What Does I.E. Stand for?

I.E. is an abbreviation for the term “id est”, and the meaning of i.e. is taken as, “that is”, “this is” and “or”.

What Does I.E. Stand for

Which means i.e.:

It is used to facilitate the reading since it has the objective to explain quickly the meaning of an expression, word or term in a sentence, or meanings on a very extensive list.

This abbreviation can be written to currently simply and without punctuation, that is, only the abbreviation “ie”, but it is not recommended since in this way not gives to know if it is a word only or if it is the abbreviation of two words, in addition to be confused with the abbreviation ie (in capital letters, IE: Export Tax).

What is certain is that whenever it is used to express or clarify meaning in a sentence, i.e. it should be used within parentheses, thus: (i.e. meaning of the term).

In the NINETEENTH and EIGHTEENTH centuries, these abbreviations were written in full, or, spelled out, and began to be written in abbreviated form with the course today, making it the short form or abbreviated if you write the most common.

Another abbreviation that has the similar meaning of i.e. is e.g. which is the abbreviation of “exempli gratia”, also from Latin, which means “for example”.

Sentences with the term, i.e.:

A good way to learn what it is i.e. is by seeing an example:

Today I visited the location I love most in the whole city (i.e., the cafeteria).

What Does I.E. Stand for?
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