Meaning of CPI

What is CPI?

CPI is the acronym for Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, name given to the investigative process led by the Legislative Branch with the objective of investigating certain allegations of irregularities in the public sector.

One of the main functions of the Legislative Branch is precisely to supervise the work performed by the Executive Branch and, if there are suspected infractions, the CPIs are necessary to investigate these cases.
The CPI has only the investigative power, that is, it can not punish or file a criminal action against the accused. However, following the investigations brought by the Commission, a final and conclusive report may be submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to take appropriate measures of punishment against the defendants, if applicable.

According to the text of article 58, paragraph 3, of the Federal Constitution of 1988, “the parliamentary committees of inquiry, which shall have investigative powers of the judicial authorities, in addition to others provided for in the respective house rules, shall be created by the And the Federal Senate, jointly or severally, by request of a third of its members, for the determination of a specific fact and for a certain period, and its conclusions, if appropriate, should be forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, so as to promote the responsibility civil or criminal offense “.

In other words, in order for an ICC to be established, at least one third of the members of the Chamber of Deputies or the Federal Senate must approve it.

The CPIs are also born with a deadline (usually the investigations and debates last for 120 days), however this period can be extended if necessary.

Powers of the CPI

It is worth remembering that the CPI has the same investigative power as a judicial authority, and can perform some actions such as: bank secrecy, tax and data breach, hearing witnesses, investigated and indicted, arraigning, etc.

However, there are some limitations that escape the power granted to the ICC, such as: enact preventive detention, order search and seizure at home, determine the removal of the accused from his position during investigations, etc.


The CPMI is the acronym for the Joint Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, with the same objective of the CPI, but formed within the National Congress, because it unites the wishes of the Chamber of Deputies (with at least one third of the deputies) and the Federal Senate ( with a third of the senators).

It is called the CPI when the manifestation for the opening of a parliamentary investigation process is created within one of the Houses, that is, in the House or Senate.

Other Meanings of CPI

Acronym Definition
CPI Calling Party Identification
CPI Canada Pork International
CPI Capacity, Philanthropy and Interest
CPI Car Position Indicator
CPI Catalytic Products International, Inc.
CPI Cathodyne Phase Inverter
CPI Center for Public Initiatives
CPI Center for Public Integrity
CPI Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology
CPI Centre de Perfectionnement Interprofessionnel
CPI Centre de Plongee d’Illkirch
CPI Centro de Promocao de Investimentos
CPI Certificat Provisoire d’Immatriculation
CPI Certified Pilates Instructor
CPI Certified Plumbing Inspector
CPI Certified Postsecondary Instructor
CPI Certified Professional Installer
CPI Certified Professional Instructor
CPI Certified Property Inspector
CPI Characters Per Inch
CPI Chemical Patents Index
CPI Chemical Process Industries
CPI Chemical and Petroleum Industry
CPI Child Protective Investigator
CPI Chile Pepper Institute
CPI China Philatelic Information
CPI Chip Package Interaction
CPI Choeur Philharmonique International
CPI Chronic Public Inebriate
CPI Church Publishing Incorporated
CPI Cisco Product Identification
CPI Civilian Personnel Instructions
CPI Civilian Personnel Integration
CPI Civilian Police International
CPI Classe Preparatoire Integree
CPI Cleft Palate Isolated
CPI Clock Per Instruction
CPI Cloud Particle Imager
CPI Clutch Pressure Indicator
CPI Coastal Plains Institute
CPI Code Page Information
CPI Code de la Propriete Intellectuelle
CPI Coherent Processing Interval
CPI Colectric Partners, Inc.
CPI Colibria Philippines, Inc.
CPI Collateral Protection Insurance
CPI College Preparatory, Inc.
CPI Columbia Pictures Industries
CPI Combined Paternity Index
CPI Comissao Parlamentar de Inquerito
CPI Command Performance Indicator
CPI Command Performance Inspection
CPI Commence Primary Ignition
CPI Commercial Photographers International
CPI Commercial Properties, Inc
CPI Committee on Public Information
CPI Common Part Indicator
CPI Common Physical Interface
CPI Common Process Integration
CPI Common Programming Interface
CPI Communications Power Industries
CPI Communications Processor and Interface
CPI Communist Party of India
CPI Community Philanthropy Initiative
CPI Company Provided Item
CPI Comparable Performance Indicators
CPI Competition Policy Institute
CPI Compliance Program Implementation
CPI Comprehensive Package Integration
CPI Computer-Processed Interpretation
CPI Computer-to-PBX Interface
CPI Conan Properties International
CPI Concrete Pipe Institute
CPI Conditional Priority Inheritance
CPI Congo Peace Initiative
CPI Consolidated Pipeline Inc.
CPI Construction Pollution Index
CPI Consumer Policy Institute
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPI Continental Pole of Inaccessibility
CPI Continual Process Improvement
CPI Continuity Programs, Inc.
CPI Continuous Process Improvement
CPI Continuous Product Innovation
CPI Contractor Performance Inspection
CPI Contractor Preliminary Inspection
CPI Control Products, Inc.
CPI Cooperative Preschool Inventory
CPI Core Price Inflation
CPI Corn Products International
CPI Corrugated Plate Interceptor
CPI Corruption Perceptions Index
CPI Corte Penal Internacional
CPI Cost Per Impression
CPI Cost Per Inquire/Inquiry
CPI Cost Per Interview
CPI Cost Performance Index
CPI Cost Plus Incentives
CPI Couch Potato Index
CPI Council of Principal Investigators
CPI Counter-Proliferation Initiative
CPI Counterpart International
CPI Cours Penale Internationale
CPI Crash Position Indicator
CPI Creation d’un Produit Innovant
CPI Creative Presentations Incorporated
CPI Creative Publishing International
CPI Crisis Prevention Institute
CPI Critical Path Initiative
CPI Critical Performance Indicator
CPI Critical Program Information
CPI Crop Protection Institute
CPI Cross Pointer Indicator
CPI Cross Program Integration
CPI Cross-Pole Interference
CPI Current Precipitation Index
CPI Custom Patient Instrumentation
CPI Customer Provided Items
CPI Cycles Per Instruction