Aviation Abbreviations

Aviation was first practically practiced by Moutgolfier, who in 1783 took off a paper balloon, which he had made, filled with warm air. Gradually one came to the balloon of special fabric, impermeable, filled with gas or hydrogen; over the balloon hangs a net, to which v. is attached under a gondola.

The greatest height reached with such a balloon is 11 700 m; by prof. → Piccard, with a spec. balloon, 16 700 m. The great drawback is that the balloon is uncontrollable. Dirigible airplanes and airships first became possible with the invention of a light engine. In 1884 Renard constructed an airship of 50 m in length with an engine of 8½ hp, with a speed of 24 km. In 1902 Santos Dumont flew around the Eiffel Tower and in 1903 built a semi-rigid airship with a frame propelled by engines of 35 hp. which reached a speed of about 45 km per hour. Since 1898 Zeppelin has been working on a completely rigid airship, the 1st model of which came out in 1900.

In 1905 the 2nd type, which soon crashed, followed in 1906, the 3rd, with an hourly speed of 40 km. The use of aluminum and improved explosion engines, as well as separate gas cells inside, modified control surfaces and water ballast, finally resulted in the modern Zeppelin, which has already completed numerous voyages across the ocean, circumnavigated the globe, etc. The first aircraft with airfoils dating back to 1871, were constructed by Penaud and powered by a rubber cable motor, but had no practical significance. In 1904 the brothers built. Wright a biplane with which they performed successful flights. In 1909 → Blériot flew across the Channel and Farman covered 234 km in 4½ hours. During the war the aviation industry developed very rapidly. In 1927 → Lindbergh flew over the ocean, which example has been given since many BC.

The landing gear of ordinary aircraft, consisting of 2 wheels with rubber tires, has been replaced by 2 convex cylinders, called floats, by which these aircraft can take off from water and descend on it. The larger type of seaplane is called a flying boat and has a ship-built hull, like the DO X, which has a dead weight of 45,000 kg. Commercial aircraft rise to an altitude of v. 4000/6000 m, at a flight speed v. 120/170 km per hour, military aircraft to 8000/11 000 m. Especially v/h achieve v. record speeds. built aircraft have reached hourly speeds v. more than 550 km.

Aviation Abbreviations


List of Acronyms Related to Aviation

AAA Academy of Aerospace and Aviation
ABAA Addison Business Aviation Association
AAFARS Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System
AATD Advanced Aviation Training Device
AGATE Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
AGAS Advisory Group on Aviation Security
AAA Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation
AFCAC African Civil Aviation Commission
AAAG Air Atlanta Aviation Group
ABHAN Aircraft Handling Airman, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABFAA Airman Apprentice Fuels, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABAA Airman Apprentice, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Striker
ABEAA Airman Apprentice, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
AEAA Airman Apprentice, Aviation Electrician’s Mate Striker
AZAA Airman Apprentice, Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Striker
AKAA Airman Apprentice, Aviation Storekeeper Striker
ASAA Airman Apprentice, Aviation Support Equipment Technician Striker
ABANDON Airman, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Striker
ABAN Airman, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Striker
ASAN Airman, Aviation Support Equipment Technician Striker
ZP Airship Patrol Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1961)
AAWU Alaskan Aviation Weather Unit
AAC Alberta Aviation Council
AAAA Alliance for Aviation Across America
AARG Allied Aviation Resource Group
AA American Aviation
ASAA American Society of Aviation Artists
AAAS Amphibious Aviation Assault Ship
AAE Amsterdam Aviation Economics
AAES Ansett Aviation Engineering Services
AWAS Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services
APV Approach with Vertical Guidance (aviation)
ABAA Arizona Business Aviation Association
AAAT Army Advanced Aviation Technology
A2ATD Army Aviation Advanced Technology Demonstration
ATCOM Army Aviation and Troop Command
AAAA Army Aviation Association of America
AAB Army Aviation Board
AAC Army Aviation Center
AACFCU Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union
AAE Army Aviation Element
AAFA Army Aviation Flight Activity
AALS Army Aviation Logistics School
AAMP Army Aviation Modernization Plan
AAOD Army Aviation Operating Detachment
AAOS Army Aviation Operations Section
AAPRSO Army Aviation Personnel Requirement for Sustained Operations
AAPM Army Aviation Planning Manual
AAPR Army Aviation Program Review
AASE Army Aviation Support Element
AASF Army Aviation Support Facility
AASPR Army Aviation System Program Review
ARSOA Army Special Operations Aviation
ABAA Asian Business Aviation Association
AAU Associated Aviation Underwriters
AMA Association for Model Aviation
AAME Association of Aviation Medical Examiners
AAO Association of Aviation Ordnancemen
AAP Association of Aviation Psychologists
ANA Association of Naval Aviation
AVA Association of Virtual Aviation
AAVA Atlantic Aviation Virtual Airlines
AEAP Atmospheric Effects of Aviation Project
QFED Atmospheric pressure at Field Elevation (aviation)
QFE Atmospheric pressure at Field Elevation (aviation)
AAGSC Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council
AAA Australian Army Aviation
AAIG Australian Aviation Insurance Group
AFARS Automated Federal Aviation Regulations Subsystem
AVN Aviation
AV Aviation
AESA Aviation & Electronic Schools of America
AES Aviation & Electronics Support Pte. Ltd.
AMSS Aviation & Maintenance Support Systems
AMEA Aviation & Marine Engineers Association
AMS Aviation & Missile Solutions
ATAE Aviation Academy Training Aircraft Engineers for the Aviation Industry
AAD Aviation Accident Database
AAID Aviation Accident Incident Database
AAPC Aviation Accident Prevention Course
AAT Aviation Advisory Team
AFFM Aviation and Forest Fire Management
AMCOM Aviation and Missile Command
ARAIB Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board
ASTA Aviation and Space Technology Academy
ATSA Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001
ATCOM Aviation and Troop Command
AW Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator
AX Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician
AAT Aviation Applied Technology
AATD Aviation Applied Technology Directorate
AA Aviation Archive
FACENTER Aviation Area Forecast Center
AAB Aviation Armament Bulletin
AAC Aviation Armament Change
AAE Aviation Armament Equipment
AAV Aviation Assist Visit
AANH Aviation Association of New Hampshire
ABDU Aviation Battle Dress Uniform
ABMC Aviation Battle Management Concept
ABOM Aviation Bill Of Material
AB Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABM Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABG Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABE Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABF Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABH Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (USN Rating)
ABMA Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Association
ABFC Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Fuels, Chief Petty Officer
ABHM Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Master Chief Petty Officer (US Navy Rating)
AB2 Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Second Class
ABE2 Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Second Class (Naval Rating)
AB3 Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Third Class
AVNBDE Aviation Brigade
AC Aviation Cadet
ACQT Aviation Cadet Qualifying Test
ACIA Aviation Career Incentive Act of 1974
ACIP Aviation Career Incentive Pay
ACLC Aviation Center Logistics Command
ACE Aviation Centre of Excellence
ACER Aviation Certification
ACIO Aviation Certification and Interoperability Office
AC Aviation Challenge
ACCRI Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative
ACA Aviation Club d’Avord
ACF Aviation Club de France
ACDA Aviation Combat Development Agency
ACE Aviation Combat Element
ACE Aviation Combat Element
ACE aviation combat element Marine air-ground task force
ACTB Aviation Combat Test Branch
ACSB Aviation Command Screen Board
ACMM Aviation Common Modular Missile
ACSS Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems
ACMS Aviation Computerized Maintenance System
ACG Aviation Consulting Group, LLC
ACAP Aviation Consumer Action Project
ACPD Aviation Consumer Protection Division
ACP Aviation Continuation Pay
ACPI Aviation Crime Prevention Institute, Inc.
ADA Aviation Data and Analysis
ADTP Aviation Desk Top Procedures
AVDET Aviation Detachment
ADTA Aviation Development Test Activity
ADDS Aviation Digital Data Service
ADEC Aviation Digital Exploitation Capability
ADMA Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association
AD Aviation Division
AE Aviation Electrician’s Mate
AE Aviation Electrician’s Mate
AES Aviation Electronic Systems
AVIONICS Aviation Electronics
AEC Aviation Electronics Combat
AUTOMATIC Aviation Electronics Technician
AT Aviation Electronics Technician
AT Aviation Electronics Technician
AEPS Aviation Employee Placement Service
AED Aviation Engineering Directorate
AFMD Aviation Field Maintenance Directorate
AFSI Aviation Fire & Security International
AFC Aviation Fire Control
AQ Aviation Fire Control Technician
AQB Aviation Fire Control Technician Bomb Director
AFM Aviation Fleet Maintenance
AFF Aviation Flight Facility
AFSO Aviation Fluids Services Officer
AFH Aviation For Humanity
AFM Aviation Forecast Model
AFVP Aviation Forecast Verification Program
AF Aviation Fuel
AFQC Aviation Fuel Quality Control
AFRF Aviation Fuel Receiving Facility
AFWG Aviation Fuel Working Group
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline
AGS Aviation Golf Services
AGFS Aviation Gridded Forecast System
AGS Aviation Ground Support
AGSE Aviation Ground Support Equipment
AGSE Aviation Ground Support System
AGL Aviation Group Leeuwarden
AGF Aviation Guided Flight
AHS Aviation High School
AIV Aviation Impact Variable
AIDS Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome
AERO Aviation Industry
AICC Aviation Industry CBT Committee
AIM Aviation Information Manual
AIOA Aviation Insurance Offices’ Association
AIP Aviation Integrity Project
AVIM Aviation Intermediate Maintenance
AIMD Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Depot
AIC Aviation Interoperability and Commonality
AICP Aviation Inventory Control Point
AIR Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century
ALP Aviation Leadership Program
ALAT Aviation Legere de l’Armee de Terre
ALSE Aviation Life Support Equipment
ALSS Aviation Life Support Specialist
ALSS Aviation Life Support System
ALAT Aviation Logistics Assistance Team
ALCO Aviation Logistics Computer Operator
ALD Aviation Logistics Department
ALD Aviation Logistics Division
ALOC Aviation Logistics Operations Center
T-AVB Aviation Logistics Support Ship – MSC Manned
AD Aviation Machinist Mate
ALITALIA Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
AZURE Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
AZ Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
AZ2 Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Second Class
AMSR Aviation Maintenance and Supply Readiness
AMB Aviation Maintenance Battalion
AMCO Aviation Maintenance Company
AMD Aviation Maintenance Department
AMEN Aviation Maintenance Engineering Analysis System
AME Aviation Maintenance Evaluation
AMI Aviation Maintenance Inspection
AMIDS Aviation Maintenance Integrated Diagnostics System
AMMH Aviation Maintenance Man Hours
AMMIS Aviation Maintenance Management Information System
AMMT Aviation Maintenance Management Team
AMP Aviation Maintenance Professional
AMP Aviation Maintenance Publishers
AMTS Aviation Maintenance Technical School
AMT Aviation Maintenance Technician
AV Aviation Maintenance Technician
AMTS Aviation Maintenance Tracking System
AVMA Aviation Management
ARMENIA Aviation Management
AM Aviation Management
AMAS Aviation Management Accounting System
AMCG Aviation Management Consulting Group
AME Aviation Mechanic Egress
AMDRS Aviation Medical Data Retrieval System
AMD Aviation Medical Division
AME Aviation Medical Examiner
AMO Aviation Medical Officer
ARMENIA Aviation Medicine
AM Aviation Medicine
AVT Aviation Medicine Technician
AME Aviation Metalsmith
AME Aviation Mission Equipment
AMPS Aviation Mission Planning Station
AMPS Aviation Mission Planning System
AMR Aviation Mission Rehearsal
AVN Aviation Model
AMU Aviation Monetary Unit
AMPS Aviation Movement Planning System
AMTS Aviation Multipurpose Training System
AMTS Aviation Multi-Purpose Training System
AMK Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Inc.
ANMP Aviation Networks Mission Planning
ANAP Aviation Noise Abatement Policy
AO Aviation Officer
AOC-2 Aviation Officer Candidate
AOC Aviation Officer Candidate
AOCS Aviation Officer Candidate School
AOD Aviation Officer of the Day
AOB aviation operations branch
AOCE Aviation Operations Center East
AOC-2 Aviation Ordnance Chief
AOC Aviation Ordnance Chief
AOO Aviation Ordnance Officer
AOOCP Aviation Ordnance Officer Career Progression
AO aviation ordnance person
AOSS aviation ordnance safety supervisor
AO Aviation Ordnanceman
AOF Aviation Ordnanceman Fire Control
AOF-2 Aviation Ordnanceman Fire Control
AOT Aviation Ordnanceman Turrets
AOU Aviation Ordnanceman Utility
APMS Aviation Performance Measuring System
APPENDIX Aviation Plans Policy
APP Aviation Plans Policy
API Aviation Preflight Indoctrination
APN Aviation Procurement Navy
ACFT Aviation Procurement, Army
APST Aviation Products and Services Team
APG Aviation Program Group
ANTEROPOSTERIOR Aviation Proponency
AP Aviation Proponency
QFU Aviation Q-code for Magnetic Heading of a Runway
AQT Aviation Qualification Test
AQD Aviation Quality Database
ARE Aviation Readiness Evaluation
ARG Aviation Readiness Group
ARQ Aviation Readiness Qualification
ARMS Aviation Reconfigurable Manned Simulator
ARN Aviation Reference Number
ARCHIVE Aviation Refueling Capability
ARC Aviation Refueling Capability
ARCSA Aviation Requirements for the Combat Structure of the Army
ARCHIVE Aviation Research Centre
ARC Aviation Research Centre
ARL Aviation Research Laboratory
AVROC Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate Program
ARMS Aviation Resource Management Survey
ARMS Aviation Resource Management System
ARM Aviation Resource Manager
ARTS Aviation Resource Training System
ARMS Aviation Resources Management System
AVI Aviation Restructure Initiative
ARI Aviation Restructure Initiative
ARM Aviation Rockets & Missiles
ARF Aviation Route Forecast
ARAC Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ARCC Aviation Rulemaking Cost Committee
ARSENIC Aviation Safety
AUSTRALIA Aviation Safety
ASSIGNED Aviation Safety
AS Aviation Safety
ASAM Aviation Safety Action Message
ASAP Aviation Safety Action Partnership
ASAP Aviation Safety Action Program
ASA Aviation Safety Advisory
ASAP Aviation Safety Analysis Program
ASAS Aviation Safety Analysis Subsystem
ASNA Aviation Safety and Noise Abatement Act of 1979
ASB Aviation Safety Bureau
ASC Aviation Safety Counselors
ASE Aviation Safety Engineer
ASI Aviation Safety Inspector
ASIST Aviation Safety Investment Strategy Team
ASN Aviation Safety Network
ASP Aviation Safety Program
ASR Aviation Safety Recommendation
ASRS Aviation Safety Reporting System
ASG Aviation Security Group
ASIC Aviation Security Identification Card
ASIA Aviation Security Improvement Act of 1990
ASIF Aviation Security Infrastructure Fee
ASTB Aviation Selection Test Battery
ASC Aviation Service Code
ASD Aviation Service Date
ASED Aviation Service Entry Data
ASED Aviation Service Entry Date
ASC Aviation Services Coordinator
AUSTRALIA Aviation Ship
ARSENIC Aviation Ship
ASSIGNED aviation ship
AS aviation ship
ALASKA Aviation Storekeeper
ALASKA Aviation Storekeeper
AK Aviation Storekeeper
AK Aviation Storekeeper
AK1 Aviation Storekeeper First Class
AK2 Aviation Storekeeper Second Class
AK3 Aviation Storekeeper Third Class
AMEC Aviation Structural Mechanic
ARMENIA Aviation Structural Mechanic
AM Aviation Structural Mechanic
AMN Aviation Structural Mechanic (Hydraulics)
AME Aviation Structural Mechanic (Safety Equipment)
AMS Aviation Structural Mechanic (Structures)
AMHC Aviation Structural Mechanic Hydraulics Chief
AMH Aviation Structural Mechanic US Navy Rating
ASA Aviation Supplies & Academics
ASA Aviation Supplies Academics
ASCC Aviation Supply Control Center
ASD Aviation Supply Depot
ASO Aviation Supply Office
ASP Aviation Supply Point
AVS Aviation Supply Ship
ASSAULT Aviation Support and Logistics
ASL Aviation Support and Logistics
ASB Aviation Support Battalion
ASB Aviation Support Branch
ASE Aviation Support Element
ARSENIC Aviation Support Equipment Technician
AUSTRALIA Aviation Support Equipment Technician
ASSIGNED Aviation Support Equipment Technician
ASSIGNED Aviation Support Equipment Technician
AS Aviation Support Equipment Technician
AS Aviation Support Equipment Technician
ASE Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Electrical)
ASM Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Mechanical)
ASSEMBLY Aviation Support Equipment Technician (Mechanical)
AS1 Aviation Support Equipment Technician First Class
AS2 Aviation Support Equipment Technician Second Class
ASF Aviation Support Facility
ASMR Aviation Support Management Report
ASSIGNMENT Aviation Support Ship
ASS Aviation Support Ship
ASE Aviation Survivability Equipment
ASM Aviation Survival Man
ASSEMBLY Aviation Survival Man
AST Aviation Survival Technician
ASTC Aviation Survival Training Center
ASAC Aviation System Analysis Capability
ASCP Aviation System Capacity Plan
AVN Aviation System Standards office
ASTA Aviation System Test Activity
AVS Aviation Systems
ASD Aviation Systems Directorate
ASIF Aviation Systems Integration Facility
ATCS Aviation Tactical Communication Systems
ATF Aviation Task Force
ATIMS Aviation Technical Information Management System
ATS Aviation Technical Services
ATTC Aviation Technical Test Center
ATTC Aviation Technical Training Center
AVN Aviation Technician
ATEC Aviation Technician Education Council
ATG Aviation Technology Group Inc
AVTB Aviation Test Bed
ATB Aviation Test Board
ATD Aviation Test Directorate
ATL Aviation Traders Limited
ATA Aviation Training Association
ATB Aviation Training Board
ATC Aviation Training Center
ATX Aviation Training Exercise
ATAE Aviation Training for Aviation Engineers
ATI Aviation Training Institute
ATIL Aviation Training International Limited
ATR Aviation Training Relocation
ATRS Aviation Training Research Simulator
ATS Aviation Training Ship
ATIC Aviation Transformation Implementation Conference
ATR Aviation Transport Rack
ATCO Aviation Transportation Coordination Office
ATO Aviation Transportation Officer
ATF Aviation Turbine Fuel
ATK Aviation Turbine Kerosene
ATTACK Aviation Turbine Kerosene
AUGA Aviation Union Grand Alliance
AVUM Aviation Unit Maintenance
AVA Aviation Vehicles Association
AVLC Aviation VHF Link Control
AVA Aviation Vibration Analyzer
AWC Aviation Warfare Center
AW Aviation Warfare Systems Operator
AWC Aviation Warfighting Cell
AWSC Aviation Warfighting Simulation Center
AWC Aviation Weather Center
AWDL Aviation Weather Development Laboratory
AWP Aviation Weather Processor
AWPG Aviation Weather Products Generator
AWRS Aviation Weather Reporting Station
AWRP Aviation Weather Research Program
AWWS Aviation Weather Web Site
AWST Aviation Week & Space Technology
AWBS Aviation Work Breakdown Structure
AAC Aviation, Atmosphere and Climate
ACAWU Aviation, Communication and Allied Workers Union
ACORN Aviation, Construction, Ordnance, Repair, Navy
ARAM Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology
ASEM Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine
ASF Aviations Sans Frontières
BAVN Bachelor of Aviation
BAFS Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited
BATD Basic Aviation Training Device
BGARS Basic General Aviation Research Simulator
BAMO Battalion Aviation Maintenance Office
BIAM Beijing Institute of Aviation Medicine
BCAA Belgian Civil Aviation Authority
BDCA Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation
BASA Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
BAAR Board for Aviation Accident Research
BOAC Board of Aviation Commissioners
BCAS Boeing Commercial Aviation Services
BACHELOR Bournemouth Aviation Consultants Ltd
BAC Bournemouth Aviation Consultants Ltd
BAE Brigade Aviation Element
BAMO Brigade Aviation Maintenance Officer
BCAS Brigade Combat Aviation Squadron
BCAD Broward County Aviation Department
BCAS Bureau of Civil Aviation Security
BOCCA Bureau of Coordination for Civil Aviation
BPDA Bureau of Pricing and Domestic Aviation
BCAS Business and Commuter Aviation Systems
BAHRAIN Business Aviation
BA Business Aviation
BAV Business Aviation
BAAAP Business Aviation Airport Access Program
BASA Business Aviation School of Aeronautics
BGA Business General Aviation
BRGA Business, Regional and General Aviation
CASP California Aviation System Plan
CAAC Canadian Association of Aviation Colleges
CAA Canadian Aviation Administration
CAC Canadian Aviation Corps
CAE Canadian Aviation Electronics
CAE Canadian Aviation Expo
CAMC Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
CAR Canadian Aviation Regulation
CASB Canadian Aviation Safety Board
CHAC Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission
CONA Centennial of Naval Aviation
CAASD Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
CAPA Center for Asia Pacific Aviation
CATER Center for Aviation Training at Embry-Riddle
CNATTU Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit
CAA Central Aviation Archive
CEAF Central European Aviation Forum
CIAM Central Institute Aviation Motors
CIAM Central Institute of Aviation Motors
CVAA Central Valley Aviation Association
CAM Centre d’Aviation Météorologique
CAIP Certified Aviation Insurance Professional
CAAS Changi Aviation Authority of Singapore
CNASA Chickasaw Nation Aviation and Space Academy
AXC Chief Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician
AWC Chief Aviation ASW
AWC Chief Aviation ASW Operator
ALPHABET Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABC Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
ABEC Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Naval Rating)
AEC Chief Aviation Electrician’s Mate
ATC Chief Aviation Electronics Technician
ALC Chief Aviation Electronicsman
ADC Chief Aviation Machinist Mate
AZC Chief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
AOC-2 Chief Aviation Ordnanceman
AOC Chief Aviation Ordnanceman
AKC Chief Aviation Storekeeper
ASC Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician
CSAV Chief of Staff Aviation
CHARM Chief, Host Aviation Resource Management
CARES Child Aviation Restraint System
CAO China Aviation Oil Corporation Ltd.
CAOHC China Aviation Oil Holding Company
CCAR China Civil Aviation Regulations
CNAC China National Aviation Corporation
CARM Christian Aviation & Radio Ministry
CNAM City of Norwich Aviation Museum
CA Civil Aviation
CAA Civil Aviation Act
CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAAI Civil Aviation Administration of Israel
CAAV Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam
CAAP Civil Aviation Advisory Publication
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAAB Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
CAAI Civil Aviation Authority of Israel
CAANZ Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
CAAS Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
CAASL Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
CAAV Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam
CAAPS Civil Aviation Authority Pension Scheme
CACAS Civil Aviation Council of Arab States
CAFUC Civil Aviation Flight University of China
CAFU Civil Aviation Flying Unit
CAMA Civil Aviation Medical Association
CAME Civil Aviation Medical Examiner
CAO Civil Aviation Order
CAO Civil Aviation Organisation
CAPC Civil Aviation Planning Committee
CAPACITY Civil Aviation Publication
CAP Civil Aviation Publication
CAR Civil Aviation Regulation
CARC Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission
CARD Civil Aviation Research and Development
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CASR Civil Aviation Safety Regulations
CAS civil aviation security
CAT Civil Aviation Tribunal
CAUC Civil Aviation University Of China
CAB Combat Aviation Brigade
CATB Combat Aviation Training Brigade
CSAB Combat Support Aviation Battalion
CSAC Combat Support Aviation Company
CAAS Combined Artillery/Aviation Simulator
CAC Command Aviation Company
CA Commercial Aviation
CAR Commercial Aviation Report
CAST Commercial Aviation Safety Team
CAS-SPO Commercial Aviation Systems-Sensor Products Operation
CBAAC Commercial Business and Aviation Advisory Circular
CLAAC Commission latino-américaine de l’aviation civile
CAEP Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection
CIASS Committee on International Aviation Safety and Security
CAAS Common Aviation Architecture System
CAM Common Aviation Maintenance
CAWS Common Aviation Weather Subsystem
CAPP Community Aviation Partnering Program
CAA Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation
CASMP Company Aviation Safety Management Program
CEAC Conference Europeenne de l’Aviation Civile
COSPA Consolidated Storm Prediction for Aviation
CAVN Corps Aviation
CAB Corps Aviation Brigade
CAC Corps Aviation Company
CASSD Corps Aviation Safety & Standardization Detachment
CAA Council on Aviation Accreditation
CAS Covenant Aviation Security
CAM Cradle of Aviation Museum
CNAC Customs National Aviation Center
DCAA Danish Civil Aviation Administration
DAAV Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park
DARA Defence Aviation Repair Agency
DOA Department of Aviation
DAST Department of Aviation Systems Training
DCA Department of Civil Aviation
DAMO-FDV Department of the Army Military Operations – Force Development Aviation
DAME Designated Aviation Medical Examiner
DKA Diethelm Keller Aviation
DSAS Direct Support Aviation Section
DAC Direction de l’Aviation Civile
DACN Direction de l’Aviation Civile Nord
DSAC Direction de la Securite de l’Aviation Civile
DGAC Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile
DGCA Director General – Civil Aviation
DGCA Director General of Civil Aviation
DCA Director of Civil Aviation
DGCA Directorate General of Civil Aviation
DAVN Division Aviation
DAC Division Aviation Company
DAO Division Aviation Officer
DASB Division Aviation Support Battalion
DLAHF Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation
DAA Downing Aviation Associates
DCAA Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
DHAS Dutch Historic Aviation Sites
EAATS Eastern ARNG Aviation Training Site
ENAC École de l’Aviation Civile
ENAC Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile
ECAA Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority
EAC Emirates Aviation College
EAMC Engineer Aviation Maintenance Company
EALA Escadrilles d’Aviation Légères d’Appui
ECAA Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority
EGIS EUROCONTROL Guidelines for Implementation Support (aviation)
EAFAS European Academy for Aviation Safety
EAAC European Aviation Air Charter
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EASO European Aviation Suppliers Organisation
EBAA European Business Aviation Association
ECAD European Center for Aviation Development
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
ECAR European Civil Aviation Requirement
ECAA European Common Aviation Area
EAI Experimental Aviation Inc.
APO FAA Aviation Policy and Plans Office
FEAT Fast Expeditionary Aviation Transport
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAST Federal Aviation Administration Acquisition System Toolsets
FAAAC Federal Aviation Administration Aeronautical Center
FAAA Federal Aviation Administration Authorization
FAAH Federal Aviation Administration Handbook
FAALC Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center
FAAMA Federal Aviation Administration Managers Association
FAAO Federal Aviation Administration Order
FAAR Federal Aviation Administration Requirement
FAATC Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center
FAA Federal Aviation Agency
FAME Federal Aviation Medical Examiners
FARSI Federal Aviation Regulation
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation
FAS Federal Aviation Service
FMA Federal Ministry of Aviation
FOCA Federal Office for Civil Aviation
VODAFONE Fighting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1922 to 1948)
VF Fighting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1922 to 1948)
FAWA Fiji Aviation Workers Association
FCAA Finnish Civil Aviation Administration
FAM Fire and Aviation Management
FONA Flag Officer Naval Aviation
FONAES Flag Officer Naval Aviation
FAAA Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance
FASP Florida Aviation System Plan
FSAACA Florida Sport Aviation Antique and Classic Association
FACE Forward Aviation Combat Engineering
FOARC Fractional Ownership Aviation Rulemaking Committee
FA Frontal Aviation
FAST Future Aviation Safety Team
GAVTC Galena Aviation Vocational Technical Center
GAS Gatewick Aviation Services
GACA General Authority of Civil Aviation
GA General Aviation
GAAC General Aviation Advisory Circulars
GAAP General Aviation Aerodrome Procedures
GAATA General Aviation and Air Taxi Activity
GAAC General Aviation Awareness Campaign
GAAC General Aviation Awareness Council
GAC General Aviation Commission
GADO General Aviation District Office
GAMA General Aviation Manufacturers Association
GAMET General Aviation Meteorological Information
GAMI General Aviation Modifications, Inc.
GAP General Aviation Propulsion
GARA General Aviation Revitalization Act
GASC General Aviation Support Center
GASP General Aviation Synthesis Program
GAT General Aviation Terminal
GAT General Aviation Transportation
GDCA General Department of Civil Aviation
GDCA General Directorate for Civil Aviation
GDAS General Dynamics Aviation Services
GSAB General Support Aviation Battalion
GBAA German Business Aviation Association eV
GABI Global Aviation Business Intelligence
GALA Global Aviation Leadership Award
GMAA Greater Miami Aviation Association
GWBAA Greater Washington Business Aviation Association
GATA Groundstaff Aviation Technics and Administration
GAIC Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation
GCAS Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies
HACS Hawaii Aviation Contract Services
VP-HL Heavy Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
HAA Hellenic Army Aviation
HAMM Historical Aviation Memorial Museum
HARM Host Aviation Resource Management
HVA Hunter Valley Aviation
ICAA Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration
IAAA Idaho Agricultural Aviation Association
IBACP Independent Business Aviation Contract Professionals
ICARUS Independent Confidential Aviation Reporting System
IAM Institute of Aviation Medicine
ITA Institute of Transport Aviation
ICAP Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy
ICIAP Interagency Committee on International Aviation Policy
IAASM International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine
IACAC International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains
IAMA International Association of Missionary Aviation
IATA International Aviation and Travel Academy
IAC International Aviation Consultants
IACO International Aviation Consulting
IADC International Aviation Development Corporation
IBA International Bureau of Aviation
ISOBUTANOL International Bureau of Aviation
ICAA International Civil Aviation Authority
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAU International Civil Aviation University
ICASS International Confidential Aviation Safety Systems
IFAR International Forum for Aviation Research
IPAR International Police Aviation Research
ISAP International Society for Aviation Photography
IVAO International Virtual Aviation Organization
ICASP Interregional California Aviation System Plan
ITAC Introduction to Aviation Course
IAGA Israeli Association of General Aviation
JAE Japan Aviation Electronics Ltd
JBAA Japan Business Aviation Association
JCAB Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities
JAM Joint Aviation Model
JAR Joint Aviation Regulation
JAR Joint Aviation Requirements
JATDI Joint Aviation Technical Data Integration
JAU Joint Aviation Unit
JSASC Joint Services Aviation Safety Conference
JAAER Journal of Aviation Aerospace Education and Research
KAAA Kansas Agricultural Aviation Association
LACAC Latin American Civil Aviation Commission
LAAHS Latin-American Aviation Historical Society
LEAS Leading Edge Aviation Service
LAWRS Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station
LAMP Localized Aviation MOS Program
LRA Long-Range Aviation
LORATS Long-Range Aviation Training Support
MACINTOSH Mainland Aviation College
MAC Mainland Aviation College
MCAR Malaysian Civil Aviation Regulation
MAS Malta Aviation Society
MAD Marine Aviation Detachment
MLAS Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MALSEK Marine Aviation Logistics Support Element Kaneohe
MALSP Marine Aviation Logistics Support Package
MALSP Marine Aviation Logistics Support Plan
MAWTS Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron
MAWTS-1 Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One
MCAA Marine Corps Aviation Association
MAT Marine, Aviation, and Transport
MHASS Martlesham Heath Aviation Society
ABECM Master Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Naval Rating)
AECM Master Chief Aviation Electrician’s Mate
AOCM Master Chief Aviation Ordnanceman
AKCM Master Chief Aviation Storekeeper
ASCM Master Chief Aviation Support Equipment Technician
MBAC Member of the British Association of Aviation Consultants
XJ Mesaba Aviation
METARS Meteorological Aviation Report
METAR Meteorological Aviation Report
METARS Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report
METAR Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report
MDAD Miami-Dade Aviation Department
MIA Miami-Dade Aviation Department
MAHF Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame
MIAT Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
MAAM Mid-Atlantic Aviation Museum
MEBA Middle East Business Aviation
MWA Midwest Aviation, Inc.
MAA Military Aviation Authority
MANAGEMENT Military Aviation Notice
MANEUVER Military Aviation Notice
MAN Military Aviation Notice
MAR Military Aviation Review
MOCA Ministry of Civil Aviation
MCA Ministry of Civil Aviation
MOCTCA Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
MODA Ministry Of Defense and Aviation
MTCA Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
MAF Mission Aviation Fellowship
MAV Model Aviation
MAAC Model Aviation Association of Canada
MCAR Model Civil Aviation Regulations
MAI Moscow Aviation Institute
MSTUCA Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation
NAAA National Agricultural Aviation Association
NASAO National Association of State Aviation Officials
NAAC National Aviation Associations Coalition
NAA National Aviation Authority
NACIL National Aviation Company of India Ltd.
NAHA National Aviation Heritage Area
NASF National Aviation Safety Foundation
NAWAC National Aviation Weather Advisory Committee
NAWAU National Aviation Weather Advisory Unit
NAWPF National Aviation Weather Processing Facility
NCAA National Civil Aviation Authority
NCASC National Civil Aviation Security Committee
NCAE National Coalition for Aviation Education
NIAR National Institute for Aviation Research
NIAT National Institute of Aviation Technologies
NIAC National Interagency Aviation Council
NMAM National Model Aviation Museum
NCAA NATO Civil Aviation Agency
NCAB NATO Civil Aviation Board
NNAP NAVAIR Naval Aviation Plan
NAVCAD Naval Aviation Cadet
NACP Naval Aviation Community Partners
NAD Naval Aviation Depot
NADOC Naval Aviation Depot Operation Center
NAE Naval Aviation Enterprise
NAF Naval Aviation Foundation
NALE Naval Aviation Liaison Element
NALC Naval Aviation Logistics Center
NALC Naval Aviation Logistics Command
NALCOMIS Naval Aviation Logistics Command/Management Information System
NALISS Naval Aviation Logistics Information Support System
NAVAVMUSEUM Naval Aviation Museum
NAO Naval Aviation Observer
NASP Naval Aviation Safety Program
NASC Naval Aviation Schools Command
NASD Naval Aviation Supply Depot
NASTP Naval Aviation Survival Training Program
NAP Naval Aviation/Air Plan
NJA NetJets Aviation, Inc.
NATS New Aviation Tool Set
NOAB New Orleans Aviation Board
NAA Newcastle Aviation Academy
NFMA Nigeria Federal Ministry of Aviation
NCAA Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
NCAT Nigerian College of Aviation Technology
NDAD Non-Deepwater Aviation Demands
NAA North American Aviation
NAAT North American Aviation Trilateral
NCAM North Carolina Aviation Museum
NEAM North East Aviation Museum
NTBAA North Texas Business Aviation Association
NNA Northern Nevada Aviation
NRAIT Northrop Rice Aviation Institute of Technology
NWAC Northwest Aviation Center
OFAC Office Federal de l’Aviation Civile
AAM Office of Aviation Medicine
OMAO Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
OAS Oman Aviation Services
WY Oman Aviation Services Co
OAD Operational Aviation Detachment
OACI Organisation de l’Aviation Civile Internationale
OAT Oxford Aviation Training
PACTEC Partners in Aviation and Communications Technology, International
VP-P Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
VPP Patrol Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1946 to 1948)
PAGI Pemco Aviation Group, Inc.
PARC Performance-based Operations Aviation Rulemaking Committee
PCATD Personal Computer-Based Aviation Training Device
PEA Phoenix East Aviation
VAP Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1971)
VFP Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1987)
PACU Piedmont Aviation Credit Union
PSAS PrivateSky Aviation Services, Inc.
PWA Prodigal Wings Aviation
PAMA Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
PAMF Professional Aviation Maintenance Foundation
PAMO Professional Aviation Maintenance Officer
PASP Project Aviation Safety Plan
PLAR Przeglad Lotniczy Aviation Revue
RAAS Raytheon Airline Aviation Services LLC
RAPTR Redstone Aviation Propulsion Test and Research Facility
RAVN Regimental Aviation
RAS Regimental Aviation Squadron
RCAS Regimental Combat Aviation Squadron
RAMO Regional Aviation Medical Officer
RAO Regional Aviation Officer
RASM Regional Aviation Sustainment Manager
RAAS Remote Access Aviation System
RAC Republic Aviation Corporation
RTCA Requirements and Technical Concepts for Aviation
RAF Research Aviation Facility
RCAA Romanian Civil Aviation Authority
RASA Russian Aviation and Space Agency
RAM Russian Aviation Museum
SAY San Francisco Aviation for Youth
SAFE Sane Aviation for Everyone, Inc.
SAI Scaled Aviation Industries Limited
SAM School of Aviation Medicine
SMAT School of Missionary Aviation Training
SAL Scottish Aviation Limited
SWA Sea World Aviation
AXCS Senior Chief Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician
ABCS Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
AECS Senior Chief Aviation Electrician’s Mate
ATCS Senior Chief Aviation Electronics Technican
AOCS Senior Chief Aviation Ordnanceman
AKCS Senior Chief Aviation Storekeeper
SLAR Senior Logistics Aviation Representative
SALR Senior Logistics Aviation Representative
STAC Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile
SAIT Ship Aviation Integration Team
SAFR Shipboard Aviation Fuels Refresher
SAMSSF Shipboard Aviation Maintenance Space and Support Facilities
STRATA Simulator Training Research Advanced Testbed for Aviation
SAA Singapore Aviation Academy
SAFE Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
SACAA South African Civil Aviation Authority
SAVAS South African Virtual Aviation Services
SWCAAC South West Civil Aviation Administration of China
APVO Soviet Air Defense Aviation
SNA Soviet Naval Aviation
SCAB Special Combat Aviation Battalion
SOAB Special Operation Aviation Brigade
SOA Special Operations Aviation
SOAR Special Operations Aviation Regiment
SOATC Special Operations Aviation Training Company
SOAR Special Outreach with Aviation Resources
SWAD Special Warfare Aviation Detachment
SARM Squadron Aviation Resource Management
SASCO ST Aviation Services Co.
STEAM Standard Towing Equipment for Aviation Maintenance
SAA Stanford Aviation Association
SLAP State and Local Aviation Planning
SAAO State Army Aviation Officer
SAAQ State Aviation Activities Questionnaire
SASO State Aviation Safety Officer
SASI Supervisory Aviation Safety Inspector
SASS Supplemental Aviation Spares Support
SAWR Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting
SAWRS Supplementary Aviation Weather Reporting Station
SMART Supply Maintenance Aviation Re-Engineering Team
SACRIFICE Support Aviation Company
SAC Support Aviation Company
SACRIFICE Surface Aviation Conference
SAC Surface Aviation Conference
SAIL Surface/Aviation Interoperability Laboratory
STAARS Sustainment Training for Army Aviation Readiness Simulation
SCAA Swedish Civil Aviation Authority
SNAC Syndicat National de l’Aviation Civile
TAC Tactical Aviation Center
TACT Tactical Aviation Control Team
TAMB Tactical Aviation Maintenance Battalion
TAMPS Tactical Aviation Mission Planning System
TASP Tactical Aviation Sea-based Platform
TGAT Thai General Aviation Technology
TAMMS-A The Army Maintenance Management System – Aviation
TAG The Aviation Group
TEAM The Naval Aviation Systems Team
VS1G The one-G stall speed at which the airplane can develop a lift force equal to its weight (aviation)
TAB Theater Aviation Battalion
TAB Theater Aviation Brigade
TAC Theater Aviation Company
TAMP Theater Aviation Maintenance Program
TASM Theater Aviation Single Manager
TDA Theater Defense Aviation
TAS Total Aviation Squadron
TAP Transition Aviation Project
TCA Transport Canada Aviation
TAAM Transportation Army Aviation Maintenance
TCAAFSO Transportation Corps Army Aviation Field Service Office
TAC Tribunal de l’Aviation Civile du Canada
TAMU Tropical Aviation Meteorological Unit
UCAA Uganda Civil Aviation Authority
UAO Unit Aviation Officer
AFSAM United States Air Force School of Aviation Medicine
USAAVNBD United States Army Aviation Board
USAAVNC United States Army Aviation Center
USAAVNDTA United States Army Aviation Development Test Activity
USAAVLABS United States Army Aviation Materiel Laboratories
AMMC United States Army Aviation Materiel Management Center
USAASC United States Army Aviation Systems Command
USAAVSCOM United States Army Aviation Systems Command
USAIG United States Aviation Insurance Group
USAU United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc
USNATTC United States Naval Aviation Technical Training Center
UJA Universal Jet Aviation
UWA Universal Weather and Aviation Inc.
UAA University Aviation Association
UAA University of Aviation Association
VASI Venice Aviation Society, Inc.
VAAA Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association
WLAG West London Aviation Group
WAI Westcor Aviation, Inc.
WAATS Western Area Aviation Training Site
WAATS Western ARNG Aviation Training Site
WCAM Western Canada Aviation Museum
WEA White Eagle Aviation SA
WAHF Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame
WATA Wisconsin Aviation Trades Association
WDA Women Dispatchers in Aviation
WAI Women in Aviation, International
WIAI Women In Aviation, International
WCA Women in Corporate Aviation
WAFS World Aviation Forecast System
WALC Worldwide Aviation Logistics Conference
YIA Youth in Aviation