Meaning of OEM

What is OEM?

OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM are products manufactured especially for large companies, they are not intended for the final consumer and therefore usually have a cost significantly lower than those found in stores.

Products that have the OEM stamp are sold to specific companies that assemble the final product, such as Dell, HP, Positive etc. Many OEM products do not reach the consumer with the label of the company that produced it, but with the brand that finished the product.
Many people opt for OEM products because they have a differentiated value, but the whole assembly process has to be performed by a reputable company, since the product is not seen in the box, it is already out and installed.

For products to be so cheap, large companies acquire them in large quantities, in addition to having their own licenses for products such as Windows, Office, etc., as well as hardware devices such as motherboards, processors, etc.

OEM Software

There are also the OEM software, which are software that Microsoft sells to computer companies for a much lower price than they sell to end consumers, such as Windows, motherboards etc. These systems reach the consumer when the computer is already in the store with the pre-installed software.

Other Meanings of OEM

Acronym Definition
OEM Object Exchange Model
OEM Occupational and Environmental Medicine
OEM Office of Emergency Management
OEM Office of Enrollment Management
OEM Ohioe Electric Motors
OEM Old Economy Model
OEM On-Equipment Material
OEM Onde Electro-Magnétique
OEM One Europe Magazine
OEM One Eyed Monster
OEM Ontology Engineering & Management
OEM Ontology Engineering Management
OEM Open Ended Market
OEM Open-Ended Mathematics
OEM Operating Expenses & Maintenance
OEM Operating Expenses Maintenance
OEM Operations Engineering Maintenance
OEM Operations, Engineering & Maintenance
OEM Optical Emission Spectroscopy
OEM Optical Equipment Manufacturer
OEM Oracle Enterprise Manager
OEM Orange Engineering & Machine Company, Inc.
OEM Orange Engineering Machine Company Inc
OEM Order Entry Module
OEM Order Every Month
OEM Oregon Emergency Management
OEM Organización Editorial Mexicana
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer/Manufacturing
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturermanufacturing
OEM Original Harley Panhead
OEM Other Equipment Manufacturer
OEM Outboard Exhaust Manifold
OEM Outdoor Environment Media Ltd.
OEM Overseas Export Market
OEM Overtime Eligible Manager