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Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Fort Collins Anime Club

Florida Community Association Coalition

Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission

Fuzzy Channel Allocation Controller

Fleet Cryptologic Augmentation Center

Forward Control and Analysis Center

Farm Credit Assistance Corporation

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Virginia Public Procurement Act

Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988

Variable Polarity Plasma Arc

Virginia Professional Photographers Association

Viva Piñata Party Animals

Vice President of Public Affairs

Virtual Process Planning for Assembly

Electronic Library Information Navigator

Exhibit Line Item Number

Employment Law Information Network

Estacado Library Information Network

Equipment Line Item Number

Emergency Location Identification Number

Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency

Usable Technology for Older People Inclusive and Appropriate

Universal Test and Operations Physical Interface for ATM

United Territories of Polynesian Islanders’ Alliance

Urban Transport Options for Propulsion Systems and Instruments for Analysis

User-Tested Optimized Practices in Action

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism

Consolidated Maritime Labour Convention

Cardiac Myosin Light Chain

Chemical Corps

Career Management and Learning Center

Copyright Music Licence Consultancy

Pantone Matching System

Premenstrual Syndrome

Property Management System

Practice Management System

Performance Management System

Pavement Management System

Project Management System

Peninsula Medical School

Pre Main Sequence

Professor of Military Science

Personal Medical Services

Payment Management System

Presidential Management Staff

Post-Marketing Surveillance

Philips Medical Systems

Phenazine Methosulfate

Performance Measurement System

Power Management System

Presbyterian Mutual Society

Pre-Marital Sex

Presbyterian Medical Services

Piedmont Middle School

Premium Motor Spirit

Performance Monitoring System

Potential Murder Suspect

Portfolio Management System

Pass My Shotgun

Program Management Support

Preventive Maintenance System

Personnel Management System

Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers

Performance Management Solutions

Package Management System

Program Management System

Productive Members of Society

Process Management System

Permanent Magnet Synchronous

Project Management Specialist

Project Management and Scheduling

Pontifical Mission Societies

Preventive Maintenance Service

Personal Mission Statement

Preventative Maintenance System

Please Make It Stop

Post More Soon

Pissy Mood Syndrome

Poverty Monitoring System

Pharmacy Management System

Postmeiotic Segregation

Petros and Money Show

Platform Management System

People’s Medical Society

Postgraduate Medical School

Periodic Monthly Statement

Pack My Suitcase

Processor Memory Switch

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

Powell Middle School

Pacific Masters Swimming

Plant Monitoring System

Parking Management System

Participating Member States

Patient Monitoring System

Procurement Management System

Precious Metals Sector

Personnel Management Specialist

Pedestal Mounted Stinger

Martinique Socialist Party

Pipeline Management System

Personal Management System

Project Master Schedule

Palmetto Middle School

Percent of Market Share

Password Management System

Post-Marketing Survey

Precise Mousing Surface

Plant Management System

Problem Management System

Public Message System

Program Management Specialist

Pretty Mean Sisters

Power Money Sex

Particle Measurement System

Peyton Marie Sawyer

NAVSEA Program Manager

Picturephone Meeting Service

Préparation Militaire Supérieure

Production Management Specialist

Phillips Middle School

Purchase More Shoes

Personal Mailing System

Postmenstrual Syndrome

Public Message Service

Plaza Middle School

Physical Media Specific

Phased-Mission System

Pershing Middle School

Periodic Maintenance Schedule

Psychotic Men Slayerz

Periodic Mesoporous Silica

Pamper Me Softly, Inc.

Patapsco Middle School

Program Master Schedule

Plantation Middle School

Pittsford Middle School

Primary Medical Services Contract

Pure Motor Stroke

Perpetual Motion Squad

Prospect Management System

Pardon My Swag

Palms Middle School

Probability of Mission Success

Pepperoni Mushroom & Sausage

Practically My Sister

Pennichuck Middle School

Propulsion Module Subsystem