Meaning of RSVP

What is RSVP?

RSVP is the acronym of the French expression “Répondez S’il Vous Plait”. It is very common to see this acronym in invitations to events such as marriage, where confirmation of presence is essential.
It is used to request confirmation of or not the presence of the guest for an event, which may mean ” Please Confirm Presence “.

The acronym RSVP is usually printed at the end of the invitations, for some events, followed by the telephone or e-mail of the company responsible for organizing the event, in order to open the way for the guest to confirm their presence. The number of confirmed guests will guide the company responsible for organizing the party to make the planning, adjusting the amount of tables, food, drinks, etc.

The use of initials of a French expression arose from the practices of French labels, during the reign of Luiz XIV, that influenced much of the West. In the nineteenth century, French was the language of refinement and high society.

RSVP Protocol

Resource Reservation Protocol is a communication protocol (set of specifications that control and enable a connection, communication and data transfer between systems) that allows the user to request the reservation of certain bandwidth for the transmission of data on the Internet.

RSVP is a protocol developed for integrated services of the Internet, allowing the applications themselves to require from the network reserves of resources needed for their various services.

RSVP is a template where each receiver is responsible for choosing their own level of resource reservation, initializing the reservation and making it active for as long as it is needed.

RSVP is not a routing protocol, but works in conjunction with these. It is used to request a specific quality of service from the network. The protocol acts on both the user’s machines and routers, being responsible for establishing and maintaining the conditions for the requested service.

RSVP does not carry data transport, being only a control protocol, acting at the same level of other protocols as ICMP and IGMP, or in routing protocols. The RSVP protocol was made to ensure that older architectures are compatible with the new system.

Other Meanings of RSVP

Acronym Definition
RSVP Raising Student Voice and Participation
RSVP Rapid Serial Visual Presentation
RSVP Rapid Service Voice Processing
RSVP Rapid Syndrome Validation Program
RSVP Rare Symmetry Violating Processes
RSVP Rating Site Value Points
RSVP ReSerVation Protocol
RSVP Readiness Skills Verification Program
RSVP Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Pronunciation
RSVP Recognize Success Via Implementation
RSVP Reconstructive Surgeons Volunteer Program
RSVP Reduced Ships Crew by Virtual Presence
RSVP Regional Smoking Vehicle Program
RSVP Reinforcing Safety Values in People
RSVP Renewables for Sustainable Village Power
RSVP Repondez S’il Vous Plait
RSVP Reports Scenario Verification Program
RSVP Research Society for Victorian Periodicals
RSVP Research Study Volunteer Program
RSVP Residential Street Vitality Program
RSVP Resolve to Stop the Violence Project
RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol
RSVP Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention
RSVP Respond So Very Promptly
RSVP Restartable Solid Variable Pulse
RSVP Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
RSVP Retirement Supplemental Voluntary Program
RSVP Retrieve Sound Velocity Profile
RSVP Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party
RSVP Rice Student Volunteer Program
RSVP Root Specific Vocabulary Puzzles
RSVP Rotating Surveillance Vehicle Platform