Meaning of USD

What is USD?

USD is the acronym for United States Dollar. The dollar is the official currency of the country, but is also used in several countries of the world, in free circulation, and especially as international reserves.
ISO 4217 establishes the three-letter international code for the various currencies. The acronym USD refers to the US dollar, written before the numerical value, to show that that amount is in dollars. The International Monetary Fund refers to the dollar with the acronym US $, an abbreviation that is used outside the United States.

The term dollar comes from thaler, which is the abbreviation for Joachimsthaler, an old silver coin used and which originated what is currently called the dollar. The dollar has already been one of the most used currencies in the world, but currently regulates with the euro in terms of importance. The dollar fluctuates according to the market, and may be both low and high.

The United States has both notes and currency, and any amount less than a dollar, is issued in currency.

USD is also a brand of extreme sports, which manufactures skates.

Other Meanings of USD

Acronym Definition
USD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
USD US Digital
USD Ultranet Storage Director
USD Un-Signed Digit
USD Unallocated Space Descriptor
USD Under Secretary of Defense
USD Underground Storm Drain
USD Unified School District
USD Unified Software Distribution
USD Uniform Symbol Description
USD Union Sanitary District
USD Union Sociale Démocratique
USD Union for Sustainable Development
USD Unit Shutdown
USD Unit Synthetische Drugs
USD United States Dollar
USD Universal Service Directive
USD Universal Share Downloader
USD Universal Skate Design
USD Universal Slave Driver
USD Universal Synchronous Data
USD University of San Diego
USD University of South Dakota
USD Upper Structure Dynamics
USD Upside Down
USD User Systems Diagram
USD Utility Service District