Tax Abbreviations


What is a Tax Haven?

Tax haven consists of a specific region (country or territory) with attractive tax conditions for foreign investors, mainly due to low taxes and complete banking secrecy.

Legally, tax havens are considered offshore with special tax regimes, where local legislation allows capital from other countries to be managed more “easily”, without the need to identify those involved with bank accounts.

In addition, taxes in tax havens are much lower (or nil) compared to the average charged by international tax legislation.

Typically, countries and regions that adopt more simplified tax planning (tax havens) aim to attract the attention of foreign investors. These, in turn, seek more attractive ways to reduce taxes levied on the capital they own.

The attempt to reduce the payment of taxes using legal mechanisms is called tax avoidance. However, tax havens are also widely used for tax evasion.

Due to the series of protections that tax havens offer to investors’ identities, these “havens” have become stages for money laundering scandals obtained from illicit acts, such as corruption, organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking, mainly.

According to the Brazilian Federal Revenue, any country that applies a tax of less than 20% of income or that allows the confidentiality of information of companies and financial companies is considered a tax haven.

The term “tax haven” arose from a misinterpretation of the English tax haven, which literally means “tax haven”. The similarity of the words “ haven ” and “ heaven ” (“paraíso”), led to the creation of the expression “tax paradise” in the translation into Portuguese.

List of the main Tax Havens in the world

Among the most popular tax havens are:

  • Andorra
  • Bahamas
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Cayman Islands
  • Ireland
  • Bermuda Islands
  • singapore
  • Belgium
  • Hong Kong
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Fiji islands
  • Jamaica
  • monaco
  • Marshall Islands
  • Panama.

However, there are several other locations where tax havens are common.

Tax Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Tax

ANTS A New Tax System
AUSTRALIA Abstract Syntax
ARSENIC Abstract Syntax
ASSIGNED Abstract Syntax
AS Abstract Syntax
ASDL Abstract Syntax Description Lanuguage
ASN Abstract Syntax Notation
ASN-1 Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASNP Abstract Syntax Notation Production
AST Abstract Syntax Tree
ABTS Abusive Tax Shelter
ATS Abusive Tax Shelter
ACAT Accreditation Council for Accounting and Taxation
ATA Accredited Tax Advisor
ATP Accredited Tax Preparer
APCA Acetazolamide-responsive Hereditary Paroxysmal Cerebellar Ataxia
ATTAC Action pour la Taxation des Transactions Financieres pour l’Aide aux Citoyens
ATTAC Action pour une Taxe Tobin d’Aide aux Citoyens
ACIT Additional Commissioner of Income Tax
AFTI Adjusted Federal Taxable Income
ANTC Adjusted Net Tax Capacity
APIPS Adjusted Pretax Income per Share
ATI Adjusted Taxable Income
ATC Adoption Tax Credit
ACT Advance Corporate Tax
ACT Advance Corporation Tax
ATR Advance Tax Ruling
ACT Advanced Corporate Tax
ACT Advanced Corporation Tax
ATAF African Tax Administration Forum
AFIT After Federal Income Tax
ATMP After Tax Monthly Payment
ATP After Tax Profit
ATFV After-Tax Future Value
ATY After-Tax Yield
ARTILLERY Aggregate Rate Of Taxation
ART Aggregate Rate of Taxation
ATP Aggressive Tax Planning
ADIS Agricultural Data Interchange Syntax
APDT Air Passenger Departure Tax
RAC Air Post Postal Tax
ATCO Air Taxi and Commercial Operator
AITE Alberta Indian Tax Exemption
TTB Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
ATTD Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division
ATU Alcohol Tax Unit
AIT All Included Taxes
APTBA All Pakistan Tax Bar Association
ASTG All States Tax Guide
ATI All Taxes Included
ATLAS Alliance for Tax, Legal, and Accounting Seminars
AAT Allo Anjou Taxi
AMTI Alternate Minimum Tax Income
AFS Alternative Format Syntax
AMT Alternative Minimum Tax
ASTA Alternative Strategies for Tax Administration
ATS Amalgamated Taxis Services
ACCGE American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy
AXTBS American Express Tax and Business Services
AFTR American Federal Tax Reports
AOTC American Opportunity Tax Credit
APTC American Property Tax Counsel
ASPT American Society of Plant Taxonomists
ATPI American Tax Policy Institute
ATTS American Tax Token Society
AFT Americans for Fair Taxation
AFFT Americans for Fair Taxation
AFFIDAVIT Americans for Fair Taxation
ATR Americans for Tax Reform
AFTR Americans For Tax Reform
ATAG Amphibian Taxon Advisory Group
ACTL Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law
APGST Andhra Pradesh General Sales Tax
ASAT Anemia, Sideroblastic, and Spinocerebellar Ataxia
ANTC Anticipated Net Tax Capacity
ABST Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax
APTU Antwerpse Provinciale Taxi Unie
ATAO Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order
APTX Aprataxin
AFIT Arizona Forum for the Improvement of Taxation
ATRA Arizona Tax Research Association
AFTI Arkansas Federal Tax Institute
AFTC Armed Forces Tax Council
APTB Asia Pacific Tax Bulletin
ATTAC Associacao para a Taxacao das Transaccoes Financeiras para Ajuda ao Cidadao
AFTA Associate of the Federation of Tax Advisers
ASTC Associated Sales Tax Consultants, Inc.
ATTAC Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens
AFAF Association Francaise de l’Ataxie de Friedreich
ACT Association of Consumers and Taxpayers
AMCT Association of Monroe County Taxpayers
ATMA Association of Taxation and Management Accountants
ATT Association of Taxation Technicians
ATTACHED Association of Taxation Technicians
ANCT Assumed National Council Tax
AUTOMATIC Ataxia Telangiectasia
ATR Ataxia Telangiectasia and Rad3-related
ATCP Ataxia Telangiectasia Children’s Project
ATM Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated
AVED Ataxia with Vitamin E Deficiency
ADR Ataxia-Deafness-Retardation Syndrome
AMC Ataxia-Microcephaly-Cataract syndrome
AOA Ataxia-Oculomotor Apraxia Syndrome
AT Ataxia-Telangiectasia
ACP Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, Autosomal Recessive
ALE Atomic Layer Epitaxy
ATC Australian Tax Cases
ATO Australian Taxation Office
ADEPT Automated Deposit of Electronic Payment for Taxes
ATL Automated Tax Law
ADCA Autosomal Dominant Cerebellar Ataxias
ADSA Autosomal Dominant Sensory Ataxia
ATI Available Taxable Income
ASPT Average Score Per Taxon
ADTA Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements
ASED Avoiding Syntax Error Disaster
BAD Bank Account Debits Tax
BITT Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax
BTCM Basic Tax Competition Model
BDT Before Dividend and Tax
BFIT Before Federal Income Tax
BT Behavioral Taxonomy
BINARY Betaxolol
BUSINESS Betaxolol
BISHOP Betaxolol
B Betaxolol
BANK Betaxolol
BROWN Betaxolol
BOMBER Betaxolol
B10 Betaxolol 10 Mg
BWTS Big White Taxi Service
BATS Biological Assessment and Taxonomic Support
BSD Bitstream Syntax Description
BRTA Blackpool Radio Taxi Association
BET Board of Estimate and Taxation
BTA Board of Tax Appeals
BTSE Board of Tax Service Examiners
BAARC Bob Allison Ataxia Research Center
BQS Boolean Query Syntax
BCAS British Columbia Ataxia Society
BTR British Tax Review
BLITC Brooklyn Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
BETO Bureau of Employer Tax Operations
BEITC Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
BETR Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement
BIT Business Income Tax
BPPT Business Personal Property Tax
BENZO Business Privilege Tax
BPT Business Privilege Tax
BTC Business Tax Certificate
BTRC Business Tax Review Committee
BTIF Business Taxpayer Information File
BTT Business Transfer Tax
CTTPI Cable Television Tax Professionals Institute
CTEC California Tax Education Council
CAFTA Canadian Advocates for Tax Awareness
CCTB Canadian Child Tax Benefit
CSTA Canadian School of Tax Accounting
CTF Canadian Tax Foundation
CTF Canadian Taxpayers Federation
CTF Canadians for Tax Fairness
CATA Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association
CD Capecitabine plus Docetaxel
CAT Capital Acquisitions Tax
CGT Capital Gains Tax
CSFT Capital Stock and Franchise Tax
CVT Capital Value Tax
CATS Cascade Accounting & Tax Services
CTBA Center for Tax and Budget Accountability
CBDT Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBDT Central Bureau Of Direct Taxes
CEST Central Excise and Service Tax
CST Central Sales Tax
CENVAT Central Value Added Taxes
CTPA Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
CLA Cerebellar Ataxia
CLA2 Cerebellar Ataxia 2
EOCA Cerebellar Ataxia, Early-Onset, with Retained Tendon Reflexes
CAPA Cerebellar Ataxia, Paroxysmal, Acetazolamide-Responsive
CALL-TO-ACTION Certified Tax Accountant
CTA Certified Tax Accountant
CALL-TO-ACTION Certified Tax Administrator
CTA Certified Tax Administrator
CTRS Certified Tax Resolution Specialist
CTS Certified Tax Specialist
CITC Chamber of Income Tax Consultants
COST Charlotteans Opposed to Sports Taxes
CALL-TO-ACTION Chartered Tax Adviser
CTA Chartered Tax Adviser
CBE Chemical Beam Epitaxy
CIA Chemotaxis-Induced Aggregation
CATTC Chiffres d’Affaires Toutes Taxes Comprises
CTB Child Tax Benefit
CTC Child Tax Credit
CACH Childhood Ataxia with Central Nervous System Hypomyelinization
CACH Childhood Ataxia with Cerebral Hypomyelination
CTCC Church Tax Compliance Committee
CATS Citizens for an Alternative Tax System
CLT Citizens for Limited Taxation
CTJ Citizens for Tax Justice/Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy
CLOUT Citizens Lowering Our Unfair Taxes
CLAT Civil Law Activities Tax
CRTRA Civil Rights Tax Relief Act
CLEFT Cleavage of Lateral Epitaxial Films for Transfer
CDTCR Coalition for Disability Tax Credit Reform
CNHT Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
CTI Combined Taxable Income
CAT Commercial Activity Tax
CBTD Commercial Building Tax Deduction
CMVT Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax
CTO Commercial Taxes Officer
CIT Commissioner of Income Tax
CTS Committee for Taxi Safety
CTT Commodity Transaction Tax
CCTB Common Consolidated Tax Base
CSS Common Semantics Syntax
CATA Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators
CST Communications Services Tax
CITR Community Investment Tax Relief
CRTRA Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000
CRTR Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000
CRA Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000
CTC Community Tax Certificate
CTR Company Tax Rate
CSN Concrete Syntax Notation
CPTI Conscience and Peace Tax International
COMT Conscientious Objectors to Military Taxation
CTCP Conservation Tax Credit Properties
CMPTRA Consolidated Municipal Property Tax Relief Act
CTV Consolidated Tax Voucher
CYTR Constant Yield Tax Rate
CUT Consumer Use Tax
CLTC Contaminated Land Tax Credit
CTI Contribution from Taxable Income
CILOCT Contribution in Lieu of Council Tax
CBTA Corporate Business Tax Act
CFT Corporate Franchise Tax
CIT Corporate Income Tax
CITA Corporate Income Tax Act
CITL Corporate Income Tax Law
CNIT Corporate Net Income Tax
CTC Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship
CTS Corporate Tax System
CBT Corporation Business Tax
CTSA Corporation Tax Self-Assessment
COST Council on State Taxation
CTB Council Tax Benefit
CTBSL Council Tax Benefit Subsidy Limitation
CTSC Countrywide Tax Service Corporation
CTAB County Tax Appeal Board
CALL-TO-ACTION Court of Tax Appeals
CTA Court of Tax Appeals
CSLHS Crafty Syntax Live Help
CT Crazy Taxi
CT2 Crazy Taxi 2
CUTS Credit Union Tax Service
CWT Creditable Withholding Tax
CMS Cryptographic Message Syntax
CRPT CTEC Registered Tax Preparer
CRTP CTEC Registered Tax Preparer (California)
CTT Currency Transaction Tax
CTR Current Tax Referencer
CTY Current Tax Year
DLTB Dalian Local Taxation Bureau
DBTA Daniel Boone Taxpayers Association
DBTNT Database to Names and Taxa
DDTP Deep Discount Tax Preparation
DTMO Defence Tax Management Office
DATC Deferred Adverse Tax Consequence
DITL Deferred Income Tax Liability
DTA Deferred Tax Asset
DTL Deferred Tax Liability
DRT Department of Revenue and Taxation
DTA Department of Tax Administration
DSTO Dependent Spouse Tax Offset
DIRT Deposit Interest Retention Tax
DCIT Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax
DELTA Description Language for Taxonomy
DBST Destination Based Sales Tax
DIT Detroit Income Tax
DGT Development Gains Tax
DIGS Diachronic Generative Syntax
DTR Direct Tax Referencer
DGIT Director General of Income Tax
DGST Director General Service Tax
DIT Director of Income Tax
RPTD Directors of Real Property Tax Services
DOTAS Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes
DTO District Tax Office
DTO-2 District Tax Office
DDT Dividend Distribution Tax
DWT Dividend Withholding Tax
DTX Docetaxel
DCTP Dotation de Compensation de la Taxe Professionnelle
DTA Double Tax Agreement
DTAA Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
DTAT Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty
DTR Double Taxation Relief
DTT Double Taxation Treaty
DFT Draft Tax Forms
DLDTA Durban Long Distance Taxi Association
DTCA Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
DTP Duties and Taxes Paid
DTRE Duty & Tax Remission for Export
EIT Earned Income Tax
EITC Earned Income Tax Credit
EITCA Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance
EAT Earnings After Tax
EBDITA Earnings Before Depreciation, Interest, Taxes and Amortization
EBITDA Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation and Amortization
EBITDAR Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation, Amortization and Rent
EBITDAR Earnings Before Income Tax, Depreciation, Amortization, and Restructuring Costs
EBIDA Earnings Before Income taxes Depreciation and Amortization
EBIT Earnings Before Interest and Tax
EBIDT Earnings Before Interest Depreciation and Tax
EBIDTA Earnings Before Interest Depreciation Taxes and Amortization
EBITA Earnings Before Interest Taxes Amortization
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes and Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization
EBITD Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation
EBT Earnings Before Tax
ETR Ecological Tax Reform
EDIT Economic Development Income Tax
EGTRR Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
EGTRRA Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
ERTA Economic Recovery Tax Act
ERTA Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
ESRT Edgerton Shared-Ride Taxi
EPTC Edmonton Property Tax Committee
EPTC Education Property Tax Credit
ETPI Education Tax Policy Institute
EATR Effective Average Tax Rate
ETA Effective Tax Administration
ETR Effective Tax Rate
ECG Electroepitaxial Crystal Growth
EBTS Electronic Business Tax Service
EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
ETA Electronic Tax Administration
ETLA Electronic Tax Law Assistance
ETP Electronic Tax Preparer
ETR Electronic Tax Register
ET Employment Taxes
ETT Employment Training Tax
ENABLE Energetic Neutral Atom Beam Lithography/Epitaxy
ETA Energy Tax Act
EPT Enterprise Profit Tax
ETM Enterprise Tax Management
EA Episodic Ataxia
EA2 Episodic Ataxia Type-2
ELO Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth
ELOG Epitaxial Lateral Over-Growth
EPI Epitaxy
ERSS Equipe de Recherche En Syntaxe et Semantique
EPTC Estate Planning & Taxation Coordinator
ETAA Estate Tax Apportionment Act
EDIT European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy
ETG EurotaxGlass’s
EPT Excess Profits Tax
ETO Excise & Taxation Officer
EXFIRS Excise Tax Filing and Retrieval System
EOT Exclusive of Tax
EET exempt-exempt-taxed
EWT Expanded Withholding Tax
ETI Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification
EMDTI Export Market Development Taxation Incentive
ERCS Extended Reference Concrete Syntaxes
ETACS External and Taxi Aid Camera System
FTCA Faculty of Taxation Consultants and Advisors
FASTR Fair and Simple Tax Relief
FAINT Falls Taxi
FT Falls Taxi
FTB Family Tax Benefit
FART Farmers Against Ridiculous Taxes
FRED Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode
FCT Federal Commissioner of Taxation
FET Federal Excise Tax
FIT Federal Income Tax
FITW Federal Income Tax Withholding/Withheld
FRET Federal Retail Excise Tax
FST Federal Sales Tax
FTDES Federal Tax Deposit
FTD Federal Tax Deposit
FTIN Federal Tax Identification Number
FTI Federal Tax Included
FTL Federal Tax Lien
FTLA Federal Tax Lien Act
FTO Federal Tax Ombudsman
FTR Federal Tax Return
FTI Federal Taxable Income
FUT Federal Unemployment Tax
FUTA Federal Unemployment Tax Act
FWT Federal Withholding Tax
FWTB Federal Withholding Tax Base
FATP Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner
FTA Federation of Tax Administrators
FIIT Fellow of the Institute of Indirect Taxation
FTIA Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia
FPTC Film Production Tax Credit
FWT Final Withholding Tax
FRTA Financial Reporting Taxonomy Architecture
FNGST First Nations Goods and Services Tax
FRT First Registration Tax
FTW Florida Tax Watch
FTRB Food Tax Reduction Bulletin
FTRP Food Tax Reduction Program
FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009
FEIT Foreign Enterprise Income Tax
FIRPTA Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act
FIRPTA Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980
FITC Foreign Investor Tax Credit
FTC Foreign Tax Credit
FTT Foreign Travel Tax
FICT Forest Industry Council on Taxation
FLTC Forest Landowners Tax Council
FRJ Formula Rotax Junior
FTA Forum on Tax Administration
FCTR Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayer Rights
FTB Franchise Tax Board
FTV Franchise Tax voucher
FOT Free of Tax
FOTRA Free of Tax to Residents Abroad
FA Friederich’s Ataxia
FARR Friedreich Ataxia with Retained Reflexes
FBT Fringe Benefit Tax
FBTAA Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act
FBSP Full Block Syntax Parsing
FTE Fully Taxable Equivalent/Equivalency
FCTA Fulton County Taxpayer’s Association
FCTF Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation
FSTG Functional Standardization Taxonomy Group
FITA Future Income Tax Asset
FITB Future Income Tax Benefit
GIPT Gas Importation Privilege Tax
GPE Gas Phase Epitaxy
GD Gemcitabine Plus Docetaxel
GAATA General Aviation and Air Taxi Activity
GDNT General Department of National Taxation
GDT General Department of Taxation
GET General Excise Tax
GST General Sales Tax
GST General Services Tax
GST Generation-Skipping Tax
GTO Global Tax Outsourcing
GTP Global Tax Planning
GTI Global Taxonomy Initiative
GST Goods and Services Tax
GSTA Goods and Services Tax Act
GSTD Goods and Services Tax Determination
GST Government Sales Tax
GETT Grants Equal to Taxes
GST Great Sex Tax
GREITCC Greater Richmond Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition
GPT Gross Profit Tax
GRT Gross Receipt Tax
GRTX Growth Rate of Taxes
HTMC Haagse Taxi Mobilofoon Centrale
HVPE Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy
HOIST Harmonized Sales Tax
HST Harmonized Sales Tax
HCT Hartford City Taxi
HLADT Haryana Local Area Development Tax
HOIST Hazardous Substance Tax
HST Hazardous Substance Tax
HIT Health Insurance Tax
HITEC Heavy Industries Taxila Education City
HMC Heavy Mechanical Complex Ltd. (Taxila, Pakistan)
HEART Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act of 2008
HETERO Heteroepitaxial Deposition of Diamond and Silicon Carbide Films
HOAS Higher Order Abstract Syntax
HRT Higher Rate of Tax
HUT Highway Use Tax
HTC Historic Tax Credit
HCTA Hopkinton Contoocook Taxpayers Association
HT Hors Taxes
HRT Hotel Room Tax
HACT Human-Automation Collaboration Taxonomy
HVPE Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy
HMCS Hydrometrocolpos, Postaxial Polydactyly, and Congenital Heart Malformation
IANATL I Am Not A Tax Lawyer
IBT Illinois Business Tax
ITIA Illinois Tax Increment Association
ITDWG Incident Taxonomy and Description Working Group
ICTA Income & Corporation Tax Act 1988
IAT Income After Tax
IBIT Income Before Interest and Taxes
IBT Income Before Taxes
IT Income Tax
ITA Income Tax Act
ITAT Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
ITAR Income Tax Application Rules
ITCC Income Tax Clearance Certificate
ITCC Income Tax Component of Contribution
ITD Income Tax Department
ITEC Income Tax Exempt Charity
ITEC Income Tax Exemption Claim
ITG Income Tax Group
ITO Income Tax Officer
ITR Income Tax Return
IT Income Tax Ruling Series
ITD Income Tax Tribunal Decisions
IORT Incremental Oil Revenue Tax
ITFP Independent Tax and Financial Planners PC
ITOA Independent Taxi Operators Association
ITOA Independent Taxi Owners Association
IETC Indian Employment Tax Credit
ITAB Indian Taxation Advisory Board
IIT Individual Income Tax
ITN Individual Tax Number
ITINERARY Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
ITIN Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
IBTOS Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme
IETA Inheritance and Estate Tax Act
IHT Inheritance Tax
IATT Inland Air Travel Tax
IPTC Innovation and Productivity Tax Credit
IISP Input Invalid Syntax or Punctuation
ISPC Input Syntax Punctuation
ITC Input Tax Credit
IGT Inspector General of Taxation
IPTED Institute for Professionals in Taxation
IPT Institute for Professionals in Taxation
IRET Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation
ICTA Institute of Certified Tax Administrators
ITA Institute of Tax Administration
ITEP Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy
IPTED Insurance Premium Tax
IPT Insurance Premium Tax
ITFIT Insured Tax-Free Income Trust
IPPT Intangible Personal Property Tax
ITIS Integrated Taxonomic Information System
GAP Integrated Taxonomic Information System
IWT Interest Withholding Tax
IRTP Internal Revenue Tax Paid
IAPT International Association for Plant Taxonomy
ICTD International Centre for Tax and Development
ICATA International Conference on Accounting Taxes and Auditing
ICVGE International Conference on Vapor Growth and Epitaxy
ICARS International Cooperative Ataxia Rating Scale
IFTA International Fuel Tax Agreement
IFTA International Fuel Tax Association, Inc.
IOTM International Oligochaete Taxonomy Meeting
IPTI International Property Tax Institute
IQE International Quantum Epitaxy
ISTC International Society of Tax Consultants
ITIC International Tax and Investment Center
ITD International Tax Dialogue
ITINERARY International Tax Identification Number
ITIN International Tax Identification Number
ITPA International Tax Planning Association
ITQCS International Tax Quantitative Consulting Service
ITS International Tax Structures
ITIS International Taxonomic Information System
ITAM Internet Tax and Assessment Management
ITFA Internet Tax Freedom Act
IOTA Intra-European Organisation of Tax Administrations
ITA Investment Tax Allowance
ITC Investment Tax Credit
ITCE Investment Tax Credit for Exploration
ITIPS Investors Tax Information Processing Services
ITRL Iowa Tax Research Library
ICTRG Irish Charities Tax Reform Group
ITA Israeli Tax Authority
JFET Jail Facilities Excise Tax
JCT Japanese Consumption Tax
JCT Joint Committee of Taxation
JTC Joint Tax Committee
JCAT Journal of Construction Accounting & Taxation
JTX Journal of Taxation
KFTC Kentucky Fair Tax Coalition
KGST Kerala General Sales Tax
LATVIA Land Appreciation Tax
LAT Land Appreciation Tax
LDT Land Development Tax
LRT Land Reform and Taxation
LTAA Land Tax Assessment Act 2002
LTTA Land Transfer Tax Act
LTTA Land Transfer Tax Affidavit
LVT Land Value Taxation
LFT Landfill Tax
LTCS Landfill Tax Credit Scheme
LCCT Large Corporations Capital Tax
LTU Large Tax Payers Unit
LTAD Large Taxpayers Assistance Division
LTO Large Taxpayers Office
LTB Legal, Tax & Business
LTP Licensed Tax Practitioner
LICIT Life Insurance Company Taxable Income
LLTC Lifetime Learning Tax Credit
LIMCT Limits Carbon Tax
LPE Liquid Phase Epitaxy
LET Live Entertainment Tax
LOGT Local Option Gas Tax
LOST Local Option Sales Tax
LST Local Sales Tax
LTE Local Tax Effort
LTA Local Taxpayer Advocate
LTBR Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights
LTAB Lodgers Tax Advisory Board
LTDA London Taxi Drivers Association
LTI London Taxis International
LITP Long Island Tax Practitioner’s Symposium
LBT Loss Before Tax
LATA Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators
LIHT Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
MSTD Maharashtra Sales Tax Department
MFTIP Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program
METR Marginal Effective Tax Rate
MTR Marginal Tax Rate
MUTA Marin United Taxpayers Association
MSRT Marinette Shared-Ride Taxi
MCTA Martin County Taxpayers Association
MTA Maryland Taxpayers Association
MTF Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation
MBT Master of Business Taxation
MLT Master of Law and Taxation
MST Master of Science in Taxation
MTAX Master of Taxation
MTX Master of Taxation
MT Master’s of Taxation
MSRT Mauston Shared-Ride Taxi
MSRT Medford Shared-Ride Taxi
MHIT Medicare Hospital Insurance Tax
MITTS Melbourne Institute Tax and Transfer Simulator
MOMBE Metal-Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy
MORSE Metal-Organic Research for Semiconductor Epitaxy
MOVPE Metal-Organic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
MEE Migration-Enhanced Epitaxy
MCIT Minimum Corporate Income Tax
MART Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists
MTA Minnesota Taxpayers Association
MNTP Minnesota Taxpayers Party
ZTIF Miscellaneous Taxpayer Information File
MSTC Mississippi State Tax Commission
MTJ Missourians for Tax Justice
MCTC Model City Tax Code
MTC Model Tax Convention
EMTC Model Tax Convention – Electronic Version
MBT Modified Business Tax
MODVAT Modified Value Added Tax
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy
MLE Molecular Layer Epitaxy
MCTA Monroe County Taxpayers Association
MSRT Monroe Shared-Ride Taxi
MRTC Most Recent Tax Cases
MCRT Motor Carriers Road Tax
MTO Motor Tax Office
MSTA Multi-State Tax Analyzer
MTC Multistate Tax Commission
NABTA Namibia Bus and Taxi Association
NATC National Association of Tax Consultants
NATP National Association of Tax Practitioners
NATP National Association of Tax Professionals
NATO National Association of Taxicab Owners
NAF National Ataxia Foundation
NATR National Average Tax Rate
NPTA National Property Taxpayers Association
NRST National Retail Sales Tax
NST National Sales Tax
NSTP National Society of Tax Preparers
NTAA National Tax & Accountants’ Association
NTAA National Tax Administration
NTAA National Tax Administration Agency
NTACT National Tax Administration of Central Taiwan
NTAC National Tax Assistance Corp.
NTD National Tax Database
NTER National Tax Equivalent Regime
NTJ National Tax Journal
NTLA National Tax Lien Advisors
NTLA National Tax Lien Association
NTN National Tax Number
NTO National Tax Office
NTSAA National Tax Sheltered Account Association
NTSAA National Tax Sheltered Annuity Association
NTTC National Tax Training Committee
NTA National Taxpayer Advocate
NTU National Taxpayers Union
NTUF National Taxpayers Union Foundation
NTUI National Taxpayers United of Illinois
NGIT Natural Gas Investment Tax
NSTA Nebraska State Taxidermists Association
NIT Negative Income Tax
NBT Net Before Taxes
NEBT Net Earning Before Taxes
NEAT net earnings after taxes
NIAT Net Income After Taxes
NIBT Net Income Before Tax
NOPAT Net Operating Profit After Tax
NPAT Net Profit After Tax
NSAT Net Surplus after Tax
NTC Net Tax Capacity
NARP Neuropathy, Ataxia and Retinitis Pigmentosa
NHTCA New Hampshire Tax Collectors’ Association
NMTC New Market Tax Credit
NMTRI New Mexico Tax Research Institute
PRINT Newspaper Tax
PR Newspaper Tax
NGTS Next Generation Tax System
NTR Non Tax Revenue
NRAT Non-Resident Alien Taxation
NRST Non-Resident Shareholders’ Tax
NRWT Non-Resident Withholding Tax
NTQ Non-Tax Qualified
NTI Non-Taxable Income
NTTC Non-Taxable Transaction Certificate
NTR Normal Tax Rate
NASC North American Syntax Conference
NNTS North Norfolk Taxation Service
NSTA Northern and Southern Taxi Association
NSIT Not Safe In Taxis
NFTL Notice of Federal Tax Lien
NRA Occupation Postal Tax
ONTA Office of National Tax Administration
OTAC Office of Tax Administration Coordination
OTA Office of Tax Analysis
OTR Office of Tax and Revenue
OTBR Office of Taxpayer Burden Reduction
OCTC Office of the Chief Tax Counsel
ONTC Office of the Navajo Tax Commission
ODT Ohio Department of Taxation
OTO Oil Taxation Office
OLT On Line Taxes, Inc
OSRT Onalaska Shared Ride Taxi
OLTAS On-Line Tax Accounting System
OTF On-Line Tax Form
OBPTC Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit
OEPTC Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit
OFTTC Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit
OITC Ontario Innovation Tax Credit
OPSTC Ontario Production Services Tax Credit
OPTC Ontario Property Tax Credit
OSTTB Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit
OIBITDA Operating Income Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization
OPAT Operating Profit After Tax
OPBIT Operating Profit Before Interest and Tax
OPIT Operating Profit before Interest and Tax
OTU Operational Taxonomic Unit
OMAS Opsoclonic-Myoclonic-Ataxic Syndrome
OTU Organizational Taxonomic Unit
OMVPE Organo-Metallic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
OETC Overseas Employment Tax Credit
PRT Paarl Radio Taxis
PATA Pacific Association of Tax Administration
PC Paclitaxel/Carboplatin
PTS Pape Taxi Service
POMA Paraneoplastic Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Ataxia
PTA Parents and Taxpayers for Accountability
PPTA Pay Period Tax Adjustment
PILOT Payment In Lieu Of Taxes
PILT Payment in Lieu of Taxes
PETT Payment-Equal-To-Taxes
PTIS Payroll Tax Incentive Scheme
PIT Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy
PTCC Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition
PDML Pentax Discuss Mail List
PEUGEOT Pentax Users Gallery
PUG Pentax Users Gallery
PPAT Performance Profit After Tax
PIT Personal Income Tax
PITL Personal Income Tax Law
PPRT Personal Property Replacement Tax
PPT Personal Property Tax
PPTR Personal Property Tax Relief Act
PVT Personal Vehicle Tax
PPT Petroleum Profit Tax Act of 1959
PRT Petroleum Revenue Tax
PLE Phase-Locked Epitaxy
PTR Philippine Tax Registration
PTPT Pity the Poor Taxpayer
PLANTS Plant List of Accepted Nomenclature Taxonomy and Symbols
PETE Police, Eminent Domain, Taxes and Escheat
PASS Poly-Silicon Assisted Self-Aligned Selective-Epitaxial-Growth
PGST Pondicherry General Sales Tax
PTP Post Tax Profit
RAJ Postal Tax Due
RAB Postal Tax Semipostal
RA Postal Tax Stamp
POADS Postaxial Acrofacial Dysostosis Syndrome
PDT Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer
POAT Pre-Owned Asset Tax
PTIN Preparer Tax Identification Number
PCTR Preparing Corporate Tax Returns for New Staff and Para-Professionals
PTBI Pre-Tax Book Income
PTE Pretax Earnings
PTI Pretax Income
PTPP Pre-Tax Pre-Provision
PTP Pre-Tax Profit
PROA Pretax Return on Assets
PT Previous Taxpayer
PTI Previously Tax Income
PTI Previously Taxed Income
PIT Principal, Interest & Taxes
PITI Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance
PITCH Principal, Interest, Taxes, Condo fees, Heat
PITH Principal, Interest, Taxes, Heat
PGHT Prix de Gros Hors Taxe
PTC Production Tax Credit
PTP Professional Tax Preparer
PTR Professional Tax Receipt
PAT Profit After Tax
PBDT Profit Before Depreciation and Tax
PBIT Profit Before Interest and Tax
PBIDT Profit Before Interest, Depreciation & Taxes
PBT Profit Before Tax
PAPT Progressive Ataxia and Palatal Tremor
PIT Progressive Income Tax
PRVT Property Rental Value Tax
PTAB Property Tax Appeals Board
PTC Property Tax Credit
PTD Property Tax Division
PTEL Property Tax Extension Limitation Law
PTL Property Tax Listing
PTMS Property Tax Management System
PTO Property Tax Oversight
PTRC Property Tax Reform Committee
PTR Property Tax Relief
PTS Property Tax Services
PTS Property Tax Software
PTT Property Transfer Tax
PTTA Property Transfer Tax Act
PLTA Provincial Land Tax Act
PST Provincial Sales Tax
PDIT Provision for Deferred Income Tax
PCTA Provisional Collection of Taxes Act 1968
PSST Public Safety Sales Tax
PSCT Public Service Company Tax
PSTCU Public Services Tax and Commerce Union
QST Quebec Sales Tax
RAT Range and Taxi
REET Real Estate Excise Tax
RETC Real Estate Tax Consultants, Inc.
RPT Real Property Tax
RPTA Real Property Tax Administration
RPTL Real Property Tax Law of 1974
RPTT Real Property Transfer Tax
RPUT Real Property Use Tax
RTT Realty Transfer Tax
RCTI Recipient Created Tax Invoices
ROFT Record of Federal Tax Liability
RTA Records & Tax Administration
RITC Reduced Income Tax Credit
RIT Regular Income Tax
RTS Reliable Tax Service
RITA Relocation Income Tax Allowance
RETC Renewable Energy Tax Credit
RTR Replenishment Tax Rate
RDS Report Definition Syntax
RWT Resident Withholding Tax
RRT Resource Rental Tax
RST Retail Sales Tax
ROT Retailers’ Occupation Tax
RBTF Revenue Bond Tax Fund
RCT Revenue Canada Taxation
RTS Ripon Taxi Service
RUT Road Users’ Tax
RMT Rocky Mountain Taxidermy
RDTC Roni Deutch Tax Center
RAVE Rotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust
ROAN Rotax Owner Assistance Network
RWT Royalty Withholding Tax
RATE Run After Tax Evaders
ST Sales Tax
STRAIN Sales Tax
STREET Sales Tax
STMS Sales Tax Management Service
STP Sales Tax Payable
SDCTA San Diego County Taxpayers Association
SDTA San Diego Taxpayers Association
SSTC Saskatchewan Sales Tax Credit
SSRT Saukville Shared-Ride Taxi
SMART Save Money and Reduce Taxes
DOCTOR Savings Tax Directive
STD Savings Tax Directive
STC Secondary Tax on Companies
STT Securities Transaction Tax
SEG Selective Epitaxial Growth
SATR Self Assessment Tax Return
SET Self-Employment Tax
SATO Senior Australians Tax Offset
SCTRP Senior Citizens Tax Rebate Program
SNAX1 Sensory Ataxia
SANDO Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy, Dysarthria, and Ophthalmoparesis
SOT Service Occupation Tax
ST Service Tax
STRENGTH Service Tax
STRAIN Service Tax
STREET Service Tax
SUT Service Use Occupation Tax
STB Severance Tax Bond
STB Shanghai Taxation Bureau
SSTA Shenfield Station Taxi Association
SEW Silicon Epitaxial Wafer
STAWRS Simplified Tax And Wage Reporting System
STS Simplified Tax System
SBT Single Business Tax
SBT Small Business Tax
STEP Small Business Tax Education Program
STEER Smart Taxis Encouraging Environmental Respect
SPLOS SMC Pentax Lenses and Other Stuff Database
SST Social Security Tax
SDRT Software Development Risk Taxonomy
SPEG Solid Phase Epitaxial Growth
SPE Solid Phase Epitaxial Regrowth
SPE Solid Phase Epitaxy
SWMT Solid Waste Management Tax
SWRT Solid Waste Recycling Tax
SCAT South Carolina Association of Taxpayers
STAR Space Taxi and Return
SVEC Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center
SACS Spastic Ataxia, Charlevoix-Saguenay type
STARS SPEC Taxpayer Assistance Reporting System
SCT Special Consumption Tax
SOT Special Occupational Taxpayer
STB Special Tax Basis
STRD Special Tax for Rural Development
DOCTOR Special Taxing District
STD Special Taxing District
SSCWT Specified Superannuation Contribution Withholding Tax
SCA Spinocerebellar Ataxia
SCAE Spinocerebellar Ataxia with Epilepsy
STA Spouse Tax Adjustment
STABLE Staffing Tax Administration for Balance and Equity
SDLT Stamp Duty Land Tax
SDRT Stamp Duty Reserve Tax
SITE Standard Income Tax on Employees
SIGTAS Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System
STP Standdown Tax Prep
SATELLITE State Administration Of Taxation
SAT State Administration of Taxation
SALT State And Local Tax
SBTE State Board of Tax Examiners
SBTCI State Business Tax Climate Index
SCIT State Corporate Income Tax
SDTC State Death Tax Credit
SDAT State Department of Assessments and Taxation
SET State Education Tax
SFTB State Franchise Tax Board
SIT State Income Tax
SITR State Income Tax Refund
SITW State Income Tax Withholding
STA State Tax Administration
STAR State Tax Automated Research System
STC State Tax Credit
STN State Tax Notes
STRO State Tax Refund Offset
SUT State Unemployment Tax
SUTA State Unemployment Tax Act of 2004
SUTA State Unemployment Tax Authority
SWT State Withholding Tax
SSTS Statements on Standards for Tax Services
STOP Stop Taxing Our Patrons
SUSTAIN Stop US Tax-Funded Aid to Israel Now
STFF Storkøbenhavns Taxi-Fører Forening
STCP Student Tax Clinic Program
SGATAR Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research
SDS Style Definition Syntax
SFTA Swiss Federal Tax Administration
SNTF Syndicat des Naturalistes Taxidermistes de France
SDF Syntax Definition Formalism
SWEDEN Syntax Element
SE Syntax Element
STM Syntax Tree Manager
SAAC Syntax-Based Adaptive Arithmetic Coding
STX Syntaxin
TX Tax
TAARS Tax Account Analysis and Recovery Services
TAN Tax Account Number
TARAS Tax Accounting Risk Advisory Service
TAAS Tax Administration Advisory Services
TAB Tax Administration Bill
TARP Tax Administration Reform Programme
TASD Tax Administration Services Department
TBS Tax and Business Services Inc
TEPA Tax and Estate Planning Association
TEL Tax and Expenditure Limitation
TAB Tax Anticipation Bill
TAN Tax Anticipation Note
TAD Tax Appraisal District
TACA Tax Assessor Collectors Association of Texas
TAE Tax Assistant Examination
TAM Tax Authority Master
TAMARAC Tax Aware Management Addressing Risk Asset Allocation and Cost
TBR Tax Board of Review
TCOA Tax Centers of America
TCC Tax Clearance Certificate
TC Tax Code
TCS Tax Collected At Source
TCMPS Tax Compliance Management Program
TCMP Tax Compliance Management Program
TCM Tax Corporate Model
TCPI Tax Council Policy Institute
TCE Tax Counseling for the Elderly
TC Tax Court
TCC Tax Court of Canada
TC Tax Credit
TCAC Tax Credit Allocation Committee
TCA Tax Credit Amount
TCAP Tax Credit Assistance Program
TCAN Tax Credit Award Notice
TCO Tax Credit Office
TCRS Tax Credit Return Summary
TDPS Tax Data Perfection System
TDR Tax Data Record
TDS Tax Deducted at Source
TDMP Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan
TXD Tax Deed
TDA Tax Deferred Annuity
TDRP Tax Deferred Retirement Plan
TDSP Tax Deferred Savings Plan
TDI Tax Delinquency Investigation
TDA Tax Delinquent Account
TD Tax Department
TDD Tax Development District
TERF Tax Effect Recovery Factor
TEF Tax Elected Fund
TEQ Tax Equalization
TEFRA Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982
TE Tax Examiner
TXF Tax Exchange Format
TEI Tax Executives Institute, Inc.
TE Tax Exempt
TELP Tax Exempt Lease-Purchase
TELP Tax Exempt Leasing Program
TENR Tax Exempt Note Rate
TESP Tax Exempt Savings Plan
TESSA Tax Exempt Special Savings Account
TFN Tax File Number
TNF Tax File Number
TFVC Tax Filers Value Club, LLC
TFP Tax Form Processing
TF Tax Foundation
TF Tax Free
TFC Tax Free Cash
TIP Tax Incentive Program
TIRC Tax Incentive Review Council
TIAP Tax Incentives Assistance Project
TISA Tax Incentivised Savings Association
TIDD Tax Increment Development District
TID Tax Increment District
TIFA Tax Increment Finance Authority
TIFID Tax Increment Finance Industrial District
TIF Tax Increment Financing
TIEA Tax Information Exchange Agreement
TIGERS Tax Information Group for ECommerce Requirements Standardization
TIN Tax Information Number
TIPS Tax Information Phone Service
TIA Tax Injunction Act
TID Tax Instalment Deduction
TIFCU Tax Institute for Colleges and Universities
TIC Tax Interpretation Circulars
TJF Tax Justice Focus
TJN Tax Justice Network
TLIB Tax Law Improvement Bill
TLCF Tax Loss Carrying Forward
TMS Tax Management System
TMK Tax Map Key
TMS Tax Map Sequence Number
TMBL Tax Map, Block, and Lot
TMP Tax Matters Partner
TRP Tax on Real Property
TFC Tax Payers Facilitation Centre
TPA Tax Payers’ Alliance
TPS Tax Performance System
TPC Tax Policy Center
TPL Tax Policy Library
TPSP Tax Pre-Paid Savings Plan
TPSA Tax Processing System(s) Architecture
TQ Tax Qualified
TQM Tax Qualified Maintenance
TQP Tax Qualified Plan
TRO Tax Recovery Officer
TRANSFER Tax Reform Act
TRAINING Tax Reform Act
TRA Tax Reform Act
TRC Tax Reform Commission
TRIM Tax Reform In McLean county
TRIP Tax Refund Intercept Program
TRO Tax Refund Offset
TROP Tax Refund Offset Program
TRC Tax Registration Certificate
TRHCA Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006
TREA Tax Relief Extension Act of 1999
TRRA Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003
TRS Tax Reporting System
TRN Tax Research Network
TR Tax Return
TRIPLE-R Tax Return
TRE Tax Return Evaluation
TRP Tax Return Preparer
TRV Tax Return Verification
TRP Tax Returns Processing
TRAN Tax Revenue Anticipation Note
TRD Tax Revenue Division
TR tax ruling
TRANSPOSED tax ruling
TRIPLE-R tax ruling
TSR Tax Settlement Reengineering
TSU Tax Set-Up
TSA Tax Sheltered Annuity
TVC Tax Sheltered Annuity Voluntary Compliance
TSC Tax Study Commission
TSM Tax Systems Modernization
TSMI Tax Systems Modernization Institute
TSR Tax Systems Redesign
TTT Tax Tag and Title
TTCA Tax Technical Corrections Act of 1998
TTGS Tax Technology Group
TTG Tax Technology Group
TTL Tax Title & License
TTL Tax Title License
TTJ Tax Tribunal Judgement
TWDV Tax Written Down Value
TY Tax Year
TT-AND-T Tax, Tag and Title
TLIF Taxa de Localizaplo, Instalapgo e Funcionamento
TVA Taxa pe Valoare Adaugata
TE Taxable Equivalent
TEB Taxable Equivalent Basis
TEY Taxable Equivalent Yield
TI Taxable Income
TOYOTA Taxable Item
TUREAUD Taxable Item
T Taxable Item
TRS Taxable REIT Subsidiary
TWB Taxable Wage Base
TFF Taxa-Fauna-Flora
TAXUD Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General
TD Taxation Determination
TIAM Taxation Investment Accounting Management
TLAB Taxation Laws Amendment Bill
TCGA Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992
TECR Taxation of Executive Compensation and Retirement
TOFA Taxation of Financial Arrangements
TFP Taxation, Facturation et Perception
T Taxe
TFP Taxe a la Formation Professionnelle
TVA Taxe a la Valeur Ajoute
TVA Taxe a la Valeur Ajoutee
TACA Taxe d’Aide au Commerce et à l’Artisanat
TEOM Taxe d’Enlèvement des Ordures Ménagères
TMC Taxe de Mise en Circulation
TPF Taxe de Publicité Foncière
TVQ Taxe de Vente du Quebec
TVH taxe de vente harmonisee
TVP Taxe de Vente Provincial
TFU Taxe Fonciere Unique
TGAP Taxe Générale sur les Activités Polluantes
TIC Taxe Intérieure de Consommation
TLE Taxe Locale d’Equipement
TPZ Taxe Professionnelle de Zone
TPU Taxe Professionnelle Unique
TSE Taxe Spéciale d’Equipement
TSA Taxe Spécifique Additionnelle
TVA Taxe Sur La Valeur Ajoutee
TVAC Taxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée Comprise
TPS Taxe sur les Produits et Services
TUGPS Taxe Unique Globale Sur Les Prestations de Services
TEA Taxed Enough Already
TCA Taxes Consolidation Act
TNIP Taxes Not In Price
TFC Taxes, Fees and Charges
TMI Taxes, Maintenance, and Insurance
TECA Tax-Exempt Capital Accumulator bonds
TEFU Tax-Exempt Fuel Users
TECA Tax-Exempt Fund of California
TFIM Tax-Free Income Minimum
TFSA Tax-Free Savings Account
TX Taxi
TLC Taxi & Limousine Commission
TAM Taxi Aéro Marilia
TCP Taxi Cab Paris
TD Taxi Driver
TXO Taxi Orange
TODA Taxi Owners and Drivers Association
TOA Taxi Owners Association
TSCS Taxi Security Camera System
TT Taxi Tran
TTSS Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme
TUSS Taxi Users’ Subsidy Scheme
TWA Taxi Workers Alliance
LX Taxicab
TASA Taxidermists Association of Southern Africa
TXG Taxiing
TRACE Taxing and Routing of Aircraft Coordinating Equipment
TA Taxing Authority
TWY Taxiway
TW Taxiway
TSA Taxiway Safety Area
TAG Taxon Advisory Group
TKP Taxonomic Key Program
TML Taxonomic Markup Language
TRGP Taxonomic Repertory of the Genus Peperomia
TRED Taxonomic Resources and Expertise Directory
TWIG Taxonomic Working Group
TBQ Taxonomy Based Questionnaire
TBC Taxonomy Boot Camp
TAXID Taxonomy Identifier
TDSC Taxonomy of Dependable and Secure Computing
TXP Taxoprexin DHA-paclitaxel
TACT Taxotere as Adjuvant Chemotherapy Trial
TAC Taxotere, Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide
TCH Taxotere, Carboplatin, and Herceptin
TP Taxpayer
TAG Taxpayer Action Group
TAP Taxpayer Advocacy Panel
TAP Taxpayer Advocacy Program
TA Taxpayer Advocate
TAMIS Taxpayer Advocate Management Information System
TAS Taxpayer Advocate Service
TAP Taxpayer Assets Project
TAC Taxpayer Assistance Center
TAO Taxpayer Assistance Order
TCMPS Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program
TCMP Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program
TCP Taxpayer Compliance Program
TDA Taxpayer Delinquent Account
TPE Taxpayer Education
TEC Taxpayer Education and Communication
TEC Taxpayer Education and Counseling
TIN Taxpayer Identification Number
TIF Taxpayer Information File
TIFF Taxpayer Information File Format
TIPS Taxpayer Information Publications Service
TPAA Taxpayer Protection and Assistance Act of 2005
TRRA Taxpayer Refund and Relief Act of 1999
TRAINING Taxpayer Relief Act Of 1997
TRANSFER Taxpayer Relief Act Of 1997
TRA Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
TPS Taxpayer Service
TSR Taxpayer Service Representative
TSCS Taxpayer Services Center Section
TAF Taxpayers Against Fraud
TABOR Taxpayers Bill Of Rights
TCS Taxpayers for Common Sense
TOMAC Taxpayers of Michigan against Casinos
TOTO Taxpayers Opposed to Oz
TAX Taxpayers Party
TRE1 Tax-Responsive Element 1
TWO TaxWise Online
TITC Technology Investment Tax Credit
TPTC Texas Property Tax Code
TTARA Texas Taxpayers and Research Association
TT Thurn and Taxis
TTC Toronto Taxpayers Coaltion
TTAB Tourism Tax Advisory Board
TDT Tourist Development Tax
TTC Toutes Taxes Comprises
TDLP Town Tax Differential – Laplata
TPT Transactional Privilege Tax
TRUMPETTED Transactional Privilege Tax
TAT Transient Accommodations Tax
TOT Transient and Occupancy Tax
TCTO Travis County Tax Office
TTC Treasurer-Tax Collector
TTL Treasury Tax & Loan
TTL Treasury Tax Loan
TTC Tuition Tax Credit
TTT Turbo Tax Timmy
UTP Uncertain Tax Position
UT Uncollected Tax
UT-2 Uncollected Tax
UCT Unemployment Compensation Tax
UITS Unemployment Insurance Tax System
USTAR Unemployment State Tax Automated Reporting
UTA Unemployment Tax Advisory Corporation
UDITPA Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes Act
URT Uniform Rate of Tax
UTEP Uniform Tax Exemption Policy
UTE Union of Taxation Employees
UTR Unique Taxpayer Reference
UTA Unit Tax Advisor
USTC United States Tax Cases
USTP United States Taxpayers Party
UTW United Taxicab Workers
UTS Universal Tax Systems Inc
UTTC Universal Tuition Tax Credit
ULT Unlimited Tax
UTB Unrecognized Tax Benefit
UBIT Unrelated Business Income Tax
UJTC Urban Job Tax Credit
RJA US Revenue Narcotic Tax
RI US Revenue Potato Tax
RG US Revenue Silver Tax
UT Use Tax
UT-2 Use Tax
USTC Utah State Tax Commission
UUT Utility User’s Tax
VALE Vacuum Atomic Layer Epitaxy
VAT Value Added Tax
VATA Value Added Tax Accounting
VATA Value Added Tax Act
VOTI Value of Taxable Importation
VTSO Vancouver Tax Services Office
VPE Vapor Phase Epitaxy
VRT Vehicle Registration Tax
VDT Virginia Department of Taxation
VTBS Virginia Tax Bulletin
VTB Virginia Tax Bulletin
VTO Virtual Tax Organizer
VAH visceroatrial heterotaxia
VCT Voluntary Correction of Tax-Sheltered Annuity Failures
VTW Voluntary Tax Withholding
VTSA Voluntary Tax-Sheltered Annuity
VITA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
VOTR Voters Organized for Tax Replacement
MR War Tax Stamp
WAT Washington Accessible Taxi
WNT Washington National Tax
WNTS Washington National Tax Service
WSST Washington State Sales Tax
WSTC Washington State Tax Consultants
WSRT Waterloo Shared-Ride Taxi
WSRT Watertown Shared-Ride Taxi
WSRT Waupaca Shared-Ride Taxi
WTS Waupun Taxi System
WTAS Wealth & Tax Advisory Services, Inc.
WT Wealth Tax
WTER Wealth Tax
WBTS West Bend Taxi Service
WENT West End Neighborhood Taxpayers
WHTA West Hartford Taxpayers Association, Inc.
WMTA West Maui Taxpayers Association
WMTS West Michigan Tax Symposium
WSTB West Shore Tax Bureau
WSRT Whitewater Shared-Ride Taxi
WT Windfall Tax
WTER Windfall Tax
WTAS Windfall Tax and Associated Spending
WETR Wine Equalisation Tax Ruling
WET Wine Equilisation Tax
WTAC Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission
WTPA Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Amendment
WT Withholding Tax
WHITE Withholding Tax
WHT Withholding Tax
WTER Withholding Tax
WCT Work Contract Tax
WOTC Work Opportunity Tax Credit
WTTC Worker Training Tax Credit
WFTC Working Families’ Tax Credit
WTC Working Tax Credit
WPSI Workshop on Prosody, Syntax and Information
XCA X-Linked Congenital Ataxia
YSBITC Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit