Alliance Abbreviations

What is an alliance?

Alliance is the act or effect of allying oneself. It is a pact, an adjustment, an agreement. It is the harmonious union of different things with each other. Grammatically it is a feminine noun, with origin from the French alliance.

Alliance is the union between two or more entities in favor of a common objective, and can occur between people, companies, societies, parties, countries, etc.

Alliance is the name of the symbolic ring used by couples to make a commitment, engagement or marriage. Nubente is the expression used to refer to the groom or bride who are in the process of preparing for the wedding. The symbolic alliance is also used by religious to establish their union with the church.

Covenant is the bond by marriage is the union between two people by the institution of marriage. Wearing an alliance is a commitment made with the companion. This custom originated in Europe, where it was initially used only by women and later the tradition passed to men.

Covenant, according to the Holy Scriptures, was each of the covenants that God made with men. The Old Covenant is part of the Old Testament, while the New Covenant is present in the New Testament and was established through Jesus Christ.

Alliance Abbreviations


List of Acronyms Related to Alliance

ACA A36-A350 Corridor Alliance
AAOC Abilene Alliance of Chaos
AMSANT Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory
ARA Academic Research Alliance
ASAP Academic Strategic Alliances Program
AIA Accessibility Interoperability Alliance
AAC Action Alliance for Children
AASD Actors Alliance of San Diego
AOMA Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance
ANSA Adaptive Network Security Alliance
ACHA Adelaide Community Health Alliance
ALMA Adult Literacy Media Alliance
ADTA Advanced DRAM Technology Alliance
ALCA Advanced Load Control Alliance
AMA Advanced Manageability Alliance
AEA Aerospace Education Alliance
ATA Aerospace Testing Alliance
ABANA Affirmative Business Alliance of North America
AHAA Affordable Housing Action Alliance
ALIA Affordable Life Insurance Alliance
AADA Afghan-American Development Alliance
AARI African Alliance of Rhode Island
AACA African American Cultural Alliance
AABA African and American Business Alliance
ACEA African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance
AYDA African Youth Development Alliance
ACRRA African-Caribbean Reparations and Resettlement Alliance
ASAP Agent Services Alliance Program
ASGA Aggramar Small Guild Alliance
ARASA AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa
ANSA AIDS Nutrition Services Alliance
ARAA AIDS Research Alliance of America
ACA Air Care Alliance
ACA Aircraft Carrier Alliance
AIRA Aircraft Icing Research Alliance
APSA Airline Pilots’ Security Alliance
AEA Airport Express Alliance
AAAA Akron Area Arts Alliance
ACPA Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance
ALA Alachua Leadership Alliance
AAH Alameda Alliance for Health
ACA Alaska Conservation Alliance
ASIA Alaska Support Industry Alliance
ATCA Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance
AICA Alberta Injury Control Alliance
ATRA Alberta Tobacco Reduction Alliance
AABA All American Basketball Alliance
AAAA All Ateneo Alumni Alliance
ABRA All Breed Rescue Alliance, Inc.
ABMA All Burma Monks’ Alliance
AGFA All Good Funk Alliance
APNA All Parties National Alliance
APGA All Progressives Grand Alliance
AHHA Alleghany Highlands Housing Alliance
ATA Allegheny Trail Alliance
ALIL Alliance & Leicester International Limited
AAI Alliance Academy International
AAA Alliance Against AIDS
AACP Alliance against Counterfeiting and Piracy
AADV Alliance Against Domestic Violence
AADVS Alliance Against Domestic Violence
AAT Alliance Against Terrorism
AAB Alliance Agricole Belge
AFW Alliance Airport, Fort Worth
AAC Alliance Atlantis Communications
AACB Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc.
ACEP Alliance avec les Chrétiens en Politique
AB Alliance Battle
ABF Alliance Biblique Française
ABU Alliance Biblique Universelle
ABCN Alliance Business Centers Network
ABNORMAL Alliance Business Network
ABN Alliance Business Network
ABS Alliance Business Solutions Pte Ltd
ACCOUNT Alliance Canadienne Pour La Commercialisation Des Technologies
ACCOUNTANT Alliance Canadienne pour la Commercialisation des Technologies
ACCT Alliance Canadienne pour la Commercialisation des Technologies
ACN Alliance Carton Nature
ACCESS Alliance Center for Collaboration, Education, Science, and Software
ACSA Alliance Certified Signing Agency
ACEOUI Alliance Community Education Online University International
ACG Alliance Consulting Group, Inc
ACI Alliance Coopérative Internationale
ACCOUNTING Alliance Cost Containment
ACCESSORY Alliance Cost Containment
ACC Alliance Cost Containment
ACU Alliance Credit Union
ADS Alliance Data Systems
AFPC Alliance de la Fonction Publique du Canada
ADF Alliance Defense Fund
AAR Alliance des Associations de Retraités
AFP Alliance des Forces de Progres
AJR Alliance des Jeunes Révolutionnaires
ADL Alliance des Libertés
ADT Alliance Development Trust
AEIOU Alliance Ecological Interplanetary Observation Union
AEI Alliance Ecologiste Indépendante
AEMG Alliance Electronics Marketing Group
AEC Alliance Entertainment Corporation
AEE Alliance Europeenne des Experts
AEF Alliance Evangélique Française
AEO Alliance Executive Office
AFOP Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.
AFC Alliance Flag Carrier
ACFF Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future
ACEI Alliance for a Competitive European Industry
AGRA Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
ALO Alliance for a Living Ocean
AMLA Alliance for a Media Literate America
ANTC Alliance for a New Transportation Charter
APM Alliance for a Paving Moratorium
ARSAC Alliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion
ASISER Alliance for a Sustainable Information Society
ASIS Alliance for a Sustainable Information Society
AARC Alliance for Acid Rain Control
AAR Alliance for Aging Research
AAHC Alliance for Alternative Health Care
AAH Alliance for Alternatives in Healthcare
AFA Alliance for America
AAI Alliance for American Innovation
AAM Alliance for American Manufacturing
AAQ Alliance for American Quilts
AAW Alliance for Arab Women
AAE Alliance for Art Education
AAEM Alliance for Arts Education in Manitoba
AAAC Alliance for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
AAAA Alliance for Aviation Across America
ANAP Alliance for Azerbaijan Party
ABES Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions
ACE Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment
ACNMP Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects
ACGT Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy
ACT Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics
ACP Alliance for Cardiovascular Professionals
AFCS Alliance for Cellular Signaling
ACCP Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention
AFC Alliance for Change
ACF Alliance for Children and Families
ACT Alliance for Children and Television
ACES Alliance for Children’s Early Success
ACE Alliance for Civic Engagement
ACE Alliance for Clean Energy
ACP Alliance for Climate Protection
ACT Alliance for Coastal Technologies
ACCOUNT Alliance For Commercialization Of Canadian Technology
ACCOUNTANT Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology
ACCT Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology
ACCOUNT Alliance For Community Choice In Transportation
ACCOUNTANT Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation
ACCT Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation
ACM Alliance for Community Media
ACRD Alliance for Community Research and Development
ACT Alliance for Community Transformation
ACCOUNTING Alliance for Competitive Communications
ACCESSORY Alliance for Competitive Communications
ACC Alliance for Competitive Communications
AFCE Alliance for Competitive Electricity
ACISS Alliance for Competitive International Satellite Services
ACT Alliance for Competitive Telecommunications
ACW Alliance for Computers and Writing
ACT Alliance for Conflict and Transformation
ACE Alliance for Construction Excellence
ACAP Alliance for Constructive Air Policy
ACE Alliance for Consumer Education
ACR Alliance for Consumer Rights
ACT Alliance for Converging Technologies
ACE Alliance for Customer Excellence
AD Alliance for Democracy
ADC Alliance for Democracy and Change
ADHRN Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights in Nepal
ADRN Alliance for Democracy and National Reconciliation
ADP Alliance for Democracy and Progress
ADP Alliance for Digital Progress
ADTAS Alliance for Donation and Transplantation Awareness and Support
AEDE Alliance for Ecological Design Education
AEJB Alliance for Economic Justice, Bangladesh
AEB Alliance for Electronic Business
AEMB Alliance for Engineering in Medicine and Biology
AEE Alliance for Environmental Education
AET Alliance for Environmental Technology
AEBC Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians
AEE Alliance for Excellent Education
AFFIRM Alliance for Fair Federal Immigration Reform of Minnesota
AFF Alliance for Fair Food
AFFIRM Alliance for Fairness in Reforms to Medicaid
AFPF Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam
AFFA Alliance for Full Acceptance
AFP Alliance for Full Participation
AGB Alliance for Global Business
AGIS Alliance for Global Internet Services
AGJ Alliance for Global Justice
AGS Alliance for Global Sustainability
AGMA Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement
AFG Alliance for Guyana
AFHC Alliance for Healthy Cities
AHH Alliance for Healthy Homes
AIR Alliance for Industry Reform
AIM Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford
AICPR Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution
AIM Alliance for International Monasticism
AIR Alliance for International Reforestation
AJE Alliance for Jewish Education
AFJ Alliance for Justice
AJD Alliance for Justice and Democracy
ALCT Alliance for Latino Community Technology
ALMT Alliance for Licensing Massage Therapists
ANALGESIA Alliance for Lupus Research
ALR Alliance for Lupus Research
AMER Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions
AMRS Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing
AFM Alliance for Marriage
AFMF Alliance for Marriage Foundation
AMCR Alliance for Mediation and Conflict Resolution
AMP Alliance for Minority Participation
AFMA Alliance for Missions Advancement
AMA Alliance for Multicultural Assistance
ANAD Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy
ANH Alliance for Natural Health
ANCHOR Alliance for Neighborhood Commerce Home Ownership and Revitalization
AFND Alliance for Nonprofit Development
ANM Alliance for Nonprofit Management
ANA Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
AOU Alliance for Ontario Universities
APD Alliance for Paired Donation, Inc.
APMHO Alliance for Patients’ Mutual Help Organizations
APRC Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction
APARTMENT Alliance for Photonic Technology
APT Alliance for Photonic Technology
APARTMENT Alliance for Productive Technology
APT Alliance for Productive Technology
APN Alliance for Psychosocial Nursing
APARTMENT Alliance for Public Technology
APT Alliance for Public Technology
AQE Alliance for Quality Education
AQG Alliance for Quality Growth
AQMIRT Alliance for Quality Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
AFQT Alliance for Quality Teaching
ARCHIVE Alliance for Rail Competition
ARC Alliance for Rail Competition
ARIC Alliance for Rational Intercarrier Compensation
AFRA Alliance for Recovery Advocates
ARMS Alliance for Regional Military Support
AREP Alliance for Responsible Energy Policy
ARTILLERY Alliance For Responsible Trade
ART Alliance for Responsible Trade
ARCC Alliance for Responsible Use of Chlorine Chemistry
AREM Alliance for Retail Energy Markets
ARA Alliance for Retired Americans
ARAEF Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund
ARPER Alliance for Retirement Prosperity
ARP Alliance for Retirement Prosperity
ASCP Alliance for Saturation Church Planting
ASC Alliance for School Choice
ASCENT Alliance for Secure Computing Education in North Texas
ASAA Alliance for Sexual Assault Awareness
ASECO Alliance for Social and Ecological Consumer Organisations
ASPECT Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural Thought
ASSIST Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies
ASSURE Alliance for Sound State Uniform Regulatory Efficiency
ASFN Alliance for Spam Free Networks
ASAP Alliance for Sustainable Application Products
ASBE Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments
ASJE Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment
ASFE Alliance for Synthetic Fuels in Europe
ATLAS Alliance for Tax, Legal, and Accounting Seminars
ATA Alliance for Technology Access
ATC Alliance for Technology Commercialization, Inc.
ATID Alliance for Teens in Detroit
ATISS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
AAHL Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages
ABCD Alliance for the Betterment of Citizens with Disabilities
ACB Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
ALFI Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines Inc
AGL Alliance for the Great Lakes
ALAH Alliance for the Liberation and Advancement of Haiti
AMI Alliance for the Mentally Ill
API Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry
APEC Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada
APUA Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics
APUA Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antimicrobials
ARS Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia
ARD Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy
ARPC Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counterterrorism
ASSS Alliance for the Separation of School and State
ATISS Alliance for the Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATIS Alliance for the Telecommunications Industry Solutions
AWR Alliance for the Wild Rockies
ATLC Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
ATR Alliance for Transportation Research
ATRI Alliance for Transportation Research Institute
AUHMTP Alliance for Uniform HazMat Transportation Procedures
AUPS Alliance for Universal Power Supplies
AURA Alliance for Unveiling and Researching Anomalies
AWE Alliance for Water Efficiency
AWY Alliance for Wisconsin Youth
AWRS Alliance for Worker Retirement Security
AWL Alliance for Workers Liberty
AYUDA Alliance for Young Urban Design and the Arts
AYPC Alliance for Youth of Pierce County
AZE Alliance for Zero Extinction
AF Alliance Forums
AF Alliance Française
AFBA Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine
AFATL Alliance Francaise d’Atlanta
AFP Alliance Francaise de Paris
AFD Alliance Française des Designers
AFME Alliance Franco-Marocaine d’Essaouira
AF Alliance Francophone
AGREED Alliance Game Distributors
AGD Alliance Game Distributors
AGI Alliance Global Investments Inc.
AGSM Alliance Graduate School of Mission
AGJ Alliance Gresivaudan Judo
AGS Alliance Ground Surveillance
AHC Alliance HealthCard
AIGC Alliance Informatique Gestion Conseil
AIIM Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine
AIR Alliance Intelligence Reports
AIM Alliance InterMonasteries
AIFIS Alliance International Forwarders, Inc.
AIT Alliance Internationale de Tourisme
AIF Alliance Internationale des Femmes
AIMB Alliance Investment Management Berhad
AIU Alliance Israélite Universelle
AJB Alliance Judo Ballancourt
AL Alliance Leader
ALE Alliance Libre Européenne
ALLA Alliance Long Lines Activity
AMMI Alliance Maintenance & Management, Inc
AMR Alliance Maladies Rares
AMS Alliance Médicale et Scientifique
AMC Alliance Mining Corporation Limited
AMH Alliance Mobile Health
ANMC Alliance Nationale des Mutualites Chretiennes
ANPQP Alliance New Product Quality Procedure
ANED Alliance Nigerienne des Educatrices pour le Developpement
AANGFS Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons
AAI Alliance of American Insurers
AABP Alliance of Area Business Publications
AARC Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies
AAM Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
AASP Alliance of Automotive Service Providers
ABWF Alliance of Baffled Wade Fishermen
AB Alliance of Baptists
AOB Alliance of Baptists
ABATE Alliance of Bikers Aimed Towards Equity
ABTE Alliance of Black Telecommunications Employees, Inc.
ABTP Alliance of Black Telecommunications Professionals
ABNORMAL Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods
ABN Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods
ALPHABET Alliance of Business Consultants
ABC Alliance of Business Consultants
ACA Alliance of Cambridge Advisors
ACTRA Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists
ACSA Alliance of Canadian Societies of Art
ACTA Alliance of Canadian Travel Associations
ACVP Alliance of Cardiovascular Professionals
ACDA Alliance of Christian Development Agencies
AOC-2 Alliance of Civilisations
AOC Alliance of Civilisations
ACAP Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals
AHCP Alliance of Community Health Plans
ACHP Alliance of Community Health Plans
ACT Alliance of Concerned Teachers
ACTO Alliance of Concerned Transport Organizations
ACE Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc.
ADFLC Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo
ADFL Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire
ADP Alliance of Divorce Professionals
AEVSO Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
AOF Alliance of Freedom
AOF-2 Alliance of Freedom
AGSG Alliance of Genetic Support Groups
AGLO Alliance of Genuine Labor Organizations
AGEL Alliance of Graduate Employee Locals
AOH Alliance of Heroes
AICN Alliance of IEEE Consultants Networks
AIAMC Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers
AJI Alliance of Independent Journalists
SNSD Alliance of Independent Social Democrats
AITU Alliance of Independent Telephone Unions
AI Alliance of Independents
AIRS Alliance of Information and Referral Systems
AIMA Alliance of International Media Artists
AIA Alliance of Iranian Americans
AOJ Alliance of Justice
ALTA Alliance of Learning Technology Associates
ALDE Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
ALARM Alliance of Libraries, Archives and Records Management
ALSO Alliance of Literary Societies
ALS Alliance of Literary Societies
ALERT Alliance of Local Emergency Response Teams
AMSEC Alliance of Management Schools in European Capitals
AME Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters
AMEC Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada
AMIP Alliance of Medical Internet Professionals
AMAN Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies
AMMC Alliance of Meeting Management Companies
AMEDP Alliance of Micro-Enterprise Development Practitioners
AMTP Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
AMPTP Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
AMBI Alliance of Multicultural Bisexuals
ANID Alliance of Nigerians in Diaspora
ANSA Alliance of Norwegian Students Abroad
APPEND Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development
APNA Alliance of Premier Nanny Agencies
APNA Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies
APARTMENT Alliance of Professional Tattooists
APT Alliance of Professional Tattooists
APL Alliance of Progressive Labour
AQA Alliance of Queens Artists
ARCHIVE Alliance of Reformed Churches
ARC Alliance of Reformed Churches
ARCHIVE Alliance of Religions and Conservation
ARC Alliance of Religions and Conservation
ASCIP Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs
ASAP Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals
AOSIS Alliance of Small Island States
ATA Alliance of Taiwan Aborigines
ATFP Alliance of Television and Film Producers
ACDA Alliance of the California Dental Association
ANBC Alliance of the North Bay Chambers
AOTOR Alliance of the Old Religion
ATTAP Alliance of Travel and Tour Agencies of Pampanga
AVA Alliance of Valliant Arms
AOV Alliance of Violence
SVM Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians
AOWHA Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates
AXM Alliance of Xcel Municipalities
AYAP Alliance of Young African Patriots
AAVL Alliance on Aging and Vision Loss
APNI Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
APBI Alliance Pet Business International
APM Alliance Petroleum Marquage
APPENDIX Alliance Populaire et Progressiste
APP Alliance Populaire et Progressiste
APLC Alliance Pour La Caledonie
ARD Alliance pour la Resistance Democratique
ARN Alliance pour la Résistance Nationale
ADVOCATE Alliance pour les Droits de la Vie
ADV Alliance pour les Droits de la Vie
ADC Alliance pour les Droits des Créateurs
AML Alliance pour une Médecine Libérale
AQ Alliance Quebec
ARE Alliance Real Estate
ARM Alliance Réformée Mondiale
ARD Alliance Républicaine pour la Démocratie
ARD Alliance Républicaine pour le Développement
ASPC Alliance Sport Parachute Club
ASR Alliance Standardization Requirements
ASC Alliance Strategic Concept
ASE Alliance Sud Expertise
ASES Alliance Supplier Evaluation Standard
ASIP Alliance Supplier Improvement Program
ATD Alliance Tchadienne pour la Démocratie et le Développement
ATFS Alliance Telematique Francophone Startrek
ATS Alliance Theological Seminary
ACORN Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods
AECLP Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning
AIM Alliance to Improve Medicare
APNS Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound
APWR Alliance to Protect Water Resources, Inc.
ARCHIVE Alliance to Rescue Civilization
ARC Alliance to Rescue Civilization
ASE Alliance to Save Energy
ATA Alliance Tours Airsoft
ATA Alliance Transport et Accompagnement
AUE Alliance Unlimited Energie
AVES Alliance Vehicle Evaluation Standard
AVE Alliance Villes Emploi
AWC Alliance Web-Commerce
AWARE Alliance Working for Asian Rights and Empowerment
AWF Alliance World Fellowship
AY Alliance Youth
AYW Alliance Youth Works
AIA Alliance, NE, USA
AFNORTH Alliance’s Allied Forces North
AWF AllianceBernstein Global High Income Fund, Inc.
AGEP Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate
ASIT Alliances for Study Abroad and Internships in Thailand
AAA Alpha Associates Alliance
AD Alternativa Demokratika/Alliance for Social Justice
AD Alternativa Demokratikaalliance For Social Justice
ADA Alternative Distribution Alliance
ASANA Amateur Sports Alliance of North America
ANA Amazon Nation Alliance
APA America’s Promise Alliance
AADT American Alliance Drug Testing
AAHE American Alliance for Health Education
AAHPER American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation
AAHPERD American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
AAHL American Alliance for Honest Labeling
AAMC American Alliance for Medical Cannabis
AAOA American Alliance of Aromatherapy
AACPI American Alliance of Cancer Pain Initiatives
AACA American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys, Inc.
AASP American Alliance of Service Providers
AAA American Arts Alliance
AATA American Automobile Touring Alliance
ABNA American Bulldog National Alliance
ABDA American Business Development Alliance
ABTA American Business Technologies Alliance
ACCOUNTING American Cadet Alliance
ACCESSORY American Cadet Alliance
ACC American Cadet Alliance
ACA American Cadet Alliance
ACDA American Celiac Disease Alliance
ACDA American Christian Defense Alliance
ACA American Composers Alliance
ACA American Cuesports Alliance
ADWA American Deer and Wildlife Alliance
AFA American Fitness Alliance
AFRA American Forest Resources Alliance
AICA American Independent Cockpit Alliance, Inc.
AILA American Indian Law Alliance
AICA American International Children’s Alliance, Inc.
AIHAS American International Health Alliance
AIHA American International Health Alliance
AMHA American Mental Health Alliance
AMA American Muslim Alliance
AMIA American Mutual Insurance Alliance
APCA American Portland Cement Alliance
ASA American Sugar Alliance
ASAP American Syringomyelia Alliance Project
ATA American Tapestry Alliance
ATA American TeledCommunications Alliance
ATA American Towing Alliance, Inc.
AWA American Whip Alliance
ALFA American-Libyan Freedom Alliance
ACA Amphibian Conservation Alliance
ANA Anguilla National Alliance
AAA Animal Agriculture Alliance
AIA Animal Interest Alliance
AWA Animal Welfare Alliance
ARIBA Annapolis Road Inner Beltway Alliance
ANADA Another Night and Day Alliance
AGAP Anti-Apostasy Movement Alliance
ADA Anti-Docking Alliance
AGMA Anti-Grey Market Alliance
ASA Anti-Spam Alliance
ASTA Anti-Spam Technical Alliance
ADA Anxiety Disorders Alliance
AA Ape Alliance
APA Appalachian Pagan Alliance
ACAC Apparel Contractors Alliance of California
AARA Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans
ABA Arizona Builders’ Alliance
ACSA Arizona Cyber Security Alliance
AFMA Arizona Food Marketing Alliance
AQA Arizona Quality Alliance
AAMM Arkansas Alliance for Medical Marijuana
AGA Arkansas Geographic Alliance
AGLA Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance
AACG Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass
AAM Arts Alliance Media
AAOC Arts Alliance of Ogle County
ACA Arts and Cultural Alliance
AAHSA ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Associations (est. 2006)
AAA Asian American Alliance
AAAA Asian American Arts Alliance
AASA Asian American Student Alliance
AAYA Asian American Youth Alliance
ACLA Asian Canadian Labour Alliance
ALBA Asian Lesbian Bisexual Alliance
APSA Asian Pacific Student Alliance
AAAH Asia-Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health
APVA Asia-Pacific Venues Alliance
AIA Asphalt Industry Alliance
APA Asphalt Pavement Alliance
AQA Assessment and Qualifications Alliance
AAC Asset Alliance Corporation Sdn Bhd
ATANZ Assistive Technology Alliance New Zealand
ATRA Assistive Technology Resource Alliance
ARAF Association des Responsables d’Alliance Française
ASAP Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals
AAI Atheist Alliance International
AADD Atlanta Alliance on Developmental Disabilities
ALTA ATM Local Telephony Alliance
AAMPS Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios
AAMA Austin Area Multimedia Alliance
ABBA Austin Bridge Builders Alliance
AIBA Austin Independent Business Alliance
AAMM Australasian Alliance of Meetings Managers
ASTA Australasian Sports Technology Alliance
AAQC Australian Alliance of Quality Celebrants
ACTA Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance, Inc.
ACPA Australian Child Protection Alliance
AFSTA Australian Financial Services Training Alliance
ALA Australian Lawyers Alliance
ARRA Australian Refugee Rights Alliance
ARAFCAY Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
AA Austrian Alliance
AOTA Authentication & Online Trust Alliance
AAT AutoAlliance Thailand
APSA Automotive Parts and Service Alliance
ASPA Automotive Specialty Products Alliance
AUGA Aviation Union Grand Alliance
BCEA Baldwin County Economic Alliance
BRAVE Baltimore Regional Alliance for the Vaccine Effort
BTA Baltimore Theater Alliance
BTMA Baltimore Trans-Masculine Alliance
BWA Baptist World Alliance
BCEA Barry County Economic Alliance
BRA Batey Relief Alliance
BACA Bay Area Cricket Alliance
BAHA Bay Area Homeless Alliance
BAICLA Bay Area Inner City Leadership Alliance
BANANA Bay Area Numerical Analysis Networking Alliance
BAN Beacon Alliance of Neighbors
BACONGO Belize Alliance of Conservation Non-Government Organizations
BAI Bell Alliances International, Inc
BPHA Berkeley Public Health Alliance
BAW Bicycle Alliance of Washington
BTA Bicycle Transportation Alliance
BBQ Big Bang Quantum Alliance
BBA Big Brass Alliance
BMA Billington Mitsubishi Alliance
BCA Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
BSAA Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance
BMRA Biracial/Multiracial Alliance
BGLSA Bisexual Gay Lesbian and Straight Alliance
BHRA Bitterroot Human Rights Alliance
BAJI Black Alliance for Just Immigration
BKA Black Knights Alliance
BPCA Black Professional Coaches Alliance
BSIA Black Sea Information Alliance
BSA Black Student Alliance
BBA Blood Brothers Alliance
BTA Border Trade Alliance
BTA Boston Tufts Alliance
BAM Botswana Alliance Movement
BCAA Boulder County Arts Alliance
BIBA Boulder Independent Business Alliance
BMA Boulder Mountainbike Alliance
BWA Boulder Writers Alliance
BAMN Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition
BPA Bowhunting Preservation Alliance
BISGA Brain Injury Support Group Alliance
BETA British Entertainment Trades Alliance
BIPA British Internet Publishers’ Alliance
BSMA British Space Modelling Alliance
BWA Broadband Wireless Alliance
BRA Bronx River Alliance
BAHRAIN Broward Alliance
BA Broward Alliance
BCDGA Bucks County Disc Golf Alliance
BACKUP Building Alliances, Creating Knowledge, Updating Partners
BACHELOR Burnaby Alliance Church
BAC Burnaby Alliance Church
BOMA Bus Owners Marketing Alliance
BACH Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
BALLE Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
BASC Business Alliance for Secure Commerce
BAVE Business Alliance for Vietnamese Education
BEA Business Education Alliance
BETA Business Education Technology Alliance
BPRA Business for Poverty Relief Alliance
BGA Business Growth Alliance, LLC
BSA Business Software Alliance
BAMM Butte Alliance for Medical Marijuana
CAAE California Alliance for Arts Education
CAIC California Alliance for Inclusive Communities
CARA California Alliance for Retired Americans
CAIRS California Alliance of Information and Referral Systems
CAPA California Alliance of Paralegal Associations
CBEA California Biomass Energy Alliance
CBAG California Border Alliance Group
CBEA California Business Energy Alliance, LLC
CCA California Contractors Alliance
CMAA California Medical Association Alliance
COHA California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
CSTA California Space and Technology Alliance
CSPA California Sportfishing Protection Alliance
CASFA California Steel Framing Alliance
CRF Calliance Realty Fund, LLC
CCRA Campus Computer Resellers Alliance
CFA Campus Freethought Alliance
CVSA Campus Video Services Alliance
CATA Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
CAFTA Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance
CABE Canadian Alliance of Black Educators
CADA Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists
CAFO Canadian Alliance of Franchise Operators
CAPR Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
CAPLA Canadian Alliance of Pipeline Landowners Associations
CASA Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
CAPACITY Canadian Alliance Party
CA Canadian Alliance party
CAP Canadian Alliance Party
CAIA Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
CBBA Canadian Bulgarian Business Alliance
CBTA Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance
CCSA Canadian Cable System Alliance, Inc.
CCRA Canadian Cancer Research Alliance
CCA Canadian Cervid Alliance
CERCA Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance
CEEA Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
CEA Canadian Epilepsy Alliance
CFTA Canadian Food Trade Alliance
CGPA Canadian Gold Prospectors Alliance
CIWA Canadian Independent Wrestling Alliance
CIWA Canadian Injured Workers Alliance
CLTA Canadian Lumber Trade Alliance
CMTA Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance
CNA Canadian Nanobusiness Alliance
COHA Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance
CPA Canadian Peace Alliance
CPCA Canadian Personal Chef Alliance
CRAP Canadian Reform Alliance Party
CRCA Canadian Reform-Conservative Alliance Party
CSIA Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance
CSTA Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
CTRA Canadian Telecommunications Resellers Alliance
CVSA Canadian Vehicle Safety Alliance
CFA Canned Food Alliance
CVSA Cape Verdean Student Alliance
CAHL Capital Alliance Holdings Limited
CAYPS Capital Alliance of Young Professionals, Inc.
CAST Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism
ARCHIVE Caribbean Revolutionary Alliance
ARC Caribbean Revolutionary Alliance
CPA Caring People Alliance
CFA Cascadia Forest Alliance
CBEA Casco Bay Education Alliance
CVHA Cash Value Home Alliance
CPA Casual Players Alliance
CVHA Catawba Valley Heritage Alliance
CHANGE Catholic Home Alliance of North Georgia Educators
CFWA Cedar Falls Wrestling Alliance
CVCA Cedar Valley Cultural Alliance
CIFA Cells In Frames Alliance
CBA Central Beekeepers Alliance
CBA Central Bowlers Alliance
CBAA Central Brooklyn Arts Alliance
CCRA Central City Renaissance Alliance
CAUSE Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy
CELA Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance
CEFA Central European Fair Alliance
CFAN Central Florida Alliance Network
CFHA Central Florida Health Alliance
CFHEA Central Florida Higher Education Alliance
CFPAA Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance
CICCAS Central Indiana Chamber of Commerce Alliance
CICCAS Central Indiana Clean Cities Alliance
CIAA Central Iowa Apartment Alliance
CJLA Central Jersey Lesbian Alliance
COBRA Central Oregon Battering & Rape Alliance
COTA Central Oregon Trail Alliance
CSCA Central SC Alliance
CVAAS Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics
CVGA Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance
CWETA Central Wisconsin Educational Theatre Alliance
CIA Centre International des Alliances
CLGA Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance
CGA Certified Gamers Alliance
CSAP Certified Strategic Alliance Professional
CWDA Ceylon Workers’ Democratic Alliance
CIWA Championship International Wrestling Alliance
CVGA Champlain Valley Greenbelt Alliance
CHAOS Chapter Honorary Alliance of Spellcasters
CITRA Charity IT Resource Alliance
CCAA Charles County Arts Alliance
CKHA Chatham Kent-Health Alliance
CVAA Chesterfield Visual Arts Alliance
CMSCA Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance
CFPA Chicago Film Producers Alliance
COCA Chicago Ovarian Cancer Alliance
CQA Chicago Quantitative Alliance
CCUSA Children of Chernobyl United States Alliance
CAA Children’s Action Alliance
CHA Children’s Hunger Alliance
CLA Children’s Liver Alliance
CAC Chinese Alliance Church
CACV Chinese Alliance Church of Victoria
CACA Chinese American Citizens Alliance
CBA Chinese Basketball Alliance
CSTA Chinese Swordsman Technique Alliance
CLA Chiropractic Leadership Alliance
CACZ Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia
CAIS Christian Alliance International School
CAMA Christian And Missionary Alliance
CAA Christian Anime Alliance
CANADA Christian Democratic Alliance
CDA Christian Democratic Alliance
CANADA Christian Duty Alliance
CDA Christian Duty Alliance
CGSA Christian Graduate Student Alliance
CMA Christian Missionary Alliance
CPA Christian People’s Alliance
CDPA Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance
CWDA Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance
CAFO Church Alliance for Orphans
CBTA Church Based Training Alliance
CCWA Churches’ Community Work Alliance
CDIA Cities Development Initiatives Alliance
CAACP Citizens Alliance Against Creepy Politics
CFA Citizens Flag Alliance, Inc.
CTSA Citizens Through Sports Alliance
CAPR Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights
CASA Citizens’ Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth
CTSA Citizenship Through Sports Alliance
CBA Citrix Business Alliance
CCAA Citrus County Airboat Alliance
CMA Civil and Military Alliance
CSPA Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance
C-VERA Clarion-Venango Educational Resources Alliance
CASA Clean Air Strategic Alliance
CAYA Clean Air Youth Alliance
CESA Clean Energy States Alliance
CTPA Clearwater Timber Protection Alliance
CGSA Clemson Gay-Straight Alliance
CSA Clergy Strategic Alliances
CCBA Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance
CLEAN Closed Loop Environmental Alliance Network
CSA Cloud Security Alliance
CVAA Coachella Valley Arts Alliance
CABA Coastal Arts & Business Alliance
CBETA Coastal Business, Education and Technology Alliance
CCA Collaborative Communications Alliance
CRAFT Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training
CALL-TO-ACTION Collaborative Technology Alliances
CTA Collaborative Technology Alliances
CCGLA Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance
CASA Colombo-American Student Alliance
CCA Colon Cancer Alliance
CAEE Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education
CAMI Colorado Alliance for Microenterprise Initiatives
CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CBEA Colorado Business Education Alliance
CEBA Colorado Environmental Business Alliance
CEBA Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance
CVA Colorado Veterans’ Alliance
CFNA Colored Farmers’ National Alliance
CKCA Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
COBA Columbus Ohio Blues Alliance
CPA Columbus Progressive Alliance
CTUA Combustion Technology University Alliance
CBEA Commercial Building Energy Alliance
CVSA Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
CGA Common Ground Alliance
CANTER Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses, Inc.
CASY Community Alliance and Services for Young Children
CAC Community Alliance Church
CAPPA Community Alliance for Progressive Positive Action
CARE Community Alliance for Results in Education
CATS Community Alliance for Teen Safety
CAYA Community Alliance for Youth Action
CALCULATE Community Alliance of Lane County
CALC Community Alliance of Lane County
CAPOW Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin
CAFE Community Alliance of the Far Eastside
CAPACITY Community Alliance on Prisons
CAP Community Alliance on Prisons
CAFF Community Alliance with Family Farmers
CAPE Community Alliances to Promote Education
CCWA Community College Workforce Alliance
CDVCA Community Development Venture Capital Alliance
CGSA Community Gay/Straight Alliance
CHPA Community Health Plan Alliance
CHPA Community Health Purchasing Alliance
CHAMFER Community Homeless Alliance Ministry
CHAM Community Homeless Alliance Ministry
CSA Community School Alliances
CALL-TO-ACTION Community Technology Alliance
CTA Community Technology Alliance
CURA Community-University Research Alliance
CALL-TO-ACTION Competitive Telecommunications Alliance
CTA Competitive Telecommunications Alliance
CRMA Computer Reseller Marketing Alliance
CSA Confederate Stamp Alliance
CAU Confédération d’Alliances Unies
CABLE Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement
CFA Conservation Finance Alliance
CAES Consumer Alliance for Energy Security
CRAN Consumer Resource Alliance Network
CVSA Container Vehicle Safety Alliance
CDTA Continental Divide Trail Alliance
CSCMA Cool School Cafe Manufacturer Alliance
COAST Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation
CLRA Copyright Levies Reform Alliance
CORAL Coral Reef Alliance
CRA Coral Reef Alliance
CPA Cordillera Peoples Alliance
CAB Corporate Alliance Board
COEA Council of Europe Alliance
CNA Counter Narcotics Alliance
CA Countryside Alliance
CARES County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship
CANO Creative Alliance of New Orleans
CAST Creative Alliance Scriptwriting Talent project
CPRA Creative Property Rights Alliance
CRA Creators’ Rights Alliance
CAGW Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington
CYA Cumbria Youth Alliance
CVA Curatores Veritatis Alliance
CCA Customer Care Alliance
CSIA Cyber Security Industry Alliance
CAU Cybertron Alliance Universe
DASC Dakota Alliance Soccer Club
DABD Dallas Alliance for Business Development
DABA Dallas Area Breastfeeding Alliance
DABI Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives
DART Dane Alliance for Rail Transit
DFAI Danny Fellows Alliance International
DAS Dark Alliance Studios
DA Deadly Alliance
DCCA Debian Common Core Alliance
DAA Decatur Arts Alliance
DAA Definitive Alliance Agreement
DRNA Delaware River Neighborhood Alliance
DGAF Délégué Général de l’Alliance Française
DAC Delta Alliance Corps
DEAN Democracy and Election Alliance Nepal
DA Democratic Alliance
DAAD Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship
ADM Democratic Alliance for Change
DAB Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong
DAB Democratic Alliance of Burma
DAS Democratic Alliance of Socialists
DAP Democratic Alliance Party
DTA Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia
DAAC Dental Alliance for AIDS/HIV Care
DTA Dental Trade Alliance
DATH Denver Alliance on Tobacco and Health
DALE DePaul Alliance for Latino Empowerment
DBSA Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
DACA Design Alliance to Combat AIDS
DCPA Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance
DCPAS Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance
DPA Dialysis Purchasing Alliance
DA Digital Alliance
DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance
DMAF Digital Media Alliance Florida
DCAI Disabled Citizens Alliance for Independence
DOSA Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance
DPAA Doberman Pinscher Alliance of America Rescue
DMA Document Management Alliance
DA Donor Alliance, Inc.
DBA Downtown Business Alliance
DEDA Downtown Entertainment District Alliance
DAGR Dragon Alliance of Gamers and Role-Players
DAMA Drapeaux de l’Anneau-Monde Alliance
DPA Drug Policy Alliance
DSBA Dulles South Business Alliance
EIFA Early Intervention Family Alliance
EITCA Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance
EA Earth Alliance
EAF Earth Alliance Forces
EAS Earth Alliance Ship
ECGA East Coast Greenway Alliance, Inc.
ECRA East County Runners Alliance
ELBA East London Business Alliance
EMPA East Midlands Property Alliance
ETCA East Tennessee College Alliance
EBA Eastern Basketball Alliance
EDHA Eastern Dakota Housing Alliance
EOTA Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance
ESVA Eastern Southern Vacation Alliance
EWA Eastern Wrestling Alliance
ECRA Eaton Canyon Recovery Alliance
EAFA Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance
EEPA Electromagnetic Energy Policy Alliance
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance
EIA-TIA Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association
ERAAA Elk River Area Arts Alliance
ECA Embedded and Communications Alliance
ECAMS Emergency Communications Alliance of the Mid-South
EDBA Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance
EMAI Emergency Management Alliance of Indiana
EMSA Emergency Medical Services Alliance, Inc.
EGA Empire Group Alliance
EWA Empire Wrestling Alliance
EASF Empowerment Alliance of Southwest Florida
EDA Enterprise Desktop Alliance
EGA Enterprise Grid Alliance
EWA Enterprise Wireless Alliance
ETA Entertainment Technology Alliance
EASI Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement
EAST Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement
EJA Environmental Justice Alliance
ELAW Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
EMERALD Environmental Management Exchange and Resource Alliance for Local Development
EYA Environmental Youth Alliance
EJA Equal Justice Alliance
ERSA Equity Release Solicitors Alliance
ENA Eritrean National Alliance
EMWA Essence of Motown Writers Alliance
EMDA Esthetics Manufacturers and Distributors Alliance
EFMA Ethernet in the First Mile Alliance
ECRA Ethical Credit Repair Alliance
ECRA Etowah County Rational Alliance
EAPS Euro Alliance of Payment Schemes
EASA European Advertising Standards Alliance
EAAD European Alliance against Depression
EATC European Alliance for Thermoplastic Composites
EANA European Alliance of News Agencies
EAY European Alliance of YMCAs
EAA European Anglers Alliance
EBA European Blood Alliance
EDCA European Debt Collection Alliance
EEA European Evangelical Alliance
EFA European Free Alliance
EGA European Gaucher Alliance
EGAN European Genetic Alliances’ Network
EHFA European Historical Fencing Alliance
EPMA European Promotional Marketing Alliance
ERNA European Responsible Nutrition Alliance
ESVA European Secure Vehicle Alliance
ESMA European Smart Metering Alliance
ESA European Studies Alliance
EA Evangelical Alliance
EAK Evangelical Alliance of Kenya
EAGL Evergreen Alliance Golf Limited
EFMA Executive Female Ministerial Alliance
XA Exiled Alliance
EDA Exotic Dancers Alliance
FLASAP Fair Lawn Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
FPA Fairness in Procurement Alliance
FABC Faith Alliance Bible Church
FCA Family Caregiver Alliance
FEAST Family Educators Alliance of South Texas
FMHA Family Mental Health Alliance
FRFA Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
FACA Farmstead & Artisan Cheese Alliance
FEA Fast Ethernet Alliance
FCAP FCTC Alliance, Philippines
FLASH Federal Alliance for Safe Homes
FASH Federal Alliance for Safe Homes
JAP Federation Nationale des Jeunes Alliances Paysannes
FAFIA Feminist Alliance for International Action
FMLA Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance
FRA Fermi Research Alliance, LLC
FMAA Fibromyalgia Alliance of America
FHWA Fife Health and Wellbeing Alliance
FSA Filemaker Solutions Alliance
FREEDOM Filemaker Solutions Alliance
FIA Filipinos in Alliance
FIA Financial Investment Alliance
FSA Fingerprint Sharing Alliance
FREEDOM Fingerprint Sharing Alliance
FAPS First Alliance Protection Systems
FCBA First Coast Business Alliance
FHEA First Home Exchange Alliance
FSMA First Source Marketing Alliance
FNBA Five Nations Beef Alliance
FMCA Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance
FRCA Flint River Corridor Alliance
FAAE Florida Alliance for Arts Education
FAHPERDS Florida Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance and Sport
FLASH Florida Alliance for Safe Homes
FAPA Florida Alliance of Paralegal Associations, Inc
FAPPA Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates
FAST Florida Alliance of Substitute Teachers
FAOA Florida Animal Owners Alliance, Inc.
FAAA Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance
FCA Florida Cultural Alliance
FDA Florida Defense Alliance
FGA Florida Geographic Alliance
FIPA Florida Independent Purchasing Alliance, Inc.
FITA Florida Intrastate Transportation Alliance
FLA Florida Learning Alliance, Inc.
FRSA Florida Regional Stewardship Alliance
FRBA Florida Rural Broadband Alliance
FRENCH-AIR-FORCE Fondation Alliance Française
FAF Fondation Alliance Française
FCCA Football Club Carolina Alliance
FTA For the Alliance
FOA Force of Alliance
FABC Forest Alliance of British Columbia
FARC Forged Alliance Riding Club
FPNA Fort Point Neighborhood Alliance
FVEA Fox Valley Educational Alliance
FHPCA FPGA High Performance Computing Alliance
FCA Framework Convention Alliance
FBEA Franklin Business and Education Alliance
FRA Fredericksburg Regional Alliance
FEA Free Enterprise Alliance
FFA Free File Alliance
FGA Free Grace Alliance
FPA Free Planets Alliance
FSA Free Spirit Alliance
FREEDOM Free Spirit Alliance
FVA Free Vietnam Alliance
FAMLA Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy
FCMA Freelance Creative Media Alliance
FIAF French Institute Alliance Française
FAQS Friendly Alliance of Queers and Straights
FWA Frontier Wrestling Alliance
FWAA Frontier Wrestling Alliance Academy
FCA Funeral Consumers Alliance
FCACO Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio
FLAN Future Lawyers Alliance Network
FOTA Future of the Alliance
GSA Gainesville Soccer Alliance
GADF Galactic Alliance Defense Force
GTA Galactic Terran Alliance
GVTA Gallatin Valley Technology Alliance
GAAC Gamers Alliance Against Censorship
GCLA Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance
GKA Gateway Knowledge Alliance
GLAAD Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
GAA Gay Activists Alliance
GALAXY Gay Alliance of La Crosse Area Youth
GALA Gay And Lesbian Alliance
GLTA Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance
GAPA Gay Asian Pacific Alliance
GHAP Gay Healthy Alliance Project
GLA Gay Lesbian Alliance
GLBA Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Alliance
GLBA Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance
GSA Gay Student Alliance
GLASA Gay, Lesbian and Straight Alliance
GSA Gay-Straight Alliance Network
GSSA Gay-Straight Student Alliance
GSBA Gem State Bicycle Alliance
GAD Gender Alliance for Development Center
GADC Gender Alliance for Development Centre
GWA Gender and Water Alliance
GENA Geneticist-Educator Network of Alliances
GITTA Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance
GFDA Geography Faculty Development Alliance
GAMI Georgia Alliance for the Mentally Ill
GMEA Georgia Manufacturing Extension Alliance
GMFA Georgia Mountains Foodways Alliance
GOCA Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance
GRA Georgia Research Alliance
GSA Georgia Strait Alliance
GAPS Georgian Alliance for Patient Safety
GMTA German Medical Technology Alliance
GTA German Trance Alliance
GWA German World Alliance
GWA Getronics Workspace Alliance
GEA Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
GARA Glasgow Anti-Racist Alliance
GYA Glendale Youth Alliance, Inc.
GALA Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance
GAIA Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance
GARD Global Alliance Against Chronic Respiratory Diseases
GACE Global Alliance for Community Empowerment
GAEL Global Alliance for Elimination of Leprosy
GAID Global Alliance for ICT and Development
GAIN Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
GAIA Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
GAIA Global Alliance for Interfaith Action
GALV Global Alliance for Livestock Vaccines
GANM Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery
GAPPS Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards
GARC Global Alliance for Rabies Control
GATE Global Alliance for Transnational Education
GAFTIR Global Alliance for Truth in Reporting
GATB Global Alliance for Tuberculosis Drug Development
GAVI Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
GAK Global Alliance Klan
GAM Global Alliance Manager
GAIIA Global Alliance of Information Industry Associations
GAMIAN Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks
GARPA Global Alliance of Rapid Prototyping Associations
GANE Global Alliance on Nursing Education
GAP Global Alliance Partners
GAELF Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis
GATI Global Alliance Trading Industries, Inc.
GAIA Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance
GANA Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance
GAA Global Aquaculture Alliance
GCCA Global Climate Change Alliance
GCCA Global Community Communications Alliance
GCRA Global Coral Reef Alliance
GDA Global Development Alliance
GDMA Global Digital Mapping Alliance
GDA Global Distribution Alliance
GEA Global Engine Alliance
GEMA Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance
GEA Global Engineering Alliance
GERA Global Entertainment Retail Alliance
GFA Global Fighters Alliance
GFTA Global Free Trade Alliance
GHSA Global Health Student Alliance
GHA Global Hotel Alliance
GIAW Global Incorporation Alliance Workshop
GMA Global Maritime Alliance
GMRA Global Mining Research Alliance
GRA Global Renaissance Alliance
GSA Global Semiconductor Alliance
GSAP Global Strategic Alliance Program
GTTA Global Technology Transfer Alliance
GTA Global Test Alliance
GTA Global Trustmark Alliance
GUA Global University Alliance
GWA Global Wind Alliance
GA Globus Alliance
GNPA Good Neighbors Planning Alliance
GRASP GOOS Regional Alliance for the Southeast Pacific
GRAND GOOS Regional Alliances Network Development (international ocean monitoring consortium)
GAAC Government Affairs and Alliances Committee
GATE Government Alliance for Training and Education
GETA Government Emerging Technology Alliance
GPA Graduate Pledge Alliance
GA Grand Alliance
GDA Grand Democratic Alliance
GLWWA Grand Lake/Wabash Watershed Alliance
GNA Grand National Alliance
GVCA Grand Valley Citizens Alliance
GNA Grassroots Netroots Alliance
GLCA Great Lakes Construction Alliance
GLLA Great Lakes Leather Alliance
GLWA Great Lakes Wrestling Alliance
GPACE Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy
GPAW Great Pyrenees Alliance of the West
GVTA Great Valley Technology Alliance
GCCBA Greater Corpus Christi Business Alliance
GHCHA Greater Hill Country Healthcare Alliance
GHIA Greater Homewood Interfaith Alliance
GMDSA Greater Manchester Democratic Socialist Alliance
GMNA Greater Manchester Neurological Alliance
GMSA Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance
GNJPTA Greater New Jersey Process Technology Alliance
GSGCA Greater Shady Grove Civic Alliance
GTMA Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance
GVPTA Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance
GVTA Greater Victoria Transit Alliance
GWTA Greater Washington Tourism Alliance
GAC Greek Alliance Council
GA Green Alliance
GBA Green Building Alliance
GDCA Green Data Center Alliance
GSA Green Schools Alliance
GVMA Green Vehicle Marketing Alliance
GZA Green Zionist Alliance
GARI Greenways Alliance of Rhode Island
GFA Ground Force Alliance
GAGE Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville
GMLA Growth Management Leadership Alliance
GSHA Guilford School Health Alliance
GALA Gulf Alliance for Local Arts
GCATT Gulf Coast Alliance for Technology Transfer
GCWA Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance
GMA Gulf of Mexico Alliance
HSIA Halogenated Solvents Industry Alliance
HAEE Hampton Alliance for Educational Excellence
HALL Hampton Alliance for Lifelong Learning
HLDA HANYS Long Distance Alliance
HHA Happy Hackers Alliance
HCCBA Hardin County Chamber Business Alliance
HCCP Haywood County Pagan Alliance
HAQLA Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance
HSA Healing Story Alliance
HEAD Health Alliance for Democracy
HAI Health Alliance International
HAMP Health Alliance Medical Plan
HAP Health Alliance Plan
HCLA Health Care Liability Alliance
HPLA Health Policy Leadership Alliance
HRAA Health Research Alliance Arizona
HECA Healthy Environments for Children Alliance
HAA Heartland Alliance of America
HSA Heartland Spiritual Alliance
HAPPY Heathcote Alliance for Preserving Prosperity and Youth
HSA Hemispheric Social Alliance
HAAA Henderson Area Arts Alliance
HX Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes
HNA High North Alliance
HTMA High Tech Marketing Alliance
HANA High-Definition Audio Video Network Alliance
HETA Higher Education Transfer Alliance
HACE Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement
HAAC Hispanic Alliance of Atlantic County
HIA Hispanic Influencer Alliance
HOLA Hispanic Outreach Leadership Alliance
HAART HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two, Inc.
HCAMS Home Care Alliance of Maine
HIAC Home Improvement Alliance Corporation
HLCA Home Lighting Control Alliance
HPNA Home Phoneline Networking Alliance
HTA Home Technology Alliance
HAITI Homelan Alliance
HA Homelan Alliance
HYA Homeless Youth Alliance
HAND Homeownership Alliance of Nonprofit Downpayment Providers
HPPA HomePlug Powerline Alliance
HPA HomePlug Powerline Alliance
HKAM Hong Kong Alliance Mission
HKCALL Hong Kong Cycling Alliance
HDLMA Horsham District Live Music Alliance
HBA Hospitality Business Alliance
HRIA Hot Rod Industry Alliance
HABA Houston Area Bicyclist Alliance
HAA Houston Arts Alliance
HCA Houston Communications Alliance
HCTA Hudson County Theatre Alliance
HRWA Hudson River Watershed Alliance
HVAA Hudson Valley Agency Alliance
HVSGA Hudson Valley Smart Growth Alliance
HRIA Human Rights International Alliance
HAMR Humboldt Alliance for Medical Rights
HLTA Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance
HPAC Hunts Point Alliance for Children
HPCA Hyde Park Alliance Church
IVPA Icicle Valley Protection Alliance
IBCCA Idaho Breast and Cervical Cancer Alliance
IVA Idaho Values Alliance
ICABS IFLA-CDNL Alliance for Bibliographic Standards
ISSA Illini Secular Student Alliance
IAASE Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education
IAAF Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation
IFSA Illinois Fire Safety Alliance
ISMSA Illinois State Medical Society Alliance
IBWA In-Building Wireless Alliance
ICA Independent Carriers Alliance
IFTA Independent Film & Television Alliance
IGRA Independent Gospel Rap Alliance
IGA Independent Grocers Alliance
IHA Independent Homeworkers Alliance
IODA Independent Online Distribution Alliance
IPTA Independent Physical Therapy Alliance
IPAP Independent Procurement Alliance Program
ISEA Independent Search Engine Alliance
INFA India News and Feature Alliance
ICBA India-China Business Alliance
ICBA Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance
IPA Indiana Pharmacists Alliance
ISPA Indiana State Police Alliance
ISACA India-South Africa Commercial Alliance
IEIA Indigenous Early Intervention Alliance
IETA Indigenous Education and Training Alliance
IPCA Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance
IAO Industry Alliances Office
IPA Industry Partner Alliance
IJA Information Junkie Alliance
IPANDA Information Professionals’ Alliance on Natural Disasters and Accidents
ITSPA Information Technology Solutions Providers Alliance
IKMA InfraGard Knoxville Members Alliance
IVMA InfraGard Vermont Members Alliance
INBA Inland Northwest Business Alliance
INRA Inland Northwest Research Alliance
ICBA InnerChange Business Alliance
ICA Innovative Communications Alliance
IMAA Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances
IBCA Integrated Business Communications Alliance
ICAP Intel Channel Alliance Program
IPSLA Intellectual Property Secure Lighting Alliance
INSA Intelligence and National Security Alliance
IMAS Interactive Media Alliance Scotland
IA Interfaith Alliance
IAF Interfaith Alliance Foundation
IAFI Interfaith Alliance Foundation, Inc
IA Interior Alliance
IANA International Academic Nursing Alliance
IAC International Alliance for Children, Inc.
IAI International Alliance for Interoperability
IAJ International Alliance for Justice
IAM International Alliance for Mentoring
IAMM International Alliance for Multichannel Music
IAWC International Alliance for Well Control
IAWM International Alliance for Women in Music
IACH International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists
IAEC International Alliance of Exhibiting Companies
IAFP International Alliance of Furnishing Publications
IAHL International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers
IOAMAS International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools
IAM International Alliance of Midwives
IAPO International Alliance of Patients Organizations
IAQP International Alliance of Quality Professionals
IATI International Alliance of Technology Integrators
IATSE International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
IATSE International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada
IAW International Alliance of Women
IBSA International Black Student Alliance
ICA International Cancer Alliance
ICARE International Cancer Alliance for Research and Education
ICA International Candlepin Alliance
ICPA International Cast Polymer Alliance
ICA International Cogeneration Alliance
ICLA International Construction Law Alliance
ICA International Cooperative Alliance
ICBA International Credit Brokers Alliance
IDCA International Digestive Cancer Alliance
IDFA International Digital Fighters Alliance
IDA International Disability Alliance
IDHA International District Housing Alliance
IFAC International Folk Alliance Conference
IFSA International Forensic Strategic Alliance
IGPA International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance
IMA International Marinelife Alliance
IMPA International Marketing Promotion Alliance
IMA International Medical Alliance, Inc.
IMJA International Messianic Jewish Alliance
INTA International New Thought Alliance
IPCA International Petroleum Cooperative Alliance Commission
IPDA International Planetary Data Alliance
IPPA International Planetary Protection Alliance
IPTA International Process Technology Alliance
IRA International Reiki Alliance
ISCA International Save the Children Alliance
ISCA International Scholarly Communication Alliance
ISGA International Soybean Growers’ Alliance
ISA International Stillbirth Alliance
ISA International Strategic Alliance
ITA International TaeKwonDo Alliance
ITRA International Tenant Representative Alliance
ITA International Touring Alliance
IVOA International Virtual Observatory Alliance
IWRA International Wildlife Refuge Alliance
IA Internet Alliance
IAED Internet Alliance for Economic Development
IBAN Internet Business Alliance of Nevada
IDA Internet Dental Alliance
IFEA Internet Free Expression Alliance
IHA Internet Home Alliance
IPRP Internet Protocol Routing Processor (Alliance Seminconductor)
ISALLIANCE Internet Security Alliance
ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance
IVA Interop Vendor Alliance
IA Interstellar Alliance
ISA Interstellar Alliance
ITCA Invest to Compete Alliance
ISACA Iowa School Age Care Alliance
IAAB Iranian Alliances Across Borders
IACA Iranian American Community Alliance
ICATA Irish Clothing and Textile Alliance
IUNA Irish Universities Nutrition Alliance
IA Island Alliance
IAASA Itasca Alliance Against Sexual Assault
IAUA Ithaca Area Ultimate Alliance
IGBA Ithaca Green Building Alliance
IHA Ithaca Health Alliance
JAMAICA Jagged Alliance
JA Jagged Alliance
JAI Jazz Alliance International
JCRPA Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance
JAP Jeunes Alliances Paysannes
JSA Jewelers’ Security Alliance
JAAO Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation
JAND Jewish Alliance of Northern Dutchess
JEA Jewish Educational Alliance
JOFA Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance
JAMAICA Job Alliance
JA Job Alliance
JSTA Joint Stock Theatre Alliance
JPA Jumma Peoples Alliance
JSBA Junior Scratch Bowling Alliance
KLA Kaer Loche Alliance
KAE Kansas Alliance for Education
KAWS Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams
KAWS Kansas Alliance of Weavers and Spinners
KCNA Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance
KESA Kansas Electronic Security Alliance
KVHA Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance
KCAAEN Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network
KABA Kenosha Area Business Alliance
KAAE Kentucky Alliance for Arts Education
KAAM Kentucky Alliance for the Advancement of Midwifery
KARA Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations
KLA Kenya Land Alliance
KENASVIT Kenya National Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders
KITA Kerala Information Technology Alliance
KRA Kern River Alliance
KRA Key Recovery Alliance
KEMA Keystone Enterprise Manufacturing Alliance
KMAC Kingman Missionary Alliance Church
KARA Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance
KWEA Knowledge Workers Educational Alliance
KEA Kodak External Alliances
KAA Korean American Alliance
KAVA Korean American Voters Alliance
KAL Kurdistan Alliance List
KFPA Kyrgyz Family Planning Alliance
LZA Labor Zionist Alliance
LEAS Labour Environmental Alliance Society
LAIA Lake Area Industry Alliance
LLTA Lake Lanier Technology Alliance
LOBA Lake Oswego Business Alliance
LTA Land Trust Alliance
LTABC Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia
LEADS Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service
LANA Laotian American National Alliance
LVMA Las Vegas Music Alliance
LAASA Latin American Art Song Alliance
LLANJ Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey
LHMA Laurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance
LEAA Law Enforcement Alliance of America
LGSA Lawrence Gay Straight Alliance
LAWS Lawyers Alliance for World Security
LANS Leadership Alliance National Symposium
LETA Learning and Enrichment Travel Alliance
LEAP Learning Effectiveness Alliance Program
LFA Learning First Alliance
LABA Lebanese Alliance for Breastfeeding Action
LGP Left-Green Alliance
LMA Legal Marriage Alliance
LSA Legal Sector Alliance
LCA Legalise Cannabis Alliance
LSA Lego Space Alliance
LVAA Lehigh Valley Alliance on Aging
LPCRA Leicestershire Primary Care Research Alliance
LGSA Lesbian Gay Straight Alliance
LGBTAA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Ally Alliance
LAP Liberty Alliance Project
LEA License-Exempt Alliance
LXA Liero Xtreme Alliance
LLAA Lifelong AIDS Alliance
LTAA Light Truck Accessory Alliance
LHAA Lighthouse Health Access Alliance
LHAC Living Hope Alliance Church
LCEA Livingston County Education Alliance
LA Llama Alliance
LAWN London Alliance West and North
LSAA Lone Star Angus Alliance
LBAC Long Beach Alliance Church
LICCA Long Island City Cultural Alliance
LICA Long Island Coaching Alliance
LIIA Long Island Immigration Alliance
LTCPA Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance
LMCA Long-term Medical Conditions Alliance
LEAP Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents
LSMAMP Louis Stokes Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation
LAB Louisiana Alliance for Biotechnology
LAMP Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation
LCIA Louisiana Chemical Industrial Alliance
LHCA Louisiana Health Care Alliance
LMIA Louisville Music Industry Alliance
LRPA Lowell Regional Physics Alliance
LPRCA Lower Platte River Corridor Alliance
LGSA Lubbock Gay Straight Alliance
MIMOSA Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance
MFAA Macromedia Flash Advertising Alliance
MCLA Madden Central Leagues Alliance
MAEST Magical Alliance
MA Magical Alliance
MESA Magnuson Environmental Stewardship Alliance
MAICC Maine Alliance for the International Criminal Court
MIBA Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance
MPA Maine People’s Alliance
MMA Mainframe Migration Alliance
MYA Mainline Youth Alliance
MCTA Malaria Clinical Trials Alliance
MAAB Malaysian Assurance Alliance Bhd.
MAA Malaysian Assurance Alliance Bhd.
MATA Manitoba Advanced Technology Alliance
MHRA Manufactured Housing Research Alliance
MAPI Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation
MACINTOSH Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
MAC Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut
MCA Marine Conservation Alliance
MCAF Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation
MCCA Marion County Children’s Alliance
MCA Marion Cultural Alliance, Inc
MRGA Market Research Global Alliance
MOCCA Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance
MUA Marvel Ultimate Alliance
MIQA Maryland Institute Queer Alliance
MEA Mass Energy Alliance
MAHA Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
MAED Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development
MACR Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans
MAPS Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
MAVIS Massachusetts Alliance of Visually Impaired Students
MBAE Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education
MCTA Massachusetts Chemistry and Technology Alliance
MAA Master Alliance Agreement
MSA Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida
MEAA Media and Arts Alliance
MEAA Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance
MIRA Media Image Resource Alliance
MAIC Medical Alliance Insurance Company
MECCA Medical Education and Communication Company Alliance
MWA Medicine Wheel Alliance
MVA Medicon Valley Alliance
MAP Melanesian Alliance Party
MAPER Melanesian Alliance Party
MAAV Melrose Alliance Against Violence
MARH Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
MAP Memory Alliance Program
MAPER Memory Alliance Program
MHWA Mental Health Workers Alliance
MOA Mercenaries of Alliance
MCDA Mercer County Deer Alliance
MIA Messianic Israel Alliance
MRA Metal Roofing Alliance
MAHF Metro Alliance for Healthy Families
MEDA Metro Economic Development Alliance
MIBA Metro Independent Business Alliance
MOBA Metro Orlando Business Alliance
MANNA Metropolitan AIDS Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance
MCA Michiana Construction Alliance
MADSP Michigan Alliance of Direct Support Professionals
MANA Michigan Association of NERO Alliance
MFCA Michigan Farmland Community Alliance
MHEA Michigan Hospitality Education Alliance
MSMSA Michigan State Medical Society Alliance
MEDAL Micro Enterprise Development Alliance of Louisiana
MSDNAA Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance
MSRA Microsoft Security Response Alliance
MSSA Microsoft Security Support Alliance
MAAA Mid-America Arts Alliance
MABA Mid-America Bonsai Alliance
MAACW Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Computers and Writing
MECA Middle East Children’s Alliance
MAIN Midwest Alliance in Nursing
MCTA Midwest Chinese Teachers Alliance
MSFA Midwest Steel Framing Alliance
MANA Midwives Alliance of North America
MAIN Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism
MANNA Ministry Assistance of the Near Northwest Alliance
MACINTOSH Minneola Alliance Church
MAC Minneola Alliance Church
MALHM Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums
MAWY Minnesota Alliance With Youth
MCA Minnesota Consumer Alliance
MMAA Minnesota Medical Association Alliance
MOHA Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance
MOCA Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance
MWA Minnesota Wolf Alliance
MCFA Minor Crop Farmer Alliance
MLFA Minor League Football Alliance
MPA Minot Pagan Alliance
MASED Mississippi Alliance of State Employees
MASE Mississippi Alliance of State Employees
MRBA Mississippi River Basin Alliance
MAAL Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation
MFAS Missouri Film Alliance of Springfield
MFA Mixed Fighting Alliance
MAA Mobile Advertising Alliance
MSAI Mobile Standard Alliance of India
MACI Montana Alliance for Citizen Information
MCTA Monterey County Theatre Alliance
MCPA Moro-Christian People’s Alliance
MWA Morrisville Wrestling Alliance
MPA Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals
MCTA Motor City Tennis Alliance
MSEA Motorsport Engineering Alliance
MWHA Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance
MSFA Mountain State Family Alliance
MSHA Mountain States Health Alliance
MTBA Mountain Top Business Alliance
MHEA Mt Hood Economic Alliance
MFHA MultiCultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance
MOCA Multimedia Over Cable Alliance
MEGA Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance
MAFIA Musically Artistic Friends in Alliance
MANA Muslim Alliance in North America
MNDA Myanmar National Democracy Alliance
NABA Namibian Biotechnology Alliance
NBA NanoBusiness Alliance
NWA Nanticoke Watershed Alliance
NVMA Napa Valley Mentor Alliance
NAFC Naples Alliance for Children
NSLA Narre Sports and Leisure Alliance
NAPE Nashville Alliance for Public Education
NAAHA National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance
NADA National Air Disaster Alliance
NAFA National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance
NA National Alliance
NAAT National Alliance Against Tolls
NADP National Alliance Democratic Party
NAAA National Alliance for Abuse Awareness
NAAR National Alliance for Autism Research
NABR National Alliance for Belizean Rights
NABA National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy
NAC National Alliance for Caregiving
NACE National Alliance for Civic Education
NAFCAR National Alliance for College Athletics Reform
NADD National Alliance for Democracy and Development
NAE National Alliance for Excellence
NAEVR National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research
NAFC National Alliance for Fair Competition
NAFOS National Alliance for Food Security
NAGG National Alliance for Good Governance
NAHIT National Alliance for Health Information Technology
NAHH National Alliance for Hispanic Health
NAHR National Alliance for Human Rights
NAIA National Alliance for Information Assurance
NAIT National Alliance for Infusion Therapy
NAIER National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research
NAME National Alliance for Medicaid in Education
NAMT National Alliance for Musical Theater
NANA National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity
NAOP National Alliance for Optional Parenthood
NAPE National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity
NAR National Alliance for Reconstruction
NARSD National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression
NARE National Alliance for Restructuring Education
NASS National Alliance for Safe Schools
NASF National Alliance for Sustainable Fisheries
NADA National Alliance for the Development of Archery
NAFRE National Alliance for the Fundamental Right to Education
NAMI National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NAMI-NYC National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of New York City
NATT National Alliance for Thrombosis and Thrombophilia
NAVA National Alliance for Volunteer Action
NAAAA National Alliance of African American Athletes
NAAC National Alliance of Arctic Countries
NAAA National Alliance of Auto Agents
NABCO National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
NABER National Alliance of Brown Employees and Retirees
NAB National Alliance of Businessmen
NACP National Alliance of Cheer Professionals
NACU National Alliance of Communications Unions
NAF National Alliance of Families
NAFA National Alliance of Filipino-Americans
NAFA National Alliance of Floral Associations
NAHBA National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies
NAMA National Alliance of Methadone Advocates
NANI National Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance
NAPPP National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers
NAPTA National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates
NARTRB National Alliance of Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies
NASP National Alliance of Salon Professionals
NATOW National Alliance of Teachers and Office Workers
NAULC National Alliance of Urban Literacy Coalitions
NAVASA National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies
NAW National Alliance of Women
NAWHRD National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders
NAWO National Alliance of Women, Orissa Chapter
NAWO National Alliance of Women’s Organisations
NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness
NAPF National Alliance Party of Fiji
NAEH National Alliance to End Homelessness
NAIA National Animal Interest Alliance
NAAA National Asian-American Alliance
NAAA National Auto Agents Alliance, Inc.
NAWA National Avian Welfare Alliance
NBHA National Bone Health Alliance
NCMA National Catholic Ministerial Alliance
NCA National Children’s Alliance
NCRA National Christian Radio Alliance
NCCRA National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance
NCCA National Community Care Alliance
NCSA National Computational Science Alliance
NCRA National Consumer Rights Alliance, Inc
NCSA National Cyber Security Alliance
NDA National Democratic Alliance
NDSA National Disability Sports Alliance
NDPA National Drug Prevention Alliance
NEBA National Electronic Billers Alliance
NEUA National Elite Underground Alliance
NEMSA National Emergency Medical Services Alliance
NERA National EMSC Resource Alliance
NFFA National Foam Fighting Alliance
NFPA National Forest Protection Alliance
NHSA National Haitian Student Alliance
NHPA National Home Protection Alliance
NHRA National Hospice Regatta Alliance
NHA National Humanities Alliance
NMA National Maritime Alliance
NMVA National Military and Veterans Alliance
NORA National Oilheat Research Alliance
NPSAA National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance
ARENA National Renewal Alliance
ARENA National Republican Alliance Party
NRLA National Research Library Alliance
NSSA National Safe Skies Alliance
NSFA National Scholastic Funding Alliance
NSA National Service Alliance, LLC
NSBA National Small Business Alliance
NSA National Smokers Alliance
NSA National Software Alliance
NSGA National Space Grant Alliance, Inc.
NSBA National Steel Bridge Alliance
NSWA National Stretch Wrap Alliance
NSLA National Student Labor Alliance
NSLA National Student Loan Alliance
NSTA National Substitute Teachers Alliance
NTBA National T-Bucket Alliance
NTA National Technology Alliance
NTA National Towing Alliance
NTBAA National Trade Business Alliance of America
NUAA National Underground Application Alliance
NUA National Unity Alliance
NWA National Wrestling Alliance
NAQ Native Alliance of Quebec
NABA Native American Business Alliance
NAFA Native American Fitness Alliance
NALA Native American Leadership Alliance
NNSA Native Nations Sustainable Alliance
NYA Native Youth Alliance
NHCA Natural Health Care Alliance
NSCA Natural Science Collections Alliance
NSRA Natural Stone Restoration Alliance
NRLA Naval Research Laboratory Alliance
NICA Nebraska Industrial Competitiveness Alliance
NAFD Neighborhood Alliance on Fenway Development
NFMA Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance
NHCA Neighborhood Health Care Alliance
NRA Neighborhood Retail Alliance
NWA Neighbourhood Watch Alliance
NANY Neighbours’ Alliance of North York
NASA Network Affiliated Stations Alliance
NPA Network Printing Alliance
NAWA New Age Wrestling Alliance
NAP New Alliance Party
NADA New Art Dealers Alliance
NBAPO New Brunswick Alliance of Professional Outfitters
NBFA New Brunswick Firearms Alliance
ANO New Citizens Alliance
NDSA New Disco Science Alliance
NEASPA New England Alliance of Self-Published Authors
NFWA New Frontier Wrestling Alliance
NHCA New Hampshire Citizens Alliance
NHDA New Hampshire Dance Alliance
NHPA New Hampshire Preservation Alliance
NJOA New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
NMBA New Media Business Alliance
NMAAP New Mexico Alliance for Affordable Phones
NMASE New Mexico Alliance for Science Education
NMFBA New Mexico Family Business Alliance
NMFA New Mexico Football Alliance
NMPA New Mexico Presenters Alliance
NMPA New Mexico Preservation Alliance
NMWCA New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance
NMWA New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
NRAC New River Alliance of Climbers
NWWA New Wave Wrestling Alliance
NWA New World Alliance
NWWA New World Wrestling Alliance
NYAFEC New York Alliance for Environmental Concerns
NYCDA New York City Dance Alliance
NYGA New York Geographic Alliance
NYPA New York Production Alliance
NZTA New Zealand Taekwondo Alliance
NAFA News and Feature Alliance
NGMA Next Gen Media Alliances Pvt. Ltd.
NAFA NGO Alliance for Freedom & Advocacy
NNAP NGO Network Alliance Project (Zimbabwe)
NCA Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance
NCMA Niche Cruise Marketing Alliance
NDSA Nocturnal Dirt Surfers Alliance
NIAC Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California
NOVA Non-Violence Alliance
NACA North American Coastal Alliance
NAFA North American Farm Alliance
NAFA North American Folk Alliance
NAMPA North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc.
NANA North American Newspaper Alliance
NAREA North American Reggio Emilia Alliance
NASA North American Saxophone Alliance
NASRA North American Survey Research Alliance
NASCA North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance
NAUTICA North American Urinary Tract Infection Collaborative Alliance
NAWA North Atlanta Wedding Alliance
NAAA North Atlantic Alliance Association, Inc.
NAFA North Atlantic Fisheries Alliance
NAJA North Atlantic Jazz Alliance
NANEA North Atlantic Neuro Epidemiology Alliances
NCAAHPERD North Carolina Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
NCGA North Carolina Geographic Alliance
NDGA North Dakota Geographic Alliance
NDNA North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance
NEPA North East Productivity Alliance
NETFA North East Table Football Alliance
NETIA North East Thoroughbred Industry Alliance
NEATA North European Amateur Theatre Alliance
NFPA North Fork Preservation Alliance
NFWA North Fort Worth Alliance
NICA North Idaho Citizens Alliance
NSWA North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance
NSHA North Shore Health Alliance
NSLA North Shore Land Alliance
NSHA North Simcoe Hospital Alliance
NSMA North Slave Métis Alliance
NSLA North Sound LASER Alliance
NTRA North Trent Research Alliance
NUHSA North Urban Human Services Alliance
NAFA Northeast Ag and Feed Alliance
NEBA NorthEast Baseball Alliance
NECRA Northeast-Central Republican Alliance
NVTA Norther Virginia Transportation Alliance
NA Northern Alliance
NAPI Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators
NARN Northern Alliance Radio Network
NYLA Northern and Yorkshire Learning Alliance
NCCA Northern Colorado Coaches Alliance
NEMA Northern Eagle Military Alliance
NHA Northern Heights Alliance
NIAFPD Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts
NLEA Northern Lakes Economic Alliance
NSGA Northern Star Groove Alliance
NVAA Northern Virginia Anime Alliance
NVAA Northern Virginia Arts Alliance
NVTA Northern Virginia Theatre Alliance
NVTA Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance
NWAA Northwest Aerospace Alliance
NACSE Northwest Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering
NATT Northwest Alliance for Transportation Technologies
NBDA Northwest Bronx Democratic Alliance
NWEA Northwest Ecosystem Alliance
NPA Northwest Perennial Alliance
NWRA Northwest Rehab Alliance
NWSA Northwest Stryker Alliance
NWWA Northwestern Wrestling Alliance
NINJA Not Invisible Now, Jesus Alliance
NAFA Nottingham Anti-Fascist Alliance
NFFA Nutraceutical and Functional Food Alliance
NGCA NVIDIA Game Center Alliance Program
NFA Nykobing Falster Alliancen
OHA Oakland Heritage Alliance
ORSA Occupational Road Safety Alliance
OOBA Off Off Broadway Alliance
OFDA Office Furniture Dealers Alliance
OFRA Office Furniture Rental Alliance
OOSA Office of Outreach Services and Alliances
OPRA Office Products Representatives Alliance
OASPA Ohio Agricultural Surplus Production Alliance
OCMA Okaloosa County Medical Alliance
OAHT Oklahoma Alliance on Health or Tobacco
OLSA Oklahoma Land Stewardship Alliance
ODBA Old Dominion Blog Alliance
OLPA Olmsted Linear Park Alliance
OSA Olympic Science Alliance
OCAY Oneonta Community Alliance for Youth
OGA Online Gaming Alliance
OPA Online Privacy Alliance
OTWA Online Traders Web Alliance
OTA Online Trust Alliance
OHPA Ontario Health Providers Alliance
OSSA Ontario Service Safety Alliance
OUSA Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance
OCA Open Content Alliance
ODBA Open Database Alliance
OHA Open Handset Alliance
OHAP Open Handset Alliance Project
OMA Open Mobile Alliance
OPA Open Patent Alliance
OSA Open Solutions Alliance
OTA OpenTravel Alliance
OCPA Orange County Playwrights Alliance
ORCA Orca Relief Citizens’ Alliance
OHAM Orchestre d’Harmonie de l’Alliance Musicale
OAWA Oregon Animal Welfare Alliance
OCA Oregon Citizens Alliance
OCWA Oregon Construction Workforce Alliance
OCSA Oregon Creative Services Alliance
OSERA Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance
OTTA Oregon Tour and Travel Alliance
OHBA Organic Horticulture Business Alliance
OCEA Otsego County Economic Alliance
OPRA Ottawa Photonics Research Alliance
OCWA Outdoor Championship Wrestling Alliance
OCAN Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Nevada
OCNA Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
PASA Pacific Air Services Alliance
PACL Pacific Alliance China Land Limited
PACE Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education
PAIM Pacific Alliance International Marketing Ltd.
PAMC Pacific Alliance Medical Center
PNAA Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance
PNPA Pacific Northwest Preservation Alliance
PNPA Paging and Narrowband PCS Alliance
PSAA Pagosa Springs Arts Alliance
PDEA Paisley & District Evangelical Alliance
PASA Pan African Sanctuary Alliance
PAA Pan Asian E-Commerce Alliance
PLCA Parents’ Local Community Alliance
PAACE Parker Area Alliance for Community Empowerment
PALS Partners and Alliances Linking Schools
PACT Passaic County Alliance for Countywide Technology
PANA Peace and Neutrality Alliance
PREDA Peace Region Economic Development Alliance
PAL Peer ALliance
PORTA Pend Oreille River Tourism Alliance
PAED Peninsula Alliance for Economic Development
PACE Pennsylvania Alliance for Character Education
PARA Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans
PACP Pennsylvania Alliance of Counseling Professionals
PALCA Pennsylvania Assisted Living Consumer Alliance
PITA Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance
PMHA Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance
PRAA Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance
PA People’s Alliance
PAP People’s Alliance Party
PDA People’s Democratic Alliance
PAWS Peoples Alliance for Wildlife Survival, Inc.
PGMA Performance Golf Marketing Alliance
PTBA Personal Trainer Business Alliance
PCATS Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards
PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada
PCRA Pharmaceutical Contract Research Alliance
PICRA Pharmaceutical Industry Contract Research Alliance
PQA Pharmacy Quality Alliance
PADA Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance
PNA Phoneline Networking Alliance
PAGB Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
PVMA Photovoltaic Manufacturers Alliance
PASA Pike Adams Sportsmen’s Alliance
PMA Pilates Method Alliance
PAFE Planetary Alliance for Fathers in Exile
PCA Plant Conservation Alliance
POLA Point-Of-Load Alliance
PPA Poker Players Alliance
PNA Polish National Alliance
PSAA Polish Singers Alliance of America
PWAAS Polish Women’s Alliance of America
PHAC Pontiac Hmong Alliance Church
PAWC Portland Alliance of Worker Collectives
PBA Portland Business Alliance
PLA Portland Leather Alliance
PCA Positive Coaching Alliance
PZWA Power Zone Wrestling Alliance
PWA Prairie Wrestling Alliance
PCA Predator Conservation Alliance
PLA Pre-school Learning Alliance
PSLA Pre-School Learning Alliance
PTSA Prevention Through Service Alliance
PEIAA Prince Edward Island Aquaculture Alliance
PEAM Private Equity Alliance of Minneapolis
PACT Producers Alliance for Cinema & Television
PBCA Professional Business Coaches Alliance
PCRA Professional Cleaning & Restoration Alliance
PDA Professional Development Alliance
PGMA Professional Golf Marketing Alliance
PIA Professional Inventors Alliance
PPA Professional Pharmacy Alliance
PVMA Professional Volunteer Management Alliance
PWA Professional Women’s Alliance
PWA Professional Wrestling Alliance
PACE Progressive Alliance for Community Empowerment
PACE Progressive Alliance of Capitol Employees
PBA Progressive Bag Alliance
PDA Progressive Democratic Alliance
PJA Progressive Jewish Alliance
PSA Progressive Student Alliance
PTBA Progressive Taekwondo & Budo Alliance
PICRA Project Inform Community Research Alliance
PRA Property Rights Alliance
PAPAA Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance
ACE Public Alliance for Community Energy
PRISA Public Radio Internet Service Alliance
PSA Public Service Alliance
PSAC Public Service Alliance of Canada
PRAA Puerto Rican Arts Alliance
PSARA Puget Sound Alliance for Retired Americans
PSA Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
PNDA Pukhtunkhwa National Democratic Alliance
PARD Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development
PGBA Punta Gorda Business Alliance
PLA Pure Love Alliance
QRA Quality Relationships Alliance
QYA Queensland Youth Alliance
QAC Quinte Alliance Church
QCA Quoted Companies Alliance
RPCA Railroad Passenger Car Alliance
RAD Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf
RPYA Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance
RYA Rainbow Youth Alliance
RA Rainforest Alliance
RIA Random Insanity Alliance
RCA Rare Cancer Alliance
RAA Real Access Alliance
RA Rebel Alliance
RWA Rebel Weezer Alliance
RFI Receiver Fixture Interface Alliance
RFA Recreational Fishing Alliance
RA Recruit Alliance
RAI Recruit Alliance India
RAA Recycle America Alliance
RPA Recycled Paperboard Alliance
RSA Red Squad Alliance
RCWA Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance
RAIN Regional Alliance for Information Networking
RAP Regional Alliance for Preservation
RHCDA Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance
RLA Regional Learning Alliance
RSFPA Regional Skills for Productivity Alliance
RTA Regional Trade Associations/Alliances
RAAP Religious Alliance Against Pornography
RACP Renault Alliance Club Passion
RAW Reno Alliance of Wrestlers
RAAH Reno Area Alliance for the Homeless
RPA Rensselaer Pride Alliance
RACHA Reproductive and Child Health Alliance
RHRA Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance
RRA Reproductive Rights Alliance
RAP Republican Alliance Party of Kenya
RAIME Research Alliance of Institutions for Music Education
RVTA Research Valley Technology Alliance
RWMA Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance
RFLA Respect for Law Alliance, Inc.
RFA Responsible Fishing Alliance
RUMA Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance
RMA Retail Markets Alliance
RIFA Rhode Island Film Alliance
RCWA Richland Creek Watershed Alliance
RCAC Richmond Chinese Alliance Church
RPA Richmond Progressive Alliance
RTIA Risk Transfer Insurance Alliance, LLC
RCSA Robotics Certification Standards Alliance
RCTA Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliances
RBA Rochester Business Alliance
RMCA Rocky Mountain Commercial Alliance
RMNA Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Alliance
RMTA Rocky Mountain Technology Alliance
RHA Roller Hockey Alliance
RAFA Romanian American Freedom Alliance
RZA Ronin Zark Alliance
RSA Royal & Sun Alliance
RSAIG Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group
RWMA Royal Wilson Marching Alliance
RAMM Royale Alliance Melen-Micheroux
RAI Rural Alliance Inc
RCCA Rural Community College Alliance
RICA Rural Independent Competitive Alliance
RMCA Rural Middlesex Conservation Alliance
RAAAD Russian American Alliance Against Defamation
RREA Rutland Region Education Alliance
SARTA Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance
SARTA Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance
SBA Safe Building Alliance
SLCA Salt Lake Climbers’ Alliance
SFFA San Francisco Food Alliance
SFGSA San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance
SFSA San Francisco School Alliance
SJCA San Juan Citizens Alliance
APDS San Marino Popular Alliance of Democrats
SARC Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration
SMA School of Medicine Alliance
SCHA School-Community Health Alliance
SFFA Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance
SEMTA Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Alliance
SGBA Scottish Green Belts Alliance
SIAA Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance
STCA Scottish Tobacco Control Alliance
SGLA Sears Good Life Alliance
SFFA Seasonally Flooded Forest Alliance
SBSA Seattle Business School Alliance
SCCA Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
SAFE Secular Alliance of Freethought and Enlightenment
SSA Secular Students Alliance
SVPA Secure Video Processor Alliance
SFFA Semipermanently Flooded Forest Alliance
SRA Senior Resource Alliance
SANE Serbian-American Alliance of New England
STARS Service Technology Alliance Resources
SUCA Service Users and Carers Alliance
SPA Seven Party Alliance
SWAT Sex Workers’ Alliance of Toronto
SA Shadow Alliance
SCRA Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance
SPAC Sherwood Park Alliance Church
SAFR Shooter’s Alliance for Firearm Rights
STA Siberian Tiger Alliance
SMA Sierra Madre Alliance
SNA Sierra Nevada Alliance
SVAC Silicon Valley Alliance Church
SVCHA Silicon Valley Christian Health Alliance
SVIBA Silicon Valley Information Business Alliance
SEAA Sindh Educational Associations Alliance
SABAF Singapore Australia Business Alliance Forum
SDA Singapore Democratic Alliance
SGBA Singapore Green Business Alliance
SOSA Singapore Open Source Alliance
SDWA Singapore-Delft Water Alliance
SMA Singapore-MIT Alliance
SUWA Singapore-University of Washington Alliance
SOMA Site Owners Managers Alliance
SCEA Skagit Conservation Education Alliance
SPPA Skyline Planning and Preservation Alliance
SOA Slipper Orchid Alliance
SFFA Small and Family Farms Alliance
SBCA Small Business Compliance Alliance
SCA Smart Card Alliance
SCALA Smart Card Alliance Latin America
SENA Smart Energy Network Alliance
SAWS Snowmobile Alliance of Western States
SAHARA Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance
SDAM Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia
SSNA Social Support Networking Alliance
SDSM Social-Democratic Alliance of Macedonia
SAWP Socialist Alliance of the Working People
ST-AND-LA Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance
STLA Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance
SAFA Society for Alliance, Fidelity and Advancement
SCLA Solano Citizens Land Alliance
SECA Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance
STASA Solutions Technology Alliance of South Africa
SAAT Somali Alliance Against Tribalism
SDA Somali Democratic Alliance
SASTA South Adirondack Substitute Teachers Alliance
SAAPSA South African Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse
SAFA South African Freedom Alliance
SAPRA South African Pagan Rights Alliance
SAAPE South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication
SAGA South Asia Gender Alliance
SAPA South Asia Peace Alliance
SAPRA South Asian Peace and Reconciliation Alliance
SAWERA South Asian Women’s Empowerment and Resource Alliance
SCMA South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance
SCMA South Carolina Montessori Alliance
SDADE South Dakota Alliance for Distance Education
SDCEA South Durban Community Environmental Alliance
SEPRA South East Pocketbike Racing Alliance
SEBA South End Business Alliance
SFCA South Florida Composers Alliance
SFCA South Florida Cricket Alliance
SFTA South Florida Technology Alliance
SJCA South Jersey Cultural Alliance
SJPMTIA South Jersey Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry Alliance
SJYA South Jersey Youth Alliance
STAY South Texas Alliance for Youth
SHAME Southampton Alliance for Monied Estates
SEEA Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
SEEA Southeast Environmental Education Alliance
SMCA Southeast Michigan Chamber Alliance
SMEDA Southeast Missouri Economic Development Alliance
SEMTA Southeast States Manpower Tripartite Alliance
SETA Southeast Tissue Alliance
SAARC Southern Africa Alliance of Reformed Churches
SACE Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
SAFIRE Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources
SACRED Southern Alliance of Coastal Redwood Earth Defenders
SCAP Southern California Alliance of POTWs
SCPA Southern California Percussion Alliance
SCREA Southern California Real Estate Alliance
SFPA Southern Fandom Press Alliance
SFA Southern Foodways Alliance
SGNA Southern Gwinnett Neighborhood Alliance
SICOA Southern Independent Conference Officials Alliance
SOCA Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance
SOCA Southern Orange County Alliance
SRCA Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance
SSA Southern Shrimp Alliance
SUWA Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
SWAC Southwest Alliance Church
SWARM Southwest Alliance to Resist Militarization
SFCA Southwest Family Care Alliance
SSTA Southwest Safety Training Alliance
SSAFE Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy
SAMI Special Alliance Management, Incorporated
SUAI Specialty Underwriters’ Alliance Inc.
SARAH Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope
SAO Sport Alliance of Ontario
SPFA Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
SEA St. Eustatius Alliance
SJYA St. Joseph Youth Alliance
SAAI Standard Aero Alliance Inc
SASTA Stanford Alliance for Service through the Arts
SACP Star Alliance Company Plus
SGA Stargate Alliance
SUSAR State Urban Search and Rescue Alliance
SHARE States’ Highway Alliance for Real Equity
SFA Steel Framing Alliance
SATM Stevens Alliance for Technology Management
SAGA Straight and Gay Alliance
SATM Strategic Alliance for Technology Management
SAIA Strategic Alliance Investment Advisors, Inc.
SABAR Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection
SDAC Strategic Data Alliance Consulting, Inc
SDA Strategic Dialogues & Alliances
SIAA Strategic Independent Agents Alliance
SIGNAL Strategic Inter-Governmental Nutrition Alliance
SIA Strategic Internet Alliance
SFA Student / Farmworker Alliance
SAFI Student Alliance for Israel
SALSA Student Alliance for Latino Solidarity and Achievement
SALSA Student Alliance for Learning, Success and Achievement
SANAI Student Alliance of North American Indians
STARC Student Alliance to Reform Corporations
STARS Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service Alliance
SOCA Students of the Caribbean Alliance
SCADC Subic Clark Alliance for Development Council
SACAVA Substance Abuse Certification Alliance of Virginia
SASA Substance Abuse Services Alliance
SRA Suburban Realtors Alliance
SALSA Successful Aging Through Long-term Strategic Alliances
SHBA Sugar Hill Business Alliance
SPEA Suicide Prevention Education Alliance
SINO Sun, IBM , Netscape, Oracle (business alliance)
SEA Supplier Excellence Alliance
SEFA Supply and Equipment Foodservice Alliance
SCA Supply Chain Alliance
SEBA Sussex Education Business Alliance
SASCO Sustainability Alliance of Southwest Colorado
SGLA Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance
SWA Sustainable Washington Alliance
SWAMP Sustainable Washington Alliance Meeting Place
SWAMI Swedish Alliance for Middleware Infrastructure
SFFA Sydney Food Fairness Alliance
SOFTA System for Observing Family Therapy Alliances
SVGA System Video Graphics Alliance
TAEDP Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty
TNA Tamil National Alliance
TBMA Tampa Bay Muslim Alliance
TIBA Tampa Independent Business Alliance
TSLA Tarleton School Leadership Alliance
TPA Tax Payers’ Alliance
TWA Taxi Workers Alliance
TADSA TB Alliance DOTS Support Association
TSA Technical Support Alliance
TAP Technology Alliance Program
TRCA Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Alliance
TASA Teen After School Alliance
TVCA Tees Valley Christian Alliance
TJFA Teesside Junior Football Alliance
TPSA Telegard Pirate Sysop Alliance
TFFA Temporarily Flooded Forest Alliance
TCMA Tennessee Country Music Alliance
TLSAMP Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
TAA Test Automation Alliance
TFAA Texan French Alliance for the Arts
TAME Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering
THQA Texas Health Quality Alliance
TMWA Texas Mafia Wars Alliance
TMAA Texas Medical Association Alliance
TOSA Texas Organ Sharing Alliance
TPSA Texas Patient Safety Alliance
TRHTA Texas Rural Hospital Telecommunications Alliance
TXSFA Texas Steel Framing Alliance
TUTA Texas Urban Transportation Alliance
TWA Texas Wrestling Alliance
TCTA Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance
TAFA The Allegheny Forest Alliance
TASC The Alliance for Safe Children
TATE The Alliance for Technology Education
TAILS The Alliance in Limiting Strays
TAOM The Alliance of Mystery
TACA The Arts Community Alliance
TBA The Bekwen Alliance
TBSA The Black Sword Alliance
TBSA The Bright Star Alliance
TCGA The Crafting Guild Alliance
TCA The Creative Alliance
TERRA The Earth Restoration and Reforestation Alliance
TEAM The Evangelical Alliance Mission
TFA The Fighting Alliance
TFA The Friendly Alliance
TGA The Global Alliance
THA The Hamster Alliance
TIA The Interfaith Alliance
TLA The Last Alliance
TLSAN The Light Spiritual Alliance Network
TNWA The New World Alliance
TPSA The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance
TRANSFER The Rebel Alliance
TRAINING The Rebel Alliance
TRA The Rebel Alliance
TRAINING The Reciprocal Alliance
TRANSFER The Reciprocal Alliance
TRA The Reciprocal Alliance
THETA The Talent Alliance
TUNA The Utah Nordic Alliance
TVA The Venture Alliance
TWWA Third World Women’s Alliance
TCA Thornton Creek Alliance
TFA TIE Fighter Alliance
TAPA Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts
TBVA Toronto Burlesque and Vaudeville Alliance
TCSA Toronto City Summit Alliance
TEA Toronto Environmental Alliance
TFSA Toronto Financial Services Alliance
TRRA Toronto Region Research Alliance
TUGSA Touro University Gay-Straight Alliance
TIARA Townsend Independent Actuarial Research Alliance
TQA Toyota Quality Alliance
TFA Trade Facilitation Alliance
TUDA Trade Union Disability Alliance
TWWA Transfield Worley Woodside Alliance
TAB Transportation Alliance Bank Inc
TERRA Transportation Engineering and Road Research Alliance
TVCA Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance
TASIN Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations
TEWA Tribal Environmental Watch Alliance
TCPA Trusted Computing Platform Alliance
TSA Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance
TACTA Tulsa Area Community Theatre Alliance
TACA Turkish American Cultural Alliance
TVLA TV Linux Alliance
TCMA Twin Cities Media Alliance
UCA Uganda Co-Operative Alliance Limited
ULA Uganda Land Alliance
UAA Ukraine Air Alliance
UAA Underground Action Alliance
UAM Union Alliance Media
UACT United Alliance of Cooperation and Trade
UAOA United Animal Owners Alliance
UBA United Basketball Alliance
UBA United British Alliance
UBA United Business Alliance
UDA United Democratic Alliance
UEA United Earth Alliance
UESA United Earth Sphere Alliance
UISA United Indian Student Alliance
UIA United Iraqi Alliance
UKA United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance
UKHRA United Kingdom Harm Reduction Alliance
UKPA United Kingdom Pagan Alliance
UKPA United Kingdom Pantomime Alliance
UKPA United Kingdom Parts Alliance Ltd
UKTA United Kingdom Temperance Alliance
ULA United Launch Alliance
UMAA United Martial Arts Alliance
UNCA United National Congress Alliance
UNPA United National Progressive Alliance
UNSA United Nations Student Alliance
UPFA United Peoples Freedom Alliance
UPA United Pilots’ Alliance
UPIU United Press International – University Media Alliance
UPA United Progressive Alliance
URPA United Rail Passenger Alliance, Inc.
USPA United Somali Peace Alliance
USA United Space Alliance
USAR United Speed Alliance Racing
USAA United Sportsmen & Airboaters Alliance
USAPA United States Agricultural Producers Alliance
USAEM United States Alliance of Emergency Medicine
USMX United States Maritime Alliance, Ltd.
USTA United States Taekwondo Alliance
USTSA United States Transportation Safety Alliance
UTOPIA United Territories of Polynesian Islanders’ Alliance
UTAK United Transport Alliance Koalisyon
AU-2 Unity Alliance
AU Unity Alliance
UACA Universal Anti-Chav Alliance
UMCA University Medical Center Alliance
UMPA University of Montevallo Progressive Alliance
UTRA University of Tennessee Residents Alliance
UMA Unlicensed Mobile Alliance
UWA Unlimited Wealth Alliance
UAAA Upper Andro Anglers Alliance
UERA Upper Etowah River Alliance
UWRWA Upper White River Watershed Alliance
UARR Urban Alliance on Race Relations
UERLA Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance
UWA Urban Wrestling Alliance
USSA US Sportsmen’s Alliance
UFDA USB Flash Drive Alliance
UAOS User Alliance for Open Systems
UXA User Experience Alliance
UGA User Group Alliance
UAGE Utah Alliance of Government Employees
UBA Utah Bear Alliance
UIAA Utah Insurance Agency Alliance
UMAA Utah Medical Association Alliance
UNPA Utah Natural Products Alliance
USVA Utah Silicon Valley Alliance
USMA Utility Supply Management Alliance
VEJA Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance
VOTMA Valley of the Moon Alliance
VASA Value Added Services Alliance
VDA Vampire/Donor Alliance
VCAC Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church
VCA Vancouver Cultural Alliance
VRSA Vancouver Refugee Services Alliance
VUSA Vancouver United Soccer Alliance
VTA Vanguard Technology Alliance
VCA Vanished Children’s Alliance
VWA Ventana Wilderness Alliance
VRRA Vermilion River Regional Alliance
VAAE Vermont Alliance for Arts Education
VAEH Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare
VALID Vermont Alliance for Intelligent Drug Laws
VAICS Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores
VSA Veterans Speakers Alliance
VICA Video Conferencing Alliance
VPAA Villagers Performing Arts Alliance
VQR Vintners Quality Alliance
VQA Vintners Quality Alliance
VAWA Violence Against Women Alliance
VAPP Virginia Alliance for Potbellied Pigs
VASE Virginia Alliance of State Employees
VCCA Virginia Clinical Counselors Alliance
VIBA Virginia International Business Alliance
VISPA Virginia Internet Service Providers Alliance
VTA Virginia Technology Alliance
VTCA Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance
VIA Virus Information Alliance
VDNA Vista Del Norte Alliance
VIA Voice over IP Interoperability Alliance
VBCA Volleyball Coaches Alliance
VEGA Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance
VCCA Volusia County Cultural Alliance
WVEA Wabash Valley Educational Alliance
WTA Wales Tourism Alliance
WCAA Walker County Arts Alliance
WVMA Wallowa Valley Music Alliance
WARN Wal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now
WLLA Walsall Lifelong Learning Alliance
WFSA Waltham Forest Socialist Alliance
WNCA Waratah National Cat Alliance
WAVE Warfighter Alliance in a Virtual Environment
WAAE Washington Alliance for Arts Education
WATE Washington Alliance for Theatre Education
WAJC Washington Alliance Japanese Church
WEAVE Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education
WSA Washington Software Alliance
WSAA Washington State Arts Alliance
WSAAF Washington State Arts Alliance and Foundation
WWPA Washington Water Policy Alliance
WWQA Washington Wine Quality Alliance
WAVE Water Alliances for Environmental Efficiency
WMA Water Monitoring Alliance
WUCA Water Utility Climate Alliance
WCAA Wayne County Arts Alliance
WCMA Weber County Medical Alliance
WDBA Webster Dudley Business Alliance
WFNA Well Fed Neighbor Alliance
WSTA Welland Sport Tourism Alliance
WANA Welsh Anti-Nuclear Alliance
WSA Welsh Socialist Alliance
WHSA Welwyn Hatfield Sports Alliance
WAAA West Allis Art Alliance
WBNA West Berkshire Neurological Alliance
WCWA West Coast Wrestling Alliance
WGTA West Georgia Telecommunications Alliance
WMCA West Michigan Construction Alliance
WMSA West Michigan Strategic Alliance
WMSA West Missouri Shooters Alliance
WEPAC West Philadelphia Alliance for Children
WSNA West Side Neighborhood Alliance
WTPA West Tennessee Physicians’ Alliance
WTPA West Texas Physicians Alliance
WVGA West Virginia Geographic Alliance
WLLA Westchester Literacy and Learning Alliance
WAB Western Alliance Bancorporation
WAES Western Alliance Emergency Services
WAQTC Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction
WARD Western Alliance for Rail to Dulles
WAAA Western Alliance of Arts Administrators
WAESO Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities
WASA Western Amputee Support Alliance
WAA Western Arts Alliance
WAFA Western Australian Forest Alliance
WCMA Western Canadian Music Alliance
WCRA Western Canadian Romani Alliance
WIDA Western Iowa Dairy Alliance
WMEA Western Michigan Economic Alliance
WNCA Western North Carolina Alliance
WPGA Western Port Greenhouse Alliance
WSCA Western States Contracting Alliance
WSEA Western States EBT Alliance
WTA Western Telecommunications Alliance
WRWA Westport River Watershed Alliance
WHAT Wetland Habitat Alliance of Texas
WASR Wharton Alliance for Social Responsibility
WGFA Wharton Global Family Alliance
WAHA Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access
WRAI White Ribbon Alliance India for Safe Motherhood
WSA White Student Alliance
WTWA White Trash Wrestling Alliance
WGNA WideBand Gigabit Networking Alliance
WFA Wi-Fi Alliance
WGRA WiMAX Global Roaming Alliance
WRTA Windham Rail Trail Alliance
WDDA Window & Door Dealers Alliance
WESSA Windows Embedded Strategic Silicon Alliance
WCAC Windsor Chinese Alliance Church
WCRAD Windy City Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf
WCDA Wireless Cable Digital Alliance
WCA Wireless Communications Alliance
WCA Wireless Consumers Alliance
WECA Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
WLSA Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance
WAES Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools
WBIA Wisconsin Bio Industry Alliance
WGBA Wisconsin Green Building Alliance
WIBA Wisconsin Indian Business Alliance
WOCA Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance
WGA Wise Giving Alliance
WAMM Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana
WILMA Women in Linguistics Mentoring Alliance
WOCA Women of Color Alliance
WATER Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual
WBEA Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance
WNFA Women’s National Football Alliance Inc
WSBA Women’s Semi-Pro Basketball Alliance
WBLA Work Based Learning Alliance
WSA Workers Solidarity Alliance
WAGE Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy
WDCA Working Dogo Canario Alliance
WPA Working People’s Alliance
WABA World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action
WADE World Alliance for Decentralized Energy
WAPS World Alliance for Patient Safety
WAPS World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka
WACAP World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty
WARC World Alliance of Reformed Churches
WAVV World Alliance of VSE and VM
WCA World Chiropractic Alliance
WCWA World Class Wrestling Alliance
WCWA World Computerized Wrestling Alliance
WEHA World Earth Human Alliance
WEA World Evangelical Alliance
WHA World Headache Alliance
WHPA World Health Professions Alliance
WITSA World Information Technology and Services Alliance
WMA World Marketing Alliance
WMA World Metal Alliance
WRMA World Record Muskie Alliance
WSA World Socialist Alliance
WTAAA World Travel Agents Associations Alliance
WWWA World Wide Wrestling Alliance
WWA World Wrestling Alliance
WWSA World Wrestling Stars Alliance
WYA World Youth Alliance
WAMA Worldwide Alliance of Makeup Artists
WPCA Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance
WTGA Worldwide Tactical Gamers Alliance
WITSA Writers in the Schools Alliance
WANL Writers’ Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador
WCAA Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance
XCAS X-Com Alliance Sim
XAP Xerox Alliance Partner
XDA Xtreme Drifting Alliance
XFA Xtreme Fighting Alliance
XMRA Xtreme Machine Riders Alliance
XWA Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
XWA X-Wing Alliance
YRAEH York Region Alliance to End Homelessness
YUBSA York University Black Students’ Alliance
YDGLA Yorkshire Dales Green Lanes Alliance
YQA Yorkshire Quality Alliance
YALA Young Arab Leadership Alliance
YMIA Young Messianic Israel Alliance
YSA Young Socialist Alliance
YAD Youth Alliance for Diversity
YSAT Youth Sports Alliance of Tracy
ZAW Zambia Alliance of Women
ZEBRA Zero Energy Building Research Alliance
ZWA Zero Waste Alliance
ZCA Zimbabwe Christian Alliance
ZFA Zionist Freedom Alliance
ZONA ZipTie Open Network Alliance
ZAF Zombie Alliance Force