Advisory Abbreviations

What is an Advisor?

Adviser is the same as helper, auxiliary, assistant and adviser. It is someone who advises a person or organization in a certain area or task.

An advisor has the function of imparting his knowledge, guiding and clarifying someone in matters related to his area of expertise. The advisor can work in companies with very different activities, in governmental entities or NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

Some of the main synonyms of advisor are: auxiliary, acolyte, helper, assistant, coadjutor, substitute, counselor, among others.


Accessor or Advisor?

It is common to find errors regarding the spelling of this word. Correct spelling is accessor (with “ss”). The form ” accessor ” is incorrect and does not exist in Portuguese.

Press officer

A press officer is the professional who works in the press office, an important sector present in most companies and institutions, which involves areas such as advertising, public relations, journalism and advertising.

The press officer has an important role in the organization or company, being responsible for the communication strategies adopted and the relationships established with the media.

Legal advisor

The legal advisor is the professional responsible for technical advice in the legal area. Legal advice can be provided in any area, such as: Civil, Criminal, Labor, Social Security, Tax and Administrative Law.

Some of the functions of a legal advisor are:

  • provide advice and guidance on laws and other regulations;
  • act as a lawyer in legal proceedings;
  • decide and advise on the best legal course;
  • make opinions and analyses;
  • make and analyze contracts, agreements or agreements;
  • monitor the progress of legal proceedings;
  • advise Judges, Prosecutors and other legal professionals.

The advisor can work anywhere that he or she needs legal advice, both in public agencies and in private companies.

It is foreseen in the Lawyer’s Statute that the role of legal advisor can only be performed by lawyers who are registered with the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB).

Business advisor

A commercial advisor (also known as a consultant or commercial assistant) aims to grow the company through solutions in the commercial area.

Normally, the commercial advisor must have good knowledge of English, mathematics and computers, areas that will help him in his tasks.

Some of the functions of a commercial advisor are:

  • communicate with clients;
  • analyze business proposals;
  • provide logistical support;
  • make reports and budgets.

Accounting advisor

An accounting advisor is a person who works in the accounting department of a company. It is responsible for activities that are related to accounting and tax documents and records.

Among the functions of an accounting advisor are:

  • make payment control spreadsheets;
  • prepare financial statements;
  • register tax documents;
  • review and record bank transactions;
  • calculate taxes to be paid by the company.

Advisory Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Advisory

APAC AAHL Policy Advisory Committee
AJAC Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council
AFCAC Above the Falls Citizens Advisory Committee
APRSAC Academe and Policy Research Senior Advisory Committee
AAC Academic Advisory Center
AAAC Academic Affairs Advisory Committee
AAAG Academic Affairs Advisory Group
ANAG Academic Network Advisory Group
AVPAC Academic Vice President’s Advisory Council
AAT Acceptability Advisory Team
AAC Accessibility Advisory Committee
ABAS Accounting Based Advisory Services
ARAC Accreditation and Registration Advisory Council
AIAC ACCS Implementation Advisory Committee
APAC ACCS Planning & Policy Advisory Committee
ARAC Acid Rain Advisory Committee
ARSAC Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee
ARAC Administrative Restructuring Advisory Committee
ASAB Administrative Systems Advisory Board
ASAC Administrative Systems Advisory Committee
ADVANCE Advanced Driver and Vehicle Advisory Navigation Concept
ATAC Advanced Technology Advisory Committee
ADRAC Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee
ADVSY Advisory
ADA Advisory Area
ABDI Advisory Board for Defence Information
ABGI Advisory Board for Geographic Information
ABLEY Advisory Board for Lovejoy Elderly and Youth
ABRC Advisory Board for Redundant Churches
ABRC Advisory Board for the Research Councils
ABM Advisory Board Meeting
ABSA Advisory Board on Statistics in Africa
ALPHABET Advisory Bolting Committee
ABC Advisory Bolting Committee
ACWL Advisory Center on WTO Law (Geneva, Switzerland)
ACFE Advisory Centre for Education
ACE Advisory Centre for Education
AC Advisory Circular
ACJ Advisory Circular Joint
ACA Advisory Commission on Aging
ACCV Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines
ACEC Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce
ACSEC Advisory Commission on State Emergency Communications
AC Advisory Committee
ACBM Advisory Committee for Biology & Medicine
ACCF Advisory Committee for Computing Facilities
ACDP Advisory Committee for Disabled People
ACOL Advisory Committee for Online Learning
ACOH Advisory Committee for Operational Hydrology
ACPA Advisory Committee for Public Art
ACRP Advisory Committee for Reactor Physics
ACRS Advisory Committee for Reactor Safeguards
ACRHD Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs
ACSA Advisory Committee for Student Athletes
ACHP Advisory Committee for the Health Professions
ACTN Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations
ACVT Advisory Committee for Vocational Training
ACM Advisory Committee Meeting
ACMRR Advisory Committee of Experts on Marine Resources Research
ACPHS Advisory Committee of Population Health and Security
ACAT Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit
ACABQ Advisory Committee On Administrative and Budgetary Questions
ACATS Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Services
ACA Advisory Committee on Aero-ballistics
ACAB Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology
ACAF Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs
ARHAI Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection
ACART Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology
ACAD Advisory Committee on Assistive Devices
ACBM Advisory Committee on Biology and Medicine
ACBSA Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability
ACBS Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances
ACBE Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment
ACOBA Advisory Committee on Business Appointments
ACOCC Advisory Committee on Cancer Control
ACCAT Advisory Committee on Carbon Abatement Technologies
ACCE Advisory Committee on Chemicals
ACCLPP Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
ACCAD Advisory Committee on Climate Applications and Data
ACCEA Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards
ACDP Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens
ACDF Advisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities
ACDA Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards
ACEC Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility
ACET Advisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications
ACEA Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects
ACER Advisory Committee on Environmental Resources
ACEP Advisory Committee on Export Policy
ACFR Advisory Committee on Fisheries Research
ACFM Advisory Committee on Fishery Management
ACFI Advisory Committee on Fungal Infections
ACGC Advisory Committee on Genetic Counseling
ACGM Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification
ACGT Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing
ACHHR Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources
ACHR Advisory Committee on Health Research
ACHDNC Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children
ACHP Advisory Committee on Highway Policy
ACOH Advisory Committee on Homeless in Folsom
ACIP Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
ACJE Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics
ACMP Advisory Committee on Marine Pollution
ACMRR Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research
ACMM Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana
ACMH Advisory Committee on Minority Health
ACND Advisory Committee on Northern Development
ACNS Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety
ACOMR Advisory Committee on Oceanic Meteorological Research
ACOPS Advisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea
ACPSM Advisory Committee on Pain and Symptom Management
ACPWP Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products
ACP Advisory Committee on Pesticides
ACOPS Advisory Committee on Physical Security
ACPDR Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty
ACPH Advisory Committee on Population Health
ACPO Advisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination
ACPIL Advisory Committee on Private International Law
ACOPS Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea
ACRP Advisory Committee on Radiological Protection
ACRE Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment
ACRO Advisory Committee on Repair and Overhaul
ACOR Advisory Committee on Research
ACR Advisory Committee on Roofwork
ACOS Advisory Committee on Safety
ACSH Advisory Committee on Safety an Health at Work
ASCP Advisory Committee on Security and Privacy
ACSR Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility
ACSPC Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies
ACSWP Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy
ACSA Advisory Committee on Student Affairs
ACS Advisory Committee on Sustainability
ACT Advisory Committee on Technology
ACTI Advisory Committee on Technology Innovation
ACE Advisory Committee on the Environment
ACFC Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention
ACISS Advisory Committee on the International Space Station
ACJ Advisory Committee on the Judiciary
ACME Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment
ACMSF Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food
ACTS Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances
ACTN Advisory Committee on Training in Nursing
ACTPCMD Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine
ACTPCMD Advisory Committee on Training in Primary Care Medicine and Dentistry
ACUP Advisory Committee on University Planning
ACVT Advisory Committee on Veterinary Training
ACWI Advisory Committee on Water Information
ACDC Advisory Committee to the Director
ACD Advisory Committee to the Director
ACEP Advisory Committee, Export Policy
ACM Advisory Compliance Message
ACB Advisory Council Board
ACAP Advisory Council for Administrative Professionals
ACARE Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe
ACELS Advisory Council for English Language Schools
ACET Advisory Council for the Elimination of Tuberculosis
ACE Advisory Council of Experts
ACCLS Advisory Council on Career and Life Strategies
ACDC Advisory Council on Development Cooperation
ACE Advisory Council on Ethics
ACFASP Advisory Council on First Aid, Aquatics, Safety, & Preparedness
ACGLI Advisory Council on Gay and Lesbian Issues
ACHI Advisory Council on Health Infostructure
ACHE Advisory Council on Hispanic Employment
ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
ACIP Advisory Council on Intellectual Property
ACPL Advisory Council on Procurement Lobbying
ACORD Advisory Council on Research and Development
ACST Advisory Council on Science and Technology
ACOST Advisory Council On Science and Technology
ACSS Advisory Council on Social Security
ACE Advisory Council on the Environment
ACMD Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
ACSW Advisory Council on the Status of Women
ACUC Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation
ACR Advisory Council Report
ADCO Advisory Counsil
AEGIS Advisory Experts Group on Inherent Safety
ADF Advisory File
AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development
AGRRI Advisory Group for Rail Research and Innovation
AGAR Advisory Group of Applied Research
AGE Advisory Group of Experts
AGAS Advisory Group on Aviation Security
ECONIT Advisory Group on Economic Industry and Trade
AGECTDS Advisory Group on Education for Citizenship and the Teaching of Democracy in Schools
AGEP Advisory Group On Electronic Parts
AGFC Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork
AGGI Advisory Group on Gender Integration
AGGG Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases
AGQ Advisory Group on Quarantine
AGSAG Advisory Group on Scientific Advances in Genetics
AGMU Advisory Groups Management Unit
AIS Advisory Investment Service
AMD Advisory Map Display
AMJ Advisory Material Joint
ANC Advisory Neighborhood Commission
ANC Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners
ANMH Advisory Network on Mental Health
ANDPB Advisory Non-Departmental Public Body
AN Advisory Note
AO Advisory Opinion
APDOT Advisory Panel for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
ANTEROPOSTERIOR Advisory Panel on Administration
AP Advisory Panel on Administration
APCI Advisory Panel on Country Information
APIR Advisory Panel on Investment Responsibility
APME Advisory Panel on Medicare Education
APB Advisory Policy Board
ARB Advisory Review Board
ADR Advisory Route
ASB Advisory Service Bulletin
ASG Advisory Services Guide
ASIT Advisory Services on Investment and Training
ASP Advisory Services Panel
ASIST Advisory Support, Information Services and Training
ASTID Advisory System for Tired Drivers
ATOD Advisory Teachers of the Deaf
ATLAS Advisory Team for Large Applications
ADTA Advisory Technical Assistance
ATO Advisory Title Officer
AWG Advisory Working Group
ACAWS Advisory, Caution, And Warning System
ACAS Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ARSAG Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group
ACCOUNTING Aeronautics Advisory Committee
ACCESSORY Aeronautics Advisory Committee
ACC Aeronautics Advisory Committee
AAC Aeronautics Advisory Council
ASAP Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
ATAC Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee
ASTAC Aero-Space Technology Advisory Committee
AAAC Affirmative Action Advisory Committee
APAP Africa Policy Advisory Panel
AIA African Investment Advisory
ACPAC Aged Care Planning Advisory Committee
AAC Agency Advisory Council
AAC Agricultural Advisory Committee
ADAS Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
APAC Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for Trade
APAB Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board
ASAP Agricultural Sciences Advisory Panel
AEAS Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron
AFAC Air Force Advisory Committee
AFAT Air Force Advisory Team
AMSAC Air Medical Safety Advisory Council
ASA Air Stagnation Advisory
ATMAC Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee
ADAD Airborne Division Advisory Detachment
ASAP Aircrew System Advisory Panel
AAB Airport Advisory Board
AAS Airport Advisory Service
ANAP Airport Noise Advisory Panel
AFSAC Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee
AMSAC Alaska Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee
ALAC Alcohol Advisory Council
ADAB Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board
AWAG Algonquin Wolf Advisory Group
AVPAC Alkek Velodrome Park Advisory Council
ASAC Allenspark Senior Advisory Committee
AIRAC All-Industry Research Advisory Council
AMPAC Alternative Medicine Program Advisory Council
AAB Alumni Advisory Board
AGCAB AMD Global Consumer Advisory Board
AIAC American Indian Advisory Committee
ATAG Amphibian Taxon Advisory Group
AAA Analytical and Advisory Assistance
AMAB Ancient Monuments Advisory Board
AIAG Animal Industries Advisory Group
ASAC Antarctic Science Advisory Committee
ASWAC Anti-Submarine Warfare Advisory Committee
ATAC Anti-Terrorism Advisory Committee
ATAC Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
ABAC APEC Business Advisory Council
AAC Apiary Advisory Committee
ALPAC Aquaculture Lease Program Advisory Committee
ARMAC Aquatic Resource Management Advisory Committee
ADAG Architectural Drawings Advisory Group
AAC Architecture Advisory Committee
AMAB Arctic Marine Advisory Board
AAA Area Advisory Authority
APAAC Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council
AWAG Arkansas Watershed Advisory Group
AAGE Army Advisory Group On Energy
ASTAG Army Science and Technology Advisory Group
ASAP Army Scientific Advisory Panel
ASAC Army Study Advisory Committee
ATPAT Army Test Program Advisory Team
AAC Arthritis Advisory Committee
AAB Artichoke Advisory Board
ALAB Ashburn Library Advisory Board Inc.
ASAC Asian Standards Advisory Committee
APAB Asia-Pacific Advisory Board
APAC Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee
AMPAG Asset Management Plan Advisory Group
ASPAC Associated Student’s Presidential Advisory Council
ABAA Assurance & Business Advisory Analyst
ABAS Assurance Business Advisory Services
AAAC Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee
AAC Athletic Advisory Council
AAAG Athletics Admissions Advisory Group
APAB Atlanta Planning Advisory Board
ALPAC Atlantic Large Pelagics Advisory Committee
APAG Atlantic Policy Advisory Group
ASAC Atlantic Swordfish Advisory Committee
ALAC At-Large Advisory Committee
ARAC Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability
AGAC Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys
ADAC Audience Development Advisory Committee
AHMAC Australian Health Ministers Advisory Committee
AQFAB Australian Qualifications Framework Advisory Board
ARENAC Australian Research and Education Network Advisory Committee
ASAC Australian Seed Advisory Council
ASADA Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee
ASAC Australian Statistics Advisory Council
ASAA Australian Stone Advisory Association Ltd
ATAC Australian Transport Advisory Council
APAS Automated Pilot Advisory System
ATARS Automated Traffic Advisory and Resolution Service
AWAS Automated Weather Advisory Station
ALPAC Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee
ADAU Automotive Design Advisory Unit
AHAS Avian Hazard Advisory System
AAT Aviation Advisory Team
ARAC Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ASA Aviation Safety Advisory
BRAN Bale Research Advisory Network
BACHELOR Baltic Business Advisory Council
BAC Baltic Business Advisory Council
BIAC Bankruptcy and Insolvency Advisory Committee
BBAG Barents Business Advisory Group
BCAS Barristers Complaints Advisory Service
BACHELOR Base Advisory Council
BAC Base Advisory Council
BEAC Base Enlisted Advisory Council
BAG Baseline Advisory Group
BAG Basin Advisory Group
BDAC Bay-Delta Advisory Council
BEYAG Bayside Early Years Advisory Group
BAB Beautification Advisory Board
BHAG Behavior and Husbandry Advisory Group
BHAB Behavioral Health Advisory Board
BHMAP Behavioral Health Measurement Advisory Panel
BASDO Belour Advisory and Social Development Organization
BAHAB BeltLine Affordable Housing Advisory Board
BAP Beneficiary Advisory Panel
BEAT Bibliographic Enrichment Advisory Team
BPAC Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
BTAG Bicycle and Trail Advisory Group
BLUAC Bigfork Land Use Advisory Committee
BACHELOR Bioethics Advisory Committee
BAC Bioethics Advisory Committee
BRAB Biological Research Advisory Board
BRAC Biomedical Research Advisory Committee
BINAS Biosafety Information Network and Advisory Service
BOAC Biosolids Ordinance Advisory Committee
BACHELOR Biotechnology Advisory Committee
BAC Biotechnology Advisory Committee
BSAC Biotechnology Science Advisory Committee
BSAC Biotechnology Science Advisory Council
BRAC Bioterrorism Response Advisory Committee
BACAM Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Aspirants to the Ministry
BAAB Black Affairs Advisory Board
BAAC Black Affairs Advisory Council
BEEAC Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Council
BTAB Bluetooth Technical Advisory Board
BACHELOR Boating Advisory Council
BAC Boating Advisory Council
BSAC Boating Safety Advisory Council
BWA Boil Water Advisory
BEAC Bond Election Advisory Committee
BISAC Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee
BTAB Boulder Teen Advisory Board
BBAB British Biscuit Advisory Board
BEMAC British Exports Marketing Advisory Committee
BHAB British Helicopter Advisory Board
BPAS British Pregnancy Advisory Service
BRAB Bronx Realty Advisory Board
BTC BTC Testing Advisory Group
BAB Budget Advisory Board
BACHELOR Budget Advisory Committee
BAC Budget Advisory Committee
BASIN Building Advisory Service and Information Network
BRAC Building Regulations Advisory Committee
BRAB Building Research Advisory Board
BEPAC Business & Education Partnership Advisory Council
BACHELOR Business Advisory Center
BAC Business Advisory Center
BACHELOR Business Advisory Council
BAC Business Advisory Council
BAS Business Advisory Services
BASI Business Advisory Services Inc.
BASU Business Advisory Services Unit
BASG Business and Advisory Services Group Ltd
BIAC Business and Industry Advisory Committee
BDAG Business Development Advisory Group
BGAG Business Government Advisory Group
BHAG Business Health Advisory Group
BRAG Business Requirements Advisory Group
BEAC Business/Education Advisory Council
CTAB Cable Television Advisory Board
CTAF Cable Television Advisory Forum
CAC Cadet Advisory Council
CPAC Calgary Pathways and Bikeways Advisory Council
CAAB California Apricot Advisory Board
CDIAC California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
CMAB California Milk Advisory Board
CSAB California Strawberry Advisory Board
CIAC Callcenter Industry Advisory Council
CDAB Campus Diversity Advisory Board
CMAB Campus Ministry Advisory Board
CNAG Campus Network Advisory Group
CNAG Campus Networks Advisory Group
CAAB Canadian Advertising Advisory Board
CAC Canadian Advisory Committee
CAGJES Canadian Advisory Group on Joint Electrical Safety Committee
CBACS Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee
CFAN Canadian Family Advisory Network
CMAC Canadian Marine Advisory Council
COAB Canadian Organic Advisory Board
CSAS Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat
CLAC Canal Lands Advisory Committee
CAPCAM Cancer Advisory Panel on Complementary and Alternative Medicine
CAS Capital Advisory Services
CIAC Capital Improvement Advisory Committee
CSRAB Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board
CSA Career Service Advisory
CSAC Career Service Advisory Council
CRAC Careers Research and Advisory Centre
CREAS Caribbean Regional Ecumenical Advisory and Service Centre
CAC Carrier Advisory Committee
CRAG Cascade Resources Advisory Group
CAAC Catchment Area Advisory Committee
CWA Caution Warning Advisory
CAWS Caution, Advisory and Warning System
CEAC CECOM Executive Advisory Committee
CIAS Center for Investment Advisory Services
CNWSAC Center for Nursing Workforce Studies Advisory Committee
CWA Center Weather Advisory
CIAC Cephalopod International Advisory Council
CSAC Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee
CAB Change Advisory Board
CHAG Chemical Hazards Advisory Group
CTAC Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee
CNAG Chief, Naval Advisory Group
CCAC Child Care Advisory Committee
CAFCASS Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services
CERAP China Economic Research and Advisory Programme
CHAP Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel
CACLB Church’s Advisory Council for Local Broadcasting
CCPAS Churches Child Protection Advisory Service
CAB Citizens Advisory Board
CAC Citizens Advisory Council
CATF Citizens Advisory Task Force
CCAC Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
CIAC Citizens Involvement Advisory Committee
CNAG Citizens Noise Advisory Group
CSAC Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
CAC Citizens’ Advisory Committee
CCACD City/County Advisory Committee on the Disabled
CAAP Civil Aviation Advisory Publication
CSAB Civil Society Advisory Board
CSAG Civil Society Advisory Group
CAC Civilian Advisory Conference
CAPACITY Civilian Advisory Panel
CAP Civilian Advisory Panel
CMAAP Civilian Martial Arts Advisory Panel
CPAC Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
CAO Classification Advisory Officer
CEAC Classified Employees Advisory Council
CAAAC Clean Air Act Advisory Committee
CASAC Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee
CTAG Clerical Training Advisory Group
CAT Climate Advisory Team
CAC Clinical Advisory Committee
CAPA Clinical Advisory Pharmacists Association
CNAG Clinical Nutrition Advisory Group
CRAN Clinical Regional Advisory Network
CSAG Clinical Standards Advisory Group
CAG Clothing Advisory Group
CAB CNO Advisory Board
CPAM CNO Program Analysis/Advisory Memorandum
CAATT Coalition Army Advisory Training Team
CZAC Coastal Zone Advisory Committee
CAG COEA Advisory Group
CTAG Coexistence Technical Advisory Group
CAC Collection Advisory Center
CISAC College Information Systems Advisory Committee
CWAG Collie Water Advisory Group
CCAAB Colonel Command Assignment Advisory Board
CAAB Command Assignment Advisory Board
CSAC Command Studies Advisory Council
C3AG Command, Control, and Communications Advisory Group
CASAP Commander’s Advisory System for Airspace Protection
CBAAC Commercial Business and Aviation Advisory Circular
CHAT Commercial Helicopter Advisory Team
COMSTAC Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee
CAG Commissioner’s Advisory Group
CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CABOS Commonwealth Advisory Body on Sport
CLAS Commonwealth Legal Advisory Service
CIPAC Communication and Information Policy Advisory Committee
CTAG Communications-Computer Systems Training Advisory Group
CAB Community Advisory Board
CAG Community Advisory Group
CAPACITY Community Advisory Panel
CAP Community Advisory Panel
CDAB Community Development Advisory Board
CDAC Community Development Advisory Committee
CDAG Community Development Advisory Group
CSAB Community Services Advisory Board
CSMAC Community Services Ministers Advisory Council
CAMAC Companies and Markets Advisory Committee
CASAC Companies and Securities Advisory Committee
CAC Compensation Advisory Council
CAOM Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan
CEAC Compensatory Education Advisory Committee
CAG COMPES Advisory Group
CAC Complaints Advisory Committee
CAC Complex Advisory Council
CPAC Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee
CAN COMPUSEC Advisory Notice
CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability
COMPAS Computer-Oriented Metering, Planning, and Advisory System
CNAG Computing Network Advisory Group
COAS Condition and Operation Advisory System
CAB Conference Advisory Board
CMAG Configuration Management Advisory Group
CSAG Conflict Securities Advisory Group, Inc
CMAT Consequence Management Advisory Team
CCFAC Consolidated Community Funding Advisory Committee
CAC Construction Advisory Committee
CDAC Construction Development Advisory Committee
CIAC Construction Industry Advisory Committee
CIAC Construction Industry Advisory Council
CIACO Construction Industry Advisory Council of Ontario
CIPAC Construction Industry Policy Advisory Committee
CRAC Construction Research Advisory Committee
CATF Consumer Advisory Task Force
CAG Contingency Advisory Group
CAAS Contract Advisory Assistance Services
CAM Contract Advisory Memorandum
CAAS Contractor Advisory and Assistance Services
CAAS Contractor Assistance and Advisory Service
CAR Control Advisory Release
CSHAC Coordinated School Health Advisory Council
CPAC Copy Protection Advisory Council
CAN Copyright Advisory Network
CAB Corporate Advisory Board
CAS Corporate Advisory Service
CFA Corporate Financial Advisory
CAMAC Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee
CIAC Corrections Industry Advisory Committee
CAG Cost Advisory Group
CAC Counselors Advisory Committee
CIEPAG Creative Industries Export Promotion Advisory Group
CBACS Critical Bridge Advisory Committee
CIAC Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council
CAC Cultural Advisory Committee
CPAC Cultural Property Advisory Committee
CADAS Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service
CAB Customer Advisory Board
CAB Customer Advisory Bulletin
CAG Customer Advisory Group
CSAB Customer Service Advisory Board
CAC Cyclists Advisory Committee
DFAB Dairy Foods Advisory Bureau
DIPAC Dairy Inspection Program Advisory Committee
DCAB Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau
DGAB Dangerous Goods Advisory Bulletin
DGAC Dangerous Goods Advisory Council
DCAC Data Center Advisory Council
DPAC Data Processing Advisory Committee
DSAC Dean’s Student Advisory Committee
DASU Decentralization Advisory Support Unit
DEAC Deemed Export Advisory Committee
DAB Defense Advisory Board
DACOWITS Defense Advisory Committee On Women In The Service
DACOWITS Defense Department Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
DIAC Defense Industry Advisory Council
DIEAG Defense Industry Export Advisory Group
DNAT Defense Nuclear Advisory Team
DSAC Defense Science Advisory Committee
DTAG Defense Trade Advisory Group
DFA Dense Fog Advisory
DAC Department Advisory Committee
DACA Department Advisory Committees on Appointments
DAWG Deputies Advisory Working Group
DAB Destroyer Advisory Board
DAP Detroit Advisory Panel
DAB Development Advisory Board
DFAB Development Fund Advisory Board
DTAG Development Training Advisory Group
DAC Diabetes Advisory Council
DIAS Diabetes Advisory System
DCAB Diavik Communities Advisory Board
DGAC Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
DLAG Digital Library Advisory Group
DRAG Digital Resources Advisory Group
DAC Diocesan Advisory Committee
DART Direct Advisory of Recorded Transactions
DMAB Direct Mail Advisory Board
DAB Director’s Advisory Board
DARAS Disability Access Rights Advisory Service
DAC Disability Advisory Committee
DIPTAC Disabled Persons’ Transport Advisory Committee
DMAC Disaster Management Advisory Committee
DAC District Advisory Council
DELAC District English Learner Advisory Committee
DPAC District Parent Advisory Committee
DRAT District Response Advisory Team
DAC Diversity Advisory Committee
DAG Division Advisory Group
DAG DMS Advisory Group
DHAS Doctors’ Health Advisory Service
DCDAC Dollar Coin Design Advisory Committee
DAG Domain Advisory Group
DAAG Dose Assessment Advisory Group
DRAB Downtown Redevelopment Advisory Board
DPAA Draught Proofing Advisory Association
DWAC Drinking Water Advisory Council
DWAWG Drinking Water Advisory Work Group
DAAB Drug Abuse Advisory Board
DAAC Drug Abuse Advisory Council
DAC Drug Advisory Committee
DAP Drug Advisory Programme
DAAB Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board
DIAL Drug Information Advisory Line
DPAS Drugs Prevention Advisory Service
EYPAT Early Years Pedagogy Advisory Team
ESAP Earth Sciences Advisory Panel
EAC Economic Advisory Committee
EDAC Economic Defense Advisory Committee
EDAC Economic Development Advisory Committee
ERAB Economic Recovery Advisory Board
ERAC Economic Research Advisory Committee
EICYAC ECPAT International Child and Youth Advisory Committee
ETAB Edgewood Technology Advisory Board
EAC Editorial Advisory Committee
EAP Editorial Advisory Panel
EAS Education Advisory Service
ESAT Education Sector Advisory Team
ESAC Education Services Advisory Committee
EATAC Educational and Administrative Technology Advisory Committee
EGAS Educational Grants Advisory Service
ERAU Educational Research and Advisory Unit
ELAG E-Learning Advisory Group
EAB Electricity Advisory Board
EAG ELINT Advisory Group
EMSAC Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee
EPAC Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
ESAB Emergency Services Advisory Board
ETAB Emerging Technologies Advisory Board
ETAS Emerging Technology Advisory Service
ETRAC Emerging Technology and Research Advisory Committee
EAC Employee Advisory Board
EAR Employee Advisory Resources
EBAC Employee Benefits Advisory Committee
EMAS Employment Medical Advisory Service
EFAS En Route Flight Advisory Service
EDSTAC Endocrine Disruptors Screening and Testing Advisory Committee
EAC Energy Advisory Committee
ECRB Energy Community Regulatory Board (advisory body of the Energy Community
ERAB Energy Research Advisory Board
ERAB Energy Resources Advisory Board
EICAS Engine Indicating and Condition Advisory System
EICAS Engine Indication and Crew Advisory System
EICAS Engine Instrument Crew Advisory System
ETAC Englewood Transportation Advisory Committee
ENACT English Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
ELAC English Language Learners Advisory Committees
ELAC English Learner Advisory Committee
EAC Enlisted Advisory Council
EAB Environmental Advisory Board
EAC Environmental Advisory Committee
EAC Environmental Advisory Council
EEPAC Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee
ECAB Environmental Control Advisory Board
EGAC Environmental Geoscience Advisory Committee
ELAB Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board
ELCAS Environmental Law Community Advisory Service
EMAG Environmental Management Advisory Group
ESCAC Environmental Services Council Advisory Committee
ESAC Environmental Staff Advisory Committee
ETTAC Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee
ETAB Environmental Testing Advisory Board
EAP EOSDIS Advisory Panel
EAB Ethics Advisory Board
EAR Ethics Advisory Review
EGAC Ethnic Grants Advisory Committee
EAAB European Accreditation Advisory Board
ENIAC European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council
EPUAP European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
EPAP European Public Advisory Partners
ETAGE European Technical Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization
EURAB European Union Research Advisory Board
EASEIT Evaluative and Advisory Support to Encourage Innovative Teaching
EAB Executive Advisory Board
EAC Executive Advisory Committee
EAC Executive Advisory Council
EAGLE Executive Advisory Group for Logistics Excellence
ETAB Executive Technical Advisory Board
ERLAC Exeter River Local Advisory Committee
EAGLES Expert Advisory Group for Language Engineering Standards
EAGA Expert Advisory Group on AIDS
EAGA Expert Advisory Group on Antibiotics
EGAC Export Guarantees Advisory Council
EMAS Expressway Monitoring Advisory System
EAG External Advisory Group
EPAC External Program Advisory Committee
ESAB External Science Advisory Board
FAB Faculty Advisory Board
FATF Faculty Advisory Task Force
FDAC Faculty Development Advisory Committee
FHAC Fair Housing Advisory Committee
FLPAG Family Law Pathways Advisory Group
FSSAC Family Support Services Advisory Council
FMAB Farmers Market Advisory Board
FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FACILITY Federal Advisory Committee
FAC Federal Advisory Committee
FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act
FACIE Federal Advisory Committee on International Exhibitions
FFAC Federal Forestland Advisory Committee
FTAG Federal Transportation Advisory Group
FAB Feline Advisory Board
FABC Fellow of The Advisory Board Company
FACILITY Ferry Advisory Committee
FAC Ferry Advisory Committee
FOTAG Fiber Optic Technical Advisory Group
FAG Field Advisory Group
FSAC Field Service Advisory Committee
FASAB Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Board
FASAC Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council
FAIS Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services
FACILITY Financial Advisory Committee
FAC Financial Advisory Committee
FAS Financial Advisory Service
FASC Financial Advisory Services Center
FRAB Financial Reporting Advisory Board
FSAC Financial Sector Advisory Council
FSAB Financial Services Advisory Board
FSAG Financial Solutions Advisory Group
FAB Fire Advisory Board
FSAB Fire Safety Advisory Board
FGEAB Flammable Gas Evaluation Advisory Board
FTAG Fleet Tactical Advisory Group
FAM Flight Advisory Message
FAWS Flight Advisory Weather Service
FIAS Flight Information Advisory Service
FPAS Flight Performance Advisory System
FCPRAC Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council
FEAC Florida Employer Advisory Council
FWAC Florida Wildflower Advisory Council
FMTAC Flow Management Technical Advisory Committee
FTAB Focus Technical Advisory Board
FACILITY Food Advisory Committee
FAC Food Advisory Committee
FNAC Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee
FCAAG Food Chain Assurance Advisory Group
FSAC Food Safety Advisory Centre
FAST Foreign Advisory Support Team
FIAB Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
FIAC Foreign Investment Advisory Council
FIAS Foreign Investment Advisory Service
FAST Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team
FHAC Forest Health Advisory Committee
FIAS Forest Industry Advisory Service
FAOB Formal Advisory Opinion Board
FACILITY Foundation Advisory Council
FAC Foundation Advisory Council
FIAC Foundries Industry Advisory Committee
FACILITY Franchise Advisory Council
FAC Franchise Advisory Council
FRAC Francophone Regional Advisory Committee
FTAC Freight Transportation Advisory Committee
FAAB Frequency Allocation Advisory Board
FMTAG Frequency Management and Technical Advisory Group
FAB Freshman Advisory Board
FAD Fuel Advisory Departure
FSAS Fuel Savings Advisory System
FSAF Fuel Schemes Advisory Forum
FARB Funding Advisory Review Board
FACC Fur and Alligator Advisory Council
FAAC Fur and Alligator Advisory Council
FAB FURY Advisory Board
FEAC Fusion Energy Advisory Committee
GAP Gamer Advisory Panel
GASAC Gas Appliance Safety Advisory Committee
GOAC Gas Operations Advisory Committee
GAC GCRC Advisory Committee
GTTAC Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee
GTRAP Gene Therapy Research Advisory Panel
GAC General Advisory Committee
GAAC General Agents Advisory Committee
GAAC General Aviation Advisory Circulars
GEAC General Education Advisory Committee
GEAC General Education Advisory Council
GPAC General Plant Advisory Committee
GPPAC General Practice Partnership Advisory Council
GMAC Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee
GMAG Genetic Manipulation Advisory Group
GMAC Genetic Modification Advisory Committee
GIAC Geographic Information Advisory Council
GISAC Geographic Information Systems Advisory Committee
GAC Geological Advisory Committee
GISAC Georgia Interagency Safety Advisory Council
GAAC Georgina Accessibility Advisory Committee
GAC Geospatial Advisory Committee
GPL GIS Program Leaders (advisory committee; Oregon Geographic Information Council; Salem, OR)
GAB Global Advisory Board
GAAC Gold Award Advisory Committee
GAS Governance Advisory Service
GAC Government Advisory Committee
GAAC Government Affairs Advisory Committee
GHACPW Government Hospitality Advisory Committee for the Purchase of Wine
GRAC Government Relations Advisory Council
GASAC Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council
GAAC Governmental Affairs Advisory Committee
GAAC Governmental Affairs Advisory Council
GAC Governor’s Advisory Council
GAAC Graduate Alumni Advisory Committee
GEAC Graduate Education Advisory Committee
GSAB Graduate Student Advisory Board
GRAAC Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee
GABY Grants Advisory Board for Youth
GSLAC Great Slave Lake Advisory Committee
GLAAS Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service
GAAC Greek Alumni Advisory Council
GBAC Green Building Advisory Council
GSAB Green Space Advisory Board
GAAC Gresham Art Advisory Committee
GUAC Groundwater Users Advisory Committee
GMAB Growth Management Advisory Board
GAAC Guelph Accessibility Advisory Committee
HAAC Halton Agricultural Advisory Committee
HAB Hanford Advisory Board
HAAC Harbour Authority Advisory Council
HAGA Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol
HRIPAC Harness Racing Industry Participants Advisory Committee
HAC Hawaii Advisory Committee
HMAC Hazardous Materials Advisory Council
HSAC Health & Safety Advisory Committee
HAITI Health Advisory
HA Health Advisory
HAL Health Advisory Level
HERAC Health and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
HSAS Health and Safety Advisory Service Ltd
HSAB Health and Science Advisory Board
HASCAS Health and Social Care Advisory Service
HCRAC Health Center Research Advisory Committee
HPRAC Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council
HSAC Health Service Advisory Committee
HTAC Health Technology Advisory Committee
HICPAC Healthcare Infection Control Practice Advisory Committee
HHAS Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service
HWA High Wind Advisory
HEARU Higher Education Advisory and Research Unit
HENAC Higher Education National Advisory Committee
HAR Highway Advisory Radio
HARS Highway Advisory Radio System
HPAG HIPAA Policy Advisory Group (Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association)
HAAC Hispanic Access Advisory Council
HAAB Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board
HBAC Historic Buildings Advisory Council
HDAB Historic Designation Advisory Board
HARRAC HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction Advisory Council
HAC Hollywood Advisory Council
HOCAP Home Office Communications Advisory Panel
HPAS Home Purchase Advisory Service
HIAS Homeland Insecurity Advisory System
HSAC Homeland Security Advisory Council
HSAS Homeland Security Advisory System
HPSAC Honors Program Student Advisory Council
HICPAC Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee
HAAC HRSA AIDS Advisory Committee
HYCAC Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee
HCAS Human Capital Advisory Services
HEAP Human Effects Advisory Panel
HEAG Human Ethics Advisory Group
HGAC Human Genetics Advisory Commission
HICCAC Human Impacts of Climate Change Advisory Committee
HRAC Human Resources Advisory Committee
HSTAC Human Services Training Advisory Council
HAAG Humanitarian Affairs Advisory Group
HTAP Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel
IACBE Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education
ISAC Illinois State Advisory Council on the Education of Children with Disabilities
IUAC Illinois Ultralight Advisory Council
IAS Immigration Advisory Service
IAG Implementation and Advisory Group
IACDI Independent Advisory Committee on Development Impact
IAGTP Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy
IAAC Independent Audit Advisory Committee
ICAS Independent Counseling and Advisory Services
ILAF Independent Local Advisory Forum
IPAB Independent Payment Advisory Board
ISAG Independent Space Advisory Group
IPAC Indian Policy Advisory Committee
ITAB Indian Taxation Advisory Board
IBAT Indiana Brownfields Advisory Team
IAB Industrial Advisory Board
IPAC Industrial and Professional Advisory Council
IDAB Industrial Development Advisory Board
IHAC Industrial Health Advisory Committee
IAC Industry Advisory Committee
IACM Industry Advisory Committee Meeting
IAC Industry Advisory Conference
IAC Industry Advisory Council
IAG Industry Advisory Group
IFAC Industry Functional Advisory Committee
IREFAC Industry Real Estate Financing Advisory Council
ISAC Industry Sector Advisory Committee
ITAC Industry Technical Advisory Committee
ITAB Industry Training Advisory Body
IGAC Industry-Government Advisory Council
IDAB Infectious Diseases Advisory Board
IAG Information Advisory Group
ISAT Information and Advisory Service on Appropriate Technology
IAAC Information Assurance Advisory Council
IHAC Information Highway Advisory Council
IMAC Information Management Advisory Council
ITAB Information Technology Advisory Board
ITAC Information Technology Advisory Committee
ITAG Information Technology Advisory Group
IAC Infrastructure Advisory Committee
IWAC Inland Waterways Advisory Council
IWAAC Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council
IAC Inmate Advisory Committee
IAB Innovation Advisory Board
ICASS Innovators Counselling and Advisory Service for Scotland
ICAC Instruction & Curriculum Advisory Committee
IAAS Insurance and Actuarial Advisory Services
IRAC Intelligence Resource Advisory Committee
IAB Interagency Advisory Board
IAG Interagency Advisory Group
IAAC Interagency Assessment Advisory Committee
ICAAC Interagency Civil Admissions Advisory Council
IAAB Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Board
IRAC Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
IGPAC Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee
IAG Inter-Industry Advisory Group
IACDI Intermunicipal Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
ISAC Internal Scientific Advisory Committee
IAAC International Academic Advisory Council
IAMB International Advisory and Monitoring Board for Iraq
IAC International Advisory Committee
IACOMS International Advisory Committee on Marine Sciences
IAQAB International Air Quality Advisory Board
IBAN International Business Advisory Network
IBLAC International Business Leaders Advisory Council
ICAC International Cotton Advisory Committee
IEDAB International Earth-Destruction Advisory Board
IFAB International Footbag Advisory Board
ILAS International Location Advisory Services
IMATT International Military Advisory and Training Team
INDAG International Nuclear Desalination Advisory Group
IOA International Oversight Advisory
IPCAA International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association
IPAP International Project Advisory Panel
IPAG International Public Advisory Group
IRAC International Radio Advisory Committee
IRAC International Radio Advisory Council
IRSAG International Range Safety Advisory Group
ISAC International Scientific Advisory Committee
ISMAG International Securities Market Advisory Group
ISA International Student Advisory
ITAG International Technical Advisory Group
ITAP International Technology Advisory Panel
ITAC International Telecommunications Advisory Committee
ITAC International Telecommuting Advisory Council
CCIT International Telegraphic Advisory Committee
CCIF International Telephone Advisory Committee
IAB Internet Advisory Board
IAC Internet Advisory Committee
ICAC Internet Caucus Advisory Committee
IAC Investment Advisory Committee
IAF Investment Advisory Facility
IAG Investment Advisory Group
IBAS Investment Banking Advisory Services
ITAM Iraq Training and Advisory Mission
IAG Iraqi Advisory Group
IKAB Irish Karate Advisory Board
ITAAG ISDN Technical Advisory Ad Hoc Group
ITAC ITU-T Advisory Committee
JAG Jaguar Advisory Group
JACK Joint Advisory Commission Korea
JAC Joint Advisory Committee
JACCC Joint Advisory Committee for Church Colleges
JAG Joint Advisory Group
JMAG Joint METOC Advisory Group
JPAC Joint Public Advisory Committee
JRAG Joint Registration Advisory Group
JSAC Joint Safety Advisory Committee
JSPAC Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee
JTAG Joint Technical Advisory Group
JTAG Joint Test Advisory Group
JTMAC Joint Trawl Management Advisory Committee
JUSMAG Joint United States Military Advisory Group
JAC Juvenile Advisory Committee
JCAB Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board
JJAG Juvenile Justice Advisory Group
KBAC Kailua Bay Advisory Council
KACIR Kansas Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations
KMAC Kensington Municipal Advisory Council
KYNAC Kentucky Nuclear Advisory Commission
KCMHAB King County Mental Health Advisory Board
KAAS Kirklees Alcohol Advisory Service
KRTAT Klamath River Technical Advisory Team
KDAC Knox Disability Advisory Committee
KMAG Korea Market Advisory Group
KMAG Korean Military Advisory Group
LAC Labor Advisory Committee
LAC Labor Advisory Council
LIRAG Labor Industrial Relations Advisory Group
LMAC Labor Market Advisory Council
LAC Laboratory Advisory Committee
LSAG Labour Statistics Advisory Group
LIAB Labrador Institute Advisory Board
LOTAC Lake Okeechobee Technical Advisory Committee
LMAC Lakes Management Advisory Committee
LPAC Laketran Paratransit Advisory Committee
LPAC LAMPF Program Advisory Committee
LAMAC Land Acquisition and Management Advisory Council
LPAC Land Preservation Advisory Committee
LUAC Land Use Advisory Committee
LTAG Laos Training Advisory Group
LATAG Latin American Trade Advisory Group
LTAB Laughlin Town Advisory Board
LPAC Launching Programme Advisory Committee
LAG Law Advisory Group
LLAC Law Library Advisory Committee
LOMAS Law Office Management Advisory Service
LAC Leadership Advisory Committee
LATAG Learning and Teaching Advisory Group
LTAT Learning Technology Advisory Team
LAB Legal Advisory Board for the Information Market
LDAP Legal Deposit Advisory Panel
LPAC Legal Profession Advisory Council
LAC Legislation Advisory Committee
LRAG Legislative Review Advisory Group
LYAC Legislative Youth Advisory Council
LAB Library Advisory Board
LAC Library Advisory Commission
LCAC Library Consumers’ Advisory Council
LMCAC Library Media Center Advisory Committee
LPAC Library Policy Advisory Committee
LPAC Library Programme Advisory Committee
LTAG Library Technology Advisory Group
LORAC Life Options Rehabilitation Advisory Council
LSAC Life Sciences Advisory Committee
LAC Lights Advisory Committee
LPAC LIGO Program Advisory Committee
LPAC Lincoln Park Advisory Council
LUAC Linux User Advisory Council
LAC Livestock Advisory Committee
LESAC Livestock Export Standards Advisory Committee
LAC Local Advisory Committee
LACC Local Advisory Coordinating Council
LAA Local Airport Advisory
LACAC Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
LCCAG Local Cool Cities Advisory Group
LIAB Local Investment Advisory Board
LOAC Local Office Advisory Committee
LOACS Local Office Advisory Committee
LRAC Local Research Advisory Committee
LSEAC Local Special Education Advisory Committee
LTAB Lodgers Tax Advisory Board
LTAT Logistics Training Advisory Team
LACH London Advisory Committee on Heritage
LBAC London Brook Advisory Centres
LPAC London Planning Advisory Committee
LTHA Longer-Term Health Advisory
LOCAC Los Osos Community Advisory Council
LFAC Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee
LNAC Lough Neagh Advisory Committee
LMRWSAC Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee
LIEAB Low-Income Energy Advisory Board
MTAC Machine Trades Advisory Council
MTAC Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee
MAM Maintenance Advisory Message
MSAP Maintenance System Advisory Panel
MATAG Maintenance Training Advisory Group
MCAG Managed Care Advisory Group
MACINTOSH Management Advisory Committee
MAC Management Advisory Committee
MACINTOSH Management Advisory Council
MAC Management Advisory Council
MAG Management Advisory Group
MAS Management Advisory Service
MTAF Mandatory Traffic Advisory Frequency
MDAC Manning Distribution Advisory Council
MACINTOSH Manufacturing Advisory Center
MAC Manufacturing Advisory Center
MAS Manufacturing Advisory Service
MESAB Manufacturing and Engineering Skills Advisory Board
MTAG Manufacturing Technology Advisory Group
MAAC Marin Access Advisory Committee
MAB Marine Advisory Board
MAP Marine Advisory Program
MAPER Marine Advisory Program
MAS Marine Advisory Service
MAFAC Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee
MSAC Marine Safety Advisory Council
MSTA Marine Science and Technologies Advisory
MTAC Maritime Technology Advisory Committee
MACINTOSH Marketing Advisory Committee
MAC Marketing Advisory Committee
MCAC Maryland Citizens’ Advisory Commission
MACINTOSH Masonry Advisory Council
MAC Masonry Advisory Council
MPAG Master Plan Advisory Group
MAB Material Advisory Board
MTAG Materials Technical Advisory Group
MAAB Mathworks Automotive Advisory Board
MCAAC Maui County Arborist Advisory Committee
MBAC Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council
MYAC Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission
MYAC Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee
MYAC Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council
MBAC Mayors Bicycle Advisory Committee
MSAB McCormick Student Advisory Board
MSAG Media Support Advisory Group
MEAC Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee
MAC-D Medicaid Advisory Committee for people with Disabilities
MACINTOSH Medical Advisory Council
MAC Medical Advisory Council
MSAC Medical and Scientific Advisory Council
MAAG Medical Audit Advisory Group
MCBAT Medical Chemical/Biological Advisory Team
MSAB Medical Scientific Advisory Board
MWSAC Medical Workforce Standing Advisory Committee
MCAC Medicare Coverage Advisory Committee
MEDPAC Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
MACINTOSH Members Advisory Committee
MAC Members Advisory Committee
MACINTOSH Membership Advisory Council
MAC Membership Advisory Council
MACINTOSH Men’s Advisory Counsel/Committee
MAC Men’s Advisory Counsel/Committee
MHAT Mental Health Advisory Team
MIAC Meteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee
MWA Meteorological Watch Advisory
MAAG Metro Access Advisory Group
MATAC Metro Atlanta Telecommuting Advisory Council
MPOAC Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council
MTAC Metropolitan Technical Advisory Committee
MAAB Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board
MATAC Mid-Atlantic Telework Advisory Council
MEAG Middle East Advisory Group LLC
MAP Military Advisory Panel
MAPER Military Advisory Panel
MAG Military Advisory/Assistance Group
MAAG Military Assistance Advisory Group
MTAB Miller Theater Advisory Board
MCAP Milwaukee Commitment Advisory Panel
MAG Mines Advisory Group
MRAB Mining and Reclamation Advisory Board
MACSV Ministerial Advisory Council of Senior Victorians
MACMA Ministerial Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs
MFCA Minnesota Fish Consumption Advisory
MSRBAC Minnesota School Readiness Business Advisory Council
MSBAC Minnesota State Bicycle Advisory Committee
MIAP Minority Initiative Advisory Panel
MTAB Minority Technology Advisory Board
MACCE Missouri Advisory Council of Certification for Educators
MAT Mobile Advisory Team
MALAC Model Assisted Living Advisory Committee
MLAP Money Laundering Advisory Panel
MCTAC Mountain Caribou Technical Advisory Committee
MTAG MTConnect Technical Advisory Group
MACINTOSH Multicultural Advisory Committee
MAC Multicultural Advisory Committee
MAAG Multidisciplinary Audit Advisory Group
MAPE Multinational Advisory Police Element
MACINTOSH Municipal Advisory Council
MAC Municipal Advisory Council
MARAC Mutual Aid Regional Advisory Committee
NTAG Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Group
NBAS Narva Business Advisory Services
NAC NASA Advisory Committee
NAC NASA Advisory Council
CANOAA NAS-NAE Science And Engineering Committee Advisory to NOAA
NBPAC Natick Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
NAB National Advisory Board
NABER National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction
NAC National Advisory Committee
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NACW National Advisory Committee for Women
NACCT National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism
NACD National Advisory Committee on Drugs
NACE National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics
NACI National Advisory Committee on Immunization
NACMM National Advisory Committee on Maternal Mortality
NACOA National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere
NACPP National Advisory Committee on Pharmacy Practice
NACS National Advisory Committee On Semiconductors
NACSE National Advisory Committee on Special Education
NAC National Advisory Council
NACA National Advisory Council on Aging
NACDA National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
NACHA National Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS
NACHGR National Advisory Council on Human Genome Research
NACI National Advisory Council on Innovation
NACP National Advisory Council on Preservation
NACRE National Advisory Council on Radio in Education
NACEW National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women
NAHC National Advisory Health Council
NANDS National Advisory Neurological Disorders and Stroke
NAAC National Agricultural Advisory Council
NAAS National Agricultural Advisory Service
NAWAC National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
NARAC National Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability
NARAC National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center
NAWAC National Aviation Weather Advisory Committee
NAWAU National Aviation Weather Advisory Unit
NBAC National Bioethics Advisory Commission
NBAS National Biosurveillance Advisory Subcommittee
NBAC National Brick Advisory Council
NCAC National Cadet Advisory Council
NCAB National Cancer Advisory Board
NACAM National COMSEC Advisory Memorandum
NDWAC National Drinking Water Advisory Council
NETAC National Education and Training Advisory Committee
NEAC National Ethics Advisory Committee
NFAB National Forest Advisory Board
NGAC National Geospatial Advisory Committee
NGAC National Greenhouse Advisory Committee
NIAC National Industry Advisory Committee
NIAC National Infrastructure Advisory Committee
NIAC National Infrastructure Advisory Council
NIAC National Internet Advisory Committee
NIAB National Investment Advisory Board
NJAC National Joint Advisory Committee
NLAB National Labor Advisory Board
NMAC National Malaria Advisory Committee
NMQAAC National Mammography Quality Assurance Advisory Committee
NMAB National Materials Advisory Board
NMHAC National Mental Health Advisory Council
NMCAC National Motor Carrier Advisory Committee
NOHSAC National Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Committee
NOAG National Oceans Advisory Group
NPSPAC National Public Safety Planning Advisory Committee
NRAC National Radiation Advisory Committee
NRAC National Register Advisory Committee
NRAC National Repository Advisory Committee
NRAAC National Reptile & Amphibian Advisory Council
NRAC National Research Advisory Council
NRAC National Rural Advisory Council
NSAC National Scientific Advisory Committee
NSAP National Scientific Advisory Program
NSAB National Security Advisory Board
NSHEAB National Security Higher Education Advisory Board
NSTISSAM National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory Memorandum
NSAB National Senior Advisory Board
NSAC National Senior Advisory Council
NSAG National Services Advisory Group
NSHAC National Sexual Health Advisory Committee
NSQAC National Specialist Qualification Advisory Committee
NTAC National Technical Advisory Committee
NUAC National Unification Advisory Council
NUEITAB National Utilities and Electrotechnology Industry Training Advisory Body
NAAB Native American Advisory Board
NAAC Native American Advisory Committee
NACSI NATO Advisory Committee on Special Intelligence
NEWAC NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee
NIAG NATO Industrial Advisory Group
NSAG NATO Shipping Advisory Group
NPAN Natural Progesterone Advisory Network
NAP Naval Advisory Panel
NEWAG Naval Electronic Warfare Advisory Group
NEAT Naval Embarked Advisory Team
NRAC Naval Research Advisory Committee
NRAC Naval Research Advisory Council
NAG Navy Advisory Group
NAP NCEP Advisory Panel
NAC Neighborhood Advisory Council
NRAC Neighborhood Resources Advisory Committee
NAM Network Advisory Message
NOAP Network Operations Advisory Panel
NTAG Network Technical Advisory Group
NRAC Nicolet Recreation Advisory Committee
NRAC Noise Research Advisory Committee
N2A2S NORAD-USNORTHCOM Advisory and Assistance Services
NAMAT North Africa Multidisciplinary Advisory Team
NAAB North America Advisory Board
NORBAC North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission
NASWAC North Andover Solid Waste Advisory Committee
NCPAG North Carolina Physicians Advisory Group
NIBRAC Northern Ireland Building Regulations Advisory Committee
NRAC Northern Regional Advisory Council
NOAS Noxious Odor Advisory System
NAIAG Nuclear Accident Information Advisory Group
NRAC Nuclear Research Advisory Council
NSAC Nuclear Science Advisory Committee
NRAT Nuclear/Radiological Advisory Team
NAG Numbering Advisory Group
NAAC Nurse Aide Advisory Committee
NADG Nursing Advisory and Development Group
NMAB Nutrient Management Advisory Board
NAGE Nutrition Advisory Group for Elderly People
NUGAG Nutrition Guideline Expert Advisory Group
NISAS Nutrition in Schools Advisory Service
OAC Occupational Advisory Committee
OHSAS Occupational Health & Safety Advisory Services
OHAC Occupational Health Advisory Committee
OSTAC Ocean Science and Technology Advisory Committee
ODAG Offshore Defence Advisory Group
OTELAC Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Advisory Commission
OCAC Oil Companies Advisory Committee
ODAC Okinawa District Advisory Council
ODAC Older Driver Advisory Committee
ODAC Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee
OTAB Ontario Tactical Advisory Body
OSTAC Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee
OAG Operational Advisory Group
OAAG Orcutt Area Advisory Group
ODAC Oregon Dealer Advisory Committee
OSSPAC Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission
ODAC Organ Donation Advisory Committee
ODAG Otley Disability Advisory Group
OCSAB Outer Continental Shelf Advisory Board
OAS Outsourcing Advisory Service
OSAC Overseas Schools Advisory Council
OSAC Overseas Security Advisory Council
OAC Oversight Advisory Committee (DoD)
PLA Pacific Legal Advisory
PRAC Pacific Rim Advisory Council
PCAG Palliative Care Advisory Group
PAC Parent Advisory Committee
PAC Parent Advisory Council
PACT Parent Advisory Council Team
PRAA Parent Representative Advisory Assembly
PA Parental Advisory
PAEC Parental Advisory Explicit Content
PAGI Parents Advisory Group for the Internet
PRAB Park and Recreation Advisory Board
POSAC Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission
PARAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Council
PACTS Parliamentary Advisory Committee on Transport Safety
PACTS Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
PAN Partial Advisory Notice
PAAP Particle Astrophysics Advisory Panel
PAB Parts Advisory Board
PAG Parts Advisory Group
PAG Patent Advisory Group
PAAG Patient Advisory and Advocacy Group
PIAG Patient Information Advisory Group
PSAC Patient Safety Advisory Committee
PAB Peanut Advisory Board
PRAC Peer Review Advisory Committee
PHAC Pennsylvania Housing Advisory Committee
PAAG Performance Assessment Advisory Group
PMAC Performance Management Advisory Committee
PCAC Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA
PIJAC Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada
PBAC Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee
PSTAC Pharmacist Services Technical Advisory Coalition
PAS Philanthropic Advisory Service
PGAC Planned Giving Advisory Council
PAB Planning Advisory Board
PAS Planning Advisory Service
PBAC Planning and Budget Advisory Council
PPRAC Planning and Projects Review Advisory Committee
PRAC Planning and Resource Advisory Council
PAC Plowshare Advisory Committee
PODAG Polar DAAC Advisory Group
PABS Police Advisory Board for Scotland
PAC Policy Advisory Committee
PAG Policy Advisory Group
POPAC Policy and Project Advisory Committee
PCAS Policy Co-ordination and Advisory Services
PTPAC Pollutant Trading Policy Advisory Committee
PPAB Pollution Prevention Advisory Board
PWTAG Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group
PACB Poppy Advisory and Control Board
PIRAZ Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone
PPAC Practicing Physician’s Advisory Council
PHPAC Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee
PBAC Prescott Bicycle Advisory Committee
PBAC President’s Budget Advisory Committee
PFIAB President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PSAC President’s Scientific Advisory Committee
PSAC President’s Student Advisory Council
PUAP Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
PIAC Printing Industry Advisory Committee
PPAC Priority Planning Advisory Committee
PLAB Private Lands Advisory Board
PSAG Private Sector Advisory Group
PSAP Private Sector Advisory Panel
PSCAC Private Sector Credit Advisory Council
PDAG Process Definition Advisory Group
PTAB Processing Tomato Advisory Board
PDTAG Product Data Technology Advisory Group
PLAC Product Liability Advisory Council, Inc.
PAC Professional Advisory Committee
PAC Professional Advisory Council
PMAN Professional Midwifery Advisory Network
PRAC Professional Relations Advisory Committee
PRAO Professional Responsibility Advisory Office
PAOC Program Advisory and Oversight Committee
PAC Program Advisory Committee
PACHG Program Advisory Committee on the Human Genome
PBAC Program Budget Advisory Committee
PBAC Program Budget Advisory Council
PRAC Program Resource Advisory Committee
PRAC Programs Risk Advisory Committee
PAG Project Advisory Group
PFA Project Finance Advisory
PRAC Project Review and Advisory Committee
PTAB Project Technical Advisory Board
PAC Prosecutors Advisory Council
PSAC Prospective Students Advisory Committee
PCAG Prostate Cancer Advisory Group
PAG Protein Advisory Group
PAC Provider Advisory Committee
POEAG Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group
POE Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group
PACSW Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women
PAT Provincial Advisory Team
PTPAC Provincial Territorial Policy Advisory Committee on Codes
PAC Public Advisory Committee
PAP Public Advisory Council
PAAG Public Art Advisory Group
PHA Public Health Advisory
PHAB Public Health Advisory Board
PHAC Public Health Advisory Committee
PIAG Public Interest Advisory Group
PLAC Public Lands Advisory Committee
PLAB Public Library Advisory Board
PPAG Public Policy Advisory Group
PPAC Public Protection Advisory Committee
PRAC Public Relations Advisory Committee
PSAG Public Sector Advisory Group
PSITAB Public Sector Industry Training Advisory Body
PSRAG Public Sector Reform Advisory Group
PSCAC Public Service Commission Advisory Council
PPIAF Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility
QAP Quadripartite Advisory Publication
QAG Quality Advisory Group
QMAS Quality Measurement Advisory Service
PQC Queensland Prisoners Advisory Committee
RAC Radiation Advisory Committee
RTAP Radiation Therapy Advisory Panel
RAG Radiocommunication Advisory Group
RAB RAID Advisory Board
RIFA Raiffeisen International Fund Advisory GmbH
RIAC Railway Industry Advisory Committee
RRAC Rainbow River Advisory Committee
RRAC Rainbow River Advisory Council
READS Real Estate Advisory and Development Services
REAS Real Estate Advisory Services, LLC
RAAB Recent Alumni Advisory Board
RDAC Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee
RAC Recombinant-DNA Advisory Committee
RMAN Recovered Materials Advisory Notices
RRAC Recreation Resource Advisory Committee
RBAC Recreational Boating Advisory Council
RSAC Recreational Software Advisory Council
RSACI Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet
RAGS Recycling Advisory Group Scotland
RPAC Recycling Public Advisory Council
RAAP Refugee Advisory & Advocacy Project
RIAC Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council Inc.
RAC Regional Advisory Council
RACNE Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy
RCAC Regional Computer Advisory Committee
RCAG Regional Corps Advisory Group
REDAC Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee
RETAC Regional Emergency Trauma Advisory Council
REAC Regional Engineers Advisory Committee
RIAB Regional Interoperability Advisory Board
RODAC Regional Ocean Dumping Advisory Committee
RRAC Regional Research Advisory Committee
RRAC Regional Resources Advisory Committee
RTAC Regional Targets Advisory Committee
RTAB Regional Technical Advisory Board
RTAC Regional Transportation Advisory Committee
RTAC Regional Trauma Advisory Council
RPTAC Regulations and Procedures Technical Advisory Committee
RTAG Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
REG-ACRS Regulatory/Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards
RRAC Rehabilitation Research Advisory Council
RAA Remote Advisory Airport
RAG Requirements Advisory Group
RAC Research Advisory Committee
RAC Research Advisory Council
RACA Research and Advisory Council of Afghanistan
RDAC Research and Development Advisory Council
RMAG Research Management Advisory Group
REDAC Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee
RCAG Reserve Component Advisory Group
RAC Resident Advisory Council
RA Resolution Advisory
ROAC Respect for Others Advisory Committee
RAP Restoration Advisory Board
RAB Restoration Advisory Board
RAB Retail Advisory Board
RGAG Rice Grass Advisory Group
RAG Risk Advisory Group
RAS Risk Advisory Services
RMSAG Risk and Mission Success Advisory Group
RRAC Risk and Regulation Advisory Council
RAAB Risk Assessment Advisory Body
RMAG Risk Management Advisory Group
RSAC Road Safety Advisory Council
RUBIAC Rubber Industry Advisory Committee
RCAC Rubbertown Citizens Advisory Council
RAC Rules Advisory Committee
RAAS Runway Awareness and Advisory System
RIAAS Runway Incursion Advisory and Alerting System
SACRIFICE Safety Advisory Committee
SAC Safety Advisory Committee
SAS Safety Advisory Services Ltd
SEAC Safety and Environmental Advisory Council
SAAB Salvation Army Advisory Board
SMPAC San Martin Planning Advisory Committee
SACRIFICE Sanctuary Advisory Council
SAC Sanctuary Advisory Council
SOAS Sarbanes-Oxley Advisory Services
SSCAC Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee
SAGAS Saudi Advisory Group Against Stroke
SRAC Scenic Roads Advisory Committee
SACA School Advisory Committees on Appointments
SACRIFICE School Advisory Council
SAC School Advisory Council
SCAC School Community Advisory Council
SIAC School Improvement Advisory Committee
SLMA School Library Media Advisory
SNAC School Neighborhood Advisory Committee
SNPAA School Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory
SNAB Schoolnet National Advisory Board
SACC Science Advisory and Coordinating Committee
SAB Science Advisory Board
SABA Science Advisory Board Associate
SACRIFICE Science Advisory Committee
SAC Science Advisory Committee
SAMEPAC Science and Mathematics Education Policy Advisory Council
SEAG Science Education Advisory Group
SEAC Scientific & Engineering Advisory Committee
SAB Scientific Advisory Board
SACRIFICE Scientific Advisory Committee
SAC Scientific Advisory Committee
SACN Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition
SACRIFICE Scientific Advisory Council
SAC Scientific Advisory Council
SAG Scientific Advisory Group
SAGAM Scientific Advisory Group on Antimicrobials
SAPER Scientific Advisory Panel
SAP Scientific Advisory Panel
SAAC Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee
SEAG Scientific and Ethical Advisory Group
START Scientific and Technical Advisory and Response Team
STAC Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee
STAP Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel
SESAC Scientific Earthquake Studies Advisory Committee
SMAB Scientific Medical Advisory Board
SACAM Scottish Advisory Committee on Alcohol Misuse
SACDM Scottish Advisory Committee on Drug Misuse
SHAS Scottish Health Advisory Service
SAB Scrabble Advisory Board
SNAG Seafloor Noise Advisory Group
SRFDAC Secondary Road Fund Distribution Advisory Committee
SAB Secretarial Advisory Board
SACIM Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality
SIAS Securities and Investment Advisory Solutions
SAO Security Advisory Opinion
SAS Security Advisory Services
SSAC Security and Stability Advisory Committee
SPAB Security Policy Advisory Board
SSDAT Security Sector Development Advisory Team
STAG Security Techniques Advisory Group
SACRIFICE Senior Advisory Council
SAC Senior Advisory Council
SAG Senior Advisory Group
SMMAC Senior Military Medical Advisory Committee
SACRIFICE Seniors Advisory Committee
SAC Seniors Advisory Committee
SACRIFICE Sentencing Advisory Council
SAC Sentencing Advisory Council
SAPER Sentencing Advisory Panel
SAP Sentencing Advisory Panel
SPAC Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission
SIBAC Seoul International Business Advisory Council
SAN Service Advisory Notice
SDAG Service Delivery Advisory Group
SIAG Service Industry Advisory Group
SLAC Service Learning Advisory Committee
SPAN Service Providers Advisory Network
SUAG Service User Advisory Group
SVA Severe Advisory
SWAC Sewage and Wastewater Advisory Committee
SHAG Sexual Health Advisory Group
SVAB Sexual Violence Advisory Board
SHADCO Sheriffs Advisory Council
STAC SIGINT Training Advisory Committee
SEATAC Significant Ecological Area Technical Advisory Committee
SIAC Site Improvement Advisory Council
SSAB Site-Specific Advisory Board
SECAF Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum
SBAA Small Business Accounting and Advisory
SBAA Small Business Advisory Act
SBAC Small Business Advisory Council
SCA Small Craft Advisory
SCARB Small Craft Advisory for Rough Bar
SCAWS Small Craft Advisory for Winds
SCAW Small Craft Advisory for Winds
SGAS Smart Growth Advisory Services
SIAG Social Inclusion Advisory Group
SSAB Social Science Advisory Board
SSAB Social Security Advisory Board
SSAC Social Security Advisory Council
SSTAC Social Services Transportation Advisory Council
SWAB Social Work Advisory Board
SACRIFICE Software Advisory Channel
SAC Software Advisory Channel
SOAGS Software Operational Advisory Group
SOAG Software Operational Advisory Group
SWAB Solid Waste Advisory Board
SWAC Solid Waste Advisory Committee
SVCAC Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Commission
SSAC Source Selection Advisory Committee/Council
SSA Source Selection Authority/Advisory
SEEPAG South East European Public Prosecutors Advisory Group
SATAC Southern Africa Technical Advisory Committee
SRMAC Southern Rocky Mountain Advisory Committee
STRAC Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council
SAM Space Advisory Message
SESAC Space and Earth Sciences Advisory Committee
SAAC Space Applications Advisory Committee
SSCAC Space Science Advisory Committee
SSTAC Space Science and Technology Advisory Committee
SAB Special Advisory Board
SACRIFICE Special Advisory Committee
SAC Special Advisory Committee
SEAC Special Education Advisory Committee
SEAP Special Education Advisory Panel
SEPAC Special Education Parent Advisory Committee
SEPAC Special Education Parent Advisory Council
SEPAG Special Education Parent Advisory Group
SESAC Special Education State Advisory Committee
SSAC Special Services Advisory Council
SACRIFICE Specialist Advisory Committee
SAC Specialist Advisory Committee
SACAR Specialist Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance
STATUS Specialist Transport Advisory and Testing Utility Society
SEAC Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee
SFAB Sport Fishing Advisory Board
SAF Stakeholder Advisory Forums
SACRIFICE Standards Advisory Committee
SAC Standards Advisory Committee
STAB Standby Advisory Board
SACFA Standing Advisory Committee for Frequency Allocation
SNMAC Standing Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Committee
SAAB State Administrator Advisory Board
SACRIFICE State Advisory Council
SAC State Advisory Council
SACSE State Advisory Council for Special Education
SAG State Advisory Group
SAAB State Association Advisory Board
SCAC State Codes Advisory Committee
SHIP State Health Insurance Advisory Program
SMAC State Mapping Advisory Council
STAB State Trauma Advisory Board
SBSA Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory
SAD Status Advisory Display
SACRIFICE Steel Advisory Committee
SAC Steel Advisory Committee
SUAG Stormwater Utility Advisory Group
SDSAB Straight Dope Science Advisory Board
SABO Strategic Advisory Board
SAGNIS Strategic Advisory Group for Nursing Information Systems
SAGE Strategic Advisory Group of Experts
STAG Strategic and Technical Advisory Group
SFAT Strategic Forces Advisory Team
SIAG Strategic Investment Advisory Group
SMIAC Strong Motion Instrumentation Advisory Committee
SACRIFICE Student Advisory Council
SAC Student Advisory Council
SAAB Student Affairs Advisory Board
SAAC Student Athletic Advisory Committee
SFAB Student Forum Advisory Board
SAAB Student-Athlete Advisory Board
SAAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
SAG Study Advisory Group
SACRIFICE Subject Advisory Committee
SAC Subject Advisory Committee
SMEAC Subject Matter Expert Advisory Committee
SATELLITE Submarine Advisory Team
SAT Submarine Advisory Team
SAAB Substance Abuse Advisory Board
SANAC Substance Abuse Network Advisory Council
SWAC Summit-Waller Advisory Commission
SEAC Supervisory Enumerator Advisory Council
SCAC Support Careers Advisory Committee
SWNRAC Surface Warfare Naval Reserve Advisory Committee
SNAT Surgical Nutrition Advisory Team
SACEE Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment
SAAB Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Board
SACRIFICE Syariah Advisory Council
SAC Syariah Advisory Council
SAN System Advisory Notice
SCAG System Configuration Advisory Group
SAGE Systems Advisory Group Enterprises, Inc.
STAG Systems Technical Advisory Group
TACSIMSAG Tactical Simulator Special Advisory Group
TAP Tank Advisory Panel
TAP Target Advisory Panel
TAAB Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board
TARAS Tax Accounting Risk Advisory Service
TAAS Tax Administration Advisory Services
TAG Taxon Advisory Group
TAP Teacher Advisory Program
TACADE Teachers Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Education
TAAB Technical Ad Hoc Advisory Board
TA Technical Advisory
TAB Technical Advisory Board
TAC Technical Advisory Center
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
TAC Technical Advisory Council
TAG Technical Advisory Group
TAG Technical Advisory Group for Biological Control Agents of Weeds
TAP Technical Advisory Panel
TAPE Technical Advisory Panel for Electronics
TRAVEL Technical Advisory Report
TAR Technical Advisory Report
TARU Technical Advisory Response Unit
TAS Technical Advisory Service
TASI Technical Advisory Service for Images
TASA Technical Advisory Services for Attorneys
TSAC Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee
TAAG Technical Assessment and Advisory Group
TBAG Technical Base Advisory Group
TMAC Technical Mapping Advisory Council
TUVSA Technical University of Vienna Security Advisory
TEAM Technically Evaluated Advisory Materials
TLAC Technologies and Logistics Advisory Committee
TAB Technology Advisory Board
TFAC Technology Fee Advisory Committee
TAAC Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee
TAC Telecommunications Advisory Committee
TAC Telecommuting Advisory Council
TAG TEMPEST Advisory Group
TAM TEMPEST Advisory Message
TPAS Tenant Participation Advisory Service
TYAC Tennessee Youth Advisory Council
TAMU Tertiary Advisory Monitoring Unit
TAG Test Advisory Group
TAN Test Advisory Notice
TIAA Texas Insurance Advisory Association
TPAS The Pensions Advisory Service
TSAB Third Sector Advisory Body
TRAC Threat Reduction Advisory Committee
TFAC Tidal Fisheries Advisory Commission
TEAC Timber Export Advisory Committee
TIAC Toda International Advisory Council
TAC Tourism Advisory Committee
TVAG Tourism and Visa Advisory Group
TTAB Tourism Tax Advisory Board
TSAC Towing Safety Advisory Committee
TAB Town Advisory Board
TAMSAC Toxic Air Monitoring System Advisory Committee
TMAC Toxic Materials Advisory Committee
TACA Trade Advisory Committee on Africa
TUAC Trade Union Advisory Committee
TWAAC Trade Waste Acceptance Advisory Committee
TA Traffic Advisory
TAC Traffic Advisory Committee
TAS Traffic Advisory System
TSAB Traffic Safety Advisory Board
TAC Trail Advisory Committee
TEAC Training & Education Advisory Committee
TAA Training Advisory Alert
TAC Training Advisory Committee
TAG Training Advisory Group
TAS Training Advisory Service
TCAB Training and Certification Advisory Board
TRAC Training Resources Advisory Committee
TAS Transaction Advisory Services
TMAG Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group
TAG Transition Advisory Group
TAC Transitional Advisory Council
TSEAC Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Advisory Committee
TAAP Transmission Administrator Advisory Panel
TAN Transportation Advisory Notice
TCAG Transportation CIM Advisory Group
TMAC Transportation Management Advisory Committee
TTAG Transportation Technical Advisory Group
TTASAG Trans-Tasman Accounting Standards Advisory Group
TANN Travel Advisory News Network
TTAB Travel and Tourism Advisory Board
TSA Travel Security Advisory
TARS Travelers Advisory Radio Stations
TTAG Treasury Terrorism Advisory Group
TJAS Triple Jump Advisory Services
TOAC Tritium Operations Advisory Committee
TAG Trust Advisory Group
TCAC Turing Centenary Advisory Committee
UDAC Ultra-Deepwater Advisory Committee
UIAC Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council
UTA Unemployment Tax Advisory Corporation
UCAB Unified Community Advisory Board
UAC Unit Advisory Council
USTAG United States Technical Advisory Group
UCAB University College Advisory Board
UCOAC University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
UPPAC University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee
USAB University Students Advisory Bureau
USAG Unix Support Advisory Group
UFAC Urban Forest Advisory Committee
UAC User Advisory Committee
UACT User Advisory Consultative Team
UPPAC Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission
VRBPAC Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee
VTAC Valley Traffic Advisory Council
VACATE Vendor Advisory Council
VAC Vendor Advisory Council
VCAG Venture Capital Advisory Group
VAB Veterans’ Advisory Board
VBAC Veterinary Biologic Advisory Committee
VADA VFR Arrival Delay Advisory
VRAC VHF Repeater Advisory Committee
VACATE Victims Advisory Committee
VAC Victims Advisory Committee
VDSAC Victorian Disabled Sports Advisory Committee
VTAS Video Technology Advisory Service
VLAB Virginia Latino Advisory Board
VWAB Virginia Winegrowers Advisory Board
VAP Virtual Advisory Panel
VRAC Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Council
VTAC Vocational Training Advisory Council
VAAS Volcanic Ash Advisory Statement
VSAC Voluntary Sector Advisory Committee
VSAG Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group
WVAS Wake Vortex Advisory System
WCAC Waldorf Citizens Advisory Committee
WAB Wales Advisory Board
WCAC Walkable Communities Advisory Committee
WAAP Warning & Advisory Annunciations Panel
WCA Warning, Caution, and Advisory
WCAC Washington Citizens Advisory Committee
WAC Waste Advisory Committee
WDAC Waste Diversion Advisory Committee
WMAB Waste Management Advisory Board
WMAG Waste Management Advisory Group
WAMITAB Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board
WBAC Water Board Advisory Council
WCAB Water Conservation Advisory Board
WCAC Water Conveyance Advisory Committee
WPAC Water Planning Advisory Committee
WQA Water Quality Advisory
WQAG Water Quality Advisory Group
WQMAC Water Quality Management Advisory Committee
WRAS Water Regulations Advisory Scheme
WSAC Water Supply Advisory Council
WDAC Waterfront Design Advisory Committee
WAG Watershed Advisory Group
WPAC Watershed Planning and Advisory Council
WCAC Watsonville Community Advisory Committee
WTAS Wealth & Tax Advisory Services, Inc.
WA Weather Advisory
WAG Web Advisory Group
WSAC Web Site Advisory Committee
WVAC WebVoyage Advisory Committee
WCAC Weighted Caseload Advisory Committee
WBAC Well Being Advisory Council
WCAC WellCare Advisory Committee
WCAC Wellesley Central Advisory Committee
WCAC Wellness Centre Advisory Committee
WVAC Wellness Village Advisory Committee
WACT Welsh Advisory Committee on Telecommunications
WDAS Welsh Design Advisory Service
WTAC Welsh Therapies Advisory Committee
WATAC West African Technical Advisory Committee
WYAAS West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service
WPACHR Western Pacific Advisory Committee on Health Research
WESTAC Western Transportation Advisory Council
WTAC Western Transportation Advisory Council
WWAG Whale Watch Advisory Group
WAAC Wheels Accessible Advisory Committee
WDAC Wildlife Diversity Advisory Committee
WLAS Wills and Legacies Advisory Service
WCAC Wilmington Community Advisory Committee
WAAC Windsor Accessibility Advisory Committee
WWA Winter Weather Advisory
WTAS Wireless Technology Advisory Service
WSRA Wisconsin StormReady Advisory
WEAC Women in Engineering Advisory Committee
WAC Women’s Advisory Counsel/Committee
WCAC Woodbridge Campus Advisory Committee
WCAC Woodland Caribou Advisory Committee
WSAP Woodland Strategy Advisory Panel
WALC Woreda Advisory and Learning Committee
WIAP Work Incentives Advisory Panel
WCAC Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council
WDAC Workforce Diversity Advisory Committee
WNAB Workforce Numbers Advisory Board
WSAG Working Study Advisory Group
WSHAC Workplace Safety and Health Advisory Committee
WVAC Workplace Violence Advisory Committee
WTAC World Telecommunications Advisory Council
WAAM WWMCCS ADP Advisory Memorandum
XAC XBRL Advisory Council Advisory Council
YAAB Young Adult Advisory Board
YAAC Young Adult Advisory Council
YAPAC Young Adult Planning Advisory Council
YAAC Young Alumni Advisory Committee
YEAC Young Engineers Advisory Council
YWAS Young Workers Advisory Service
YAB Youth Advisory Board
YAC Youth Advisory Committee
YAC Youth Advisory Council
YAD Youth Advisory Delegate
YAG Youth Advisory Group
YJAC Youth Justice Advisory Committee
YSPAG Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Group
YRAC Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee
ZAG Zoning Advisory Group
ZCRAC Zoning Code Rewrite Advisory Committee