Meaning of CEO

What is CEO?

CEO is the acronym for Chief Executive Officer. CEO is the person with the highest authority in the operational hierarchy of an organization. He is responsible for the strategies and vision of the company.

It’s not every business that has a CEO. Overall, they all have a CEO, but the CEO role is most often used in large multinational companies, where a person is needed with the ability and competence to be at the helm of the organization as a whole.
Depending on the company, the CEO may also be the Chairman of the Board. In this case, a person is appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Usually the CEO is named according to his recognition in the market of the company’s performance. A world-famous CEO was Steve Jobs, responsible for launching the innovative products of the Apple company. In the case of the famous Google company, Larry Page assumes the role of CEO, being responsible for the technology strategy and development of new products of the company.

The term CEO is a foreigner increasingly used in business communications. It was introduced with globalization and with the need of one responsible for the strategies and vision of the big companies in the international market.

There are several English acronyms to designate the directors of the different sectors of a company. They are called “CxO” ( Chief and Officer C), where x is the job title, for example, ” Chief Financial Officer ” (CFO) and ” Chief Operating Officer ” (COO).

The acronym CEO may also indicate a Center of Dental Specialties or Center for Ornithological Studies.

Other Meanings of CEO

Acronym Definition
CEO Campus Economic Organization
CEO Campus Equipment Outfitters
CEO Canine Enforcement Officer
CEO Casualty Evacuation Officer
CEO Catholic Education Office
CEO Celestial Ephemeris Origin
CEO Center for Earth Observation
CEO Center for Effective Organizations
CEO Center for Electro-Optics
CEO Center for Equal Opportunity
CEO Central Engine Overhaul
CEO Central Europe Online
CEO Centre d’Études Olympiques
CEO Centre for Earth Observation
CEO Centre for Ethical Orientation
CEO Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej
CEO Chairman and Executive Officer
CEO Challenge English Online
CEO Chambre Economique de l’Ontario
CEO Cheat Every One
CEO Chief Electoral Officer
CEO Chief Entertainment Officer
CEO Chief Ethics Officer
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEO Child Exploitation and Obscenity
CEO Chinese-American Elected Officials
CEO Christians Encouraging Others
CEO Christmas and Easter Only
CEO Civil Enforcement Officer
CEO Civil Engineering Operations
CEO Cleaved Edge Overgrowth
CEO Clinical and Economic Outcomes
CEO Club Europe Oric
CEO Code Enforcement Officer
CEO Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization
CEO Collège Européen d’Orthodontie
CEO Combine Expensive Operations
CEO Comité Européen de l’Outillage
CEO Commissaire à l’Environnement de l’Ontario
CEO Commission de l’Europe Occidentale
CEO Common Extensor Origin
CEO Commonwealth Education Organization
CEO Commonwealth Employment Opportunities
CEO Communications-Electronics Officer
CEO Community Education and Outreach
CEO Community Enforcement Officer
CEO Comprehensive Electronic Office
CEO Confederación Empresarial de Ourense
CEO Configuration Engineering Office
CEO Consulting Engineers of Ontario
CEO Continuing Education Online
CEO Continuing Education Option
CEO Convoy Escort Oiler
CEO Cooperative Extension and Outreach
CEO Cornell Entrepreneur Organization
CEO Corporate Europe Observatory
CEO Corporate Executive Officer
CEO Council for Economic Outreach
CEO Creative Energy Options
CEO Creative Engineering Options, Inc.
CEO Crew Earth Observations
CEO Cutting Edge Optronics