Certification Abbreviations


The act and result of certifying is called certification. The verb certify, refers to affirming that something is true or that it is confirmed. A certification is, therefore, a document that guarantees the truth of an event or event.

For example: “The municipal government has granted certification to those who have completed the food handling course”, “We are trying to obtain a certification for our organic products”, “This beach has a special certification for the quality of its environment”.

Normally, a certification is granted by an entity that studies and confirms compliance with certain requirements, which allow access to the recognition in question. The entity shall maintain independence from the organization or person it audits.

Suppose that an international association grants a certification to food producers that do not use agrochemicals or polluting substances in their processes. If a company that sells canned food wants to access this certification, it must undergo an audit so that the entity granting the recognition can confirm that the company does not use these elements. Once ratified, the company can obtain certification in this aspect.

The American Recording Industry Association (RIAA), to mention a real and concrete case , grants a certification of records sold according to the number of albums sold by an artist. Depending on the number reached, you can award an Other Disc , Platinum Disc and Multi-Platinum Disc. Elvis Presley is the artist with the most RIAA certifications.

Certification Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Certification

ACVREP Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals
ACB Accepted Certification Body
AECO Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization
AMSC Accredited Management System Certification
ACCOUNTING ACNM Certification Council
ACCESSORY ACNM Certification Council
ACC ACNM Certification Council
ARCC Actualisation Resource Counselling & Certification
ARCC Actualisation Resource Counselling Certification
AACT Advanced Application Certification Testing
AACTS Advanced Application Certification Testing
ACE Advanced Certification Equipment
AGC Advanced Graduate Certification
APMC Advanced Project Management Certification
ARCC African Regional Certification Commission
ANCE Agence Nationale de Certification Électronique
ACCA Agricultural Commodities Certification Association
AOCM Air Operators Certification Manual
AWC Air Worthiness Certification
ACB Aircraft Certification Board
ACD Aircraft Certification Directorate
ACFO Aircraft Certification Field Office
ACMT Aircraft Certification Management Team
ACO Aircraft Certification Office
ACOS Aircraft Certification Office Subsystem
ACPL Aircraft Certification Policy Letter
ACRP Aircraft Certification Regulatory Program
AIR Aircraft Certification Service
ACSEP Aircraft Certification Systems Evaluation Program
ACM Airport Certification Manual
ACSI Airport Certification Safety Inspector
ACS Airport Certification Specification
ALECP Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program
ACE Airshow Certification Evaluator
AFLCA Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association
ALC Alien Labor Certification
AC Alternative Certification
ACP Alternative Certification Program
ASPC Alternative Secondary Path to Certification
ABBC American Bankruptcy Board of Certification
ALPHABET American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
ABC American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics
ABTC American Board for Tarot Certification
ABTC American Board for Transplant Certification
ACAC American Council for Accredited Certification
ANCB American Naturopathic Certification Board
ANACS American Numismatic Association Certification Service
AOTCB American Occupational Therapy Certification Board
ARCB American Reflexology Certification Board
ATCB American Telecommunications Certification Body, Inc.
ATCB Animal Technician Certification Board
ACCOUNTING Annual Compliance Certification
ACCESSORY Annual Compliance Certification
ACC Annual Compliance Certification
APTC Annual Proficiency Testing and Certification program
ACP Application Certification Process
AFC Application for Certification
ACLB Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board
ACS Approved Certification Scheme
ACCOUNTING Aquaculture Certification Council
ACCESSORY Aquaculture Certification Council
ACC Aquaculture Certification Council
AIC Army Interoperability Certification
ACMSIGCSE Association for Computer Machinery with Special Interest in General Certification of Secondary Education
ALPHABET Association of Boards of Certification
ABC Association of Boards of Certification
ABCB Association of British Certification Bodies
AICCP Association of the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals
ACACA Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities
AFCS Australian Forest Certification Scheme
ACO Authorized Certification Official
ACS Automatic Certification System
ACER Aviation Certification
ACIO Aviation Certification and Interoperability Office
BTCC Bankers Training Certification Center
BTCS BCAB Trainer Certification Scheme (Birmingham, England, UK)
BCCA Belgian Construction Certification Association
BCIA Biofeedback Certification Institute of America
BINC Bioinformatics National Certification Examination
BCG Board for Certification of Genealogists
BCPO Board of Certification for Professional Organizers
BCEM Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine
BEAC Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications
BOTEC Board of Teacher Education and Certification
BCA Bridge Certification Authority
BTCL Bureau of Tariffs, Certification and Licensing
BVC Bureau Veritas Certification
CEC Cadre Européen des Certifications
CACCF Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation
CACB Canadian Architectural Certification Board
CAVCO Canadian Audio Visual Certification Office
CCPC Canadian Council of Professional Certification
CCHC Canadian Council on Homeopathic Certification
CIVIL Canadian Counsellor Certification
CCC Canadian Counsellor Certification
CHTWPCP Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program
COCC Canadian Organic Certification Co-operative Ltd.
CHECS Cattle Health Certification Standards
CCPR Center for Certification Preparation and Review
CBFC Central Board of Film Certification
CEEC Centre d’Evaluation, d’Expertise et de Certification
CMACO Certificate Management Aircraft Certification Office
CERT Certificate/Certification of Eligibility
CERT Certification
CA Certification Acceptance
CNCA Certification Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China
CAPACITY Certification Agency Program
CAP Certification Agency Program
CA Certification Agent
CAN Certification Analysis Network
CARS Certification and Accreditation Repository System
CAST Certification and Accreditation Support Tool
CCE Certification and Continuing Education
CQC Certification and Qualification Committee
CAR Certification Approval Report/Request
CA Certification Authority
CAW Certification Authority Workstation
CBMT Certification Board for Music Therapists, Inc
CBNS Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists
CBSPD Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution, Inc.
CBNC Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
CB Certification Bodies
CB Certification Body
CCMS Certification Candidate Management System
CCHIT Certification Commission for Health Information Technology
CCHIT Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology
CC Certification Cube
CDS Certification Data Sheet
CD Certification Division
CLH Certification en Logistique Humanitaire
CEPN Certification Examination for Practical and Vocational Nurses
CLTM Certification Examination in Long Term Monitoring
CEOE Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators
CESI Certification Exhaust System Inspector
CE Certification Extension
CFS Certification Feasibility Study
CCE Certification for Clinical Engineers
CHCE Certification for Home Care and Hospice Executives
CST Certification for Sustainable Tourism
CCCN Certification in Chiropractic Clinical Neurology
CCSA Certification in Control Self-Assessment
CCRN Certification In Critical Care Nursing
CHRC Certification in Healthcare Research Compliance
CMM Certification in Meeting Management
COMT Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy
CIPE Certification in Plumbing Engineering
CCFP Certification in the College of Family Physicians
CONTROL Certification in Transportation & Logistics Program
CTL Certification in Transportation & Logistics Program
CIS Certification Information Service
CICF Certification Initiale de Compétence en Français
CI Certification Inspection
CIDD Certification Interface Definition Document
CMCC Certification Maintenance Coordination Committee
CMR Certification Maintenance Report
CMB Certification Management Board
CCBP Certification of China Banking Professional
CCCA Certification of Clinical Competence – Audiology
CCA Certification of Compliance Agreement
COCC Certification of Contract Compliance
CDMS Certification of Disability Management Specialists
COFR Certification Of Flight Readiness
CERP Certification of Hazardous Materials Packaging
COMMAND Certification of Officials for Mixed Martial Arts National Development
COP Certification of Process
COQ Certification of Qualification
CALL-TO-ACTION Certification of Territorial Authority
CTA Certification of Territorial Authority
CPIC Certification Package for Internal Controls
COPILOT Certification Path
CP Certification Path
CPS Certification Practice Statement and Subscription Agreement
CPN Certification Program Notification
CPP Certification Program Plan
CRB Certification Record Brief
CRF Certification Report of Findings
CR Certification Requirement
CRI Certification Requirements Index
CRR Certification Requirements Review
CRB Certification Review Board
CRC Certification Review Committee
CRI Certification Review Items
CRS Certification Review Series
CR Certification Revocation
CSP Certification Service Provider
CSR Certification Status Report
CSD Certification Supporting Document
CS-1 Certification Survey
CS Certification Survey
CS-5 Certification Survey
CSP Certification Survey Plan
CT Certification Test
CTN Certification Test Network
CTP Certification Test Plan
CTPR Certification Test Procedure
CTS Certification Test Suite
CT Certification Testing
CTPP Certification Training Program Plan
CVO Certification Validating Office
CWG Certification Working Group
CSET Certification, Standardization, and Evaluation Team
COE Certification/Certificate of Equivalency
CRB Certification/Registration Body
CSTECB Certified Software Test Engineer Certification Board
CECR Change Entry Certification Record
CCIC China Certification and Inspection Company
CIVIL China Compulsory Certification
CCC China Compulsory Certification
CQC China Quality Certification Center
CCST Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma
CNCB Clinical Nutrition Certification Board
CMCB Colorado Metropolitan Certification Board
CSIC Combat System Installation Certification
CCCA Comite Canadien de Certification en Architecture
CEFRI Comité Français de Certification des Entreprises pour la Formation du Personnel Travaillant Sous Rayonnements Ionisants
CCMC Commission for Case Manager Certification
CCGP Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy
COC Commission on Certification
CHCC Commission on Health Care Certification
CRCC Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification
CAPC Committee on Advanced Professional Certification
CAC Committee on Athletics Certification
CCA Common Certification Authority
CCL Communication Certification Laboratory
CCP Communication Certification Program
CCCP Comp Completion Certification Petition
CCA Compliance Certification Application
CCP Compliance Certification Program
CCP Computer Certification Project
CPCP Computer Program Certification Panel
CCEE Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment
CCB Connecticut Certification Board, Inc.
CTAC Consolidated Test And Certification
CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme
COC Continuance of Certification
CCR Continuing Certification Requirement
CIVIL Continuity of Care Certification
CCC Continuity of Care Certification
CCR Continuous Certification Requirement
CPCP Contractor Performance Certification Program
CLTC Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc.
CCVA Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
CFCC Council for Clinical Certification
CCNA Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists
CHC Council on Homeopathic Certification
CRNA Council on Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists
CSCA Country Signer Certification Authority
CRCB Court Reporters Certification Board
CIC Crane Institute Certification
CCB Credential Certification Board
CRC Credit Risk Certification
CIVIL Curricula and Certification Council
CCC Curricula and Certification Council
CCL Custom Certification Laboratory
CEC Customer Equipment Certification
CSC Customer Systems Certification
CCP Cutter Certification Plan
CSCM Cutter Specific Certification Matrix
DMSC Data and Measurement Systems Certification
DCIC Data Cabling Installer Certification
DUC Data Use Certification
DVCS Data Validation and Certification Server Protocols
DITSCAP Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DFC Departement Formation et Certification
SARM Department for Standardization, Metrology and Certification
DCR Design Certification Review
DCTP Developmental Certification Test Plan
DCT Developmental Certification Testing
DFCB Digital Forensics Certification Board
DSCT Digital Skills Certification Test
DECC Direction des Examens, des Concours et de la Certification
DCF DOCS Certification Facility
DSCA Document Signer Certification Authority
DITSCAP DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DCF DSCS Certification Facility
EBCI E-Business Certification Institute
ECS Educator Certification System
ECRT Effort Certification and Reporting Technology
ECSU Electrical Certification Support Unit
EECMB Electrical Equipment Certification Management Board
EECS Electrical Equipment Certification Service
EPCI Electronic Payment Certification Institute
EPCM Electronic Postal Certification Mark
ECCB Electronics Components Certification Board, Inc.
ECAR Eligibility and Certification Approval Report
ETPC Eligible Training Provider Certification
EVOC Emergency Vehicle Operator Certification
ENCE EnCase Certification
ECOLOGY Engine Certification Office
ECO Engine Certification Office
EOLCS Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System
ECR Engineering Certification Request
EMCF Engineering Management Certification Fundamentals
EMCI Engineering Management Certification International
ESSC Enhanced Services System Certification
EOCP Environmental Operators Certification Program
EPCC Environmental Protection Certification Company, Inc.
ECI Equipment Certification Instruction
ECR Equipment Certification Request
EGCA Estonian Grid Certification Authority
ECB Eurodocsis Certification Board
EMCI European Maritime Certification Institute
EOTC European Organization for Testing and Certification
ESCAA European Seed Certification Agencies Association
ETCOM European Testing for Certification of Office and Manufacturing Equipment
ECA Examination, Certification and Analysis
EDC Executive Director for Certification
ECA External Certification Authority
FEC Faculty Effort Certification
FEAC Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification
FCCP Feeder Calf Certification Program
FOIC Fiber Optics Installer Certification
FPC Firewall Product Certification
FRCP Fleet Readiness Certification Board
FCT Flight Certification Test
FCB Florida Certification Board
FTCE Florida Teacher Certification Examination
FSMCE Food Safety Manager Certification Examination
FLCU Foreign Labor Certification Unit
FC Full Certification
FIC Full Installation Certification
FCT Functional Certification Test
FPC Fundamental Payroll Certification
CGCM Generic Cutter Certification Matrix
GACE Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators
GSEC GIAC Security Essentials Certification
GCF Global Certification Forum
GIAC Global Information Assurance Certification
GSC Gold Seal Certification
GCAR Government Certification Approval Request
GSCT Government Security Certification Test
GPC Grant Professional Certification
GPCI Grant Professional Certification Institute
GBCI Green Building Certification Institute
GGCP Green Gardener Certification Program
GLCP Green Lodging Certification Program
GCF Gsm Certification Forum
GOC Guidance on Certification
HSSC Harmonised System of Survey and Certification
HCA Helideck Certification Agency
HCCO HIPAA Conformance Certification Organization
HRCI Human Resource Certification Institute
HCT Hyundai Calibration & Certification Technologies Co Ltd
IPSC Independent Personal Services Certification Form
IPQC Independent Product Quality Certification
ITCC Independent Testing and Certification Company Ltd
IACRB Information Assurance Certification Review Board
ICEP Information Certification Evaluation Plan
ITAC Information Technology Architect Certification
ITCSC Information Technology Certification Security Council
ITSC Information Technology Specialist Certification
IACS Information, Assurance & Certification Services
INCC Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation
IRFC Initial Regulatory Flexibility Certification
ITEC Initial Transport Equipment Certification
ICCP Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals
ICPT Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians
IICRC Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification
ICAT Integration, Certification and Accreditation
ICELAND Interface Certification
IC Interface Certification
ICT Interface Certification Test
IACCTT International Association for Certification in Coaching, Training and Therapy
ICRC International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium
ICC International Certification Commission
ICS International Certification Services, Inc.
ICCP International Conformity Certification Program
STCW International Convention of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers
STCW International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers
IDECC International Distance Education Certification Center
ISC2 International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.
ITACS International Testing and Certification Services
IWCCI International Window Cleaner Certification Institute
IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification
ICII Internet Certification Institute International
ICC Interoperability Certification Committee
ICEP Interoperability Certification Evaluation Plan
IAIC Intra-Army Interoperability Certification
IFCI Irish Forest Certification Initiative
CERTICO ISO Committee on Certification
ACP IT Architect Certification Program (Open Group)
JACO Japan Audit and Certification Organization
JCSI Japan Certification Services, Inc.
JCERT Java Technology Certification
JCO Joint Certification Office
JCP Joint Certification Program
JIC Joint Interoperability Certification
JECC Judge Education and Certification Committee
JCI Judges Certification Incorporated
KPCS Kimberly Process Certification Scheme
LCP Labor Certification Program
LECP Lean Enterprise Certification Program
LNCC Legal Nurse Consultant Certified/Certification
LC Limited Certification
LICI Linux Certification Institute
LPC Loss Prevention Certification
LPCB Loss Prevention Certification Board
MOC Maintenance of Certification
MACP Manhole Assessment and Certification Program
MTC Manual Therapy Certification
MCDR Material Certification Design Review
MCS Material Certification System
MSCR Material Systems Certification Requirements
MCGP Meat Certification and Grading Program
MGCB Meat Grading and Certification Branch
MDC Medical Device Certification GmbH
MDCB Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board
MROCC Medical Review Officer Certification Council
MSNCB Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board
MMACS Medicare and Medicaid Automated Certification Survey
MTTC Michigan Teacher Test for Certification
MTTC Michigan Test for Teacher Certification
MUCP Michigan Unified Certification Program
MRCI Mine Readiness Certification Inspection
MCS Mining Certification Service
MRCS Mission Readiness Certification System
MACCE Missouri Advisory Council of Certification for Educators
MECP Mobile Electronics Certification Program
MACC Modified Airworthiness Certification Criteria
NABOB National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies
NACB National Accreditation of Certification Bodies
NAAC National Association for Alternative Certification
NASDTEC National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification
NBC National Board Certification
NBCTS National Board Certification for Teachers
NBCHIS National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences
NBCOT National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc.
NBCOT National Board for Certification of Orthopedic Technologists
NCAC National Center for Alternative Certification
NCA National Certification Authority
NCBPNP National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
NCBPNP-N National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Nurses
NCC National Certification Corporation for the Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing Specialties
NCC National Certification Council
NCNE National Certification of Network Engineer
NCSE National Certification of Secondary Schools
NCPCCI National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors
NCCP National Coaching Certification Program
NCCA National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists
NCCB National Corvette Certification Board
NCTRC National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification
NCBDC National Council of Building Designer Certification
NCE National Counselor Examination for Licensure & Certification
NDI National Decertification Index
NIACAP National Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process
NICET National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
NIC National Interpreting Certification
NLCP National Laboratory Certification Program
NNCO National Nephrology Certification Organization
NSPCB National School Psychology Certification Board
NSCA-CC National Strength & Conditioning Association Certification Commission
NTCB National Tourism Certification Board
NTCB Natural Therapies Certification Board
NNCC Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission
NMSC Network Management Systems Certification
NFCI Nordic Forest Certification Initiatives
NACP North American Certification Project
NCTRCA North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
NCB Notified Certification Body
NCTS Nuclear Certification Test Set
NCTS Nuclear Certification Test System
NLC Nutrition and Lifestyle Certification
OCT Obligation-Certification Tree
OHFLC Office of Health Facilities and Licensing Certification
OHFLAC Office of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification
OLCR Office of Licensing, Certification, and Regulation
OSDC Office of Small Business & DVBE Certification
OTC Office of Teacher Certification
OPAC Office Proficiency and Assessment Certification
OPAC Office Proficiency Assessment& Certification
OCB Offshore Certification Bureau
OHIC Online Health Informatics Certification
ORCA Online Representations and Certifications Application
OSCAR Online Survey and Certification and Reporting System
OPTC Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification
OECP Operating Engineers Certification Program
OSC Operational Site Certification
OTRC Operational Test Readiness Certification
OCB Operator Certification Board
OCP Oracle Certification Program
OCAM Organic Certification Association of Montana
OAC Original Airworthiness Certification
OPSA OSSTMM Professional Security Analyst (certification; Institute for Security and Open Methodologies)
OPAC Overall Performance Appraisal Certification
PARCA PACS Administrators Registry and Certification Association
PCCP Painting Contractor Certification Programs
PEFC Pan European Forest Certification
PDCA Parcel Description Certification Application
PBCR Pediatric Board Certification and Recertification
PFC Pediatric Feeding Certification Program
PNCB Pediatric Nursing Certification Board
PCB Pennsylvania Certification Board
PCV Performance, Certification, Verification
PCN Personnel Certification in Non-Destructive Testing
PCNC Philippine Council for NGO Certification
PACP Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program
PHAC Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
PSAC Plan for Software Aspects of Certification
PVSCB Pole Vault Safety Certification Board
PCA Policy Certification Authority
PBC Post Baccalaureate Certification
PECP Postnatal Educator Certification Program
PAC Pre-Admission Certification
PFC Preliminary Flight Certification
PIC Preliminary Interface Certification
PPCP Principal Preparation and Certification Program
PC Prior Certification
PIECP Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program
PCBA Privacy Certification for Business Associates
PACC Product Assessment & Certification Center
PCP Product Certification Program
PAC Production Acceptance Certification
PACSS Production Acceptance Certification Standard System
PAACO Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization, Inc.
PCB Professional Certification Board
PCP Professional Certification Program
PM-AND-C Professional Maintenance and Certification
PCRA Program Certification and Resident Assessment
PRCP Program for Renewal of Certification in Pediatrics
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification
PMOC Project Management Office Certification
PSCP Project Specific Certification Plan
PCWCP Public Child Welfare Certification Program
CQA Quality Auditor Certification
QCS Quality Certification Services
QIC Quest International Certification
RCCB Radiology Coding Certification Board
RFIC Readiness for Issue Certification
RTC Reality Therapy Certification
RCS Re-Certification Scheme
ROUTE Recertification Team
RT Recertification Team
RHCT Red Hat Certification Training
RCB Registered Certification Body
RCISS Regulation and Certification Infrastructure for System Safety
RAC Regulatory Affairs Certification
RFPC Request for Product Certification
RACC Research Administrators Certification Council
RCSA Robotics Certification Standards Alliance
SOCA Saskatchewan Organic Certification Association
SLCP School Library Certification Program
SCS Scientific Certification Systems
SOCIETY Scope of Certification
SOC Scope of Certification
SACO Seattle Aircraft Certification Office
SSCE Secondary School Certification Examination
STABLE Securing the Take-Off of Building Energy Certification
SCAP Security Certification and Authorization Package
SCAP Security Certification and Authorization Process
SCL Security Certification Level
SOCIETY Service Officiel de Contrôle et Certification
SOC Service Officiel de Contrôle et Certification
SCAT Ship Certification Acceptance Team
SSCR Shipboard Systems Certification Requirements
SCA Shop Certification Authority
SICTS Site Instructor Certification Training
SSC Six Sigma Certification
SFCA Slovak Forest Certification Association
SWCC Small Wind Certification Corporation
SNCH Société Nationale de Certification et d’Homologation
SCPT Software Certification Process Team
SCT Software Certification Test
SPACE Software Product Advanced Certification and Evaluation
SRCC Solar Rating and Certification Corporation
SCREW Special Certification Review
SCREEN Special Certification Review
SCR Special Certification Review
SCREW Special Certification Roster
SCREEN Special Certification Roster
SCR Special Certification Roster
SOCEX Special Operations Certification Exercise
STQC Standardization, Testing and Quality Certification
STCW Standards for Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping
SBEC State Board for Educator Certification
STCB State Teacher Certification Board
SCVM Stichting Certificering VBO Makelaars (Dutch: Virtual Business Owner Real Estate Agents Certification Foundation)
SPARC Strategic Projection of Airspace Requirements and Certification
SSCB Submarine Safety Certification Boundary
SACAVA Substance Abuse Certification Alliance of Virginia
SSC Subsystem Certification
SLCA Supervisor, Licensing and Certification Administration
SCP Support Center Practices Certification
SFPC Sustainable Forest Products Certification
SSC Switching Systems Certification
SCT System Certification Test
SSCT System/Software Certification Test
SSC Systems and Services Certification
TACC Tailored Airworthiness Certification Criteria
TCBA Tarot Certification Board of America
TCIS Teacher Certification Information System
TCCC Teacher Curricula and Certification Council
TCR Technical Certification Requirements
TIC Technical Interface Certification
TIR Technical Interface Recertification
TCB Telecommunication Certification Body
TCO Telecommunications Certification Officer
TIC Tenant Income Certification
TRACS Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System
TCB Test Certification Board
TEC Test Environment Certification
TTCP Test Training Certification Plan
TCA Testing and Certification Australia
TCL Testing and Certification Laboratory
TIC Testing, Inspection and Certification
ACUC The American Canadian Underwater Certifications, Inc.
TRCB Therapeutic Recreation Certification Board
TLCA Top-Level Certification Authority
TRCI Torpedo Readiness Certification Inspection
TSCP Toy Safety Certification Program
TTCU Trade Testing and Certification Unit
TC Training and Certification
TCAB Training and Certification Advisory Board
TCP Training Certification Plan
TTCP Training, Testing and Certification Program
TSC Transmission Systems Certification
TCIP Trustee Certification of Investment Powers
TRAC Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification Checklist
UDACT Ugra Display Analysis and Certification Tool
UCP Unified Certification Program
UUCP Utah Unified Certification Program
VCA Vehicle Certification Agency
VC Verification & Certification
VOC Verification of Certification
VVC Verification, Validation and Certification
VCCP Voluntary Contractor Certification Program
VPC Voluntary Product Certification
VACATE Vulnerability Assessment Certification
VAC Vulnerability Assessment Certification
WICS Water Industry Certification Scheme
WQC Water Quality Certification
WCBA Welder Certification by Agency
WDCP Wetland Delineator Certification Program
WFRR Wilderness First Responder Recertification
WCE Wind Certification Entity
WWSC Wireless Web Systems Certification
WCB Wisconsin Certification Board
WOC Workshop on Open Certification of Software Testers
WEAPON World Certification Services Ltd
WCS World Certification Services Ltd
YTCC Yoga Teacher Certification Course