What is Dart?

A dart is a weapon that is thrown with the hand in such a way that its tip is key to the target.

What is Dart

Similar to a spear, although smaller in size, the dart features a special design to stay in the air sustainably and with stability. On its tail they usually have feathers or something that confers aerodynamics.

Today it is known as dart to different kinds of projectiles, even those that are thrown through blowguns. The most popular are darts that are used recreationally to throw them towards a target.

In this case, the target is formed with concentric circles to which different scores are assigned. The goal is for the thrown dart to reach the center of the target (which gives the highest score).

What is target

The game of darts can be practiced individually or in teams. The basic rules are for each person to throw three darts per turn at a target with the aim of reaching certain sectors of it and thereby increasing their score. There are variants of this game, depending on the country and region, although one feature that almost all share is that it is not recommended to allow children to manipulate darts or be present in a practice without the supervision of their elders.

By taking back the different types of darts, we can differentiate three large groups: steel-tipped, plastic and blowgun groups. It should be mentioned that each person can take a basic design and modify it at ease if he wishes to enhance some of its properties (such as stability or lightness, for example) or confer new ones.

Steel tip darts are used in the aforementioned game, using the traditional target or hair,which in its first versions was made from camel hair, although today the material used is the pressed sisal, which is obtained from a plant that grows in semi-arid regions and has several commercial applications. The minimum weight of this type of dart is 19 grams, but it can reach 28.

Plastic darts (also called electronics)are lighter than steel-tipped darts. They are used for electronic targets, to minimize the wear they produce on their structure. Its weight is around 17 grams, although some less common models have an even lower weight. The tip of these darts is, as the name implies, plastic.

The darts or with blowgun are very small (they can measure about 2 centimeters long, approximately five times less than the previous two types) and very light, as they must fit in the canute and then be driven blowing from one end of the canute.

It is also called dart to an expression of aggressive or sarcastic content. For example: “In the interview, the singer threw several darts at the owner of the record company”, “The player threw a dart at the coach for his strong training methodology”, “The governor’s dart to the president surprised political analysts”.

Dart,on the other hand, is a masculine proper name shared by various historical characters and personalities. Argentina’s Dardo Rocha (1838–1921) was a political, military, lawyer and diplomat who founded several cities in his country, such as La Plata, Pehuajó and Necochea. Uruguayan Dardo Regules (1887-1961), meanwhile, was a politician who served in the Civic Union of Uruguay.


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