Canadian Abbreviations

The term Canadian refers to someone with Canadian nationality; someone who belongs to the Canadian people; someone who is from Canada; resident of Canada.


List of Acronyms Related to Canadian

ACCOUNT Academy Of Canadian Cinema And Television
ACCOUNTANT Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
ACCT Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
AACI Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute
ACPR Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency
ACCEPT Accupril Canadian Clinical Evaluation and Patient Teaching
ACYO Afghan Canadian Youth Organization
ACPO Afghan-Canadian Professionals of Ontario
ACAA African Canadian Achievement Award
ACCES African Canadian Continuing Education Society
ACHA African Canadian Heritage Association
ACISA African Canadian Immigrant Settlement Association
ACLC African Canadian Legal Clinic
ACDAS African-Canadian Dramatic Arts Society
ACCA Afro-Canadian Caribbean Association
ACDC All Canadian Doukhobor Choir
ACDS All Canadian Driving School
ACISS All Canadian Inspection & Safety Services
ACIC All Canadian Investment Corporation
ACNMP Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects
ACCOUNT Alliance For Commercialization Of Canadian Technology
ACCOUNTANT Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology
ACCT Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology
AEBC Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians
ACTRA Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists
ACSA Alliance of Canadian Societies of Art
ACTA Alliance of Canadian Travel Associations
ACCL American Canadian Caribbean Line
ABCA American, British, Canadian, and Australian
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies’ Standardization Program
ABCA American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Armies’ Program
ALPHABET American-British-Canadian
ABC American-British-Canadian
ACCO Asian Canadian Cultural Organization
ACLA Asian Canadian Labour Alliance
AICB Associate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers
AEIC Association des Étudiant s Infirmiers(ières) du Canada (Canadian Nursing Student’s Association)
ACS Association for Canadian Studies
ACTR Association for Canadian Theatre Research
AJCS Association for Jewish Canadian Studies
AECB Association for the Export of Canadian Books
AACI Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel
ACA Association of Canadian Archivists
ACCUO Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons
ACCC Association of Canadian Community Colleges
ACCTI Association of Canadian Corporations in Translation and Interpretation
ACD Association of Canadian Distillers
ACE Association of Canadian Ergonomists
ACFD Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry
ACFC Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople
ACFC Association of Canadian Financial Corporations
ACFO Association of Canadian Financial Officers
ACMLA Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Association
ACMC Association of Canadian Medical Colleges
ACMG Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
ACO Association of Canadian Orchestras
ACPM Association of Canadian Pension Management
ACPA Association of Canadian Port Authorities
ACPPI Association of Canadian Public Polytechnic Institutes
ACP Association of Canadian Publishers
ACRSP Association of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
ACSKG Association of Canadian Sea Kayak Guides
ACSN Association of Canadian Studies in the Netherlands
ACTH Association of Canadian Teaching Hospitals
ACTA Association of Canadian Travel Agents
ACURA Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy
ACUP Association of Canadian University Presses
ACCE Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs
ACCP Association of Chinese Canadian Professionals
AKCSE Association of Korean Canadian Scientists and Engineers
AACC Authentic Artisanal Canadian Cheese
BCMI Best Canadian Motor Inns
BMC Bibliotheca Medica Canadiana
BCSF Black Canadian Scholarship Fund
BACS British Association for Canadian Studies
BCRM British-Canadian Recruiting Mission
BCA Bureau of Canadian Archivists
CNDN Canadian
CONTROL Canadian
COMPUTE Canadian
CHARLIE Canadian
C Canadian
CAF Canadian Abilities Foundation
CAAN Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
CAAP Canadian Aboriginal Association Plan
CAMCO Canadian Aboriginal Media Co-operative
CAAA Canadian Academic Accounting Association
CAEL Canadian Academic English Language
CAQL Canadian Academic Quiz League
CACB Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
CAMT Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy
CAPDA Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment
CASM Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine
CAIB Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker
CAAMP Canadian Acid Aerosol Measurement Program
CAA Canadian Acoustical Association
CAPACITY Canadian Action Party
CAP Canadian Action Party
CARDS Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund in Saskatchewan
CACCF Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation
CAVR Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources
CAAT Canadian Adult Achievement Test
CACH Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network
CARHA Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association
CADI Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde
CAMSI Canadian Advanced Medical Services International
CATA Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
CATA Canadian Advanced Technology Association
CAUC Canadian Adventist University College
CADRIS Canadian Adverse Drug Reaction Information System
CARN Canadian Adverse Reaction Newsletter
CAAB Canadian Advertising Advisory Board
CASA Canadian Advertising and Sales Association
CAC Canadian Advisory Committee
CAGJES Canadian Advisory Group on Joint Electrical Safety Committee
CAFTA Canadian Advocates for Tax Awareness
CAFT Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test
CASJ Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal
CAS Canadian Aerophilatelic Society
CAIB Canadian Aerosol Information Bureau
CATW Canadian Aerospace and Transportation Workers
CAVR Canadian Agreement on Vehicle Registration
CAES Canadian Agricultural Economics Society
CAHRC Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
CAIS Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization
CAIS Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization Program
CAIS Canadian Agricultural Income Support
CASA Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
CASW Canadian Agricultural Safety Week
CAFI Canadian Agriculture and Food International
CAL Canadian Agriculture Library
CASS Canadian Agriculture Skills Service
CARC Canadian Agri-Food Research Council
CAFTA Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance
CASP Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership
CAS Canadian AIDS Society
CATIE Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange
CADS Canadian Air Defence Sector
CADIZ Canadian Air Defense Identification Zone
CAF Canadian Air Force
CAQI Canadian Air Quality Index
CATSA Canadian Air Transport Security Act of 2002
CATSA Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
CAR Canadian Airborne Regiment
CAF Canadian Airgun Forum
COPILOT Canadian Airlines
CP Canadian Airlines
CASS Canadian Airport Security System
CAC Canadian Airports Council
CASP Canadian Airspace Systems Plan
CABE Canadian Alliance of Black Educators
CADA Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists
CAFO Canadian Alliance of Franchise Operators
CAPR Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators
CAPLA Canadian Alliance of Pipeline Landowners Associations
CASA Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
CAPACITY Canadian Alliance Party
CA Canadian Alliance party
CAP Canadian Alliance Party
CABA Canadian Alpaca Breeders Association
CABA Canadian Amateur Boxing Association
CABA Canadian Amateur Brewers Association
CADA Canadian Amateur Dancesport Association
CADA Canadian Amateur Diving Association
CAHL Canadian Amateur Hockey League
CAMMAC Canadian Amateur Musicians Musiciens Amateurs du Canada
CARA Canadian Amateur Racing Association
CARF Canadian Amateur Radio Federation
CASA Canadian Amateur Swimming Association
CAMRA Canadian American Modified Racing Association
CAPRA Canadian American Paper Research Associates
CAPA Canadian American Pudelpointer Association
CASR Canadian American Strategic Review
CATS Canadian American Ticlopidine Study
CATS Canadian American Transportation Systems
CANRC Canadian and American Reformed Churches
CIE Canadian and International Education
CAS Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society
CACS Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat
CAHI Canadian Animal Health Institute
CAPA Canadian Animation Producers Association
CAPS Canadian Annual Procurement Strategy
CADA Canadian Antique Dealers Association
CAERS Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society
CAROL Canadian Apartments for Rent Online
CATIP Canadian Apparel and Textile Industries Program
CAIMS Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society
CAMQ Canadian Applied Math Quarterly
CAIA Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
CABIN Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network
CAF Canadian Arab Federation
CAHR Canadian Arabian Horse Registry
CACB Canadian Architectural Certification Board
CAC Canadian Architecture Collection
CAIN Canadian Archival Information Network
CARC Canadian Arctic Resources Committee
CASES Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study
CARDE Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment
CANFORCE Canadian Armed Force
CAF Canadian Armed Forces
CAG Canadian Art Group
CAMDO Canadian Art Museum Directors’ Organization
CATA Canadian Art Therapy Association
CAN Canadian Arthritis Network
CARC Canadian Artificial Reef Consulting
CAN Canadian Artists Network
CASBY Canadian Artists Selected By You
CARO Canadian Artists’ Representation Ontario
CSLI Canadian as a Second Language Institute
CAAE Canadian Association for Adult Education
CACPT Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy
CACC Canadian Association for Community Care
CACL Canadian Association for Community Living
CACLER Canadian Association for Community Living
CAC Canadian Association for Conservation
CADS Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing
CADED Canadian Association for Distance Education
CADE Canadian Association for Distance Education
CAEE Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering
CAGS Canadian Association for Graduate Studies
CAHR Canadian Association for Healthcare Reimbursement
CAHT Canadian Association for Humane Trapping
CAIS Canadian Association for Information Science
CAID Canadian Association for Information Science
CAIS Canadian Association for Interoperable Systems
CAIS Canadian Association for Irish Studies
CALA Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation
CALAS Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science
CALS Canadian Association for Leisure Studies
CAMH Canadian Association for Mental Health
CAMT Canadian Association for Music Therapy
CAN Canadian Association for Neuroscience
CANR Canadian Association for Nursing Research
CAPS Canadian Association for People Who Stutter
CAPA Canadian Association for Photographic Art
CAPA Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology
CAPE Canadian Association for Physicians for the Environment
CAPT Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics
CAPLA Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment
CAPO Canadian Association for Prosthetics and Orthotics
CAPAN Canadian Association for Public Alerting and Notification
CASM Canadian Association for Safe Motorcycling
CASD Canadian Association for Self Defence
CASE Canadian Association for Sound Ecology
CASP Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
CAAMA Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts
CAAWS Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity
CAAWS Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity
CANMOT Canadian Association for the Management of Technology
CAUCE Canadian Association for University Continuing Education
CAVEWA Canadian Association for Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment
CAAMP Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals
CAAA Canadian Association of Advertising Agencies
CAAS Canadian Association of African Studies
CAAMA Canadian Association of Ancient and Medieval Archery
CAAC Canadian Association of Aviation Colleges
CABO Canadian Association of Basketball Officials
CABA Canadian Association of Body Arts
CAB Canadian Association of Broadcasters
CABE Canadian Association of Business Economists
CABI Canadian Association of Business Incubation
CACPT Canadian Association of Cardio-Pulmonary Technologists
CACEE Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers
CACPT Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians
CACD Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors
CACP Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
CACSD Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development
CACS Canadian Association of Computer Science
CACCN Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses
CACS Canadian Association of Cultural Studies
CACS Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies
CADSI Canadian Association of Defence & Security Industries
CASDI Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
CADC Canadian Association of Diving Contractors
CAEDHH Canadian Association of Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
CAEP Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians
CAEM Canadian Association of Exposition Managers
CAFE Canadian Association of Fairs & Expositions
CAFE Canadian Association of Family Enterprises
CAFP Canadian Association of Financial Planners
CAFAD Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans
CAFC Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs
CAFE Canadian Association of Fish Exporters
CAG Canadian Association of Gastroenterology
CAG Canadian Association of Geographers
CAHI Canadian Association of Home Inspectors
CAIF Canadian Association of Income Funds
CAITI Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors
CAIP Canadian Association of Internet Providers
CAIR Canadian Association of Interns and Residents
CAIC Canadian Association of Interventional Cardiology
CAJ Canadian Association of Journalists
CALL Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers
CALM Canadian Association of Labour Media
CALL Canadian Association of Law Libraries
CALT Canadian Association of Law Teachers
CALE Canadian Association of Literacy Educators
CALM Canadian Association of Logistics Management
CAMC Canadian Association of Management Consultants
CAMSI Canadian Association of Medical Students and Interns
CAMTA Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad
CAMF Canadian Association of Metal Finishers
CAMPE Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators
CAM Canadian Association of Movers
CAMA Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators
CANM Canadian Association of Neurophysiological Monitoring
CANN Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses
CANSI Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors
CANM Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine
CAND Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers
CANO Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology
CAOT Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
CAODC Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors
CAO Canadian Association of Optometrists
CAO Canadian Association of Orthodontists
CAOM Canadian Association of Orthopaedic Medicine
CAPS Canadian Association of Paediatric Surgeons
CAPACITY Canadian Association of Palynologists
CAP Canadian Association of Palynologists
CAPSS Canadian Association of Parliamentary Support Services
CAPACITY Canadian Association of Pathologists
CAP Canadian Association of Pathologists
CAPLA Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration
CAPP Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
CAPPA Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting
CAPRA Canadian Association of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
CAPT Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians
CAPDA Canadian Association of Physical Damage Appraisers
CAPMR Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
CAPACITY Canadian Association of Physicists
CAP Canadian Association of Physicists
CAPT Canadian Association of Piano Technicians
CAPSS Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services
CAPP Canadian Association of Pre-Retirement Planners
CAPACITY Canadian Association of Principals
CAP Canadian Association of Principals
CAPC Canadian Association of Professional Conservators
CAPE Canadian Association of Professional Employees
CAPPDT Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
CAPPT Canadian Association of Professional Pet Trainers
CAPRA Canadian Association of Professional Regulatory Affairs
CAPS Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
CAPPA Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration
CAPCA Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies
CAPCJ Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges
CAPO Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology
CARO Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologists
CAR Canadian Association of Radiologists
CARM Canadian Association of Railway Modellers
CARS Canadian Association of Rally Sport
CARI Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
CARL Canadian Association of Research Libraries
CARP Canadian Association of Retired Persons
CARSP Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals
CAR Canadian Association of Rocketry
CARM Canadian Association of Rural Manitoba
CASA Canadian Association of School Administrators
CASAC Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres
CASAW Canadian Association of Smelter and Allied Workers
CASW Canadian Association of Social Workers
CASF Canadian Association of Specialty Foods
CASPR Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters
CAD Canadian Association of the Deaf
CATC Canadian Association of Therapeutic Clowns
CATO Canadian Association of Tour Operators
CAT Canadian Association of Transplantation
CAUBO Canadian Association of University Business Officers
CAUT Canadian Association of University Teachers
CAVP Canadian Association of VOIP Providers
CAWMC Canadian Association of Wooden Money Collectors
CAWC Canadian Association of Wound Care
CAZA Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums
CAG Canadian Association on Gerontology
CAPSULS Canadian Astronaut Program Space Unit Life Simulation
CADC Canadian Astronomy Data Centre
CASP Canadian Atlantic Storms Program
CAVCO Canadian Audio Visual Certification Office
CANOPUS Canadian Auroral Network for the Open Unified Study
CACC Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce
CAA Canadian Authors Association
CAPTIN Canadian Auto Parts Toyota Incorporated
CAW Canadian Auto Workers
CAPSS Canadian Automated Pilot Selection System
CAMA Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association
CASTOR Canadian Automatic Small Telescopes for Orbital Research
CAA Canadian Automobile Association
CADA Canadian Automobile Dealers Association
CASC Canadian Automobile Sports Club
CAI Canadian Automotive Institute
CAPC Canadian Automotive Partnership Council
CARS Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
CARS Canadian Automotive Rescue Society
CAW Canadian Autoworkers Union
CATS Canadian Auxiliary Territorial Services
CARDA Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association
CAA Canadian Aviation Administration
CAC Canadian Aviation Corps
CAE Canadian Aviation Electronics
CAE Canadian Aviation Expo
CAMC Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
CAR Canadian Aviation Regulation
CASB Canadian Aviation Safety Board
CBSA Canadian Babyfoot Soccer Association
CBI Canadian Back Institute
CBSN Canadian Bacterial Surveillance Network
CBHA Canadian Ball Hockey Association
CBN Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd
CBC Canadian Bank of Commerce
CBA Canadian Bankers Association
CBO Canadian Banking Ombudsman
CBUC Canadian Banner Users Conference
CBA Canadian Bar Association
CBL Canadian Baseball League
CECD Canadian Based Economic Development Board
CBBC Canadian Beef Breeds Council
CBRH Canadian Beef Reference Herd
CBBA Canadian Belgian Blue Association
CBTA Canadian Bharathanatyam Teachers Association
CBC Canadian Bible College
CBS Canadian Bible Society
CBSA Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association
CBDT Canadian Binge Drinking Team
CBS Canadian Biochemical Society
CBIN Canadian Biodiversity Information Network
CBS Canadian Bioethics Society
CBR Canadian Bioinformatics Resource
CBRN Canadian Biosphere Research Network
CBRA Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association
CBACS Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee
CBS Canadian Biotechnology Strategy
CBDB Canadian Birth Data Base
CBA Canadian Bison Association
CBW Canadian Black Watch
CBSA Canadian Blind Sports Association
CBS Canadian Blood Services
CBMU Canadian Board of Marine Underwriters
CBRS Canadian Bond Rating Service
CBCL Canadian Bonded Credits Limited
CBEC Canadian Book Exchange Centre
CBMA Canadian Book Manufacturers’ Association
CBRA Canadian Book Review Annual
CBA Canadian Bookkeepers Association
CBA Canadian Booksellers’ Association
CBIC Canadian Border Intelligence Center
CBC Canadian Born Chinese
CBCD Canadian Born Confused Desi
CBA Canadian Botanical Association
CBCN Canadian Botanical Conservation Network
CBLF Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation
CBANHC Canadian Brain and Nerve Health Coalition
CBCF Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
CBCI Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative
CBCN Canadian Breast Cancer Network
CBCRI Canadian Breast Cancer Research Initiative
CBF Canadian Bridge Federation
CBG Canadian Brigade Group
CBDA Canadian Broadcast Distribution Association
CBSC Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
CBRA Canadian Broadcasters Rights Agency
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBRT Canadian Brotherhood of Railway, Transport and General Workers
CBMA Canadian Brush Manufacturers Association
CBQ Canadian Builders Quarterly
CBBA Canadian Bulgarian Business Alliance
CBINA Canadian Bureau of Investigations and Adjustments
CBSA Canadian Burn Survivors Association
CBA Canadian Bus Association
CBP Canadian Bush Party
CBAA Canadian Business Aircraft Association
CBAR Canadian Business Association in Russia
CBCA Canadian Business Corporations Act
CBFA Canadian Business Forms Association
CBHM Canadian Business Health Management
CBP Canadian Business Patterns
CBP Canadian Business Press
CBR Canadian Business Resource
CBTA Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance
CBTA Canadian Business Travel Association
CBTA Canadian Business Travellers Association
CBVA Canadian Business Valuators Association
CCSA Canadian Cable System Alliance, Inc.
CCTA Canadian Cable Television Association
CCO Canadian Cadet Organizations
CCA Canadian Camping Association
CCRA Canadian Cancer Research Alliance
CCS Canadian Cancer Society
CCSRI Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute
CCGA Canadian Canola Growers Association
CCCO Canadian Capital Cities Organization
CCMA Canadian Capital Market Association
CCCC Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club
CIVIL Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
CCC Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
CCORE Canadian Cardiovascular Outcomes Related to Economics
CCS Canadian Cardiovascular Society
CCDF Canadian Career Development Foundation
CCIA Canadian Career Information Association
CCI Canadian Carpet Institute
CCA Canadian Cartographic Association
CCA Canadian Carwash Association
CCS Canadian Case Summaries
CCPA Canadian Cashmere Producers Association
CCSA Canadian Catholic Students’ Association
CCIA Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
CCA Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
CCDS Canadian Center for Drug Free-Sport
CCES Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport
CCMC Canadian Center for Maritime Communications
CCP Canadian Center for Philanthropy
CCF Canadian Central Facility
CCAA Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging
CCAR Canadian Centre for Adolescent Research
CCA Canadian Centre for Architecture
CCACD Canadian Centre for Arms Control and Disarmament
CCBN Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience
CCBC Canadian Centre for Business in the Community
CCCT Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials
CCFPD Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development
CFP Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development
CCHSA Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture
CCHE Canadian Centre for Health Evidence
CCHT Canadian Centre for Housing Technology
CCJS Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
CCKM Canadian Centre for Knowledge Mobilisation
CCMD Canadian Centre for Management Development
CCMAT Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies
CCOHS Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
CCP Canadian Centre for Philanthropy
CCPA Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
CCPC Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity
CCSI Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement
CCVA Canadian Centre for the Visual Arts
CCFV Canadian Centre for Vaccinology
CCVT Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
CCISS Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies
CCDS Canadian Centre on Disability Studies
CCSA Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
CCPSA Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association
CCIB Canadian Certified Insurance Broker
CCPE Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist
CCRC Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
CCA Canadian Cervid Alliance
CCE Canadian Chamber Ensemble
CIVIL Canadian Chamber of Commerce
CCC Canadian Chamber of Commerce
CCCK Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea
CCCP Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
CCRF Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
CCA Canadian Checker Association
CCPA Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association
CCPO Canadian Chemistry and Physics Olympiads
CCMA Canadian Chicken Marketing Agency
CCYHC Canadian Child & Youth Health Coalition
CCCF Canadian Child Care Federation
CCTB Canadian Child Tax Benefit
CCL Canadian Children’s Literature
CCM Canadian Children’s Museum
CCOC Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus
CCRC Canadian Children’s Rights Council
CCA Canadian Chiropractic Association
CCEB Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board
CCPA Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association
CCRF Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation
CCRD Canadian Chiropractic Resources Databank
CCEA Canadian Christian Educators’ Association
CCE Canadian Cinema Editors
CCAB Canadian Circulations Audit Bureau
CCI Canadian Circumpolar Institute
CCLA Canadian Civil Liberties Association
CCLET Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust
CCP Canadian Classification of Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Surgical Procedures
CCI Canadian Classification of Health Interventions
CCGG Canadian Clay Glass Gallery
CCAA Canadian Clean Air Act
CCPC Canadian Clean Power Coalition
CIVIL Canadian Climate Centre
CCC Canadian Climate Centre
CCP Canadian Climate Program
C3VP Canadian CloudSat/CALIPSO Validation Project
CC Canadian Club
CCMIS Canadian Club Management Information Service
CCTF Canadian Clyde Tube Forgings
CCAIF Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
CCER Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights
CCFA Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals
CCGG Canadian Coalition for Good Governance
CCHE Canadian Coalition for Health and Environment
CCRES Canadian Coalition for Responsible Environmental Solutions
CCCP Canadian Coalition of Cycle Polo
CCORA Canadian Coalition of Organizations Responding to AIDS
CCWEST Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering Science and Technology
CCG Canadian Coast Guard
CCGA Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary
CCGC Canadian Coast Guard College
CCGC Canadian Coast Guard Cutter
CCR Canadian Coastal Radar
CIVIL Canadian Codes Centre
CCC Canadian Codes Centre
CCAT Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test
CCN Canadian Cohousing Network
CCSPT Canadian Collaborative Study on Predictive Testing
CCHSA Canadian College Health Service Association
CCBC Canadian College of Business & Computers
CCCP Canadian College of Clinical Pharmacy
CCCL Canadian College of Construction Lawyers
CCEL Canadian College of English Language
CCM Canadian College of Microbiologists
CCNM Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
CCNP Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology
CCOT Canadian College of Online Training
CCO Canadian College of Organists
CCPA Canadian College of Performing Arts
CCPM Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine
CCT Canadian College of Teachers
CCAA Canadian Colleges Athletic Association
CANCOM Canadian Command
CCAC Canadian Commercial Arbitration Centre
CIVIL Canadian Commercial Corporation
CCC Canadian Commercial Corporation
CCBFC Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes
CCCME Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation
CIVIL Canadian Committee on Cataloguing
CCC Canadian Committee on Cataloguing
CCPJ Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists
CCSFP Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Program
CCPT Canadian Communication for Physicians Trained Abroad
CCP Canadian Communication Products, Inc.
CCF Canadian Communications Foundation
CCHS Canadian Community Health Survey
CCNA Canadian Community Newspapers Association
CCRP Canadian Community Reading Plan Inc
CCRC Canadian Community Reinvestment Coalition
CIVIL Canadian Company Capabilities
CCC Canadian Company Capabilities
CCB Canadian Competition Bureau
CCAF Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation
CCSS Canadian Computer Security Symposium
CIVIL Canadian Computing Competition
CCC Canadian Computing Competition
CCPA Canadian Concrete Pipe Association
CCI Canadian Condominium Institute
CCCB Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
CCCC Canadian Conference of Catholic Cursillos
CCAI Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence
CCBR Canadian Conference on Broadband Research
CCCG Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry
CCECE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
CCA Canadian Conference on the Arts
CCASS Canadian Congenital Anomalies Surveillance System
CCNS Canadian Congress of Neurological Sciences
CCCD Canadian Consensus Conference on Dementia
CCCE Canadian Consensus Conference on Endometriosis
CCI Canadian Conservation Institute
CCHPR Canadian Consortium for Health Promotion Research
CCR Canadian Consortium for Research
CCA Canadian Construction Association
CCMC Canadian Construction Material Center
CCW Canadian Construction Women
CCGD Canadian Consulate General, Detroit
CCMF Canadian Consultant Management Fund
CCAA Canadian Consulting Agronomists Association
CCEE Canadian Consumer Electronics Exposition
CCIG Canadian Consumer Information Gateway
CANCON Canadian Content
CCV Canadian Content Value
CANCON Canadian Contingent
CACHE Canadian Continuing Health Education
CCPC Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
CAS-C Canadian Cooperative Applications Satellite
CCA Canadian Cooperative Association
CCLCS Canadian Cooperative for Language and Cultural Studies
CCOHTA Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment
CCBDA Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association
CCI Canadian Copyright Institute
CCCC Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club
CCCA Canadian Corporate Counsel Association
CCN Canadian Corporate News
CCTA Canadian Corporate Travel Association
CCSR Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion
CCCA Canadian Correspondence Chess Association
CCCA Canadian Corrugated Case Association
CCCA Canadian Cosmetics Careers Association
CCAB Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
CCAPP Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs
CCHALW Canadian Council for Health and Active Living at Work
CCIB Canadian Council for International Business
CCIC Canadian Council for International Cooperation
CCIPS Canadian Council for International Peace and Security
CCR Canadian Council for Refugees
CCTC Canadian Council for Tobacco Control
CCA Canadian Council of Archives
CCCN Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses
CCCE Canadian Council of Chief Executives
CCCC Canadian Council of Christian Charities
CIVIL Canadian Council of Churches
CCC Canadian Council of Churches
CCCC Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs
CCFN Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition
CCFM Canadian Council of Forest Ministers
CCFM Canadian Council of Furniture Manufacturers
CCGD Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors
CCHM Canadian Council of Homeopathic Medicine
CCIL Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories
CCIR Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators
CCLS Canadian Council of Land Surveyors
CCME Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
CCMA Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators
CCMTA Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators
CCNM Canadian Council of Natural Mothers
CCOH Canadian Council of Occupational Hygiene
CCPC Canadian Council of Professional Certification
CCPE Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
CCPEX Canadian Council of Psychotherapeutic Examiners
CCROU Canadian Council of Railway Operating Unions
CCB Canadian Council of the Blind
CCUBC Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs
CCUSA Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture
CCAC Canadian Council on Animal Care
CCCEP Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy
CCEA Canadian Council on Ecological Areas
CCE Canadian Council on Electrotechnologies
CCHSA Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
CCHC Canadian Council on Homeopathic Certification
CCSD Canadian Council on Social Development
CCPA Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association
CCA Canadian Counselling Association
CIVIL Canadian Counsellor Certification
CCC Canadian Counsellor Certification
CCMA Canadian Country Music Association
CCRMA Canadian Credit Risk Management Association
CIVIL Canadian Criminal Code
CCC Canadian Criminal Code
CCI Canadian Crossroads International
CCQTA Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association
CCIN Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
CCI Canadian Culinary Institute
CIVIL Canadian Cultural Centre
CCC Canadian Cultural Centre
CCRN Canadian Cultural Research Network
CCSD Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf
CCCN Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses
CCCP Canadian Culture Conformity Program
CCA Canadian Curling Association
CCDR Canadian Customer Debt Relief
CCIRC Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre
CCCE Canadian Cycling Center in Europe
CCFF Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
CCBA Canadian Czech-Slovak Benevolent Association
CDR Canadian Dachshund Rescue
CDNA Canadian Daily Newspapers Association
CDC Canadian Dairy Commission
CDC Canadian Dairy Corporation
CDN Canadian Dairy Network
CANADA Canadian Dam Association
CDA Canadian Dam Association
CDSA Canadian Dam Safety Association
CDTA Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association
CDCA Canadian Deaf Curling Association
CDCC Canadian Deaf Curling Championships
CDIHF Canadian Deaf Ice Hockey Federation
CDSA Canadian Deaf Sports Association
CDPA Canadian Deafened Persons Association
CDPC Canadian Decompression and Pain Center
CD Canadian Decoration
CDCB Canadian Defence Community Banking
CDIB Canadian Defence Industrial Base
CDIA Canadian Defence Industries Association
CDM Canadian Democratic Movement
CANADA Canadian Dental Association
CDA Canadian Dental Association
CDHA Canadian Dental Hygienists Association
CDRI Canadian Dental Research Institute
CDTA Canadian Dental Therapists Association
CDC Canadian Department of Communications
CDFO Canadian Department of Fisheries & Oceans
CDSS Canadian Department of Supply & Services
CDICS Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
CDIC Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
CDS Canadian Depository Securities
CDCC Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation
CANADA Canadian Dermatology Association
CDA Canadian Dermatology Association
CDF Canadian Dermatology Foundation
CDEN Canadian Design Engineering Network
CDE Canadian Development Expense
CANADA Canadian Diabetes Association
CDA Canadian Diabetes Association
CDDA Canadian Diamond Drilling Association
CDHF Canadian Digestive Health Foundation
CDTV Canadian Digital Television
CDI Canadian Direct Investment
CDIA Canadian Direct Investment Abroad
CDMA Canadian Direct Marketing Association
CDSA Canadian Disability Studies Association
CDRG Canadian Disaster Restoration Group
CDDA Canadian Disc Dog Association
CDJA Canadian Disc Jockey Association
CDHSR Canadian Division Headquarters & Signal Regiment
CND Canadian Dollar
CD Canadian Dollar
CAD Canadian Dollar
CANADA Canadian Domestic Airspace
CDA Canadian Domestic Airspace
CDM Canadian Domestic Market
CDMA Canadian Donkey and Mule Association
CDSS Canadian Down Syndrome Society
CDFPA Canadian Drug Free Powerlifting Association
CDICS Canadian Drug Identification Codebook
CDIC Canadian Drug Identification Codebook
CDMA Canadian Drug Manufacturers Association
CDSA Canadian Dual Sport Association
CEEA Canadian Earth Energy Association
CEIN Canadian Eco-Industrial Network
CESG Canadian Econometric Study Group
CEDC Canadian Economic Development Corporation
CEHB Canadian Economic History Bibliography
CEHS Canadian Economic History Society
CEA Canadian Economics Association
CEA Canadian Education Association
CEEF Canadian Education Exchange Foundation
CESC Canadian Education Statistics Council
CESI Canadian Educational Standards Institute
CEMA Canadian Egg Marketing Agency
CERL Canadian Elections Resource Library
CEWHA Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association
CECA Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
CEMA Canadian Electrical Manufacturers Association
CEWC Canadian Electrical Workers Council
CEA Canadian Electricity Association
CEC Canadian Electroacoustic Community
CEZ Canadian Electrolytic Zinc Limited
CECA Canadian Elevator Contractors Association
CEBC Canadian Elite Baseball Conference
CE Canadian Embassy
CEDIS Canadian Emergency Department Information System
CTAS Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Scale
CERCA Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance
CEMOD Canadian Endeavour for Moderation
CEEA Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
CEPA Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
CERI Canadian Energy Research Institute
CEMF Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation
CEQB Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board
CE Canadian English
CEIA Canadian Environment Industry Association
CEN Canadian Environment Network
CEA Canadian Environmental Assessment
CEAA Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
CEAA Canadian Environmental Auditing Association
CEIA Canadian Environmental Industry Association
CELA Canadian Environmental Law Association
CEPA Canadian Environmental Protection Act
CES Canadian Environmental Solutions
CEA Canadian Epilepsy Alliance
CEF Canadian Equestrian Federation
CEA Canadian Esperanto Association
CEC Canadian Ethnocultural Council
CEEC Canadian European Economic Council
CETA Canadian Evangelical Theological Association
CEBHCP Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners
CEA Canadian Executing Agency
CESO Canadian Executive Services Association
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force
CEFSG Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group
CERL Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory
CEI Canadian External Interface
CFCN Canadian Families and Corrections Network
CFAN Canadian Family Advisory Network
CFLC Canadian Family Law Cases
CFP Canadian Family Pharmacy
CFBA Canadian Farm Builders Association
CFSC Canadian Fastest Street Car
CFPA Canadian Federal Pilots Association
CFA Canadian Federation of Agriculture
CFBS Canadian Federation of Biological Societies
CFES Canadian Federation of Engineering Students
CFFM Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums
CFHS Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
CFIB Canadian Federation of Independent Business
CFL Canadian Federation of Labour
CFMS Canadian Federation of Medical Students
CFMTA Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations
CFOA Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations
CFPM Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine
CFS Canadian Federation of Students
CFUW Canadian Federation of University Women
CFCM Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministries
CFIA Canadian Fence Industry Association
CFF Canadian Fencing Federation
CFS Canadian Fertility Society
CF Canadian Fighter
CFPA Canadian Fighter Pilots Association
CFSA Canadian Figure Skating Association
CFTA Canadian Film and Television Association
CFTPA Canadian Film and Television Producers Association
CFA Canadian Film Awards
CFC Canadian Film Centre
CFI Canadian Film Institute
CFF Canadian Filmmakers’ Festival
CFLA Canadian Finance & Leasing Association
CFMRC Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre
CFPG Canadian Financial Publishing Group
CFSO Canadian Financial Services Ombudsman
CFSA Canadian Fire Safety Association
CFC Canadian Firearms Centre
CFSC Canadian Firearms Safety Courses
CFNPA Canadian First Nations Police Association
CFHA Canadian Fjord Horse Association
CFA Canadian Flag Association
CFP Canadian Fleet Pacific
CFPA Canadian Fluid Power Association
CFMJ Canadian Folk Music Journal
CFBA Canadian Food Brokers Association
CFFC Canadian Food for Children
CFH Canadian Food for the Hungry
CFHI Canadian Food for the Hungry International
CFIC Canadian Food Industry Council
CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency
CFPA Canadian Food Processors Association
CFTA Canadian Food Trade Alliance
CFB Canadian Foodgrains Bank
CFA Canadian Football Association
CFFA Canadian Football Fan Association
CFL Canadian Football League
CFLPA Canadian Football League Players Association
CF Canadian Forces
CFAO Canadian Forces Action Order
CFAO Canadian Forces Administration Orders
CFAO Canadian Forces Administrative Order
CFARS Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System
CFADC Canadian Forces Air Defense Command
CFAO Canadian Forces Air Order
CFAD Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFBE Canadian Forces Base, Edmonton
CFCWO Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer
CFCSC Canadian Forces Command and Staff College
CANCAP Canadian Forces Contractor Augmentation Program
CD Canadian Forces Decoration
CFD Canadian Forces Detachment
CFFA Canadian Forces Fire Academy
CFFS Canadian Forces Fleet School
CFHA Canadian Forces Housing Agency
CFLI Canadian Forces Leadership Institute
CFLA Canadian Forces Legal Advisor
CFLC Canadian Forces Liaison Council
CFMG Canadian Forces Medical Group
CFMA Canadian Forces Military Attache
CFN Canadian Forces Network
CFNA Canadian Forces Northern Area
CFPP Canadian Forces Pension Plan
CFPS Canadian Forces Postal Service
CFPM Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
CFRT Canadian Forces Radio and Television
CFRC Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre
CFSA Canadian Forces Sailing Association
CFSEME Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
CFSMI Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence
CFS Canadian Forces Station
CFSRS Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System
CFSS Canadian Forces Supply System
CFSU Canadian Forces Support Unit
CFTPO Canadian Forces Taskings, Plans and Operations
CFTO Canadian Forces Technical Order
CFTA Canadian Forces Training Area
CFRI Canadian Foreign Relations Index
CFIC Canadian Forest Industries Council
CFS Canadian Forest Service
CFA Canadian Forestry Association
CFFA Canadian Foster Family Association
CFCIE Canadian Foundation Center for International Education
CFDR Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution
CFID Canadian Foundation for Infectious Disease
CFI Canadian Foundation for Innovation
CFAO Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Orthodontics
CFCH Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti
CFCG Canadian Foundation on Compulsive Gambling
CFA Canadian Foundry Association
CFMA Canadian Fragrance Materials Association
CFA Canadian Franchise Association
CFAO Canadian Francophone Association of Ontario
CFS Canadian Free Stuff
CF Canadian French
CFHA Canadian Friends Historical Association
CFSC Canadian Friends Service Committee
CFRC Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championships
CFTA Canadian Funeral Trade Association
CGPS Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
CGA Canadian Gas Association
CGPC Canadian Gas Potential Committee
CGPA Canadian Gas Processors Association
CGPA Canadian Gas Producers Association
CGRI Canadian Gas Research Institute
CGLA Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives
CGA Canadian Gelbvieh Association
CGSB Canadian General Standards Board
CGPA Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association
CGAT Canadian Genome Analysis and Technology
CGD Canadian Geodetic Datum
CG Canadian Geographic Magazine
CGS Canadian Geologic Survey
CGSB Canadian Geomatics Source Book
CGRG Canadian Geomorphology Research Group
CGUS Canadian Geophysical Union
CGU Canadian Geophysical Union
CGC Canadian Geoscience Council
CGEN Canadian Geoscience Education Network
CGSM Canadian Geospace Monitoring
CGJ Canadian Geotechnical Journal
CGS Canadian Geriatrics Society
CGNA Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association
CGRA Canadian Girls Rodeo Association
CGSA Canadian Girls School Association
CGCP Canadian Global Change Program
CGCM Canadian Global Climate Model
CGEIC Canadian Global Emissions Interpretation Centre
CGMA Canadian Glove Manufacturers Association
CGS Canadian Goat Society
CGPA Canadian Gold Prospectors Alliance
CGFS Canadian Goldfish Society
CGSA Canadian Golf Superintendents Association
CGRA Canadian Good Roads Association
CGMA Canadian Gospel Music Association
CGB Canadian Government Bond
CGCS Canadian Government Cataloguing System
CGP Canadian Government Publishing
CGSB Canadian Government Specifications Board
CGRM Canadian Governments Reference Model
CGC Canadian Grain Commission
CGSN Canadian Gravity Standardization Network
CGG Canadian Grenadier Guards
CGPC Canadian Grocery Product Code
CGPA Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association
CGPA Canadian Guitar Players Association
CHRF Canadian Hair Research Foundation
CHES Canadian Harambee Education Society
CHHA Canadian Hard of Hearing Association
CHPA Canadian Hardwood Plywood Association
CHAA Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association
CHST Canadian Health and Social Transfer
CHC Canadian Health Coalition
CHERA Canadian Health Economics Research Association
CHFA Canadian Health Food Association
CHLA Canadian Health Libraries Association
CHN Canadian Health Network
CHPS Canadian Health Professionals Secretariat
CHRA Canadian Health Record Association
CHA Canadian Healthcare Association
CHES Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society
CHECKMATE Canadian Healthcare Manager
CHM Canadian Healthcare Manager
CHIPS Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society
CHS Canadian Hearing Society
CHHDP Canadian Heart Health Dissemination Project
CHRC Canadian Heart Research Centre
CHRS Canadian Heart Rhythm Society
CHTWPCP Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program
CHOA Canadian Heavy Oil Association
CHW Canadian Hedge Watch, Inc
CHKC Canadian Helen Keller Centre
CHCR Canadian Hellenic Cable Radio, Ltd.
CHS Canadian Hemerocallis Society
CHO Canadian Hemophilia Outcomes
CHS Canadian Hemophilia Society
CHRC Canadian Henley Rowing Corporation
CHCN Canadian Hepatitis C Network
CHFF Canadian Heritage Film Festival
CHIN Canadian Heritage Information Network
CHRS Canadian Heritage Rivers System
CHAOS Canadian High Acceptance Orbit Spectrometer
CHC Canadian High Commission
CHTR Canadian High Temperature Research
CHMSF Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation
CHC Canadian Hispanic Congress
CHAA Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
CHA Canadian Historical Association
CHA Canadian Hockey Association
CHIP Canadian Hockey Initiation Program
CHL Canadian Hockey League
CHHA Canadian Holistic Health Association
CHNA Canadian Holistic Nurses Association
CHEA Canadian Home Economics Association
CHEJ Canadian Home Economics Journal
CHER Canadian Home Education Resources
CHIP Canadian Home Income Plan
CHSC Canadian Home Shopping Club
CHW Canadian Home Workshop
CHPA Canadian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Association
CHC Canadian Honey Council
CHC Canadian Horticultural Council
CHIP Canadian Hotel Income Properties
CHMSE Canadian Hotel Marketing and Sales Executives
CHRA Canadian Housing Renewal Association
CHRF Canadian Housing Research Foundation
CHMD Canadian Human Mortality Database
CHRP Canadian Human Resource Planners
CHRA Canadian Human Rights Act
CHRC Canadian Human Rights Commission
CHRF Canadian Human Rights Foundation
CHRR Canadian Human Rights Reporter
CHRT Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
CHOIR Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief
CHT Canadian Humanitarian Trust
CHF Canadian Hunger Foundation
CHC Canadian Hydraulics Centre
CHEC Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company
CHC Canadian Hydrographic Conference
CHS Canadian Hydrographic Service
CHEP Canadian Hypertension Education Program
CIFCS Canadian Ice Fishing Championships
CIS Canadian Ice Service
CI Canadian Idol
CITA Canadian Imaging Trade Association
CIC Canadian Immigration and Citizenship
CIIP Canadian Immigration Integration Project
CITRN Canadian Immigration Technical Resource Network
CIAP Canadian Immunization Awareness Program
CIG Canadian Immunization Guide
CIPO Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization
CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
CIHI Canadian Imperial Holdings, Inc.
CIVC Canadian Imperial Venture Corp.
CIG Canadian Improv Games
CIAA Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association
CIFCS Canadian Independent Film Caucus
CIPIP Canadian Independent Production Incentive Program
CITA Canadian Independent Telephone Association
CIWA Canadian Independent Wrestling Alliance
CINSA Canadian Indigenous and Native Studies Association
CIEEDAC Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre
CIEN Canadian Industrial Equipment News
CIRA Canadian Industrial Relations Association
CITA Canadian Industrial Transportation Association
CIL Canadian Industries Limited
CIRCA Canadian Industries Recycling Coal Ash
CIAG Canadian Industry Action Group
CIPEC Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
CIS Canadian Industry Statistics
CIA Canadian Infantry Association
CIDS Canadian Infectious Disease Society
CIIMS Canadian Information and Image Management Society
CICIC Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
CIPS Canadian Information Processing Society
CIPA Canadian Information Productivity Awards
CITAC Canadian Infrastructure Technology Assessment Centre
CIDL Canadian Initiative on Digital Libraries
CIWA Canadian Injured Workers Alliance
CIWS Canadian Injured Workers Society
CIHA Canadian Inline Hockey Association
CIC Canadian Innovation Centre
CIPA Canadian Insolvency Practitioners Association
CIS Canadian Inspection Service
CI Canadian Institute
CIFAR Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
CIAR Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
CICS Canadian Institute for Climate Studies
CIDER Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research
CIET Canadian Institute for Energy Training
CIFCA Canadian Institute for Financial Crime Analysis
CIHI Canadian Institute for Health Information
CIHM Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions
CILA Canadian Institute for Legislative Action
CIMI Canadian Institute for Market Intelligence
CINDE Canadian Institute for NDE
CAIRS Canadian Institute for Radiation Safety
CITR Canadian Institute for Telecommunications Research
CIAJ Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
CITT Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology
CITA Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
CIG Canadian Institute in Greece
CIA Canadian Institute of Actuaries
CICA Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
CICH Canadian Institute of Child Health
CICST Canadian Institute of Computer Science & Technology
CIDH Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene
CIE Canadian Institute of Energy
CIF Canadian Institute of Forestry
CIG Canadian Institute of Gemology
CIG Canadian Institute of Geomatics
CIHM Canadian Institute of Hydrocarbon Measurement
CIM Canadian Institute of Management
CIM Canadian Institute of Marketing
CIM Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum
CINIM Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine
CINH Canadian Institute of Natural Health
CIP Canadian Institute of Planners
CIPPREC Canadian Institute of Public and Private Real Estate Companies
CIRR Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery
CISC Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
CISS Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies
CISTI Canadian Institute of Telecommunications Engineers
CITT Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation
CITE Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers
CITC Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors
CIUS Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
CIU Canadian Institute of Underwriters
CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research
CIC Canadian Insurance Course
CIFF Canadian Insurance Financial Forum
CIVR Canadian Insurance Vendor Registry
CITP Canadian Integrated Traceability Program
CIPO Canadian Intellectual Property Office
CICF Canadian Intensive Care Foundation
CIIP Canadian Interactive Industry Profile
CIBA Canadian Intercollegiate Baseball Association
CILA Canadian Intercollegiate Lumberjacking Association
CICS Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat
CIAH Canadian International Academy of Hockey
CIAS Canadian International Air Show
CIAS Canadian International Auto Show
CIA Canadian International Autoshow
CIC Canadian International College
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency
CIFAR Canadian International Forestry Advisers Roster
CIIB Canadian International Immigration Bureau
CIII Canadian International Immunization Initiative
CIIR Canadian International Information Resource
CIMP Canadian International Matriculation Programme
CIPP Canadian International Peace Project
CIPA Canadian International Pharmacy Association
CIS Canadian International School
CISO Canadian International Security Organization
CITT Canadian International Trade Tribunal
CIBD Canadian Internet Business Directory
CIPPIC Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority
CIUS Canadian Internet Use Survey
CISS Canadian Internetworked Scientific Supercomputer
CIHC Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative
CIAU Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union
CIS Canadian Interuniversity Sport
CIFCS Canadian Investment Funds Course
CIM Canadian Investment Manager
CIPF Canadian Investor Protection Fund
CIC Canadian Islamic Congress
CIAO Canadian Italian Appreciation Organization
CJA Canadian Jewelers Association
CJC Canadian Jewish Congress
CJN Canadian Jewish News
CJA Canadian Jiu-jitsu Association
CJS Canadian Jobs Strategy
CJC Canadian Joint Council
CJS Canadian Joint Staff
CJTL Canadian Joint Task List
CJAS Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
CJAS Canadian Journal of African Studies
CJA Canadian Journal of Anesthesia
CJB Canadian Journal of Botany
CJC Canadian Journal of Chemistry
CJC Canadian Journal of Communication
CJCMH Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health
CAJE Canadian Journal of Economics
CJE Canadian Journal of Education
CJEAP Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy
CJFL Canadian Journal of Family Law
CJH Canadian Journal of Herbalism
CJH Canadian Journal of History
CJID Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology
CJIS Canadian Journal of Information Science
CJL Canadian Journal of Linguistics
CJM Canadian Journal of Mathematics
CJNE Canadian Journal of Native Education
CJNL Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership
CJO Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology
CJP Canadian Journal of Philosophy
CJP Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
RRT Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy
CJRM Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine
CJSMTE Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
CJS Canadian Journal of Sociology
CJS Canadian Journal of Surgery
CJA Canadian Journal on Aging
CJFE Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
CJ Canadian Judgements
CJC Canadian Judicial Council
CJFL Canadian Junior Football League
CJLA Canadian Junior Limousin Association
CKF Canadian Kendo Federation
CKC Canadian Kennel Club
CKAP Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program
CKCA Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association
CKG Canadian Knifemakers Guild
CLIP Canadian Laboratories of Innovations in Proteolysis
CLMC Canadian Laboratory Medicine Congress
CLSA Canadian Laboratory Suppliers Association
CLC Canadian Labour Code
CLC Canadian Labour Congress
CLC-CTC Canadian Labour Congress/Congres du travail du Canada
CLFDB Canadian Labour Force Development Board
CLMPC Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre
CLA Canadian Lacrosse Association
CLGA Canadian Ladies Golf Association
CLTBA Canadian Lakehead Tenpin Bowling Association
CLASSER Canadian Land Surface Scheme
CLASS Canadian Land Surface Scheme
CLN Canadian Languages Network
CLASSER Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society
CLASS Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society
CLSO Canadian Launch Safety Office
CLEA Canadian Law & Economics Association
CLEG Canadian Law Enforcement Games
CLSI Canadian Law Symposia Index
CLAIHR Canadian Lawyers Association for International Human Rights
CLIA Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association
CLAE Canadian League Against Epilepsy
CLT Canadian Learning Television
CLHRF Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation
CLIC Canadian Lebanese Investment Corporation
CLC Canadian Legal Conference
CLEAR Canadian Legal Education Annual Review
CLEA Canadian Legal Education Association
CLGA Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
CLIP Canadian Letters and Images Project
CLSG Canadian Leukemia Studies Group
CLA Canadian Library Association
CLAAC Canadian Library Association’s Annual Conference
CLEA Canadian Library Exhibitors Association, Inc.
CLFM Canadian Library of Family Medicine
CLTA Canadian Library Trustees’ Association
CLHIO Canadian Life and Health Insurance OmbudService
CLHI Canadian Lifelong Health Initiative
CLSI Canadian Light Source Inc.
CLS Canadian Light Source, Inc.
CLDN Canadian Lightning Detection Network
CLS Canadian Listing Service
CLPI Canadian Literary Periodicals Index
CLF Canadian Liver Foundation
CLEA Canadian Livestock Export Association
CLGA Canadian Livestock Genetics Association
CLIA Canadian Livestock Identification Agency
CLTS Canadian Livestock Tracking System
CLC Canadian Locomotive Company Ltd.
CLOC Canadian Logistics Operation Center
CSLA Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging
CLEAR Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating
CLMA Canadian Lumber Manufacturers Association
CLS Canadian Lumber Standards
CLSAB Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board
CLTA Canadian Lumber Trade Alliance
CLA Canadian Lumbermen’s Association
CLA Canadian Lung Association
CLWR Canadian Lutheran World Relief
CLYG Canadian Lutheran Youth Gathering
CMGC Canadian Machine Gun Corps
CMKG Canadian Machine Knitting Guild
CMVA Canadian Machinery Vibration Association
CMCF Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility
CMPA Canadian Magazine Publishers Association
CMDA Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel
MHA Canadian Malignant Hyperthermia Association
CMIA Canadian Malt Industry Association
CMHI Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute
CME Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
CMA Canadian Manufacturers Association
CMCS Canadian Manufacturers of Chemical Specialties
CMC Canadian Marconi Company
CMAC Canadian Marine Advisory Council
CMMA Canadian Marine Manufacturers Association
CMRMC Canadian Marine Response Management Corporation
CMLA Canadian Maritime Law Association
CMIA Canadian Maritimes Industries Association
CMA Canadian Marketing Association
CMAF Canadian Martial Arts Federation
CMMI Canadian Mass Media Inc.
CMTA Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance
CMDC Canadian Master Distribution Corporation
CMS Canadian Mathematical Society
CMB Canadian Mathematics Bulletin
CMC Canadian Meat Council
CMGA Canadian Meat Goat Association
CMCEF Canadian Mechanical Contracting Education Foundation
CMCA Canadian Media Circulation Audit
CMDC Canadian Media Directors’ Council
CMG Canadian Media Guild
CMPA Canadian Media Production Association
CMRC Canadian Media Research Consortium
CMAS Canadian Medical Acupuncture Society
CMAT Canadian Medical Assistance Team
CMA Canadian Medical Association
CMAJ Canadian Medical Association Journal
CMC Canadian Medical Centres Ltd
CMDR Canadian Medical Device Regulation
CMDCAS Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System
CMEPP Canadian Medical Equipment Protection Plan
CMF Canadian Medical Forum
CMG Canadian Medical Graduate
CMPA Canadian Medical Protective Association
CMRC Canadian Medical Research Council
CMSA Canadian Medical Students Association
CMIRPS Canadian Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System
CMCC Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
CMBC Canadian Mennonite Bible College
CMU Canadian Mennonite University
CMHA Canadian Mental Health Association
CMSF Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation
CMC Canadian Meteorite Catalogue
CMOS Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
CMC Canadian Meteorological Centre
CMS Canadian Meteorological Service
CMC Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
CMC Canadian Military College
CMCFA Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association
CMHS Canadian Military Heritage Society
CMH Canadian Military History
CMP Canadian Military Pattern
CMPA Canadian Military Police Association
CMIP Canadian Milk-recording Information
CMP Canadian Mind Products
CMT Canadian Mining Technology
CMFN Canadian Model Forest Network
CMLR Canadian Modern Language Review
CML Canadian Mortgage Lender
CAMVAP Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Program
CMVSS Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
CMA Canadian Motorcycle Association
CMC Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers
CMG Canadian Motorcycle Guide
CMRC Canadian Motosport Racing Club
CMP Canadian Mounted Police
CMMR Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository
CMRO Canadian Mud Racing Organization
CMC Canadian Multicultural Council
CMFS Canadian Municipal Financial Statistics
CMGA Canadian Murray Grey Association
CMC Canadian Museum of Civilization
CMCP Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
CMN Canadian Museum of Nature
CMA Canadian Museums Association
CMC Canadian Music Centre
CMCC Canadian Music Creators Coalition
CMEA Canadian Music Educators’ Association
CMPA Canadian Music Publishers Association
CMRC Canadian Music Retailers’ Cooperative
CMRRA Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency
CMRRA Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Association
CMOC Canadian Mustang Owners Club
CNA Canadian Nanobusiness Alliance
CNCA Canadian Narcotics Control Act
CNA Canadian National Anthem
CNASA Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association
CNBC Canadian National Baptist Convention
CNCEW Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women
CNDH Canadian National Defense Headquarters
CNEEC Canadian National Education Exchange Centre
CNE Canadian National Exhibition
CNFC Canadian National Field Champion
CNIB Canadian National Institute for the Blind
CNML Canadian National Mathematics League
CNO-ITU-T Canadian National Organization for the International Telecommunication Union
CNR Canadian National Railway
CN Canadian National Railway
CNSL Canadian National Soccer League
CNSDB Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind
CNTC Canadian National Teams Championship
COUNT Canadian National Telecommunications
CNT Canadian National Telecommunications
CNUC Canadian National Ultimate Championships
CNAF Canadian Native Arts Foundation
CNFC Canadian Native Friendship Centre
CNPA Canadian Natural Products Association
CNRG Canadian Natural Resources Group
CNRL Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
CNF Canadian Nature Federation
CNA Canadian Naturopathic Association
CNP Canadian Naturopathic Foundation
CNRS Canadian Nautical Research Society
CNAG Canadian Naval Air Group
CNDA Canadian Naval Divers Association
CNMT Canadian Naval Memorial Trust
CNTHA Canadian Naval Technical History Association
CNUC Canadian Nazarene University College
CNAC Canadian Network for Asthma Care
CNDN Canadian Network for Democratic Nepal
EECOM Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communications
CNIE Canadian Network for Innovation in Education
CNIS Canadian Network for International Surgery
CNTC Canadian Network of Toxicology Centres
CNSG Canadian Network Systems Group
CNCG Canadian Neurocritical Care Group
CNS Canadian Neurological Society
CNF Canadian Neutron Facility
CNA Canadian Newspaper Association
CNP Canadian Niagara Power
CNTC Canadian Nissan Truck Club
CNOS Canadian Nitric Oxide Society
CANR Canadian NORAD Region
CNPR Canadian Northern Pacific Railway
CNOR Canadian Northern Railway Company
CNBA Canadian Norwegian Business Association
CNISP Canadian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program
CNMTS Canadian Notice and Manifest Tracking System
CNA Canadian Nuclear Association
CNSC Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
CNS Canadian Nuclear Society
COUNT Canadian Nuclear Technology
CNT Canadian Nuclear Technology
COUNT Canadian Nuclear Threat
CNT Canadian Nuclear Threat
CNA Canadian Numbering Administrator
CNA Canadian Numismatic Association
CNCA Canadian Nurse Continence Advisor
CNPI Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative
CNPI Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative
CNA Canadian Nurses Association
CNF Canadian Nurses Foundation
CNPS Canadian Nurses Protective Society
CNRS Canadian Nurses’ Respiratory Society
CNIA Canadian Nursing Informatics Association
CNF Canadian Nutrient File
COHSN Canadian Occupational Health and Safety News
COPM Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
CORA Canadian Ocean Resource Associates, Inc.
COTE Canadian Office of Technology Exchange in Environment
COPA Canadian Office Products Association
COTC Canadian Officer Training Corps
CANOLA Canadian Oil
COGE Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation
COHA Canadian Oil Heat Association
CANOLA Canadian Oil Low Acid
COSII Canadian Oil Sands Investments, Inc.
COSP Canadian Oil Substitution Program
COSSD Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Directory
CONRAD Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development
COPA Canadian Oilseed Processors Association
COA Canadian Olympic Association
COEF Canadian Olympic Excellence Fund
CONJ Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal
COS Canadian Oncology Society
CORL Canadian Online Racing League
COLT Canadian Online Teller
COMC Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge
COC Canadian Opera Company
CORL Canadian Operating Room Leaders
CORS Canadian Operational Research Society
COS Canadian Ophthalmological Society
COMPUS Canadian Optimal Medication Prescribing and Utilization Service
CODA Canadian Optimist Dinghy Association
COC Canadian Options Course
COC Canadian Orchid Congress
COAB Canadian Organic Advisory Board
COCC Canadian Organic Certification Co-operative Ltd.
COS Canadian Organic Standard
CODE Canadian Organization for Development Through Education
CORP Canadian Organization for Prostitutes Rights
CORD Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
COACH Canadian Organization for the Advancement of Computers in Health
COTERC Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation
CODA Canadian Organization of Dealers in Antiquities
COMPUTER Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
COMPENSATE Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
COMP Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
COSAP Canadian Organization of Senior Artists and Performers
COF Canadian Orienteering Federation
CONA Canadian Orthopaedic Nurses Association
CORL Canadian Orthopaedic Research Legacy Program
COA Canadian Osteopathic Association
COA Canadian Ostrich Association
COI Canadian Outcomes Institute
COHA Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance
COMB Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau
COPA Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
COD Canadian Oxford Dictionary
COPILOT Canadian Pacific
CP Canadian Pacific
CPAL Canadian Pacific Air Lines
CPA Canadian Pacific Airlines
CPH Canadian Pacific Hotels
CPL Canadian Pacific Ltd.
CPPA Canadian Pacific Pioneers Association
CPPI Canadian Pacific Properties Inc.
CPRR Canadian Pacific Railroad
CPR Canadian Pacific Railway
CPRL Canadian Pacific Railway Limited
CPSIG Canadian Pacific Special Interest Group
CPS Canadian Paediatric Society
CPSP Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program
CPCA Canadian Paint and Coating Association
CPC Canadian Pallet Council
CPCA Canadian Palliative Care Association
CPC Canadian Paralympic Committee
CPA Canadian Paraplegic Association
CPF Canadian Parents for French
CPMA Canadian Pari-Mutuel Association
CPA Canadian Parking Association
CPAWS Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
CPRA Canadian Parks/Recreation Association
CPS Canadian Parrot Symposium
CPRTA Canadian Parson Russell Terrier Association
CPOR Canadian Patent Office Record
CPR Canadian Patent Reporter
CPR Canadian Patent Rules
CPD Canadian Patents Database
CPSI Canadian Patient Safety Institute
CPSW Canadian Patient Safety Week
CPF Canadian Patrol Frigate
CPS Canadian Payload Specialist
CPA Canadian Payments Association
CPA Canadian Payroll Association
CPA Canadian Peace Alliance
CPC Canadian Peace Congress
CPOMA Canadian Peace Officers Memorial Association
CPCC Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee
CPSM Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal
CPARG Canadian Pediatric AIDS Research Group
CPEN Canadian Pediatric Epilepsy Network
CPRA Canadian Pediatric Rheumatology Association
CPBI Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute
CPC Canadian Pensioners Concerned
CPF Canadian Peregrin Foundation
CPRS Canadian Performing Rights Society
CPCA Canadian Personal Chef Alliance
CPPA Canadian Personal Property Appraiser
CPA Canadian Petroleum Association
CPIX Canadian Petroleum Insurance Exchange
CPPI Canadian Petroleum Products Institute
CPTI Canadian Petroleum Training Institute
CPHA Canadian Pharmacists Association
CPA Canadian Philosophical Association
CPCSC Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club
CPFC Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre
CPR Canadian Photonics Repository
CPAFLA Canadian Physical Activity Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal
CANPAR Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief
CPAR Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief
CPA Canadian Physiotherapy Association
CPS Canadian Phytopathological Society
CPFA Canadian Pigeon Fanciers’ Association
CPA Canadian Pinzgauer Association
CAPT Canadian Pirate Tracker
CPPA Canadian Pitch and Putt Association
CPIA Canadian Plastics Industry Association
CPSC Canadian Plastics Sector Council
CPA Canadian Poetry Association
CPT Canadian Poker Tour
CPC Canadian Polar Commission
CPIN Canadian Polar Information Network
CPA Canadian Police Association
CPC Canadian Police College
CPIC Canadian Police Information Centre
CPIC Canadian Police Information Computer
CPRC Canadian Police Research Centre
CRPC Canadian Police Research Centre
CPC Canadian Polish Congress
CPSA Canadian Political Science Association
CPRA Canadian Polystyrene Recycling Association
CPA Canadian Poolplayers Association
CPHI Canadian Population Health Initiative
CPS Canadian Population Society
CPC Canadian Pork Council
CPHA Canadian Port & Harbour Association
CPCA Canadian Portland Cement Association
KPR Canadian Porvelo Railway
CPC Canadian Postal Code
CPM Canadian Postal Museum
CPAA Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association
CPIP Canadian Poultry Inspection Program
CPSS Canadian Power and Sail Squadron
CPS Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons
CPNA Canadian Practical Nurses Association
CPFN Canadian Practice Firms Network
CPCI Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
COPILOT Canadian Press
CP Canadian Press
CPN Canadian Press NEWSTEX
CPIA Canadian Printing Industries Association
CPSC Canadian Privacy Security Certified
CPCC Canadian Private Copying Collective
CPCC Canadian Private Copyright Collective
CPSM Canadian Private Security Manual
CPMA Canadian Produce Marketing Association
CPW Canadian Production Wheel
CPCA Canadian Professional Coaches Association
CPGA Canadian Professional Golfers Association
CPPL Canadian Professional Paintball League
CPRA Canadian Professional Rodeo Association
CPSA Canadian Professional Sales Association
CPSI Canadian Professional Sustainability Institute
CPGGH Canadian Program on Genomics and Global Health
CPMP Canadian Project Management Professional
CPCN Canadian Prostate Cancer Network
CPCR Canadian Prostate Cancer Research
CPL Canadian Protestant League
CPA Canadian Psychiatric Association
CPRF Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation
CPS Canadian Psychoanalytic Society
CPA Canadian Psychological Association
CPA Canadian Public Administration
CPAC Canadian Public Affairs Channel
CPHA Canadian Public Health Association
CPPMA Canadian Public Personnel Management Association
CPP Canadian Public Policy
CPRS Canadian Public Relations Society
CPTDB Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board
CPPA Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
CPPMMA Canadian Pulp & Paper Machinery Manufacturers’ Association
CPRF Canadian Purchasing Research Foundation
CQA Canadian Quilters’ Associatio
CRCA Canadian Race Communications Association
CRRE Canadian Race Relation Foundation
CRRF Canadian Race Relations Foundation
CRPU Canadian Racing Pigeon Union
CRISM Canadian Radiation and Imaging Societies in Medicine
CROS Canadian Radiation Oncology Services
CRPA Canadian Radiation Protection Association
CRPB Canadian Radiation Protection Bureau
CRBC Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission
CRMA Canadian Radio Music Awards
CRTC Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission
CTRC Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CTRCS Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CRT Canadian Railway Troops
CREA Canadian Real Estate Association
CRIA Canadian Recording Industry Association
CRCA Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association
CRC Canadian Red Cross
CRCS Canadian Red Cross Society
CRDA Canadian Redesigners Association
CRAP Canadian Reform Alliance Party
CRCA Canadian Reform-Conservative Alliance Party
CRHL Canadian Reformed Hockey League
CRAL Canadian Regional Airlines Limited
CRCM Canadian Regional Climate Model
CRTSP Canadian Regional Training and Support Project
CRBO Canadian Registered Building Official
CRNE Canadian Registered Nurse Examination
CRSP Canadian Registered Safety Professional
CRN Canadian Registration Number
CRSB Canadian Regulatory System for Biotechnology
CRC Canadian Rehab Consultants Inc. (Toronto, ON, Canada
CRMS Canadian Reliability and Maintainability Symposium
CRF Canadian Relief Foundation
CRS Canadian Relocation Systems
CRFA Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
CRC Canadian Research Chairs
CRCSA Canadian Research Consortium on Southern Africa
CRC Canadian Research Council
CRMA Canadian Research Management Association
CRNCC Canadian Research Network for Care in the Community
CRTN Canadian Research Transfer Network
CARMS Canadian Residency Matching System
CARMS Canadian Resident Matching Service
CRA Canadian Residential Appraiser
CRDA Canadian Resort Development Association
CREE Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Study Group
CRHL Canadian Resources House Limited
CRHL Canadian Resources House Ltd.
CRFA Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
CRAS Canadian Review of American Studies
CRSN Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism
CRA Canadian Rheumatology Association
CRA Canadian Ringsport Association
CRMWA Canadian River Municipal Water Authority
CRI Canadian Rivers Institute
CRT Canadian Road Network
CRC Canadian Robotics Competition
CARMA Canadian Rock Mechanics Association
CRIR Canadian Rockies International Rodeo
CRMR Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts
CRDL Canadian Roller Derby Promotions
CRAN Canadian Romance Authors’ Network
CRCA Canadian Roofing Contractors Association
CRS Canadian Rose Society
CRCID Canadian Rotary Committee for International Development
CRRF Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation
CRRF Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation
CSA Canadian Sablefish Association
CSSA Canadian Sanitation Supply Association
CSOX Canadian Sarbanes-Oxley
CSUA Canadian Satellite Users Association
CSPO Canadian Scenario Paintball Operations
CSF Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation
CST Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan
CSB Canadian School Board
CSBA Canadian School Boards Association
CSBE Canadian School Book Exchange
CSLA Canadian School Library Association
CSM Canadian School of Management
CSPS Canadian School of Public Service
CSTA Canadian School of Tax Accounting
CSSF Canadian School Sports Federation
CSTA Canadian School Trustees Association
CSAS Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat
CSCA Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation
CSSF Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility
CSAF Canadian Scottish Athletic Federation
CSR Canadian Scottish Regiment
CSR Canadian Seabed Research Ltd.
CSA Canadian Sealers Association
CSDA Canadian Search Dog Association
CSS Canadian Secret Service
CSA Canadian Securities Administrators
CSC Canadian Securities Course
CSI Canadian Securities Institute
CSIRC Canadian Security Intelligence Review Commission
CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service
CSTA Canadian Security Traders Association, Inc.
CSTA Canadian Seed Trade Association
CSFL Canadian Senior Football League
CSPRA Canadian Senior Pro Rodeo Association
CSBA Canadian Sheep Breeders Association
CSSBI Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute
CSSP Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program
CSA Canadian Shipowners Association
CSSA Canadian Shooting Sports Association
CSFA Canadian Sighthound Field Association
CSRDE Canadian Signals Research and Development Establishment
CSA Canadian Simmental Association
CSBA Canadian Singapore Business Association
CSCF Canadian Ski Coaches Federation
CSIA Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance
CSPS Canadian Ski Patrol System
CSTC Canadian Skilled Trades Council
CSA Canadian Skipping Association
CSS Canadian Sleep Society
CSFA Canadian Snack Food Association
CSA Canadian Snowbird Association
CSRA Canadian Snowcross Racing Association
CSA Canadian Soccer Association
CSFA Canadian Soccer Football Association
CSRA Canadian Soccer Referees’ Association
CSWR Canadian Social Work Review
CSAA Canadian Society for Asian Arts
CSB Canadian Society for Biomechanics
CSCE Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
CSCT Canadian Society for Chemical Technology
CSC Canadian Society for Chemistry
CSCH Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health
CSCE Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
CSCI Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation
CSCP Canadian Society for Clinical Pharmacology
CSEB Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
CSHS Canadian Society for Horticultural Sciences
CSI Canadian Society for Immunology
CSIS Canadian Society for Industrial Security, Inc.
CSIS Canadian Society for Italian Studies
CSME Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering
CSPS Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
CSSD Canadian Society for Social Development
CSPCA Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
CSSE Canadian Society for the Study of Education
CSSR Canadian Society for the Study of Religion
CSTD Canadian Society for Training and Development
CST Canadian Society for Transplantation
CSUG Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas
CSAM Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine
CSAE Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering
CSA Canadian Society of Agronomy
CSAS Canadian Society of Animal Science
CSAE Canadian Society of Association Executives
CSBS Canadian Society of Biblical Studies
CSCS Canadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons
CSCMA Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
CSCH Canadian Society of Church History
CSC Canadian Society of Cinematographers
CSCC Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists
CSCS Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries
CSCB Canadian Society of Customs Brokers
CSEB Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists
CSEP Canadian Society Of Exercise Physiology
CSFS Canadian Society of Forensic Science
CSGNA Canadian Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates
CSHP Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists
CSI Canadian Society of Immigration
CSIC Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants
CSIE Canadian Society of Industrial Engineers
CSLT Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists
CSLA Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
CSM Canadian Society of Microbiologists
CSOT Canadian Society of Orthopaedic Technologists
CSPS Canadian Society of Patristic Studies
CSPG Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
CSPP Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists
CSPS Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons
CSRT Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists
CSRP Canadian Society of Russian Philately
CSSE Canadian Society of Safety Engineers
CANSTAT Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
CSTA Canadian Society of Technical Agriculturalists
CSTA Canadian Society of Technical Analysts
CST Canadian Society of Telehealtlh
CSVA Canadian Society of Value Analysis
CSVT Canadian Society of Vascular Technology
CSAA Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association
CSDA Canadian Soft Drink Association
CSP Canadian Softwood Plywood
CSTSC Canadian Soil Thin Section Collection
CSC Canadian Somali Congress
CSA Canadian Space Agency
CESC Canadian Space Agency Engineering Support Center
CSEW Canadian Space Exploration Workshop
CSRS Canadian Spatial Reference System
CSCA Canadian Special Crops Association
CSP Canadian Specialists Program
CSRA Canadian Speedway Racing Association
CSSBI Canadian Spencer Stuart Board Index
CSRO Canadian Spinal Research Organization
CSAA Canadian Sport Aeroplane Association
CSCO Canadian Sport Centre Ontario
CSFL Canadian Sport Fishing League
CSPA Canadian Sport Parachuting Association
CSTA Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
CSTC Canadian Sports Tourism Coalition
CSB Canadian Staff Band
CSDA Canadian Stamp Dealers Association
CSN Canadian Stamp News
CCDC Canadian Standard Construction Document
CSF Canadian Standard Freeness
CSQC Canadian Standard on Quality Control
CSPC Canadian Standard Product Code
CSTF Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness
CSA Canadian Standards Association
CSIRA Canadian Steel Industry Research Association
CSPA Canadian Steel Producers Association
CSAS Canadian Stock Assessment Secretariat
CSSC Canadian Strategic Software Consortium
CSRA Canadian Street Rod Association
CSN Canadian Stroke Network
CSAA Canadian Student Affairs Association
CSPG Canadian Study of Parliament Group
CASAP Canadian Submarine Acquisition Program
CSI Canadian Sugar Institute
CSCSC Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council
CSTA Canadian Surface Transportation Administration
CSRC Canadian Survey Research Council
CSWS Canadian Sustainability and Water Solutions
CSBA Canadian Swedish Business Association
CSN Canadian Syringomyelia Network
CSSC Canadian System of Soil Classification
CSSC Canadian System Security Centre
CTFA Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations
CTSA Canadian Table Soccer Association
CTAF Canadian Tactical Assault Force
CTSA Canadian Tamil Sports Association
CANTYD Canadian Tamil Youth Development
CTFPHE Canadian Task Force on the Periodic Health Examination
CTF Canadian Tax Foundation
CTF Canadian Taxpayers Federation
CTF Canadian Teachers’ Federation
CFT Canadian Teachers’ Federation
CTAA Canadian Technical Asphalt Association
CTEN Canadian Technical Employment Network
CTSC Canadian Technical Security Conference
CTTI Canadian Technical Trades Institute
CTAB Canadian Technology Accreditation Board
CTN Canadian Technology Network
CTS Canadian Technology Satellite
CTCA Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association
CTCP Canadian Telecommunications Cyber Protection
CTEA Canadian Telecommunications Employees’ Association
CTRA Canadian Telecommunications Resellers Alliance
CTC Canadian Telephone Company
CTF Canadian Television Fund
CTV Canadian Television Network
CTN Canadian Television Network
CALL-TO-ACTION Canadian Telework Association
CTA Canadian Telework Association
CTEM Canadian Terrestrial Ecosystem Model
CTBC Canadian Thamil Broadcasting Corporation
CALL-TO-ACTION Canadian Theatre Agreement
CTA Canadian Theatre Agreement
CTS Canadian Theological Society
CTSA Canadian Theological Students’ Association
CTRA Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association
CTS Canadian Thoracic Society
CT Canadian Tire
CTAL Canadian Tire Acceptance Limited
CTC Canadian Tire Corporation
CTFS Canadian Tire Financial Services
CTRG Canadian Tissue Residue Guideline
CTMC Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers’ Council
CTCC Canadian Touring Car Championship
CTC Canadian Tourism Commission
CTRI Canadian Tourism Research Institute
CTSA Canadian Tourism Satellite Account
CTI Canadian Trade Index
CNQ Canadian Trading & Quotation System Inc.
CTCP Canadian Traditional Conservative Party
CTC Canadian Transport Commission
CALL-TO-ACTION Canadian Transportation Agency
CTA Canadian Transportation Agency
CTEA Canadian Transportation Equipment Association
CTRF Canadian Transportation Research Forum
CTRG Canadian Transportation Research Gateway
CTT Canadian Transportation Tribunal
CTSN Canadian Traumatic Stress Network
CTS Canadian Treasure Seekers
CTAF Canadian Trial of Atrial Fibrillation
CALL-TO-ACTION Canadian Trotting Association
CTA Canadian Trotting Association
CUC Canadian Ultimate Championships
CUPA Canadian Ultimate Players Association
CUSEC Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference
CUSC Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium
CUGA Canadian Underwater Games Association
CUMA Canadian Underwater Mine Apparatus
CUMA Canadian Underwater Mine Countermeasures Apparatus
CUL Canadian Underwriters Laboratory
CUTE Canadian Union of Transportation Employees
CUC Canadian Unitarian Council
CUC Canadian University College
CUD Canadian University in Dubai
CUP Canadian University Press
CUPID Canadian University Projects in International Development
CUSG Canadian University Science Games
CUSO Canadian University Services Organization
CUSO Canadian University Services Overseas
CUSID Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate
CUSEC Canadian University Software Engineering Conference
CUTHE Canadian University Teachers of Home Economics
CUTS Canadian University Travel Service
CUHA Canadian Unlimited Hydroplane Association
CUFOA Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association
CUFN Canadian Urban Forest Network
CUI Canadian Urban Institute
CUMA Canadian Urban Music Awards
CURE Canadian Urban Research on the Environment
CUTA Canadian Urban Transit Association
CUMA Canadian Urethane Manufacturers’ Association
CUA Canadian Urological Association
CVAA Canadian Vascular Access Association
CVMA Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association
CVSA Canadian Vehicle Safety Alliance
CVCA Canadian Venture Capital Association
CDNX Canadian Venture Exchange
CVTI Canadian Vessel Training Institute
CVMA Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
CVCC Canadian Videotext Consultative Committee
CVVA Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association
CVTA Canadian Ving Tsun Academy
CVRS Canadian Vintage Radio Society
CVA Canadian Vintners Association
CVA Canadian Virtual Airlines
CVAN Canadian Virtual Assistant Network
CVA Canadian Virtual Assistants
CVU Canadian Virtual University
CVCF Canadian Voice Care Foundation
VOW Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
CVFSA Canadian Volunteer Fire Service Association
CWM Canadian War Museum
CWJ Canadian Wargamers Journal
CWHM Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
CWN Canadian Water Network
CWQA Canadian Water Quality Association
CWQG Canadian Water Quality Guidelines
CWRA Canadian Water Resources Association
CWRJ Canadian Water Resources Journal
CWEC Canadian Weather for Energy Calculations
CWSS Canadian Weed Science Society
CWA Canadian Welding Association
CWB Canadian Welding Bureau
CWB Canadian Western Bank
CWRS Canadian Western Red Spring
CWI Canadian Whale Institute
CWB Canadian Wheat Board
CWBA Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association
CWDA Canadian Wholesale Drug Association
CWF Canadian Wildlife Federation
CWS Canadian Wildlife Service
CWI Canadian Wine Institute
CWEA Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards
CWEN Canadian Women Economists Network
CWC Canadian Women In Communications
CWON Canadian Women of Note
CWC Canadian Wood Council
CWGHR Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation
CWR Canadian Wrestling Revolution
CWF Canadian Wushu Federation
CYA Canadian Yachting Association
CYTR Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Rescue
CYBA Canadian Yoseikan Budo Association
CYA Canadian Youth Assembly
CYBA Canadian Youth Business Association
CYF Canadian Youth Foundation
CZN Canadian Zinc Corporation
CZCA Canadian Zionist Cultural Association
CZFS Canadian Zionist Federation
CZF Canadian Zionist Federation
CDN Canadian/Canada
CBI Canadian-Born Indian
CBEC Canadian-British Engineering Consultants
CCFA Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association
CCPT Canadian-Cuban Projects Team
CHW Canadian-Hadassah-WIZO
CNRD Canadian-International Nurse Researcher Database
CAPP Canadians Advocating Political Participation
CGM Canadians for a Genocide Museum
CILR Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights
CLF Canadians for Language Fairness
CRASH Canadians for Responsible and Safe Highways
CSA Canadians for Safe Access
CSSD Canadians for Safe and Sober Driving
CTF Canadians for Tax Fairness
CCS Center for Canadian Studies
CCLB Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks
CCCA Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art
CEECT Centre for Editing Early Canadian Texts
CCMC Certificate in Canadian Marketing Communications
CCVA Certified Canadian Virtual Assistant
CCCF Children of Chernobyl Canadian Fund
CCCOPS Chinese Canadian Culture Online Project
CCHF Chinese Canadian Heritage Fund
CCMMS Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society
CCNC Chinese Canadian National Council
CBC Chinese-Born Canadian
CCB Clearly Canadian Beverage
CCCC Colombian Canadian Chamber of Commerce
CCAC Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils
CCCP Confederation of Canadian Chinese Professionals
CCU Confederation of Canadian Unions
CCWO Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations
CCA Council of Canadian Academies
CCCYCA Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations
COC Council of Canadians
CCD Council of Canadians with Disabilities
CCR Cross Canadian Ragweed
CCEE Cumulative Canadian Exploration Expenses
DCU Democratic Canadian Union
DHC Department of Canadian Heritage
DCB Dictionary of Canadian Biography
DCU Directory of Canadian Universities
DMCC Driftmania Canadian Championship
DCA Dutch Canadian Association
ECOLOGY Early Canadiana Online
ECO Early Canadiana Online
ECD Eastern Canadian District
ECNPA Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association
ECAO Eritrean Canadian Association of Ontario
ECC European Canadian Connection
ENCS European Network for Canadian Studies
FACT Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils
FCA Federation of Canadian Archers
FCA Federation of Canadian Artists
FCIDB Federation of Canadian Independent Deposit Brokers
FCM Federation of Canadian Municipalities
FCN Federation of Canadian Naturists
FECA Federation of Ethio-Canadian Associations
FPCBP Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business and Professionals
FCIA Fellow of Canadian Institute of Actuaries
FCAHS Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
FCAH Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy
FCAMT Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy
FCBA Fellow of the Canadian Bankers Association
FCCM Fellow of the Canadian College of Microbiologists
FCSI Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute
FCSLA Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
FRCGS Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society
FCIM Fellow, Canadian Institute of Management
FCAR Filipino Canadian Association of Ryerson
FCFI First Canadian Funds, Inc.
FCWE Foundation of Canadian Women Entrepreneurs
FACT Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent
CF French Canadian
FCGW French Canadian/Acadian Genealogists of Wisconsin
FCGSC French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut
FOCB Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
FCB Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
FCCR Friends of Canadian Cyclocross Racers
GCY German-Canadian Yearbook
GCAS Great Canadian Artist Series
GCBEC Great Canadian Beaver Eating Contest
GCGC Great Canadian Gaming Corporation
GCOS Great Canadian Oil Sands Limited
GCRC Great Canadian Railtour Company
GCR Great Canadian Rebates
GCRR Great Canadian River Race
GCW Great Canadian Wrestling
GCI Guides to Canadian Industry
GCFC Guild of Canadian Film Composers
HCU Hariri Canadian University
HCC Hellenic Canadian Congress
HCLA Hellenic Canadian Lawyers’ Association
HMCS Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship
HMCS Her/His Majesty’s Canadian Ship
HCNLP Hollinger Canadian Newspapers, Limited Partnership
HCL Home of Canadian Lotteries
HCCC Hungarian – Canadian Chamber of Commerce
ICBA Indo-Canadian Business Association
ICB Institute of Canadian Bankers
ICCA Institute of Canadian Certified Auctioneers
ICSS International Canadian Skills Search LP
ICCS International Council for Canadian Studies
ICCS International Council for Canadian Studies
ICCA Iranian Canadian Cultural Association
ICCANB Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick
JCA Jamaican Canadian Association
JCCC Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
JCPT Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology
JCS Journal of Canadian Studies
JCDA Journal of the Canadian Dental Association
JCAR Junior Canadian Auto Racing
JCRP Junior Canadian Rangers Programme
KCSA Kentucky-Canadian Studies Association
KBC Korean Born Canadian
KCCA Korean-Canadian Children’s Association
LCP League of Canadian Poets
LCCC Lebanese-Canadian Coordinating Council
LCSLT Licentiate of the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists
MFFC Markham Federation of Filipino Canadians
MCP Member of Canadian Parliament
MCIP Member, Canadian Institute of Planners
MCCF Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie
MICBA Mississauga Italian Canadian Benevolent Association
MCL Movement for Canadian Literacy
MOCCA Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
MCC Muslim Canadian Congress
NCCC National Congress of Chinese Canadian
NCCS Nepalese Canadian Community Services
NCCYS New Canadian Children and Youth Study
NCL New Canadian Library
NCWO New Canadian World Order
COMBINATION No Canadian Rights
NCR No Canadian Rights
OCSR Ohio Canadian Studies Roundtable
OFC Old Fine Canadian
OCCA Ontario Chinese Canadian Association
OCFP Oregon-Canadian Forest Products
OCSM Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians
PCAP Pan-Canadian Assessment Program
PCII Pan-Canadian Innovations Initiative
PV Perfect Vision Inc. (private Canadian information-based corporation)
PCLA Polish Canadian Librarians Association
PCLA Portuguese Canadian Lawyers Association
PCCHA Premiers Council on Canadian Health Awareness
PACT Professional Association of Canadian Theatres
PACT Progressive Allied Canadian Technologies
POLCR Promoters of Liberian and Canadian Relationship Inc.
PTBC Proud to Be Canadian
QFP Quebec French Canadian Founder Population
RCLS Real Canadian Liquor Store
RCS Real Canadian Superstore
RNIC Recommended Nutrient Intakes for Canadians
RCRT Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist
RCA Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
RCACC Royal Canadian Air Cadet Corps
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Farce
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAC Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
RCACC Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
RCAC Royal Canadian Army Cadets
RCA Royal Canadian Artillery
RCAA Royal Canadian Artillery Association
RCAC Royal Canadian Cadets
RCCO Royal Canadian College of Organists
RCDC Royal Canadian Dental Corps
RCD Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCE Royal Canadian Engineers
RCFA Royal Canadian Field Artillery
RCH Royal Canadian Hussars
RCIC Royal Canadian Infantry Corps
RCI Royal Canadian Institute
RCL Royal Canadian Legion
RCMI Royal Canadian Military Institute
RCM Royal Canadian Mint
RCMB Royal Canadian Mounted Breaks
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCN Royal Canadian Navy
RCMVR Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve
RCR Royal Canadian Regiment
RCRA Royal Canadian Riding Academy
RCSCC Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps
RCSC Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
RACS Russian Association for Canadian Studies
SCO Senior Canadian Officer
SFCA Senior Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists
SERCA Service Canadian
SCNC Slovak Canadian National Council
SCWIST Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
SCNC Somali Canadian National Congress
SCCM Specialist, Canadian College of Microbiologists
SCE State of the Canadian Environment
SCNM Stentor Canadian Network Management
SCCA Student Canadian Chiropractic Association
SCAPE Study of Cultural Adaptations in the Canadian Prairie Ecozone
SAPACCY Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth
SINC Survey on the Importance of Nature to Canadians
SCCC Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce
TCCS Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society
TCTCU Taiwanese Canadian Toronto Credit Union, Ltd.
ACUC The American Canadian Underwater Certifications, Inc.
TCE The Canadian Encyclopedia
TCCB Training Centre for Canadian Bankers
TVX TSX Venture Exchange (Canadian stock market)
UCC Ukrainian Canadian Congress
UCC Ukrainian Canadian Council
UCAS Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
UCAS United Canadian American States
VAUD Van Dam Specialized Canadian Revenues Catalog
VOLUNTEER Van Dam Specialized Canadian Revenues Catalog
VD Van Dam Specialized Canadian Revenues Catalog
VT-FCGS Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society
VOCA View on Canadian Art
WCAN Western Canadian Amateur National Motocross Championships
WCABP Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners
WCASP Western Canadian Association of Swine Practitioners
WCBLS Western Canadian Baseball League
WCBI Western Canadian Bible Institute
WCBG Western Canadian Blacksmiths Guild
WCCSD Western Canadian Centre of Studies in Deafness
WCIRR Western Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery
WCIC Western Canadian Insulator Collectors
WCMA Western Canadian Music Alliance
WCMA Western Canadian Music Awards
WCMW Western Canadian Music Week
WCPA Western Canadian Philosophical Association
WCRG Western Canadian Robot Games
WCRA Western Canadian Romani Alliance
WEAPON Western Canadian Select
WCS Western Canadian Select
WCSS Western Canadian Spill Services Ltd
WCVSA Western Canadian Veterinary Students Association
WCWA Western Canadian Watercross Association
WICSA Western Indo-Canadian Students’ Association
WMCR Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
WCMF Windsor Canadian Music Festival
WCID Winspear Canadian Industry Database
WGA World Canadian Bureau
XCL Xbox Canadian Live
YACC Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches
YCN Young Canadian Naturists