Christian Abbreviations


What is Christian

It is the name given to people who follow the teachings and doctrines of Christianity, left by Jesus Christ.

This term appeared in the book of Acts of the Apostles, in the New Testament of the Bible.

Christians believe that there is only one God, whom they call Father, as Jesus Christ taught them. They recognize Jesus as the son of God and believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit form the Holy Trinity.

And it came to pass that a whole year they gathered in that church, and taught many people; and at Antioch the disciples were for the first time called Christians. (Acts 11:26)

What are Christian beliefs?

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God – fully human and fully divine – and that by believing in him and following his teachings, they can inherit eternal life.

Christians also believe that Jesus died for mankind, that God raised him from the dead, and that Jesus will come again at the end of time.

Furthermore, Christians believe in the Trinity, or the three parts of God: God the Father or Creator, God the Son (Jesus) or Redeemer, and God the Holy Spirit or Sanctifier. The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in the world.

What are Christian denominations?

Christianity is divided into three branches: Catholic, Protestant, and (Eastern) Orthodox. Catholicism is directed by the Pope and Catholic bishops around the world.

The Orthodox (or Eastern Orthodox) are divided into independent units governed by a Holy Synod; there is no central governmental structure similar to the pope.

There are numerous denominations within Protestant Christianity, many of which differ in their interpretation of the Bible and understanding of the church. Some of the many denominations that fall under the category of Protestant Christianity include:

  • Baptist
  • Episcopal
  • Non-Denominational
  • Evangelist
  • Methodist
  • Presbyterian
  • Pentecostal
  • Lutheran
  • Anglican
  • Evangelical
  • Assemblies of God
  • disciples of Christ
  • united church of christ
  • Seventh Day Adventist
  • among others.

While the many denominations of Christianity have different viewpoints, hold separate traditions and worship in different ways, the core of their faith centers around the life and teachings of Jesus.

Why are there so many different types of Christians?

From its beginnings with a small group of followers of Jesus, Christianity has spread throughout the world. Today, it is practiced by billions of people.

As with any large group, Christianity has experienced many interpretations, disagreements, and power struggles over the centuries.

These led to the growth of many different branches of Christianity, interpreting the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in different ways.

Christian Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Christian

ARCC Abbeyville Road Christian Church
ACCOUNTING Abilene Christian College
ACCESSORY Abilene Christian College
ACC Abilene Christian College
ACU Abilene Christian University
ACUL Abilene Christian University Library
ACTS Aboriginal Christian Training Services
AGCM Absolutely Gay Christian Men
ALCC Abundant Life Christian Church
ALCF Abundant Life Christian Fellowship
ACE Accelerated Christian Education
ACAT Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture
ACCC Adult Catechesis in the Christian Community
ACE Adult Christian Education
ACF Adult Christian Formation
AC Advent Christian
ACG Affiliation of Christian Geologists
ACCC African Christian Community Church
ACDP African Christian Democratic Party
ACFI African Christians Fellowship International
AHCC African Holy Christian Church
ACFI Agape Christian Fellowship International, Inc
ACWC Agape Christian Worship Center
ARCC Agape Revival Christian Church
ACLDS Agency for Christian Literature Development
ACLD Agency for Christian Literature Development
ACF Agricultural Christian Fellowship
AFCLU Air Force Christian Link-Up
AKCS Airdrie Koinonia Christian School
ACMHR Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights
ACCOUNTING Alaska Christian College
ACCESSORY Alaska Christian College
ACC Alaska Christian College
ACCH Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home
AIACHE All India Association for Christian Higher Education
AICF All India Christian Federation
ANCR All Nations Christian Reformed
ACDA Alliance of Christian Development Agencies
ACWC Allied Christian Worship Centre
ARCC Alt Religion Christian Calvary Chapel
ARCC alt.religion.christian.calvary-chapel
AVCA Alta Vista Christian Academy
ABCCC Alton Bay Christian Conference Center
AACC American Association of Christian Colleges
AACC American Association of Christian Counselors
AACS American Association of Christian Schools
ACCS American Christian College and Seminary
ACDA American Christian Defense Alliance
ACFW American Christian Fiction Writers
ACMR American Christian Music Review
ACRW American Christian Romance Writers
AECC American Evangelical Christian Church, Inc.
ACS Anchorage Christian Schools
AHCC Anderson Hills Christian Church
AACS Ann Arbor Christian School
ACCA Annandale Christian Community for Action
ANCL Ante Nicene Christian Library
ACDS Anti Christian Death Squad
ACLU Anti-Christian Litigation Unit
ACCA Apostolic Christian Church of America
ACR Apostolic Christian Restmor, Inc
AWCF Apostolic World Christian Fellowship
AICA Aquidneck Island Christian Academy
ACS Arcadia Christian School
ACCF Arkansas Christian Charitable Foundation
AHCC Arlington Heights Christian Church
ASYMCA Armed Services Young Men’s Christian Association of the USA
ACMA Armenian Christian Medical Association
APCM Asia Pacific Christian Mission
AACF Asian American Christian Fellowship
ACCF Asian Christian Charismatic Fellowship
ACFF Asian Christian Faculty Fellowship
ACF Asian Christian Fellowship
AICCP Asian Indian Christian Church of Pittsburgh
AMCU Asian Movement for Christian Unity
ASCM Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries
ACSM Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries
AHCC Aspen Hill Christian Church
ACCF Assembly of Christian Churches in Fiji
ACCD Association for Christian Character Development
ACCTS Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Service
ACD Association for Christian Development
ACR Association for Christian Retail
ACB Association of Christian Broadcasters
ACCR Association of Christian Churches in Russia
ACCTS Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools
ACE Association of Christian Economists
ACFP Association of Christian Fighter Pilots
ACI Association of Christian Investigators
ACLCA Association of Christian Lay Centres in Africa
ACL Association of Christian Librarians
ACRE Association of Christian Reformed Educators
ACROSS Association of Christian Resource Organisations Serving Sudan
ACSI Association of Christian Schools International
ACTS Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
ACT Association of Christian Therapists
ACIT Association of Christians in Information Technology
ACPA Association of Christians in Planning and Architecture
ACMI Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals
ACROSS Association of Christians Reaching Out in Service and Support
AICA Association of Independent Christian Artists
AICCS Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries
ANCS Association of Nazarene Christian Schools
APCE Association of Private Christian Educators
ARCC Association of Reconciling Christians and Congregations
ACFI Assurances Christian Filiol
ACCF Athey Creek Christian Fellowship
ACCOUNTING Atlanta Christian College
ACCESSORY Atlanta Christian College
ACC Atlanta Christian College
AHCC Auburn Hills Christian Center
ACFI Austin Christian Fellowship of India
ACCOUNTING Australian Christian Churches
ACCESSORY Australian Christian Churches
ACC Australian Christian Churches
BAPCT Bachelor of Arts in Practical Christian Training
BCS Bachelor of Christian Studies
BRANCHES Balanced Relevant and Needed Christian Home Education Support
BSCA Balch Springs Christian Academy
BUCC Baring Union Christian College
BJC Barnes-Jewish/Christian
BCCHE Bartow County Christian Home Educators
BACA Bay Area Christian Academy
BACC Bay Area Christian Church
BASC Bay Area Single Christians
BCF Bays Christian Fellowship
BMCR Beartooth Mountain Christian Ranch
BCCS Beaver County Christian School
BCC Beaverton Christian Church
BACC Becoming A Contagious Christian
BCE Before the Christian Era
BHCA Beth Haven Christian Academy
BCC Bible Christian Church
BHCF Biggin Hill Christian Fellowship
BCF Black Christian Fellowship
BMCS Blue Mountain Christian School
BCCC Board Certified Christian Counselor
BCPCC Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor
BCE Board of Christian Education
BCF Boaters Christian Fellowship
BCL Bold Christian Living
BACHELOR Born Again Christian
BAC Born Again Christian
BCHE Brevard Christian Home Educators
BCS Briarcrest Christian School
BTGCS Bridging the Gap Christian Store
BCAN Bristol Christian Action Network
BCPCC British Council of Protestant Christian Churches
BTCN British Telecom Christian Network
BCBP Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals
FIC Brothers of Christian Instruction
FSC Brothers of the Christian Schools, Christian Brothers
BCF Bruin Christian Fellowship
BCC Brunstad Christian Church
BCCS Byron Center Christian School
CCS Calgary Christian School
CCF Caltech Christian Fellowship
CCCA Calvary Chapel Christian Academy
CCCS Calvary Chapel Christian School
CCHS Calvin Christian High School
CICWS Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
CCF Campus Christian Fellowship
CCN Campus Christian Network
CACSD Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development
CCPC Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity
CCEA Canadian Christian Educators’ Association
CCCC Canadian Council of Christian Charities
CSCA Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation
CRCC Canyon Ridge Christian Church
CVCF Canyon View Christian Fellowship
CVCS Capistrano Valley Christian School
CCF Capital Christian Fellowship
CCCF Caravanners and Campers Christian Fellowship
CCCD Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf
CCB Carolina Christian BassMasters
CIVIL Carolina Christian Communications
CCC Carolina Christian Communications
CRCF Castle Rock Christian Fellowship
CCD Catholic Christian Doctrine
CCO Catholic Christian Outreach
CGCA Cedar Grove Christian Academy
CRCC Cedar Ridge Christian Church
CVCS Cedar Valley Christian School
CCS Centennial Christian School
CFCB Center for Christian Broadcasting
CCB Center for Christianity in Business
CCJU Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding
CMCU Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
CFPC Center for Progressive Christianity
CSGC Center for the Study of Global Christianity
CACB Central Alabama Christian Builders
CIVIL Central Christian Church
CCC Central Christian Church
CCCB Central Christian College of the Bible
CVCL Central Valley Christian League
CVCN Central Valley Christian Network
CVCS Central Valley Christian School
CWC Central Wisconsin Christian School
CSIC Centre for the Studies of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
CSCIC Centre for the Study of Christianity in China
CCCE Certified Christian Childbirth Educator
CCD Certified Christian Doula
CCLC Certified Christian Life Coach
CVCSVT Champlain Valley Christian School of Vermont
CACHE Charlottesville Area Christian Home Educators, Inc.
CACTCS Chicago Area Christian Training Consortium
CCHS Chicago Christian High School
CCWA Children Christian Welfare Association
CCHN Children’s Christian Hunger Network
CIVIL China Christian Council
CCC China Christian Council
CCBLS Chinese Christian Basketball League
CCBL Chinese Christian Basketball League
CIVIL Chinese Christian Church
CCC Chinese Christian Church
CCCC Chinese Christian Church and Center
CCCV Chinese Christian Church of Victoria
CCHC Chinese Christian Herald Crusades
CCIM Chinese Christian Internet Mission
CCI Chinese Christian Internet Mission
CCLW Chinese Christian Life Web
CCM Chinese Christian Mission
CCIA Chinese Christians in Action
CHCF Chinese Hospital Christian Fellowship
XN Christian
CHR Christian
CAJ Christian Academy in Japan
CAK Christian Academy of Knoxville
CAL Christian Academy of Louisville
CARE Christian Action Research and Education
CARE Christian Addiction Recovery and Education
CAAM Christian Advocates for Adolescents Midsouth
CA Christian Aid
CAM Christian Air Ministry
CACZ Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia
CAIS Christian Alliance International School
CARF Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship
CVO Christian and Carolyn Van Outersterp
CAMA Christian And Missionary Alliance
CAA Christian Anime Alliance
CANA Christian Answers to New Age
CACC Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
CADC Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
CARM Christian Apologetics Research Ministry
CAPACITY Christian Appalachian Project
CAP Christian Appalachian Project
CAI Christian Assemblies International
CAI Christian Associates International
CAPS Christian Association for Psychological Studies
CAN Christian Association of Nigeria
CAPSS Christian Association of Pregnancy Support Services
CARM Christian Aviation & Radio Ministry
CBA Christian Basketball Association, Inc.
CBBC Christian Bible Baptist Church
CBCG Christian Bible Church of God
CBCP Christian Bible Church of the Philippines
CBCS Christian Bible College and Seminary
CBA Christian Bicyclists Association
CBD Christian Bjorn Design
CBM Christian Blind Mission
CBMI Christian Blind Mission International
CBA Christian Boaters Association
CBMD Christian Body Migraine Defence
CBM Christian Bonneau Maçonnerie
CBD Christian Book Distributors
CBA Christian Booksellers Association
CBRF Christian Brethren Research Fellowship
CBC Christian Broadcasting Council
CBN Christian Broadcasting Network
CBS Christian Broadcasting System
CBMR Christian Brotherhood Motorcycle Riders
CBA Christian Brothers Academy
CBACS Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation
CBC Christian Brothers College
CBCC Christian Brothers Contracting Corporation
CBEA Christian Brothers Education Association
CBHS Christian Brothers High School
CBIS Christian Brothers Investment Services
CBS Christian Brothers School
CBU Christian Brothers University
CBA Christian Brothers’ Academy
CBAR Christian Business Academy Review
CBD Christian Business Directory
CBFA Christian Business Faculty Association
CBLW Christian Business Leaders Worldwide
CBLI Christian Business Leaders, Inc.
CCCA Christian Camp and Conference Association
CCLW Christian Camp of the Living Word
CCND Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CCI Christian Camping International
CCIW Christian Camps in Wales
CCO Christian Care Organization
CCCD Christian Caribbean Center for the Deaf
CCRD Christian Centre for Reflection and Dialogue
CCSRI Christian Centre for Socially Responsible Investment
CCI Christian Challenge International
CC1 Christian Chat 1
CCEA Christian Childbirth Education Association
CCEF Christian Children Education Fund
CCF Christian Children’s Fellowship
CCF Christian Children’s Fund
CCFA Christian Children’s Fund of Australia
CCFC Christian Children’s Fund of Canada
CCA Christian Chiropractors Association
CC Christian Church
CCF Christian Church Foundation
CCFH Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped
CCH Christian Church Homes
CCOH Christian Church of Hebron
CCNA Christian Church of North America
CCG Christian Churches of God
CCS Christian Citizenship Seminar
CIVIL Christian City Church
CCC Christian City Church
CCLU Christian Civil Liberties Union
CCEL Christian Classics Ethereal Library
CC Christian Coalition
CCA Christian Coalition of Alabama
CCA Christian Coalition of America
CCCA Christian Coalition of California
CCCO Christian Coalition of Colorado
CCF Christian Coalition of Florida
CCD Christian Commission for Development
CCP Christian Communications Program
CCA Christian Community Action
CCDA Christian Community Development Association
CCEE Christian Community Extended Education
CCGA Christian Community Golf Association
CCHF Christian Community Health Fellowship
CCHS Christian Community High School
CCUB Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood
CCPT Christian Community Partnership Trust
CCPC Christian Community Placement Center
CCPC Christian Community Presbyterian Church
CCMAG Christian Computing Magazine
CIVIL Christian Conference Center
CCC Christian Conference Center
CCMA Christian Conference Management Association of Canada
CCA Christian Conference of Asia
CAA Christian Conference of Asia
CCBA Christian Consumer Benefit Association
CCM Christian Contemporary Music
CCA Christian Contractors Association
CCLI Christian Copyright Licensing International
CCLE Christian Copyright Licensing Ltd
CCG Christian Council of Ghana
CCT Christian Council of Tanzania
CCPD Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities
CCEF Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation
CCA Christian Counseling Associates, Inc.
CCHM Christian Country Helps Ministries
CCMA Christian Country Music Association
CCCC Christian County Circuit Court
CCCC Christian County Coal Company
CCGHS Christian County Ghost Hunters Society
CDFA Christian Dance Fellowship Australia
CDFB Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain
CDFF Christian Dating for Free
CDC Christian Defense Coalition
CDI Christian Democrat International
CANADA Christian Democratic Alliance
CDA Christian Democratic Alliance
CANADA Christian Democratic Appeal
CDA Christian Democratic Appeal
PDC Christian Democratic Party
CDP Christian Democratic Party
CDYU Christian Democratic Youth of Ukraine
CDB Christian Dina Bollanga
CD Christian Dior
CDR Christian Disaster Response
CDI Christian Disciples International
CDD Christian Domestic Discipline
CANADA Christian Duty Alliance
CDA Christian Duty Alliance
CEAF Christian Economic Assistance Foundation
CEDI Christian Economic Development Institute
CEAS Christian Ecumenical Action in Sudan
CE Christian Education
CEC Christian Education Children
CEC Christian Education Committee
CEDAR Christian Education Development and Relief
CEJ Christian Education Journal
CET Christian Education Trust
CEMETERY Christian Educational Ministries
CEM Christian Educational Ministries
CEA Christian Educators Association
CEWC Christian Embassy Worship Center
CE Christian Endeavor
CED Christian Engineers in Development
CELC Christian English Language Centre
CE Christian Era
CE Christian Error
CET Christian Ethics Today
CEW Christian Experience Weekend
CFSF Christian Faculty and Staff Fellowship
CFLC Christian Faith and Life Center
CFC Christian Faith Center
CFE Christian Faith Exploration
CFFC Christian Faith Fellowship Church
CFCA Christian Family Care Agency
CFCSC Christian Family Church South Coast
CFGC Christian Family Guidance Center
CFH Christian Family Holiday
CFLC Christian Family Learning Center
CFLC Christian Family Life Center
CFLE Christian Family Life Education
CFL Christian Family Living/Life
CFM Christian Family Movement
CFSC Christian Family Service Centre
CFA Christian Farmers Association
CFFO Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
CFO Christian Farmers Outreach
CCFO Christian Farmers’ Federation of Ontario
CFM Christian Federation of Malaysia
CF Christian Fellowship
CFH Christian Fellowship Hospital
CFBA Christian Fellowship of Bass Anglers
CFUH Christian Fellowship Upper Hutt
CFRB Christian Fiction Review Blog
CFTVC Christian Film and Television Commission
CFF Christian Film Festival
CFFA Christian Film Festivals of America
CFC Christian Financial Concepts
CFPI Christian Financial Planners Institute
CFFC Christian Forever, Forever Christian
CFM Christian Formation Ministries
CF Christian Forums
CFCA Christian Foundation for Children and Aging
CFIC Christian Friends of Israeli Communities
CFIRE Christian Fundamentalist Internal Revenue Employees
CGO Christian Gamers Online, Inc.
CGUS Christian Gaming Universe
CGU Christian Gaming Universe
CGWM Christian Gathering Worldwide Ministries
CGL Christian Gays and Lesbians Association
CGA Christian Golfers Association
CGC Christian Gospel Center
CGSA Christian Graduate Student Alliance
CGRM Christian Grass Roots Music
CGSP Christian Growth Study Plan
CGR Christian Guitar Resource
CHIA Christian Hands in Action
CHAG Christian Health Association of Ghana
CHAK Christian Health Association of Kenya
CHAL Christian Health Association of Liberia
CHAMFER Christian Health Association of Malawi
CHAM Christian Health Association of Malawi
CHAN Christian Health Association of Nigeria
CHCC Christian Heritage Catholic Church
CHP Christian Heritage Party of Canada
CHI Christian History Institute
CHRISTIAN Christian Hit Radio
CHR Christian Hit Radio
CHRSN Christian Hit Radio Satellite Network
CHEACT Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas
CHEK Christian Home Education in the Kootenays
CHESS Christian Home Education Support System
CHE Christian Home Educators
CHEA Christian Home Educators Association
CHECK Christian Home Educators Confederation of Kansas
CHEER Christian Home Educators Encouragement Resource
CHEF Christian Home Educators Fellowship
CHEN Christian Home Educators Network
CHEC Christian Home Educators of Colorado
CHEK Christian Home Educators of Kentucky
CHEK Christian Home Educators of Kodiak
CHERR Christian Home Educators of Round Rock
CHESS Christian Home Educators Support System
CHAP Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania
CHAA Christian Homeschool Athletic Association
CHESS Christian Homeschool Education Support System
CHMH Christian Homeschool Moms Hangout
CHN Christian Homeschool Network of Washington
CHA Christian Homeschoolers Association
CHF Christian Homeschoolers Fellowship
CICA Christian in Complete Armour
CINO Christian in Name Only
CIN Christian Information Network
CICCAS Christian Initiation of Children of Catechetical Age
CIFCS Christian Inter-Fellowship Council
CIBN Christian International Business Network
CIM Christian Involvement Ministries
CICA Christian Island Cottagers’ Association
CJA Christian Jugglers Association
CKS Christian Key Smashers
CKN Christian Kingdom Network
CKREE Christian Knowledge and Religious and Ethical Education
CLAC Christian Labour Association of Canada
CLEA Christian Legacy Education Association
CLIA Christian Legal Intervention Academy
CLS Christian Legal Society
CLF Christian Libertarian Fellowship
CLP Christian Liberty Press
CLWC Christian Life & Witness Course
CLC Christian Life Cathedral
CLC Christian Life Commission
CLC Christian Life Community
CLE Christian Life Education
CLM Christian Life Movement
CLST Christian Life School of Theology
CLSG Christian Literary Studies Group
CLAIM Christian Literature Association in Malawi
CLC Christian Literature Crusade
CLF Christian Literature Fund
CLC Christian Living Campuses
CLT Christian Love Test
CMUG Christian Macintosh Users Group
CMA Christian Management Association
CMA Christian Martial Arts
CMDA Christian Medical & Dental Association
CMDS Christian Medical and Dental Society
CMC Christian Medical College
CMCL Christian Medical College Ludhiana
CMC Christian Medical Commission
CMF Christian Medical Fellowship
CMRT Christian Medical Response Team
CMF Christian Men’s Fellowship
CME Christian Methodist Episcopal
CMI Christian Michelsen Institute
CMA Christian Mission Aid
CMAC Christian Mission Aid Canada
CMF Christian Mission Fellowship
CMI Christian Mission International
CMA Christian Missionary Alliance
CMS Christian Missionary School
CMCT Christian Missions Charitable Trust
CMML Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
CMRC Christian Missions Resource Centre
CMAS Christian Mothers Altar Society
CMC Christian Motorcycle Club
CMA Christian Motorcyclist Association
CMP Christian Movement for Peace
CMAD Christian Music and Drama
CMA Christian Music Association
CMC Christian Music Connection
CMM Christian Music Ministries
CMNR Christian Music News Report
CMRC Christian Music Retail Conference
CMTA Christian Music Trade Association
CNEC Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission
CNJ Christian Networks Journal
OC Christian O’Connell
COFA Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America
COC Christian Outreach Centre
COCB Christian Outreach College Brisbane
CPPA Christian Paintball Players Association
CPTO Christian Parent-Teacher Organization
CPAC Christian Park Active Community
CPDA Christian Partners Development Agency
CPSW Christian Pastoral Support Worker
CPC Christian Peace Conference
CPOV Christian Peace Officers of Vermont
CPT Christian Peacemaker Teams
CPM Christian Pentecostal Mission
CPHA Christian People for Humanitarian Action
CPA Christian People’s Alliance
CPAF Christian Performing Artists’ Fellowship
CPR Christian Pirate Radio
CPA Christian Police Association
CPN Christian Policy Network
CPPU Christian Political Party Union
CPPA Christian Pool Players Association
CQOD Christian Quotation of the Day
CRMF Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (Papua, New Guinea
CRS Christian Rauch Schule
CRS Christian Record Services
CRSB Christian Record Services for the Blind
CRC Christian Reformed Church
CRCM Christian Reformed Church in Myanmar
CRCNA Christian Reformed Church in North America
CRCP Christian Reformed Church in the Philippines
CRCA Christian Reformed Churches of Australia
CRWRC Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
CDRA Christian Relief and Development Association
CRDA Christian Relief and Development Association
CRF Christian Relief Fund
CRANK Christian Religious Knowledge
CRK Christian Religious Knowledge
CRS Christian Religious Studies
CRD Christian Research and Development
CRCM Christian Research Center of Mexico
CRI Christian Research Institute
CRC Christian Resource Center
CRC Christian Resource Centre
CRA Christian Restoration Association
CRMI Christian Restoration Ministries International
CRMC Christian Riders Motorcycle Club
CRC Christian Rods & Customs
CRC Christian Rods Customs
CRAN Christian Rural Aid Network
CROP Christian Rural Overseas Program
CSR Christian Scholars Review
CSAF Christian School Athletic Fellowship
CSAF Christian School Athletics Fellowship
CSE Christian School Education
CSPA Christian School of Preforming Arts
CSI Christian Schools International
CSOD Christian Schools of the Desert
CSSP Christian Schwarz-Schilling Project for Integrative Mediation
CS-1 Christian Science
CS Christian Science
CS-5 Christian Science
CSM Christian Science Monitor
CSO Christian Science Organization
CSPS Christian Science Publishing Society
CSB Christian Science, Bachelor Of
CSD Christian Science, Doctor Of
CSA Christian Seniors Association
CSB Christian Service Brigade
CSC Christian Service Charities, Inc.
CSOA Christian Service Organizations of America
CSP Christian Service Program
CSD Christian Singles Dating
CSA Christian Social Action
CSI Christian Solidarity International
CSW Christian Solidarity Worldwide
CSA Christian Spanish Academy
CSBA Christian Sport Bike Association
CSB Christian Standard Bible
CSA Christian Stewardship Association
CSS Christian Stewardship Services
CSF Christian Student Fellowship
CS-1 Christian Surfers
CS Christian Surfers
CS-5 Christian Surfers
CSNZ Christian Surfers New Zealand
CSUS Christian Surfers US
CHRS Christian Syndrome
CTS Christian Team Servers
CTF Christian Teen Forums
CTN Christian Television Network
CTNI Christian Television Network International
CTM Christian Theater Ministries
CTRF Christian Theological Research Fellowship
CTS Christian Theological Seminary
CTN Christian Therapists Network
CALL-TO-ACTION Christian Tools of Affirmation
CTA Christian Tools of Affirmation
CTLA Christian Trial Lawyers Association
CURIO Christian Underground Rock in Ontario
CU-2 Christian Union
CU Christian Union
CUBIC Christian Union Brethren in Christ
CUWG Christian Unity Working Group
CVN Christian Values Network
CVA Christian Vegetarian Association
CVM Christian Veterinary Mission
CVMC Christian Veterinary Missions of Canada
CWEC Christian Walter Entertainment Consulting
CWW Christian Wings for the World
CWM Christian Witness Ministries
CWTS Christian Witness Theological Seminary
CWC Christian Women Concern
CWC Christian Women’s Club
CWC Christian Women’s Coalition
CWF Christian Women’s Fellowship
CWA Christian World Adoption
CWLF Christian World Liberation Front
CWS Christian World Service
CWN Christian Worldview Network
CWF Christian Wushu Fellowship
CXG Christian Xbox Gamers
CYF Christian Yde Frostholm
CYA Christian Youth Association
CYBL Christian Youth Basketball League
CYC Christian Youth Conference
CYC Christian Youth Council
CYE Christian Youth Enterprises
CYED Christian Youth Enterprises
CYE Christian Youth Exchange
CYED Christian Youth Exchange
CYF Christian Youth Fellowship
CYHO Christian Youth Hockey Organization
CYIA Christian Youth in Action
CYMA Christian Youth Mission to Armenia
CYM Christian Youth Movement
CYO Christian Youth Organization
CYT Christian Youth Theater
CYU Christian Youth Union
CCHS Christiana Care Health System
CCVNA Christiana Care Visiting Nurse Association
CAU Christian-Albrechts-Universität
CDG Christian-Doppler-Forschungsgesellschaft
CKL Christiane et Kléber Lallier
CG Christian-Gamers
CBK Christiania Bank og Kreditkasse
CRIR Christiania Researcher in Residence
XNTY Christianity
CTM Christianity for the Third Millennium, Inc.
CR Christianity Revealed
CT Christianity Today
CTI Christianity Today International
CNIM Christian-News-in-Maine
CASA Christians Against Sinful Actions
CEO Christians Encouraging Others
CES Christians for Environmental Stewardship
CJA Christians for Justice Action
CIA Christians In Action
CIAM Christians In Action Ministries
CIP Christians in Parliament
CIR Christians in Recovery, Inc.
CIS Christians in Science
CIS Christians in Sport
CIVA Christians in the Visual Arts
CITY Christians Involved Together with Youth, Inc.
COPS Christians Obediently Preaching Salvation
CPR Christians Pray the Rosary
CPR Christians Pumped and Ready
CROSS Christians Reaching Out Spreading Spirituality
CROS Christians Reaching Out to Society
CUI Christians United for Israel
CURE Christians United for Responsible Entertainment
CWG Christians with Guns
CIPAC Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign
CHS Christiansburg High School
JCH Christianshab, Greenland
KHC Christianshavn
CHRI Christiansted National Historic Site
CJCC Church of Jesus Christ Christian
CCCU Churches of Christ in Christian Union
CCU Cincinnati Christian University
CCA Clarkston Christian Association
CLASSER Class-Christian Liberty Academy School System
CLASS Class-Christian Liberty Academy School System
CCE Classical Christian Educators
CCHE Classical Christian Home Educators
CCCC Clay County Christian Church
CCS Clinton Christian School
CCCU Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities
CCCC Coastal Community Christian Church
CHCS College Heights Christian School
CCHE College of Christian Higher Education
CHCS Colonial Hills Christian School
CIVIL Colorado Christian Coalition
CCC Colorado Christian Coalition
CCU Colorado Christian University
CSCS Colorado Springs Christian Schools
CCCC Columbus Chinese Christian Church
CIVIL Community Christian Church
CCC Community Christian Church
CCF Community Christian Fellowship
CCD Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
CCDT Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Translation
CCE Confraternity of Christian Education
CCCAS Congergational Christian Church in American Samoa
CFC Congregation of Christian Brothers
CCCC Congregational Christian Churches in Canada
CCSC Congregational Christian Service Committee
CCE Congress of Christian Education
CACHE Conroe Area Christian Home Educators
CCCC Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
COCC Consortium of Christian Colleges
CCM Contemporary Christian Music
CCMNI Contemporary Christian Music Network International
CICC Cook Islands Christian Church
CCCCAS Coordinating Committee for Christian Communication in Africa
CCF Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
CSCO Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium
CCHM Corrupt Christian Music
CCCU Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
CCSS Council of Christian Scholarly Societies
CCHE Council on Christian Higher Education
CCU Council on Christian Unity
COCU Council on Christian Unity, Inc.
CIVIL Countryside Christian Church
CCC Countryside Christian Church
CC Covenant Christian
CCCI Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.
CCA Cumberland Christian Academy
CVCS Cumberland Valley Christian School
CVCA Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
DCQ Daily Christian Quotations
DCC Dallas Christian College
DLCM Daniel Laurent Christian Ministries
DMHC Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
DBCC Dayton-Bellevue Christian Church
DISCOUNT Decent Christian
DC Decent Christian
DCCS Delaware County Christian School
DCHS Delmarva Christian High School
DBCS Denbigh Baptist Christian School
DMCS Des Moines Christian School
DLCM Destiny Life Christian Ministries
DACB Dictionary of African Christian Biography
DCE Director of Christian Education
DCO Director of Christian Outreach
DWCF Divorced White Christian Female
DCLU Doma Christian Leadership University
DMCF Downham Market Christian Fellowship
DISCOUNT Drinking Christians/Catholics
DC Drinking Christians/Catholics
DC Drinking Christianscatholics
DCCS Dundas Calvin Christian School
ELCA Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy
ECM Early Christian Monument
ERCS East Richland Christian Schools
ETCA East Texas Christian Academy
ECM Ecumenical Christian Ministry
ECK Edge Christian Kurt Angle wrestling Trio & Tag Team
ECK Edge, Christian and Kurt
ENC-YWCA Egyptian National Council of Young Women’s Christian Association
ECS Ellensburg Christian School
EGCC Eltham Green Christian Centre
ECIC European Christian Internet Conference
ECM European Christian Mission
ECPM European Christian Political Movement
EUCD European Union of Christian Democrats
EYCD European Young Christian Democrats
ECA Evangel Christian Academy
ECUADOR Evangel Christian University of America
ECUA Evangel Christian University of America
ECB Evangelical Christian Baptist
ECCC Evangelical Christian Church in Canada
ECCU Evangelical Christian Credit Union
ECHO Evangelical Christian Humanitarian Outreach
ECPA Evangelical Christian Publishers Association
ECS Evangelical Christian School
ECS Evansville Christian School
EWCC Everlasting Word Christian Church
FCA Faith Christian Academy
FCC Faith Christian Centre
FCF Faith Christian Fellowship
FCFC Faith Christian Fellowship Church
FCFI Faith Christian Fellowship International
FLCF Family Life Christian Fellowship
FHCA Fayetteville Homeschool Christian Athletics Association
FSCS Fayetteville Street Christian School
FCM Federation of Christian Ministries
FCS Fellowship Christian School
FCAP Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel
FOCAS Fellowship Of Christian Anglers Society
FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes
FCAS Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Students
FCC Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders
FCCA Fellowship of Christian Churches in Africa
FCC Fellowship of Christian Cowboys
FCFE Fellowship of Christian Family Educators
FCFI Fellowship of Christian Farmers International
FCF Fellowship of Christian Firefighters
FCGS Fellowship of Christian Graduate Students
FCMG Fellowship of Christian Magicians
FCM Fellowship of Christian Magicians
FCMM Fellowship of Christian Military Ministries
FCMI Fellowship of Christian Ministries International
FCM Fellowship of Christian Motorcyclists
FCPO Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers
FCPA Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants
FCS Fellowship of Christian Students
FOC Fellowship of Christians
FOCA Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America
FCPT Fervent Christian Prayer Teleconference
FACS First Assembly Christian School
FCC First Christian Church
FCCR First Christian Church of Roswell
FCCC Flinders Christian Community College
FHCS Flint Hills Christian School
FACCS Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
FCC Florida Christian College
FCHE Forsyth Christian Home Educators
FLCS Fort Lauderdale Christian School
FACE Foundation for American Christian Education
FCS Fredericksburg Christian School
FCS Fresno Christian Schools
FRCS Front Range Christian School
GCL Gator Christian Life
GCN Gay Christian Network
GCCA Georgia Christian Counselors Association
GCSC Georgia Christian Student Center
GCA Glasgow Christian Academy
GCC Global Christian Church
GCC Global Christian Community
GNCM Global Network of Christian Ministries
GCCS Gloucester County Christian School
GGCC Gods Gypsy Christian Church
GSCA Good Shepherd Christian Academy
GLCS Gospel Light Christian School
GCRC Graafschap Christian Reformed Church
GCA Grace Christian Academy
GFCS Grace Fellowship Christian School
GCF Graduate Christian Fellowship
GHCS Grand Haven Christian School
GRCS Grand Rapids Christian Schools
GCC Great Commission Christian
GGCF Greater Grace Christian Fellowship
GVCA Greater Victoria Christian Academy
GBCS Green Bay Christian School
GRACE Green River Active Christian Encounter
GCCF Grinnell College Christian Fellowship
GSNC Group Studies for New Christians
GABCS Grove Avenue Baptist Christian School
GACE Guide to American Christian Education
GCCA Gulf Coast Christian Academy
GCCC Gulf Coast Christian Center
GCE Gymnasium Christian-Ernestinum
HCM Haitian Christian Ministries
HCA Halifax Christian Academy
HSCD Hand-Schüller-Christian Disease
HCAF Hans Christian Andersen Forskerskolen
HTCF Happy Trails Christian Fellowship Church
HCFC Harambee Christian Family Center
HGCC Hardley Green Christian Centre
HCA Harrells Christian Academy
HGSCF Harvard Graduate School Christian Fellowship
HRCF Harvard-Radcliffe Christian Fellowship
HCFI Healthcare Christian Fellowship International
HCA Heartland Christian Academy
HC Heritage Christian
HICC Heritage International Christian Church
HFCC Heritage of Faith Christian Church
HCCBA High Country Christian Broadcasters Association
HPCA High Point Christian Academy
HGCC Higher Ground Christian College
HLCC Higher Living Christian Church
HCCH Hill Country Christian Homeschoolers
HCC Hillcrest Christian College
HCCS Hills Christian Community School
HHCA Hilton Head Christian Academy
HCCN Hispanic Christian Community Network
HCHS Holland Christian High School
HC Holland Christian High School
HCS Holland Christian Schools
HHCRC Holland Heights Christian Reformed Church
HGCC Holy Ghost Christian Centre
HLCC Holy Land Christian Charities
HCEF Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
HKCCCU Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union
HKCIC Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee
HKCS Hong Kong Christian Service
HKICC Hong Kong Institute of Christian Counselors
HKWCC Hong Kong Women Christian Council
HCC Hope Christian Church
HCHS Hope Christian High School
HMCM Hope Mission Christian Ministries
HCA Horizon Christian Academy
HCF Horizon Christian Fellowship
HLCC Howard Lake Christian Church
HLCC Hume Lake Christian Camps, Inc.
HPCA Hunting Park Christian Academy
HCK Hythe Christian Kids
IACS Illinois Association of Christian Schools
ICHE Illinois Christian Home Educators
IDCC Imago Dei Christian Community
ICS Immanuel Christian School
IUCS Imus Unida Christian School
ICL In Christian Love
IBCC Independence Boulevard Christian Church
ICRA Independent Christian Recording Artists
ICBC India Christian Bible College
ICF Indian Christian Forum
ICF Indian Christian Front
ICU Indian Christians United
IRCS Indian Rocks Christian School
ICBA Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance
ICYC Indiana Christian Youth Convention
ICF Industrial Christian Fellowship
INCH Information Network for Christian Homes
IAC Institute for Antiquity and Christianity
ICS Institute for Christian Studies
ICT Institute for Christian Teaching
ICMU Institute for Christian-Muslim Understanding
IEWCS Institute for East/West Christian Studies
IHCS Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies
IDCL Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership
IDCF Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship
ISCF Inter School Christian Fellowship
ICS Intermountain Christian School
IACA International Association for Christian Action
IACSA International Association of Christian School Administrators
IBCC International Board of Christian Counselors
ICCL International Center for Christian Leadership
ICA International Christian Academy
ICAA International Christian Accrediting Association
ICA International Christian Adoptions
ICBA International Christian Bikers Association
ICB International Christian Broadcasters
ICCC International Christian Chamber of Commerce
ICC International Christian Church
ICC International Christian College
ICCC International Christian Cycling Club
ICE International Christian Embassy
ICEMP International Christian Entertainment Music Production
ICIA International Christian Interpreter Association
ICLD International Christian Literature Distributors, Inc.
ICMA International Christian Maritime Association
ICMC International Christian Media Commission
ICRA International Christian Radio Associates, Inc.
ICR International Christian Relief
ICS International Christian School
ICSB International Christian School of Budapest
ICTA International Christian Technologists’ Association
ICU International Christian University
ICVM International Christian Visual Media
ICYC International Christian Youth Conference
ICYE International Christian Youth Exchange
ICCFM International Confederation of Christian Family Movements
ICCC International Council of Christian Churches
IFCF International Faith Christian Fellowship
IFCC International Federation of Christian Churches
IFCM International Fellowship of Christian Ministries
IFCJ International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
IOCC International Orthodox Christian Charities
IOOC International Orthodox Christian Charities
IRCC International Revival Christian Center
ISCA International Student Christian Association
IYCS International Young Christian Students
ICL Internet Christian Library
IFC Internet for Christians
IOCC Inter-Orthodox Christian Charities
IVCF Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
IV Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
IRCC Iron Range Christian Center
ISCR Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch
ICMR Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
JCHE Jackson Christian Home Educators
JCS Jackson Christian School
JCFC Jacksonville Christian Faith Center
JRCA James River Christian Academy
JCJC Japan Christian Junior College
JCC Jarvis Christian College
JCS Jenison Christian School
JOC Jeunesse Ouvriere Christians
JCMA Jewish Christian Muslim Association
JCMA Jewish, Christian, Muslim Association of Australia
JCB Johann Christian Bach
JCCS John Calvin Christian School
JCCS John Curtis Christian School
JCCC Joint Christian Cemetery Company
JCN Journal of Christian Nursing
JECS Journal of Early Christian Studies
KCSA Kalamazoo Christian School Association
KCCS Kansas City Christian School
KVCC Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp
KCC Kentucky Christian College
KCSAA Kentucky Christian School Athletic Association
KCS Keswick Christian School
KWCA Kids’ World Christian Academy
KCM Kilimanjaro Christian Medical
KCMC Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre
KCC King’s Christian College
KBCC Kingdom Builders Christian Center
KCCF Kingston Chinese Christian Fellowship
KCC Kingsway Christian College
KICC Kingsway International Christian Centre
KLICE Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics
KCF Koinonia Christian Fellowship
KCF Korean Christian Federation
KCF Korean Christian Fellowship
LCTU Ladies Christian Temperance Union
LCCS Lake Center Christian School
LMCA Lake Mead Christian Academy
LCC Lakeside Christian College
LHCS Laurentian Hills Christian School
LCCC Leeds Chinese Christian Church
LCA Lehigh Christian Academy
LGCM Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement
LCF Librarians’ Christian Fellowship
LPCC Licensed Professional Christian Counselor
LPCT Licensed Professional Christian Therapist
LCCS Lichfield Centre for Christian Studies
LCC Life Christian Church
LCF Life Christian Fellowship
LCR Life Christian Resources
LFCE Light from the Christian East
LCC Lincoln Christian College
LCC-AND-S Lincoln Christian College & Seminary
LCCS Lincoln Christian College and Seminary
LCU Lincoln Christian University
LCS Linfield Christian School
LCC Lithuania Christian College
LRCA Little Rock Christian Academy
LFCA Living Faith Christian Academy
LWCR Living Word Christian Radio
LCC Livingstone Christian College
LCA Local Christian Assembly
LICC London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
LACC Los Alamos Christian Church
LACC Los Altos Christian Club
LACO Loving Arms Christian Outreach
LCCS Lowry City Christian School
LCC Lubbock Christian College
LCU Lubbock Christian University
MCC Madras Christian College
MCCHS Madras Christian College High School
MCSN Malaysian Christian Songwriters Network
MSCM Manchester Student Christian Movement
MCC Manhattan Christian College
MCA Maranatha Christian Academy
MACHE Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators
MACHEER Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators
MCB Mass of Christian Burial
MCLC Master Christian Life Coach
MACE Master of Arts in Christian Education
MACM Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
MACS Master of Arts in Christian Studies
MCM Master of Christian Ministry
MUCU Melbourne University Christian Union
MCYC Merseyside Christian Youth Camps
MCC Metro Christian Center
MECF Metro-East Christian Fellowship
MCLC Metrowest Christian Life Center
MCU Miami Christian University
MVCA Miami Valley Christian Academy
MCLC Miamisburg Christian Learning Center
MCHES Michiana Christian Home Educators
MCSC Michiana Christian Service Camp
MCYC Michigan Christian Youth Camp
MCFL Michigan Christians for Life
MACU Mid-America Christian University
MACSA Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association
MUCU Middlesex University Christian Union
MCC Midlands Christian College
MACHE Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
MACHEER Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
MCBI Minnesota Christian Broadcasters Inc.
MCCC Miraculous Christian Center Church
MVCF Mission Valley Christian Fellowship
MCC Mitchellville Christian Church
MCS Mobile Christian School
MCE Modern Christian Era
MUCU Moi University Christian Union
MOORMC Monastic Order of Rec.Music.Christian
MCCL Moravian Covenant for Christian Living
MCCA Morgan Creek Christian Academy
MSCS Morning Star Christian School
MCPA Moro-Christian People’s Alliance
MCA Morrison Christian Academy
MCCS Mount Cheam Christian School
MZCF Mount Zion Christian Fellowship
MVCCC Mountain View Chinese Christian Church
MVCA Mountain View Christian Assembly
NCA Nashua Christian Academy
NAACC Nashville Area Association of Christian Counselors
NACR National Association for Christian Recovery
NACA National Association of Christian Athletes
NACE National Association of Christian Educators
NATC National Association of True Christian
NCCF National Christian Charitable Foundation
NCC National Christian Choir
NCCA National Christian Counselors Association
NCEC National Christian Education Council
NCFF National Christian Football Festival
NCF National Christian Foundation
NCRA National Christian Radio Alliance
NCRE National Christian Resources Exhibition
NCSC National Christian Sports Conference
NCYC National Christian Youth Convention
NCCL National Committee for Christian Leadership
NCCJ National Conference of Christians and Jews
NECF National Evangelical Christian Fellowship
NICE National Institute for Christian Education
NPCDP National Peasant Christian Democratic Party
NACF Native American Christian Fellowship
NCPO Network of Christian Peace Organisations
NICS Network of International Christian Schools
NPAC Network of Politically Active Christians
NCCF Nevada City Christian Fellowship
NBCF New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
NCM New Christian Music
NCCA New Covenant Christian Academy
NCCF New Covenant Christian Fellowship
NCCF New Creation Christian Fellowship
NDCV New Dawn Christian Village
NDCA New Dimensions Christian Academy
NHCF New Harvest Christian Fellowship
NHCA New Hope Christian Academy
NJCM New Jersey Christian Ministries
NJCF New Jerusalem Christian Fellowship
NLCA New Life Christian Academy
NLCCC New Life Christian Counseling Center
NLCFI New Life Christian Fellowship International
NWCF New Wine Christian Fellowship
NZCPS New Zealand Christian Pacifist Society
NZCCSS New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services
NCCF Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship
NCCF Nipissing and Canadore Christian Fellowship
NFC No Frills Christianity
NCCF Noah Chinese Christian Fellowship
NACC North American Christian Convention
NHCA North Highland Christian Academy
NHCH North Hills Christian Homeschoolers
NOCC North Oak Christian Church
NSCC North Shore Christian Church
NTCS North Toronto Christian School
NWCC North Woods Christian Church
NBCC Northern Beaches Christian Centre
NCF Northern Christian Fellowship
NTCSA Northern Territory Christian Schools Association
NSCC Northshore Christian Centre
NCC Northside Christian Church
NWCC Northwest Christian Church
NWCC Northwest Christian College
NCC Northwest Christian College
NWCSI Northwest Christian Schools International
NCCF Northwestern Chinese Christian Fellowship
NSFC Not Safe for Christians
NCC Nunawading Christian College
OHCC Oak Hills Christian College
OCHS Oaks Christian High School
OCS Oaks Christian School
OCC Odawara Christian Center
OCF Officers’ Christian Fellowship
OVCMA Ohio Valley Christian Music Association
OCHEA Okinawa Christian Home Educators Association
OCSI Okinawa Christian School International
OC Oklahoma Christian University
OTCM Old Town Christian Ministries
OCWN Online Christian Webcasting Network
ODCS Open Door Christian School
OCCS Orange County Christian School
OCIA Order of Christian Initiation of Adults
OCP Orlando Christian Prep
OCGS Oro Christian Grace School
OCB Orthodox Christian Brotherhood
OCCA Orthodox Christian Clergy Association
OCF Orthodox Christian Fellowship
OCJ Orthodox Christian Journal
OCL Orthodox Christian Laity
OCWA Orthodox Christian Women’s Association
OCCS Oswego Community Christian School
OLLC Our Lady’s Little Christians
OPCC Overland Park Christian Church
OECS Oxford Early Christian Studies
OCC Ozark Christian College
PACU Pacific and Asia Christian University
PCC Pacific Christian College
PCF Pacific Christian Fellowship
PCC Pakistan Christian Congress
PCLA Pakistan Christian Lawyer Association
PCA Palisades Christian Academy
PACC Pan Africa Christian College
PACU Pan African Christian University College
PCC Pantano Christian Church
PSCT Park Slope Christian Tabernacle
PCLA Parklawn Christian Leadership Academy
PCLS Pass Christian Lighthouse Society
PCU Pass Christian University
PWCC Pearce-Williams Christian Centre
PVCS Penn View Christian School
PCTC Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention
PCC Pensacola Christian College
PCA People’s Christian Academy
PSCF Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
PSCO Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins
PCBS Philippine Christian BookStores
PCLI Philippine Christian Literature Inc.
PCU Philippine Christian University
PCU-ISS Philippine Christian University – Integrated Science School
PDCF Philippine Deaf Christian Fellowship
PACSA Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness
PUCS Pittsburgh Urban Christian School
PACK Planned Acts of Christian Kindness
PCYC Plymouth Christian Youth Center
PYC Plymouth Youth Christian
PCCF Pollock Chinese Christian Fellowship
PCLM Poor Christian Liberation Movement
PCS Portsmouth Christian School
PUCHE Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
PCM Practical Christian Ministry
PCF Prague Christian Fellowship
PAOCS Prairie Association of Christian Schools
PRCC Prairie Ridge Christian Church
PCCF Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship
PCP Preserving Christian Publications, Inc.
PCA Prestonwood Christian Academy
PBCA Probashi Bengali Christian Association
PCCCA Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy
PCA Progressive Christian Academy
PCBN Progressive Christian Bloggers Network
PCOM Progressive Christian Outreach Ministries, Inc.
PLCA Progressive Learning Christian Academy
PCM Psuedo-Christian Moron
PSCC Puget Sound Christian College
PCCF Purdue Chinese Christian Fellowship
PCCH Purdue Christian Campus House
PRCC Pusch Ridge Christian Church
RECYCLE Recollections in Christianity
REC Recollections in Christianity
REACH Reconciliation Evangelism and Christian Healing Organization
RMCC Red Mountain Christian Center
RCRC Redlands Christian Reformed Church
RMCA Redlands Migrant Christian Association
RCC Reformed Christian Church
RCLC Regis Christian Life Community
RCS Rehoboth Christian School
RTCE Released Time Christian Education
RMCF Rhein-Main Christian Fellowship
RICC Rhema International Christian Center
RECK Rhyno Edge Christian Kurt
RCS Richmond Christian School
RDCC Right Direction Christian Center
RWCF Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist
RICA Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
RCIC Rite of Christian Initiation of Children
RVCF River Valley Christian Fellowship
RVCS River Valley Christian School
RSCL Riverside School of Christian Living
RHCS Rochester Hills Christian School
RCES Rockford Christian Elementary School
RCS Rockford Christian School
RMCA Rocky Mountain Christian Academy
RCE Romanian Christian Enterprises
RCC Ross Christian Church
RCF Runnymede Christian Fellowship
RACY Rushden Area Christian Youth
RCHI Russian Christian Humanitarian Institute
RSCM Russian Student Christian Movement
RACU Russian-American Christian University
SVCL Sacramento Valley Christian League
FMA Salesian Sisters, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
SLCA Salt Lake Christian Academy
SACHSA San Angelo Christian Home School Association
SFCC San Fernando Christian Community
SJCA San Jacinto Christian Academy
SFCC Sandborn First Christian Church
SLCA Sandlake Christian Academy
SCS Sarnia Christian School
SCCC Scandinavia Chinese Christian Church
SCS Schaumburg Christian School
SCFS School Christian Fellowships
SOCL School of Christian Living
SCP Scottish Christian Party
SCA Scottsdale Christian Academy
SCFS Seaman’s Christian Friend Society
SPCU Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity
SICM Sedgley International Christian Ministries
SMCS Shades Mountain Christian School
SCA Shalom Christian Academy
SCNC Shawnee Christian Nursing Center
SVCA Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy
SHCS Shiloh Hills Christian School
SVCHA Silicon Valley Christian Health Alliance
SCM Single Christian Male
SWCF Single White Christian Female
SWCM Single White Christian Male
SFCC Sisters for Christian Community
SCC Sisters of Christian Charity
SCF Sloan Christian Fellowship
SCC Small Christian Communities
SCS Smithtown Christian School
SWCF Social Workers Christian Fellowship
SBCS Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies
SPCK Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
SSEC Society for the Study of Early Christianity
SSPCK Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
SCE Society of Christian Ethics
SCP Society of Christian Philosophers
SCSBC Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia
SRCC Solid Rock Christian Center
STCP Solving the Christian Puzzle
SRCA Son Rise Christian Academy
SLCC South London Christian College
SMCF South Manchester Christian Fellowship
SMCA South Merrimack Christian Academy
SSCA South Shore Christian Academy
SSCF South Shore Christian Fellowship
SSCC South Suburban Christian Church
STSCS South Texas School of Christian Studies
SCC Southeast Christian Church
SCCCS Southern California Center for Christian Studies
SCC Southern Christian College
SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference
SMCA Southern Maryland Christian Academy
SCS Southfield Christian School
SLCA Southlake Christian Academy
SCCS Southwest Chicago Christian Schools
SCS Southwest Christian School
SFCA Southwest Florida Christian Academy
SCF Spartan Christian Fellowship
SPCC St. Philip’s Christian College
SFCM Stamps for Christian Missions
STRIKE Starting Technology-based Relationships Introducing Christianity Everywhere
SGCA StoneGate Christian Academy
SCF Student Christian Fellowship
SCM Student Christian Movement
SCL Stuff Christians Like
SCLM Successful Christian Living Ministries
SPCC Sugar Pine Christian Camps
SCA Summit Christian Academy
SSCA Sun and Shield Christian Academy
SCCHS Sussex County Christian Home Schoolers
SBCU Sutton Bonington Christian Union
SCEA Swan Christian Education Association
SMCA SWAT Ministries Christian Academy
XP Symbol or monogram for Christ or Christianity
TCC Tabernacle Christian Church
TCIS Taejon Christian International School
TACC Taiwanese American Christian Church
TBCN Tampa Bay Christian Network
TVCS Teays Valley Christian School
TVCA Tees Valley Christian Alliance
TCCC Temperance Council of the Christian Churches
TCA Temple Christian Academy
TCC Temple Christian College
TCS Temple Christian School
TCAL Texas Christian Athletic League
TCU Texas Christian University
TCPC The Center for Progressive Christianity
TCAN The Christian Alert Network
TCC The Christian Challenge
TCU The Christian Underground
TDC The Drinking Christians/Catholics
TEACH The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers
TLCA The Lexington Christian Academy
TLCC The Life Christian Church
TLSCF The Living Stone Christian Fellowship
TBCF Thunder Bay Christian Fellowship
TCW Today’s Christian Woman
TWCU Tokyo Woman’s Christian University
TACF Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
TVCS Torrens Valley Christian School
TCT Total Christian Television
TOCA Traditional Orthodox Christian Church
TCL Training in Christian Living
TSCW Training School for Christian Workers
TRACCS Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
TRACS Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
TCC Tri-City Christian
TCA Trinity Christian Academy
TCC Trinity Christian Centre
TCC Trinity Christian College
TCS Trinity Christian School
TWCF Tunbridge Wells Christian Fellowship
TCCC Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Church
TOCS Twin Oaks Christian School
UCW Ultimate Christian Wrestling
UCFC Unifour Christian Fellowship Church
UCC Union Christian College
UCM Union of Christian Mothers
UUCF Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship
UCAI United Christian Assemblies International
UCB United Christian Broadcasters
UCDP United Christian Democratic Party
UCFM United Christian Faith Ministries
UCMI United Christian Ministries International
UCPC United Christian Presbyterian Church
UCYC United Christian Youth Camp
UMCA United Molokan Christian Association
USCL United Society for Christian Literature
USCGA United States Christian Golf Association
ULCCF Universal Life Church Christian Fellowship
UCCF University and Colleges Christian Fellowship
UACA University at Albany Christian Association
UC University Christian
UCCB University Christian Church of Berkeley
UJCM University Joint Christian Movement
UACA University of Adelaide Christian Association
UBCU University of Brighton Christian Union
UGCU University of Gloucestershire Christian Union
UVCS Upper Valley Christian School
UICM Urban Impact Christian Ministries
VCHS Vacaville Christian High School
VCA Valley Christian Academy
VCAA Valley Christian Athletic Association
VCC Valley Christian Church
VCC Valley Christian Conference
VFCC Valley Forge Christian College
VVCC Valley View Christian Church
VCC Vanuatu Christian Council
VCA Veritas Christian Academy
VCWG Victoria Christian Women Group
VCLI Victorious Christian Living International
VLCC Victorious Life Christian Church
VCS Victory Christian School
VICCC Victory in Christ Christian Center
VCS Vienna Christian School
VCF Vine Christian Fellowship
VCF Vineyard Christian Fellowship
VBCA Virginia Beach Christian Academy
VCY Voice of Christian Youth
WCFS Walkersville Christian Family Schools
WGCS Walnut Grove Christian School
WCA Warner Christian Academy
WCA Washtenaw Christian Academy
WLCS Wasilla Lake Christian School
WCF Waterloo Christian Fellowship
WGCC Webster Groves Christian Church
WPCU Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
WICF Wellington International Christian Fellowship
WBCA West Bay Christian Academy
WCCF West Coast Christian Fellowship
WCCC West County Christian Counseling
WCCC West Covina Christian Church
WFCC West Florida Christian Conference
WFCS West Florida Christian School
WGCS West Gate Christian School
WHCS West Hernando Christian School
WHCS West Hills Christian School
WMCS West Memphis Christian School
WSCC West Side Christian Church
WSCCC West Sydney Chinese Christian Church
WVCC West Valley Christian Center
WVCS West Valley Christian School
WVCYC West Virginia Christian Youth Camp
WYSOCS West Yorkshire School Of Christian Studies
WFCM Western Fairfax Christian Ministries
WMCR Westminster Christian
WCAC Westminster Christian Academy
WCCB Westside Christian Community Builders
WCCC Westside Coalition of Christian Churches
WWCD What Would Christians Do?
WRCC White River Christian Church
WRCC Willow Road Christian Church
WRCC Windsor Road Christian Church
WCMA Wisconsin Christian Missionary Association
WCYC Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp
WCCS Wise County Christian School
WCTU Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
WCA Women Christian Association
WCC Women’s Christian College
WSCS Women’s Society of Christian Service
WCAA Woodlands Christian Athletic Association
WCLS Woodstock Christian Life Services
WWCF Word for the World Christian Fellowship
WFCM Word Fountain Christian Ministries
WACC World Association for Christian Communication
WCAC World Christian Action Conference
WCDN World Christian Doctors Network
WCLC World Christian Life Community
WCTD World Christian Tract Directory
WCCM World Community for Christian Meditation
WSCF World Student Christian Federation
WWAC World War Against Christians
WWCR World Wide Christian Radio
WWCO World Wide Christians Online
WWCTU World Women’s Christian Temperance Union
WEAPON Worldwide Christian Schools
WCS Worldwide Christian Schools
WCCC Worthing Christian Counselling Centre
XCF Xenos Christian Fellowship
XCS Xenos Christian Schools
YCYH York Christian Youth Holidays
YCM Young Christian Movement
YCW Young Christian Workers
YLGC Young Lesbian and Gay Christians
YMCC Young Men Christian Council
YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association
YWCA Young Women’s Christian Association
ZCA Zimbabwe Christian Alliance
ZCA Zion Christian Academy
ZCP Zion Christian Publishers
ZCU Zion Christian University
ZCF Zoe Christian Fellowship