Grand Junction Regional Airport Code

Grand Junction Regional Airport Abbreviation Code

GJT is the abbreviation code for Grand Junction Regional Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, GJT can also mean:

Grand Junction Regional Airport Code

Grand Junction Regional, CO Airport (GJT)

The Grand Junction Regional Airport, also known as the Walker Field is a small airport in the municipality of Mesa County, Colorado.

Grand Junction is popular with tourists, especially in summer, as the city is an ideal starting point for white water rafting on the nationally known Gunnison River, which is feared because of its strong currents and numerous rapids.

The Colorado National Monument is also nearby, an impressive landscape with numerous multi-colored sandstone formations over 600 meters high in the Colorado Plateau, in which there are also 8 other national parks and numerous nature reserves, such as Monument Valley, Slot Canyon or the Barringer Crater.

  • URL: Grand Junction Regional, CO (GJT)
  • Time zone: GMT -7
  • Service phone: +1 970 244-9100
  • Address: Grand Junction Regional Airport, 2828 Walker Field Drive Suite 301, Grand Junction, CO 81506, USA
  • Operator: Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority
  • Parking: Yes, chargeable, short-term and long-term parking
  • How to get there: Take Interstate Highway 70 from Grand Junction towards Palisade to Exit # 31 and look for signs.
  • Train Connections: Take the California Zephyr to Grand Junction Amtrak Station and then either take line # 1 or take a taxi.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.66%), Tuesday (13.37%), Wednesday (13.72%), Thursday (14.74%), Friday (14.66%), Saturday (14.39%), Sunday (14.47%)
  • other spellings: Grand Junction-CO, Walker Field, Гранд Джанкшн (Колорадо), 大 章 克 申 (科罗拉多 州), グ ラ ン ド ジ ャ ン ク シ ョ ン

Most popular destinations from Grand Junction Regional, CO (flights per week)

  1. Denver International Airport, CO (40, 36.04%)
  2. Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport, TX (24, 21.62%)
  3. Salt Lake City International Airport, UT (24, 21.62%)
  4. Phoenix – Sky Harbor International Airport (16, 14.41%)
  5. Las Vegas – McCarran International Airport, NV (3, 2.70%)
  6. Phoenix – Mesa Gateway Airport (2, 1.80%)
  7. Other (1.80%)

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Air Canada (80, 19.37%)
  2. Delta Air Lines (48, 11.62%)
  3. Lufthansa (32, 7.75%)
  4. Alaska Airlines (32, 7.75%)
  5. American Airlines (31, 7.51%)
  6. EVA Airways (28, 6.78%)
  7. British Airways (24, 5.81%)
  8. Iran Air (21, 5.08%)
  9. United Airlines (21, 5.08%)
  10. Air Burkina (21, 5.08%)
  11. Other (18.17%)

The airport is located about 5 kilometers northeast of Grand Junction on Interstate Highway 70. Drivers coming from outside the city should take Interstate Highway 70 from Grand Junction towards Palisade to exit # 31 and then only follow the Directional signs to the airport.

Passengers arriving by train take the “California Zehphyr” to Grand Junction Amtrak Station and then either a taxi or line # 1 of the Grand Valley Transit public transport companyto the airport. Please inquire about the current departure times on site.