What Does PSI Stand for?

PSI is a term which is employed in several areas and therefore its meaning should be seen according to each situation maid. In the Greek alphabet, Psi corresponds to the twenty-third letter Ψ, and whose symbol is recognized as the trident of Poseidon, god of the sea, and is also the symbol of Psychology.

What Does PSI Stand for

What is PSI

In computer science, PSI is the abbreviation of “For Your Information”, being that the original expression in English is For Your Information (FYI). It is widely used in e-mail messages as well as offices with the aim of summarizing the words to send some important information.

As the unit of measure, Psi is the abbreviation of the English term original (pound force per square inch) or pound-force per square inch which is quite employed in the industry in English and in american. Gradually, the acronym is being replaced by Pa (pascal) or by the bar, having in view that the PSI is based on the archaic unit pound of the English system. In this way, one psi is equivalent to 1/14,5 avos a bar, or psi x 14.50368 is equal to 1 bar.

Another element of measure is PSIA (or in English pounds per square inch absolute – pounds per square inch absolute) which is the pressure relative to the vacuum, and it includes the atmospheric pressure. Therefore, 1 atmosphere is equivalent to 14,696 psia (similar to the atmospheric pressure at sea level).

In the economy, the PSI is the same as the “Process of Import Substitution”, which exists since the year 1929. As a model of development, it is characterized by the bottleneck to the external (the fall of the value of exports and the maintenance of internal demand), the devaluation of the exchange rate, among other factors.

Psi for Windows is a model for instant messaging which allows modifications, since the code is open. The communication is done in real-time.

What Does PSI Stand for?
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