Meaning of POP

What is POP?

Pop is an abbreviation of the word “popular”.

This word can have several senses, and it all depends on how and at what time it is employed.

Pop can be the abbreviation of “popular culture”.
Pop is also a term used to designate a style of music, in particular American music or English-speaking music generally made primarily for commercial purposes.

It also serves as an acronym for “point of presence”, which is a computer and telecommunications term used to characterize points intended to provide non-permanent network connections.

It may also be the acronym for “Persistent Organic Pollutants” (POPs), which are stable compounds in the environment.

Another acronym is for “Post Office Protocol”, which is a protocol used in access to the electronic mailbox.


Pop Art is the English abbreviation for Popular Art, an artistic movement that emerged in the mid-twentieth century.

The goal of pop art is to use and deconstruct the images that belonged to the mass cultures, which are called “pop culture”.


Pop-up  is the term used to designate a window that opens in the Internet browser when accessing a web page.

Other Meanings of POP

Acronym Definition
POP Pacific Ocean Park
POP Package on Package
POP Package-Oriented Programming
POP Pain on Palpation
POP Palestinian Opinion Pulse
POP Parallel Ocean Program
POP Parent Orientation Program
POP Parity of Product
POP Parks Opportunity Program
POP Passing Out Parade
POP Pay One Price
POP Payment on Principal
POP Peak Optical Power
POP Peak Overpressure
POP Pelvic Organ Prolapse
POP Percent of Precipitation
POP Performance Oriented Packaging
POP Period Of Performance
POP Perpendicular to Orbital Plane
POP Persistent Occipitoposterior Position
POP Persistent Organic Pollutant
POP Picture Outside Picture
POP Picture of Performance
POP Picture on Profile
POP Piece Of Paper
POP Piece of Pie
POP Pipeline Outfit, Petroleum
POP Pissed Off Person
POP Place of Performance
POP Placement of Product
POP Planes of Power
POP Plasma Oscillation Probe
POP Plaster of Paris
POP Plenty of Parking
POP Plug-in Optronic Payload
POP Point Of Presence
POP Point Of Purchase
POP Point of Penetration
POP Point of Production
POP Pokémon Organized Play
POP Polar Orbiting Platform
POP Pop From Stack
POP Popular
POP Population
POP Port of Portland
POP Post Office Preferred
POP Post Office Protocol
POP Power Of The Pen
POP Power Optimization Problem
POP Power of Partnership
POP Power of Prayer
POP Power of Prevention
POP Pre-Teens Oppose Prohibition
POP Precision Optical Performance
POP Premium Offset Plan
POP Premium Only Plan
POP Presensitized Offset Plate
POP Prince of Peace
POP Prince of Persia
POP Princess of Power
POP Principal-Only Payment
POP Principles of Partnership
POP Principles of Persuasion
POP Printing-Out Paper
POP Prison Outreach Program
POP Probability of Paternity
POP Probability of Precipitation
POP Problem Oriented Policing
POP Process Operating Procedure
POP Processing of Precursor
POP Processor on Plug-In
POP Prodigies of Peace
POP Professional Options Package
POP Progestogen-Only Pill
POP Program Operating Plan
POP Project Objective Plan
POP Prolyl Oligopeptidase
POP Proof Of Purchase
POP Proof of Performance
POP Proof of Principle
POP Proof of Product
POP Proofs-Of-Principle
POP Proper Operating Procedure
POP Prophets of Profit
POP Protected Outperformance Participation Unit
POP Public Offering Price
POP Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic – La Union
POP Pulsed Optically Pumped
POP Purchase Order Processing
POP Pursuit of Perfection
POP Pustaka-On-Phone
POP Put on Production