Meaning of WWW

What is WWW?

WWW is the acronym for World Wide Web.

WWW is a hypermedia system, which is the meeting of various media interconnected by electronic communication systems and executed on the Internet, where it is possible to access any website for consultation on the Internet. The literal translation of the world wide web is “web around the world” or “web the size of the world”, and indicates the potentiality of the Internet, able to connect the world, as if it were a web.
The Web works through three parameters: the URL, which specifies the unique address that each page will receive, and how it will be found when users type; HTTP, which is a communication protocol that allows the transfer of information between networks; and HTML, which is a method of encoding information from the Internet, to be displayed in various ways.

History of the Acronym WWW

The Internet was born as a closed network, in the 60s, with the name of Aparnet. Built in US military labs, it served to exchange information between government computers. Only in 1989 the proposal gained the characteristic that we know today with the advent of www (World Wide Web).

WWW: Wai Wai World

WWW stands for Wai Wai World

WWW: Wallace Welch & Willingham Inc.

WWW stands for Wallace Welch & Willingham Inc

WWW: Wann? Wie? Wo?

WWW stands for Wann? Wie? Wo?

Developed by the British physicist Tim Berners-Lee, in the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) labs, www established a standard language for data movement on the network, allowing any computer, anywhere on the planet, to have free access to the virtual world.

Other Meanings of WWW

Acronym Definition
WWW Wai Wai World
WWW Wallace Welch & Willingham Inc.
WWW Wann? Wie? Wo?
WWW Waterproof Wrist Watch
WWW Watson Wyatt Worldwide
WWW Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes
WWW Week Without Walls
WWW Wet Wild & Wicked
WWW What Went Wrong
WWW What Women Want
WWW What a Wonderful World
WWW Who Does What Where Database
WWW Who What Where
WWW Whole Wide World
WWW Wicked Witch of the West
WWW Wicket World Wide
WWW Wide Whitewall
WWW Wiki Wiki Web
WWW Wild Wild West
WWW Wild Wild Westmar Show
WWW Wimachtendienk Wingolauchsik Witahemui
WWW With Warm Wishes
WWW Wolverine World Wide
WWW Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
WWW Women Who Write
WWW Wonderful World of Windows
WWW Woody’s Windows Watch
WWW Word Within the Word
WWW World Weather Watch
WWW World Wide Waiting
WWW World Wide Warehouse
WWW World Wide Web
WWW World Wide Woman
WWW World Wide Worker
WWW World Wide Wow
WWW World Without Windows
WWW WorldWide Writers
WWW Wretched Writers Welcome