Spokane International Airport

Spokane International Airport Code

Spokane International Airport first opened in 1929, when it was known as Sunset Field. The airport was built on the site of a former golf course, and was created to serve the residents of Spokane, Washington. Initially, the airport only had two runways and a small terminal building. Over the years, the airport underwent multiple expansions and renovations to accommodate increasing air traffic. The most significant expansion occurred in 1941 when a third runway was added to meet the high demand for air travel during World War II.

In 1964, Spokane International Airport officially changed its name from Sunset Field to its current title. This marked an important milestone in the history of the airport as it began to offer more services such as improved passenger terminals and additional parking spaces. During this time period, many airlines began offering flights to other destinations throughout North America and Europe from Spokane International Airport. In addition, new hangars were constructed at the airport to house larger aircrafts.

In recent years, Spokane International Airport has continued to expand by adding new passenger facilities such as more gates and security checkpoints. Additionally, they have increased their selection of restaurants and retail stores within their terminals so that travelers can have a comfortable experience while waiting for their flights. Furthermore, they have also implemented various technological advancements such as automated check-in kiosks that allow passengers to quickly check-in for their flights without having to wait in line at ticket counters or customer service desks. All these improvements help make Spokane International Airport one of the most modern airports in North America today.

GEG is the abbreviation code for Spokane International Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, GEG can also mean:

  1. Generating Economic Growth
  2. Generic Element Generator
  3. Geotechnical Engineers and Geologists

Spokane International Airport

Spokane, WA Airport (GEG)

The Spokane International Airport is an important aviation hub of the US state of Washington. It is located near the city of the same name in Spokane County. In terms of traffic volume, it is the second busiest in the state with over 3 million passengers handled annually.

  • URL: Spokane, WA (GEG)
  • Time zone: GMT -8
  • Service phone: +1 509 455-6455
  • Address: Spokane International Airport, 9000 West Airport Drive, Spokane, WA 99224, USA
  • Operator: Spokane County-City
  • Parking: Yes, chargeable, short-term and long-term parking
  • Nearby cities: Spokane (9 km)
  • Getting There : Take Interstate 90 to Exit # 277 and then follow airport signs.
  • Train Connections: Take the train to Spokane Amtrak Rail Station and then change to STA bus route # 64.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.59%), Tuesday (13.68%), Wednesday (14.32%), Thursday (14.57%), Friday (15.00%), Saturday (12.72%), Sunday (15.12%)
  • other spellings: Spokane-WA, Спокан (Вашингтон), Спокен (Вашингтон), ספוקיין, سبوكين, 스포 캔, ス ポ ケ ー ン, 斯波坎

Most popular destinations from Spokane, WA (flights per week)

  1. Seattle – Tacoma International Airport, WA (181, 26.54%)
  2. Portland International Airport, Oregon (72, 10.56%)
  3. Denver International Airport, CO (58, 8.50%)
  4. Phoenix – Sky Harbor International Airport (38, 5.57%)
  5. Salt Lake City International Airport, UT (38, 5.57%)
  6. Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport, MN (37, 5.43%)
  7. Boise, ID (35, 5.13%)
  8. San Diego – Lindberg Field International, CA (27, 3.96%)
  9. Las Vegas – McCarran International Airport, NV (27, 3.96%)
  10. San Francisco International Airport, CA (23, 3.37%)
  11. Other (21.41%)

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. Southwest Airlines (436, 18.11%)
  2. American Airlines (271, 11.25%)
  3. Alaska Airlines (263, 10.92%)
  4. EVA Airways (165, 6.85%)
  5. Westjet (128, 5.32%)
  6. Delta Air Lines (108, 4.49%)
  7. KLM (108, 4.49%)
  8. Virgin Atlantic Airways (104, 4.32%)
  9. Korean Air Lines (88, 3.65%)
  10. United Airlines (75, 3.11%)
  11. Other (27.49%)

The airport is located 8 kilometers west of downtown Spokane. The best way to get to the airport for motorists coming from outside of the city is Interstate 90. Take I-90 to Exit # 277, then follow signs to the parking lots.

Passengers arriving by train take the Amtrak’s “Empire Builder” route to Spokane Rail Station and then change to bus route # 64 operated by the local public transport company STA at the nearby Transportation Plaza.