Meaning of HD

What is HD?

HD is an acronym whose meaning may refer to “High Definition” or “Hard Disk”.

HDTV is a feature of television sets that receive digital signal and feature high resolution picture.

The format of these TVs is widescreen (16: 9), unlike analog TVs that have the 4: 3 aspect ratio.
The HDTV standard is used on HD Ready or Full HD TVs. The difference between the two is the detailing of the image. While the HD Ready has 1366 x 768 pixels, the Full HD reaches 1920 x 1080 pixels, presenting a complete resolution of the image.

The hard disk is the permanent memory of the computer and stores all information that is saved by the user, as well as the operating system’s own applications.

HD is also called “secondary memory”. It is physical and non-volatile memory. It is different from “RAM” exactly by saving the information even when the computer is turned off.

The hard drive is a device with great capacity of data storage and that comes incorporated to the computer.

The external HD, connected to the computer via a USB port, is a very popular alternative for storing all types of data: music, movies, photos, backup, etc.

Other Meanings of HD

Acronym Definition
HD Hairdresser
HD Half Day
HD Half Sized Diazo Non-Reproducible Drawing
HD Half-Duplex
HD Hall Director
HD Hand Dryer
HD Happy Days
HD Harbor Defense
HD Hard Disk
HD Hard Drive
HD Hardware Disease
HD Harley-Davidson
HD Harmonic Distortion
HD Harmonization Document
HD Hazel Dell
HD Head
HD Health Division
HD Heart Disease
HD Heat Detector
HD Heavy Decoy
HD Heavy Defense
HD Heavy Drop
HD Heavy Duty
HD Heidelberg
HD Helicopter Director
HD Helm’s Deep
HD Heloma Durum
HD Help Desk
HD Helsingborgs Dagblad
HD Hemodialysis
HD Hemodynamically
HD Hemorrhagic Disease
HD Henry Draper
HD Hepatosis Dietetica
HD Hexanedione
HD Hidden Desire
HD High Definition
HD High Density
HD High Dispersion
HD High Distinction
HD High Dive
HD High-Drag
HD Higher Diploma
HD Highly Dispersed
HD Highway Department
HD Hilary Duff
HD Hip Dysplasia
HD Hip-Disarticulation
HD Historic District
HD Hit Dice
HD Hodgkin’s Disease
HD Hoe Down
HD Hold
HD Home Decor
HD Home Defense
HD Home Delivery
HD Home Depot, Inc.
HD Homeland Defense
HD Homeopathic Doctor
HD Honda
HD Honorable Discharge
HD Honorary Degree
HD Horizontal Decelerator
HD Horizontal Distance
HD Hot Date
HD Hot Desk
HD Hot Dog
HD House Document
HD Household Drivers
HD Housing Department
HD Hrvatski Dragovoljac
HD Huddersfield
HD Human Dimension
HD Humanitarian Demining
HD Humidity Detector
HD Hundred
HD Huntington’s Disease
HD Hurricane Days
HD Hybrid Digital
HD Hydatid Disease
HD Hydraulic Fluid, Diving
HD Hydrodynamic
HD Hyperactive Disorder
HD Hyundai
HD Högsta Domstolen
HD Hüsker Dü
HD Mustard Gas