Initiative
AHS Arts and Human Sciences
AH Arts and Humanities
AHCI Arts and Humanities Citation Index
AHLA Arts and Humanities Literature and the Arts
AHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council
ASUS Arts and Science Undergraduate Society
ASB Arts and Sciences Building
ASCIT Arts and Sciences Center for Instructional Technology
ASCAP Arts and Sciences Committee on Academic Programs
ASSG Arts and Sciences Student Government
ATAT Arts and Technology at tech
ARCHIVE Arts at Rollins College
ARC Arts at Rollins College
ACF Arts Center Foundation
ACGT Arts Commission of Greater Toledo
ACD ARTS Computer Display
ACO Arts Computing Office
ACG Arts Consulting Group
AC ARTS Controller
ACEE Arts Council England East
ACESE Arts Council England, South East
ACEWM Arts Council England, West Midlands
ACLB Arts Council for Long Beach
ACOB Arts Council of Bexley
ACE Arts Council of England
ACHC Arts Council of Hillsborough County
ACLP Arts Council of Livingston Parish
ACNI Arts Council of Northern Ireland
ACP Arts Council of Pakistan
ACASA Arts Council of the African Studies Association
ACCV Arts Council of the Conejo Valley
ACW Arts Council of Wales
ACF Arts County Fair
ACF Arts Crafts Festivals
ADMF ARTS Development and Modification Facility
ADCG Arts Development Council of Georgia
ADS ARTS Development System
AEP Arts Education Partnership
ARMENIA Arts et Metiers
AM Arts et Métiers
AMC Arts et Métiers Compétition
AXIS Arts Experiences in Schools
ACE Arts for a Complete Education
A4L Arts for Learning
AFTA Arts for the Aging, Inc.
AFUA Arts for Us All
AFCC Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
AFTH Arts from the Heart
AGN Arts Graphiques Numériques
ALPHABET Arts in Basic Curriculum
ABC Arts in Basic Curriculum
AIE Arts in Education
AEAC Arts in Education Aid Council, Inc.
AEI Arts in Education Institute
AIC Arts in the Community
AIB Arts Institute at Bournemouth
AIL ARTS Integration Laboratory
AMA Arts Marketing Association
AMANZ Arts Medicine Aotearoa New Zealand
ANCY Arts Network for Children and Youth
ANIMA Arts Network for Integrated Media Applications
AAOA Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
AIW Arts of the Islamic World
AOEDE Arts Online Educational DatabasE
APNNE Arts Presenters of Northern New England
AQC Arts Quarter Collective
ARTS Arts Recognition and Talent Search
ARTIST Arts Research and Training Institute in Southern Tagalog
ARCHIVE Arts Research Center
ARC Arts Research Center
ASWG ARTS Safety Working Group
ASDS ARTS Software Development System
ATH Arts Theme House
AUS Arts Undergraduate Society
AUCB Arts University College at Bournemouth
AVG Arts Verstandelijk Gehandicapten
ACCID Arts, Culture and Communities in International Development
ACE Arts, Culture and Entertainment
ADMC Arts, Design, Media and Culture
AEMI Arts, Entertainment, and Media Industries
AHSS Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
AME Arts, Media and Engineering Program
AUSTRALIA Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon
AUL Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon
AVATAR Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research
AZG Artsen Zonder Grenzen
ACS Artsy Computing Services
ACPA Asheville Center of Performing Arts
AGA Ashland Graphic Arts, Inc.
APA Asia Pacific Arts
AAAA Asian American Arts Alliance
AWMA Asian World of Martial Arts
ASPT Assembled from Parts
APL Assembly Parts List
AAAS Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences
AA Associate in Arts
AAT Associate in Arts in Teaching
AFA Associate in Fine Arts
ALA Associate in Liberal Arts
AAA Associate of Applied Arts
AAS Associate of Arts and Science
AABA Associate of Arts in Business Administration
AACJ Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
AAGS Associate of Arts in General Studies
AAHCA Associate of Arts in Health Care Administration
ASIGA Associate of Science: Interactive and Graphic Arts
ATA Associate of Technical Arts Degree
AAOS Associated Arts of Ocean Shores
ASPA Associated Students Performing Arts
ABSA Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts
AGAT Association for Graphic Arts Training
ARMA Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
ACA Association for the Calligraphic Arts
ANCAP Association Nouvelle pour la Culture et des Arts Populaires
AAPPAC Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres
ACMAP Association of College Martial Arts Programs
ACAATO Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario
APAI Association of Performing Arts of India
APAP Association of Performing Arts Presenters
APCAS Association of Philippine Colleges of Arts and Sciences
ADAC Association pour la Diffusion des Arts et Connaissances
ALASKA Atari Karts
AK Atari Karts
ATH Athwartship
ACPA Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts
AGA Atlanta Graphic Arts Inc.
ATL Atlanta, GA, USA – Hartsfield International
ACA Atlantic Center for the Arts
APAC Atlas Performing Arts Center
APPM Atomic Parts Per Million
AMAA Auckland Martial Arts Academy
AMAS Auckland Martial Arts Supplies
AVAA Austin Visual Arts Association
ANZCA Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Ltd.
ACPA Australian Company of Performing Arts
AMPAG Australian Major Performing Arts Group
AHNA Authentic Hovawarts of North America
ARPL Authorized Replacement Parts List
ABPA Auto Body Parts Association
APL Automatic Parts Loader
APPS Automatic Parts Programming System
APR Automatic Parts Remover
ABPA Automotive Body Parts Association
AFAS Automotive Fine Arts Society
APSA Automotive Parts & Services Association
APSA Automotive Parts and Service Alliance
APMA Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association
APRA Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association
ARPER Automotive Repair Parts
ARP Automotive Repair Parts
ASP Automotive Spare Parts
AWP Awaiting Parts
BESA Baccalaureates Arts
BAHRAIN Bachelieres Arts
BA Bachelieres Arts
BAAA Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation
BAHRAIN Bachelor of Arts
BFA Bachelor of Arts
BA Bachelor of Arts
BABL Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws
BASC Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
BAS Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
BACS Bachelor of Arts Community Studies
BAB Bachelor of Arts in Business
BABA Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
BACS Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
BAEE Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
BAILS Bachelor of Arts in Information and Library Studies
BAJS Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies
BAILS Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
BALS Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
ABLS Bachelor of Arts in Library Science
BAMUS Bachelor of Arts in Music
BAM Bachelor of Arts in Music
BAN Bachelor of Arts in Nursing
BAOA Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Administration
BAPCT Bachelor of Arts in Practical Christian Training
BAP Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
BAREC Bachelor of Arts in Recreation
BAR Bachelor of Arts in Religion
BAT Bachelor of Arts in Teaching
BALS Bachelor of Arts with Library Studies
BAH Bachelor of Arts, Honors program
BCA Bachelor of Creative Arts
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BHA Bachelor of Humanities and Arts
BL-AND-A Bachelor of Laws and Arts
ALB Bachelor of Liberal Arts
BLA Bachelor of Liberal Arts
BMA Bachelor of Musical Arts
BPA Bachelor of Performing Arts
BPA Bachelor of Professional Arts
BSA Bachelor of Science and Arts
BSAA Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts
BSIA Bachelor of Science in Industrial Arts
BAO Bachelor of the Arts of Obstetrics
BTA Bachelor of Theatre Arts
BVA Bachelor of Visual Arts
BVAD Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design
BTMA Baek Tiger Martial Arts
BIAHC Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council
BAL Bal d’Arts Légers
BOPA Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts
BSA Baltimore School for the Arts
BBAF Banff and Buchan Arts Forum
BLCA Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts
BISFA Barbara Ingram School for the Arts
BPS Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome
BPAC Baruch Performing Arts Center
BACHELOR Baryshnikov Arts Center
BAC Baryshnikov Arts Center
BMA BASE Martial Arts (martial arts method)
BACHELOR Battersea Arts Centre
BAC Battersea Arts Centre
BFTA Battle for the Arts
BACHELOR Bay Arts Council
BAC Bay Arts Council
BCA Bayshore Cultural Arts
BACHELOR Beach Arts Centre
BAC Beach Arts Centre
BDAAA Beaver Dam Area Arts Association
BLMA Belangenvereniging Leraren Martial Arts
BAM Belmont Arts and Music Festival
BSAC Benedictine Study and Arts Centre
BMA Bergamo’s Martial Arts
BTA Best Theatre Arts
BIAM Biennale Internationale des Arts de la Marionnette
BSAI Big Sur Arts Initiative
BCAT Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies
BAND Black Arts National Diaspora, Inc.
BLCA Black Labrador Community Arts
BRAF Black Rock Arts Foundation
BSAF Black Swamp Arts Festival
BAAC Bloomington Area Arts Council
BMAG Bloomington Media Arts Group
BLFAC Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
BLFAC Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
BMA Blue Mountain Arts
BHA Board of Healing Arts
BASI Body Arts and Sciences International
BEMA Boeing Employees’ Martial Arts
BCA Boston Center for the Arts
BPAC Boston Progress Arts Collective
BCAA Boulder County Arts Alliance
BDA Boulder Digital Arts
BCCA Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts
BRAVA Bowie Regional Arts Vision Association
BAVA Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts
BCCA Brick City Center for the Arts
BEMAC Brisbane Ethnic Music and Arts Centre
BIRTHA Bristol Institute for Research in the Humanities and Arts
BAFTA British Academy of Film and Television Arts
BAFA British Arts Festivals Association
BADFA British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts
BCGAA British Columbia Glass Arts Association
BDO British Darts Organisation
BMAF British Martial Arts Federation
BTMA British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association
BSMA Broadway School of Music and the Arts
BHC Broken Hearts Club
BAAD Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance
BSAF Brookings Summer Arts Festival
BACHELOR Brooklyn Arts Council
BAC Brooklyn Arts Council
BAX Brooklyn Arts Exchange
BAM Brooklyn Arts Museum
BHSA Brooklyn High School of the Arts
BJAG Brooklyn Jewish Arts Gallery
BTAP Brooklyn Theatre Arts Project, Inc.
BRK Brown Racing Karts
BLMA Bruce Lee Martial Arts
BCAS Buffalo Choral Arts Society
BMA Builder Marts of America, Inc
BCTA Building Community Through the Arts
BDA Bureau des Arts
BPAC Burnsville Performing Arts Center
BASA Business & Arts South Africa
BALA Business and Liberal Arts
BCAE Business Circle for Arts Education
BLASC Business Liberal Arts and Science
B2A Business to Arts
BHAC Butetown History & Arts Centre
CCSA Cab Calloway School of the Arts
CCPA Calgary Centre of Performing Arts
CPAC Calgary Performing Arts Centre
CRAF Calgary Regional Arts Foundation
CAAE California Alliance for Arts Education
CAC California Arts Council
CCAC California College of Arts and Craft
CCA California College of the Arts
CICPA California Institute for Chinese Performing Arts
CIA California Institute of AbnormalArts
CLA California Lawyers for the Arts
CSCA California School of Culinary Arts
CTAAP California Traditional Arts Advancement Program
CAA Camano Arts Association
CCA Camberwell College of Arts
CASF Cambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation
CSCA Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
CPAA Campus Performing Arts Association
CAAMA Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts
CABA Canadian Association of Body Arts
CAFAD Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans
CAPTIN Canadian Auto Parts Toyota Incorporated
CCVA Canadian Centre for the Visual Arts
CCPA Canadian College of Performing Arts
CCA Canadian Conference on the Arts
CMAF Canadian Martial Arts Federation
CNAF Canadian Native Arts Foundation
CSAA Canadian Society for Asian Arts
CMFA Cape Museum of Fine Arts
CAPO Capital Arts Patrons Organisation
CCVA Capital Centre of Visual Arts
CAAC Capoeira Angola Arts Center
CCAG Carbon County Arts Guild
CLAE Carleton Liberal Arts Experience
CGFA Carol Gerten Fine Arts
CPA Carolina Performing Arts
CVAE Carolina Vocal Arts Ensemble
CCVA Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
COP Carry Over Parts
CCAT Carver Center for Arts and Technology
CPAC Castle Park Arts Centre
COTA Celebration of the Arts
CFBA Center for Book Arts
CBA Center for Book Arts
CCA Center for Contemporary Arts
CDIA Center for Digital Imaging Arts
CEAH Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities
CEAH Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities
CEPA Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Arts
CISLA Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts
CLAE Center for Language Arts Education
CLA Center for Latino Arts
CLTA Center for Learning Through the Arts
CLAT Center for Learning Through the Arts and Technology
CLP Center for Literary and Performing Arts
CPFA Center for Performing and Fine Arts
CRCA Center for Research in Computing and the Arts
CALA Center for the Applied Liberal Arts
CFTA Center for the Arts
CPA Center for the Performing Arts
CPAI Center for the Performing Arts of India
CSAA Center for the Social Application of the Arts
CILA Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at Wabash College
COPA Center of Parts Activity
CBAA Central Brooklyn Arts Alliance
CFPAA Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance
CMAB Central MN Arts Board (Foley, MN)
CNYCAC Central New York Community Arts Council
CPPA Central Parts Procurement Agency
CPFA Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
CAER Centre d’Arts Esceniques de Reus
CEAC Centre d’Etude des Arts Contemporains
CERAP Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches en Arts Plastiques
CADT Centre for Arts Development Training
CBAAC Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization
CCA Centre for Creative Arts
CNA Centre National des Arts
CNAC Centre National des Arts du Cirque
CNAP Centre National des Arts Plastiques
CANADA Cercle des Arts
CDA Cercle des Arts
CEAP Certificat d’Etudes d’Arts Plastique
CESAP Certificat d’Etudes Supérieures d’Arts Plastiques
COMMAND Certification of Officials for Mixed Martial Arts National Development
CAPA Certified Automotive Parts Association
CPL Certified Parts List
CEMAC Champion Eyes Martial Arts Center
CCA Chandler Center for the Arts
CAAF Chapel Allerton Arts Festival
CIVA Character, Integrity, Vision and the Arts Charter School
CCAA Charles County Arts Alliance
CPAC Charlotte Performing Arts Center
CSLA Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts
CCCA Chesapeake Center for the Creative Arts
CVAA Chesterfield Visual Arts Alliance
CAPE Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education
CAPA Chicago Association for the Performing Arts
CCPA Chicago Center for the Performing Arts
CASW Children’s Arts and Sciences Workshop, Inc.
CPAA China Performing Arts Agency
CMA Chinese Martial Arts
CMAI Chinese Martial Arts Institute
CPAA Chiropractic Performing Arts Association
CASW Choral Arts Society of Washington
CMAA Choson Martial Arts Academy
CMA Christian Martial Arts
CSPA Christian School of Preforming Arts
CIVA Christians in the Visual Arts
CPEA Christine Paquelet Edition Arts
CAA Cincinnati Arts Association
CBAS Cincinnati Book Arts Society
CPA Cincinnati Performing Arts
CMA Cité des Métiers et des Arts
CPAC Citi Performing Arts Center
CAPACITY Civic Arts Plaza
CAP Civic Arts Plaza
CMAAP Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel
CSTA Claremont School of Theatre Arts
CAS Classic Arts Showcase
CCAC Clinton County Arts Council
CCIA Cloud Creek Institute for the Arts
CVAA Coachella Valley Arts Alliance
CABA Coastal Arts & Business Alliance
CMAA Cobra Martial Arts Association
CAAT College of Applied Arts and Technology
CARTA College of Architecture and the Arts
COA College of Arts
CAM College of Arts and Media
CAS College of Arts and Sciences
CAST College of Arts Science and Technology
CCFA College of Communication and Fine Arts
CCAS College of Communication Arts and Sciences
COFA College of Fine Arts
CFA College of Fine Arts
CHFA College of Humanities and Fine Arts
CIAS College of Imaging Arts and Science
CLASSER College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences
CLASS College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences
CLAS College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
CLA College of Liberal Arts
CLAE College of Liberal Arts and Education
CLAS College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
CLAST College of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Technologies
CLSA College of Literature, Science and the Arts
CMCMA College of Mass Communications and Media Arts
COMAD College of Media Arts Design
CMDA College of Music & Dramatic Arts
COPA College of Performing Arts
COSTATT College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago
CSA College of Sciences and Arts
CVAD College of Visual Arts and Design
COBA Collinsia Bartsiifolia
CACS Colorado Arts & Crafts Society
CCAC Colquitt County Arts Center
CAPA Columbus Association for the Performing Arts
CANADA Columbus DanceArts Academy
CDA Columbus DanceArts Academy
CSCA Columbus Society of Communicating Arts
CMAF Combat Martial Arts Federation
CODA Combative Oriental & Defendu Arts
CRAD Commercial Recording Arts Department
CFA Commission of Fine Arts
CGATS Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards
CFTA Committee for the Arts
CBDA Commonwealth of the Bahamas Darts Association
CATA Communication and Theater Arts
CAS Communication Arts and Sciences
CAPACITY Communication Arts Program
CAP Communication Arts Program
CALL Communication Arts, Languages and Literature
CAG Communication et Arts Graphiques
CAIS Communicative Arts and Integrative Studies
CAC Community Arts Collective
CAF Community Arts Fund
CAPACITY Community Arts Partnership
CAP Community Arts Partnership
CCMA Community Centre for Media Arts
CSA Community School of the Arts
CYPAC Community Youth Performing Arts Center
CPM Component Parts and Materials
CAPP Comprehensive Arts Planning Program
CCAIS Comprehensive Culture and Arts Information System
CARTES Computer Arts Centre at Espoo
CAI Computer Arts Informant
CANM Computer Arts New Media
CSCA Concord School of Culinary Arts
CSP Concurrent Spare Parts
CECAM Confédération des Ecoles Catholiques d’Arts et Métiers
CFD Confédération Française de Darts
CCFA Connections Contemporary Fine Arts
CAM Conseil des Arts de Montréal
CNAM Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
COPA Conservatory of Puppetry Arts
CRAS Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences
CREAT Consortium for Research and Education in the Arts and Technology
CAC Contemporary Arts Center
CAF Contemporary Arts Forum
CAMH Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
CAS Contemporary Arts Society
CIAM Contemporary Issues in Arts Management
CIAC Contemporary Italian Arts and Cinema
CSA Contemporary Sound Arts
CVAC Contemporary Visual Arts and Craft Inquiry
CRPS Contractor Repair Parts Stock
CCAA Conway Community Arts Association
CCVA Coordinating Center for the Visual Arts
CRFP Cordless Radio Fixed Parts
CFAM Cornell Fine Arts Museum
CFAMS Cornell Fine Arts Museum
CACD Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory
CMAA Corona’s Martial Arts Academy
CPCTC Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent
CBACS Council for Business and the Arts in Canada
CIAC Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture
CFTA Council for the Arts
CEMA Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts
CHASS Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
CCAS Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences
CLAS Council of Language Arts Supervisors
CMA Council of Magickal Arts, Inc
COPILOT Counterparts
CP Counterparts
CVAC Cowichan Valley Arts Council
CFFA Cracked Foundation for the Fine Arts
CAPA Creative and Performing Arts
CAAP Creative Arts at Park
CAC Creative Arts Center
CACS Creative Arts Charter School
CAIN Creative Arts Investment Network
CAPACITY Creative Arts Program
CAP Creative Arts Program
CAT Creative Arts Team
CHAC Creative Home Arts Club
CMPAC Creative Ministries Performing Arts Center
CRAMP Crediton Rural Arts and Music Project
CACA Croton Academy of Comedic Arts
CULA Culinary Arts
CAA Culinary Arts Academy
CAHT Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism
CPA Cultural Pluralism and the Arts
CHAMPS Culture of History Arts Music Preservation Society
CNOMAA Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts Association
CBP Custom Bikes & Parts
CBP Custom Bikes Parts
CIP Customer Installable Parts
CRAP Cut Rate Auto Parts
CARMA Cyberarts, Research, Music and Audio
DASSS Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Society
DALI Dallas Arts Learning Initiative
DBCA Dallas Business Committee for the Arts
DCPA Dallas Center for the Performing Arts
DCPAS Dallas Center for the Performing Arts
DALA Dance Arts Los Alamos
DEAC DancExplosion Arts Center
DCAC Dare County Arts Council
DAEC Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre
DA Dark Arts
DCA Dartington College of Arts
DBJL Darts Billards Jeux Loisirs
DTS Date Training Starts
DEMAS Davenriche European Martial Arts School
DBLA David Bartsch Landscape Architecture
DASA Davinci Academy of Science and the Arts
DBAA Dawson-Boyd Arts Association
DARTS Days in the Arts
DVAC Dayton Visual Arts Center
DPS Dealer Parts Service, Inc
DLRCA Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts
DASPU-L Deans of Arts and Sciences for Public Institutions
DPAC Debartolo Performing Arts Center
DAA Decatur Arts Alliance
DFAS Decorative and Fine Arts Society
DPPM Defective Parts Per Million
DADA Defence Against the Dark Arts
DVAC Delaplane Visual Arts Center
DCCA Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts
DAP Délégation aux Arts Plastiques
DCP Demand for Critical Parts
DAC Deming Arts Council
DCPA Denver Center for the Performing Arts
DCPAS Denver Center for the Performing Arts
DPAC Denver Performing Arts Complex
DSA Denver School of the Arts
DAC Department of Arts and Culture
DAST Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism
DOCITA Department of Communications, Information and the Arts
DOCITA Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
DOCA Department of Culture and the Arts
DCAL Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure
DETA Department of Education, Training and the Arts
DETAS Department of Education, Training and the Arts
DPA Department of Performing Arts
DTAE Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment
DMPR Depot Maintenance Parts Requirements
DSP Depot Spare Parts
DAAI Design and Applied Arts Index
DAAM Design and Arts Arcadia of Myungseung
DCA Design Communication Arts
DP Designated Parts
DEAC Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative
DIAMETER Detroit Institute Of Arts
DIA Detroit Institute of Arts
DSIA Detroit School of Industrial Arts
DAC Deutsche Alternative Charts
DAN Development of the Arts in Northwich
DCAP Développement Culturel Arts et Poésie
DRAA Diablo Regional Arts Association
DMPL Diagnostic Mandatory Parts List
DLFA Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
DFAB Dickey Fine Arts Building
DPPI Diesel Performance Parts, Inc.
DASI Diffusion des Arts et des Savoirs Par l’Image
DAE Digital Arts and Entertainment
DART Digital Arts and Multimedia Design
DAS Digital Arts and Sciences
DARC Digital Arts Research Center
DIMEA Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts
DMAT Digital Media Arts and Technology
DMAC Digital Media Arts College
DMCA Digital Media Center for the Arts
DPA Digital Production Arts
DFA Diploma in Fine Arts
DNAT Diplôme National d’Arts et Techniques
DNAP Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques
DASC Direction des Arts du Spectacle et de la Cooperation Culturelle
DOFA Director of Fine Arts
DAP Discount Auto Parts
DCAC District of Columbia Arts Center
DCCAH District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities
DPSM District Parts & Service Manager
DSPMS District Service and Parts Manager
DSPM District Service and Parts Manager
DLAP Diversified Liberal Arts Program
DPA Divine Performing Arts
DEAS Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
DA Doctor of Arts
DCA Doctor of Creative Arts
DFA Doctor of Fine Arts
AMUSD Doctor of Musical Arts
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts
DAF Dogwood Arts Festival
DAP Down Awaiting Parts
DAD Downtown Arts District
DAVA Downtown Aurora Visual Arts
DIVA Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts
DMAC Downtown Media Arts Center
DSMA Doylestown School of Music and the Arts
DMAA Dragon Martial Arts Association
DOMA Dragons of Martial Arts
DEAF Dublin Electronic Arts Festival
DFAF Dublin Fine Arts Foundation
DLAF Dublin Lesbian Arts Festival
DMA Dublin Martial Arts
DMAG Dubuque Martial Arts Group
DACA Dumaguete Academy for Culinary Arts
DGAA Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association
DCAG Dunblane Cathedral Arts Guild
DCA Dundee Contemporary Arts
DAC Durango Arts Center
DAC Durham Arts Council
DIAC Durham Integrated Arts Camp
DPAC Durham Performing Arts Center
ESODA EACOMM Studio of Digital Arts
EMLA Eanes Multisensory Language Arts
EBCAP East Bay California Arts Project
EBCPA East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
EVAD East Village Arts District
ECAT Eastbourne College of Arts & Technology
ECAT Eastern Center for Arts and Technology
EAFA Eastside Association of Fine Arts
ECAS Eberly College of Arts and Sciences
ECAM Ecole Catholique d’Arts et Metiers
ECAM Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures
ECAM Ecole Centrale des Arts et Metiers
EDAM Ecole des Arts Martiaux
ENSAM Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers
ENSAIS École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries de Strasbourg
EAFF Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation
EAC Education, Arts & Culture
EDFAA Education, Fine Arts, and Architecture
EPAF El Paseo Arts Foundation
EA Electronic Arts
EAC Electronic Arts Canada
EALA Electronic Arts Los Angeles
EAS Electronic Arts Sports
ERTS Electronic Arts, Inc.
EVAN Electronic Imaging and Visual Arts Networking Project
EMAC Electronic Media Arts & Communications
EPC Electronic Parts Catalogue
EPDS Electronic Parts Distribution System
EPMA Electronic Parts Manufacturers Association
EVA Electronic Visualisation and the Arts
EEE Electronic, Electrical and Electromechanical parts
EPL Electronic, Electrical, and Electromechanical Parts List
EFA Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
ERAAA Elk River Area Arts Alliance
EAFA Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts
EOCP Engine Out of Commission for Parts
EMPL Engineering Master Parts List
EPL Engineering Parts List
ELA English Language Arts
ECVA Episcopal Church and Visual Arts
EDP Equipment Deadlined for Parts
EIP Equipment Inoperative for Parts
EPB Equipment Parts Bin
EPL Equipment Parts List
ESP Equipment Spare Parts
EPM Equivalent Parts per Million
ECFA Ethan Cohen Fine Arts
ESA Etobicoke School of the Arts
LPAC Eugene and Theresa Lang Performing Arts Center
EALA Eugene Arts and Letters Award
ECAR European Campaign for the Freedom of the Automotive Parts and Repair Market
ECLA European College of Liberal Arts
EFAH European Forum for the Arts and Heritage
ENICPA European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts
EPAC Everett Performing Arts Center
ECFAS Executive Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
EATC Exeter Arts & Therapies Conferences
EMPAC Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
ECDA Expression College for Digital Arts
ELAA Expressions Learning Arts Academy
EMA Extreme Martial Arts
FADA Factory Academy Of Dramatic Arts
FOAA Faculty of Applied Arts
FAS Faculty of Arts and Sciences
FASS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
FASA Faculty of Arts Students Association
FAHS Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
FCA Faculty of Creative Arts
FOLA Faculty of Liberal Arts
FLA Faculty of Liberal Arts
FMAS Faculty of Media, Arts and Society
FMPA Faculty of Music and Performing Arts
FSAF Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
FACC Fairfield Arts & Convention Center
FACC Fairfield Arts Convention Center
FCA Fall City Arts
FMA Family Martial Arts
FMAA Family Martial Arts Academy
FAFFA Fanclub Arts Foundation Fashion Awards
FACT Fashion, Arts, Culture, Technology
FOF Fast Old Farts
FPLA Fast-Paced Language Arts
FLAPS Favorite Local Auto Parts Store
FEPA Featured Entertainment & Production Arts Ltd
FLSN Federation Liberal Arts Sriwichai Nakhonsrithammarat
FLAM Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux
FRSA Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
FAVA Festival des Arts Visuels en Atlantique
FOA Festival of Arts
FEVA Festival of East Village Arts
FOPA Festival of Pacific Arts
FOPA Festival of Performing Arts
FOBA Festival of the Building Arts
FAFC Fighting Arts Fitness Centre
FAMAS Filipino Academy for Movie Arts and Sciences
FAAE Filipino American Arts Exposition
FMAA Filipino Martial Arts Academy
FMAB Filipino Martial Arts Bremen
FMA Film and Media Arts
FAVA Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Film Arts Foundation
FAF Film Arts Foundation
FPA Fine and Performing Arts
FA Fine Arts
FAH Fine Arts and Humanities
FAA Fine Arts Association
FAAA Fine Arts Association of Arizona
FAA Fine Arts Auditorium
FAB Fine Arts Building
FACILITY Fine Arts Center
FAC Fine Arts Center
FACP Fine Arts Chamber Players
FACILITY Fine Arts Conservancy, Inc.
FAC Fine Arts Conservancy, Inc.
FACE Fine Arts Core Education
FAD Fine Arts Day
FADA Fine Arts Design and Architecture
FADP Fine Arts Doctoral Program
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Fine Arts Festival
FAF Fine Arts Festival
FAFA Fine Arts Festival Association
FAFO Fine Arts for Ocala
FALC Fine Arts League of Cary
FAOS Fine Arts Orchestral Society
FAP Fine Arts Program
FAQ Fine Arts Quartet
FAS Fine Arts Seminar
FAS Fine Arts Society
FATF Fine Arts Task Force
FAV Fine Arts Visual
FAWC Fine Arts Work Center
FIPAP Fire Island Pines Arts Project
FAVA Firelands Association for the Visual Arts
FAITA First Americans in the Arts
FWAC Five Wings Arts Council
FALA Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy
FPRM Flexible Parts Repair Material
FIA Flint Institute of Arts
FUA Florence University of the Arts
FAAE Florida Alliance for Arts Education
FCLA Florida Center for the Literary Arts
FASG Folk Arts Society of Greenville
FRPP Ford Racing Performance Parts
FARF Foreign Artsy Rare Films
FPD Foreign Parts Distributors
FWCAC Fort Worth Community Arts Center
FWDA Fort Worth Darts Association
FLGA Forum for Local Government and the Arts
FDA Foundation Degree Arts
FIRST Foundry Industry Recycling Starts Today
FCAS Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
FFAC Franklin Fine Arts Center
FGA Free Game Arts
FAPA Freehold Academy of Performing Arts
FLA French Language Arts
FPS French Parts Service
FASAP Freshman Arts Seminar Advising Program
FLAPS Friendly Local Auto Parts Store
FOAH Friends of Arts High
FOTA Friends of the Arts
FCFA Friends of the Center for the Arts
FOFA Friends of the Fine Arts
FOPA Friends of the Performing Arts
FPU From Parts Unknown
FMW Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling
FDAD Full Digital ARTS Display
FARSI Fun, Arts, Recreation
FAR Fun, Arts, Recreation
FEAP Furukawa Electric Autoparts Philippines, Inc
FAX Fusion Arts Exchange
GACA Gainesville Association for the Creative Arts
GOGA Gallery of Graphic Arts
GOPA Gallery of Photographic Arts
GAAC Gallup Area Arts Council
GAAP Gender and Arts Project
GAAS General Arts and Science
GASC General Arts and Science
GCAS General College and Arts and Sciences
GMSPO General Motors Service and Parts Operations
GVCA Genesee Valley Council on the Arts
GW Genital Warts
GPC Genuine Parts Company
GAP German Auto Parts, Inc.
GPAC Germantown Performing Arts Center
GREAT Gills Rock Entertainment Arts Tour
GFMA Glasgow Freestyle Martial Arts
GANF Global Arts Networking Foundation
GMAP Global Masters of Arts Program
GMA Global Media Arts
GPOP Global Parts Order Processing
GAC Gloucester Arts Council
GCAC Gold Coast Arts Center
GHSF Golden Hearts Shine Forever
GIAHA Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association
GPO Good for Parts Only
GFP Government-Furnished Parts
GSA Governor’s School for the Arts
GSAS Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
GSEAS Graduate School of Education, Arts and Sciences
GSFA Graduate School of Fine Arts
GSAS Graduate Students in Arts and Science
GSOD Grand Slam of Darts
GRA Graphic Arts
GAAC Graphic Arts Advertisers Council
GAAE Graphic Arts Association Executives
GABB Graphic Arts Blue Book
GAC Graphic Arts Center
GACU Graphic Arts Credit Union
GAX Graphic Arts Exchange
GAIA Graphic Arts Industries Association
GAIN Graphic Arts Information Network
GAI Graphic Arts Institute
GALA Graphic Arts Leaders of the Americas
GASF Graphic Arts Sales Foundation
GASC Graphic Arts Show Company
GATF Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
GAW Graphic Arts Workshop
GAC Gravesham Arts Council
GNAF Great Northern Arts Festival
GRAA Great River Arts Association
GAAC Greater Augusta Arts Council
GCAC Greater Columbus Arts Council
GPAC Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
GAC Greenbelt Arts Center
GCCA Greene County Council on the Arts
GLPA Greenwood-Lander Performing Arts
GGAI Gress Graphic Arts Institute
GAF Greyladyes Arts Foundation
GAAC Grinnell Area Arts Council
GAFA Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
GAC Guelph Arts Council
GMNA Guild of Miniature Needle Arts
GPAC Guilderland Performing Arts Center
GALA Gulf Alliance for Local Arts
GCPA Gusman Center for the Performing Arts
HCAC Hackensack Cultural Arts Center
HAC Hamilton Arts Collective
HKMA Hard Knocks Martial Arts
HSA Harlem School of the Arts
HSPA Harper School of Performing Arts
HVAF Harrow Visual Arts Forum
HFD Hartsdale Fire Department
KATL Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport
HAIA Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport
ATL Hartsfield International Airport
HJAIA Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
HJIA Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
HDDA Hartsville Downtown Development Association
HASCS Harvard Arts and Sciences Computer Services
HCAT Hastings College of Arts & Technology
HCAC Haywood County Arts Council
HAI Healing Arts Institute
HARK Healing Arts Reaching Kids
HAS Healing Arts Society
HEAVENED Healing Essential Arts Venue for Education in Newburyport
H Hearts
HHY Hearts and Homes for Youth
HFY Hearts for Youth
HGTW Hearts Going Towards Wellness
HIM Hearts In Mission
HOI Hearts of Iron
HUA Hearts United for Animals
HAAA Henderson Area Arts Alliance
LCAR Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion
HVAF Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum
HPPS Hewlett Packard Parts Store
HSCA High School Culinary Arts
HSAII High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry
HSPVA High School of Performing and Visual Arts
HCAF Hill Country Arts Foundation
HADD Hirst Arts Design Derby
HEMA Historical European Martial Arts
HAL History, Arts and Libraries
HCLAS Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
HC Hogwarts Castle
HEXS Hogwarts Extreme
HEX Hogwarts Extreme
HNZ Hogwarts New Zealand
HOL Hogwarts Online
HSWW Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
HLER Hogwartslive
HL Hogwartslive
HAAS Hollywood Academy of Arts and Science
HGP Honda Genuine Parts
HOP Honda Original Parts
HPMC Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation
HKAPA Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
HKAPIA Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association
HKSA Hong Kong Society of Arts
HBA Honours Bachelor of Arts
HAPI Horticultural Arts and Park Institute, Inc
HOMAC Houma Oriental Martial Arts College
HVDP Hours Vehicles Down for Parts
HWP Hours Waiting Parts
HAA Houston Arts Alliance
HEKLA Hove Edegem Kontich Lint Aartselaar
HVG Huisartsen Vereniging Gent
HSMA Humanitarian School of Martial Arts
HAL Humanities, Arts and Languages
HARCS Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
HASS Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
HFASSR Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences Research
HBAPA Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts
IPAL Iberia Performing Arts League
IAA Idyllwild Arts Academy
IAAF Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation
IPBD Illustrated Parts Breakdown
IPB Illustrated Parts Breakdown
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog
IPL Illustrated Parts List
ISAT Iloilo School of Arts and Trade
IPL Indentured Parts List
IMAA Independent Martial Arts Association
ISAN Independent Street Arts Network
IACA Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990
IACA Indian Arts and Crafts Association
IARC Indian Arts Research Center
INTAC Indian National Trust for Arts and Culture
IAC Indiana Arts Commission
IAEC Indianhead Arts and Education Center
IASO Indigenous Arts Service Organization
ICBA Individualized Curriculum Bachelor of Arts
IAAC Indo-American Arts Council, Inc.
IARI Industrial Arts Research Institute
IAT Information Arts &Technology
IAAF Informative Arts Art Foundation
ICA Inglewood Cultural Arts
IPL Initial Parts Lists
IPQ initial parts qualification
IPP Initial Production Parts
ISP Initial Spare Parts
IOCA Inside Out Community Arts
ICAM Institut Catholique d’Arts et Metiers
INAD Institut National des Arts Divinatoires
IMAD Institute for Music and Indigenous Arts Development
IPPA Institute for Professional Puppetry and Arts
IPSA Institute for Psychological Study of the Arts
IPMA Institute for Public Media Arts
ICCA Institute for the Church and Community Arts
IDEAL Institute for the Development of Education, Arts and Leisure
IMA Institute for the Musical Arts
ISAS Institute for the Synergy of Arts and Sciences
ITIA Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts
IARFA Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts
ICA Institute of Contemporary Arts
ICIA Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts
ICA Institute of Culinary Arts
IPPA Institute of Persian Performing Arts
IPRAC Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture
ITAMA Institute of Traditional Asian Martial Arts
ILA Integrated Language Arts
IPAG Integrated Performing Arts Guild
IBP Integration by Parts
IASC Interactive Arts and Sciences
IMAT Interactive Multimedia Arts and Technologies Association
ICAM Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts
ISHA Interdisciplinary Seminar in the Humanities and Arts
ISHA Interdisciplinary Seminar in the Humanities and Fine Arts
ISAAC Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication
IPL Interim Parts List
IRP Interim Repair Parts
IAA Interlochen Arts Academy
IMAC Inter-Media Arts Center
IEPG Internal Engine Parts Group
IMA Internal Martial Arts
IPPM Internal Parts Per Million
IACAS International Academy of Communications Arts and Sciences
IATAS International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
IAVA International Academy of the Visual Arts
IOAMAS International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools
IAFF International Arts & Film Foundation
IAMA International Arts-Medicine Association
IAMA International Association of Martial Arts
ICCA International Center for Contemporary Arts
ICEA International Center for Environmental Arts
ICODA International Center on Deafness and the Arts
ICACA International Centre for African Culture and Arts
ICOHA International College of Healing Arts
ICAA International Comic Arts Association
ICAF International Comic Arts Festival
ICCAS International Conference of Culinary Arts and Science
ICAAC International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu
IFMAO International Freestyle Martial Arts Organization
IGAS International Graphic Arts Show
IGAS International Graphic Arts Society
IIFA International Institute of Fine Arts
IJB International Jewelers Block & Fine Arts Insurance Services, Inc.
IJEA International Journal of Education and the Arts
IKMAF International Korean Martial Arts Federation
IMAAC International Martial Arts Award Council
IMAF International Martial Arts Federation
IMAO International Martial Arts Organization
IMMAA International Mixed Martial Arts Association
IMAI International Musical Arts Institute
IPAA International Performing Arts Academy
IPAF International Performing Arts Festival
ISCAHM International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management
ISAMA International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
ISMAC International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention
ITPA International Truck Parts Association
IIZ Internationales Interkommunales Zentrum (German: International Intercommunal Center; Grand Siegharts, Austria
IPLS Internet Parts Locator Systems
ITAE Intervention Through Arts Education
IAC Iowa Arts Council
INDO Irish National Darts Organisation
IWMA Iron Wolf Martial Arts
IFAC Irvine Fine Arts Center
IAC Irving Arts Center
IAMM Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
IFSA Islamic Forum for Science and Arts
IOTA Isle of Thanet Arts
IAMS Islington Arts and Media School
IMAF Israeli Martial Arts Federation
JEPC Jaguar Electronic Parts Catalog
JCAL Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
JPAC Jamaica Plain Arts Council
JAMU Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts
JPAC Janesville Performing Arts Center
JMA Japanese Martial Arts
JCAC Jasper Community Arts Commission
JPAC Jedlicka Performing Arts Center
JAMPAC Jesus and Me Performing Arts Camp
JJB Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
JSPAC Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
JCCAC Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre
JMPA John Magnoski Photographic Arts
JWAC John Waldron Arts Center
JCAC Johnston County Arts Council
JSPA Johor Society for the Performing Arts
JCS Jon Sims Center for the Arts
JAHA Journal of Aging, Humanities and the Arts
JOMA Journal of Mythic Arts
JMAA Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa
JMCA Julia Morgan Center for the Arts
JPAS Julianna’s Performing Arts Studio
JCAC Junction City Arts Council
JAHC Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, Inc.
KIA Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
KAAA Kansas Acoustic Arts Association
KAC Kansas Arts Commission
KMFA Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
KASA Kaua`i Arts and Science Academy
KPPA Kayumanggi Philippine Performing Arts
KCAAEN Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network
KAAE Kentucky Alliance for Arts Education
KCA Kentucky Center for the Arts
KPAG Kenya Performing Arts Group
KCAT Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent
KOH King of Hearts
KH Kingdom Hearts
KHCOM Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
KHN Kingdom Hearts Network
KHOP Kingdom Hearts Obsessed People
KHO Kingdom Hearts Online
KHU Kingdom Hearts Union
KAPCO Kirkhill Aircraft Parts Company
KOP Kit of Parts
KPL Kit Parts List
KLS KLM Luchtvaartschool
KSAM Knowledge Services for Arts Management
KMAC Koinonia Martial Arts Center
KMAC Kokondo Martial Arts Club
KAPA Kona Association for the Performing Arts
KAFA Korean Academy of Film Arts
KMAC Korean Martial Arts Center
KMAF Korean Martial Arts Federation
KMAR Korean Martial Arts Resource
LPAC LaGuardia Performing Arts Center
LPAC Laidlaw Performing Arts Center
LRAC Lake Region Arts Council
LFMA Lakehead Festival of Music and the Arts
LPAC Lakewood Performing Arts Council
LD Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Arts College
LAFTA Lampasas Association for the Arts
LICA Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts
LPAC Lancaster Performing Arts Center
LHV Landelijke Huisartsen Vereniging
LOCP Lang’s Old Car Parts, Inc
LA Language Arts
LASS Language Arts & Social Studies
LAW Language Arts and Writing
LALC Language Arts Learning Center
LAL Language Arts Literacy
LOPA Language Of Performing Arts
LCEA Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts
LASS Law, Arts and Social Sciences
LAGP Lawn and Garden Parts
LHCA Lawrence House Centre for the Arts
LAPL Lead Allowance Parts List
LAF Leadership of the Arts Festival
LTTA Learning Through the Arts
LVAF Leeds Visual Arts Forum
LNAC Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
LCA Lesher Center for the Arts
LDAC Letterman Digital Arts Center
LAC Lettres, Arts et Cinéma
LHAA Lexington Healing Arts Academy
LA Liberal Arts
LAAA Liberal Arts Alumni Association
LAEB Liberal Arts and Education Building
LAHS Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
LAISING Liberal Arts and International Studies
LASA Liberal Arts and Science Academy
LASB Liberal Arts and Science Building
LAS Liberal Arts and Sciences
LAST Liberal Arts and Sciences Test
LAC Liberal Arts College
LACC Liberal Arts Constituency Council
LACC Liberal Arts Core Curriculum
LAH Liberal Arts Honors
LAITS Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
LAND Liberal Arts Network for Development
LAP Liberal Arts Program
LAUS Liberal Arts Undergraduate Studies
LEAP Liberal Education for Arts Professionals
LSMA Liberal Studies Master of Arts
LCAT Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
LA Licensie d’Arts
LAFTA Lincoln Association for Traditional Arts
LMA Linux Media Arts
LH LionHearts
LPA List of Parts Affected
LVAC List Visual Arts Center
LSA Literature, Science, and the Arts
LPA Literature/Performing Arts
LHBH Little Hands, Big Hearts
LFAG Littleton Fine Arts Guild
LIPA Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
LAC Living Arts Centre
LACC Living Arts Counseling Center
LHCFC Livingston Hearts Community Football Club
LSAP Loadable Software Airplane Parts
LAMDA London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
LAHF London Arts in Health Forum
LDAF London Disability Arts Forum
LPAC London Performing Arts Centre
LHC Lonely Hearts Club
LIAC Long Island Arts Council
LICAP Long Island City Arts Project
LPM Loose Parts Monitor
LPMS Loose Parts Monitoring System
LACAC Los Angeles County Arts Commission
LADAD Los Angeles Downtown Arts District
LARK Lost Arts Revival by Kreofsky
LPA Louisiana Partnership for the Arts
LPAC Lowell Performing Arts Center
LDAD Lower Downtown Arts District
LPK Lower Parts Kit
LA Lucas Arts
LAE LucasArts Entertainment Company
LEC LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
LTCA LuCille Tack Center for the Arts
LBC Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
LCFA Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
LFAC Lynchburg Fine Arts Center
MAD Magazine des Arts et du Divertissement
MCA Maine Center for the Arts
MPB Maintenance Parts Breakdown
MPK Maintenance Parts Kit
MPL Maintenance Parts List
MA Maitre Es Arts
MAEST Maître Ès Arts
MLD Major League Darts
MMSP Malignant Melanoma of Soft Parts
MAFA Manchester Academy of Fine Arts
MPL Mandatory Parts List
MMAC Manhattan Movement & Arts Center
MTPA Manheim Township Performing Arts
MACINTOSH Maningrida Arts and Culture
MAC Maningrida Arts and Culture
MACINTOSH Manitoba Arts Council
MAC Manitoba Arts Council
MAPL Manufacturing Assembly Parts List
MAMO Maoli Arts Month
MACI Maori Arts and Crafts Institute
MSAT Marin School of Arts and Technology
MSA Marin School of the Arts
MCMAP Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
MCAA Marion County Center for the Arts
MCCA Marion County Center for the Arts
MTAC Markham Teen Arts Council
MAFAC Marshall Area Fine Arts Council
MACE Martial Arts Center of Excellence
MACINTOSH Martial Arts Club
MAC Martial Arts Club
MADM Martial Arts Death Machine
MAFM Martial Arts Federation of Malaysia
MAFC Martial Arts Fitness Center
MAHM Martial Arts History Museum
MAIA Martial Arts Industry Association
MAIT Martial Arts Instructor/Trainer
MALC Martial Arts Learning Community
MARS Martial Arts Research Systems
MAS Martial Arts School
MATI Martial Arts Training Institute
MAUI Martial Arts University International
MCLA Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
MITHAS Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Heritage of the Arts of South Asia
MAPL Master Allowance Parts List
MAA Master of Applied Arts
MAEST Master of Arts
MA Master of Arts
MACR Master of Arts Conflict Resolution
MAET Master of Arts Exegetical Theology
MAAL Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
MAAPS Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies
MAAT Master of Arts in Applied Technology
MAAA Master of Arts in Arts Administration
MABTS Master of Arts in Bible Teaching
MABC Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling
MABL Master of Arts in Biblical Languages
MABS Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
MABC Master of Arts in Business Communication
MA-CL Master of Arts in Canon Law
MACE Master of Arts in Christian Education
MACM Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
MACS Master of Arts in Christian Studies
MACT Master of Arts in Communication and Technology
MACS Master of Arts in Communication Studies
MACINTOSH Master of Arts in Counseling
MAC Master of Arts in Counseling
MACP Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
MA-DS Master of Arts in Development Studies
MDY Master of Arts in Diplomacy
MADR Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution
MAE Master of Arts in Economics
MAE Master of Arts in Education
MAET Master of Arts in Educational Technology
MAEB Master of Arts in Electronic Business
MAET Master of Arts in English for Teachers
MAFA Master of Arts in Fine Arts
MAGL Master of Arts in Global Leadership
MAGIC Master of Arts in Global, International and Comparative History
MAHE Master of Arts in Higher Education
MAHR Master of Arts in Human Resources
MAIH Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities
MAIDS Master of Arts in International Development Studies
MAIR Master of Arts in International Relations
MAIS Master of Arts in International Studies
MAJS Master of Arts in Jewish Studies
MALD Master of Arts in Landscape Design
MALL Master of Arts in Language and Literature
MALACS Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
MALAS Master of Arts in Latin American Studies
MALD Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
MALAS Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences
MALL Master of Arts in Liberal Learning
MAL Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
AMLS Master of Arts in Library Science
MAM Master of Arts in Management
MAMC Master of Arts in Mass Communication
MAMT Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers
MAMS Master of Arts in Medical Science
MAML Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership
MAM Master of Arts in Music
MANAGEMENT Master of Arts in Nursing
MANEUVER Master of Arts in Nursing
MAN Master of Arts in Nursing
MAOM Master of Arts in Organizational Management
MAOP Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology
MAPM Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry
MAPS Master of Arts in Philippine Studies
MAPR Master of Arts in Philosophical Resources
MAPS Master of Arts in Physical Science
MAPC Master of Arts in Professional Counseling
MAPA Master of Arts in Public Administration
MAPPA Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration
MAR Master of Arts in Religion
MARE Master of Arts in Religious Education
MASCL Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership
MAT Master of Arts in Teaching
MATL Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning
MATESOL Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
MATM Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics
MATL Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages
MATW Master of Arts in the Teaching of Writing
MATS Master of Arts in Theological Studies
MATH Master of Arts in Theology
MATD Master of Arts in Training and Development
MATL Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership
MAVE Master of Arts in Values and the Environment
MAIB Master of Arts International Business
MAMG Master of Arts Management
MAED Master of Arts, Education
MAIS Master of Arts, Integrated Studies
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MFAW Master of Fine Arts in Writing
MLA Master of Language Arts
MLA Master of Liberal Arts
ALM Master of Liberal Arts
MLAS Master of Liberal Arts & Science
MMVA Master of Mäori Visual Arts
MMAS Master of Military Arts and Science
AMUSM Master of Musical Arts
MMA Master of Musical Arts
MPA Master of Performing Arts
MVA Master of Visual Arts
MPL Master Parts List
MRPF Master Repair Parts File
MSA Mastery of Scottish Arts
MPL Material Parts List
MPSR Material/Parts Substitution Request
MECCA Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts
MPP Materials, Processes and Parts
MBLA Math for Business and Liberal Arts
MABA Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts
MCAG Maury County Arts Guild
MCRP Mean Cost of Replacement Parts
MEAA Media and Arts Alliance
MAS Media Arts and Sciences
MAT Media Arts and Technology
MALI Media Arts Leadership Institute
MAST Media Arts, Science, and Technology
MEAA Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance
MACINTOSH Media, Arts and Culture
MAC Media, Arts and Culture
MCAS Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences
MCFA Mercersburg Council for the Arts
MPTS Metal Parts
MPF Metal Parts Furnace
MISSA Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts
MACINTOSH Metropolitan Arts Commission
MAC Metropolitan Arts Commission
MAAF Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund
MASAL Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters
MACAA Michigan Association of Community Arts Agencies
MLAD Michigan Liberal Arts Deans
MPAG Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild
MYAF Michigan Youth Arts Festival
MPX Micro Parts XPress
MAAA Mid Argyll Arts Association
MAAF Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
MAAA Mid-America Arts Alliance
MADA Mid-America Darts Association
MACINTOSH Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts
MAC Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts
MSSA Middlesex School of Summer Arts
MACTLAC Midwestern Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges
MPCA Mill Pond Center for the Arts
MYAC Milwaukee Youth Arts Center
MCFA Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts
MITA Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts
MICA Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts
MIA Minneapolis Institute of Arts
MCAE Minnesota Center for Arts Education
MCBA Minnesota Center for Book Arts
MMAA Minnesota Martial Arts Academy
MSAB Minnesota State Arts Board
MPRS Miscellaneous Parts Removal Station
MLPS Missing Sparsely-Spaced Localized Parts of the Algorithm
MERP Mission Essential Repair Parts
MICAP Mission Impaired Capability Awaiting Parts
MICAP Mission Impaired Cause Awaiting Parts
MICAP Mission Incomplete, Awaiting Parts
MACINTOSH Mississauga Arts Council
MAC Mississauga Arts Council
MIAL Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters
MACINTOSH Missouri Arts Council
MAC Missouri Arts Council
MFAA Missouri Fine Arts Academy
MMA Mixed Martial Arts
MMAC Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts
MMAC Mixed Martial Arts Championship
MMAC Mixed Martial Arts Club
MMAX Mixed Martial Arts Exercise
MMAFA Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association
MMAX Mixed Martial Arts Xtreme
MMAI Mobil Martial Arts Instruction
MPH Mobile Parts Hospital
MDBA Mobilier Design et Beaux Arts
MSA Modern Sciences and Arts University
MPAT Modoc Performing Arts Theater
MPPM Molar Parts Per Million
MUAC Mongolian University of Arts and Culture
MMFA Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
MMDA Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts
MMFA Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
MAT Moscow Arts Theatre
MOPAR Motor Parts Corporation
MPA Motorcar Parts of America
MDCA Mount Dora Center for the Arts
MVCPA Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
MATA Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
MMAS Multi Martial Arts System
MMAC Multi Media Arts Center
MAPD Multicultural Arts Professional Development
MMAS Multimedia Arts and Sciences
MACINTOSH Multnomah Arts Center
MAC Multnomah Arts Center
MAP Mural Arts Program
MAPER Mural Arts Program
MAP Mural Arts Project of Philadelphia
MAPER Mural Arts Project of Philadelphia
MAAA Musée des Arts d’Afrique et d’Asie
MBA Musée des Beaux-Arts
MBAM Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal
MIAM Musée International des Arts Modestes
MAD Museum of Arts & Design
MDA Museum of Decorative Arts
MFA Museum of Fine Arts
MOPA Museum of Photographic Arts
MAHD Museums, Arts and Humanities Division
MLM Music for Little Mozarts
MIA Music Industry Arts
MAPE Music, Arts, Physical Education
MACINTOSH Musical Arts Center
MAC Musical Arts Center
MAYO Musical Arts Youth Orchestra
MBS My Bottom Smarts
NUA Nagoya University of Arts
NAFA Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
NMCAC Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center
NPPO NASA Parts Project Office
NSPL NASA Standard Parts List
NSA Nashville School of the Arts
NAA National Academy of Arts
NAFA National Academy of Fine Arts
NAN National Academy of Needlearts
NAPA National Academy of Performing Arts
NARAS National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
NATAS National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
NAAE National Affiliation of Arts Educators Inc
NAPSA National Appliance Parts Suppliers Association
NADC National Arts and Disability Center
NADCEST National Arts and Disability Center
NAC National Arts Centre
NACO National Arts Centre Orchestra
NACOA National Arts Centre Orchestra Association
NAC National Arts Council
NAF National Arts Festival
NAS National Arts Strategy
NATCP National Arts Training Contribution Program
NALAA National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies
NAVA National Association for the Visual Arts
NAAMA National Association of Ancient and Medieval Arts
NACMA National Association of Chinese Martial Arts
NADFAS National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies
NAFA National Association of Fine Arts
NAPA National Automotive Parts Association
NCCA National Center for Contemporary Arts
NCPA National Center for the Performing Arts
MERC National Centre for Research in Music Education and Sound Arts
NCATA National Coalition of Arts Therapies Associations
NCA National College of Arts
NCBA National College of Business and Arts
NCMA National College of Martial Arts
NCCA National Commission for Culture and the Arts
NCAN National Community Arts Network
NCDA National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts
NCTA National Council for the Traditional Arts
NDPA National Diploma in Performing Arts
NEAN National Education and the Arts Network
NESTA National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts
NEA National Endowment for the Arts
NFAF National Fine Arts Festival
NFAI National Fine Arts Institute
NFAE National Foundation for Arts Education
NFAH National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
HAMAS National Hispanic Academy of Media Arts and Sciences
NIACC National Indian Arts and Crafts Corporation
NIAAA National Indigenous Arts Advocacy Association, Inc.
NICA National Institute of Circus Arts
NIDA National Institute of Dramatic Arts
NKMAA National Korean Martial Arts Association
NMAC National Martial Arts College
NMWA National Museum of Women in the Arts
NOAA National Office for Arts Accreditation
NSTF National Scholarship Trust Fund of the Graphic Arts
NSMA National School of Martial Arts
NSPA National Standard Parts Association
NTUA National Taiwan University of Arts
NVACN National Visual Arts and Craft Network
NVAS National Visual Arts Standards
NAA Native American Arts
NHCAP Native Hawaiian Culture and Arts Program
NLA Native Language Arts
NWIA Native Women in the Arts
NSHA Natural State Healing Arts
NSPCC Navy Ships Parts Control Center
NHG Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap
NVAA Nederlandse Vereniging van Antroposofische Artsen
NVVA Nederlandse Vereniging Van Artsen
NIFTA Neighborhood Institute for the Arts
NOTA Neighborhood of the Arts
NAFA Nepal Association of Fine Arts
NCAC Nepean Creative Arts Centre
NOSD Netarts Oceanside Sanitary District
NBAC New Brunswick Arts Council
NEFA New England Foundation for the Arts
NEMAS New England Medieval Arts Society
NGA New Greenham Arts
NJAC New Jersey Arts Collective
NJMAC New Jersey Media Arts Center
NMSA New Mexico School for the Arts
NRAC New River Arts Council
NWSA New World School of the Arts
NYCA New York Collective for the Arts
NYCDA New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
NYEA New York Expressive Arts
NYFA New York Foundation for the Arts
NYSCAS New York State Council on the Arts
NYSSSA New York State Summer School for the Arts
NZCP New Zealand Car Parts
NPAA Newburgh Performing Arts Academy
NPU Nice Parts Usage
NRAC Nisqually Regional Arts Council
NMMP No Moving Mechanical Parts
NNP No Needed Parts
NAFTA North American Festival of Traditional Arts
NAFAA North American Fire Arts Association
NAPCC North American Parts Center California
NBPA North Bay Performing Arts
NCAC North Carolina Arts Council
NCSA North Carolina School of the Arts
NESA North East School of the Arts
NOHO North Hollywood Arts District
NRAS North River Arts Society
NVMA North Valley Martial Arts Academy
NMAC Northeast Michigan Arts Council
NVAA Northern Virginia Arts Alliance
NVFAA Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association
NAC Northport Arts Coalition
NPAC Northshore Performing Arts Center
NREA Northshore Regional Endowment for the Arts
NAAC Northwest Area Arts Council
NAC Norwich Arts Centre
NOPI Number One Parts, Inc.
NOPI Number One Parts, Incorporated
NPPC Numeric Parts Preference Code
NACA Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association
NCCA Nuveen Community Center for the Arts
OSA Oakland School for the Arts
OMAC Ocala Municipal Arts Commission
OCAC Ocean City Arts Center
OPAS Oconee Performing Arts Society
OPASS Oconee Performing Arts Society
OPAG Oculus Photographic Arts Group
OELA Office of Entrepreneurship and Liberal Arts
OICA Office of Initiatives for Culture and the Arts
OMAI Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives
OAC Ohio Arts Council
OSAS Ohio Scottish Arts School
OMAA Okinawan Martial Arts Association
OCAE Oklahoma Center for Arts Education
OVAC Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
OFI Old Farts, Inc.
OFTA Old Friends Talk Arts
OAP One Arts Plaza
OLMA Online Master of Arts
OAC Ontario Arts Council
OCPA Ontario Center for the Performing Arts
OCAAT Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology
OWAHC Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage Centre
OAFA Open Air Festival of the Arts
OMP Operation & Maintenance Manual With Parts List
OCPA Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
OAC Oregon Arts Commission
OCCA Oregon Coast Council for the Arts
OCPA Oregon Conservatory of Performing Arts
OILA Oregon Institute of Literary Arts
OLAPC Oregon Liberal Arts Placement Consortium
OPSECAAT Organization of Part-Time and Sessional Employees of the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
OSAC Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils
OMRP Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts
OSPE Organizational Spare Parts & Equipment
OHAC Oriental Healing Arts Center
OCP Original Chris Parts
OPAC Orlando Performing Arts Center
OCSA Osceola County School for the Arts
OCSA Osceola School for the Arts
OMAA Ossett Martial Arts Academy
ODAA Oswestry & District Arts Association
OPP Other People’s Parts
OMFAC Ottawa Multicultural Folk Arts Council
OCP Out of Commission Parts
PAA Pacific Arts Association
PCPA Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts
PICA Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
PSAA Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance
PVPAA Pajaro Valley Performing Arts Association
PACP Pakhtoonkhwa Arts and Culture Project
PNCA Pakistan National Council of the Arts
PCAF Paradise City Arts Festival
PAFAC Parma Area Fine Arts Council
PFMAC Parma Family Martial Arts Center
PTS Parts
PAL Parts Accumulation List
PAB Parts Advisory Board
PAG Parts Advisory Group
PADS Parts And Drawings System
PROS Parts and Repair Ordering System
PARD Parts Application Reliability Data
PAR Parts Approved Request
PARTS Parts Automated Repairable Tracking System
PROBLEM Parts Breakdown
PAINTBRUSH Parts Breakdown
PB Parts Breakdown
PBW Parts By Weight
PCN Parts Change Notice
PCASS Parts Control Automated Support System
PCB Parts Control Board
PCP Parts Control Plan
PCP Parts Control Program
PDQ Parts Delivered Quickly
PDL Parts Design List
PDIS Parts Dissection Information System
PDC Parts Distribution Center
PERMANENT Parts Evaluation Report
PER Parts Evaluation Report
PXS Parts Exchange Salvage
PFU Parts Followup
PFM Parts Forecasting Model
PIL Parts Identification List
PIB Parts Illustrated Breakdown
PICS Parts Inventory Control System
PLO Parts Left Over
PLTS Parts Life Tracking System
PL Parts List
PLL Parts List
PLL Parts Load List
PLAN Parts Logistics Analysis Network
PMA Parts Manufacture Authority
POWG Parts Obsolescence Working Group
POD Parts on Demand
POS Parts Only Service
PPB Parts per Billion
PPBA Parts per Billion Atomic
PPD Parts Per Deciliter
PPH Parts Per Hundred
PPHM Parts Per Hundred Million
PPHMS Parts Per Hundred Million
PHR Parts per Hundred of Rubber
PPI Parts Per Inch
PPK Parts Per Kilo
PPM Parts Per Million
PPMV Parts Per Million by Volume
PPMW Parts Per Million by Weight
PPMD Parts per Million Defective
PPQ Parts per Quadrillion
PPQ Parts per Quarter Note
PPT Parts Per Thousand
PPT Parts Per Trillion
PPTV Parts per Trillion by Volume
PIANISSIMO Parts Population
PP Parts Population
PPL Parts Price List
PPIL Parts Provisioning Index List
PPL Parts Provisioning List
PROS Parts Repair Ordering Service
PRR Parts Replacement Request
PRN Parts Return Notice
PSL Parts Selection List
PSW Parts Submission Warrant
PTS Parts Tracking System
PMPCB Parts, Material and Process Control Board
PMPS Parts, Material, and Process Selection list
PMP Parts, Materials, and Processes
POG Parts, Oil & Grease
PSSR Parts/Sales Service Representative
PZP Partszparts
PSHA Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts
PTPA Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts
PCAC Paul Creative Arts Center
PAPAA Peace Arch Performing Arts Academy
PCPA Peace Center for the Performing Arts
PEACE Peace Education, Arts and Cultural Empowerment
PIANISSIMO Pelican Parts
PP Pelican Parts
POAC Pend Oreille Arts Council
PPA Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts
PRAA Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance
PPA Peppercorns Performing Arts
PAS Percussive Arts Society
PASIC Percussive Arts Society International Convention
PFA Performing and Fine Arts
PAA Performing Arts Academy
PAB Performing Arts Building
PAC Performing Arts Center
PACA Performing Arts Center Authority
PAD Performing Arts Department
PAD Performing Arts Directory
PAD Performing Arts Division
PAE Performing Arts Exchange
PAF Performing Arts Festival
PAFE Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside
PAFC Performing Arts for Children
PAFE Performing Arts for Everyone
PAI Performing Arts Institute
PAL Performing Arts Library
PAM Performing Arts Management
PAMA Performing Arts Medicine Association
PALS Performing Arts of Lake & Sumter Counties
PAPT Performing Arts Physical Therapy
PAPY Performing Arts Program for Youth
PAS Performing Arts School
PASOW Performing Arts School of Worcester
PASA Performing Arts Society of Acadiana
PASW Performing Arts Studio West
PAT Performing Arts Technology
PAYE Performing Arts Yearbook for Europe
PVA Performing Visual Arts
PCAE Perpich Center for Arts Education
PIAF Perth International Arts Festival
PIFA Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts
PSCCA Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts
PCPA Phillips Center for Performing Arts
PASA Photographic Arts Society of Alberta
PAFTA Pinellas Academy for Technical Arts
PLOF Pines Lake Old Farts
PCPA Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts
PVPA Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School
PCA Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
PIFA Pittsburgh Institute of Fine Arts
PDA Place des Arts
PCAC Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council
PAAS Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
PT Pop Tarts
PAFAC Port Angeles Fine Arts Center
PATHS Portland Arts and Technology High School
PCPA Portland Center for the Performing Arts
PFM Postal Finance Marts
PCPA Poway Center for the Performing Arts
PAA Practical and Applied Arts
PCC Precision Castparts Corp.
PCP Precision Castparts Corporation
PPI Precision Parts International, LLC
PPM Precision Parts Manufacturing
PPL Preferred Parts List
PPAL Preliminary Preferred Parts List
PMLA Pre-Major Liberal Arts
PMA Premier Martial Arts
PRP Premium Recycled Parts
PFAA Prescott Fine Arts Association
PCAC President’s Committee on Arts and Culture
PAS Presidential Arts Scholarship
PPAF Presidio Performing Arts Foundation
PLSP Price List of Spare Parts
PSP Priced Spare Parts
PLCA Prior Lake Center for the Arts
PPAP Production Parts Approval Process
PPAP Production Parts Approval Program
PAPA Professional Auto Parts Association
PDC Professional Darts Corporation
PPA Program in Performing Arts
PAN Promoters Arts Network
PCAO Protestants Christelijke Artsen Organisatie
PPAC Providence Performing Arts Center
PASO Provincial Arts Service Organization
PPB Provisioning Parts Breakdown
PPL Provisioning Parts List
PPLI Provisioning Parts List Index
PAPA Public Academy for Performing Arts
PPAG Pueblo Performing Arts Guild
PRAA Puerto Rican Arts Alliance
PCA Purnell Center for the Arts
QMD Qingdao Qiyao Wärtsilä Mhi Linshan Marine Diesel Co. Ltd.
QCPAG Quail Creek Performing Arts Guild
QPN Qualification Program for New Parts
QPL Qualified Parts List
QPL Quality Parts List
QRP Quality Recycled Parts
QRP Quality Replacement Parts
QS Quality Starts
QSH Quality Starts Here
QOH Queen of Hearts
QOHC Queen of Hearts Consultancy
QPAT Queensland Performing Arts Trust
QAR Queer Arts Resource
QWOCMAP Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project
QAC Quinte Arts Council
RUAF Racine United Arts Fund
RACA Raising Attainment through the Creative Arts
RFAS Raleigh Fine Arts Society
RASU Rangoon Arts and Science University
RAMP Rapid Acquisition of Manufactured Parts
RTEA Reaching to Embrace Arts
RLA Reading/Language Arts
RACR Rec.Arts.Comics.Reviews
RADP rec.arts.disney.parks
RAM Rec.arts.mystery
RASSM rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc
RASFWRJ rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan newsgroup)
RUAP Reciprocal University for the Arts Project
RRPL Recommended Repair Parts List
RRPO Recommended Repair Parts Order
RSPL Recommended Spare Parts List
RSFP Reconstruction of Soft Facial Parts
RRAC Red River Arts Council
RBA Regents Bachelor of Arts
R2AC Region 2 Arts Council
RACC Regional Arts & Culture Council
RADO Regional Arts Development Officer
RADP Regional Arts Development Program
RALP Regional Arts Lottery Programme
RCA Regional Center for the Arts
RPAC Regional Performing Arts Center
RHV Regionale Huisartsen Vereniging
REAT Registered Expressive Arts Therapist
ROAA Rehearse Observe Arts At Ibapa
RISPA Renaissance International School of Performing Arts
RP Repair Parts
RPSTL Repair Parts & Special Tools List
RAG Repair Parts Analysis Group
RPC Repair Parts Cost
RPE Repair Parts Estimate
RPL Repair Parts List
RPM Repair Parts Master
RPO Repair Parts Order
RPPO Repair Parts Petty Officer
RPT Repair Parts Transporter
RPU Repair-Parts-Upgrades
RPS Replacement Parts Service
RCAC Research Center for Arts and Culture
ROIAL Residential Option in Arts and Letters
RGAH Resource Guide for the Arts and Humanities
RPPM Returned Parts Per Million
RALPH Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities
ROAC Rex Oasis of Arts and Culture
RCA Rialto Center for the Arts
RPA Richland Performing Arts Association
RSPA Ridgefield Studio of Performing Arts
RBR Right Brain Research Center for Creative Arts
RSTA Rindge School of Technical Arts
RSMA Rising Sun Martial Arts
RRCA River Raisin Centre for the Arts
RRCA Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts
RFAA Riverside Fine Arts Association
RSPA Riverside School of Performing Arts
RRI Robarts Research Institute
RAPA Rochester Academy of Performing Arts, Inc.
ROTFSTCLMAAOBPO Rolling on the Floor Scaring the Cat Laughing My Ass and Other Body Parts Off
RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts
RIVAA Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association
RCAC Roswell Cultural Arts Center
RCA Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
RNAAS Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
KNAW Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
RSA Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
RSA Royal Society of the Arts
RRCA Ruidoso Regional Council for the Arts
ROAA Rural Oregon Arts Association
RMA Russian Martial Arts
RSOA Russian School of Arts
RAPA Ryde Argyle Performing Arts
RVAF Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship
SFFA Sabrina Fung Fine Arts
SFAC Sacramento Fine Arts Center
SSCC Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
SASA Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy
SAFTA Sahara Academy of Film and Television Arts
SLCA Saint Lawrence Centre for the Arts
SFAC San Francisco Arts Commission
SJAI San Jose Arts Incubator
SMPAA San Marcos Performing Arts Association
SLCA Sand Lake Center for the Arts
SPACE Sand Point Arts & Cultural Exchange
SBVA Santa Barbara Visual Arts
SCICA Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Arts
SFCA Santa Fe Council for the Arts
SRACF Santa Rosa Arts and Culture Foundation
SPAC Saratoga Performing Arts Center
SAB Saskatchewan Arts Board
SLH Saving Little Hearts
SYH Saving Young Hearts
SAPU Schefenacker Automotive Parts Ungarn
SPA School for the Performing Arts
SANCA School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts
SAH School of Arts and Humanities
SANM School of Arts and New Media
SAS School of Arts and Sciences
SAHC School of Arts, Histories and Cultures
SALL School of Arts, Languages and Literatures
SOCAPA School of Cinema and Performing Arts
SCPA School of Creative and Performing Arts
SOCA School of Creative Arts
SOFA School of Fine Arts
SHTCA School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts
SLAS School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
SOMA School Of Massage Arts
SMAD School of Media Arts and Design
SPASER School of Photographic Arts and Sciences
SPAS School of Photographic Arts and Sciences
SPMA School of Pilipino Mastery Arts
SOTA School of the Arts
SOAA School of the Arts and Architecture
SPAO School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa
SVPA School of Visual and Performing Arts
SOVA School of Visual Arts
SVA School of Visual Arts
SVAD School of Visual Arts and Dance
SAF Science and Arts Foundation
STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics
SGAUA Scitex Graphic Arts Users’ Group
SVAG Scottish Visual Arts Group
SCPA Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
SCRAP Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts
SMAL Season of Media Arts London
SAAS Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences
SAL Seattle Arts & Lectures
SPAF Seattle Performing Arts Fellowship
SELA Secondary English Language Arts
SFA Section of Fine Arts
SLAC Selective Liberal Arts Consortium
SACRIFICE Senior Arts Council
SAC Senior Arts Council
SIDL Seoul International Darts League
SPAF Seoul Performing Arts Festival
SPD Sequenced Parts Delivery
SEAA Sequoia Electronic Arts Academy
STARFIRE Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts
SF Serendib Foundation for Music & Performing Arts
SF Serendib Foundation For Music Performing Arts
STARFIRE Serendib Foundation For Music Performing Arts
SHIP Seriously Huge Investment in Parts
SPOM Service and Parts Operations Manager
SPL Service Parts Logistics
SPLO Service Parts Logistics Operations
SPM Service Parts Management
SPOER Service Parts Operations
SPO Service Parts Operations
SACS Sewing Arts and Craft Store
SGT Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
SH Shadow Hearts
SH2 Shadow Hearts 2
SASTRA Shanmugha Arts Science Technology & Research Academy
SCIP Ship’s Capability Impaired for Lack of Parts
SPCC Ship’s Parts Control Center
SPCC Ships Parts Control Center
SPCCINST Ships Parts Control Center Instruction
SICA Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts
SFPPL Short Form Provisioning Parts List
SCAT Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology
SVVA Silicon Valley Visual Arts
SMART Simple Maintenance of Arts
SAPER Simultaneously Accessible Parts
SAP Simultaneously Accessible Parts
SPLA Singapore Polytechnic Life Arts
SPMA Sinosic-Perosh Martial Arts
SARP Small Arms Repair Parts
SOAR Small Organization Arts Regrants
SPI Small Parts, Inc.
SRPT Small Repair Parts Transporter
SP Smart Parts
SSR SmartSwitch Router
SNJS Smith and Jones Antique Auto Parts
SNJ Smith and Jones Antique Auto Parts
SCCA Snips College of Creative Arts
SIAP Social Impact of the Arts Project
SATELLITE Societe Des Arts Technologiques
SAT Société des Arts Technologiques
SIBMAS Société Internationale des Bibliothèques et des Musées des Arts du Spectacle
SABHA Society for Appreciation of Bharatiya Heritage and Arts
SLSA Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
SFA Society for the Arts
SAH Society for the Arts in Healthcare
SPSCVA Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts
SPGFP Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
SASS Society of Arts and Science Students
SBOF Society of Boring Old Farts
SODA Society of Dramatic Arts
SOMA Society of Martial Arts
SMAS Society of Medieval Arts and Sciences
SSAM Software Systems for the Arts and Media
SCAT Somerset College of Arts and Technology
SARC Sonic Arts Research Centre
SCUA Sonoma County Union of the Arts
SASAC South Acton Skills and Arts Collaborative
SAAI South African Arts International
SAA South Asian Arts
SADC South Australian Darts Council, Inc
SARAT South Australian Recreation and Arts
SBAA South Boston Arts Association
SCTAN South Carolina Traditional Arts Network
SEFAN South East Folk Arts Network
SFAB South Florida Arts Beat
SIFA South India Fine Arts
SOPAC South Orange Performing Arts Center
SWAC South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts
SWAM South West Arts Marketing
SCEA Southeast Center for Education in the Arts
SAI Southern Aeroparts Inc.
SAF Southern Arts Federation
SAPA Southern Association for Performance Arts
SICA Southern Indiana Center for the Arts
SNDA Southern Nevada Darts Association
SVAC Southern Vermont Arts Center
SP Spare Parts
SPADE Spare Parts Analysis, Documentation & Evaluation
SPF Spare Parts File
SPIP Spare Parts Improvement Program
SPL Spare Parts List
SPIR Spare Parts List and Interchangeability Record
SPL Spare Parts Logistics
SPMS Spare Parts Management System
SPARC Spare Parts Provisioning for Combat
SPSD Spare Parts Sales Department
SPS Spare Parts Service
SRP Spares and Repair Parts
SJLA Special Jesuit Liberal Arts
SOP Special Order Parts
STPL Special Tools and Parts List
SMAC Sport Martial Arts Championship
SPACE Sports, Performing Arts & Creative Education
SJASC St Joseph’s Arts and Science College
SBCA St. Barnabas Center for the Arts
SMARTS St. Peter’s Music and Arts
SPECIALIST Standard Parts Catalog
SPC Standard Parts Catalog
SCASS Standing Conference of Arts and Social Sciences
SASTA Stanford Alliance for Service through the Arts
SICA Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts
SMAP Stanford Martial Arts Program
SAAC Starkville Area Arts Council
SWU Starts with You
SAALA State Arts Advocacy League of America
SCMA State College Martial Arts Academy
SFCA State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
SWASO State Wide Arts Service Organization
SIIAS Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences
SDMA Steel Dragons Martial Arts
SSCA Stevens Square Center for the Arts
SMAD Stichting Martial Arts Dojo
SRCA Stone Ridge Center for the Arts
SDHS Stuarts Draft High School
SOCA Student Organizing Committee for the Arts
STAC Student Television Arts Company
STAC Student Theatre Arts Complex
SAIB Students of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth
SAAS Studio of Arts and Sciences
SGMA Studios Group Martial Arts
SFAC Suburban Fine Arts Center
SOTP Sum of the Parts
SOP Sum of the Parts
SAF Summer Arts Festival
SAPER Summer Arts Program
SAP Summer Arts Program
SIVA Summer Institute for the Visual Arts
SSPA Summer School for the Performing Arts
SVCA Sun Valley Center for the Arts
SMA Superior Martial Arts
SPTT Supplier Parts Tracking Team
SFPPL Support Facilities Provisioning Parts List
SOPA Supporters of Performing Arts
SOPA Supporters of the Performing Arts, Inc.
SASIC Surfing Arts, Science and Issues Conference
SIAC Surrey Integrated Arts Consortium
SYMPA Surrey Youth Music and Performing Arts
SPPA Survey of Public Participation in the Arts
SMAF Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival
SRFA Suzanne Randolph Fine Arts
SNCAC Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture
SUAA Sydney University Arts Association
SMARTS System Management Arts
TSOTA Tacoma School of the Arts
TNCA Tainan National College of the Arts
TFAM Taipei Fine Arts Museum
TNUA Taipei National University of the Arts
TOH Tales of Hearts
TGAA Tall Grass Arts Association
TCAC Tamil Cultural Arts Centre
TAAB Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board
TOLA Teaching of Language Arts
TAGA Technical Association of the Graphic Arts
TAT Teledramatic Arts and Technologies
TCAH Telluride Council for the Arts and Humanities
TCA Tempe Center for the Arts
TPAC Tennessee Performing Arts Center
TFAA Texan French Alliance for the Arts
TALA Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts
TACA Texas Commission on the Arts
TCA Texas Commission on the Arts
TXFAA Texas Fine Arts Academy
TFAA Texas Fine Arts Association
TIASA Texas Industrial Arts Student Association
TSLA Thai Summit Laemchabang Autoparts
TDA Thailand Darts Association
TACA The Arts Community Alliance
TAFTA The Australian Forum for Textile Arts
BAFA The Bahá’í Association For the Arts
TCAP The California Arts Project
TCAN The Center for Arts in Natick
TDA The Dark Arts
TGAS The Great Arts Send-Off
TMAN The Martial Arts Network
TMAS The Martial Arts Store
REDCAT The Roy and Edna Disney/Calarts Theater
TSU The Sniper Upstarts
TLA Theater of the Living Arts
TAUT Theatre Arts University Theatre
TUAC Thomaston-Upson Arts Council
TAC Thornapple Arts Council
THCA Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts
TRAF Three Rivers Arts Festival
TIPA Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts
TMAF Tokoshi Martial Arts Federation
TUFA Tokyo University of Fine Arts
TAPA Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts
TAC Toronto Arts Council
TCAF Toronto Comic Arts Festival
TWAS Toronto World Arts Scene
TGP Toyota Genuine Parts
TKAP Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd.
TAAB Traditional Arts of the Altered Body
TAP Traditional Arts Program
TMA Traditional Martial Arts
TMAA Traditional Martial Arts Association
TLA Transformative Language Arts
TMAA Triangle Martial Arts Association
TPAC Tribeca Performing Arts Center
TTFA Triple Threat Foundation for the Arts
TSAA Tri-State Arts Association
TMAC Tri-State Martial Arts Center
TPAS Trollwood Performing Arts School
TMA True Martial Arts
TACA Tucson Arts & Crafts Association
TBAG Tucson Book Arts Guild
TPAC Tucson Pima Arts Council
TBAG Tulsa Book Arts Gang
UPAC Ulster Performing Arts Center
UMAB Ultimate Martial Arts Board
UDAO Unified Database of Arts Organizations
ULDPR Unit Level Deadlining Parts Report
UAO United Arts Organization
UFAF United Fighting Arts Federation
UKCCA United Kingdom Centre for Carnival Arts
UKPA United Kingdom Parts Alliance Ltd
UMAA United Martial Arts Alliance
UPAF United Performing Arts Fund
USHOFMAA United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association
USMA United States Martial Arts Association
UPAF Unity Performing Arts Foundation
UCAA Universal Computer Arts Academy
UMAA Universal Martial Arts Association
UCAD University Centre for Arts and Drama
UCCA University College for the Creative Arts
UCA University for the Creative Arts
ULAB University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
USAO University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
UAL University of the Arts, London
UPAC University Performing Arts Centre
UVAC University Visual Arts Committee
UMAC Upland Martial Arts Center
UARM Urban Arts Research & Marketing
UVAS Urban Village Arts Series
USPA Ursuline School for the Performing Arts
VPAT Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre
VAPA Valle Academy of Performing Arts
VACATE Valley Arts Council
VAC Valley Arts Council
VAU Valley Arts United
VFAG Valley Fiber Arts Guild
VFAA Valley Fine Arts Association
VADA Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts
VSAA Vancouver School of Arts and Academics
VH Vandal Hearts
VDP Vehicle Deadlined for Parts
VDP Vehicle Down for Parts
VOCP Vehicle Out of Commission – Parts
VIPR Vendor Initiated Parts Re-Supply
VAM Venice Arts Mecca
VCAC Ventura County Arts Council
VLC Vera List Center for Arts and Politics
VHN Vereniging Huisartsenposten Nederland
VLOS Vereniging Landelijk Overleg Smartshops
VVZ Vereniging van Vlaamse Zenuwartsen
VAAS Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences
VAAE Vermont Alliance for Arts Education
VACATE Vermont Arts Council
VAC Vermont Arts Council
VAE Vermont Arts Exchange
VRCFA Verne Riffe Center for the Arts
VSA Very Special Arts
VSAF Very Special Arts Festival
VSAG Very Special Arts Georgia
VVIP Very, Very Important Parts
VAFA Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts
VCA Victorian College of the Arts
VFAA Vietnam Fine-Arts Association
VPAA Villagers Performing Arts Alliance
VAF Virginia Arts Festival
VAF Virginia Arts Foundation
VCCA Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
VAMAI Virginia Martial Arts Institute
VMFA Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
VPSB Virtual Parts Supply Base
VPP Virtual Performance Parts
VIMP Vision-based On-Line Inspection of Manufactured Parts
VITA Visitors in the Arts
VPAA Visual & Performing Arts Academy
VACA Visual and Creative Arts
VAPA Visual And Performing Arts
VPA Visual and Performing Arts
VA Visual Arts
VAAA Visual Arts Alberta Association
VADC Visual Arts and Design Center
VAMS Visual Arts and Music for Society
VAA Visual Arts Association
VACI Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution
VACO Visual Arts Centre Orleans
VADS Visual Arts Data Service
VADA Visual Arts Development Awards
VAF Visual Arts Facility
VAM Visual Arts Museum
VANA Visual Arts Network of Atlanta
VANSA Visual Arts Network of South Africa
VANS Visual Arts Nova Scotia
VASE Visual Arts Scholastic Event
VAS Visual Arts Spectrum
VASA Visual Arts Students Association
VAMP Visual Arts, Music, Performance
VAGD Visual Arts: Graphic Design
VONA Voices of Our Nations Arts
VLAED Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
VLA Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
WCAF Waco Cultural Arts Fest
WSPM Wafer Starts Per Month
WSPW Wafer Starts Per Week
WOP Waiting On Parts
WVAA Wake Visual Arts Association
WAI Wales Arts International
WCAA Walker County Arts Alliance
WAMO Warehouse Arts Management Organization
WBSA Warner Bros.-Seven Arts
WAEF Warren Arts and Education Foundation
WCAC Warren County Arts Council
WECS Wartsila Engine Control System
WIO Wartsila Industrial Operations
WAC Warwick Arts Centre
WSAF Warwick Student Arts Festival
WAAE Washington Alliance for Arts Education
WADA Washington Area Darts Association
WALA Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts
WCPA Washington Center for the Performing Arts
WCAC Washington County Arts Council
WCAHHC Washington County Arts, Heritage and Humanities Coalition
WCMFA Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
WPAS Washington Performing Arts Society
WPA Washington Project for the Arts
WSAA Washington State Arts Alliance
WSAAF Washington State Arts Alliance and Foundation
WSAC Washington State Arts Commission
WVSA Washington Very Special Arts
WCAC Watauga County Arts Council
WAMS Waterbury Arts Magnet School
WCAC Waterloo Community Arts Centre
WVAC Waterworks Visual Arts Center
WAAF Watford Area Arts Forum
WAAC Waukee Area Arts Council
WCAA Wayne County Arts Alliance
WCH We Create Headstarts Training Solutions
WDC Weerter Darts Competitie
WPPM Weight Parts per Million
WCAS Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
WSAS Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
WPAC Wellington Performing Arts Centre
WPAC Wertheim Performing Arts Center
WBAQ West Bank Arts Quarter
WCDO West Coast Darts Organization
WCAC West Cork Arts Centre
WMCAT West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology
WMA West Midlands Arts
WVAC West Valley Arts Council
WVMA West Vancouver Martial Arts
WVCA West Virginia Commission on the Arts
WAAA Western Alliance of Arts Administrators
WAA Western Arts Alliance
WADC Western Australian Darts Council, Inc.
WCDA Western Carolina Darts Association
WGP Western Gun Parts Ltd.
WMA Western Martial Arts
WMAW Western Martial Arts Workshop
WOFA Western Oriental Fighting Arts
WPAA Western Plains Arts Association
WRAN Western Region Arts Network
WESTAF Western States Arts Federation
WWCA Western Washington Center for the Arts
WICA Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
WCMA White Crane Movement Arts
WDHA White Dove Healing Arts
WMMA White Mountain Martial Arts
WMMA White Mountain Musical Arts
WCAD Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design
WTP Wholesale Tractor Parts
WAMPA Wichita Association for the Motion Picture Arts
WWAC Wild West Arts Club
WALC Wilderness Arts and Literacy Collaborative
WVFA William Vareika Fine Arts
WHISCA Willing Hearts International Society Canada
WAMM Windsor Arts & Music Monthly
WCPA Windy City Performing Arts
WCMA Wing Chun Martial Arts
WPAI Wintergreen Performing Arts, Inc.
WALA Wisconsin Assembly for Local Arts
WPAG Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
WBLA Wisdom Booklet Language Arts
WFCA Wise Fool Community Arts
WADA Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts
WYAC Woking Youth Arts Centre
WDAC Wokingham District Arts Council
WOTR Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts
WWAF Woodend Winter Arts Festival
WAC Woodruff Arts Center
WFAA Woodstock Fine Arts Association
WMMA Woodstock Mixed Martial Arts
WCAC Worcester County Arts Council
WAHC Workers Arts and Heritage Centre
WCOPA World Championships of Performing Arts
WCPA World Championships of Performing Arts
WCMA World Classic Martial Arts
WCAF World Combat Arts Federation
WCMA World Conclave of Magical Arts
WDAF World Dance Arts Foundation
WDFS World Darts Federation
WDF World Darts Federation
WMAA World Martial Arts Academy
WMAF World Martial Arts Federation, Inc.
WMAL World Martial Arts League
WMAO World Martial Arts Organization
WMARA World Martial Arts Ranking Association
WMAU World Martial Arts Union
WMMA World Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Inc.
WMCE World Music Charts Europe
WOMA World of Martial Arts
WOMAD World of Music Arts and Dance
WOW World of Wearable Arts
WOMAA World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes
WPMI World Parts Manufacturer Identifier
WSWM World Starts With Me
WWAR World Wide Arts Resources
WVAA Worship Visual Arts Area
WOTA Worship, Theology and the Arts
WGTA Worshiping God Through the Arts
XBP XBase Parts
XMA Xtreme Martial Arts
XMAA Xtreme Martial Arts Association
YMAA Yang’s Martial Arts Association
YARC Yarmouth Arts Regional Centre
YOHA Year of Humanities and Arts
YSCA Yellow Springs Center for the Arts
YRAF Yellowhead Rotary Arts Festival
YYAC Yin Yang Arts Center
YDPM Yokohama Darts Pub Match
YMAA Yorkshire Martial Arts Academy
YATTA Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts
YAL Youth Arts Leicestershire
YAO Youth Arts Online
YAQ Youth Arts Queensland
YCSCA Youth Charter for Sport, Culture and the Arts
YEA Youth Education in the Arts
YAC Yukon Arts Centre
YAC Yukon Arts Council
YAI Yunnan Arts Institute
ZICA Zee Institute of Creative Arts
ZFA Zen and the Fine Arts
ZPM Zero Parts per Million
ZPA Zerowait Parts Assurance
ZBC Zijtaartse Bridge Club