What is Abrupt?

The Latin term abruptus, derived from the verb abrump-re (which can be translated as “break”), came to Spanish as abrupt. This Latin term can be translated as “rough” or “rough” and is considered to be the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated components:
-The prefix “ab-“, which can be used to indicate separation.
-The adjective “ruptus”, which is synonymous with “broken” and which, in turn, comes from the verb “rumpere” meaning “break”.

Abbreviation Meaning
FACM Full, Abrupt Control Movement
AWS Abrupt Wing Stall
ACC Abrupt Climate Change

It is an adjective that, applied to a physical surface, refers to its inaccessibility, to which it has a large slope or that it is steep.

In this way, for example, we find that it is very common that in Biology and Geology there is talk of abrupt reliefs. This term mainly attempts to refer to emerging-type forms on Earth that are considered to have formed as a result of the pressure of the well-known tectonic plates.

However, it is established that the formation of these reliefs on the earth’s surface have also been able to contribute from collapses to earthquakes to similar situations.

The concept, however, is often used symbolically to refer to that which is sudden, sullen, intemperate or violent. For example: “The audience was surprised by the abrupt end of the concert”“The company must grow little by little: abrupt development usually generates problems in the long term”“I worked for twenty years at this firm and now I get fired abruptly: I am bewildered”.

The abrupt is usually associated with what comes as a surprise when it comes to concrete in a very quickly or without warning. Suppose a company’s stocks typically range from $20 to $25 per share. One afternoon, suddenly, its value drops suddenly and the stock closes the day to $8. Analysts, in this situation, try to explain the abrupt collapse of the price.

If an actor who always showed a robust physique, one night appears on television showing extreme thinness, many may wonder why the abrupt weight change. Doubt arises from the abrupt modification of the body appearance of the performer.

Besides all the above we cannot overlook that we also tend to speak of abrupt silence. This terminology refers to those awkward and unexpected silences that occur in the midst of a conversation between two people. Such silence may be due to many causes, such as the lack of a topic to talk about, the existence of a lack of trust between the interlocutors or the earlier exchange of words that have caused the unease of one or both sides For example.

The author Emil Cioran, in his work “That damn ed”, said “an abrupt silence in the midst of a conversation makes us suddenly return to the essentials: it reveals the price we must pay for the invention of the word”.

The Latin locution ex abrupto, on the other hand, is usually translated as “unexpectedly”. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RSA), in this context, accepts the word exaggerated as a gesture or an expression that is inconvenient or out of tone: “The president, after hearing the question, released an exaggeration”.

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