Meaning of DCTF

What is DCTF?

DCTF stands for Federal Tax Credits and Debt Declaration, a statement of mandatory filing with the IRS. The purpose of this statement is to inform the taxes and contributions that are determined by the company through specific generator programs.


Through the DCTF, it is also mandatory to declare if the taxes and contributions are paid, if there was installment payment, or if there are credits and compensation.

Some examples of taxes are: Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ); Withholding Income Tax (IRRF); Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI); Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL), etc.

Examples of contributions are: Contribution to PIS / PASEP; Contribution to the Financing of Social Security (COFINS); Provisional Contribution on Movement or Transmission of Securities and Credits and Rights of a Financial Nature (CPMF), etc.

The monthly or semi-annual delivery of the DCTF is mandatory for Legal Entities: Private, Immune and Exempt, and the delivery period (monthly or semi-annual) varies according to the company’s billing. The companies required to submit the DCTF, if they do not do so within the period established by the Internal Revenue Service, are subject to fines for not delivering or delivering after the deadline.

They are exempt from delivery: inactive companies (those that had no operational activity in the calendar year), micro-enterprises and public agencies.