Australia Country Abbreviations

AU is the abbreviation for Australia, the 6th largest country in the world. Officially Commonwealth of Australia, Australia is a country located in Oceania, bordering 6 countries – Timor-Leste, Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. Canberra is the capital city of Australia. Major cities are Sydney (population: 4,627,345), Melbourne (population: 4,246,375), Brisbane (population: 2,189,878), Perth (population: 1,896,548), Adelaide (population: 1,225,235), Gold Coast (population: 591,473), Canberra (population: 367,752), Newcastle (population: 308,308), Wollongong (population: 292,190), and Logan City (population: 282,673).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Language: English
  • Area: 7,692,024 km2
  • Population: 25,424,700
  • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Time zone: UTC+8; UTC+9.5; UTC+10
  • Calling code: 61
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: AU
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: AUS
  • Internet TLD: .au
  • State Government Website:

Map of Australia

List of Australia Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Australia are AU which stands for Australia and AUD which means Australian dollar (Australia currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Australia, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

AU: Australia

Acronym Meaning
AFDL AAHL Fish Diseases Laboratory (Australia)
ASSA Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
ARIA Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia
AEA Accounting Education Australia
AAA Action Aid Australia
ABAA Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
ADL Adelaide, South Australia, Australia – Adelaide
ADJRA Administrative Decisions Act (Australia)
AAP Advance Australia Party
AAWS Advanced Australian Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd
ANFA Advanced Networking Forum Australia
ASTIS Advanced SATCOM Terrestrial Infrastructure System (Australia)
AAAA Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia
ASTA Aerospace Technologies of Australia
ACCSA African Communities Council of South Australia
ACSA Aged and Community Services Australia, Inc.
ASA Agere Systems Australia
ARWA Agricultural Research Western Australia
AAA Agriculture Advancing Australia
ARMCANZ Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand
AFFA Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry Australia
AFFA Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Australia
AFFA Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry Australia
AACACT AIDS Action Council of the Australian Capital Territory
ACSA AIDS Council of South Australia
AMCA Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Australia
ARA Airborne Research Australia
ATM Airlines of Tasmania, Australia
ASA Airservices Australia
ABX Albury, New South Wales, Australia – Albury
ADCA Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia
ASP Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia – Alice Springs
AAA Alpha-1 Association of Australia
AA Alzheimer’s Australia
ABRA American Bulldog Registry of Australia
ABA American, British, Australian
ABCA American, British, Canadian, and Australian
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies’ Standardization Program
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Armies’ Program
ABDA American, British, Dutch, Australian
ACCA Anglican Catholic Church of Australia
AAT Anglo Australian Telescope
ANSA Anglo Nubian Society of Australia
AAO Anglo-Australian Observatory
AATB Anglo-Australian Telescope Board
ANCHA Annual National Convention of Hellenic Australians
AASG Another Australian Sidebar Gadget
AN Ansett Australia Airlines
ASWA Anthropological Society of Western Australia
ACFSA Anti-Cancer Foundation of South Australia
ANUE ANU Enterprise Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
APAL Apple and Pear Australia Limited
ALAA Applied Linguistics Association of Australia
AQWA Aquarium of Western Australia
AA Archery Australia
AACA Architects Accreditation Council of Australia
ANCA Armenian National Committee of Australia
ARM Armidale, New South Wales, Australia – Armidale
AFWA Artists Foundation of Western Australia
AADCP ASEAN Australia Development Cooperation Program
APDA Asia Pacific Direct Australia
ASIA Asian Students in Australia
ASAA Asian Studies Association of Australia, Inc.
AAAP Asian-Australian Association of Animal Production Societies
AFMA Associate Fellow of the Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand
AACS Associate of Australian Computer Society
AIAA Associate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia
ALAA Associate of the Library Association of Australia
ASIA Associate, Securities Institute of Australia
ABWA Association for the Blind of Western Australia
AASA Association of Aerial Surveyors Australia
AAESDA Association of Architects Engineers Surveyors & Draughtsmen of Australia
AACB Association of Australian Convention Bureaux
AARN Association of Australian Rural Nurses
ABACUS Association of Bibliographic Agencies of Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States
ACEA Association of Consulting Engineers Australia
ACFA Association of Consulting Foresters of Australia
ACSA Association of Consulting Surveyors Australia
APBA Association of Pocket Billiards Australia
APEA Association of Professional Engineers, Australia
ARIMA Association of Risk and Insurance Managers of Australia
ALIAS Associazione Letteraria Italo Australiana Scrittori
AFWA Asthma Foundation of Western Australia
AFA Asthma Foundations Australia
ASA Astronomical Society of Australia
ASSA Astronomical Society of South Australia
ASNA Asylum Seeker Networks Australia
AA Athletics Australia
AAR Atlas of Australian Resources
ADASA Attention Disorders Association of South Australia
AVAA Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia, Inc.
ARSENIC Australia
ASSIGNED Australia
AUS Australia
AU-2 Australia
AU Australia
AUST Australia
OZ Australia
AUL Australia
AS Australia
ANZAK Australia & New Zealand Association of Kuwait
AADA Australia Addison’s Disease Association
ANZ Australia and New Zealand
ANZATSA Australia and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
ANZDATA Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry
ANZSBT Australia and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion
AAII Australia Artificial Intelligence Institute
ABFA Australia Bhutan Friendship Association
ACN Australia Campus Network
AUSTCARE Australia Care
ACPN Australia China Professionals Network
ACABS Australia Chinese Association for Biomedical Sciences Inc.
ACTA Australia Clay Target Association
ACG Australia Climate Group
ACSC Australia Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue
ADNC Australia Day in the National Capital
ADGA Australia Dog Grooming Academy
AESST Australia Eastern Summer Standard Time
AF Australia Fair
AFCH Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities
AARGAU Australia Group
AG Australia Group
AIBC Australia Indonesia Business Council
ALAF Australia Latin America Foundation
AMBC Australia Malaysia Business Council
AMH Australia Meat Holdings Pty, Ltd.
ANZCERTA Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement
ANZBEG Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group
ANZTSR Australia New Zealand Third Sector Research
APAL Australia Pacific Airports Launceston
APIBC Australia Pacific Islands Business Council
AUSTPOST Australia Post
AUSPOST Australia Post
APEC Australia Pushing Export Coal
ASARC Australia South Asia Research Centre
ATNF Australia Telescope National Facility
AELA Australia to Europe Liner Association
AVMA Australia Video Music Awards
AWPA Australia West Papua Association Sydney
AYM Australia Yearly Meeting
ANZA Australia, New Zealand and Asia
ANZUS Australia, New Zealand, & United States
ANZAS Australia, New Zealand, American Society
ANZRC Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
ACACA Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement
ACCOUNTING Australia-China Council
ACCESSORY Australia-China Council
ACC Australia-China Council
ACFA Australia-China Foundation Association
AIMF Australia-Indonesia Ministerial Forum
AICC Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce
AJMC Australia-Japan Ministerial Committee
AJRP Australia-Japan Research Project
ACTIVITY Australian
AUSTRIA Australian
ANNUAL Australian
ATTACK Australian
A Australian
AUSSIE Australian
AAAC Australian Aboriginal Affairs Council
AARL Australian Academic and Research Libraries
AARN Australian Academic Research Network
AAON Australian Academy of Nursing
AAS Australian Academy of Science
AASS Australian Academy of Social Sciences
AAT Australian Accommodated Tours
AATA Australian Accordion Teachers Association
AAAS Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards
AARF Australian Accounting Research Foundation
AAS Australian Accounting Standard
AASB Australian Accounting Standards Board
AAG Australian Acoustic Generator
AASM Australian Active Service Medal
AACA Australian Acupuncture Association
AARF Australian Address Reference File
AALB Australian Administrative Law Bulletin
AAEI Australian Adult Entertainment Industry
AAOD Australian Age of Dinosaurs
AAET Australian Agency for Education and Training
AUSAID Australian Agency for International Development
AAGIS Australian Agricultural and Grazing Industries Survey
AARES Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society
AAC Australian Agricultural Council
AAFI Australian AIDS Fund Inc.
AAE Australian Air Express
AAFC Australian Air Force Cadets
AAGC Australian Air Guitar Championships
AAL Australian Air League
AARG Australian Aircraft Restoration Group
AO Australian Airlines
AAEV Australian All Electric Vehicles
AAOI Australian All Ordinaries Index
AAQC Australian Alliance of Quality Celebrants
AAFMO Australian Alpaca Fibre Marketing Organisation Pty. Ltd.
AAV Australian Alpaca Veterinarians
AALB Australian Amateur Boxing League
AANZA Australian American New Zealand Association
AIPA Australian and International Pilots Association
ANZASA Australian and New Zealand American Studies Association
ANZAK Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
ANZA Australian and New Zealand Association
ANZAAB Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers Limited
ANZAPS Australian and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools
ANZCCJ Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan
ANZCA Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
ANZCCART Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching
ANZCA Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Ltd.
ANZECC Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council
ANZED Australian and New Zealand Esperanto Dictionary
ANZFAC Australian and New Zealand Fisheries and Aquaculture Council
ANZICS Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society
ANZMRC Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council
ANZMEC Australian and New Zealand Minerals and Energy Council
ANZPA Australian and New Zealand Psychodrama Association
ANZSLA Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association
ANZUA Australian And New Zealand Unitarian Association
ASPESA Australian and South Pacific External Studies Association
AAHC Australian Animal Health Council
AAHL Australian Animal Health Laboratory
AAWS Australian Animal Welfare Strategy
AADC Australian Antarctic Data Centre
AAD Australian Antarctic Division
AAT Australian Antarctic Territory
AABW Australian Antique Bottle Website
AADA Australian Antique Dealers’ Association
AAA Australian Archaeological Association Inc.
AA Australian Army
AAA Australian Army Aviation
AAC Australian Army Cadets
AAHU Australian Army History Unit
AAMA Australian Army Motorcycle Association
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps
AAPC Australian Army Provost Corps
AASD Australian Art Sales Digest
AAPA Australian Asphalt Pavement Association
AABC Australian Associated Bonsai Clubs
AAMI Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited
AAPCS Australian Associated Press Communications Services
AAP Australian Associated Press Pty Limited
AAPT Australian Associated Press Telecommunications
AAEE Australian Association for Environmental Education
AAHPC Australian Association for Hospice and Palliative Care
AAMH Australian Association for Maritime History
AAPT Australian Association for Psychological Type
AARE Australian Association for Religious Education
AARE Australian Association for Research in Education
AASR Australian Association for Social Research
AAEGT Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented
AAA Australian Association of Accountants
AAACE Australian Association of Adult and Community Education, Inc.
AAAA Australian Association of Advertising Agencies
AAAC Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants
AACV Australian Association of Cattle Veterinarians
AACM Australian Association of Computational Mechanics
AACP Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacies
AACAI Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.
AAG Australian Association of Gerontology
AAGE Australian Association of Graduate Employers
AAHV Australian Association of Holistic Veterinarians
AAIR Australian Association of Institutional Research
AALS Australian Association of Live Steamers
AAMT Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
AAN Australian Association of Neurologists
AAPV Australian Association of Pig Veterinarians
AAPM Australian Association of Practice Managers
AAPB Australian Association of Professional Bookkeepers
AASE Australian Association of Special Education
AASH Australian Association of Speech and Hearing
AASHER Australian Association of Speech and Hearing
AAS Australian Association of Surgeons
AATP Australian Association of TAFE Principals
AAVCB Australian Association of Veterinary Conservation Biologists
AAWP Australian Association of Writing Programs
AAIC Australian Astro Imaging Conference
AASP Australian ATM Strategic Plan
AAEC Australian Atomic Energy Commission
AAA Australian Automobile Association
AADA Australian Automobile Dealers Association
AAAA Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association
AAIG Australian Aviation Insurance Group
AAGF Australian Avocado Growers’ Federation
AAUT Australian Awards for University Teaching
ABF Australian Ballooning Federation
ABODA Australian Band and Orchestra Director’s Association
ABA Australian Bankers Association
ABFA Australian Banking & Finance Awards
ABIO Australian Banking Industry Ombudsman
ABMS Australian Baptist Missionary Society
ABWA Australian Baptist World Aid
ABRC Australian Barefoot Racers Club
ABB Australian Barley Board
ABRS Australian Barnardos Recruitment Services
ABFA Australian Barramundi Farmers Association
ABCA Australian Basketball Coaches Association
ABTA Australian Baton Twirling Association
ABRI Australian Beef Research Institute
ABBI Australian Better Business Insurance
ABHI Australian Better Health Initiative
ABNORMAL Australian Bibliographic Network
ABN Australian Bibliographic Network
ALPHABET Australian Bicycle Council
ABC Australian Bicycle Council
ABGR Australian Biographical & Genealogical Record
ABES Australian Biological and Environmental Survey
ABRS Australian Biological Resources Study
ABA Australian Biotechnology Association
ABEF Australian Bird Environment Fund
ABID Australian Bird Image Database
ABGA Australian Blind Golfers Association
ABCR Australian Blood Cancer Registry
ABSA Australian Boarding Staff Association Inc.
ABDC Australian Bomb Data Centre
ABR Australian Book of Reference
ALPHABET Australian Born Chinese
ABC Australian Born Chinese
ABBA Australian Brahman Breeders’ Association
ABCFS Australian Breast Cancer Family Study
ABA Australian Breastfeeding Association
ABIA Australian Bridal Industry Academy
ABF Australian Bridge Federation
ABTA Australian British Trade Association
ABG Australian Broadband Guarantee
ABA Australian Broadcasting Authority
ALPHABET Australian Broadcasting Commission
ABC Australian Broadcasting Commission
ALPHABET Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABCB Australian Building Codes Board
ABGR Australian Building Greenhouse Rating
ABIC Australian Building Industry Contract
ABRB Australian Building Regulation Bulletin
ABTA Australian Building Trades Association
ABARE Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
ABOM Australian Bureau of Meteorology
ABMR Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ABSIW Australian Bureau of Statistics Information Warehouse
ABHF Australian Bush Heritage Fund
ABAA Australian Business Aircraft Association
ABCSE Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy
ABEF Australian Business Excellence Framework
ABI Australian Business Institute
ABNORMAL Australian Business Number
ABN Australian Business Number
ABR Australian Business Register
ABTC Australian Business Telephone Company
ABW Australian Business Week
ACVA Australian Camelid Veterinary Association
ACBA Australian Campus Booksellers Association
ACN Australian Cancer Network
ACRF Australian Cancer Research Foundation
ACFA Australian Cane Farmers Federation
ACDA Australian Canine Disc Association
AC Australian Capital Territory
ACT Australian Capital Territory
ACTISPP Australian Capital Territory Injury Surveillance and Prevention Project
ACTION Australian Capital Territory Internal Omnibus Network
ACTNOW Australian Capital Territory Network Opposing War
ACTPLA Australian Capital Territory Planning and Land Authority
ACTRA Australian Capital Territory Rowing Association
ACTU Australian Capital Territory Union
ACRA Australian Cardiac Rehabilitation Association
ACPS Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc.
ACRA Australian Cartridge Recyclers Association
ACDES Australian Cash Distribution and Exchange System
ACF Australian Cat Federation (Port Adelaide, South Australia)
ACBA Australian Catholic Biblical Association
ACBC Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
ACFO Australian Catholic Film Office
ACHCA Australian Catholic Health Care Association
ACMRO Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office
ACSA Australian Catholic Students Association
ACU Australian Catholic University
ACD Australian Cattle Dog
ACDCA Australian Cattle Dog Club of America
ACMC Australian CEFACT Management Committee
ACET Australian Center for Education and Training
ACMI Australian Center for the Moving Image
ACCU Australian Central Credit Union
ACDT Australian Central Daylight Time
ACST Australian Central Standard Time
ACAR Australian Centre for Addiction Research
ACAM Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring
ACA Australian Centre for Astrobiology
ACBD Australian Centre for Blood Diseases
ACCP Australian Centre for Cleaner Production
ACCTI Australian Centre for Clinical Terminology and Information
ACCL Australian Centre for Clinician Leadership
ACCMER Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine, Education and Research
ACCA Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
ACCIDD Australian Centre for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders
ACDJ Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice
ACES Australian Centre for Educational Studies
ACEL Australian Centre for Environmental Law
ACEBAC Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care
ACFB Australian Centre for Family Business
ACFR Australian Centre for Field Robotics
ACGR Australian Centre for Gambling Research
ACHP Australian Centre for Health Promotion
ACIH Australian Centre for Indigenous History
ACIRRT Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training
ACIAR Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
ACIB Australian Centre for International Business
ACL Australian Centre for Languages
ACMRR Australian Centre for Minesite Rehabilitation Research
ACP Australian Centre for Photography
ACPFG Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
ACPMH Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health
ACPA Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture
ACRES Australian Centre for Remote Sensing
ACSC Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments
ACVM Australian Centre for Value Management
ACVT Australian Centre for Visual Technologies
ACYL Australian Centre for Youth Literature
ACORE Australian Centre of Regulatory Economics
ACVA Australian Centre of Virtual Art
ACS Australian Ceramic Society
ACPA Australian Cereberal Palsy Association
ACCI Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ACOS Australian Chamber Of Shipping
ACO Australian Chamber Orchestra
ACTA Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance, Inc.
ACF Australian Chess Federation
ACPA Australian Child Protection Alliance
ACCSA Australian Children’s Contact Services Association
ACTF Australian Children’s Television Foundation
ACBA Australian Chinese Basketball Association
ACSA Australian Chinese Soccer Association Ltd
ACCET Australian Choral Conductors Education and Training
ACCOUNTING Australian Christian Churches
ACCESSORY Australian Christian Churches
ACC Australian Christian Churches
ACPA Australian Chronic Pain Association
ACS Australian Cinematographer Society
ACS Australian Cinematographers Society
ACA Australian Citizenship Act
ACG Australian Citrus Growers Inc.
ACB Australian Classification Board
ACLG Australian Classification of Local Government
ACPA Australian Cleaner Production Association Inc.
ACDB Australian Climate Data Bank
ACX Australian Climate Exchange
ACRO Australian Clinical Research Organisation
ACA Australian Clogging Association
ACA Australian Coal Association
ACA Australian Coastal Atlas
ACBA Australian Coding Benchmark Audit
ACAP Australian College of Ambulance Professionals
ACATT Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy
ACE Australian College of Educators
ACHN Australian College of Holistic Nurses
ACLM Australian College of Legal Medicine
ACNM Australian College of Natural Medicine, Inc.
ACO Australian College of Optometry
ACPP Australian College of Pharmacy Practice
ACPE Australian College of Physical Education
ACRRM Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
ACTM Australian College of Tropical Medicine
ACVS Australian College of Veterinary Scientists
ACSA Australian Collieries Staff Association
ACIO Australian Commerce and Industry Office
ACBC Australian Commercial Bamboo Corporation Limited
ACPA Australian Commercial Parachute Association
ACSQHC Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
ACDP Australian Committee of Directors and Principals
ACOC Australian Committee on Cataloguing
ACNB Australian Commonwealth Naval Board
ACE Australian Communication Exchange
ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority
ACA Australian Communications Authority
ACIF Australian Communications Industry Forum
ACHA Australian Community Health Association
ACPA Australian Community Pharmacy Authority
ACRO Australian Community Safety & Research Organisation
ACAHF Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation
ACLC Australian Company Law Cases
ACN Australian Company Number
ACPA Australian Company of Performing Arts
ACCC Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
ACGR Australian Competitive Grants Register
ACCI Australian Computer and Communications Institute
ACS Australian Computer Science
ACSC Australian Computer Science Conference
ACS Australian Computer Society
ACE Australian Computer Society
ACRA Australian Concrete Repair Association
ACEB Australian Conference and Events Bureau
ACTD Australian Conference of TAFE Directors
ACAL Australian Conference on Artificial Life
ACMM Australian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis
ACOLS Australian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy
ACF Australian Conservation Foundation
ACP Australian Consolidated Press
ACIF Australian Construction Industry Forum
ACIRT Australian Construction Industry Redundancy Trust
ACLB Australian Construction Law Bulletin
ACG Australian Consulate General
ACIL Australian Consultants International Limited
ACA Australian Consumers’ Association
ACLCA Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association
ACCS Australian Contamination Control Society
ACAF Australian Contemporary Art Fair
ACEWG Australian Controlled Environment Working Group
ACRE Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy
ACCOUNTING Australian Copyright Council
ACCESSORY Australian Copyright Council
ACC Australian Copyright Council
ACGR Australian Corneal Graft Registry
ACABS Australian Corporate and Business Services
ACW Australian Corporate Writing
ACSR Australian Corporations and Securities Reports
ACS Australian Correspondence Schools
ACB Australian Corrugated Box Co.
ACSA Australian Cotton Shippers Association
ACAL Australian Council for Adult Literacy
ACCE Australian Council for Computers in Education
ACEL Australian Council for Educational Leaders
ACOA Australian Council for Overseas Aid
ACPET Australian Council for Private Education and Training
ACOSS Australian Council for Social Services
ACAJ Australian Council of Agricultural Journalists
ACOB Australian Council of Businesswomen
ACER Australian Council of Educational Research
ACEP Australian Council of Egg Producers
ACOFS Australian Council of Film Societies
ACGF Australian Council of Genetics Foundation
ACLA Australian Council of Livestock Agents
ACNT Australian Council of National Trusts
ACOR Australian Council of Recycling
ACSES Australian Council of State Emergency Services
ACSSP Australian Council of State School Parents
ACSA Australian Council of Stoma Associations
ACTU Australian Council of Trade Unions
ACWE Australian Council of Wool Exporters
ACHS Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
ACOSH Australian Council on Smoking and Health
ACA Australian Counselling Association
ACMF Australian Country Music Foundation
ACMLA Australian Country Music Listeners Association
ACLF Australian Coupe Liberation Front
ACRO Australian Creative Resources Online
ACB Australian Cricket Board
ACA Australian Cricketers’ Association
ACCOUNTING Australian Crime Commission
ACCESSORY Australian Crime Commission
ACC Australian Crime Commission
ACAS Australian Crop Accreditation System
ACA Australian Croquet Association Inc
ACRA Australian Cultivar Registration Authority
ACSA Australian Curriculum Studies Association
ACACA Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities
ACSA Australian Custodial Services Association
ACSA Australian Customer Service Association Inc.
ACN Australian Customs Notice
ACS Australian Customs Service
ADC Australian Dairy Corporation
ADFA Australian Dairy Farmers Association
ADIC Australian Dairy Industry Council
ADPSO Australian Dairy Products Standards Organisation
ADPI Australian Dance Performance Institute
ADB Australian Dancing Board
ADS Australian Dancing Society Ltd
ADAM Australian Data Archive for Meteorology
ADC Australian Database Conference
ADDA Australian Database Development Association
ADST Australian Daylight Savings Time
ADGA Australian Deaf Golf Association
ADSF Australian Deaf Sports Federation Limited
ADATS Australian Defence Air Traffic System
ADCU Australian Defence Credit Union
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADFA Australian Defence Force Academy
ADFC Australian Defence Force Cadets
ADFMA Australian Defence Force Motorcycle Association
ADFP Australian Defence Force Publication
ADFORMS Australian Defence Formatted Messaging System
ADHREC Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee
ADM Australian Defence Magazine
ADENOSINE Australian Defence Organisation
ADO Australian Defence Organisation
ADSD Australian Defence Signals Directorate
ADSO Australian Defence Simulation Office
ADSC Australian Defence Studies Centre
ADMI Australian DeMining International Pty Ltd
AD Australian Democrats
ADA Australian Dental Association
ADIA Australian Dental Industry Association
ADJ Australian Dental Journal
ADJECTIVE Australian Dental Journal
ADRF Australian Dental Research Foundation
ADTA Australian Dental Therapists Association
HFS Australian Department of Health and Family Services
ADUS Australian Depot Unit of Supply
ADG Australian Design Group
ADR Australian Design Rules
ADJ Australian Designer Jewellery
ADJECTIVE Australian Designer Jewellery
ADAB Australian Development Assistance Bureau
ADBW Australian Developmental Biology Workshop
ADS Australian Diabetes Association
ADIA Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association
ADB Australian Dictionary of Biography
ADCA Australian Die Casting Association
ADMC Australian Digital Media Consultants
ADTP Australian Digital Theses Program
ADCET Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training
ADMINISTRATION Australian Disaster Management Information Network
ADMIN Australian Disaster Management Information Network
ADGA Australian Disc Golf Association
ADMA Australian Disease Management Association
ADACS Australian Distributed Architecture Combat System
ADAS Australian Diving Accreditation Scheme
ADGP Australian Divisions of General Practice
ADTP Australian Divorce Transitions Project
ADF Australian Doctors’ Fund
AUD Australian Dollar
AUDS Australian Dollar
ADNA Australian Domain Name Authority
ADSA Australian Down Syndrome Association
ADRPA Australian Drag Racing Promoters Association
ADFA Australian Dried Fruits Association
ADFB Australian Dried Fruits Board
ADIA Australian Drilling Industry Association
ADWG Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004
ADTA Australian Driver Trainers Association
ADEC Australian Drug Evaluation Committee
ADF Australian Drug Foundation
ADIN Australian Drug Information Network
AECA Australian Early Childhood Association, Inc.
AEDI Australian Early Development Index
AEMA Australian Early Medieval Association
AEON Australian Earth and Ocean Network
AEDOL Australian Earth Data On-Line
AEDST Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time
AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Time
AEST Australian Eastern Standard
AEHR Australian Economic History Review
AEI Australian Economic Indicators
AEP Australian Economic Papers
AEI Australian Education Index
AEI Australian Education International
AEU Australian Education Union
AER Australian Educational Researcher
AECL Australian Egg Corporation Limited
AECL Australian Egg Corporation Ltd.
AEC Australian Electoral Commission
AETA Australian Electric Traction Association
AEVA Australian Electric Vehicle Association
AEJNE Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education
AEWC Australian Electronic Water Conditioners Pty. Ltd.
AEMI Australian Emergency Management Institute
AEU Australian Emission Units
AETS Australian Emissions Trading Scheme
AE Australian Encephalitis
AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator
AEN Australian Energy News
AER Australian Energy Regulator
ERIP Australian Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects Database
AEOL Australian Engineering OnLine
AE Australian English
AEAA Australian Entertainment Agents Association
AEC Australian Environmental Council
AEEN Australian Environmental Education Network
AELA Australian Environmental Labelling Association
AEBC Australian Equine Behaviour Centre
AEVA Australian Equine Veterinary Association
AELA Australian Equipment Lessors Association
AEA Australian Esperanto Association
AEI Australian Ethical Investment Ltd.
AESOP Australian Executive Service Overseas Program
AELC Australian Experiential Learning Centre
AEA Australian Export Awards
AFTI Australian Fair Trade and Investment
AFMA Australian False Memory Association
AFHC Australian Family History Compendium
AFSSA Australian Family Support Services Association Pty Ltd
AFFL Australian Fantasy Football League
AFBA Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association Inc.
AFDA Australian Fashion Designer Award
AFP Australian Federal Police
AFPF Australian Federal Police Force
AFPPS Australian Federal Police Protective Service
AFWA Australian Federation for the Welfare of Animals
AFAP Australian Federation of Air Pilots
AFBJJ Australian Federation of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu
AFCCA Australian Federation of Child Care Associations
AFCC Australian Federation of Civil Marriage Celebrants
AFCC Australian Federation of Construction Contractors
AFCO Australian Federation of Consumers Organisations
AFFTA Australian Federation of Film and Television Associations
AFFM Australian Federation of Friends of Museums
AFIC Australian Federation of Islamic Councils
AFWV Australian Federation of Women Voters
AFIC Australian Feeds Information Centre
AFRC Australian Fenestration Rating Council
AFSA Australian Fertiliser Services Association
AFYP Australian Festival for Young People
AFTI Australian Film and Television Industry
AFC Australian Film Commission
AFI Australian Film Institute
AFID Australian Film Institute Distribution
AFTRS Australian Film Television and Radio School
AFG Australian Finance Group
AFI Australian Financial Institution
AFIC Australian Financial Institutions Code
AFIG Australian Financial Investments Group
AFMA Australian Financial Markets Association
AFMR Australian Financial Markets Report
AFPH Australian Financial Planning Handbook
AFPN Australian Financial Planning Network
AFRIKAANS Australian Financial Review
AFR Australian Financial Review
AFSD Australian Financial Services Directory
AFSL Australian Financial Services License
AFSL Australian Financial Services Ltd.
AFSTA Australian Financial Services Training Alliance
AFSM Australian Fire Service Medal
AFMA Australian Fisheries Management Authority
AFS Australian Fisheries Service
AFN Australian Fishing Network
AFS Australian Flag Society
AFAA Australian Floral Art Association Inc.
AFC Australian Flying Corps
AFDA Australian Flying Disc Association Inc.
AFSB Australian Flying Saucer Bureau
AFSIC Australian Flying Saucer Investigating Committee
AFRU Australian Folklore Research Unit
AFWIC Australian Food and Wine Industries Conference
AFC Australian Food Council
AFISC Australian Food Industry Science Centre
AFIC Australian Food Ingredients Centre
AFSIC Australian Food Safety Inspection Company
AFANA Australian Football Association of North America
AFL Australian Football League
AFLPA Australian Football League Players Association
AFCS Australian Forest Certification Scheme
AFFL Australian Forest Funds Limited
AFC Australian Forestry Council
AFS Australian Forestry Standard
AFG Australian Forging Group
AFHRO Australian Forum of Human Rights Organisations
AFOYO Australian Forum of Youth Organisations
AFSI Australian Foundation for Studies in Italy
AFAP Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific
AFI Australian Foundry Institute
AFLD Australian Freight & Logistics Directory
AFAS Australian French Association of Science & Technology Inc.
AFRM Australian Friends of Ricky Martin
AFHUJ Australian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
AFHS Australian Friesian Horse Society
AFVC Australian Fruit and Vegetable Coalition
AFDA Australian Funeral Directors Association
AFRA Australian Furniture Removers Association
AFRG Australian Fusion Research Group
AGA Australian Galloway Association Inc.
AGE Australian Gaming Expo
AGL Australian Gaming League
AGN Australian Gaming Network
AGL Australian Gas and Light Company
AGA Australian Gas Association
AGI Australian Gastroenterology Institute
AGEN Australian Gene Ethics Network
AGREED Australian Geodetic Datum
AGD Australian Geodetic Datum
AARGAU Australian Geographic
AG Australian Geographic
AGTA Australian Geography Teachers’ Association
AGSOS Australian Geological Survey Office
AFSO Australian Geological Survey Organisation
AGSOS Australian Geological Survey Organization
AGS Australian Geomechanics Society
AGIA Australian Geoscience Information Association
AGA Australian Glass Assemblies
AGBG Australian Glass Beadmaker Guild
AGCG Australian GNSS Coordinating Group
AGMA Australian Goat Milk Association
AGC Australian Gold Council
AGS Australian Golf Schools
AGA Australian Government Actuary
AGAL Australian Government Analytical Laboratories
AGAD Australian Government Antarctic Division
AGCC Australian Government Credit Card
AGREED Australian Government Directory
AGD Australian Government Directory
AGIMIS Australian Government Indigenous Management Information System
AGIMO Australian Government Information Management Office
AGS Australian Government Solicitor
AGSE Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship
AGSM Australian Graduate School of Management
AGEA Australian Grain Exporters Association
AGT Australian Grain Technologies
AGO Australian Greenhouse Office
AGRA Australian Greyhound Racing Association
AGVA Australian Greyhound Veterinary Association
AGAR Australian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance
AGAC Australian Guardianship and Administration Council
AGCA Australian Guidance and Counselling Association
AGRA Australian Guild of Realist Artists
AGSC Australian Guild of Screen Composers
AHCDO Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors Organisation
AHTA Australian Hand Therapy Association, Inc.
AH Australian Hard
AHCA Australian Health Care Agreement
AHCA Australian Health Cover Advisors
AHES Australian Health Economics Society
AHEC Australian Health Ethics Committee
AHIC Australian Health Information Council
AHM Australian Health Management Group
AHMAC Australian Health Ministers Advisory Committee
AHMC Australian Health Ministers’ Conference
AHOCH Australian Health Outcomes Clearing House
AHPI Australian Health Policy Institute
AHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
AHPC Australian Health Protection Committee
AHR Australian Health Review
AHSR Australian Health Sector Recruiting
AHHA Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association
AHA Australian Healthcare Association
AHTA Australian Heat Treaters Association
AHD Australian Height Datum
AHC Australian Heritage Commission
AHPI Australian Heritage Places Inventory
AHC Australian High Commission
AHPC Australian High Performance Catamarans
AHCS Australian Home Care Services Pty. Ltd.
AHIC Australian Horse Industry Council
AHEC Australian Horticultural Export Council
AHC Australian Horticulture Corporation
AHDG Australian Hospital Design Group
AHHA Australian Hotels & Hospitality Association, Inc.
AHA Australian Hotels Association
AHOY Australian Humanist of the Year
AHDA Australian Huntington’s Disease Association
AIHF Australian Ice Hockey Federation
AIDR Australian Illicit Drug Report
AIO Australian Imagery Organisation
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AIRS Australian Incident Reporting System
AIDKA Australian Independant Dirt Kart Association
AISF Australian Independent Superannuation Fund
AICA Australian Indigenous Communication Association
AICN Australian Indigenous Cultural Network
AIDA Australian Indigenous Doctors Association
AIEC Australian Indigenous Education Conference
AIGC Australian Indigenous Geographic Classification
AIHPN Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Network
AILF Australian Indigenous Languages Framework
AITC Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference
AIRC Australian Industrial Relations Commission
AITP Australian Industrial Tempest Program
AIDN Australian Industry and Defence Network, Inc.
AIEM Australian Industry Engineering and Manufacturing Network
AIG Australian Industry Group
AII Australian Industry Involvement
AIF Australian Infantry Force
AICA Australian Infection Control Association
AIC Australian Informatics Competition
AIOC Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee
AIIA Australian Information Industry Association
AIPN Australian Injury Prevention Network
AIEW Australian Inland Energy and Water
AICN Australian Insect Common Names
AIB Australian Institue of Biology
AIBN Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
AICA Australian Institute for Commercial Arbitration
AIC Australian Institute for Commercialization
AIGM Australian Institute for Golf Management
AINDT Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing
AISC Australian Institute for Steel Construction
AICCM Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material
AIATSIS Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Islander Studies
AIB Australian Institute of Building
AIBD Australian Institute of Building Designers
AIC Australian Institute of Cartographers
AICL Australian Institute of Commerce and Language
AICD Australian Institute of Company Directors
AIC Australian Institute of Criminology
AIEM Australian Institute of Eastern Music
AIER Australian Institute of Employment Rights
AIE Australian Institute of Energy
AIOE Australian Institute of English
AIE Australian Institute of Entrepreneurship
AIFS Australian Institute of Family Studies
AIFST Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Inc.
AIFCL Australian Institute of Foreign and Comparative Law
AIGS Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies
AIHW Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
AIHM Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine
AIH Australian Institute of Horticulture
AIIA Australian Institute of International Affairs
AUSIT Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators
AIIT Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators Inc.
AIJA Australian Institute of Judicial Administration
AIJA Australian Institute of Judicial Affairs
AILA Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
AILT Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
AIM Australian Institute of Management
AIMM Australian Institute of Management Member
AIMS Australian Institute of Marine Science
AIMM Australian Institute of Materials Management
AIMS Australian Institute of Medical Scientists
AIMS Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors
AIMM Australian Institute of Mining and Metalurgy
AIM Australian Institute of Ministry
AIM Australian Institute of Music
AION Australian Institute of Navigation
AIP Australian Institute of Packaging
AIPR Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research
AIP Australian Institute of Petroleum
AIPM Australian Institute of Pharmacy Management
AIP Australian Institute of Physics
AIPD Australian Institute of Private Detectives
AIPA Australian Institute of Professional Archaeologists, Inc.
AIPC Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
AIPI Australian Institute of Professional Investigators
AIPP Australian Institute of Professional Photography
AIPM Australian Institute of Project Management
AIR Australian Institute of Radiography
AIS Australian Institute of Sport
AITD Australian Institute of Training and Development
AITT Australian Institute of Travel and Tourism
AIEU Australian Insurance Employees Union
AISF Australian Insurance Staffs’ Federation
AIFS Australian Integrated Forecasting System
AICA Australian Interactive Communication Association
AICC Australian International Correspondence Club
AIDAB Australian International Development Assistance Bureau
AIDC Australian International Documentary Conference
AIEC Australian International Education Conference
AIHSS Australian International Hotel School
AIICS Australian International Institute of Contemporary Singing
AIMF Australian International Music Festival
AIS Australian International School
AISF Australian International School Foundation Limited
AISHK Australian International School Hong Kong
AISS Australian International School Singapore
AISES Australian International Sporting Events Secretariat
AITA Australian International Trade Association
AIGI Australian Internet Growth Index
AICS Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances
AJN Australian Jewish News
AJT Australian Jewish Times
AJWS Australian Jewish Welfare Society
AJC Australian Jockey Club
AJCPTA Australian Joint Council of Professional Teaching Associations
AJSS Australian Joint Staff Service
AJARE Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
AJB Australian Journal of Botany
AJCS Australian Journal of Cultural Studies
AJET Australian Journal of Educational Technology
AJGWR Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research
AJIA Australian Journal of International Affairs
AJMAA Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
AJMH Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism
AJP Australian Journal of Pharmacy
AJZ Australian Journal of Zoology
AJR Australian Jurist Reports
AKF Australian Karate Federation
AKSA Australian Kitesurfing Association
AKF Australian Koala Foundation
AKKA Australian Kyokushin Karate Association
ALP Australian Labor Party
ALS Australian Laboratory Services Pty Ltd
ALLA Australian Labour Law Association
ALA Australian Labradoodle Association
ALAA Australian Labradoodle Association of America
ALARA Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association
ALTD Australian Land Transport Development
ALUM Australian Land Use and Management
ALLI Australian Language and Literacy
ALLC Australian Language and Literacy Council
ALJ Australian Law Journal
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports
ALLG Australian Law Librarians Group
ALRC Australian Law Reform Commission
ANALGESIA Australian Law Reports
ALR Australian Law Reports
ALSA Australian Law Students’ Association
ALA Australian Lawyers Alliance
ALN Australian Lawyers Network
ALOR Australian League of Rights
ALTC Australian Learning and Teaching Council
ALDA Australian Learning Disability Association
ALFA Australian Lebanon Football Association
ALAF Australian Legal Assistance Forum
ALEF Australian Legal Education Forum
ALH Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group
LEIS Australian Leisure Index Database
ALSF Australian Liberal Students’ Federation
ALIA Australian Library and Information Association
ALS Australian Lifeguard Service
ALH Australian Light Horse
ALBS Australian Limousin Breeders Society
ALEA Australian Literacy Educators’ Association
ANALGESIA Australian Literary Review
ALR Australian Literary Review
ALEG Australian Literature Electronic Gateway
ALPA Australian Livestock & Property Agents Association
ALEA Australian Livestock Exporters Association
ALFA Australian Lot Feeders’ Association
ALCA Australian Lowline Cattle Association
AMPAG Australian Major Performing Arts Group
AMBC Australian Malting Barley Centre
AMS Australian Mammal Society
AMG Australian Map Grid
AMISC Australian Marine Industries and Sciences Council
AMIF Australian Marine Industries Federation
AMSA Australian Marine Sciences Association
AMC Australian Maritime College
AMEA Australian Maritime Employers Association
AMIS Australian Maritime Identification System
AMIZ Australian Maritime Identification Zone
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
AMI Australian Marketing Institute
AMTN Australian Massage Therapists Network
AMTN Australian Materials Technology Network
AMOSS Australian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System
AMOC Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee
AMSI Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
AMO Australian Mathematics Olympiad
AMLC Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation
AMC Australian Meat Council Ltd
AMH Australian Meat Holdings
AMIC Australian Meat Industry Council
AMAS Australian Medical Acupuncture Society
AMAF Australian Medical Aid Foundation
AMA Australian Medical Association
AMI Australian Medical Index
AMIA Australian Medical Informatics Association
AMSA Australian Medical Students Association
AMH Australian Medicines Handbook
AMBRI Australian Membrane and Biotechnology Research Institute
AMCR Australian Men’s Course Rating
AMOS Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
AMETA Australian Meteorological Association
AMM Australian Meteorological Magazine
AMAS Australian Microbeam Analysis Society
AMMS Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
AMVS Australian Migration and Visa Solutions
AMF Australian Military Forces
AMMA Australian Military Medical Association
AMTC Australian Military Type Certificate
AMM Australian Milk Marketing
AMZ Australian Milking Zebu
AMF Australian Mineral Foundation
AMEC Australian Minerals and Energy Council
AMMA Australian Mines and Metals Association
AMBSC Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee
AMBCS Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee
AMGA Australian Miniature Goat Association, Inc
AMIC Australian Mining Industry Council
AMDF Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
AMLN Australian Mobile Learning Network
AMTA Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association
AMRA Australian Model Railway Association Inc.
AMRM Australian Model Railway Magazine
AMMO Australian Mohair Marketing Organisation Ltd
AMTS Australian Morbidity and Treatment Survey
AMIF Australian Motor Industry Federation
AMSF Australian Motor Sport Foundation
AMC Australian Motorcycle Council
AMTRA Australian Motorcycle Trail Riders’ Association
AMPOL Australian Motorists’ Petrol Company
AMB Australian Mountain Bike
AMRA Australian Mountain Running Association
AMRIS Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service
AMACSU Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union
AMS Australian Museum, Sydney
AMOL Australian Museums Online
AMC Australian Music Centre
AMENC Australian Music Educators’ National Conference
AMEB Australian Music Examinations Board
AMIN Australian Music Industry Network
AMO Australian Music Online
AMTR Australian Music Teachers Register
AMPAC Australian Muslim Public Affairs Committee
AMP Australian Mutual Provident Society
ANAM Australian National Academy of Music
ANARE Australian National Antarctic Research Establishment
ANARE Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
ANATS Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing
ANAO Australian National Audit Office
ANBC Australian National Band Championships
ANBP Australian National Blood Pressure Study
ANBC Australian National Budgerigar Council
ANBIC Australian National Bushfoods Industry Committee
ANBS Australian National Business School
ANCC Australian National Cavy Council
ANCQ Australian National Chemistry Quiz
ANCA Australian National Choral Association
ANCOS Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk
ANCD Australian National Council on Drugs
ANCU Australian National Credit Union
ANDRA Australian National Drag Race Association
ANFD Australian National Field Days
ANFA Australian National Flag Association
ANGIS Australian National Genomic Information Service
ANHB Australian National Halon Bank
ANIC Australian National Imams Council
ANIC Australian National Insect Collection
ANPG Australian National Portrait Gallery
ANRO Australian National Radio Observatory
ANRA Australian National Rodent Association
ANSA Australian National Saddlehorse Association Inc.
ANSS Australian National Security Service
ANSIR Australian National Seismic Imaging Resource
ANSA Australian National Sportfishing Association
ANSM Australian National Supra Meet
ANTA Australian National Training Authority
ANU Australian National University
ANWC Australian National Wildlife Collection Foundation
NYRT Australian National Youth Round Table
ANA Australian Natives Association
ANRA Australian Natural Resources Atlas
ANTA Australian Natural Therapists Association, Ltd.
ANCA Australian Nature Conservation Agency
ANARS Australian Naval Amateur Radio Society
ANC Australian Navy Cadet
ANCOC Australian Netherlands Chamber of Commerce
ANAT Australian Network for Art and Technology
ANATOMY Australian Network for Art and Technology
ANICA Australian Network of Industry Careers Advisers
ANSA Australian Network of Student Anthropologists
ANRI Australian Neuromuscular Research Institute
ANCAP Australian New Car Assessment Program
ANMA Australian New Muslims Association
ANZCTR Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry
ANZCA Australian New Zealand Communication Association
ANZFA Australian New Zealand Food Authority
ANZTC Australian New Zealand Telehealth Committee
ANCC Australian Nigerian Chamber of Commerce
ANRA Australian Novelty Racing Association
ANSTI Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Information
ANCA Australian Numerical Control and Automation
ANMRC Australian Numerical Meteorology Research Centre
ANCHA Australian Nurses’ Cardiovascular and Hypertension Association
ANCI Australian Nursing Council Inc.
ANF Australian Nursing Federation
ANJ Australian Nursing Journal
AODC Australian Oceanographic Data Centre
AOFM Australian Office of Financial Management
AOPC Australian Offshore Powerboat Club
AORA Australian Oil Recyclers Association
AOF Australian Oilseeds Federation
AOF-2 Australian Oilseeds Federation
AOA Australian Olive Association
AOC-2 Australian Olympic Committee
AOC Australian Olympic Committee
AOCAB Australian Online Cheating Abolishment Body
AOCN Australian Online Competition Network
AOSS Australian Open Source Symposium
AOBO Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra
AONA Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association
AOS Australian Optical Society
AOM Australian Options Market
AOP Australian Orangutan Project
AOQ Australian Organisation for Quality
AOA Australian Orthopaedic Association
AORA Australian Orthopaedic Registrars’ Association
AOA Australian Osteopathic Association
AOA Australian Ostrich Association
AOMS Australian Outback Medical Services
AOEC Australian Outdoor Education Council
AOCS Australian Ovarian Cancer Study
AOTC Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation
APTC Australian Pacific Technical College
APC Australian Pack Classification
APMA Australian Packaging Machinery Association
ASPU Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit
APMA Australian Pain Management Association
APAS Australian Paint Approval Scheme
APHA Australian Palomino Horse Association
APPM Australian Paper and Pulp Manufacturers
APF Australian Parachute Federation
APC Australian Parents Council
APN Australian Part Number
APAC Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
APIA Australian Passionfruit Industry Association
APSF Australian Patient Safety Foundation, Inc.
APDM Australian Patriots Defence Movement
APCA Australian Payments Clearing Association
APSA Australian Peak Shippers Association
APEF Australian Pensioner Equity Finance
APSF Australian Pensioners and Superannuants Federation
APSL Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League, Qld. Inc.
APRF Australian Periodontology Research Foundation
APRV Australian Permanent Resident Visa
APCA Australian Personal Computer Accessories Pty Ltd
APCA Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc.
APVMA Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
APADA Australian Petroleum Agents and Distributors Association
APCA Australian Petroleum Consultants Association
APEA Australian Petroleum Exploration Association
APPEA Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
APF Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary
API Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
APMA Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
APTF Australian Photobiology Testing Facility
APS Australian Photographic Society Inc
AUPS Australian Physiological Society
APBA Australian Pig Breeders’ Association
APLPI Australian Pine Log Price Index
APFS Australian Pink Floyd Show
APBA Australian Pinzgauer Breeders Association
APBA Australian Pipe Band Association
APIA Australian Pipeline Industry Association
APL Australian Plague Locust
APLC Australian Plague Locust Commission
APII Australian Plant Image Index
APNI Australian Plant Name Index
APPD Australian Plant Pest Database
APRIL Australian Poetry Resources Internet Library
APJ Australian Police Journal
APM Australian Police Medal
APRU Australian Police Rugby Union Association Inc.
APSB Australian Pony Stud Book
APL Australian Pork Limited
APO Australian Post Office
APC Australian Postal Corporation
APAI Australian Postgraduate Award Industry
APA Australian Postgraduate Awards
APBA Australian Power Boat Association
APNA Australian Practice Nurses Association
APWM Australian Presbyterian World Mission
APCX Australian Private Companies Exchange
APHA Australian Private Hospitals Association
APCC Australian Procurement and Construction Council, Inc.
APNA Australian Product Numbering Association Ltd.
APGN Australian Professional Gaming Network
APNA Australian Professional Nail Association
APRG Australian Professional Recruiters Group
APRA Australian Professional Rodeo Association
APSA Australian Professional Selling Association
APSI Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors, Inc.
APSAD Australian Professional Society on Alcohol & other Drugs
APMA Australian Promotion Marketing Association
API Australian Property Institute
APLJ Australian Property Law Journal
APM Australian Property Monitor
APS Australian Protective Service
APAF Australian Proteome Analysis Facility
APC Australian Provincial Championship
APRA Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
APS Australian Psychological Society
APAC Australian Public Affairs Channel
APAFT Australian Public Affairs Full Text
API Australian Public Intellectual Network
APLN Australian Public Libraries Network
APS Australian Public Service
APPI Australian Pulp and Paper Institute
APIG Australian Pulse Improvement Group
AQA Australian Quadriplegic Association
AQF Australian Qualification Framework
AQFAB Australian Qualifications Framework Advisory Board
AQC Australian Quality Council
AQF Australian Quality Framework
AQI Australian Quality Ingredient
AQSG Australian Quality Solutions Group
AQIS Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
AQI Australian Questioning Intonation
ARDC Australian Racing Drivers Club
ARM Australian Racing Museum
ARPANS Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety
ARTC Australian Rail Track Corporation
ARDP Australian Railway Detail Photos
ARSD Australian Railway Supply Detachment
ARUS Australian Railways Union
ARU Australian Railways Union
ARCHIVE Australian Rally Championship
ARC Australian Rally Championship
ARIA Australian Record Industry Association
ARCHIVE Australian Red Cross
ARC Australian Red Cross
ARL Australian Reference Laboratory
ARPER Australian Reform Party
ARP Australian Reform Party
ARRA Australian Refugee Rights Alliance
ARMP Australian Register of Medical Practitioners
ARTG Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods
ARBN Australian Registered Body Number
ARBN Australian Registered Business Number
ARCBA Australian Registered Cattle Breeders’ Association
ARNTP Australian Registered Nurse Training Program
ARSN Australian Registered Scheme Number
RBDM Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
ARWP Australian Registry of Wildlife Pathology
ARA Australian Regular Army
ARGPM Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Prescription Medicines
ARPA Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association
ARPC Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
ARM Australian Republican Movement
ARAFCAY Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
ARENAC Australian Research and Education Network Advisory Committee
ARAB Australian Research Assembly on Brassicas
ARCME Australian Research Centre for Medical Engineering
ARCC Australian Research Consultative Committee
ARCHIVE Australian Research Council
ARC Australian Research Council
ARROW Australian Research Repositories Online to the World
ARCHI Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations
ARCHI Australian Resource Centre for Hospital Innovations
ARIES Australian Resource Information and Environment Satellite
ARRC Australian Resource Research Centre
ARCCA Australian Restoration and Carpet Cleaning Association
ARCHIVE Australian Resuscitation Council
ARC Australian Resuscitation Council
ARA Australian Retailers Association
ARAV Australian Retailers Association Victoria
ARPA Australian Retired Persons Association
ARISA Australian Retirement Income Streams Association
ARVA Australian Retirement Village Association
ARS Australian Rhododendron Society
ARRB Australian Road Research Board
ARAA Australian Robotics and Automation Association, Inc.
AURA Australian Rock Art Research Association, Inc.
ARAA Australian Rope Access Association
ARCB Australian Ropes Course Builders
ARL Australian Rugby League
ARUS Australian Rugby Union
ARU Australian Rugby Union
ARF Australian Rules Football
ARFLI Australian Rules Football League of Ireland
ARRAHT Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health Taskforce
ARHEN Australian Rural Health Education Network
ARLP Australian Rural Leadership Program
ARY Australian Rural Youth
ASNO Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office
ASCC Australian Safety and Compensation Council
ASTB Australian Safety Transport Bureau
ASMOFQ Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation Queensland
ASAN Australian Salinity Action Network
ASLA Australian School Library Association
ASBT Australian School of Business and Technology
ASFF Australian School of Fine Furniture
ASSAD Australian School Students’ Alcohol and Drugs Survey
ASBA Australian School-Based Apprenticeship
ASWC Australian Schools Web Challenge
ASWC Australian Schools Writing Competition
ASTEC Australian Science and Technology Council
ASC Australian Science Communicators
ASFF Australian Science Fiction Foundation
ASN Australian Science Network
ASTA Australian Science Teachers Association
ASTC Australian Scientific and Technical Communicators
ASPA Australian Scrabble Players Association
ASDA Australian Screen Directors’ Association
ASE Australian Screen Editors
ASSG Australian Screen Sound Guild
ASIC Australian Seafood Industry Council
ASLPR Australian Second Language Proficiency Rating
ASPA Australian Secondary Principals Association
ASISER Australian Secret Intelligence Service
ASIS Australian Secret Intelligence Service
ASFL Australian Secured Financial Limited
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission
ASC Australian Securities Commission
ASX Australian Securities Exchange
ASE Australian Securities Exchange
ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organization
ASIST Australian Security International Systems Training
ASAC Australian Seed Advisory Council
ASR Australian Self-Regulation system
ASTC Australian Semiconductor Technology Company
ASSA Australian Serbian Students Association
ASU Australian Services Union
ASWA Australian Severe Weather Association
ASP Australian Sex Party
ASF Australian Share Fund
ASA Australian Shareholders’ Association Ltd
ASV Australian Sheep Veterinarians
ASVS Australian Sheep Veterinary Society
ARSENIC Australian Shepherd
AUSTRALIA Australian Shepherd
ASSIGNED Australian Shepherd
AS Australian Shepherd
ASCA Australian Shepherd Club of America
ASD Australian Shepherd Dog
ASBA Australian Shipbuilders Association
ASA Australian Shipowners Association Limited
ASP Australian Shooters Party
ASOFIA Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association
ASP Australian Siesta Party
ASLIA Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association
ASWC Australian Silicon Works Centre
ASAA Australian Ski Areas Association
ASPA Australian Ski Patrol Association
ASRI Australian Skills Recognition Information
ASVP Australian Skills Vouchers Program
ASAVA Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
AST Australian Social Trends
ASB Australian Society for Biomaterials
ASET Australian Society for Educational Technology
ASFB Australian Society for Fish Biology
ASFS Australian Society for French Studies
ASGM Australian Society for Geriatric Medicine
ASSAULT Australian Society for Limnology
ASL Australian Society for Limnology
ASMR Australian Society for Medical Research
ASM Australian Society for Microbiology
ASSEMBLY Australian Society for Microbiology
ASME Australian Society for Music Education
ASOR Australian Society for Operations Research, Inc.
ASPR Australian Society for Psychiatric Research
ASVP Australian Society for Veterinary Pathology
ASA Australian Society of Agronomy
ASAT Australian Society of Anaesthetic Technicians
ASA Australian Society of Anaesthetists
ASA Australian Society of Archivists
ASA Australian Society of Authors
ASCPA Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants
ASCPA Australian Society of Certified Public Accountants
ASCH Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
ASCC Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists
ASEG Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
ASFD Australian Society of Forensic Dentistry
ASH Australian Society of Herpetologists
ASH Australian Society of Hypnosis
ASLE Australian Society of Labour Economists
ASO Australian Society of Orthodontists
ASOS Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons
ASPS Australian Society of Plant Scientists
ASPS Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
ASSERT Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists
ASTW Australian Society of Travel Writers
ASVO Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
ASKE Australian Society on Knowledge Economics
ASWEC Australian Software Engineering Conference
ASEC Australian Software Engineering Conference
ASPA Australian Software Publishers Association
ASCAS Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme
ASCC Australian Soil Conservation Council
ASDC Australian Space Design Competition
ASDC Australian Space Development Conference
ASFC Australian Space Forecast Centre
ASO Australian Space Office
ASRI Australian Space Research Institute
ASDI Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure
ASEA Australian Speak Easy Association
ASAS Australian Special Air Service
ASOU Australian Special Operations Unit
ASCA Australian Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association
ASDTA Australian Specialist Dog Training Association
ASWC Australian Specialty Waterborne Coatings Pty Ltd
ASSTA Australian Speech Science and Technology Association
ASR Australian speedway racing
AMERICAN-SPEECH-AND-HEARING-ASSOCIATION Australian Spiritual Healers Association
ASHA Australian Spiritual Healers Association
ASADA Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
ASC Australian Sports Commission
ASDA Australian Sports Drug Agency
ASADA Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee
ASMF Australian Sports Medicine Federation
ASKAP Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder
ASEG Australian Stabilised Earth Group
ASSW Australian Staggered Spondaic Word Test
ARSENIC Australian Standard
AUSTRALIA Australian Standard
ASSIGNED Australian Standard
AS Australian Standard
ASCO Australian Standard Classification of Occupations
ASOC Australian Standard Offence Classification
ASTF Australian Standard Transfer Form
ASVS Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule
ASW Australian Standard White
ASWN Australian Standard White – Noodles
ASA Australian Standards Association
ASEL Australian Standards for Export of Livestock
ASFD Australian Standards Framework Descriptors
ASCOT Australian Standing Committee on Tourism
ASCRC Australian Starter Culture Research Centre
ASAC Australian Statistics Advisory Council
ASI Australian Steel Institute
ASCC Australian Stem Cell Centre
ASIA Australian Stevedoring Industry Authority
ASX Australian Stock Exchange
ASR Australian Stock Report
ASAA Australian Stone Advisory Association Ltd
AUSDHBV Australian strain of Duck Hepatitis B Virus
ASTRA Australian Strategic Air Traffic Management Group
ASPI Australian Strategic Policy Institute
ASUD Australian Stratigraphic Units Database
ASA Australian String Academy
ASANA Australian Studies Association of North America
ASRN Australian Studies Regional Network
ASTA Australian Studies Teachers Association
ASHIDU Australian Study of HIV and Injecting Drug Use
ASGF Australian Subject Gateways Forum
ASC Australian Submarine Corporation
ASRV Australian Submarine Rescue Vehicle
ASCR Australian Sugar Cane Railway
ASIM Australian Sugar Industry Museum
ASMC Australian Sugar Milling Council
ASWGA Australian Superfine Wool Growers’ Association Inc
ASDM Australian Surgical Design Manufacture Pty Ltd.
ASU Australian Swimming Union
ASRP Australian Synchrotron Research Program
ATGAS Australian Table Grape Association
ATFV Australian Task Force Vietnam
ATC Australian Tax Cases
ATO Australian Taxation Office
ATEA Australian Teacher Education Association
ATOD Australian Teachers of Dancing Limited
ATOM Australian Teachers of Media
ATC Australian Technical College
ATCNT Australian Technical College Northern Tasmania
ATSO Australian Technical Standard Order
ATP Australian Technology Park
ATPI Australian Technology Park Innovations
ATPPM Australian Technology Park Precinct Management
ATR Australian Technology Resources
ATAAC Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty
ATSC Australian Telecommunication Standardization Committee
ATA Australian Telecommunications Authority
ATEA Australian Telecommunications Employees Association
ATIA Australian Telecommunications Industry Association
ACTA Australian Telescope Compact Array
ATCA Australian Telescope Compact Array
ATN Australian Television Network
ATF Australian Temporary Fencing
ATAR Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
ATYP Australian Theatre for Young People
ATOD Australian Theatre of the Deaf
ATFA Australian Timber Flooring Association
ATIF Australian Timber Importers Federation
ATWU Australian Timber Workers Union
ATHOC Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council
ATCC Australian Touring Car Championship
ATDW Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
ATDP Australian Tourism Development Programme
ATEC Australian Tourism Export Council
ATTRP Australian Tourism Training Review Panel
ATC Australian Tourist Commission
ATFS Australian Tours for Sport
ATMOSS Australian Trade Marks Online Search System
ATP Australian Training Products
ATPL Australian Training Products Ltd.
AUSTRAC Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre
ATAC Australian Transport Advisory Council
ATC Australian Transport Council
ATOS Australian Treatment Outcome Study
ATSC Australian Tree Seed Centre
ATCV Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers
ATAS Australian Tsunami Alert System
ATWS Australian Tsunami Warning System
AURA Australian Ultra Runners Associaion
AUP Australian United Press
AUSSIE Australian United States Services in Education
AUFM Australian Unity Funds Management
AUTC Australian Universities Teaching Committee
AUGMENT Australian University Games
AUG Australian University Games
AVN Australian Vaccination Network
AVO Australian Valuation Office
AVMA Australian Valve Manufacturers Association
AVESCO Australian Vee Eight Supercar Company
AVVRG Australian Veterans Vietnam Reconstruction Group
AVI Australian Veterinarians in Industry
AVCA Australian Veterinary and Chemicals Association
AVA Australian Veterinary Association
AVHS Australian Veterinary History Society
AVJ Australian Veterinary Journal
AVNRC Australian Veterinary Nurse Resource Centre
AVPMA Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association
AVP Australian Veterinary Practitioner
AVR Australian Veterinary Reserve
AVCC Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee
AVPA Australian Video Producers Association
AVCWL Australian Virtual Centre for Women and the Law
AVAM Australian Visas and Migration
AVSC Australian Volleyball Schools Cup
AVCGA Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association
AVI Australian Volunteers International
AWM Australian War Memorial
AWRS Australian War Records Section
AWHA Australian Warmblood Horse Association
AWMA Australian Waste Management Association
AWWA Australian Water and Wastewater Association
AWPI Australian Water Polo, Inc.
AWRC Australian Water Resources Council
AWC Australian Weeds Committee
AWST Australian Western Standard Time
AWB Australian Wheat Board
AWBL Australian Wheat Board Ltd.
AWC Australian Wildlife Conservancy
AWPC Australian Wildlife Protection Council
AWCF Australian Window Cleaning Federation
AWBC Australian Wine Brandy Corporation
AWC Australian Wine Club
AWX Australian Wine Exchange
AWMC Australian Wine Marketing Conference
AWRI Australian Wine Research Institute
AWIA Australian Wire Industry Association
AWIA Australian Women in Agriculture
AWLF Australian Women Leadership Forum
AWPA Australian Women Pilots’ Association
AWAS Australian Women’s Army Service
AWP Australian Women’s Party
AWSR Australian Women’s Studies Resources
AWW Australian Women’s Weekly
AWSI Australian Wool and Sheep Industry
AWH Australian Wool Handlers
AWI Australian Wool Innovation Limited
AWRP Australian Wool Research and Promotion
AWU Australian Workers Union
AWA Australian Workplace Agreement
AWRE Australian Workshop on Requirements Engineering
AWMA Australian Wound Management Association
AWF Australian Wrestling Federation
AWL Australian Wrestling League
AYF Australian Yachting Federation
AYL Australian Yoga Life
AYL Australian Young Labor
AYDF Australian Youth Dance Festival
AYF Australian Youth Forum
AYO Australian Youth Orchestra
AYPE Australian Youth Parliament for the Environment
AABCC Australian-Anti Bases Campaign Coalition
AAUCS Australian-Asian Universities’ Cooperation Scheme
AEAP Australian-European Awards Program
ANZCER Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations agreement
ANZUS Australia-New Zealand-United States Security Treaty
AACA Australians Against Child Abuse
AAFI Australians against Further Immigration
AANT Australians Against Nuclear Testing
ALPHABET Australians for A Better Community
ABC Australians for A Better Community
AJRP Australians for Just Refugee Programs
ATMG Australian-Turkish Media Group
ANTARA Australia-Nusa Tenggara Assistance for Regional Autonomy
AGT Australias Got Talent
ARNA Australiasian Rehabilitation Nurses’ Association
AUSFTA Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement
AVBC Australia-Vietnam Business Council
AUGSA AutoCAD Users Group of South Australia
ACSA AutoCash Systems Australia
APTA Automated Patrol Telescopes Australia
AAA Automobile Association of Australia
AYQ Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia – Connellan
BAA Backing Australia’s Ability
BITA Baking Industry Training Australia
ABM Bamaga, Queensland, Australia
BSA Bamboo Society of Australia
BSA Bank of South Australia
BTMA Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Australia
BFRA Banking & Finance Reports of Australia
BWAA Baptist World Aid Australia
BRT Bathurst Island, Northern Territory, Australia
BBBA Behind Big Brother Australia
BVBA Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Australia
BSIA Bible Society in Australia
BFA Bicycle Federation of Australia
BDAAA Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia
BAHRAIN Biosecurity Australia
BA Biosecurity Australia
BAPM Biosecurity Australia Policy Memorandum
BOCA Bird Observers Club of Australia
BVI Birdsville, Queensland, Australia – Birdsville
BWA Boating Western Australia
BCCA Bolwell Car Club of Australia
BAA Boomerang Association of Australia
BOA Bottles of Australia Pty Limited
BTFA Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia
BTAA Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia
BMIAA Bread Manufacturers Industrial Association of Australia
BCNA Breast Cancer Network Australia
BNE Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Brisbane International Airport
BATA British American Tobacco Australia
BATAS British American Tobacco Australia Services, Ltd.
BHQ Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia – Broken Hill
BASC Buckeye Australian Shepherd Club
BSWA Buddhist Society of Western Australia
BCA Building Code of Australia
BSIA Building Social Inclusion in Australia
BSIA Building Surveyors Institute of Australia
BWIU Building Workers Industrial Union of Australia
BCA Business Council of Australia
BDAU Business Directories Australia
BEA Business Excellence Australia
BEAP Business Export Australia Program
BSTA Business Services Training Australia
BSAA Business Software Association of Australia
CWAP Cable and Wireless Australia & Pacific
CNS Cairns, Queensland, Australia – Cairns
CAFL California Australian Football League
CALL-TO-ACTION Call to Australia
CTA Call to Australia
CIAP Cambodia-IRRI-Australia Project
CCCA Campus Crusade for Christ Australia
CACC Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce
CNASA Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association
CBR Canberra Airport – Australia
CBR Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia – Canberra
CCA Cancer Council Australia
CFWA Cancer Foundation of Western Australia
CMIA Canmakers Institute of Australia
CAFL Canterbury Australian Football League
CEAV Career Education Association of Australia
CICA Career Industry Consortium Australia
CA Caritas Australia
CGCAA Carnival Glass Collectors Association of Australia, Inc.
CASC Cascade Australian Shepherd Club
CHA Catholic Health Australia
CVMA Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia
CWLA Catholic Women’s League Australia
CCA Cattle Council of Australia
CRMG CAVAL Risk Management Group (Australia)
COCA Censorship Opposition Council of Australia
CAVP Census of Australian Vascular Plants
CADT Central Australia Daylight Savings Time
CAAC Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, Inc.
CAAMA Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
CAFE Central Australian Fronts Experiment
CATIA Central Australian Tourism Industry Association
CERRA Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia
CMAA Central Markets Association of Australia
CACOM Centre for Australian Community Organisations and Management
CACS Centre for Australian Cultural Studies
CAIS Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies
CAWCR Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research
CRLRA Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia
CAAB Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty. Ltd.
CMACS Certified Member of the Australian Computer Society
CCIWA Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia
CONTROL Charleville, Queensland, Australia – Charleville
CTL Charleville, Queensland, Australia – Charleville
CSA Chartered Secretaries Australia
CIA Chemical Institute of Australia
CSAA Child Support Act 1989 (Australia)
CAA Childcare Associations Australia
CCIA Children’s Cancer Institute Australia
CPCA Children’s Performing Company of Australia
CACH Chinese Australian Cultural Heritage
CPCA Chinese Professionals Club of Australia
CSAA Chinese Studies Association of Australia
CJA Chiropractic Journal of Australia
CAA Chiropractors’ Association of Australia
CCFA Christian Children’s Fund of Australia
CDFA Christian Dance Fellowship Australia
CRCA Christian Reformed Churches of Australia
CIA Circumcision Information Australia
CLA Civil Liberties Australia
CUA Clean Up Australia
CANA Climate Action Network Australia
CMDA Club Management Development Australia
CATWA Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia
CAPOW Coalition of Australian Participating Organisations of Women
CAZ Cobar, New South Wales, Australia
CAAB Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota
CSA Coeliac Society of Australia Inc.
CAN Collections Australia Network
CESA Commercial Education Society of Australia
CGNA Committee for Geographical Names in Australia
CBA Commonwealth Bank of Australia
CIJIG Commonwealth Interdepartmental JETACAR Implementation Group (Australia)
COFA Commonwealth of Australia
COA Commonwealth of Australia
CPA Communist Party of Australia
CBAA Community Broadcasting Association of Australia
CISA Community Information Strategies Australia
CMPWA Community Midwifery Programme, Western Australia
AC Companion of the Order of Australia
CSA Computer Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.
CIA Concrete Institute of Australia
CACCN Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nurses
CAI Confederation of Australian Industry
CAMS Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
CMS Conference Media Services Australia
CALU Conference of Australian Linux Users
CCSA Conservation Council of South Australia
CAMS Consortium of Australian Media Services
CHF Consumers’ Health Forum of Australia
CFA Continence Foundation of Australia
CPDA Continuing Professional Development Australia
OOM Cooma, New South Wales, Australia
CCCA Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia Inc.
CSA Copyright Society of Australia, Inc.
CDTA Corporate Driver Training Australia Pty. Ltd.
CAMP Corps of Australian Military Police
COAG Council of Australian Governments
CAUMAC Council of Australian University Museums and Collections
CAWSS Council of Australian Weed Science Societies
CTFIA Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia
CMAA Country Music Association of Australia
CSCA Country Shire Councils Association of Western Australia
CWT Cowra, New South Wales, Australia – Cowra
CLDP CPO Leadership Development Program (Royal Australian Navy)
CICA Crane Industry Council of Australia
CUFA Credit Union Foundation Australia
CA Cricket Australia
CCIWA Critical Care Institute of Western Australia
CYCA Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
CMIT CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology (Australia)
CMHT CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies (Australia)
CSBA Customer Service Benchmarking Australia
CSIA Customer Service Institute of Australia
CA Cycling Australia
CFA Cystic Fibrosis in Australia
CAFL Czech Australian Football League
DAWA Daawah Association of Western Australia
DA Dairy Australia
DASA Dairy Authority of South Australia
DGSA Dairy Goat Society of Australia
DIAA Dairy Industry Association of Australia
DLIA Dalai Lama in Australia
DTAA Dance-Movement Therapy Association of Australia
DAFL Danish Australian Football League
DRW Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
DSA Deaf Sports Australia Ltd
DRA Deafness Resources Australia
DIAA Deer Industry Association of Australia
DFA Defence Families of Australia
DNCA Delaware North Companies Australia
DAIS Deloitte Australia Intranet Site
DNM Denham, Western Australia, Australia
DAECA Dental Assistants Education Council of Australia
DAA Dental Assistants’ Association of Australia Inc.
DAAA Dental Assistants’ Association of Australia, Inc.
DASP Departing Australia Superannuation Payment
DAWA Department of Agriculture, Western Australia
DAEAF Deutsche Australian Equities Alpha Fund
DPO Devonport, Tasmania, Australia – Devonport
DCAI Dexter Cattle Australia, Inc.
DA Diabetes Australia
DART Diabetes Australia Research Trust
DAWA Diabetes Australia Western Australia
DAQ Diabetes Australia-Queensland
DAA Dieticians Association of Australia
DBA Digital Broadcasting Australia
DGEMA Director General, Emergency Management Australia
DINA Disability Information Network Australia
DTAA Diversional Therapy Association of Australia
DRS Doctors’ Reform Society of Australia
DMAA Dorn Method Academy Australia
DASSA Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia
DUMA Drug Use Monitoring in Australia
DIAMETER Dry Cleaning Institute Of Australia
DIA Dry-cleaning Institute of Australia
DBO Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia – Dubbo
DAFA Dutch Australian Football Association
DASI Dutch Australian Society, Illawarra
ECIA Early Childhood Intervention Australia
EAC East Australian Current
EAD East Australian Daylight
EAPL East Australian Pipeline, Ltd.
EAS East Australian Standard
ECAC East Coast Australian Current
EAST Eastern Australian Standard Time
EMBA Economic Modelling Bureau of Australia
EAA Ecotourism Association of Australia
EDANZ Editing Australia New Zealand
EIWG EFTPOS Industry Working Group (Australia)
ECA Electoral Council of Australia
EESA Electric Energy Society of Australia
ETSA Electricity Trust of South Australia
EFA Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc.
EMD Emerald, Queensland, Australia – Emerald
EMA Emergency Management Australia
EMAI Emergency Management Australia Institute
EMANZE Emergency Management in Australia, New Zealand and Europe
ETAA Emission Trading Association of Australia Ldp
ERSA En Route Supplement Australia
ERA Energy Resources of Australia
EA Engineers Australia
EGA Enterprise Grains Australia
EA Environment Australia
EPIP Environment Protection Act 1974 (Australia)
ERMA Environmental Resources Management Australia
EFA Equestrian Federation of Australia
EDAA Equine Dental Association of Australia
EPR Esperance, Western Australia, Australia – Esperance
EAPL Esso Australia Pty. Ltd.
EAFE Europe, Australia, and the Far East
EABC European Australian Business Council
EAFA European Australian Football Association
ENIAR European Network for Indigenous Australian Rights
EAAPN European-Australian Asia-Pacific Nexus
ESPRIT European-Australian Stroke Prevention in Reversible Ischemia Trial
EU Eustice Australian Air Mail Catalog
EU-2 Eustice Australian Air Mail Catalog
EUS Eustice Australian Air Mail Catalog
ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia
ESAWA Evangelical Soccer Association of Western Australia
ESPA Exclusive Spas Australia
EEAA Exhibition & Event Association of Australia
FOFMS FaCS Online Funding Management System (Australia)
FTAANZ Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand
FWA Fair Work Australia
FPA Family Planning Australia
FATHER Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc.
FR Fauna Rescue of South Australia Inc.
FMCA Federal Magistrates Court of Australia
FTAA Federated Tanners Association of Australia
FAASA Federation of Australian Astrologers South Australia
FARB Federation of Australian Broadcasters
FABC Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils
FACTS Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations
FAHS Federation of Australian Historical Societies
FAMU Federation of Australian Maritime Unions
FAMSY Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth
FEAST Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies
FOCSA Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia
FOHVA Federation of Off Highway Vehicles Australia
FNHAA Fellow National Herbalists Association of Australia
FASFA Fellow of Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia
FCPA Fellow of CPA Australia
FAAS Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
FAA Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
FTSE Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences
FTS Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
FAHA Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities
FACE Fellow of the Australian College of Education
FAFOM Fellow of the Australian Faculty of Occupational Medicine
FAICD Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
FAIM Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management
FAIP Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics
FAII Fellow of the Australian Insurance Institute
FAPI Fellow of the Australian Property Institute
FASMF Fellow of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation
FAMA Fellow of the Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand
FPS Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
FSIA Fellow of the Securities Institute of Australia
FTIA Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia
FRCNA Fellow Royal College of Nursing Australia
FACS Fellow, Australian Computer Society
FCA Ferrari Club Australia
FSA Fertility Society of Australia
FREEDOM Fertility Society of Australia
FIFA Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia
FPAA Fire Protection Association of Australia
FIA Fitness Institute Australia
FFAA Flavour and Fragrance Association of Australia
FAAA Flight Attendants Association of Australia
FUSA Flinders University of South Australia
FECA Flower Export Council of Australia
FINA Food Intolerance Network of Australia
FSANZ Food Standards Australia New Zealand
FFA Football Federation of Australia
FFAU Ford Forums Australia
FIFWA Forest Industries Federation Western Australia, Inc.
F3A Formula 3 Australia
FEAST Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology
FRFA Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia, Inc.
FSA Fox Studios Australia
FREEDOM Fox Studios Australia
FREPA Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia Ltd.
FRCA Free Reformed Churches of Australia
FACCI French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
FARIO French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad
FABC Friends of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
FXA Fuji Xerox Australia
FAST Fujitsu Australia Software Technology
FIA Fundraising Institute of Australia
FFAO Futsal Federation of Australia and Oceania
GAA Galvanizers Association of Australia, Ltd.
GDAA Game Developers Association of Australia
GFAA Game Fishing Association of Australia
GOAD Garden of Australian Dreams
GPC Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia Inc
GASC Gateway Australian Shepherd Club
GTWA Gather the Women Australia
GDSA General Dynamics Systems Australia
GPEA General Practice Education Australia
GPRA General Practice Registrars Australia
GPSA General Practice Society of Australia
GSAM Generalised Southeast Australia Method
GDA Geodetic Datum of Australia
GISA Geographic Indicator South Australia
GTASA Geography Teachers Association of South Australia
GSA Geological Society of Australia
GSWA Geological Survey of Western Australia
GA Geoscience Australia
GET Geraldton, Western Australia, Australia – Geraldton
GSDCA German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia
GABCSA German-Austrian Business Council of South Australia
GTIWA Gestalt Training Institute West Australia
GHA Gift and Homewares Australia
GGA Girl Guides Australia
GFA Gliding Federation of Australia
GLTAA Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia
GICA Goat Industry Council of Australia
OOL Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia – Coolangatta
GTWA Golf Tourism Western Australia
GECA Good Environment Choice Australia
GCCA Graduate Careers Council of Australia
GMAA Graduate Management Association of Australia, Inc.
GRC Grain Research Committee of Western Australia
GCA Grains Council of Australia
GABA Great Australian Bugger All
GAFA Great Australian Freak All
GLRAR Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees
GARA Greenhouse Action in Regional Australia
GA Greening Australia
GA Gridiron Australia
GAFC Griffith Australian Football Club
GTA Group Training Australia
GRA Gypsum Resources Australia
HFSA Haemophilia Foundation South Australia
HTI Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia
HTPAA Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia
HIS Hayman Island, Queensland, Australia – Hayman Island Airport
HDAAU Health and Disability Auditing Australia
HISA Health Informatics Society of Australia
HIAA Health Insurance Advisors Australia
HPPSA Health Practitioners Act (Australia)
HPCA Health Professions Council of Australia
HFA Heart Foundation of Australia
HAD Heinemann Australian Dictionary
HERA Heritage Australia
HPA Hermes Precisa Australia
HVB Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia
HMA Hillsong Music Australia
HMAT His Majesty’s Australian Transport
HMAS His/Her Majesty’s Australian Ship
HRSA Historical Radio Society of Australia
HBA Hobart, Tasmania, Australia – Hobart
HEIA Home Economics Institute of Australia, Inc.
HART Honda Australia Roadcraft Training
HAL Horticulture Australia Ltd.
HCF Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia
HCFA Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Ltd
HGCA Human Genetics Commission of Australia
HWA Hunter Water Australia
HSA Hydrographic Sciences Australia
IHA Ice Hockey Australia
IRTA Immigration Review Tribunal of Australia
IGA Independent Grocers of Australia
ISCA Independent Schools Council of Australia
IAAC India – Australia Association of Canberra Inc
IMLA Indigenous Ministry Links Australia
ICCWA Injury Control Council of Western Australia
IAASA Inland Aquaculture Association of South Australia
IOAA Institute of Actuaries of Australia
IAA Institute of Actuaries of Australia
IACA Institute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists
IAE Institute of Australian Education
IAG Institute of Australian Geographers
ICAA Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia
IDTA Institute of Drug Technology Australia Limited
IIEA Institute of Industrial Engineers Australia
IPTA Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
IPMA Institute of Personnel Management of Australia
IPAA Institute of Public Administration Australia
IOTA Institute of Technology Australia
IVMA Institute of Value Management Australia
ISA Institution of Surveyors, Australia Inc
IAG Insurance Australia Group
IEAA Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia
IBRA Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia
IALA International Australian Labradoodle Association Inc.
IALAS International Australian Labradoodle Association Inc.
ICD-10-AM International Classification of Diseases – 10th revision – Australian Modification
ICQA International College of Queensland Australia
ICCA International Cruise Council of Australia
IDPA International Development Program of Australia
IDP International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges Ltd
IEAA International Education Association of Australia
IMIA International Marketing Institute of Australia
INA International Needs Australia
IPCA International Pacific College, Australia
ITASA International Trade Association South Australia, Inc.
IIAA Internet Industry Association of Australia
IAA Irrigation Association of Australia
IDCA Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia
JHA James Hardie Australia Pty. Ltd.
JASA Jane Austen Society of Australia
JKAA Japan Karate Association of Australia
JMGA Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia
JCMA Jewish, Christian, Muslim Association of Australia
JUI JF US Industrial Trust (Australia)
JASANZ Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand
JACARA Joint Australian Centre for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
JVA Joint Venture Australia
JANZSSA Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association
JCIA Junior Chamber International Australia
JSHAA Junior School Heads’ Association of Australia
KIAA Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia
KUA Karate Union of Australia
KTR Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia – Tindal
KABV Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria
KCAT Kidney Check Australia Taskforce
KNS King Island, Tasmania, Australia – King Island
KCH King’s Cross Hotel, Sydney, Australia
KGC Kingscote, South Australia, Australia
KETA Kiwi Exporters to Australia
ALASKA Knight of the Order of Australia
AK Knight of the Order of Australia
LDA Latin Dance Australia
LST Launceston, Tasmania, Australia – Launceston
LVO Laverton, Western Australia
LWH Lawn Hill, Queensland, Australia
LTAA Lawn Tennis Association of Australia
LAA Leading Agents in Australia
LEA Learmonth, Western Australia, Australia
LSAA Legal Services Association Australia
LTTA Liberation Tigers of Tamil Australia
LATN Librarians of the Australian Technology Network
LISWA Library and Information Service of Western Australia
LAA Library Association of Australia
LMAA Lift Manufacturers Association of Australia
LDAA Line Dance Association of Australia
LSY Lismore, New South Wales, Australia – Lismore
LSAA Livestock Saleyard Association of Australia
LLA Living and Leisure Australia
LMAL Lockheed Martin Australia Limited
LFAA Lone Fathers Association Australia, Inc.
LISA Lost in Space Australia
LFA Love from Australia
LCA Lutheran Church of Australia
LAA Lymphoedema Association of Australia
MKY Mackay, Queensland, Australia – Mackay
MTAU MacTalk Australia
MESA Maintenance Engineering Society of Australia
MALAYSIA Mapping Sciences Institute Australia
MSIA Mapping Sciences Institute Australia
MONZA Marcos Owners New Zealand Australia
MUA Maritime Union of Australia
MMFA Market Milk Federation of Australia
MRSA Market Research Society of Australia
MCA Maserati Club of Australia
MEA Measurement Engineering Australia
MLA Meat and Livestock Australia
OAM Medal of the Order of Australia
MIA Media International Australia
MBSA Medical Board of South Australia
MJA Medical Journal of Australia
MCCA Medicines Coding Council of Australia
MEA Meetings and Events Australia
MEL Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Tullamarine
MACP Member of Australian College of Pharmacy
MACS Member of Australian Computer Society
MACCE Member of Australian Council for Computers in Education
MACA Member of Australian Counsellors Association
MACE Member of the Australian College of Education
MAIES Member of the Australian Institute of Emergency Services
MMA Member of the Marketing Association of Australia & New Zealand
ARMENIA Member of the Order of Australia
AM Member of the Order of Australia
MPIA Member of the Planning Institute of Australia
MACU Members Australia Credit Union
MHCSA Mental Health Coalition of South Australia
MBSA Merchant Broking Services Australia Pty Ltd
MSDA Merck, Sharp & Dohme Australia
MIA Migration Institute of Australia
MQL Mildura, Victoria, Australia – Mildura
MCA Minerals Council of Australia
MFCA Mini Foxie Club of Australia, Inc.
MAS Miniature Australian Shepherd
MASCA Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America
MAAA Model Aeronautical Association of Australia
MSSANZ Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand
MSA Monash Student Association Inc (Australia)
MEAA Montenegrin Ethnic Association of Australia
MACINTOSH Montessori Australia Council
MAC Montessori Australia Council
MSWA Montessori Society of Western Australia
YMMB Moorabbin Airport Australia Airport Code
MSTA Moore Stephens Technology Australia
ONG Mornington, Queensland, Australia – Mornington Is
MFWA Morsecodians Fraternity of Western Australia
MFAA Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia
MPA Mortgage Professional Australia
MYA Moruya, New South Wales, Australia – Moruya
MNDAWA Motor Neurone Disease Association of Western Australia
MRAA Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia
MAEST Motorcycling Australia
MA Motorcycling Australia
MARC Motorola Australian Research Center
MTBA Mountain Bike Association of Australia
MDSA Movement Disorder Society of Australia
MFA Moving Forward Australia
MCCSA Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia
MDA Muscular Dystrophy Association Australia
MOAD Museum of Australian Democracy
MSA Musicological Society of Australia
MAA Muslim Aid Australia Inc.
NADCA National Aboriginal Dance Council Australia
NASCA National Aboriginal Sports Corporation of Australia
NAAA National Arborists Association of Australia
NAA National Archives of Australia
NAB National Australia Bank Limited
NAFM National Australia Financial Management Limited
NABERS National Australian Built Environment Rating System
NACAA National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers Inc.
NAFA National Australian Fishing Annual
NAPSA National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association
NAPS National Australian Pump Services
NCCA National Council of Churches in Australia
NCJWA National Council of Jewish Women of Australia
NEAA National Epilepsy Association of Australia
NFFA National Farmers’ Federation of Australia
NFAW National Foundation for Australian Women
NGA National Gallery of Australia
NGLA National Gridiron League of Australia
NIMAA National Indigenous Media Association of Australia
NLA National Library of Australia
NFRAM National Networked Facility for Research in Australian Music
NSCA National Safety Council of Australia
NSA National Seniors Australia
NSSA National Space Society of Australia
NSAA National Speakers Association Australia
NUGAS National Union of Greek Australian Students
NBDA Nationwide Business Directory of Australia
NOSSA Native Orchid Society of South Australia
NFAL Natural Fuels Australia Ltd.
NGASA Natural Gas Authority of South Australia
NAFA Nauru Australian Football Association
NAFA Nepal Australia Friendship Association
NAASA Netherlands Australian Aged Services Association
NCCA Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Australia
NATG Network of Australian Teachers of German
NSA Network South Australia
NGAL New Guinea Australia Line
NLCA New Life Churches of Australia
BEO Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia – Belmont
NTL Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia – Williamtown
NASRA Newly Arrived Societies of Refugees to Australia
ZNE Newman, Western Australia, Australia – Newman
NPALS News Publishing Australia Limited
NOA Nintendo of Australia
NMPA Nippon Meat Packers Australia Pty Ltd
NCCA Nissan Car Club Australia, Inc.
NASI Noise Assessment / Solutions IAC (Adelaide, Australia)
NSMA Non Smokers’ Movement of Australia
NRMTA Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia
NAFA North Australia Fire Abatement
NARU North Australia Research Unit
NABRC North Australian Beef Research Council
NACA North Australian Canine Association
NEBS North East Budgerigar Society of South Australia, Inc.
NAQS Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy
NATT Northern Australia Tropical Transect
NCID NSW Council for Intellectual Disability (Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia)
NEET NSW Energy Efficiency Trading (Australia)
NFAP Nuclear Free Australia Party
NFAL Nuclear Fuel Australia Limited
NBACT Nurses Board of the Australian Capital Territory
NAAA Nursing Agencies Association of Australia
NASA Nursing Association of South Australia
NIA Nursing Informatics Australia
OHSA Occupational Health Services Australia
AO Officer of the Order of Australia
OGASN Ongoing G20 Arrestees Solidarity Network (Australia)
ORCA Online Research Collections Australia
OLA Open Learning Australia
OPAL Open Pool Australian Light-Water
OSBN-SA Open Source Business Network-South Australia
OSIA Open Source Industry Australia Limited
OUA Open Universities Australia
OIA Opportunity International Australia
OAG Orange, New South Wales, Australia – Springhill
OA Order of Australia
AO Order of Australia
OAM Order of Australia Medal
OHGA Organic Herb Growers Australia
OAWA Orienteering Association of Western Australia
OA Orienteering Australia
ORR Orroral Valley, Australia
OCA Outdoor Council of Australia
OCAA Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, Australia
PCA Packaging Council of Australia
PHAA Paint Horse Association of Australia
PBO Paraburdoo, Western Australia, Australia – Paraburdoo
PHEA Paramount Home Entertainment Australia
PKE Parkes, New South Wales, Australia – Parkes
PGA Pastoralists and Graziers Association of Western Australia
PFSA Pathfinder Systems Australia
PASA Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
PFA Perfection Fresh Australia
PERMANENT Perth, Western Australia, Australia – Perth
PER Perth, Western Australia, Australia – Perth
PFIAA Pet Food Industry Association of Australia
PIAA Pet Industry Association of Australia Ltd.
PESA Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia
PSA Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
PGA Pharmacy Guild of Australia
PATVEP Philippines Australia Technical and Vocational Education Project
PAUL Philippines Australia Union Link
PASN Philippines-Australia Studies Network
PIAF Photographic Index of Australian Fishes
PDCA Physical Disability Council Australia
PVX PIPE VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Exchange (Australia)
PASA Police Association of South Australia
PACCI Polish Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
PCA Pork Council of Australia
PCSA Porsche Club of South Australia
PHE Port Hedland, Western Australia, Australia – Port Hedlan
PLO Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia – Port Lincoln
PQQ Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia – Port Macquarie
PAA Prehistoric Australian Artefacts
PFA Premier Finance Australia
PFA Presbyterian Fellowship of Australia
PIBA Primary Industry Bank of Australia
PIAA Printing Industries Association of Australia
PAWA Printmakers Association of Western Australia
PHAA Pritikin Health Association of Australia
PLCA Privacy Law Consulting Australia
PDA Private Doctors of Australia
PVCR Pro Vice-Chancellor (University of New England; Armidale, Australia)
PASAU Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of Australia
PIICA Professional Indemnity Insurance Company Australia Pty Limited
PAA Project Atmosphere Australia
PIAA Property Investment Association of Australia
PIAA Property Investors Association of Australia
PSAT Protective and Security Operations on Australian Territory
PTBA Proud To Be Australian
PHA Public Health Association of Australia
PRIA Public Relations Institute of Australia
PASA Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
PGA Pulsar Group of Australia
POA Punch on Australia
QFA Qantas Airways Australia
RISA Racing Information Services Australia
RA Radio Australia
RANA Rare Australian Native Animals
REISA Real Estate Institute of South Australia
RARI Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration
RAAL Redesigning Agriculture for Australian Landscapes
RTAW Reefing the Australia Way
RDA Regional Development Australia
REBA Regional Established Business in Australia
RIA Regional Internet Australia
RAAM Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts
RADAR Register of Australian Drug and Alcohol Research
RAQ Relationships Australia Queensland
RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
RSL Returned & Services League of Australia
RITA Rhee International Taekwon-Do Australia
RGA Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia Inc.
RTCA Rio Tinto Coal Australia
RDDT RMIT Drug Discovery Technologies (Australia)
RSEA Road Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd
RIAA Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia
RSA Roller Sports Australia Inc.
RMA Roma, Queensland, Australia – Roma
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAAFA Royal Australian Air Force Association, Inc.
RANZCR Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
RACI Royal Australian Chemical Institute
RACGP Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
RACGP Royal Australian College of Physicians
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RAIA Royal Australian Institute of Architects
RAMP Royal Australian Military Police
RAM Royal Australian Mint
RANB Royal Australian Naval Brigade
RANC Royal Australian Naval College
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANSA Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association
RAPI Royal Australian Planning Institute
RAR Royal Australian Regiment
RMCA Royal Military College of Australia
RBCA Rugby Business Club Australia
RARA Rural and Regional Australia
REFA Rural Education Forum Australia
RTCA Rural Training Council of Australia
RAEP Russia Australia Education Program
SIA Safety Institute of Australia
SARFA Samoa Australian Rules Football Association
SAUG SAP Australian User Group (New South Wales, Australia)
SUAVE Savant and University of Adelaide VHDL Extensions (Australia and US)
SCFA Save the Children Fund Australia
SVSA Schefenacker Visions Systems Australia
SAF Schizophrenia Australia Foundation
SPAA Screen Producers Association of Australia
SUWA Scripture Union Western Australia
ANBP2 Second Australian National Blood Pressure Study
SEAA Secondary Education Association of Australia
SIAA Seed Industry Association of Australia, Limited
SEDA Seeing Eye Dogs Australia
SATO Senior Australians Tax Offset
SMANZFL Senior Managers of Australian and New Zealand Forensic Laboratories
SIAL Serials in Australian Libraries
SGCA Shakespeare Globe Centre Australia
SMCA Sheepmeat Council of Australia
SATCC Shell Australian Touring Car Championship
STAA Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia
SSPA Short Statured People of Australia Inc.
SIAA Simulation Industry Association of Australia
SABAF Singapore Australia Business Alliance Forum
SAFTA Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement
SASA Single Action Shooting Australia
SVGA Single Vision Grains Australia
SADI Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry
SAU Skylines Australia
SPAA SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia Ltd
SEAA Social Education Association of Australia
SEAA Social Educators Association of Australia
SGAP Society for Growing Australian Plants
SAAW Society of Australian Ancients Wargamers
SAGCA Society of Australian Golf Course Architects
SCANZ Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand
SERCA Software Engineering and Research Corporation of Australia
SEAQ Software Engineering Australia Queensland
SA South Australia
SAFC South Australia Film Corporation
SAST South Australia Standard Time
SASP South Australia’s Strategic Plan
SAAS South Australian Ambulance Service
SAAA South Australian Apiary Association
SAAL South Australian Athletic League
SABU South Australian Baptist Union
SABC South Australian Brewing Company
SABF South Australian Bridge Federation
SABV South Australian Business Vision
SACE South Australian Certificate of Education
SACTA South Australian Clay Target Association
SACAE South Australian College of Advanced Education
SACA South Australian Cricket Association
SADA South Australian Dairyfarmers Association
SADC South Australian Darts Council, Inc
SADA South Australian Debating Association
SAFF South Australian Farmers’ Federation
SAFC South Australian Film Corporation
SAFTA South Australian French Teachers Association
SAHC South Australian Health Commission
SAHM South Australian Health Monitor
SAIT South Australian Institute of Technology
SAIA South Australian Internet Association
SALA South Australian Living Artists, Inc.
SAM South Australian Matriculation
SAMBA South Australian Mountain Biking Association
SAMR South Australian Mounted Rifles
SAMBA South Australian Multiple Birth Association
SANDAS South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services
SANI South Australian Neuroscience Institute
SANTOS South Australian Northern Territory Oil Search
SAPD South Australian Pipes and Drums
SAPOL South Australian Police Service
SAPO South Australian Policy Online
SAPB South Australian Psychological Board
SAR South Australian Railways
SARAT South Australian Recreation and Arts
SARDI South Australian Research and Development Institute
SARRC South Australian Road Runners Club
SARTA South Australian Road Transport Association
SASA South Australian School of Art
SASTA South Australian Science Teachers Association
SIN South Australian Sex Industry Network
SASF South Australian Soccer Federation
SASIC South Australian Spatial Information Council
SASI South Australian Sports Institute
SASR South Australian State Reports
SATAC South Australian Tertiary Admission Centre
SAWCAT South Australian Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal
SAWMA South Australian Wound Management Association
SAWT South Australian Writers’ Theatre
SEAMEC South East Australia Maritime Education Centre
SEATS South East Australian Training Services
SWIT South West Institute of TAFE (est. 1988; Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia)
SWPA Southwest Pacific and Australia Theatre of Operations
STASA Spanish Teachers’ Association of South Australia, Inc.
SMAAA Spinal Muscular Atrophy Association of Australia Inc.
SKA Sport Knowledge Australia
SSAA Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
SGO St George, Queensland, Australia – St George
SACC Standard Australian Classification of Countries
SAE Standard Australian English
SAA Standards Association of Australia
SA Standards Australia
SAI Standards Australia International Ltd.
SBSA State Bank of South Australia
SLSA State Library of South Australia
SLWA State Library of Western Australia
SSPS State Security & Protective Services Australia Pty Ltd
SFMAA Stock Feed Manufacturers Association of Australia
SMASA Street Machine Association of South Australia
SCCA Studebaker Car Club of Australia
SRTA Subaru Rally Team Australia
SAFL Summerland Australian Football League
MCY Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – Maroochydore
SRCA Supermotard Riders Club of Australia
SCMEA Supply Chain Management Education Australia
SLSA Surf Life Saving Australia
SEGRA Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia
SACCI Swiss-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
QSYS Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
SYD Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – Sydney Municipal
SBSA Systematic Biology Society of Australia
SESA Systems Engineering Society of Australia
TMW Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia – Tamworth
TCA Technology Centres Australia
TELSTRA Telecom Australia
TSA Telecommunication Society of Australia
TCPSS Telecommunications Act 1999 (Australia)
TJA Telecommunications Journal of Australia
TCA Telephone Cleansing Australia
TAAI Telugu Association of Australia, Inc
TBA Tenpin Bowling Australia
TCA Testing and Certification Australia
TASA Texas Australian Shepherd Association
TCF-SIP Textiles Clothing and Footwear Scheme (Australia)
TAFTA Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement
TAFTA The Australian Forum for Textile Arts
AIATSIS The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
TASA The Australian Sociological Association
TASA The Australian Sociology Association
TIMG The Interactive Multimedia Group of Australia
TOAN The Orchestras of Australia Network
TRAA The Rock across Australia
TWIA The Welding Technology Institute of Australia
WAIA The Western Australian Internet Association Inc
TEOA Thomas Electronics of Australia Pty. Ltd.
TOCA Thunderbird Owner’s Club of Australia Inc.
TIS Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia – Horn Island
TWEA Time Warner Entertainment Australia PTY Limited
TIA Tobacco Institute of Australia
TAFA Tonga Australian Football Association
TWB Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia – Toowoomba
TFSA Total Financial Solutions Australia
TSAA Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia
TAGL Tower Australia Group Limited
TAEGL Tower Australia Group Limited
TSV Townsville, Queensland, Australia – Townsville
TMCA Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd
TLC Trades and Labor Council of Western Australia
TDCA Training and Development Council of Australia
TAA Trans Australia Airlines
TAA Trans-Australia Airlines
TIA Transparency International Australia
TAGA Trauma Awareness Group Australia
TGAA Turf Grass Association of Australia
UECA Ukrainian Education Council of Australia
UBA Union Bank of Australia
UACA Union of Australian College Academics
UAP United Australia Party
UAAI United Australian Automobile Industries
USAFA United States Australian Football Association
USAFL United States Australian Football League
USASA United States Australian Shepherd Association
UCA Uniting Church in Australia
UFPA Unity of First People of Australia
UMA Universal Music Australia
URRSA Universities Research Repository South Australia
UECA University English Centres Australia
UNISA University of South Australia
USA University of South Australia
USAAM University of South Australia Art Museum
USASA University of South Australia Student Association
UWA University of Western Australia
UNISFA University of Western Australia’s Science Fiction Association
UXA Uranium Exploration Australia Limited
VSA Vacuum Society of Australia
VOCA Velocette Owners Club of Australia
VSRA Veteran Speedway Riders’ Association of Australia
VNCA Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia
VSBSA Veterinary Surgeons Board of South Australia
VSAA Vietnam Studies Association of Australia
VMA Virgin Mobile Australia
VSA Visible Systems Australia Pty Ltd
VHA Vodafone Hutchison Australia
WGA Wagga-Wagga, New South Wales, Australia – Forest Hill
WHSA Waler Horse Society of Australia Inc.
WGE Walgett, New South Wales, Australia – Walgett
WABL Waratah Australian Basketball League
WMAA Waste Management Association of Australia
WAWA Water Authority of Western Australia
WCAA Water Conservation Association of Australia
WCWA Water Corporation of Western Australia
WQRA Water Quality Research Australia Limited
WSAA Water Services Association of Australia
WSRA Water Ski Racing Australia Inc.
WSIA We Study in Australia
WMSSA Weed Management Society of South Australia
WTIA Welding Technology Institute of Australia
WAME West Australia Mines and Energy
WAAM West Australian Association of Masseurs, Inc.
WADT West Australian Daylight Time
WADL West Australian Debating League
WAFL West Australian Football League
WAHRP West Australian Hot Rod Promotions Inc.
WAIS West Australian Institute of Sport
WANA West Australian Nursing Agency
WAPF West Australian Photographic Federation
WASPA West Australian Solid Plastering Association
WAS West Australian Standard Time
WASO West Australian Symphony Orchestra
WATMHC West Australian Transcultural Mental Health Centre
WAVES West Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society
WAYRBA West Australian Young Readers Book Award
WAYO West Australian Youth Orchestra
WA Western Australia
WABL Western Australia Basketball League
WABBA Western Australia Bed and Breakfast Association
WACA Western Australia Cricket Association
WAGC Western Australia Golf Club
WAIDING Western Australia Institute for Deaf Education
WALA Western Australia Lacrosse Association
WAPC Western Australia Planning Commission
WAPOL Western Australia Police Pipe Band
WAPS Western Australia Police Service
WASS Western Australia Showbag Services
WASC Western Australia Supreme Court
WAWC Western Australia Water Corporation
WAAC Western Australian AIDS Council
WAAMH Western Australian Association for Mental Health
WAAD Western Australian Association of the Deaf
WABA Western Australian Bar Association
WACR Western Australian Cancer Registry
WACE Western Australian Certificate of Education
WACAP Western Australian Chip and Pulp
WACOT Western Australian College of Teaching
WADC Western Australian Darts Council, Inc.
WADEC Western Australian Distance Education Consortium
WADB Western Australian DNA Bank
WAEC Western Australian Electoral Commission
WAFF Western Australian Farmers Federation
WAFA Western Australian Fencing Association
WAFD Western Australian Fisheries Department
WAFA Western Australian Folklore Archive
WAFL Western Australian Football League
WAFA Western Australian Forest Alliance
WAGP Western Australian General Practice Network
WAGR Western Australian Government Railways
WAGRA Western Australian Greyhound Racing Authority
WAIDM Western Australian Institute of Dispute Management
WAIT Western Australian Institute of Technology
WAIX Western Australian Internet Exchange
WALA Western Australian Laser Association Inc.
WALA Western Australian Legislative Assembly
WALGA Western Australian Local Government Association
WALG Western Australian Lucerne Growers
WAMA Western Australian Municipal Association
WAM Western Australian Museum
WAMI Western Australian Music Industry
WAPL Western Australian Poker League
WAPOL Western Australian Police Force
WARIS Western Australian Regional Initiatives Scheme
WARA Western Australian Rogaining Association
WARU Western Australian Rugby Union
WASTAC Western Australian Satellite Technology and Applications Consortium
WASCA Western Australian School Canteen Association
WASM Western Australian School of Mines
WASA Western Australian Soccer Association
WASG Western Australian Speleological Group
WASF Western Australian Sports Federation
WAST Western Australian Standard Time
WASES Western Australian State Emergency Service
WASA Western Australian Swimming Association
WATR Western Australian Water Research
WAWC Western Australian Writers Centre
WAYF Western Australian Yachting Foundation
WDWA Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia
WSA Wheelchair Sports Australia
WHSA Wholistic Health Sciences Australia
WYA Whyalla, South Australia, Australia – Whyalla
WPSA Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia
WPAA Wildlife Protection Association of Australia
WGGA Wine Grape Growers Australia
WINDOWS Winton, Queensland, Australia – Winton
WIN Winton, Queensland, Australia – Winton
WIA Wireless Institute of Australia
WIAQ Wireless Institute of Australia Queensland
WATAC Women and the Australian Church
WWDA Women with Disabilities Australia
WHA Women’s Hospitals Australia
WRAN Women’s Royal Australian Navy
WGWA Womens Golf Western Australia
WCA Wool Council of Australia
UMR Woomera, South Australia, Australia – Woomera
WCSA WorkCover Corporation of South Australia
WASCA Working Australian Shepherd Club of Alberta
WGAA Working Gundog Association of Australia
WCWA World Championship Wrestling Australia
WVA World Vision Australia
YWA Yachting Western Australia
YMA Yamaha Motor Australia
YAL Young Australia League
YACA Young Australian Concert Artists
YAMY Young Australian Muslim of the Year Award
YARN Young Australian Rural Network
YAR Young Australians for a Republic
YEA Young Engineers Australia
YMA Young Media Australia
YPA Young Performers Australia-America
YSA Young Scientists of Australia
YCACT Youth Coalition of the Australian Capital Territory
YHA Youth Hostels Australia
YSA Youth Studies Australia
ZAL Zeolite Australia Pty. Ltd.
ZAL Zicom Australia Limited
ZFA Zionist Federation of Australia
ZAWA Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia



Australia is the world’s 6th largest land area, occupying most of the continent of Oceania. The country is flat: 95 per cent is less than 600 meters above sea level, but the Great Dividing Range mountain range extends long throughout the east coast, with the highest peaks reaching over 2000 meters above the coast in the north and northeast. Centrally in the country, nature is characterized by plain landscape and desert.

The desert climate covers about a third of the country. The climate is temperate along the southeast and southwest coast, as well as in Tasmania, with several subtropical rainforests. In the highest mountain areas on the mainland, and in the mountains of Tasmania, the snowfall comes in the form of snow in winter. Australia often experiences prolonged drought in the south, while the northern parts are exposed to cyclones. The country’s largest lake “Lake Eyre” has only been filled with water 7 times since 1886.

Agriculture, industry, and the introduction of new species are the major threats to Australian natural diversity. The country’s two largest rivers, Murry and Darling, are also heavily threatened by pollution. At the same time, overgrazing and clearing of land have led to destruction and erosion. The world’s longest coral reef (Great Barrier Reef) off the northeast coast is also heavily threatened by global warming. Drought and high temperatures have led Australia to also struggle with devastating fires that have affected wildlife and nature.


The first people came to Australia from Southeast Asia over 40,000 years ago. The indigenous people lived in hundreds of tribes and had over 200 different languages. When the Europeans discovered the land in 1601, the indigenous people lived as hunters, fishermen and sanctuaries. Several European nations had knowledge of Australia beyond the 17th century, but none had enough resources to colonize the vast land. Not until 1770 did Captain James Cook declare all of Australia and the island of Tasmania as British territory. British colonization began with the transport of prisoners to the new country in the late 18th century, and six independent colonies were established in the 19th century. In 1901, the colonies gained independence and gathered in a federation which was named Commonwealth of the Australian States. In 1902 Australia became the second country in the world with women’s suffrage.

The indigenous people were subjected to brutal assimilation policies throughout the colonization, and the number dropped drastically. Children were taken from their parents and placed in orphanages or with white foster families until the 1970s. The indigenous people did not have the status of Australian residents and did not vote until 1967. In 2008, the indigenous people received an official apology for the way they had been treated.

Society and politics

Australia is a constitutional monarchy and a federal state. The British monarch is the head of state, as the country is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The prime minister is the head of government and heads the executive power. The country is divided into six states and two federal territories, each with a high degree of autonomy.

Many years of oppression, racism and lack of rights characterize the Australian indigenous people. The people have the world’s longest uninterrupted cultural history (over 40,000 years). This is one of the reasons why their assimilation into modern Australia is difficult. Many indigenous people also believes that the Australian Government has no right to govern and that the whole country belongs to the indigenous people. Among the indigenous people, unemployment is higher, and the health condition worse than that of other Australians. The average life expectancy is ten years shorter. The general population has one of the highest living standards in the world. The health care system, education sector, retirement and sickness pensions, and maternity leave are available to everyone. Women have good rights, but domestic abuse is relatively widespread, especially in indigenous families.

Immigration and integration have long been among the most important political issues. The UN has criticized the country for the practice of sending boat refugees to camps in other countries with poorer conditions.

Economics and Commerce

Australia has experienced strong economic growth over the last 30 years, largely due to an abundance of natural resources. The country is among the world’s 20 largest economies, measured in gross domestic product (GDP). Large deposits of minerals and natural gas have changed the economy from being based on sheep farming and agriculture, to relying on mining and gas extraction. Australia has the world’s largest economically profitable deposits of lead, nickel, tantalum, uranium and zinc, and large deposits of bauxite, coal, cobalt, copper, diamonds, gold and other minerals. Australia is also one of the world’s leading exporters of wool, wheat and meat. The service industry is the largest sector, where real estate, business and tourism are the most important.

Economic policy has evolved to focus on exports. Asia has taken over for the West as Australia’s most important market. The main trading partners are China, Japan, Indonesia and the United States. This has put Australia in a strategically difficult position, as they are closely linked to the US and Europe politically and militarily, while the economy is based on trade with Asia. Therefore, Australia is an important intermediary in the relationship between the US and China superpowers.

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